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Full text of "Brown genealogy of many of the descendants of Thomas, John, and Eleazer Brown"

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Alexander  Timothy  Brown  (2161) 

Syracuse,  N.  V. 

/  VOL.   II 




Thomas,  John,  and  Eleazer  Brown 



*   PART   II   y 


Charles   Browne 




WESTERLY,   R.    I. 

Author  Brown  Genealogy,  Vol.  I,  1907,  and  of  Nathaniel  Babcock  and  Main 
'     Genealogy,  1910.      Member  of  the  New  England  Historic 
Genealogical  Society,  Boston,  Mass. 

Assisted  by  MISS  ELI, EN  L.  BROWN,  Gkeenfield,  Mass. 



191 5 

Copyright,  191  5,  by 
Cyrus  H.  Brown     . 

JAN  -6  1916 

CU41834.3  ^ 



Whose  Words  of  Encouragement  and  Aid  Strengthened  my 

Hands  through  Many  Hours  of  Labor  and 

Enabled  me  to  Complete  the  Work 

This  Volume 

Is  Gratefully  Dedicated  by  the  Author 


The  compiler  of  the  Brown,  and  the  Nathaniel  Babcock  and  Main 
Genealogies,  by  request  was  persuaded  to  do  some  supplementary  work , 
and  this  is  the  apology  for  sending  out  to  the  public  my  third  Genealogy. 
I  have  in  the  last  half  of  this  book  compiled  the  records  of  Charles  Browne, 
whose  name  first  appeared  in  Rowley,  Mass.,  at  the  time  of  his  mar- 
riage, in  1647.  At  the  instance  of  Alexander  T.  Brown,  of  Syracuse,  N.  Y., 
who  said  that  his  great-grandmother  on  the  other  side  was  a  Brown,  and 
when  an  opportunity  afforded  he  would  like  to  have  me  look  up  her 
records,  I,  after  long  and  diligent  search,  found  that  her  progenitor  was 
Charles  Browne.  Hence  many  of  the  numerous  descendants  follow,  in 
the  second  part  of  this  volume. 

From  my  past  experience,  I  do  not  anticipate  the  sale  of  the  third 
Genealogy  will  compensate  for  all  the  outlay  of  time,  labor,  and  money 
spent  in  its  production;  but  the  satisfaction  derived  in  doing  the  work  is  a 
partial  compensation,  and  that  the  book  will  commend  itself  to  posterity 
and  prove  useful  when  all  who  are  now  living  have  passed  away  is  the 
author's  firm  belief.  It  is  difficult  for  the  compiler  to  enumerate  the  ob- 
stacles he  has  had  to  encounter  in  getting  the  annals  of  the  Browns  into 
their  present  shape,  and  he  must  crave  the  indulgence  of  his  readers  for 
errors  and  omissions,  chargeable  in  part  to  imperfect  reports  received. 

At  the  same  time,  it  should  be  stated,  there  are  those  who  have  taken 
hearty  interest  and  worked  right  royally  to  have  their  families  placed  with 
proper  fulness  and  accuracy  in  this  volume.  Many  of  them  are  persons 
who  have  come  into  the  family  by  marriage,  and  by  their  faithful,  pains- 
taking endeavors  have  proved  their  appreciation  of  the  name  and  their 
desire  to  perpetuate  its  history.  In  pursuit  of  the  required  information 
for  my  work  in  this  volume,  I  have  sent  out  hundreds  of  circulars  and 
letters,  and  have  received  several  hundred  in  reply.  Many  cities,  towns, 
records,  and  burying-grounds  have  been  visited  and  consulted;  old 
Bibles  containing  family  records  sought  out,  and  their  treasures  of  gene- 
alogy rescued  from  oblivion;  the  memories  of  aged  people  have  been 
brought  into  requisition,  and  valuable  information,  which  but  for  this 
effort  would  have  perished  with  the  lives  of  those  from  whom  it  was 
obtained,  has  been  put  upon  the  printed  page  to  be  handed  down  to 


posterity.  It  has  been  passing  strange  that  many  aged  people  have 
thought  that  the  knowledge  they  had  of  their  ancestry  was  all-sufficient, 
forgetting  that  unless  it  was  transcribed  to  the  printed  page  it  would 
sink  into  oblivion.  "Wouldst  thou  trust  thy  name  to  dumb  forgetful- 
ness,  or  to  the  decaying  graveyard  stone?  Nay,  rather  place  it  on  the 
pages  of  history,  in  the  printed  book." 

Nearly  all  the  Browns  have  moved  in  the  middle  walks  of  life  —  not 
so  elevated  as  to  be  dazed  by  splendor,  or  so  poor  as  to  suffer  want. 
Very  many,  it  will  be  seen,  have  been  Christian  ministers,  and  a  very 
large  proportion  connected  with  churches  as  members  or  church  officers. 

The  writer  sends  out  this  volume  to  the  public  as  it  is,  hoping  those 
who  have  the  curiosity  to  examine  its  pages  will  do  so  in  a  spirit  of  candor, 
and  with  an  appreciative  sense  of  the  impossibility  of  putting  in  a  form 
entirely  correct  records  which  run  back  for  a  period  of  two  hundred  and 
fifty  years  and  more.  Effort  has  been  made  to  give  all  families  an  oppor- 
tunity to  be  heard  from  and  represented.  Some  few  are  not  interested; 
while,  on  the  other  hand,  others  are  glad  such  a  work  is  being  compiled, 
and  have  cheerfully  sent  records,  written  letters  to  others,  and  helped 
to  make  the  work  of  use  to  as  many  of  the  kin  as  possible.  The  list  is 
too  long  to  mention  by  name  all  whose  kindness  and  expressed  good 
wishes  the  author  deeply  appreciates  and  will  ever  hold  in  precious  and 
tender  remembrance.  Most  hearty  thanks  are  now  tendered  to  my 
friends  and  kindred  whose  words  of  encouragement  from  time  to  time 
have  placed  me  under  obligations  to  them.  After  fourteen  years  of  con- 
tinuous genealogical  work  I  lay  down  my  pen,  hoping  some  future  his- 
torian will  continue  this  work.  The  free  use  of  my  genealogies  to  any 
such  is  freely  granted. 

Westerly,  July,  igi 5. 


b.,  born. 

d.,  died. 

dau.,  daughter. 

m.,  married,  m.  (i),  married  first;  m.  (2),  married  second,  etc. 

res.,  residence. 

unm.,  unmarried. 

B.  G.,  Brown  Genealogy. 

B.  and  M.  G.,  Babcock  and  Main  Genealogy. 

Other  well-known  abbreviations  in  the  book. 


After  the  name  of  a  parent  will  follow  their  original  number  in  paren- 
theses; by  turning  back,  his  or  her  number  will  be  found  with  the  parents. 

Children  that  have  numbers  in  parentheses  at  the  end  of  the  line  will 
be  found  with  corresponding  numbers  carried  forward  with  their  families, 

607.    Mary  Ann  Brown,  b.  Aug.  28,  1863  (617-627). 

Mary  Ann  Brown  (607),  b.,  Stonington,  111.,  Aug.  28, 1863;  m.,  Stoning- 
ton,  Mar.  21,  1883,  James  Riley  Anderson. 

Children:  Eleven. 

617.   Ralph  Brown  Anderson,  b.,  etc. 

After  the  name  of  a  parent  the  head  of  a  family,  often,  will  follow  in 
brackets  the  name  of  the  ancestors  in  genealogical  order. 

The  name  of  the  first  child  of  a  family  of  children  is  given  in  full,  but 
the  family  name  of  all  the  others  is  omitted. 

Let  us  gather  up  the  traditions  that  still  exist;  let  us  show  the  world  that, 
if  we  are  not  called  to  follow  the  example  of  our  fathers,  we  are  not  at  least 
insensible  to  the  worth  of  their  characters;  not  indifferent  to  the  sacrifices  ami 
trials  by  which  they  purchased  our  prosperity. 

— Edward  Everett. 


It  is  with  a  pleasant  feeling  of  accomplishment  that  I  write  this  in- 
troduction to  my  third  volume  of  genealogical  work.  It  is  justified  by 
the  success  with  which  my  previous  genealogies  have  been  received.  I 
have  been  favored  with  that  leisure  which  has  blessed  the  decline  of  my 
life  in  writing  Family  History,  which  connects  family  with  family,  from 
the  least  to  the  greatest,  as  if  the  hand  of  direction  was  again  upon  the 
curtain  to  give  old  scenes  new  lights. 

The  first  section  contains  records  of  Nicholas  Browne  and  his  son 
Thomas,  who  settled  in  Lynn,  Mass.,  in  1630.  I  take  as  the  basis  of  this 
genealogy,  as  in  my  Brown  Book,  the  three  sons  of  Thomas  Brown  and 
Mary  Newhall;  viz.,  Thomas,  John,  and  Eleazer  Brown,  who  came  to 
Stonington,  Conn.,  about  1680,  taking  fifty-three  numbers  in  regular 
order  as  given  in  my  first  volume.  A  large  number  of  new  families  have 
been  found  and  connected  to  the  parent  tree,  giving  impetus  to  this 
second  effort  by  the  urgent  request  of  many  relatives. 

The  second  section  takes  up  Charles  Browne  and  his  descendants,  who 
settled  in  Rowley,  Mass.,  in  1647,  and  who  doubtless  came  with  the 
early  pioneers  from  1630  to  1635.  In  this  second  section  I  am  indebted 
to  the  Spicer  Genealogy  for  the  origin  of  this  family,  and  to  Miss  Ellen  L. 
Brown,  of  Greenfield,  Mass.,  who  has  labored  untiringly  to  bring  forth 
her  ancestry;  otherwise  many  of  these  now  a  long  time  passed  on  would 
have  been  unhonored  and  unsung. 

One  of  the  most  useful  faculties  of  the  mind  is  memory;  and  history 
enables  us  to  treasure  up  the  memories  of  those  who  have  lived  before 
us.  What  a  painful  want  should  we  suffer  were  the  history  of  our  fathers 
a  blank,  and  we  could  know  no  more  of  them  than  of  the  aborigines! 
Our  existence  might  indeed  be  regarded  as  incomplete  if  we  could  not 
command  the  record  of  past  time,  as  well  as  enjoy  the  present,  and  hope 
for  the  happiness  of  the  future.  When  you  see  the  names  of  your  ances- 
tors on  the  printed  page  it  is  hoped  you  will  be  aroused  to  know  more 
of  them. 

In  the  gathering  of  material  here  sheathed  and  bound  there  has  been 
much  brought  out  from  the  by-ways  of  life  unknown  to  many  members  of 
these  families,  and  thought  worth  while  to  give  publication.  My  effort 
has  been  throughout  this  research  to  bind  the  branches  to  the  parent 



tree,  and  where  a  family  appeared  that  could  not  be  so  connected  it  was 
rejected.  The  work  is  not  complete,  and  it  could  be  continued  through 
a  long  lifetime  and  then  be  incomplete;  but  I  pass  it  on  to  succeeding 
generations.  There  were  many  Browns  among  the  earlier  generations  of 
whom  nothing  more  will  be  known,  save  name  and  birth  at  a  certain 
date.  This  volume  is  intended  to  form  a  connected  whole  with  the  vol- 
ume published  in  1907. 

I  cannot  let  this  opportunity  pass  without  expressing  my  sincere 
obligations  to  all  those  who  have  in  any  way  contributed  information 
which  has  aided  me  again  to  bring  a  new  edition  of  my  work  before  the 
public.  Yet  there  are  hundreds  that  have  wrought  royally  that  I  cannot 
mention.  First,  this  publication  was  made  possible  by  the  generous 
assistance  of  Alexander  T.  Brown,  of  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  and  Dr.  Charles 
W.  Brown,  Washington,  D.  C,  who  sent  me  the  data  of  his  great-grand- 
father, Thomas  Brown  (47),  of  eight  hundred  names.  Abel  Prentice 
Brown,  of  Amherst,  Mass.,  sent  me  the  connecting  link  to  Samuel 
Brown  (52)  in  the  same  family.  There  are  scores  that  have  given  their 
assistance  to  make  this  compilation  a  success,  many  of  whom  will  find 
credit  under  their  name  and  record. 

Having  a  natural  love  for  this  work  to  commemorate  the  acts  and 
deeds  of  the  fathers  and  mothers  long  passed  away,  this  supplementary 
work  is  compiled  as  a  monument  to  their  memory.  "Truth  is  of  far  greater 
importance  to  life  than  art  can  ever  be." 

A  genealogist  can  never  be  successful  "who  be  af eared  of  hard  work" — 
"neither  should  he  have  a  lying  tongue  or  a  bad  memory." 

Covet  nothing  that  is  your  neighbor's  except  his  kindness  of  heart 
and  gentleness  of  manners. —  Henry  van  Dyke. 

Note. —  The  compiler  spent  much  valuable  time  in  research  to  establish  whether 
Nicholas  Browne  was  the  father  of  Thomas  Browne,  of  Lynn.  He  found  much  about 
Nicholas  Browne,  and  had  written  it  out  in  full,  only  finally  to  come  to  the  conclusion 
that  he  was  not  the  father  of  Thomas.  Other  historians  of  recent  date  are  of  the  same 
opinion;  although  I  had  so  stated  in  my  first  volume,  which  I  here  positively  contradict. 

At  a  good  deal  of  trouble  and  expense  I  got  a  copy  of  the  will  of  Nicholas  Browne 
(which  is  kept  in  East  Cambridge,  Mass.)  to  publish  here,  and  found  that  Thomas 
Browne  was  not  mentioned,  while  his  children  by  his  wife  Elizabeth  were  all  particu- 
larly mentioned.  Thomas  is  not  referred  to  in  any  probate  of  Nicholas;  nor  can  I  as 
yet  get  any  note  referring  to  any  gift  from  Nicholas  of  rights  in  Lynn. 

Mary,  the  wife  of  Thomas  Browne  in  1701  [record  vol.  IV,  p.  93],  was  alive,  in 
Stonington,  when  she,  with  her  son  Thomas,  Jr.  (2),  sold  rights  to  his  brother  Daniel. 

Thomas  was  of  the  right  age  to  be  a  son  of  Nicholas,  but  the  proof  is  lacking  that 
he  had  any  link  to  Thomas  Browne  referred  to  as  dish-turner  and  constable  of  Lynn. 





Sons  or  Thomas  and   Mary  (Newhall)   Brown 
of  Lynn,   Mass. 


The  Brown  Genealogy. 

Thomas  Browne,  b.  about  1628;  m.  Mary  Newhall,  b.  June,  1637; 
dau.  of  Thomas  Newhall,  of  Lynn.  He  continued  in  Lynn,  which  was 
one  of  the  earliest  towns  planted  in  Massachusetts.  Plymouth  was 
planted  in  1620.  The  settlement  of  Lynn  was  begun  in  1629;  it  then  had 
five  families,  and  by  them  in  this  wilderness  the  soil  was  first  stirred  by 
the  white  man;  there,  surrounded  by  Indians,  they  laid  the  foundation 
of  the  town.  These  settlers  are  supposed  to  have  come  from  Salem,  and 
their  number  was  greatly  augmented  in  1630,  at  the  time  of  the  arrival 
of  Winthrop  and  his  company.  The  great  body  of  fifty  persons,  with 
their  families,  who  came  to  Lynn  this  year  settled  in  all  parts  of  the  town, 
selecting  the  most  eligible  portions,  and  each  occupying  from  ten  to  two 
hundred  acres;  some  occupied  more.  They  were  principally  farmers  and 
possessed  a  large  stock  of  horned  cattle,  sheep,  and  goats.  For  several 
years,  before  the  land  was  divided  and  the  fields  fenced,  the  cattle  were 
fed  in  one  drove,  and  guarded  by  a  man  who,  from  his  employment, 
was  called  a  hayward.  The  sheep,  goats,  and  swine  were  kept  on  Nahant, 
where  they  were  tended  by  a  shepherd.  A  fence  of  rails,  put  near  to- 
gether, was  made  across  the  beach  near  Nahant,  to  keep  out  the  wolves, 
as  those  animals  do  not  climb.  When  the  people  were  building  this  fence 
Captain  Turner  said,  "Let  us  make  haste,  lest  the  country  should  take 
it  from  us."    [Deposition  in  Salem  Court  Records,  April  22,  1657.] 

The  people  of  Lynn,  for  some  years,  appear  to  have  lived  in  the  most 
perfect  democracy.  They  had  town  meetings  every  three  months,  for 
the  regulation  of  their  public  affairs.  Later  on,  by  Eaton,  is  found  this 
record:  "Nicholas  Browne,  Edward  Taylor  and  others  were  fined  6d. 
each  for  being  late  at  town  meeting."  They  cut  their  wood  in  common, 
and  drew  lots  for  the  grass  in  the  meadows  and  marshes.  There  are  hun- 
dreds of  acres  of  marshlands,  and  these  proved  very  serviceable  to  the 
farmers,  by  furnishing  them  with  sustenance  for  their  cattle,  which  was 
probably  the  reason  why  there  were  more  farmers  in  Lynn  than  in  any 
other  of  the  early  settlements.  Mr.  Johnson  says,  "The  chiefest  corn 
they  planted,  before  they  had  plows,  was  Indian  grain, —  and  let  no  man 
make  a  jest  at  Pumkins,  for  with  this  food  the  Lord  was  pleased  to  feed 
his  people  to  their  good  content,  till  Corne  and  Cattell  were  increased." 

1 1 


Their  corn  at  the  first  was  pounded,  after  the  manner  of  the  Indians, 
with  a  pestle  of  wood  or  stone,  in  a  mortar  made  either  of  wood  or  stone, 
or  a  log  hollowed  out  at  one  end.  They  raised  a  considerable  quantity  of 

Their  first  houses  were  rude  structures,  covered  with  thatch.  A  com- 
mon form  of  the  early  cottages  was  eighteen  feet  square,  with  seven-foot 
posts,  and  the  roof  steep  enough  to  form  a  sleeping-chamber.  The  better 
houses  were  built  with  two  stories  in  front,  sloping  down  to  one  in  the 
rear.  The  frames  were  of  heavy  oak  timber,  showing  the  posts  and  beams 
inside.  Burnt  clam  shells  were  used  for  lime,  and  the  walls  were  white- 
washed. The  fireplaces  were  made  of  rough  stones,  and  the  chimneys  of 
boards,  plastered  inside  with  clay.  The  fireplaces  were  large  enough  to 
admit  a  four-foot  log,  and  the  children  might  sit  in  the  corners  and  look 
up  at  the  stars.  On  whichever  side  of  the  road  the  houses  were  placed, 
they  uniformly  faced  the  south,  that  the  sun  at  noon  might "  shine  square. ' ' 
Thus  each  house  formed  a  domestic  sun-dial,  by  which  the  good  matron, 
in  the  absence  of  a  clock,  could  tell  in  fair  weather  when  to  call  her 
husband  and  sons  from  the  field. — Lewis,  "History  of  Lynn,"  pp.  6g 
and  70. 

As  before  stated,  Thomas  Browne  remained  in  Lynn,  and  married 
Mary  Newhall. 

The  Newhall  family  was  prominent  among  the  early  settlers  of  Lynn, 
and  came  with  Winthrop  and  company  in  1630. 

Thomas  Newhall,  who  came  from  England  and  landed  at  Salem  with 
his  brother  Anthony,  settled  in  Lynn  soon  after.  Thomas  was  a  farmer 
and  owned  all  the  lands  on  the  eastern  side  of  Federal  Street,  as  far  north 
as  Marion.  His  house  stood  on  the  east  side  of  the  former  street,  south 
of  where  the  brook  crosses.  In  the  division  of  lands  in  Lynn  in  1630  he 
received  thirty  acres.  His  was  one  of  the  fifty  families  in  Lynn  in  1630, 
there  being  but  five  in  1629. 

Thomas  Newhall  is  known  to  have  had  the  following  children: 

I.  Susannah  Newhall,  b.,  England,  about  1624;  m.  Richard 
Haven  and  had  twelve  children.  Several  of  his  sons  were 
among  the  first  settlers  in  Framingham,  Mass. 

Note. —  A  great  family  gathering  of  the  descendants  of  this  Lynn  settler  was  held 
in  Framingham,  a  number  of  years  since,  at  which  some  fifteen  hundred  were  present. 
Many  eminent  persons  appear  in  the  family  line. 

II.  John  Newhall,  b.  England;  m.  (1)  Elizabeth  Laighton;  m.  (2) 
Sarah  Flanders. 



III.  Thomas  Newhall,  b.  about  1630.    The  most  notable  circum- 

stance regarding  this  individual  is  that  he  was  the  first  white 
child  born  in  Lynn.  He  m.,  Dec.  29,  1652,  at  the  age  of 
twenty-two,  Elizabeth  Potter.  There  were  ten  children. 
Thomas  Newhall  d.  Mar.,  1687,  his  wife  having  d.  a 
few  weeks  before.  She  was  buried  Feb.  22,  1687.  For  many 
years  the  Newhall  family  were  very  numerous  in  Lynn  and 
elsewhere,  and  are  even  at  the  present  time.  Thomas 
Newhall,  aged  fifty- seven,  the  first  white  person  born  in 
Lynn,  was  buried  in  the  old  burying-ground,  near  the  west 
end  of  Lynn  Common,  Apr.  1,  1687. 

IV.  Mary  Newhall,  b.  about  1637;  m.  Thomas  Browne,  b.  about 

1628.  He  d.  Aug.  28, 1683.  Her  name  first  appears  in  records 
as  wife  of  Thomas  Browne  in  1658.  His  widow,  Mary,  was 
appointed  administratrix,  Oct.  9,  1683,  on  the  same  day 
the  non-cupative  will  of  Thomas  Browne  was  taken  down 
[on  file  in  the  office  of  the  Register  of  Probate  in  Salem]. 
He  names  his  eldest  son,  Thomas,  and  his  sons  Joseph, 
John,  Daniel,  and  Ebenezer,  and  dau.  Mary,  who  m. 
Thomas  Norwood. 

In  this  connection  is  given  the  will  of  Thomas  Newhall,  Sr.,  who  m. 
Mary .  She  d.  Sept.  25,  1665.  He  lived  until  May  25,  1674. 

The  Last  Will  and  Testament  of  Thomas  Newhall,  signed  1st  April, 
1668,  was  received  in  court  30  ,  4m,  1674.  Some  of  his  bequests  are  as 

"I  bequeath  my  twelve  acres  of  salt  marsh  to  my  son  Thomas  Newhall 
and  my  son  John  Newhall,  the  six  acres  that  my  son  Tho:  shall  have,  is 
three  acres  in  Runney  Marsh  nere  the  Hand,  and  the  rest  is  a  pcell  lying 
in  the  Town  marsh  caled  Gaines  his  neck  and  another  pcell  lying  in  the 
Towne  marsh  adjoyning  to  my  brother  ffarington.  [They  seldom  used 
the  capital  F,  using  instead  two  small  f's.]  And  the  six  acres  that  my 
son  John  shall  have  lyeth  in  the  last  devission  in  Runney  marsh  but 
if  my  son  John  should  have  noe  child  before  he  dieth  then  the  six 
Acres  I  give  to  my  son  John,  to  returne  to  my  son  Thomas  and  his  heires 
forever  but  if  my  son  John  should  have  a  child  or  children,  then  the  said 
six  acres  to  be  at  his  owne  dispose  forever. 

"I  bequeath  to  my  son  Richard  Hauen  his  children  twenty  pounds  to 
be  equally  devided  amongst  them,  namely  betweene  Joseph  Hauen 
[spelled  also  Haven],  Richard  Hauen,  Sarah  Hauen,  Nathaniel  Hauen 



and  Moses  this  not  to  be  pd  till  they  come  to  the  age  of  twenty  one 
yeares : 

"I  bequeath  to  my  son  Thomas  Brownes  his  children  twenty  pounds, 
equally  to  be  devided  betwene  them  and  the  sixteene  pounds  which  he 
hath  already  of  mine  in  his  hands  is  to  be  pt  of  his  twenty  pounds  I  give 
to  his  children. 

"I  bequeath  to  my  two  daughters,  Suana  Hauen  and  Mary  Browne 
each  of  them  a  pr  of  sheets  and  each  of  them  two  pillow  beers. 

"  Alsoe  I  constitut  and  make  my  lawfull  and  sole  executor  and  to  pform 
this  my  last  will  and  testament,  my  son  Thomas  Newhall. 

"I  doe  alsoe  bequeath  to  my  son  Thomas  Newhall  his  children  thirty 
pounds,  and  this  is  my  true  will  and  testament  I  have  sett  to  my  hand 
this  first  of  aprill,  1668: 

witnesses   Thomas  Laighton  the 

Robert  Potter  of 


R  >> 

Newhall,  sen 

But  as  the  document  was  executed  just  before  his  death,  it  is  reason- 
able to  conclude  that  infirmity,  rather  than  ignorance,  was  the  occasion 
of  his  signing  in  that  suspicious  manner.  A  facsimile  of  his  signature  is 
preserved  in  the  records  of  Lynn. 

His  estate  appraized  25  ,  4m0,  '74,  by  Oliver  Purchas  and  Robert 
Burges,  and  amounted  to  £173,  01s,  o7§d. 

'  'T  is  good  sometimes  to  travel  back 

To  days  of  '  auld  lang  syne; ' 
Retrace  the  ancient  fathers'  track 

Along  the  mossy  line; 
Visit  the  old  ancestral  homes, 

Our  parents'  virtues  learn, 
And  round  their  monumental  stones 

Let  veneration  burn ; 
Review  the  trials  that  they  bore 

In  old,  primeval  years, 
To  gain  this  fair  and  goodly  shore, 

Mid  toil  and  want  and  fears; 
Observe  their  efforts  here  to  raise 

The  standard  of  the  Cross, 
Where  they  might  preach  and  pray  and  praise, 

No  prelates  to  oppress. 
And  how,  in  after-times,  they  grew 

The  tree  of  liberty, 
And  from  its  topmost  branches  threw 

The  flag  of  victory; 
That  same  bright  flag,  whose  starry  fold 

Their  loyal  sons  admire. 
And,  spite  of  traitors,  will  uphold 

With  sword  and  blood  and  fire." 



i.  THOMAS  BROWNE  was  b.  about  1628,  in  England,  ac- 
cording to  his  deposition  taken  July  11,  1666.  [Essex  Co. 
Court  Papers,  B.  XIII,  L.  62.]  He  d.,  Lynn,  Mass., 
Aug.  28,  1683;  m.,  about  1652-53,  Mary  Newhall,  b.,  Lynn, 
about  1637,  youngest  child  of  Thomas  and  Mary  Newhall, 
pioneer  settlers  of  Lynn.  "Her  husband  was  a  dishturner 
and  was  said  to  be  of  Grawton  [Groton],  Middlesex  Co.,  in 
June,  1663,  when  he  bought  of  William  Longley  his  house 
lot  (6  acres),  bounded  E.  with  lands  of  Richard  Haven,  W. 
with  lands  of  John  Newhall,  S.  by  Mill  Street,  and  N.  by 
the  Common."  —  Waters,  p.  16. 
His  widow,  Mary,  was  appointed  administratrix  Oct.  7,  1683,  on  the 

same  day  the  non-cupative  will  of  Thomas  Browne  was  taken  down  [on 

file  in  the  office  of  the  Register  of  Probate  in  Salem]. 

Thomas  Browne's  Will,  Appendix  I,  B.  G.,  not  repeated  here. 

Note. —  The  early  ancestors  of  this  family  herein  described  spelled  Brown  with  the 
final  e,  but  in  later  generations  the  present  form  has  been  adopted. 

Children  of  Thomas  Browne  and  Mary  Newhall: 

1  2.  THOMAS  BROWN,  JR.,  b.,  Lynn,  about  Jan.,  1654;  m. 
there,  Feb.  8,  1677,  Hannah  Collins,  dau.  of  John  Collins, 
of  Lynn.  They  soon  after  removed  to  Stonington,  Conn. 

3.  Mary,  b.  Feb.  10,  1655;  d.,  Lynn,  May  18,  1662. 

4.  Sarah,  b.  Aug.  20,  1657;  d.  Aug.  1,  1658. 

^5.    Joseph,  b.  Feb.  16,  1658;  m.,  Jan.  22,  1680,  Sarah  Jones. 

6.  Sarah,  b.  Sept.  13,  1660;  d.  Apr.  2,  1662. 

7.  Jonathan,  b.  and  d.  Apr.  12,  1662. 

J  8.    JOHN,  b.  1664;  m.  Elizabeth  Miner  (27-36). 
•j  9.    Mary,  b.  July  26,  1666;  m.,  Aug.  24,  1685,  Thomas  Norwood. 
Children:  Francis,  Ebenezer,  Mary,  Thomas,  Mary,  and 
10.    Jonathan,  b.  Feb.  n,  1668. 
in.    ELEAZER,  b.  Aug.  4,  1670;  m.  Ann  Pendleton  (37-46). 
12.    Ebenezer,  b.  Mar.  16,  1672;  d.  1700. 
Daniel,  b.  Apr.  24,  1673;  d.  young. 

r         htwins,  b.  Feb.  4,  1674;  both  d.  Feb.  7,  1674. 

Daniel,  b.  Feb.  1,  1676.  He  bought  out  the  rights  of  his  three 
brothers,  who  removed  to  Stonington,  and  lived  and  died 
on  the  old  Brown  homestead  in  Lynn. 






In  this  Genealogy,  as  in  my  former  treatises,  I  have  taken  up  the  three 
sons  of  Thomas  Brown,  Sr.,  and  Mary  Newhall,  his  wife;  viz.,  Thomas, 
Jr.  (2),  John  (8),  and  Eleazer  Brown  (11),  who  came  to  Stonington, 
Conn.,  where  they  purchased  large  tracts  of  land  and  made  themselves 
permanent  homes,  where  they  had  large  families.  Most  of  this  tract  of 
land  is  within  the  limits  of  the  present  town  of  No.  Stonington,  bounded 
as  follows:  the  western  boundary  was  nearly  all  on  Ossekonk  Swamp;  the 
northern  boundary  extended  from  the  Ossekonk  Brook  on  the  west  to 
Shunock  River,  and  still  east  of  said  river,  for  Eleazer  (11)  built  his 
house  half  a  mile  from  the  river,  and  this  easterly  part  of  their  possessions 
is  where  is  found  the  most  productive  land.  Their  northern  boundary 
joined  the  lands  of  the  late  Stephen  Avery  and  lands  of  the  Main  family, 
to  lands  of  the  Randall  family;  easterly  on  the  Randall  land  to  the  Rich- 
ardson's possessions;  on  the  south  by  the  Palmer  family  land  and  Miner 
territory;  and  on  the  west  by  the  Wheeler  family  land  up  to  the  said 
Ossekonk  Swamp.  The  Main  family  mentioned  was  Ezekiel  Main,  who 
came  from  Scituate,  Mass.,  in  1669  and  took  up  large  tracts  of  land  as 
described  in  my  treatises  in  my  Main  Genealogy. 

On  the  above  tract  of  land  described  is  one  of  the  oldest  burying- 
grounds  in  the  town,  on  the  south  of  the  cedar  swamp  from  which  this 
burying-ground  takes  its  name.  Long  before  the  Providence  and  New 
London  turnpike  was  built  a  road  passed  by  this  ancient  burying-place, 
but  after  the  turnpike  was  constructed  this  road  was  discontinued, 
making  it  one  of  the  most  secluded  places  that  can  be  found  on  the 
whole  tract  of  land  to  bury  the  dead.  No  interments  have  been  made 
here  for  many  years.  Here,  without  headstones,  are  interred  many  of 
the  early  settlers,  and  without  doubt  two  of  the  pioneers, —  Thomas  (2) 
and  John  (8), —  but  no  headstones  mark  their  last  resting-place.  The 
first  marked  headstones  were  placed  in  these  grounds  one  hundred  and 
two  years  after  the  death  of  Thomas  (2).  They  are  placed  at  the 
Ichabod  Brown  family.  At  the  grave  of  Roswell  Brown,  the  great- 
grandfather of  the  compiler,  are  marble  engraved  stones;  Thatcher,  his 
brother,  also  has  engraved  stones.  Jedediah  Brown  and  his  three  wives 
have  engraved  stones;  and  this  is  all,  among  fifty  or  more  graves. 
Thomas  Brown  (22),  whose  house  and  farm  were  only  about  a  mile 
away,  and  his  son  Samuel,  who  owned  the  same  house  and  lands  of  his 
lather,  doubtless  are  buried  here.  Abel  Prentice  Brown,  of  Amherst, 
Mass.,  now  living,  harks  back  to  Samuel  as  his  great-grandfather.  The 
remains  of  many  have  been  removed  to  Union  Cemetery,  and  to  Elm 
Grove  Cemetery,  Mystic,  Conn. 



THOMAS  BROWN  (2),  son  of  Thomas  Brown  and  Mary  Newhall, 
of  Lynn;  b.,  Lynn,  about  Jan.  1,  1654;  d.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Dec.  27, 
1723;  interred  at  the  Cedar  Swamp  Burying-ground,  and  probably  was 
among  the  first  buried  there.  The  grave  is  unmarked.  He  m.,  Feb.  8, 
1677,  Hannah  Collins,  of  Lynn;  dau.  of  John  Collins,  of  Lynn.  He  built 
his  house  about  forty  rods  west  of  what  was  afterwards  known  as  the 
"Pond  Place"  house  on  the  Anguilla  Road,  and  about  thirty  rods  west 
of  this  road.  The  cellar  is  filled  six  feet  above  the  ground  with  stones, 
and  down  the  hill  is  a  fine  living  spring  of  water,  making  a  natural  place 
for  a  pioneer  to  build  his  house.  His  ten  children  without  doubt  were 
born  here. 

Children,  b.  Stonington: 

17.  Samuel  Brown,  b.  Dec.  8,  1678. 

18.  Hannah,  b.  Dec.  5,  1680. 

19.  Mary,  b.  May  26,  1683;  m.  Thomas  York.    Their  records  are 

written  in  B.  G.  (pp.  166  to  201),  where  will  be  found  com- 
plete records. 

20.  Jerusha,  b.  Dec.  25,  1688. 

21.  Sarah,  b.  July  n,  1689. 

22.  Thomas,  b.  Feb.  14,  1692;  m.  Deborah  Holdredge  (47-53). 

23.  Elizabeth,  b.  May  9,  1694;  m.  James  Pendleton  (69-74). 

24.  Daniel,  b.  Oct.  9,  1696;  m.  Mary  Breed  (54-61). 

25.  Priscilla,  b.  Jan.  30,  1699. 

26.  Humphrey,  b.  Sept.  16,  1701;  m.  Tabitha  Holdredge   (1252- 

1258).  " 

JOHN  BROWN  (8),  son  of  Thomas  Brown  and  Mary  Newhall  his 
wife,  b.,  Lynn,  1664;  m.,  Stonington,  Oct.,  1692,  Elizabeth  Miner,  b. 
Apr.,  1674;  dau.  of  Ephraim  and  Hannah  (Avery)  Miner,  and  granddau. 
of  Lieut.  Thomas  and  Grace  (Palmer)  Miner. 

John  Brown,  who  was  a  carpenter,  built  his  house  on  the  western  por- 
tion of  the  lands  purchased  by  the  three  Brown  brothers.  The  well  is 
still  to  be  seen,  about  one  hundred  rods  south  of  the  George  Wheeler 
farm,  owned  later  by  Charles  L.  Brown,  now  [1914]  by  George  A.  Pendle- 
ton, where  the  compiler  of  these  records  was  b.,  Nov.  24,  1829. 

Children,  b.  Stonington: 

27.  John  Brown,  b.  July,  1693;  d.  Apr.,  1694. 

28.  Jonathan,  b.  Mar.  15,  1695;  m.,  Oct.  5,  1718,  Hannah  Rich- 


29.  Elizabeth,  b.  Mar.,  1697;  m.  Samuel  Miner  (1556-1564). 



30.  Hepsibeth,  b.  Sept.,  1699. 

31.  John  2d,  b.  Dec,  1701;  m.  (1),  Oct.  3,  1726,  Elizabeth  Chase; 

m.  (2),  Oct.  16,  1729,  Abigail  Randall,  b.  Dec.  4,  1705. 

32.  Ichabod,  b.  Mar.  12,  1704;  m.  Sarah  Chapman.  The  descend- 

ants of  this  family  are  given  in  full  in  B.  G. 
^^.    Prudence,  b.  Apr.  28,  1707;  m.,  June  5,  1728,  William  Hilliard. 

34.  Jedediah,  b.  Apr.  28,  1709;  m.,  Nov.  27,  1728,  Abigail  Holmes, 

b.  Feb.  28,  1703  (1604,  1605). 

35.  Mahitabel,  b.  Aug.,  1712;  m.  (1),  Stonington,  June  13,  1731, 

Nathaniel  Swan,  b.,  Stonington,  Apr.  13,  1709.  They  had 
seven  children.  She  m.  (2)  Joseph  Hewitt.  [See  Swan 

36.  Mary,  b.  Aug.,  1716;  m.  Mathew  Beeton. 

ELEAZER  BROWN  (n),  son  of  Thomas  Brown  and  Mary  Newhall, 
of  Lynn,  Mass.,  b.,  Lynn,  Aug.  5,  1670;  d.,  Stonington,  now  No.  Stoning- 
ton, Nov.  30,  1734;  m.,  Oct.  18,  1693,  Ann  Pendleton,  b.,  Westerly,  R.  I., 
Nov.  12,  1677;  d.  aged  sixty  years;  dau.  of  Capt.  James  and  Hannah 
(Goodenow)  Pendleton.  His  house  stood  in  the  eastern  part  of  lands 
purchased  by  the  Brown  brothers,  about  twenty-five  rods  south  of  the 
Brown  Cemetery,  and  north  of  the  Miner  Meeting-house.  Headstones 
were  erected  to  their  graves  by  the  late  Daniel  Brown.  Probably  these 
were  the  first  interments  in  these  grounds.  He  was  a  farmer  and  stock- 
raiser.  [For  his  will,  see  Appendix.]  — Pendleton  Genealogy,  by  Everett  H. 
Pendleton.   We  quote  on  p.  46. 

Eleazer  Brown  and  his  wife  made  their  home  in  Westerly,  and  later  in 
Stonington,  in  the  part  of  that  township  which  was  afterward  set  off  to 
form  No.  Stonington.  In  the  division  of  her  father's  property  Ann  re- 
ceived his  house,  as  appears  in  the  following  agreement  of  the  heirs: 

'To  all  Christian  people  to  whom  these  presents  shall  come  Know  ye 
that  the  subscribers  hearunto  had  a  tract  of  land  given  us  by  our  honored 
Granfather  brian  pendleton  by  an  asignment  of  a  deed  baring  date 
1674  as  more  att  larg  may  appear  by  s'd  deed  s'd  land  lying  &  being 
sittuate  in  ye  towne  of  Westerly  in  ye  Collony  of  Rhoad  Island  &  provi- 
dence plantations  in  New  EngkLnd_&  wee  ye  propriators  of  s'd  land  have 
joyntly  agreed  &  devided  s'd  tract  oNand  (Except  a  parte  thearof  that 
Mr.  Georg  lanfear  hath  fenct)  into  seven  parts  Elizer  brown  hath  ye 
third  lott  &  ye  house  that  was  Capt.  Pendletons  stands  on  itt  ye  bounds 
thereof  is  in  ye  surveigh  &  ye  s'd  Elezer  brown  had  s'd  lott  by  a  Joynt 
agreement  of  the  heirs  of  Capt.  James  Pendleton  &  payed  sertaine 
sumes  of  money  therefore  unto  Nicholas  Cottrill  William  walker  as  was 



z;     5 

o    ° 

w   -| 

n      c 
<l     ■>-> 

*->    _e 

o    ^ 










•    r— ' 


,.»v    *~> 

o     q 

^o    & 



«  « 

'-  *" 


r       ^       w  w>     ^    CD 

7!     In      r       ?s      c(      CD    X. 

CD       <U       <-<      jC  r* 



15   ^ 

<  .S 











r  ^ 



















■  — 

































inserted  in  Capt.  James  Pendletons  will  &  for  a  confirmation  of  s'd  lott 
with  all  ye  housing  orchards  fencings  pausters  woods  timber  &  all  other 
priveleges  &  apurtenances  whatsoever  belonging  to  s'd  lott  or  hereafter 
shall  belong  thereunto  we  Edmund  Pendleton  Caleb  Pendleton  william 
walker  &  Nicholas  Cottrill  for  us  and  our  heires  Executy  administrations 
&  asigns  &  each  of  them  &  every  of  them  have  given  Granted  assured  & 
confirmed  ye  above  s'd  lott  to  ye  s'd  Elezer  brown  his  heirs  Executs 
administrators  &  assigns  to  have  &  to  hold  in  severallity  forever  to  use 
poses  and  injoy  as  his  owne  proper  Estate  forever  hereafter  so  as  not  to 
allter  change  defeete  or  make  voyed  ye  above  s'd  pertition  by  any  right 
tittle  claims  or  Interest  of  Edmund  Pendleton  Caleb  Pendleton  William 
Walker  Nicholas  Cottrill  our  heirs  Executs  administrators  or  asignes  or 
either  of  them  or  any  of  them  their  heirs  Executors  administrators  or 
asignes  forever  hereafter  sett  our  hands  &  seales  ye  nth  day  of  April 

signed  sealed  &  delivered  Edmund  Pendleton  [seal] 

in  ye  presence  of  Caleb  Pendleton      [seal] 

James  Noyes  William  Walker       [seal] 

John  Saunders  Nicholas  Cottrill    [seal] 

The  mark  of 
Eleanor  E.  Walker  [seal] 
The  mark  Dority  D.  Cottrill  [seal] 

The  above  menchoned  persons 
appeared  the  nth  day  of  April  1711 
and  acknowledged  the  above  written 
to  be  their  act  and  deed  before 
Mr.  John  Saunders,  Justice 

This  is  a  true  copy  of  the  original  Entered  by  me  this  4th  of  August  17 13. 

John  Babcock,  Town  C/r" 

After  the  deaths  of  Ann  and  her  husband  her  surviving  children  deeded 
to  Edmund  and  Joseph  Pendleton,  of  Westerly,  for  ten  pounds,  all  their 
rights  in  the  estate  of  "our  grandfather,  James  Pendleton,  late  of  Wes- 
terly, and  of  'Briant'  Pendleton."  This  deed  was  signed  30  July,  1734; 
by  Jonathan  Brown,  "Elezer"  Brown,  Thomas  Main  and  Ann,  his  wife, 
Patience  Brown,  James  Pendleton  and  Abigail,  his  wife,  and  Wait 
Palmer  and  Mary,  his  wife.  [Rockingham  Co.,  N.  H.  Deeds,  XX,  227.] 

Eleazer  and  Ann  (Pendleton)  Brown's  children: 

37.  Jonathan  Brown,  b.  July  12,  1694;  m.  Elizabeth  Pendleton. 

38.  James,  b.  June  1,  1696;  m.  Elizabeth  Randall. 



39.  Eleazer,  b.  May  4,  1698;  m.  Temperance  Holmes. 

40.  Annah,  b.  Feb.  1,  1700;  m.  Dea.  Thomas  Main.     [See  B.  & 

M.  G.,  p.  50.] 

41.  Ebenezer,  b.  Jan.  28,  1702;  m.  Elizabeth  Main.     [See  B.  & 

M.  G.,  p.  50.] 

42.  Mary,  b.  Nov.  28,  1703;  m.  Elder  Wait  Palmer. 

43.  Hannah,  b.  Dec.  12,  1705;  m.  William  Wilcox. 

44.  Patience,  b.  Dec.  28,  1707;  m.,  Dec.  17,  1735,  Clement  West. 

45.  Abigail,  b.  Feb.  3,  171 2;  m.,  Mar.  22,  1731,  James  Pendleton. 

46.  Ruth,  b.  June  30,  1714;  m.,  Stonington,  1733,  Benj.  Randall 

(twin).  He  was  the  son  of  John  Randall,  the  progenitor 
of  the  Randall  family  in  Stonington,  who  was  twice  m.; 
his  second  wife  was  Mary  Baldwin,  who  was  the  mother  of 
eight  children.  The  sixth  was  Benjamin,  b.,  Stonington, 
June  2,  1715;  m.,  Stonington,  1733,  Ruth  Brown.  They 
settled  in  Colchester,  Conn.  He  was  admitted  freeman 
there  Dec.  6,  1763,  but  probably  he  was  there  several  years 
before  that  date.  He  is  represented  as  possessing  great 
physical  powers  and  endurance.  He  d.  June  15,  181 1. 
From  the  records  of  Colchester  it  appears  that  he  had  three 
children,  for  in  the  Book  of  Deeds  [vol.  8,  p.  532]  is  found  a 
warranty  deed  from  Benjamin  Randall  to  his  son  Silvester 
Randall,  dated  Oct.  31,  1765;  also  one  from  Benjamin  Ran- 
dall to  his  son  Elias  Randall,  dated  Oct.  31,  1765  [vol.  8, 
p.  534];  also  one  from  Benjamin  Randall  to  his  son  Amos 
Randall,  dated  Feb.  18,  1779  [vol.  10,  p.  50].  In  the  Vital 
Statistics  of  Colchester,  it  is  found  that  Elias  Randall,  who 
was  b.  about  1734,  d.  Mar.  20,  1799,  aged  sixty-four  years, 
also  that  he  m.,  Apr.  11,  1756,  Mary  Meacham. 

Thomas  Brown  (22),  son  of  Thomas  (2)  and  Hannah  (Collins)  Brown 
[Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Feb.  14,  1692;  m.,  Oct.  4, 1715, Deborah 

Children : 

47.  Thomas  Brown,  b.  Apr.   5,   1717 ;    m.   (1)  Hannah  Spooner; 

m.  (2)  Patience  Brockway  (100-112). 

48.  William,  b.  July  9,  17 19. 

49.  Deborah,  b.  May  30,  1721;  probably  never  m. 

50.  Dorothy,  b.  Feb.  20,  1724;  m. Palmer. 

50a.  Hannah,  b. ;  m. Breed. 



51.  Jesse,  b.  Aug.  18,  17315  m.  Hannah  Leeds  [B.  G.,  p.  34.] 

52.  Samuel,  b.  July  14,  1734  (801-807). 

53.  Lois,  b.  Sept.  1,  1736;  m.  Israel  Palmer.    [B.  G.,  p.  114.] 

54.  Collins,  b.  June  13,  1743. 

55.  Banoni,  b.  Nov.  16,  1746. 

Lois  Brown  (53),  the  preceding,  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Sept.  1,  1736; 
m.,  Oct.  28,  1753,  Israel  Palmer,  b.  Jan.  16,  1731;  son  of  Elder  Wait  and 
Mary  (Brown)  (42)  Palmer.  Children:  (1)  Jessie,  b.  July  20,  1754;  (2) 
Margaret,  b.  Apr.  2,  1756. 

The  following  Deed  of  Land,  purchased  by  Thomas  Browne,  Jr.  (2), 
joined  his  home  land  on  the  south.  He  may  have  deeded  it  to  his  son 
Thomas  (22),  as  he  deeded  another  tract  of  land,  east,  to  his  son  Daniel 
(24),  which  was  "witnessed  and  signed  and  sealed  the  twenty-fifth  of 
January,  One  Thousand  Seven  Hundred  twenty  one-two,  in  ye  Seventh 
year  of  his  Majestie's  Reign  —  George  King  of  Great  Britain. ' '  At  any 
rate,  on  this  newly  acquired  land  Thomas  Brown  (22)  built  his  house, 
and  his  successor  was  his  son  Samuel  (52),  and  here  were  born  his  chil- 
dren. Samuel  Brown  in  this  connection  follows,  and  he  gives  to  his 
youngest  son,  Prentice  Brown,  by  will,  this  same  homestead.  From 
Prentice  this  estate  came  to  his  adopted  dau.,  who  m.  Cogswell  T. 
Miner.  This  family  was  the  last  to  hold  possession  of  this  farm  in  lineal 
descent.  It  is  now  [1914]  owned  by  the  heirs  of  the  late  Hermon  C. 
Brown.  The  house  itself,  doubtless  built  by  Thomas  Bfown  (22),  which 
has  been  the  home  for  succeeding  generations  of  those  above  mentioned, 
has  passed  out  of  existence. 

Following  is  a  deed  of  a  tract  of  land  from  Samuel  Allin  to  Thomas 
Browne,  Jr.  (2) : 

"To  all  Christian  People  To  whom  thoase  present  shall  Come  Samuell 
Allin  of  Stoningtown  In  ye  County  of  Newlondon  &  Colloney  of  Conect- 
tucut  major:  Know  ye  thatt  the  said  Samuell  Allin  for  Divers  good 
Causes  &  Considerations  hearunto  movinge  butt  moar  Especially  for 
the  Consideration  of  One  hundred  &  fifty  pounds  in  curand  moneyes  of 
New  England  In  hand  Delivered  &  Paid  befoare  the  sealling  &  delivery 
hear  of  by  Thomas  Browne  Junr  of  ye  above  sd  Town  &  Colloney: 
whair  with  I  Do  acknoledge  my  self  fully  satisfied  contented  &  paide  & 
shair  of  &  of  every  part  &  parsell  shair  of  Do  aquitt  &  Discharge  the 
sd  Thomas  Browne  his  heirs  &  assigns  for  Ever:  have  Given  granted 
Bargained  Sold  allienated  &  Confirmed  &  by  thease  presence  Do  give 
grant   Bargain  sell  allien  &  Confirme  unto  the  sd  Thomas  Brown   his 



heirs  &  assigns  for  Ever  A  sertin  parcell  of  Lande  with  In  the  Towneship 
of  Stoningtowne  containing  fifty  ackers  of  Land  moar  or  lees  owne  a 
plase  called  plain  hill  which  s  tract  of  Land  was  laid  out  by  the  towne  of 
Stoningtowne  unto  Mr.  Joshu  hollines  desesed  hairing  Datt  Jun  ye  ist 
1681  as  pr  Recordes  may  apeare  &  since  ye  given  pr  will  unto  his  sun 
Joshua  hollines  &  disposed  of  by  him  ye  s  Joshua  hollines  unto  Samuell 
Allin  above  mentioned  as  pr  Deeade  who  have  -maide  seale  of  the  same 
as  a  foares  begining  att  to  the  south  ward  of  a  great  pineswamp  bownded 
to  the  south  with  Land  Layed  out  to  Benjaman  Pallmer  and  Gershom 
Pallmer:  bounded  to  the  East  &  to  the  north  &  to  the  weste  with  land 
Laide  out  to  Thomas  Stanton  Junr  &  Thomas  Stanton  Senor  &  Mr. 
James  Noyes  with  all  nooks  &  Corners  Lyinge  with  In  the  bounds  & 
Compas  above  mentioned  this  Tract  of  Lande  with  allowance  for  high 
wayes:  To  have  and  to  holld  all  the  said  Tract  &  persill  of  Lande  as  afoar 
s  with  all  ye  buillding  fenceing  &  orchads  &  all  priviledges  &  Apurta- 
nances  thair  unto  belonging  or  apertaining:  unto  him  the  s  Thomas 
Brown  his  heirs  or  assigns  for  Ever:  &  the  s  Samuell  Allin  befoare 
sealling  &  Delivery  hear  of  is  the  true  &  Lawfull  owner  of  the  above 
bargined  promises  &  that  the  same  is  fred  &  clear  of  all  former  gifts 
grants  Joynters  Dowories  &  other  incumbarances  what  so  ever  by  thease 
presents  &  the  s  Sam  Allin  Do  Covenant  promis  to  warant  acquit  & 
Defende  unto  the  s  Thomas  Browne  his  heairs  Executors  Administra- 
tors &  assigns  against  all  person  or  persons  what  some  ever  Claeming  or 
pretending  to  have  aney  Right  title  intrest  Clame  or  Demand  from  by 
or  under  me  or  my  procuerments  in  witness  whair  of  the  s  Samuell 
Allin  have  hear  unto  sett  to  his  hand  &  seall  this  13'°*  Day  of  november 

owne  thousand  seven  hundred  &  fourteen. 

Samuel  Allen 

In  presence  of 

James  Babcock 

Natiial  Bowdiff 

The  subscriber  on  the  other  Sidde  personally  apeared  &  acknoledged 
the  Entrement  on  the  other  side  to  be  his  Acte  &  Deede  the  sixteenth 
Day  of  November  17 14  befoar  me  John  Saunders  justice. 

The  Deed  on  the  other  Side  &  the  above  Acknowledgment  was  Entred 
in  Stoningtown  2d  Book  for  Deeds  (follio  #535)  this  30th  of  December 
1 714  before  me  Elnathan  Minor  Town  Clerk. 

The  original  deed  of  the  foregoing  has  been  preserved  and  handed 
down  to  Cyrus  H.  Brown,  of  Westerly,  R.  I.,  and  is  in  his  possession  in 



Following  is  the  will  of  Thomas  Brown  (22),  son  of  Thomas  (2),  who 
m.  Hannah  (Collins)  Brown;  he  was  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Feb.  14, 
16Q2;  m.,  Stonington,  Oct.  4,  1715,  Deborah  Holdredge. 


In  the  name  of  God  Amen.  March  ye  Seventeenth  A.D.,  1761  being 
in  Health  &  of  Perfect  Mind  &  memory  Thanks  be  given  to  God  therefor 
&  calling  to  mind  ye  mortality  of  my  Body  knowing  that  it  is  appointed 
unto  all  Men  once  to  die  and  after  that  ye  Judgement  do  make  &  Ordain 
this  my  Last  Will  &  Testament 

"And  First  I  recommend  my  Soul  into  the  Hands  of  God  that  gave 
it  &  my  Body  to  the  Earth  to  be  Buried  in  a  decent  &  Christian  burial 
at  ye  discretion  of  my  Executor  nothing  doubting  but  at  General  Resur- 
rection I  Shall  Receive  the  Same  againe  through  ye  the  Mighty  Power 
of  God  —  And  Touching  Such  worldly  State  as  herewith  it  hath  pleased 
God  to  bless  me  withal  1  I  give  &  dispose  it  in  manner  &  form  following  — 
Imprimis:  I  give  to  my  Eldest  Son  Thomas  Brown  five  Shillings  he 
having  already  received  his  Portion  (vss)  one  Year  after  my  decease. 
Item :  I  give  to  my  Son  William  Brown  four  Acres  of  Land  with  a  Dwelling 
House  on  the  Same  during  his  Natural  Life  which  is  the  Remainder 
Part  of  the  Land  that  I  Bought  of  James  Palmer  Joining  on  the 
South  side  at  Collings  Browns  land  &  after  my  Son  Williams  de- 
cease ye  Same  is  to  go  to  Collings  Browne  his  Heirs  &  Assignes 
Item:  I  give  to  my  Son  Jesse  Brown  Twenty  pounds  Lawful  Money 

Two  years  after  my  decease  to  be  for  his  Portion. 
Item :  I  give  to  my  Sons  Samuel  Brown  &  Fish  Brown  all  ye  Remainder 
of  my  Lands  to  be  their  Portion  with  a  Good  Tittle  to  dispose  of  ye 
Same  S    Fish  Brown  &  Said  Samuel  Brown  maintaining  his  Aunt 
Thankful  During  her  Life.      This  said  Thankful  being  the   Own 
Natural  Mother  of  Said  Fish  Brown  — 
Item:  I  give  to  Benoni  Brown  my  Son  a  Grist  Mill  and  Ten  pounds 
Lawful  Money  at  ye  End  of  one   year  after  my  decease  for  his 
Item:  I  give  to  my  Daughter  Deborah  Gest  Thirty  Shillings  Lawful 
Money  for  her  Portion  to  be  paid  her  in  two  years  after  my  decease. 
Item:  I  give  to  my  three  Daughters  Dorothy  Palmer  &  Hannah  Breed  & 
Lois  Palmer  Thirty  Shillings  Each  Lawful  Money  to  be  paid  Two 
years  after  my  decease  for  their  Portions. 
Item:  I  Give  to  my  Wifes  Sister  Thankful  &  her  Daughter  Tabytha  all 



my  household  Goods  Equally  to  be  divided  between  them.  And  the 
Rest  of  my  movables  I  put  into  ye  hands  of  my  Executors  to  pay 
the  Debts  with.  I  also  appoint  my  Son  Samuel  Brown  &  Collings 
Brown  to  be  my  Executors  to  this  my  Last  Will  &  Testament  in 
witness  whereof  I  hereunto  Set  my  hand  &  Seal.  Signed  Sealed 
Published  Pronounced  &  delivered  to  be  my  Last  Will  &  Testament 
ye  Day  &  Date  above  mentioned. 

Thomas  Brown  [seal] 
In  presence  of 

Caleb  Niles 

Sarah  Brown 

Elias  Button 

Sworn  before  Amos  Chesborough  Justice  of  the  Peace. ' ' 

The  Last  Will  &  Testament 
of  Mr.  Thomas  Brown  Dec 
The  d  ii  Oct.  1763 

The  Foregoing  is  a  True  Copy  of  the  Original  Will  of  Thomas  Brown 
Dec  on  the  files  of  the  Court  of  Probate  for  the  District  of  New  London 
(the  Records  of  which  were  burnt  on  the  6l   of  Sept.  1781) 

Certified  per  Matthew  Griswold,  Clerk. 

Thomas  Brown  (22),  of  Stonington,  New  London  County,  sold  to 
Fish  Brown  ten  acres  one  certain  part  of  the  farm  I  now  live  on  the 
northwesterly  corner  with  one  half  of  my  dwelling  house  for  the  con- 
sideration of  forty  pounds  lawful  money  to  me  in  hand  paid  by  Fish 
Brown  of  the  same  town  and  county,  the  receipt  whereof  I  do  acknowledge 
myself  satisfied  and  paid  in  every  part  thereof.  Exonerated  against  and 
discharged  to  the  said  Fish  Brown  one  certain  part  of  the  farm  I  now 
live  on.  To  have  and  to  hold,  occupy,  possess  and  enjoy  all  the  bargained 
premises  with  the  privileges  and  appurtenances  thereunto  belonging  or 
thereunto  pertaining  without  let  or  hindrance  from  me  my  heirs  forever 
and  further  the  said  Thomas  do  for  me  my  heirs  Executor  defend  the 
same.  I  have  in  myself  good  right,  full  power  and  lawful  authority  to 
dispose  of  the  same  and  do  by  virtue  of  these  presents,  convey  and  for- 
ever quit  claim  unto  the  said  Fish  Brown  during  his  life  the  privileges 
above  mentioned.  I  have  hereunto  set  my  hand  and  seal  this  17*  day 
March  A.D.  1761. 

Thomas  Brown  [seal] 



New  London  County  SS  Stonington  March  24  A  D  1761.    Personally 
appeared  Mr.  Thomas  Brown  the  above  Grantor  and  acknowledged  the 
above  within  instrument  to  be  his  free  act  and  deed. 
Before  me  Amos  Cheseborough,  Justice  of  Peace. 
Signed,  sealed  and  delivered 
in  presents  of 
Sarah  Brown 
Elias  Button 

Thomas  Brown  (22)  is  the  one  mentioned  below. 

Know  all  men  by  these  present  that  I,  William  Pollard  of  Norwich  of 
the  County  of  New  London  and  Colony  of  Connecticut  For  and  in  Con- 
sideration of  Two  hundred  and  Thirty  five  pounds  in  old  Tenor  Bills  to 
me  in  hand  paid  by  Thomas  Brown  of  Stonington  in  ye  County  and 
Colony  aforesd  to  which  is  to  my  Content.  Do  Bargain  Sell  Convey  and 
Confirm  unto  him  y*  Thomas  Brown  his  heirs  and  Assigns  For  Ever  ye 
one  Half  of  a  Certain  Grist  Mill  with  Dam  and  appurtenances  Thereunto 
Belonging  which  Mill  is  in  ye  Stonington  and  stands  on  ye  River  Called 
Shoonuck  River  and  is  in  Partnership  Between  me  and  ye  sd  Pollard  and 
William  Wilcox  Jr  of  ye  Stonington.  Giving  and  Granting  to  him  ye  sd 
Thomas  Brown  his  heirs  and  Assigns  all  my  Right  and  title  I  interest  in 
ye  sd  Mill  and  Dam  and  Stream  with  the  appurtenances  thereof  To  ye 
Same  Belonging  or  in  any  wise  appertaining  with  all  ye  Priviledges  that 
I  have  of  Flowing  of  Land  and  Darning  For  sd  Mill  (nothing  Excepted 
or  Reserved)  For  ever  To  have  and  to  Hold  to  him  ye  sd  Thomas  Brown. 
In  witness  where  of  I  have  hereunto  Set  my  hand  and  Seal  This  31s  Day 
of  January  Anno:  Dom:  1750/51 

Signed  &  Sealed  and  D  D : 

In  Presence  of 
Simeon  Miner 
Zechariah  Tracy 


The  above  record  is  given  to  show  the  value  of  a  grist-mill  and  the 
privileges  thereof  at  the  date  here  given.  This  mill  and  dam  had  passed 
out  of  existence  in  1840,  when  a  new  mill  and  dam  were  built  by  Dudley 
Brown  and  sons.  This  last  mill  also  passed  out  of  existence  many  years 

Mary  Brown  (19),  dau.  of  Thomas  (2)  and  Hannah  Collins,  son  of 
Thomas  (1)  and  Mary  Newhall;  she  was  the  third  child  that  was  born  in 
Stonington,  Conn.,  May  26,  1683,  at  the  "Pond  Place"  before  described, 


William  Pollard  [seal] 


the  early  home  of  this  family  in  primeval  days,  her  father  being  the  first 
to  stir  the  soil  in  this  then  wilderness  of  Stonington,  now  No.  Stonington, 
and  awake  the  echoes  with  his  axe  in  this  primitive  forest.  This  takes  us 
back  to  the  beginners  of  this  oldest  family  of  the  Browns  in  Stonington. 
Mary  Brown  m.,  Stonington,  Jan.  9,  1704,  Thomas  York,  son  of  James 
York,  Jr.  Wheeler's  "History  of  Stonington"  says  of  the  York  family, 
p.  695: 

"June  20,  1635, there  embarked  on  board  the  good  ship  Philip,  Richard 
Morgan,  master,  forty-two  passengers,  who  were  to  be  transported  from 
England  to  Virginia,  in  America.  They  had  been  previously  examined 
by  the  minister  of  Gravesend  as  to  their  conformity  to  the  orders  and 
discipline  of  the  Church  of  England,  and  had  taken  the  oath  of  allegiance. 

"James  York,  Sr.,  was  one  of  the  passengers  of  the  good  ship  Philip  in 
1635,  rated  therein  at  the  age  of  21  years,  consequently  he  was  born  in 
the  year  1614.  It  is  not  known  at  what  place  in  Virginia  Capt.  Morgan 
landed  his  passengers,  or  whether  he  landed  them  in  that  colony  at  all. 
If  they  were  landed  there,  our  James  York  did  not  remain  there  long. 
He  doubtless  soon  after  his  arrival  in  this  country,  came  north,  whether 
by  land  or  water  we  do  not  know,  but  the  first  record  we  have  of  him  is 
in  Braintree,  Mass. 

"James  York,  Sr.,  came  to  Stonington,  Conn.,  in  the  year  1660,  when 
this  town  was  under  the  jurisdiction  of  Massachusetts,  and  called  by 
the  name  of  Southertown,  and  settled  on  grants  of  land  which  then  in- 
cluded the  present  farm  of  Gideon  P.  Chesebrough,  east  of  Anguilla,  or 
Wequetequock  brook,  also  the  farm  of  Erastus  D.  Miner  and  the  Simon 
Rhodes  place,  and  there  he  built,  him  a  dwelling  house  on  the  north  side 
of  the  then  Indian  path, —  now  known  as  the  old  Post  road, — ■  where 
he  lived  the  remainder  of  his  life,  dying  in  1683,  aged  sixty-nine  years. 
His  widow  died  in  1685. 

"James  York,  Sr.,  m.  Joannah  -  -;  the  family  name  of  his  wife  is 
not  known,  neither  the  place  of  their  marriage;  but  the  date  thereof 
must  have  been  about  1637.  Two  children  are  mentioned,  Abigail,  b. 
about  1638-9,  who  m.  John  Beebe,  of  New  London,  and  James  York,  Jr. 

"James  York,  Jr.,  b.  June  14,  1648.  He  doubtless  came  to  Stonington, 
Conn.,  with  his  father,  when  under  age,  for  his  name  is  mentioned  in  the 
town  records  several  times  before  the  date  1672,  when  Savage  says,  'He 
sold  his  estate  in  Boston,  Mass.,  where  he  was  engaged  in  business,  and 
came  to  Stonington,'  for  on  the  Stonington  town  records,  under  date  of 
Jan.  15,  1667,  '100  acres  of  land  layed  out  to  James  York,  Jr.,'  and  he 
was  also  one  of  the  men  who  received  land  grants  for  service  in  Indian 



Wars.  He  was  made  a  freeman  in  Connecticut  in  1673,  and  died  Oct.  26, 
1676,  and  his  widow  m.  for  her  second  husband,  Mar.  12,  1679,  Henry- 
Elliot.  James  York,  Jr.,  m.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Jan.  19,  1669,  Deborah 
Bell,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Anna  Bell.  Through  the  wife  of  James  York, 
Jr.,  Deborah  Bell,  we  get  the  name  Bell  that  so  frequently  occurs  in  the 
York  lineage." 

Children  of  James  York,  Jr.,  and  Deborah  Bell: 

56.  Deborah  Bell  York,  b.  Jan.  8,  1670;  d.  Feb.  21,  1672. 

57.  James,  b.  Dec.  17,  1672. 

58.  William,  b.  July  24,  1674;  m.,  Dec.  18,  1695,  Mary  Alley. 

59.  Thomas,  b.  Oct.   14,   1676;  m.,  Jan.  9,   1704,  Mary  Brown 

(60-68).    By  the  marriage  of  Mrs.  Deborah  (Bell)  York  to 
Henry  Elliot  there  were  seven  children. 

The  children  of  Thomas  York  (59)  and  Mary  Brown  (19)  were  as 

60.  William  York,  b.  Oct.  3,  1705. 

61.  Mary,  b.  Aug.  17,  1710. 

62.  Thankful,  b.  Apr.  25,  1712. 

63.  Thomas,  b.  Jan.  24,  17 14. 

64.  John,  b.  Mar.  18,  1716;  d.  May  12,  1784. 

65.  Joseph,  b.  Jan.  22,  1718. 

66.  Deborah,  b.  Jan.  13,  1720. 

67.  Collins,  b.  1722. 

68.  Bell,  b.  1725;  d.  May  2^,  1798;  m.,  Feb.  18,  1747,  Ruth  Main. 

His  descendants  settled  in  Brookfield,  N.  Y.  He  and  his 
wife,  who  was  the  dau.  of  Jeremiah  Main  and  Abigail 
Worden,  and  who  was  b.  Dec.  12,  1729,  Stonington,  Conn. 
[B.  &  M.  G.,  p.  51],  are  buried  in  the  Christopher  Brown 
Cemetery,  two  miles  south  of  Pendleton  Hill.  She  d.  Oct. 
10,  18 1 2,  aged  eighty-two  years. 
The  complete  records  of  the  descendants  of  Thomas  York  who  m. 
Mary  Brown  are  given  in  B.  G.  (pp.  166-183). 

Elizabeth  Brown  (23),  dau.  of  Thomas  Brown,  Jr.  (2),  and  Hannah 
Collins  [Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  9, 1694;  m.,  Westerly,  R.I. , 
Jan.  6,  1717-18,  James  Pendleton,  who  was  b.  about  1689,  probably 
at  Westerly;  he  d.  there  June  9,  1753;  this  was  his  second  m.  He 
m.  (1),  Westerly,  Jan.  12,  1709-10,  Elizabeth  Lanphere.  [T.  R.  of 



Children  of  James  and  Elizabeth  (Brown)  Pendleton: 

69.  Thomas  Pendleton,   b.   Jan.    3,    1718-19;  m.  Dorcas  Dodge 


70.  Samuel,  b.  Sept.  21,  1720;  m.  Phebe  Hall  (85-93). 

71.  Thankful,  b.  July  14,  1725;  m.  Christopher  Coats  (94-99I3). 

72.  Read,  b.  Feb.  24,  1728-29;  named  in  her  father's  will,  1746. 

No  further  record. 

73.  Hannah,  b.  July  3,  1731.    No  record  after  1746. 

74.  Ruth,  b.,  Westerly,  Dec.  19,  1734;  m.,  Westerly,  Dec.  30, 1762, 

Elisha  Brown.  [T.  R.]    No  children  are  mentioned. 
[Pendleton  Gen.,  pp.  65,  66,  119.] 

Thomas  Pendleton  (69),  son  of  James  and  Elizabeth  (Brown)  Pendle- 
ton [Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Jan.  3,  1718-19,  and  d. 
about  1809,  probably  at  Deer  Island,  N.  B.,  while  on  a  visit  to  his  sons. 

On  Mar.  18,  1742-43,  "Caleb  Pendleton,  grandfather,  &  James  Pen- 
dleton, father,"  deeded  to  Thomas  Pendleton,  husbandman,  of  Westerly, 
about  three  hundred  acres  of  land  in  that  town.  [W.  L.  E.,  IV,  44.] 
He  was  admitted  freeman  at  Westerly,  May  1,  1744,  and  with  "Darkis" 
Pendleton  witnessed  receipt  given  to  Benoni  Smith  by  Jonathan  Brown, 
Mar.  6,  1747,  for  the  legacy  the  latter 's  wife  received  in  the  will  of  Caleb 
Pendleton.    [Westerly  C.  &  P.  Rec,  III,  330.] 

In  1753,  Thomas  Pendleton  acted  as  executor  of  his  father's  will,  and 
July  6  in  that  year  he  sold  his  property  in  Westerly,  and  on  the  same 
day  bought  from  his  half-brother,  James  Pendleton,  Jr.,  land  in  Sto- 
nington,  Conn.,  for  £1200.  This  property  he  sold  to  John  Randall,  Jr., 
for  £888,  Jan.  28,  1756,  and  on  the  same  day  bought  of  Thomas  Noyes, 
Jr.,  for  £900,  land  at  Pawcatuck.  His  deed  disposing  of  his  property 
has  not  so  far  been  found,  as  the  early  Stonington  deeds  are  indexed 
only  for  grantees. 

Tradition  says  that  Thomas  Pendleton  was  a  whalerman,  and  that  on 
one  of  his  voyages  to  Greenland  he  put  in  at  Castine,  where,  excited  by 

the  beauty  of  the  Penobscot  Bay  region,  he  determinedto  settle In  the 

probating  of  Col.  Joseph  Pendleton 's^esteteTl 7 0 1  ,~~he  received  £101, 
which  may  have  been  due  him  asme  master  of  one  of  the  Colonel's 
vessels.  At  any  rate,  he  removed  to  what  is  now  Islesboro,  Me.,  a  few 
years  before  the  Revolution;  and  when  he  had  established  himself  there, 
he  brought  his  entire  family  to  the  island,  with  the  exception  of  his  son 
Nathaniel,  who  followed  later. 

Thomas  Pendleton  m.,  Block  Island,  R.  I.,  Oct.  21,  1743,  Dorcas 



Dodge  [Block  Is.  Rec],  dau.  of  Nathaniel  and  Margaret  (Pullin)  Dodge. 
[T.  R.  Woodward's  "Dodge  Genealogy,"  p.  13.]  She  was  b.  there,  Feb. 
11,  1722.  No  record  has  been  found  of  Thomas  Pendleton's  children; 
but  the  following  list,  supplied  by  his  various  descendants,  is  probably 
complete.  The  first  six  in  all  likelihood  were  born  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  the 
others  at  Stonington,  Conn. 
Children : 

75.  Samuel  Pendleton,  b.  about  1745;  m.  Bathsheba  Dodge. 

76.  Nathaniel,  b.  Jan.  22,  1747;  m.  (1)  Cynthia  West;  (2)  Mrs. 

Sarah  Bradford. 

77.  Margaret,  b.  1748;  m.  Sylvester  Cottrell. 

78.  Thomas,  Jr.,  b.  about  1750;  m.  Sarah  Tewksbury. 

79.  Gideon,  b.  Dec.  11,  1751;  m.  Matilda  Gilkey. 

80.  Stephen,  d.  young. 

81.  Joshua,  b.  June  2,  1755;  m.  four  times. 

82.  Mary,  b.  about  1758;  m.  Joseph  Boardman. 

83.  Mark,  b. ;  d.  aged  19  years. 

84.  Stephen,  2d,  b.  Feb.  9,  1763:  m.   (1)  Prudence  Dodge;  (2) 

Martha  Sherwood. 

[Pendleton  Gen.,  pp.  114,  115,  116.] 

Samuel  Pendleton  (70),  son  of  James  Pendleton  and  Elizabeth  Brown 
(23),  b.,  Westerly,  R.I.,  Sept.  21,  1720;  d.,  Westerly,  1792;  m.,  Westerly, 
Feb.  13,  1744-45,  Phebe  Hall,  dau.  of  James  Hall.  James  Hall  in  his  will, 
dated  at  Westerly,  Mar.  27,1775,  names  wife,  Honor.  [C.  &  P.  Rec,  IV, 
p.  255.]  Phebe  (Hall)  Pendleton  d.  in  1799. 

Jan.  16,  1777,  Samuel  Pendleton  served  as  private  in  Capt.  Edward 
Bliven's  Westerly  Alarm  Co.  [Westerly  Town  Rec]  On  Sept.  18,  1776, 
a  paper  was  circulated  at  Westerly  for  the  signatures  of  those  who  in- 
tended to  support  the  Revolutionary  cause,  and  Samuel  Pendleton  was 
the  first  of  the  two  hundred  and  eighteen  partiots  to  affix  his  name  to 
this  "Test  Act." 

Children  (all  but  the  first  three  from  Westerly  vital  records) : 

85.  Mary  Pendleton,  m. Hardy.   No  further  record. 

86.  Esther,  m.  (1)  Peter  Eldredge;  (2)  Stephen  Gavitt,  Jr. 

87.  Martha,  m.  Jabez  Bromley. 

88.  Rebecca,  b.  Sept.  2,  1755;  m.  (1)  Maxson  Chase;  (2)  William 

Sims,  Jr. 

89.  Stephen,  b.  Feb.  4,  1758;  m.  Anna  .    In  1776,  Stephen 

Pendleton  was  enrolled  in  the  3d  Westerly  Co.  Militia,  and 



on  Dec.  25  in  that  year  he  enlisted  in  Col.  R.  Elliott's 
Regiment,  raised  for  three  years,  as  shown  by  the  list  of 
balances  reported  due  Oct.,  1785.  [Mss.,  R.I.  Hist.  Soc]  On 
June  11,  1778,  he  was  enlisted  by  the  town  of  Westerly 
for  nine  months'  service  for  the  State  of  Rhode  Island. 

90.  Gideon,  b.  May  15,  1759;  m.  Anna  Rose. 

91.  Anna,  b.  Mar.  18,  1760;  m.,  Westerly,  Feb.  8,  1794,  as  his  sec- 

ond wife,  Samuel  Sims,  son  of  William  and  Jerusha  (Lan- 
phere)  Sims.  His  first  wife  was  Deborah  Pendleton,  by  whom 
he  had  six  children.  There  is  no  record  that  he  had  issue  by 
his  second  wife.  Anna  survived  her  husband;  he  d.,  Wes- 
terly, Feb.,  1831.  [Westerly  Prob.  Rec,  Book  3,  p.  188.] 

92.  Harriet,  b.  Feb.  4,  1762;  m.  Simeon  Crumb  (2297). 

93.  Lucy,  b.  May  27,  1766;  d.,  Westerly,  1791;  probably  unm. 

Thankful  Pendleton  (71),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Westerly,  R.  I., 
July  14,  1725;  m.,Stonington,  Conn.,  Apr.  14,  1748,  Christopher  Coats,  b., 
Stonington,  Sept.  13,  1720;  baptized  Dec.  29,  1723;  probably  son  of  Caleb 
and  Mary  (Keys)  Coats. 

Children,  from  Stonington  records: 

94.  Benjamin  Coats,  b.  Nov.  14,  1748. 

95.  Zipporah,  b.  Nov.  14,  1750. 

96.  Mary,  b.  Aug.  19,  1753. 

97.  Caleb,  b.  Sept.  10,  1755. 

98.  Joseph,  b.  Nov.  12,  1756. 

99.  Desire,  b.  Jan.  7,  1761. 
99a.  Zebulon,  b.  July  20,  1763. 
99b.  Christopher,  b.  Dec.  5,  1765. 

[Pendleton  Gen.,  pp.  116-119.] 

Thomas  Brown  (47),  son  of  Thomas  (22)  and  Deborah  (Holdredge) 
Brown  [Thomas  (2)  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Apr.  5,  1717;  d. 
June  25,  1 791;  m.  (1)  Hannah  Spooner. 

Children : 

100.  Betsey  Brown,  b.   1759;  m.,  Goshen,  N.  Y.,  1778,  Thomas 

Rowley.    Children:  (1)  Moses,  b.  1770;  (2)  Martha. 

101.  Thomas,  b.  1760;  d.  July  4,  1778.  Was  killed  at  the  battle  of 

Wyoming,  after  being  taken  prisoner  July  3.  He  marched, 
with  all  the  able-bodied  men  and  boys  from  Forty  Fort, 
to  meet  and  give  battle  to  the  Indians  who  were  encamped 
in  the  upper  part  of  the  Wyoming  Valley.     Thomas  and 


Site  of  Eleazer  Brown's  (ii)  House 

In  the  foreground 

Brown  Cemetery  in  the  distance.    Between  is  the  New  London  and  Providence 


Half  an  acre  of  land  in  the  will  of  Eleazer  Brown  was  set  apart  for  a  burying-ground . 
Here,  above  the  ashes  of  the  long-time  dead,  are  the  tablets  and  monuments  of  many 
of  the  descendants  of  Eleazer  Brown  (n)  and  Ann  Pendleton,  his  wife;  and  James 
Brown  (38)  and  Elizabeth  Randal,  his  wife,  whose  daughter  was  Thankful  Brown. 
The  monument  of  Elder  Simeon  Brown,  reminding  the  passer-by  of  his  fifty  years' 
service  and  that  he  was  founder  of  the  Second  Baptist  Church,  in  1765.  also  serves  as 
a  reminder  of  the  obligations  which  an  illustrious  ancestry  imposes  upon  their  de- 
scendants even  to  remote  lands  and  to  remote  generations. 

Immediately  after  this  genealogy  is  issued,  a  fund  of  five  hundred  dollars  will  be 
raised  to  place  this  cemetery,  long  neglected,  under  perpetual  care. 










5  2 

















twelve  others  (one  of  whom  was  Joseph  Elliott,  who  after- 
ward married  a  half  sister  of  Thomas)  were  taken  prison- 
ers, and  marched  to  the  camp  of  the  Indians,  tied  securely 
and  closely  guarded  by  their  captors  until  the  next  morn- 
ing;  they  wrere  then  taken  to  the  bank  of  the  river  and 
stripped  of  all  their  clothes  except  their  shirts,  and,  led  by 
two  savages  each,  marched  in  file  to  be  tomahawked  by  a 
squaw,  whose  son,  a  young  chief,  was  killed  at  Exeter  on 
July  i,  1778.  Thomas  attempted  to  escape,  and  had  nearly 
crossed  the  river  when  he  was  overtaken  by  the  Indians, 
forced  to  return,  and  was  instantly  speared   and  toma- 
Thomas  Brown  (47)  m.  (2)  Patience  Brockway.    She  was  French,  and 
Thomas  first  met  her  in  Jamaica,  when  on  a  southern  voyage.    He  was 
ill  with  fever,  and  she  took  care  of  him  until  he  recovered.    He  went  to 
the  Wyoming  Valley  with  the  Connecticut  settlers,  and  in  1754  received 
his  share  of  land.    He  returned  to  Connecticut,  and  then  he  moved  to 
Quaker  Hill,  Duchess  County,  on  the  border  of  New  York  State.    In 
1776  he  again  went  to  Pennsylvania,  and  settled  in  Wilkes-Barre.    He 
built  a  stockade  on  his  own  land  as  a  protection  against  the  Indians. 
At  the  time  of  the  Massacre  he,  with  his  family,  went  into  Forty  Fort. 
Thomas  followed  the  sea  in  his  earlier  days,  and  was  crippled  by  expo- 
sure and  an  injury  to  his  knee,  and  could  not  join  the  army;  but  he  as- 
sisted in  defending  the  fort.     His  son  Thomas  went  out  with  the  army, 
and  was  slain,  as  stated  above.    The  day  after  the  Massacre,  Patience 
(Brockway)  Brown  was  preparing  to  make  bread,  when  word  came  to 
them  to  leave  the  fort.    She  gathered  up  the  dough  in  her  apron  and 
carried  it  with  her.   She  baked  the  dough  in  their  camp  fire  as  they  jour- 
neyed through  the  wilderness.  This  bread,  and  berries  which  they  picked, 
with  the  milk  from  a  cow  which  they  drove  with  them,  kept  the  family 
from  starving.   They  had  five  children  with  them ;  one,  a  boy  about  three 
years  old,  died  the  second  day  of  their  journey,  and  they  dug  a  place  by 
the  side  of  a  log  and  buried  him,  covering  the  grave  with  leaves.    Joseph 
Elliott,  who  married  their  daughter  Patience,  accompanied  them. 

The  following  narrative  was  related  by  Daniel  Brown  (104),  who  was 
probably  the  last  survivor  of  the  Wyoming  Massacre:  "We  moved  to 
the  Wyoming  Valley,  Pa.,  in  1776,  and  lived  on  the  river  bank,  about 
So  yards  below  the  Market  Street  bridge,  Wilkes  Barre,  Pa.,  and  were 
there  at  the  time  of  the  massacre.     Our  family  then  consisted  of  my 

*  See  page  33  for  Joseph  Elliott's  story. 



father,  Thomas  Brown,  and  his  wife  Patience  (Brockway)  Brown,  an 
older  half  brother,  Thomas  Brown  2d,  two  older  brothers,  and  three 
children  younger  than  myself;  and  Jabez,  and  Joseph  Elliott  who  came 
into  the  valley  with  us  and  took  part  in  all  out  affairs  until  the  campaign 
of  General  Sullivan,  in  which  they  bore  a  part.  The  family  life  was  un- 
eventful until  the  summer  of  1778,  when  the  invasion  of  the  Indians  and 
Torys,  under  Walter  Butler,  made  the  valley  a  theater  of  bloody  carnage 
and  suffering.  This  culminated  on  July  3  when  all  the  able  bodied  men 
and  boys  marched  from  Forty  Fort  to  offer  battle  to  their  foes  who 
were  encamped  in  the  upper  part-  of  the  valley.  Without  an  attempt  to 
describe  the  conflict  it  is  sufficient  to  say  that  our  people  were  overcome 
and  in  the  rout  were  ruthlessly  overtaken  and  slain.  Of  those  belonging 
to  the  family  who  in  the  running  marched  to  the  battle  and  of  which 
this  narrative  treats  —  the  two  Elliotts,  and  Thomas  Brown  2d — only 
Jabez  returned  at  night,  and  brought  the  news  that  Thomas  was  among 
the  slain;  while  Joseph  his  brother  was  among  the  missing,  which  meant 
a  fate  worse  than  death  —  savage  torture.  The  night  after  the  massacre 
was  long  to  be  remembered — mourning  for  the  absent  ones,  mingled  with 
fears  .that  the  savages  would  in  the  night  sweep  down  upon  those  left 
alive  and  thus  make  complete  destruction  throughout  the  valley.  All 
night  the  survivors  made  hasty  preparations  to  fly  as  soon  as  the  morn- 
ing broke,  and  seek  safety  wherever  it  might  be  found.  Jabez  Elliott  and 
the  Browns  lashed  two  canoes  near  to  each  other,  and  over  these  made 
a  platform  large  enough  to  carry  the  children  and  the  mother,  while 
father  prepared  to  lead  his  three  horses  down  the  river  shore  to 
Catawissa,  their  destination.  Just  as  they  were  about  to  start  Joseph 
Elliott  came  in  sight  in  a  very  sad  condition;  his  only  garment  was  a 
shirt  and  his  body  was  all  covered  with  blood.  We  did  not  have  time  to 
hear  his  story,  but  at  once  placed  him  on  the  float  and  made  him  as  com- 
fortable as  we  could  and  started  clown  the  river.  We  arrived  at  Cata- 
wissa the  next  day,  and  then  went  by  Fort  Allen  to  Strouds.  On  our 
return  from  Strouds  we  came  nearly  in  the  route  afterwards  located  as 
the  Eastern  and  Wilkes-Barre  turnpike.  We  came  to  Bear  Creek  at 
noon  of  a  very  rainy  day;  the  creek  was  high  and  our  only  way  to  cross 
it  was  to  fell  a  tree  tall  enough  to  reach  the  other  side  —  we  felled  several 
before  we  succeeded,  as  the  water  would  swing  them  down  the  stream. 
Previous  to  our  arrival  here  it  had  been  necessary  to  send  to  Wilkes 
Barre  for  food  and  fire.  In  the  effort  Jabez  Elliott  and  the  horse  he  rode 
came  near  being  drowned,  and  our  bundle  of  spare  clothes  was  lost. 
Our  condition  when  we  got  over  Bear  Creek  was  sad  indeed  with  no  relief 

32     • 


nearer  than  Wilkes  Barre,  to  which  Elliott  had  gone  for  help.  The  rain 
continued  and  all  were  wet,  chilled  and  hungry.  The  children  cried  and 
could  not  be  comforted.  We  nearly  perished  in  that  dark  and  dreadful 
night,  which  I  shall  always  remember  as  the  time  of  my  greatest  suffer- 
ing. Elliott  came  early  in  the  morning,  and  we  soon  had  a  big  fire  and 
our  hunger  was  appeased.  Soon  starting  again  upon  our  journey  we 
reached  Wilkes  Barre  at  evening.  The  next  year  after  Sullivan's  cam- 
paign we  moved  to  Wyalusing,  Pa.,  and  settled  near  where  I  have  since 

Joseph  Elliott's  story:  "After  I  was  taken  prisoner,  myself  and  others 
were  taken  to  the  camp  of  the  Indians  and  tied  securely,  and  closely 
guarded  by  our  captors  until  the  next  morning.  Twelve  of  us  were  then 
taken  near  the  second  bank  of  the  river  within  the  present  town  of 
Wyoming;  we  were  stripped  of  all  our  clothes  except  our  shirts  and, 
led  by  two  savages  each,  were  marched  in  file  to  be  tomahawked  by  a 
squaw  whose  son,  a  young  chief,  was  killed  at  Exeter  on  the  ist.  day  of 
July.  This  tragedy  occurred  on  the  4th.  I  was  next  to  the  last  in  line. 
Titus  Hammond,  the  last,  and  I  determined  to  escape  if  the  least  chance 
offered.  As  we  moved  to  our  turn,  I  saw  just  before  me  the  body  of  a 
fallen  tree  over  which  our  path  led.  As  I  came  near  it,  I  sprang  forwards, 
planting  both  feet  against  it,  and  instantly  jumping  backwards  I  tore 
myself  away  from  my  guards.  Hammond  cleared  himself  at  the  same 
moment,  and  we  both  jumped  down  the  bank.  I  ran  towards  the  river, 
and  Hammond  turned  to  the  right  and  hid  in  a  fallen  tree  top.  Between 
the  place  of  execution  and  the  river  rye  was  standing,  and  it  was  higher 
than  my  head.  It  had  been  trailed  by  fugitives  the  day  before,  so  I 
followed  one.  The  pursuing  Indians  could  not  follow  my  path  for  cer- 
tainty on  account  of  the  other  trails  so  I  gained  a  few  minutes  and  this 
gave  me  time  to  get  into  deep  water  before  they  commenced  shooting. 
As  soon  as  I  could  I  commenced  to  swim  under  the  water,  only  raising 
my  head  for  breath.  Once  when  I  came  up  a  bullet  hit  me  under  my 
shoulder  blade  disabling  one  arm,  but  I  turned  and  swam  on  my  back 
the  rest  of  the  way  using  the  other  arm.  As  soon  as  I  was  over  and  away 
from  the  river,  I  put  a  piece  of  my  shirt  into  the  bullet  hole  to  stop  the 
blood.  I  found  a  loose  horse  and,  with  a  piece  of  bark  for  a  bridle,  rode 
into  Wilkes  Barre.  I  had  a  hard  time  of  it  with  the  wound  for  several 
weeks  but  being  tough,  recovered." 

Joseph  Elliott  and  his  brother  joined  the  Rangers  and  went  up  the 
river  with  General  Sullivan.  Jabez  Elliott,  while  guarding  the  cattle 
of  the  expedition,  was  killed  by  the  Indians  near  Athens,  they  coming 



upon  him  by  stealth.  Joseph  Elliott  m.  (i)  Patience  Brown;  d.  without 
issue;  m.  (2)  Deborah  Lewis.  He  d.  when  over  ninety  years  of  age, 
leaving  many  descendants.    He  is  buried  at  Merryall,  Bradford  Co.,  Penn. 

In  1789  Thomas  Brown  (47)  and  his  family  went  in  canoes  up  the 
Susquehanna  River  to  what  is  now  Wyalusing  Township,  and  settled 
there,  calling  the  place  Browntown.  Most  of  the  land  there  is  still  in 
possession  of  his  descendants,  and  some  farms  have  never  been  trans- 
ferred by  deed,  being  willed  from  father  to  son.  He  was  one  of  the  first 
to  rest  in  the  old  cemetery  at  Wyalusing  Village.  His  is  said  to  be  the 
oldest  marked  grave  in  Bradford  County.  In  August,  1910,  Livingston 
Manor  Chapter,  Daughters  of  the  American  Revolution,  of  Washington, 
D.  C,  placed  a  D.  A.  R.  marker  on  his  grave,  the  small  flag  being  placed 
on  the  marker  by  Chas.  A.  Brumbaugh,  of  Washington,  he  being  a 

Before  Patience  (Brockway)  Brown  went  into  Forty  Fort  with  her 
family,  the  children  buried  outside,  by  a  tree,  a  pair  of  steelyards,  and  a 
mortar  and  pestle  in  which  Mrs.  Brown  ground  corn  and  spices.  After 
their  return  to  Wilkes-Barre,  these  were  dug  up;  and  on  the  marriage  of 
one  of  the  daughters,  her  mother  presented  them  to  her.  The  mortar  and 
pestle  are  now  cherished  possessions  of  a  great-granddau.,  Charlotte  Segar. 

Children  by  second  m.: 

102.  Ezekiel  Brown,  b.  1763;  m.  Polly  Hancock  (113,  114). 

103.  Humphrey,  b.  1765;  m.  Hannah  Dodge  (128-136). 

104.  Daniel,  b.  Sept.  7,  1771 ;  m.  (1)  Mary  Wigton;  m.  (2)  Mrs. 

Hannah  Middleton  (137-149). 

105.  Sibyl,  b.  1772;  m.  (1)  Josiah  Marshall;  m.  (2)  Ebenezer  Segar 


106.  Patience,  b.  1774;  m.  Joseph  Elliott. 

107.  Collins,  b.  1775;  d.  July,  1778. 

108.  Allen,  b.  1776;  m.  (1)  Polly  Swingle;  m.  (2)  Rhoda  Goodwin 


109.  Charles,  b.  1778;  m.  Fanny  Gilbert  (170-175). 

no.    Jabez,  b.   1780;  m.   (1)  Lydia  Kingsley;  m.   (2)   Elizabeth 

Shroeder  (176-182). 
in.    Hannah,  b.  Ithaca,  N.  V.;    m.,  Dryden,  N.  Y.,   Thomas 

Herrington.       Children:    (1)    Reuben;    (2)    Thomas;    (3) 

112.    Benjamin,  b.  Apr.  27,  1784;  m.  Jane  Huyk  (183-192). 



Ezekiel  Brown  (102),  son  of  Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway) 
Brown,  b.  1763;  d.,  Fai'rdale,  Penn.,  Jan.  1,  1816;  m.  Polly  Hancock,  b. 
Sept.  10,  176S;  dau.  of  Isaac  Hancock,  of  Wyalusing,  Penn.  Ezekiel 
Brown  was  a  man  of  great  energy  and  hospitality.  In  1792  he  settled  in 
Wyalusing,  and  cleared  land  and  built  a  log  house;  he  soon  had  a  fine 
farm  cleared,  and  a  comfortable  home,  which  was  frequently  used  as  a 
resting-place  by  newly  arrived  settlers  until  they  could  build  houses 
for  themselves.  For  many  years  his  son-in-law  Capt.  John  Mintz  and 
he  owned  the  best  residences  in  the  valley.  Ezekiel  owned  three  black 
slaves, —  Uncle  Tom  and  wife,  and  Timothy  Croggins.  He  held  his 
tract  of  land  under  the  Connecticut  title,  and  after  he  hap!  occupied  it 
for  some  time,  and  made  improvements,  a  gentleman  came  to  his  house 
and  informed  him  that  he,  the  stranger,  owned  that  land.  Mr.  Brown 
replied  that  if  he  owned  any  land  there,  it  was  seven  feet  below  the 
surface;  and,  casting  a  glance  toward  his  rifle,  added  that  unless  he  was 
gone  immediately  he  would  be  put  in  possession  of  it.  The  stranger  took 
the  hint  and  left. 

Children:  • 

113.  Rhoda  Brown,  b. ;  m.  Asa  Olmstead  (115,  116). 

114.  Nancy,  b.  1788;  m.  Capt.  John  Mintz  (117-120). 

Rhoda  Brown  (113), dau.  of  Ezekiel  (102)  and  Polly  (Hancock)  Brown, 
m.  Asa  Olmstead,  son  of  David  Olmstead  and  Sarah  (Waller)  Olmstead, 
of  New  Milford,  Conn. 

Children : 

115.  David  Olmstead,  b.  ;  m.  .    Children:  (1)  Eva;  (2) 

Waller;  (3)  George. 

116.  Waller. 

Nancy  Browm  (114),  dau.  of  Ezekiel  (102)  and  Polly  (Hancock)  Brown, 
b.  1788;  d.  Aug.  1,  1877;  m.,  1802,  Capt.  John  Mintz,  b.  Apr.  18,  1783. 

117.  Ezekiel  Brown  Mintz,  b.  1804;  three  times  m. 

118.  Betsey,  b.  1806;  d.  1812. 

119.  Polly,  b.  1808;  d.  1812. 

120.  John  Adam,  b.  1812;  d.  1832. 

Ezekiel  Brown  Mintz  (117),  the  preceding,  b.  1804;  d.  Mar.  16,  1872; 
m.  (1)  Cordelia  Marsh;  m.  (2),  1827,  Wealthy  Marsh;  m.  (3),  1864, 
Alice  Jane  Barnes.  Ezekiel  Mintz  was  a  preacher  in  the  Wesleyan  Metho- 
dist Church.  He  was  a  forcible  speaker,  and  was  very  successful  in  the 
upbuilding  of  his  church. 



Child  by  first  m.: 

121.  William  Marsh  Mintz,  b.  Feb.  24,  1826;  m.  Eliza  Brink. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

122.  Cordelia,  b.  Jan.,  1829. 

123.  Alonzo,  b.  Nov.,  1830. 

124.  Mary,  b.  Aug.,  1832. 

125.  Ephraim,  b.  1842. 
Children  by  third  m.: 

126.  Wealthy,  b.  July  26,  1865;  m.  Samuel  Brown,  b.  1854;  son 

of  Benjamin  (163)  [Allen  (108),  Thomas  (47)]  and  Julia 
(Segar)  Brown,  dau.  of  Sibyl  (105)  [Thomas  (47)]  Brown 
and  Ebenezer  Segar.  They  live  on  part  of  the  old  Allen 
Brown  farm  in  Browntown,  Penn.  Allen  Brown  and  his 
wife  are  buried  on  this  farm.  When  Thomas  (47)  bought 
land  here  in  1779  he  called  the  place  Browntown. 

127.  Addie  M.,  b.  June  24,  1870;  m.  Frank  Burlington.  They  live 

in  the  old  Mintz  homestead  at  Stevensville,  Penn.  Child: 
Cecil  Mintz,  b.  June  24,^1890. 

Humphrey  Brown  (103),  son  of  Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway) 
Brown,  b.  1765;  d.,  Wyalusing,  Penn.,  1842;  m.,  1791,  Hannah  Dodge, 
b.  1774;  dau.  of  Maj.  Oliver  Dodge,  of  Colchester,  Conn. 

Children : 

128.  Thomas  Brown,  b.  Aug.  3,  1793;  m.  Esther  Gregg  (193-203). 

129.  Oliver,  b.  Apr.,  1796;  m.  Mary  Walles  (204-213). 

130.  William  Dodge,  b.  Feb.  13,  1797;  m.  Clarissa  Maxfield  (214- 


131.  Daniel,  b.  Jan.  12,  1800;  d.  1815. 

132.  Sarah,  b.  Apr.  2,  1802;  m.  Elisha  Whitney,  M.D.,  b.  1798; 

d.  Jan.  18,  1847  (234-242). 

133.  Abigail,  b.  May  25,  1805;  m.  John  Bird  (243-249). 

134.  Humphrey,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  22,  1S07;  killed  about  1S28,  while 

training  in  militia  at  Towanda,  Penn. 

135.  Mason,  b.  Mar.,  1809;  m.  Harriet  Harman  (250-260). 

136.  Rachel,  b.  June  30, .1810;  d. ;  m.  (1)  Hopkins  Lutes;  m. 

(2)  George  Maxfield. 

Daniel  Brown  (104),  son  of  Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway) 
Brown,  b.  Sept.  7,  1771;  d.  Mar.  3,  1S59;  m.  (1),  1793,  Mary  Wigton,  b. 
Nov.  26,  1774;  d.  Jan.  11,  1835;  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Polly  (Gaylord) 
Wigton.  He  was  b.,  Ireland,  1740;  d.,  Ohio,  1814.  He  and  Samuel  Gordon 


Daniel  Brown  (104) 

Thomas  and  John  Brown,  Sons  of  Thomas  (47) 
Were  killed  at  the  Wyoming  massacre,  July  ,},  1  77S.  Their  names  arc  on  this  monument 


were  interested  in  an  expedition  to  discover  the  situation  and  number  of 
Tories  and  hostile  Indians  at  or  near  Tioga  Point,  Penn.,  in  1778,  and 
signed  a  memorial  to  that  effect,  which  was  sent  to  the  General  Assembly 
of  Connecticut.  [See  Conn.  State  Paper  No.  98.]  Thomas  Wigton  owned 
large  tracts  of  land  which  were  granted  by  the  Connecticut  Company 
direct  to  him  and  his  father-in-law,  Justus  Gaylord,  of  Norfolk,  Conn. 
Thomas  Wigton  received  compensation  for  losses  in  the  Revolutionary 
War,  1778-80. 

Daniel  Brown  m.  (2),  Wyalusing,  Penn.,  Feb.  8,  1838,  Mrs.  Hannah 
Middleton,  dau.  of  David  and  Jane  Ridgeway,  of  Philadelphia,  Penn. 

Children,  by  first  m.: 

137.  George  Brown,  b.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  Mar.  22,  1794;  m., 

Nov.  15,  1818,  Polly  Mapes.  He  was  last  known  to  be  in 
Columbus,  O.,  and  at  that  time  had  one  son,  whom  we 
have  not  been  able  to  locate. 

138.  Jesse, b., Browntown,  Apr.  25,  1797;  m.  (1)  Maria  Fish;  m.  (2) 

Sophia  Wells  Ackley  (261,  262). 

139.  Ira,  b.,  Browntown,  Feb.  16, 1799;  m.  Nancy  King  (263-265). 

140.  Emily,  b.,  Browntown,  Mar.  4,  1801. 

141.  Cynthia,  b.,  Browntown,  Feb.  20,  1803;  m.  (1)  Warren  Lung; 

m.  (2)  Simeon  Boles  (266-272). 

142.  Sibyl,  b.,  Browntown,  May  19,  1805;  m.  Jared  D.  Good- 

enough  (273-279). 

143.  Charles  R.,  b.,  Browntown,  Sept.  n,  1806;  m.  Tama  Betts 


144.  Elizabeth,  b.,  Browntown,  Sept.  4,  1808;  m.  James  Butler 


145.  William  Hamilton,  b.,  Browntown,  July  4,  1810;  m.  Julia 

Ann  Johnson  (293-301). 

146.  Nelson  P.,  b.,  Browntown,  May  5,  1812;  m.  Clarissa  Snook 


147.  Daniel  Warren,  b.,  Browntown,  July  14,  1814;  m.  Catherine 

Adaline  King  (31 1-3 17). 

148.  Thomas  Ellicutt,  b.,  Browntown,  Jan.  4,  181 7;  m.  Lois  Lake 


149.  Fanny,  b.,  Browntown,  Dec.  29,  1818. 

Sibyl  Brown  (105),  dau.  of  Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway) 
Brown,  b.  1772;  d.  Aug.  22,  1851;  m.  (1)  Josiah  Marshall,  b.  1773;  d. 
Mar.  n,  1804;  m.  (2)  Ebenezer  Segar,  b.  1773;  d.  1858.  Josiah  Marshall 



came  from  Connecticut  and  bought  a  large  tract  of  land  under  the 
Connecticut  title,  much  of  which  he  could  not  hold  under  the  Penn- 
sylvania title.  He  had,  however,  several  hundred  acres  left  in  Sheshequin, 
Penn.,  under  the  new  law.  He  was  a  man  of  considerable  activity  in  the 
new  settlement,  being  appointed  Supervisor  of  Highways  in  1792,  1796, 
and  1797,  and  Constable  in  1795-97.  Ebenezer  Segar  was  b.  in  Massa- 
chusetts; his  mother  was  a  sister  of  General  Wadsworth,  of  Revolutionary 
fame.  His  father,  Charles  Segar,  b.  1734,  at  Brattleboro,  Vt.,  d.  at 
Charlestown,  Mass.,  where  he  is  buried.  He  had  the  cod  fisheries  at 
Boston  at  the  breaking  out  of  the  Revolution,  and  placed  his  boats  in 
the  service  of  the  Continental  Army.  All  during  the  war  he  did  excellent 
service  for  his  country  in  transporting  munitions  of  war  to  all  points  along 
the  coast.  Just  before  his  death  he  made  one  trip  up  the  Wyoming 
Valley,  and  the  Susquehanna,  as  far  as  Sheshequin. 
Children  by  first  m.: 

150.  Samuel  Marshall,  b.   1790;  d.   1S40;  m.  Hannah  Hoyt,  of 


151.  Thomas,  b.  1793;  d.  1850;  m.,  Sheshequin,  Lucy  Kinney,  b. 

1786;  d.  1868;  dau.  of  Joseph  Kinney,  b.,  Plainfield,  Conn., 
1755;  came  to  Pennsylvania  in  1778.  Joseph  Kinney  was 
a  Revolutionary  soldier  and  was  at  the  Battle  of  Dor- 
chester Heights,  in  May,  1776.  In  the  Battle  of  Long 
Island  he  was  wounded  in  the  leg  and  captured  by  the 
English,  and  was  confined  in  the  old  Jersey  prison-ship  for 
three  months.  After  his  release,  while  still  crippled  from 
his  wounds,  he  made  his  way  to  Connecticut  on  foot  and 
again  joined  the  army,  and  was  in  the  Battle  of  Saratoga, 
at  the  surrender  of  Burgoyne,  in  1777.  He  emigrated  to  the 
Wyoming  Valley  in  177S. 

152.  Joseph, Jr.,  b—   — ;  d.—   -;  m. Charlotte  Goodwin  (326-333). 

153.  Edward,  b. ;  d. 

154.  Elizabeth,  b.  about  1794;  m.  John  Franklin  Satterlee  (336- 


155.  Sarah,  b.  Aug.  24,  1799;  m.  Edward  Hill  (346-349). 
Children  by  second  m. : 

156.  Amanda  Segar,  b.  1806;  m.  John  Brink  (353-357). 

157.  Patience  Lenety,  b.  Sept.  15,  1807;  d.  Jan.  15,  1900;  m., 

Jan.  19,  1832,  Uriah  Shaw,  b.  1806;  d.  Oct.  17,  1895;  son 
of  Ebenezer  Shaw,  of  Ulster,  Penn.  Children:  (1)  Franklin, 
b.  Sept.  9,  1833,  d.  Nov.  14, 1888.  (2)  Ralph,  b.  Mar.,  1835, 



d.  Feb.  3,  1877.  (3)  Henry,  b.  Dec.  31,  1836,  d.  Feb.  15, 
1910;  m.,  Dec.  24,  1863,  Maria  E.  Smith,  b.  May  16,  1841, 
d.  June  30,  1897.  Children:  (a)  Minnie  M.,  b.  Nov.  9, 
1865,  d.  Oct.  5,  1889;  (b)  Lulu  D.,  b.  July  19,  1868,  d. 
Mar.  15,  1892;  (c)  Frederick  H.,  b.  July  22,  1870,  m., 
Sept.  20,  1893,  Clara  Marsden.  Their  children:  Mildred  F., 
b.  Sept.  7,  1894;  Sara  L.,  b.  June  26,  1896;  Henry  L,  b. 
Oct.  21,  1900;  Elizabeth  M.,  b.  Mar.  1,  1903;  John  R.,  b. 
Aug.  17,  1905;  (d)  Hattie  E.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1873,  d.  Sept.  30, 
1878.  (4)  Samuel.  (5)  Anna,  d.  1867.  (6)  Cynthia,  b. 
May  5,  1846;  res.,  Ulster,  Penn.  (7)  Hiram  T.,  b.  Dec.  21, 
1848,  m.  (1),  Dec.  21,  1871,  Kate  Detra,  d.  Mar.  14,  1910. 
Children:  (a)  Mildred  R.,  b.  Oct.  6,  1872;  (b)  Charles  D., 
b.  Mar.  6,  1875.  Hiram  T.  m.  (2),  May  10,  iqn,  Isabella 
Walker  Joslin;  res.,  Ulster,  Penn. 

158.  Charles,  b.  1810;  d.  1887;  m.  Patty  Slawson,  b.  Dec.  4,  1824. 

159.  Collins  Marshall,  b.  June  25,  181 2;  m.  Charlotte  Spaulding 


160.  Julia,  b.  1814;  d.  1896;  m.  Benjamin  Brown  (163),  b.  1805; 

d.  i88g;  son  of  Allen  (108)  [Thomas  (47)].  [See  376-381.] 

161.  Henry,  b.  Feb.  13,  1817;  m.  (1)  Anna  Rogers;  m.  (2)  Maria 

Lock  wood. 

Allen  Brown  (108),  son  of  Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway) 
Brown,  b.  1776;  d.  1854;  m.  (1)  Polly  Swingle,  b.  1779;  d.  1825;  m.  (2) 
Rhoda  Goodwin. 

Children,  by  first  m.: 

162.  John  P.  Brown,  b.  Sept.,  1802;  d.  July  8,  1874;  m.  Urania 

Kingsley  Brown,  b.  Apr.  6,  1810;  d.  June  14,  1895  (373- 

.163.    Benjamin,  b.  Sept.,  1805;  m.   (1)  Rachel  Birney  Stalford; 
m.  (2)  Julia  Segar  (160)  (377-382). 

164.  Jacob,  b. ;  m.  Mary  Ladd. 

165.  Hiram  K.,  b.  1814;  m.  Fanny  Goodwin. 

166.  Lurania,  b. ;  m.  Harry  Birney  (383-386). 

167.  Susan,  b. ;  m.  Charles  Bennett. 

168.  Patience,  b. ;  m.  William  Passmore  (387-393). 

169.  Eunice. 

Charles  Brown  (109),  son  of  Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway) 
Brown,  b.  1778;  d.  1826-27;  m.  Fannie  Gilbert,  b.  1781.    He  owned  and 



lived  on  a  farm  in  Monroe  Township,  Bradford  Co.,  Penn.   and  both  he 
and  his  wife  are  buried  in  the  family  plot  on  this  farm.   He  was  a  prom- 
inent citizen,  and  the  first  Justice  of  the  Peace  of  Monroe  Township. 

170.  Harrison  Brown,  b.  1S06;  d.  Aug.,  1862;  m.  (1) Boyd. 

of  Harrisburg,  Penn.  Dau. :  Alice,  b. ;  m. Mecklen- 
burg, who  was  paymaster  in  the  United  States  Army; 
m.  (2) Towner,  of  Eastern  Bradford  Co.,  Penn. 

171.  Burton  (twin),  b.  July  20,  1810;  m.  Eva  Brizzy  (399-401). 

172.  Byron  (twin),  b.  July  29,  1810;  d.  Apr.  22,  1893. 

173.  Robert,  b. ;  d.  young. 

174.  Prentice,  b. ;  d.  young. 

175.  Orris,  b.  — ■ — ;  m.  Joseph  Hornet  (402-404). 

Jabez  Brown  (no),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  1780;  d.  July,  1858; 
m.  (1)  Lydia  Kingsley,  dau.  of  Warrum  and  Urania  (Turrell)  Kingsley, 
of  New  Milford,  Conn.,  and  granddau.  of  Nathan  Kingsley.  Mr. 
Brown  m.  (2)  Elizabeth  Shroeder,  of  Monroeton,  Penn. 

Children,  by  first  m.: 

176.  Urania  Brown,  b.  1810;  m.  John  P.  Brown  (162).    [See  373- 

„  376,] 

177.  Fannie,  b.  Aug.  20,  1812;  m.  George  Christopher  Hill  (405- 


178.  Theresa,  b. ;  m.  Horace  Osborn. 

179.  Franklin,  b.  1824;  d.  Aug.  15,  1889;  m.  (1)  Martha  Mamerll. 

Dau.:  Martha  Alice;  m.  William  Brown.  He  m.  (2)  Lorania 
Lane.  Children:  (1)  James,  m.  Violet  Fuller;  (2)  Ida,  m. 
Wm.  Lampman;  (3)  Jerome,  m. Thacker. 

180.  Jabez,  b.  1827;  d.  1894;  m.  Mary  Gartland. 

181.  Catherine,  b.Aug.  28,  1829;  d.,  Elmira,  N.  Y.,  May  25,  1901: 

m.,  1859,  Isaac  Ogden,  of  Owego,  N.  Y.,  b.,  Wyalusing, 
Penn.,  Oct.  17,  1806;  d.  Oct.  15,  1875.    Son:  Frank  C,  b., 
Owego,  Oct.  8,  1864;  m.  Ellen  Carpenter;  he  is  an  attorney 
at  law,  120  Lake  St.,  Elmira,  N.  Y. 
18^2.    Damon,  b. ;  d.  Standing  Stone,  Penn. 

Benjamin  Brown  (112),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Apr.  27,  1784; 
d.,  Standing  Stone,  Penn.,  Apr.  14,  1834;  m.,  June,  1810,  Jane  Huyk,  b. 
May  24,  1792. 




183.  Guy  Brown,  b.  May  24,  181 1;  m.  Ruhama  Camel  (427-436). 

184.  Scepter,  b.  May  24,  1813;  m.  Mary  Carpenter  (437,  438). 

185.  Loyd,  b.  May  31,  1815;  m.  Minerva  Vaughn  (447-457). 

186.  Belinda,  b.  Mar.  25,  181 7;  m.  John  Terwilliger  (458-466). 

187.  Ellen,  b.  Jan.  25,  1819;  m.  Harry  Clark  (467-471). 

188.  Collins,  b.  Sept.  1,  1820;  m.  Jane  Austin  (472-475). 

189.  Allen,  b.  Apr.  4,  1825;  m.  (1)  Elmira  Wells;  m.  (2)  Adeline 

Blend  (476-483). 

190.  Charles  E.,  b.  Mar.  20,  1827;  m.  Harriet  Strope  (484-490). 

191.  Sarah,  b.  Dec.  15,  1829;  m.  Austin  Frost  (501,  502). 

192.  John  Huyk,  b.  Dec.  30,  1832;  m.  Roxanna  Coleman  (503- 


Thomas  Brown  (128),  son  of  Humphrey  (103)  and  Hannah  (Dodge) 
Brown  [Thomas  (47)],  b.  Aug.  3,  1793;  d.  Oct.,  1857;  m.  Esther  Gregg, 
b.  1794;  d.  1865. 

Children : 

193.  Humphrey  Andrew  Brown,  b.  Dec.  29,  1821;  m.  Ann  Evans. 

194.  Hannah,  b.  Oct.  14,  1823;  m.  Samuel  Fisk  (509-516). 

195.  Edmond  Valentine,  b.  Nov.   29,   1825;  m.  Lucinda  Kinne 


196.  Nancy  Catharine,  b.  Mar.  21,  1828;  m.  (1)  John  Rudy;  m. 

(2)  James  Lutes  (523-526). 

197.  George  Samuel,  b.  Feb.  29,  1831;  m.  (1)  Helen  Kinne;  m. 

(2)  Sally  Lutes. 

198.  Susan,  b.  May  10,  1833;  m.  Charles  Fisk. 

199.  Deborah,  b.  Mar.  15,  1835. 

200.  Mary  Jane,  b.  1837. 

201.  Sarah,  b.  Aug.  22,  1839. 

202.  Hattie  Gregg  )      .       , 

tt  *      T7       •    (  twins,  b.  Apr.  21,  1849. 

203.  Hetty  Fannie)  ^  y 

Oliver  Brown  (129),  son  of  Humphrey  (103)  and  Hannah  (Dodge) 

Brown,  b.  Apr.,  1796;  d.  Mar.  18,  1861;  m.  Mary  Walles,  b.  1800;  d. . 

Children : 

204.  Kate  Brown,  b. 

205.  Daniel,  b. ;  m.  Betsey  Hopkins. 

206.  Jonathan,  b. ;  served  in  Civil  War. 

207.  Lydia,  b. ;  m.  (1) Melville;  m.  (2) Gallagher; 

m.  (3)  William  Raikes. 



208.  Humphrey,  b. ;  m.  (1)  Samantha  Roberts;  m.  (2)  Orris 

Brown  (175).  He  was  one  of  the  first  to  respond  to  the  call 
for  men  in  the  Civil  War.  He  was  Coq>oral  in  Co.  I.,  50th 
Regt.  Penn.  Vols.,  and  participated  in  the  following  en- 
gagements: Bull  Run,  Chantilly,  South  Mountain,  An- 
tietam,  Fredericksburg,  Vicksburg,  and  Jackson.  He  was 
wounded  Sept.  30,  1S64,  taken  prisoner,  and  confined  in 
Libby  Prison,  where  his  leg  was  amputated  by  a  Confed- 
erate surgeon.  He  was  finally  exchanged  and  sent  to  the 
hospital  at  Philadelphia,  where  he  was  honorably  dis- 
charged. He  died  at  the  age  of  seventy-nine  years.  Five 
brothers  served  in  the  Civil  War  with  him. 

209.  Harry,  b. ;  served  in  Civil  War. 

210.  Hiram,  b. ;  served  in  Civil  War. 

211.  Allen,  b. 

212.  Perry,  b. ;  m.  Olive  Brown;  he  served  in  Civil  War. 

213.  Rebecca,  b. 

William  Dodge  Brown  (130),  son  of  Humphrey  (103)  and  Hannah 
(Dodge)  Brown,  b.  Feb.  13,  1797;  d.  Mar.  20,  1852;  m.  Clarissa  Maxfield, 
b.  1789;  d.  Nov.  20,  1849. 

Children : 

214.  Edward  Brown,  b. 

215.  Ellen  L.,  b.  June  22,  1825;  m.  James  Ammerman  (224-233). 

216.  Joseph,  b. 

217.  John,  b. 

218.  Alpheus,  b. 

219.  Mary,  b. 

220.  Orris,  b. 

221.  Jenkins,  b. 

222.  Hannah,  b. 

223.  Searle,  b. ;  served  in  Civil  War,  Co.  I,  6th  Regt.  Penn. 


Ellen  L.  Brown  (215),  dau.  of  William  Dodge  (130)  and  Clarissa 
(Maxfield)  Brown  [Humphrey  (103),  Thomas  (47)],  b.  June  22,  1825; 
d.  Mar.  9, 1904;  m.  James  Ammerman,  b.  Nov.  3,  1821;  d.  July  9,  1881. 


224.  Rosalie  Ammerman,  b.  Oct.  8,  1844;  m.  Henry  Allen  Brown 

(378).   [See  788-796.] 



225.  Martha  Jane,  b.  Aug.  1,  1846;  d.  May  26,  1909;  m.,  Jan.  18, 

1867,  James  Vaughn. 

226.  Clara  E.,  b.  Nov.  25,  1848;  m.,  July  18,  1874,  Alfred  Worden. 

227.  Harriet  O.,  b.  Sept.   11,   1850;  m.,  June   16,   1877,  Davis 


228.  Elizabeth,  b.  Apr.  13,  1851;  m.,  Nov.  8,  1871,  Wilber  Magee. 

229.  Elnora  V.,  b.  Oct.   13,  1854;  m.,  Aug.   23,  1873,  Clarence 


230.  Mary  M.,  b.  Oct.  26,  1856;  m.,  Dec.  10,  1881,  Daniel  Haw- 


231.  Ellen  L.,  b.  May  16,  1859;  m.,  Jan.  16,  1889,  Richard  Horton. 

232.  Rebecca,  b.  May  24,  1861;  m.,  Oct.  20,  1878,  Henry  Goulden. 

233.  Chester,  b.  May  3,  1864;  d.  June  4,  1885. 

Sarah  Brown  (132),  dau.  of  Humphrey  (103)  and  Hannah  (Dodge) 
Brown,  b.  Apr.  2,  1802;  d.  1879;  m.  Elisha  Whitney,  M.D.  He  was  a 
graduate  of  Hamilton  College,  and  practised  medicine  in  Browntown, 
Penn.,  where  he  d.,  Jan.  18,  1847. 


234.  Ellen  Whitney,  b.  1823;  m.  Daniel  Coolbaugh  (527-529). 

235.  Darwin,  b.  1825;  m.  Laura  Bixby  (530-535). 

236.  James  Monroe,  b.  Mar.  31,  1822;  d.,  Nevada,  la.,  Oct.  21, 

1869;  m.,  Feb.  27,  1849,  Edith  (Fawkes)  Woodfield,  widow 
of  James  Woodfield,  b.,  England,  Feb.  14,  1819;  d.,  To- 
wanda,  Penn.,  Jan.  16,  1882.  Children:  (1)  Ellen  Rozette, 
b.  Nov.  23,  1850,  d.  Aug.  10,  1851;  (2)  Emily  Elizabeth, 
b.,  Browntown,  Sept.  14,  1852,  d.  Feb.  29,  1854;  (3)  Anna 
Winona,  b.  June  12,  1856;  m.,  June  11,  1905,  John  Cicero 
Cleveland,  b.  Orwell,  Penn.,  1847;  live  on  farm  near 
Towanda,  Penn.;  (4)  Luther  Daniel,  b.  Nov.  24,  1858, 
d.  May  30,  1884,  graduate  of  Susquehanna  Collegiate 
Institute,  Towanda;  (5)  Adaline  Edith,  b.  June  16,  1862, 
d.  Dec.  7,  1893;  m.,  Nov.  29,  1888,  Benjamin  H.  Pettes, 
of  Neath,  Penn.,  who  is  now  practising  law  in  Pittsburgh, 
Penn.  # 

237.  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Mar.   19,   1833;  d.  Oct.   19,   1889;  m., 

1858,  Jesse  Allen,  of  Wysox,  Penn.,  b.  Oct.  7,  1819;  d. 
Aug.  2, 1866.  Children:  (1)  Jesse  Whitney  Allen,  b.,  Wysox, 
July  31,  1859;  (2)  Jennie  M.,  b.  Apr.  5,  1861,  d.  June  4, 
1862;  (3)  Emily  S.,  b.  Dec.  22,  1863,  d.  Apr.  30,  1877;  (4) 
Anna  M.,  b.  Jan.  11,  1866.    Res.,  Wysox,  Penn. 



238.  Sally,  b. ;  m.  Lyman  Morgan,  of  Wysox. 

239.  Elisha,  b.  1S26;  d.  1S60;  m.  Cornelia  Rugg.    Children:  (1) 

Frederick;  (2)  Mary;  (3)  Ellen. 

240.  Esther,  b. ;  m.  Harrison  Lamb  (558-566). 

241.  Ebenezer,  b. ;  m.  Adeline  Blaisdale.    Children:  (1)  Lola 

LaVanchie,  b.  ,  m. Cook;  (2)  Victor  Emil;  res., 

Rochester,   N.  Y.;     (3)    Edith,   m.     Franklin;    res., 

Towanda,  Penn. 

242.  Joseph,  b.  1844;  m.,  1870,  Priscilla  Straw;  res.,  Nevada,  la. 

Dau.:  Clara  Louise,  b.  1872,  m.  Dr.  S.  F.  Barnhart;  res., 
Battle  Creek,  Mich.  They  have  one  son,  Irving  Whitney 
Barnhart,  b.  Feb.  1,  1900. 

Abigail  Brown  (133),  dau.  of  Humphrey  (103)  and  Hannah  (Dodge) 
Brown,  b.  May  25,  1805;  d.  Mar.  1,  1875;  m.  John  Bird,  of  New  Jersey, 
b.  1793;  d.  Aug.  8,  1867;  lived  in  Wyalusing,  Penn. 


243.  J.  Humphrey  Bird,  b.  Mar.  4,  1827;  served  in  Penn.  Regt., 

Civil  War;  m.  Lucinda  Bunnell  (567-574). 

244.  D.  Richard,  b.  Aug.  4,  1830.    Enlisted  from  Wyoming  Co., 

Sept.  16,  1862,  Co.  B,  52d  Regt.  Penn.  Vols.;  discharged 
on  surgeon's  certificate  Oct.  30,  1S62. 

245.  Eliza  Jane,  b.  Mar.  28,  1S34;  m.  Jacob  Moyer  (575-579). 

Joseph  Hornet,  b. 

Abram,  b.  Mar.  4,  1838;  served  in  Penn.  Regt.,  Civil  War. 
Sarah,  b.  Jan.  7,  1S39;  m.  Barton  Bunnell  (606-615). 
John,  Jr.,  b.  Aug.  16,  1844;  m.  Nora  Hoover.    Child:  Rose- 

Mason  Brown  (135),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Browntown,  Penn., 
Mar.,  1809;  d.  Jan.  4,  18S2;  m.,  1831-32,  Harriet  Harmon,  of  Duncan- 
non,  Penn.,  b.  Oct.  22,  1814;  d.  Mar.  18,  1899. 

Children : 

250.  Rachel  Charlotta  Brown,  b.  Aug.  19,  1833;  m.  (1)  Lorenzo 

Allen;  m.  (2)  Hugh  Dougherty;  m.  (3) Wilson;  m. 

(4)  -      -  Smith  (616-623). 

251.  David,  b.  Dec,  1835;  d.  Oct.  2S,  1902;  m.  Sarah  Woodfield, 

b.  Aug.  8,  1845;  dau.  of  James  Woodfield  (624-630). 

252.  Clark  Mason,  b.,  Browntown,  May  14,  1S38;  m.,  Dec.    2, 

i860,  Jane  Woodfield  (631-639). 



253.  Eliza,  b.,  Browntown,  June  14,  1840;  d.  Jan.  27,  1880;  m. 

Charles  Stevens. 

254.  James  K.  Polk,  b.,  Browntown,  Oct.  28,  1844;  d.  Jan.  21, 


255.  Hannah,  b.  Jan.  17,  1846;  m.  (1)  Treat  Bosworth  Camp;  m. 

(2)  ■ (648-650). 

256.  Eliphalet,  b.  Aug.  26,  1848;  d.  1851. 

257.  William  B.,  b.  Mar.  16,  1851;  d.  Mar.  29,  1913;  m.  Mary 

Allis  Dwell  (651-654). 

258.  Sarah  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  26,  1853;  d.  Mar.  25,  1868. 

259.  Emma  Abigail,  b.  Feb.  16,  1857;  m.  George  Jackson,  b.  May 

12,  1849;  d.  Nov.  14,  1913  (655-660). 

260.  Harriet  Jane,  b.  Jan.  1,  1861;  m.  (1)  Arthur  Hollenbeck,  b. 

Aug.   19,   1864;  d.  July  4,   191°;  m.   (2),   1913,  John  J. 

Jesse  Brown  (13S),  son  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary  (Wigton)  Brown, 
son  of  Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway)  Brown,  b.,  Browntown, 
Penn.,  Apr.  25,  1797;  d.,  Sheshequin,  Penn.,  Nov.  21,  1882;  m.  (1),  about 
1822,  Maria  Fish,  b.  1798;  d.  July  16, 1847;  m.  (2),  Feb.  27,  1849,  Sophia 
Wells  Ackley,  d.  Jan.  20,  1885;  dau.  of  Guy  Wells. 

Children,  by  first  m.: 

261.  Ethlin  A.  Brown,  b.,  Sheshequin,  June  28,  1823;  m.  Elijah 

Parsons  (661-666). 

262.  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.,   Sheshequin,  July   27,   1828;  d.  about 

1861;  m.  Levi  Wells. 

Ira  Brown  (139),  son  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary  (Wigton)  Brown,  b., 
Browntown,  Penn.,  Feb.  16,  1799;  d.  Feb.  14,  1883;  m.,  Jan.  6,  1825, 
Nancy  King,  b.,  Covert,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  19,  1805;  d.,  Towanda,  Penn.,  Jan. 
20,  1884;  dau.  of  Jeremiah  King. 


263.  Daniel   King   Brown,   b.,   Browntown,   Feb.    24,    1826;    m. 

Mehitable  Stalford  (667-669). 

264.  J.  Morgan,  b.,  Browntown,  Apr.  2,  1830;  m.  (1)  Sarah  Jen- 

nings; m.  (2)  Helen  Allen;  m.  (3)  Mary  B.  Beers  (670-674). 

265.  Sarah  Adaline,  b.,  Browntown,  Jan.  26,  1838;  m.  Adolph  H. 

Kingsbury  (675-679). 

Cynthia  Brown  (141),  dau.  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary  (Wigton) 
Brown,  b.  Feb.  20,  1803;  d.  Jan.  11,  1894;  m.  (1),  Oct.  10,  1822,  Warren 
Lung;  m.  (2)  Simeon  Boles. 



Children,  by  first  m.: 

266.  George  Washington  Lung,  b.,  Rush,  Penn.,  May  14,  1S24; 

m.  Abigail  Shove  (683-685). 

267.  Mary,  b.,  Rush,  Jan.  22,  1829;  d.  Dec.  25,  183S. 

268.  Henry,  b.  June  11,  1830;  d.  June  7,  1857. 

269.  Evaline,  b.,  Rush,  Nov.  13,  1833;  m.  Elisha  Horton  (686- 


270.  Jesse  Brown,  b.,  Rush.  June  5,  1837;  d.  Feb.  8,  1907;  m. 

Mary  E.  Crans.  Children:  (1)  Mary  Ella;  (2)  Eva  Etta; 
(3)  Charles  Augustus,  b.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  2,  1874. 
Res.,  152  Midwood  St.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

271.  Charles  Warren,  b.,  Rush,  Nov.  13,  1839;  m.  (1)  Ellen  Frear; 

m.  (2)  Ruth  Frear  (690-693). 

272.  Elenora,  b.,  Rush,  Feb.  26,  1844;  m.  J.  H.  Bevens  (694-697). 

Sibyl  Brown  (142),  dau.  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary  (Wigton)  Brown, 
b.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  May  10,  1805;  d.,  Towanda,  Penn.,  Oct.  5,  1886; 
in.  Jared  D.  Goodenough,  b.,  Barre,  Mass.,  Mar.  17,  1792;  d.,  Mansfield, 
Penn.,  Jan.,  1874.   They  lived  in  Towanda,  Penn. 


273.  Emeline  Goodenough,  b.,  Towanda,  Aug.  6,  1828;  d.  Aug.  18, 

i860;  m.,  Aug.  5,  1852,  Isaac  Lameraux.  Children:  (1) 
Clara  L.,  b.  Dec.  3,  1853,  d.  Apr.  30,  1868;  (2)  Charles  H., 
b.  Sept.  17,  1855,  d.  Dec,  1855;  (3)  Edward,  b.  Dec.  8, 
1856,  d.  1 901. 

274.  Charles  M.,  b.  June  6,  1830;  d.  1895.    He  was  in  United 

States  Navy,  and  while  there  he  fell  from  topmast  in  storm, 
and  suffered  the  loss  of  both  legs.  Lived  in  Naval  Home, 
New  York. 

275.  Henry  B.,  b.,  New  Milford,  Penn.,  Nov.  6,  1832;  d.  Sept.  31, 

1855.  He  worked  in  the  Government  Printing-office,  in 
Washington,  D.  C. 

276.  Noble  B.,  b.  July  10,  1834;  d.  Mar.  12,  1837. 

277.  Frederick  M.,  b.,  Towanda,  Oct.  21,  1839;  d.  May  15,  1841. 

278.  Orrin  D.,  b.,  Towanda,  Feb.  22,  1841;  d.  1909;  m.,  June  24, 

1864,  Alice  Kingsbury,  b.  Nov.  12,  1844;  d.  June  14,  191 1. 
He  was  a  printer  and  publisher,  was  editor  of  several  news- 
papers, founded  the  Mansfield  (Penn.)  Advertiser,  and  later 
the  Towanda  (Penn.)  Review. 


^UH      *"v 

Ira  Brown  (139) 



Daniel  Warren  Brown  (147) 


279.  Ida  Gertrude,  b.,  Towanda,  Jan.  17,  1845;  m.,  Apr.  9,  1872, 

Arthur  W.  Peterson,  of  Weymouth,  Mass.  Res.,  27  Grafton 
Ave.,  East  Milton,  Mass.  Children:  (1)  Mary  Louise,  b., 
Weymouth,  Sept.  16,  1873,  m.,  Oct.  8,  1903,  Charles  For- 
rest Sanborn,  b.,  Cambridge,  Mass.,  Nov.  12,  1859;  son  of 
James  Forrest  "Sanborn,  b.  Boston.  Charles  Forrest  San- 
born is  bank  teller  of  Boston  Safe  Deposit  and  Trust  Com- 
pany. Res.,  Sharon,  Mass.  Their  children:  (a)  Forrest,  b., 
Hudson,  Mass.,  Jan.  16,  1905;  (b)  Eleanor,  b.,  Sharon, 
Mass.,  Apr.  4,  1908.  (2)  Carrie  Downing,  b.  Dec.  6,  1874, 
m.,  June,  18 — ,  John  Jacob  Hammers,  a  druggist  in  East 
Milton,  Mass.  Their  son:  John  Martin,  b.  Mar.  10,  1912. 
(3)  Henry  Martin,  b.  Feb.  28,  1877.  (4)  Freddie  Seymour, 
b.  Mar.  n,  1879,  d.,  Douglas,  Mass.,  Nov.,  1882.  (5)  Alice 
Sibyl,  b.  June  16,  1881,  m.,  Feb.,  1905,  Harry  Kerwin  Pol- 
lard, b.,  Gloucester,  England,  Dec.  20,  1876.  Their  son: 
Dareen,  b.,  Hartford,  Conn.,  June  28,  1909.  (6)  Hassie 
Keith,  b.  Dec.  12,  1885. 

Charles  R.  Brown  (143),  son  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary  (Wigton) 
Brown,  b.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  Sept.  n,  1806;  d.,  Nichols,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  31, 
1886;  m.  Tama  Betts,  b.,  Greene,  N.  Y.,  May  n,  1810;  d.  Aug.  25,  1885. 
They  lived  in  Pike,  Penn.—  had  a  farm  and  mills  there;  afterward  lived 
in  North  Towanda,  Penn.;  then  at  Nichols,  N.  Y. 


280.  Dr.  Jared  Downing  Brown,  b.,  Towanda,  Penn.,  Apr.  22, 

1831;  d.,  Orville,  Cal.,  Jan.  5,  1857,  of  poisoned  wound  — 
produced  while  doing  a  surgical  operation;  m.,  Apr.,  185 1, 
Maria  Louise  Keen,  of  New  York  City.  Children:  (1)  Will- 
iam V.,  b.,  Dover,  N.  J.,  Jan.  5,  1842;  (2)  Josephine  K., 
b.,  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  June,  1853;  m.  Toby  Hughes;  (3) 
Louise  Downing,  b.,  on  steamship  in  mid-ocean,  Jan.,  1857; 
m.  Geo.  Conkling  in  San  Francisco. 

281.  Amelia  A.,  b.,  Towanda,  Sept.  30,  1833;  m.  Eben  Dunham 


282.  Maria,  b.  Apr.  14,  1839;  d.  Feb.  n,  1841. 

283.  Mary  D.,  b.,  Wysox,  Penn.,  Sept.  20,  1843;  m.,  Dec.  17,  1862, 

J.  H.  Johnson,  of  Leraysville,  Penn.  He  is  a  merchant  and 
furniture  manufacturer.  Children:  (1)  Charles  D.,  b.  May 
19,  1865;  (2)  William  B.,  b.  Dec.  13,  1866;  (3)  Fred  B.,  b. 
Nov.  19,  1869;  (4)  Mary  Amelia,  b.  May  7,  1877. 



284.  Dr.  Fred  W.,  b.,  Pike,  Perm.,  Apr.  17,  1847;  d.,  Pueblo,  Col.; 

m.,  May  10,  1876,  Juniatta  H.  Lacey,  d.,  Athens,  Perm., 
June  24,  ign.  He  was  a  graduate  of  the  Medical  Depart- 
ment of  the  University  of  New  York,  and  practised  his 
profession  at  Athens  several  years,  then  removing  to 
Pueblo,  Col.,  where  he  practised  until  his  death.  Children: 
(1)  Fred  D.,  b.,  Athens,  Nov.  23,  1877;  (2)  Henry  V.,  b., 
Athens,  Nov.  15,  1882. 

285.  Henry  V.,  b.  Mar.  19,  1853;  m.,  New  York  City,  July  12, 

1874,  Julia  A.  Stickney.   He  is  a  farmer. 

Amelia  A.  Brown  (281),  dau.  of  Charles  R.  (143)  and  Tama  (Betts) 
Brown,  b.,  Towanda,  Penn.,  Sept.  30,  1833;  d.  Nichols,  N.  Y. ;  m., 
Pike,  Penn.,  May  27,,  1855,  Eben  Dunham,  of  Nichols,  who  d.  at  Nichols. 

Children : 

286.  Louise  Delphine  Dunham,  b.,  Nichols,  June  26,  1856;  m., 

Nichols,  Mar.  29,  1882,  Leon  O.  Wiswell.  He  was  presi- 
dent of  the  Board  of  Regents  of  Schools  of  State  of  New 
York.  Children:  (1)  Amelia  Louise,  b.,  Nichols,  Apr.  26-, 
1883;  (2)  Elvira,  b.  June  23,  1S84.    Res.,  Albany,  N.  Y. 

287.  Charles  Downing,  b.  Apr.  19,  1861;  d.  Feb.  20,  1862. 

288.  William  Brown,  b.  June  26,  1864;  d.,  Nichols,  Oct.  21,  1880. 

Elizabeth  Brown  (144),  dau.  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary  (Wigton) 
Brown,  b.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  Sept.  4,  1808;  d.  Dec.  30,  1848;  m.,  Sept. 
1,  1833,  James  Butler;  he  m.  (2),  Sept.  3,  1849,  Ann  King,  dau.  of  Jere- 
miah King. 

Children : 

289.  Nancy  Ann  Butler,  b.,  Browntown,  Nov.  18,  1834;  m.  James 

Lacey  (698-702). 

290.  Ellicott,  b.  Mar.  8,  1836;  m.  Elsie  M.  Keeney  (720,  721). 

291.  Daniel  Warren,  b.  June  20,  1841;  d.,  in  United  States  Army, 

about  1864. 

292.  Mary,  b.  Apr.  9,  1845;  m.  (1)  Jasper  Keeney;  m.  (2)  Clark  B. 

Brown  (722-724). 

William  Hamilton  Brown  (145),  son  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary  (Wig- 
ton)  Brown,  son  of  Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway)  Brown,  b., 
Browntown,  Penn.,  July  4,  1810;  d.  Aug.  3,  1889;  m.,  Mar.  17,  1836, 
Julia  Ann  Johnson,  b. ;  d.,  Kansas,  Nov.  4,  1908. 



Children : 

293.  Chauncy  M.  Brown,  b.,  Indian  Hill,  Penn.,  Feb.  19,  1837; 

d.,  of  smallpox,  Apr.  29,  1856;  buried  on  the  farm  at 
Indian  Hill. 

294.  Hanna  Maria,  b.  Oct.  n,  1838;  m.  Sellen  Ackley,  who  d.  July 


295.  Roswell  J.,  b.  Aug.  2,  1840;  d.  Nov.  5,  1845. 

296.  William  Leslie,  b.  Mar.  24,  1S43.     Enlisted  at  Laceyville, 

Penn.,  Nov.,  1861,  for  two  years,  in  Co.  K,  106th  Regt. 
Penn.  Vols.;  was  promoted  to  Corporal,  Jan.  1,  1863,  and 
to  1  st  Sergeant,  Dec.  29,  1863.  After  enlisting  he  went 
first  to  Canton,  Penn.,  where  he  took  train  for  the  3d 
Brigade  Observation  Camp,  near  the  Monocacy,  Md.  He 
soon  went  with  his  company  to  the  front  in  Virginia  and 
participated  in  several  battles.  At  the  end  of  his  service 
for  two  years,  he  re-enlisted.  After  several  severe  battles 
his  company  was  so  reduced  that  they  consolidated  with 
107th  Regt.,  June  22,  1864.  His  brother  says:  "While  his 
Company  were  guarding  Welden  R.R.,  they  were  attacked 
by  a  superior  force  of  the  enemy,  and  after  a  desperate 
struggle  were  overpowered  and  taken  prisoners.  [The 
army  record  states  he  was  captured  at  Petersburg.]  He 
was  first  confined  in  Libby  Prison,  and  after  several 
months  he  was  taken  to  Andersonville  Prison,  and  later 
was  removed  to  Florence,  S.  C,  and  while  there  died  of 
typhoid  fever.  Several  years  after  the  war  was  over  a  Mr. 
Crum,  of  Elmira,  N.  Y.,  who  was  in  prison  with  him,  and 
who  lived  to  return  home,  located  his  father's  family,  and 
told  them  that  when  Leslie  was  captured  he  had  four 
hundred  dollars  in  greenbacks,  which  he  sewed  in  the 
lining  of  his  cap  before  he  was  searched.  While  he  was  in 
the  prison,  he  lent  all  of  this  money  to  fellow  prisoners 
•and  took  their  notes  for  it,  and  before  his  death  gave  them 
to  Mr.  Crum  to  take  home  to  his  parents." 

297.  Emeline,  b.  Feb.  22,  1845;  d.  Sept.  1,  1847. 

298.  Henry  Irvin,  b.  Jan.  27,  1847;  m.  Harriet  Wilcox  (725-732). 

299.  Daniel,  b.  Jan.  11,  1849;  m.  Adeline  Allen. 

300.  Emeline  K.,  b.  Oct.  2,  1850;  m.,  June  29,  1868,  William  H. 

Vaughn,  b.,  Saratoga,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  2,  1843.  He  moved  to 
Mehoopany,  Penn.,  1861;  enlisted  in  Co.  B,  52d  Penn. 
Infantry;  was  promoted  to  Corporal,  1862;  to  Sergeant, 



1863;  re-enlisted  and. was  promoted  to  1st  Sergeant;  dis- 
charged July  14,  1865.  Children:  (1)  Henry  P.,  b.  Aug. 
30,  1869;  res.,  Burlingame,  Kan;  (2)  Mary  B.,  b.  Dec.  18, 
1871;  res.,  Burlingame,  Kan.;  (3)  John  W.,  b.  Aug.  30, 
1873;  res.,  same  as  preceding;  (4)  Lizzie  J.,  b.  Jan.  27, 
1877;  res.,  Sully,  la.;  (5)  Nellie  P.,  b.  July  30,  1880;  res., 
Prague,  Okla. 

301.  Caroline,  b.  Feb.   16,  1853;  m.,  Pine  Valley,  N.  Y.,  John 


Nelson  P.  Brown  (146), son  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary(  Wigton)  Brown, 
b.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  May  5,  181 2;  d.  Jan.  16,  1897;  m.,  Oxford,  N.  Y., 
Jan.  4,  1835,  Clarissa  Snook,  who  d.  Jan.  1,  1888.  He  was  a  carpenter 
and  builder,  and  lived  in  Towanda,  Penn. 


302.  Oscar  Harrison  Brown,  b.,  Towanda,  Oct.  3, 1835 ;  d.,  Tenally- 

town,  D.  C,  Sept.  1,  1861,  of  pneumonia,  while  in  camp. 
He  enlisted  in  Co.  I,  35th  Regt.  Penn.  Vols.,  Apr.  22,  1861, 
for  three  years. 

303.  Charles  Edgar,  b.  Sept.  27,  1S37. 

304.  Emily,  b.  Sept.  27,  1S39;  d.  Dec.   18,  1886;  m.,  Mar.   13, 

1861,  John  H.  Orcutt.  He  is  a  Justice  of  the  Peace  in 
Towanda,  and  has  held  this  office  for  many  years.  Dau. : 

305.  Dr.  William  Henry,  b.  Aug.  26,  1S42;  d.  Feb.  27,  1913;  m. 

(1)  Anna  Manville;  m.  (2)  Alice  Doty;  m.  (3)  Anna  Kinner 


306.  Newell  P.,  b.  July  12,  1S43;  d.,  Utica,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  22,  1909; 

m.,  Wyalusing,  Penn.,  Oct.  20,  186S,  Miranda  Ackley. 
Children:  (1)  Millie;  (2)  Clara;  (3)  Edith. 

307.  Cornelia  Winslow,  b.,  Towanda,  Nov.  9,  1845;  m.  Robert  F. 

Sulzer  (736-743). 

308.  Frederick  Justin,  b.  Oct.  6,  1S48;  m.  (1),  Jan.  10,  1877,  Cora 

Augusta  Jones;  m.  (2)  Clara  M.  Garnant.     Children,  by 

first  m.:  (1)  George  L.;  (2)  Addie  F.,  m. Jackson;  (3) 

Frederick  M.;  (4)  Cora  A.,  m. Holmquest;  (5)  EdithL.; 

(6)  Earl  J. 

309.  Frank,  b.,  Towanda,  May  16,  1851;  m.,  Sept.  2,  1880,  Flor- 

ence Garnant.  Dau.:  Sarah  Alice,  m.  Booth.  Chil- 
dren: (1)  Mildred  L.  Booth;  (2)  Oma  F.;  (3)  Clair  G. 

310.  George,  b.,  Towanda,  Feb.  25,  1853;  d.  Mar.  2,  1903. 



Daniel  Warren  Brown  (147),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Browntown, 
Penn.,  July  14,  1814;  d.  Jan.  n,  1898;  m.,  Oct.  26,  1836,  Catharine  Ada- 
line  King,  b.,  Trumansburg,  N.  Y.,  May  27,  1819;  d.,  Browntown,  Apr. 
15,  1877;  dau.  of  Jeremiah  King  and  Sarah  Campbell.  Mrs.  Brown  was 
a  good  Christian  mother,  and  a  member  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal 
Church,  and  was  beloved  by  all  who  knew  her.  Daniel  Warren  Brown, 
when  a  young  man,  worked  with  his  older  brother  Nelson  as  carpenter 
and  joiner  in  Towanda.  After  his  marriage  he  worked  on  the  farm  at 
the  old  homestead  at  Browntown,  and  was  in  mercantile  business, 
lumbering,  and  kept  a  hotel  and  stage-house.  He  was  elected  Justice  of 
the  Peace,  and  held  commission  dated  Feb.  12,  1852.  When  his  father, 
Daniel  Brown,  died,  he  willed  the  farm  and  homestead  to  him,  and  he 
lived  in  the  house  in  which  his  father  and  grandfather  had  lived  until 
his  death. 

Children : 

311.  Mahlon  Mercer  Brown,  b.,  Browntown,  Dec.  28,  1838;  m., 

Ithaca,  N.  Y.,  Martha  Sharp  (744,  745).     ■ 

312.  John  Watson,  b.,  Browntown,  Sept.  9,  1840;  m.,  Mansfield, 

Penn.,  Nov.  25,  1873,  by  Rev.  G.  Chapman  Jones,  Lulu 
Ripley,  b.,  Walworth,  Wris.,  May  20,  1854.  She  attended 
Mansfield  State  Normal  School,  and  taught  in  high  school 
several  years.  J.  Watson,  in  his  younger  days,  was  in  the 
mercantile  business,  studied  medicine  with  his  brother 
Charles  W.,  and  attended  Buffalo  Medical  College  and 
University  of  Pennsylvania,  where  he  graduated  in  1877, 
and  has  practised  his  profession  in  Ithaca,  N.  Y.,  ever  since. 
He  enlisted  in  Co.  A,  N.  Y.  National  Guards  Infantry, 
and  was  on  duty  as  guard  at  Confederate  Prison,  Elmira, 
N.  Y.  Was  assessor  of  Ithaca  three  years,  examining  sur- 
geon Metropolitan  Life  Insurance  Company  twenty  years, 
surgeon  L.  V.  R.  R.  twenty-five  years,  and  coroner  of 
Tompkins  Co.  fifteen  years. 

313.  Theodore  F.,  b.  Sept.  18,  1844;  m.  Matilda  Elizabeth  States 

(746,  747)- 

314.  Dr.  Charles  W.,  b.  Oct.  n,  1846;  m.,  Jan.  1,  1866,  Mary 

Eleanor  Elliott  (748,  749). 

315.  Ella  Viola,  b.  Sept.  25,  1848;  m.  (1)  George  V.  Myer;  m.  (2) 

Dwight  Hall  Bissell  (753-755). 

316.  Fremont  M.,  b.  Feb.  7,  1856;  m.  Ada  M.  Elliott  (756-758). 

317.  Dorsey  Warren,  b.  Nov.  27,  1857;  m.  Lulu  Wentz  (761-763). 



Thomas  Ellicott  Brown  (148),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Jan.  4,  1817; 
d.  June  16,  1873;  m.,  Mar.  1,  1838,  Lois  Lake,  d.  Sept.  8,  1885. 
Children : 

318.  Theodore  E.  Brown,  b.,  Tuscarora,  Penn.,  Aug.  20,  1841;  d. 

July  30,  1842. 

319.  Lois  A.,  b.  July  14,  1843;  d.  Dec.  8,  1845. 

320.  Charles  Gardner,  b.  Aug.  28,  1845;  m.,  May  2,  1883,  Callie 

Ackley,  dau.  of  Damon  Ackley,  of  Spring  Hill,  Penn.  His 
business,  banking,  real  estate,  and  lumbering.  Son :  Thomas 
E.,  b.  Oct.  8,  1884.   Res.,  Wilkes-Barre,  Penn. 

321.  Isadore  L.,  b.  Feb.  14,  1848;  m.,  Dec.  7,  1865,  Preston  J. 

Swan.  Children:  (1)  Lucy  E.,  b.  Dec.  1,  1870;  (2)  Scoville, 
b.  Apr.  28,  1885. 

322.  Hattie,  b.  Mar.  21,  1849;  m.,  Oct.  7,  1878,  John  H.  Lum. 

Children:  (1)  Bessie,  b.  Sept.  20,  1880;  (2)  Louise,  b.  Feb. 
23,  18S4. 

323.  Ettie,  b.  Apr.  27,  1850;  m.  A.  Z.  Lacey.   Children:  (1)  Verdie 

D.,  b.  Mar.  4,  1S73 ;  (2)  Clarence  A.,  b.  Mar.  27,  1874. 

324.  Eva  M.,  b.  Mar.  27,  1853;  d.  Feb.  27,  1874;  m.,  Nov.  19, 

1872,  R.  B.  Swisher. 

325.  Emma  M.,  b.  Sept.  13,  1856;  m.,  June  15,  1879,  F.  H.  Jones. 

Son:  Lee  C,  b.  Sept.  23,  1881. 

Josiah  Marshall,  Jr.  (152),  son  of  Josiah  and  Sibyl  (Brown)  (105) 
Marshall  [Thomas  (47)],  b.  -  -;  m.  Charlotte  Goodwin,  of  Kingston, 

Children : 

326.  Jane  Marshall,  b.  1827;  d.  May  31,  1878;  m.  Abraham  Gore. 



Sibyl,  b.  1830;  d.  1S51. 

Caroline,  b.  1832;  d.  Jan.  22,  1846. 

Emily,  b.  ■ ;  m.  Albert  Botsford. 

Thomas,  b. 

Wallace,  b.  1836;  d.  Jan.  26,  1852. 

Lemuel  (twin),  b.  Nov.  25,  1839;  killed  in  second  battle  of 
Williamsburg,  Civil  War. 
333.    Samuel  G.  (twin),  b.  Nov.  25,  1839;  m.  Sarah  (Bull)  Archer 

(334,  335)- 

Samuel  G.  Marshall  (333),  the  preceding,  b.  Nov.  25,  1839;  m.,  Jan. 
17,  1866,  Sarah  (Bull)  Archer,  b.  Aug.  27, 1840,  widow  of  Simeon  Archer. 




334.  William  B.  Marshall,  b.  Oct.  12,  1866;  d.  June  12,  1867. 

335.  Emily  L.,  b.  Nov.  8,  1867;  m.,  Oct.  17,  1889,  John  Kane,  of 

Ulster,  Penn.  Children:  (1)  Anna,  b.  Mar.  28,  1891;  (2) 
Sarah,  b.  Feb.  4,  1893. 

Elizabeth  Marshall  (154),  dau.  of  Josiah  and  Sibyl  (Brown)  (105) 
Marshall,  b.  1794;  d.  1871;  m.  John  Franklin  Satterlee,  of  Athens,  Penn., 
b.  1788;  d.  Feb.  n,  1856;  son  of  Elisha  Satterlee,  who  was  the  son  of 
Benedict  Satterlee,  of  Groton,  Conn.  He  was  a  Revolutionary  soldier  and 
was  with  Washington  at  Valley  Forge.  In  the  Connecticut  Controversy 
of  Connecticut  and  Pennsylvania,  he  was  next  in  prominence  to  Colonel 
Franklin.   He  was  one  of  the  Connecticut  settlers  in  Pennsylvania. 


336.  Sarah  Jane  Satterlee,  b.  Apr.   28,  1827;  m.  James  Lemon 


337.  John  Franklin,  b.  Apr.  4,  1829;  d.  June  19,  1905;  m.  Elizabeth 


338.  Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  3,  1830;  d.  1894;  m.  J.  A.  Thompson,  M.D., 

Wrightsville,  Penn. 

339.  Lucy,  b.  Mar.  30,  1833;  d.  Apr.  16,  1848. 

340.  Marion,  b.  Aug.  18,  1835;  d.  I9I°;  m-  Wallis  R.  Schuyler, 

Philadelphia,  Penn. 

Sarah  Jane  Satterlee  (336),  the  preceding,  b.  Apr.  28,  1827;  d.  July  2, 
1900;  m.  James  Lemon. 

341.  Lucy  Lemon,  b.  1852;  m.  Charles  Gay,  cashier  in  First  Na- 

tional Bank,  Ithaca,  N.  Y.  Son:  Carl  Warren,  b.  Mar.  14, 
1877;  m.,  Dec.  17,  1906,  Catherine  Andrews,  of  Columbus, 
O.,  b.  June  27,  1880,  in  Galeopolis,  O.  Carl  Warren  Gay 
graduated  from  Cornell  University  in  1899,  and  from  the 
State  College,  Iowa,  1902  (in  Animal  Industry).  He  is 
now  Professor  of  Animal  Industry  in  University  of  Penn- 
sylvania. Son:  Hayward  Andrews,  b.  Feb.  6,  1909.  Res., 
Swarthmore,  Penn. 

342.  Jane  Elizabeth,  b.  i860;  m.  Frederick  Leyford,  of  Waverly, 

N.  Y.  Children:  (1)  Frederick  Eugene,  b.  Jan.  20,  1894; 
(2)  Katherine  Van  Etten,  b.  Aug.  21,  1896. 

343.  Emma  Adelia,  b.  1862;  m.,  Nov.  26,  1886,  Frank  Gordon 

Wolfe,  Mining  and  Civil  Engineer,  Ontario  and  Western 
R.  R.    Children:  (1)  Ruth  Satterlee,  b.  Oct.  5,  1890;  (2) 



Lucy  Gordon,  b.  Nov.  28,  1896.     Res.,  840  Webster  Ave., 
Scranton,  Perm. 

344.  Ellen  Goodell,  b.  1867.   Res.,  Ithaca,  N.  Y. 

345.  James  William,  b.  18 — ;  d.  1905. 

Sarah  Marshall  (155),  dau.  of  Josiah  and  Sibyl  (Brown)  (105)  Mar- 
shall, b.  Aug.  24,  1799;  d.  Oct.  23,  1878;  m.,  Feb.,  1822,  Edmond  Hill,  b. 
Mar.  n,  1798;  d.  July  31,  1856. 

Children : 

346.  Eliza  M.  Hill,  b.  Nov.  29,  1822;  m.  James  Sherwood  (350- 


347.  William  K.,  b.  Jan.  9,  1827;  d.  June  23,  1883;  m.,  Orange  Co., 

N.  Y.,  1856,  Mary  Smith.    Children:  (1)  Ira,  b.  ,  d. 

when  three  years  of  age;  (2)  Charles,  b.  1871;  he  is  a  civil 

348.  Amelia,  b.  Oct.  14,  1837;  d.  Nov.  3,  1837. 

349.  Emily,  b.  Aug.  10,  1839;  d.  July  3,  1908. 

Eliza  M.  Hill  (346),  the  preceding,  b.  Nov.  29,  1822;  d.  Dec.  23,  1894; 
m.,  Apr.  30,  1850,  James  Sherwood. 
'  Children : 

350.  Edmond  Sherwood,  b.   Mar.   n,   1855;  m.,  Sept.   2,   1897, 

Hattie  Mordoff.   He  is  an  attorney  at  law. 

351.  Sarah,  b.  May  6,  1858;  m.,  Sept.  14,  1897,  Rev.  H.  G.  Blair, 

of  the  Methodist  Church.    Dau.:  Louise  Eliza,  b.  Dec.  15, 
1898.   Res.,  Towanda,  Penn. 

352.  Mary,  b.  Aug.  27,  1866;  m.,  June  4,  1891,  Milton  Y.  Smith, 

cashier  in  Second  National  Bank,  Elmira,  N.  Y.   Children: 
(1)  James,  b.  June  2, 1892;  (2)  Le  Grande, b.  Nov.  26,1893. 

Amanda  Segar  (156),  dau.  of  Ebenezer  and  Sibyl  (Brown)  (105)  Segar 
[Thomas  (47)],  b.  1806;  d.  1892;  m.  John  Brink,  b.  1798;  d.  Nov.  23, 
1874;  son  of  Benjamin  Brink,  b.  New  Jersey;  Revolutionary  soldier, 
1780.  John  Brink  came  to  Pennsylvania  from  New  Jersey  and  settled  in 
Sheshequin,  Penn. 

Children : 

353.  Orace  Brink,  b.  Dec.  11,  1832;  m.Percival  Powell  (358-360). 

354.  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  10,  1834. 

355.  Charles  S.,  b.  July  17,  1836;  d.  Jan.  16,  1852. 

356.  Julia,  b.  July  7,  1840;  d.  Dec.  16,  1850. 

357.  John  R.,  b.  Apr.  28,  1845;  d.  Dec.  5,  1910;  m.  Ellen  Horton. 

Son:  Lloyd. 



Orace  Brink  (353),  the  preceding,  b.  Dec.  11,  1832;  d.  Jan.  22,  1911; 
m.,  Nov.,  1858,  Percival  Powell,  b.,  Troy,Penn.,  June  18,  1818;  d.  Mar. 
5,  1885. 


358.  Julia  Powell,  b.  Aug.  14,  1859;  employed  in  Finance  Division, 

Pension  Office,  Washington,  D.  C. 

359.  Helen  M.,  b.  Sept.  7,  1862. 

360.  Orace  Louise,  b.  Dec,  1874.   Res.,  Towanda,  Penn. 

Collins  Marshall  Segar  (159),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  June  25, 
1812;  d.  Oct.  23,  1896;  m.,  1835,  Charlotte  Spalding,  b.  Oct.  4,  1814;  d. 
Jan.  10,  1901;  dau.  of  William  Spalding,  of  Sheshequin,  Penn. 

Children : 

361.  Roderick  Segar,  b.  May  1,  1836;  d.  May  2,  1836. 

362.  Emma,  b.  Apr.  1,  1837;  m.  (1)  Joseph  Kingsbury;  m.  (2) 

William  Simpson. 

363.  Ann  Eliza,  b.  Oct.  n,  1838;  m.  William  K.  Marshall  (370- 


364.  William  H.,  b.  Feb.,  1841;  d.  Apr.  6,  1842. 

365.  Charlotte  M.,  b.  June  9,  1843.  Res.,  107  West  38th  St.,  New 

York  City. 

366.  William  M.,  b.  Oct.  4,  1845;  m.  Melissa  Cleveland.  Children: 

(1)  Clarence;  (2)  William;  (3)  Louis;  (4)  Harriet;  (5)  Leon. 

367.  Ulysses,  b.  Nov.  22,  1848. 

368.  Lawrence,  b.  May  5,  1852;  d.,  New  Orleans,  La.,  1903;  m. 

Carry  Oats,  niece  of  Governor  Oats,  of  Alabama.  Lawrence 
Segar  was  for  many  years  connected  with  the  New  Orleans 
Times-Democrat,  and  is  buried  in  the  Typographical  Vault, 
in  New  Orleans  Cemetery.    Children:  (1)  George  Alfred; 

(2)  Jerome;  (3)  James;  (4)  Marie. 

369.  Charles  F.,  b.  Jan.  16,  1855;  d.  Mar.  22,  1872. 

Ann  Eliza  Segar  (363),  the  preceding,  b.  Oct.  n,  1838;  m.  William  K. 
Marshall.    Res.,  Towanda,  Penn. 
Children : 

370.  George  M.  Marshall,  b.  ;  m.  Alice  Davis,  granddau.  of 

Brigham  Young.  He  is  teaching  in  University  of  Utah. 
Children:  (1)  Margaret;  (2)  Katherine;  (3)  Clair. 

371.  Charles,  b.  ;  m.  Julia  Watson.    Children:  (1)  Marion; 

(2)  Harold. 

372.  Frank,  b.  ;  m.  Mary  Snyder.    Children:  (1)  Harry;  (2) 

Ralph;  (3)  Anna;  (4)  Paul;  (5)  William. 



John  P.  Brown  (162),  son  of  Allen  (108)  and  Polly  (Swingle)  Brown 
[Thomas  (47)],  b.  Sept.,  1802;  d.  July  8,  1874;  m.,  1826,  Urania  Kingsley 
Brown  (176),  b.  1810;  d.  1S95. 

Children : 

373.  Ira  L.  Brown,  b.  Nov.  10,  1831;  d.  Sept.  18,  1892;  m.  Hen- 

rietta Carman  (764-773). 

374.  Lydia  Ann,  b.  May  15,  1835;  d.  Nov.  28,  1892;  m.  Alvin 


375.  Polly  Gertrude,  b.  Feb.  15,  1838;  d.  Sept.  2,  1879;  m.  Stephen 


376.  Nancy  Ophelia,  b.  Apr.  27,  1849;  m.  Edwin  W.  Decker.   Res., 

Athens,  Penn. 

Benjamin  Brown  (163),  son  of  Allen  (108)  and  Polly  (Swingle)  Brown, 
b.  Sept.,  1805;  m.  (1)  Rachel  Birney  Stalford;  m.  (2)  Julia  Segar  (160). 
Children  by  first  m.: 

377.  John  G.  Brown,  b.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  1831;  d.  ;  m. 

(1)  Nancy  Morrow;  m.  (2)  Josephine  Welch  (782-788). 
He  enlisted  in  Co.  1, 141st  Regt.  Penn.  Vols.;  was  promoted 
from  Sergeant  to  2d  Lieutenant,  Dec.  10,  1862;  to  1st 
Lieutenant,  Dec.  5,  1863;  to  Captain,  Jan.  24,  1865; 
wounded,  at  Gettysburg,  July  2,  1863;  mustered  out  with 
company,  May  28,  1865. 

378.  Henry   Allen   Brown,   b.,    Browntown,   Nov.    18,    1833;   m. 

Rosalie  Ammerman  (789-797). 

379.  Clark  Birney,  b.  July  12,  1836;  d.  Mar.  3,  1Q14;  m.,  Dec.  24, 

1872,  Mary  Butler,  widow  of  Jasper  Keeney;  she  was  b. 
Apr.  9,  1845.    [See  723,  724.] 

380.  Benjamin  Mervin,  b.  Aug.  3,  1841 ;  d.  Feb.  28,  191 1 ;  m.,  Nov. 

7,  1873,  Jane  Wells,  d.  May,  1914.    He  enlisted  in  Co.  I, 
35th  Regt.  Penn.  Vols.,  Oct.  22,  1S61,  for  three  years;  re- 
enlisted  in  191st  Regt.,  May  31,  1864. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

381.  Frank,  b.  Nov.  12,  1853;  m.,  Feb.  3,  1874,  Elizabeth  Ann 

Lacey  (698),  b.  Sept.  26,  1853.    [See  703-706.] 

382.  Samuel,  b.  Dec.  27,  1854;  m.,  May  5,  1880,  Wealthy  A.  Mintz, 

b.  July  26,  1865.    [See  126.] 

Lurania  Brown  (166),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  -    — ;  m.  Harry  Birney. 
Children : 

383.  George  Horton  Birney,  b.  -     -;  m.  (1)  Eliza  Morrow;  m.  (2) 



Elizabeth  Bowman.     He  was  in  the  Civil  War,  and  was 
severely  wounded.    Dau.:  Urania,  m.  Burr  Capwell. 

384.  Emeline,  b. ;  m.  Richard  Ely,  M.D.   Children:  (1)  Harry 

Birney;  (2)  Luella,  m.  (1)  George  Smith,  m.  (2) Har- 
mon; (3)  Carrie  Augusta. 

385.  Polly  Jane,  b.  June  1,  1834;  m.  John  S.  Quick  (798-800). 

386.  Hiram  Brown,  b. ;  m.  Adeline  Gregg  (801-804). 

Patience  Brown  (168),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  -  — ;  m.  William 

387.  Henrietta  Passmore,  b. 

388.  Lucy,  b. ;  m.  Miller  Quick  (394-398). 

389.  Charles,  b.  ;  m.  (2)  Smith.    Children:  (1)  George 

Horton;  (2)  Patience;  (3)  Pearl. 

390.  Amanda,  b. ;  m.  Thomas  Arnold.    Children:  (1)  Arthur; 

(2)  Jennie;  (3)  Eva  Bell,  m.  Harry  Heatherby;  (4)  Allen; 
(5)  Harry.    Res.,  Wilkes-Barre,  Penn. 

391.  Douglas,  b. ;  m.  Mila  Mann.    Children:  (1)  William;  (2) 

Edward;    (3)   Allen;    (4)    Bessie,   m.   Louis    Burgess;    (5) 
Frank;    (6)  Sarah. 

392.  John  Brown,  b. ;  m.  Eliza  Kilduff.    Children:  (1)  Millie; 

(2)  Harry. 

393.  Jane,  b.  ;  m.  Henry  Mann.    Children:  (1)  George;  (2) 

William;  (3)  Florence;  (4)  Robert;  (5)  Abigail. 

Lucy  Passmore  (388),  the  preceding,  b. ;  m.  Miller  Quick. 


394.  William  Quick,  b. [     Both  drowned  in  the  Susquehanna 

395.  Joseph,  b. \         River,  while  bathing. 

396.  Lena  D.,  b.  ;  m.  (1)  .Robertson;  m.  (2)  Edward 


397.  Nettie,  b.  ;  m.  Leroy  Ashcraft.     Child:  Ola,  b.   1905, 

d.  Oct.,  1912. 

398.  Thomas,  b. ;  m. Frazier. 

Burton  Brown  (171),  son  of  Charles  (109)  and  Fanny  (Gilbert) 
Brown,  son  of  Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway)  Brown,  b.  July 
29,  1810;  d.  May  26,  1890;  m.,  Apr.  24,  1845,  Eva  Brizzy. 



Children : 

399.  Orris  Brown,  b. ;  m.  Humphrey  Brown.    [See  208.] 

400.  Margaret,  b. 

401.  Olive,  b. ;  m.  Perry  Brown.    [See  212.] 

Orris  Brown  (175),  dau.  of  Charles  (109)  and  Fanny  (Gilbert)  Brown, 

b.  iS — ;  d.  July  2,  1865;  m.  Joseph  Hornet,  b. ;  d.  Feb.  26,  1880,  at 

Monroeton,  Penn.;  son  of  Charles  Hornet,  b.,  in  or  near  Paris,  France, 
1769.  Charles  Hornet  was  steward  in  the  household  of  Louis  XVI,  and 
fled  from  Paris  with  others  about  the  time  the  king  made  his  unfortunate 
attempt  to  escape  from  France.  On  the  same  vessel  with  Mr.  Hornet 
came  Marie  Theresa  Schillinger,  who  was  related  to  Marie  Antoinette, 
and  maid-of-honor  in  the  royal  household,  and  to  whom  he  was  married 
soon  after  their  arrival  in  America.  In  1794  they  went  to  Asylum,  Penn., 
where  the  French  refugees  had  established  themselves,  and  where  ar- 
rangements were  being  made  for  the  reception  of  the  King  and  Queen 
of  France.  Mr.  Hornet  remained  in  America  when  the  refugees  returned  to 
France,  and  became  a  successful  farmer  and  accumulated  a  fortune.  He 
d.,  in  Wysox,  Penn..  in  1S38. 

Children : 

402.  Jewett  G.  Hornet,  b.  -     -;  d.  Dec.  20,  1910;  m.  Sarah  Mal- 

lory,  of  Corning,  N.  Y. 

403.  Marion,  b. ;  m.  Lieut. -Col.  J.  A.  Kress. 

404.  Lydia,  b.- ;  m.  Lieut. -Col.  J.  A.  Kress.   Marion  lived  only 

a  short  time  after  her  marriage,  and  Lieut. -Col.  Kress 
married  her  sister,  Lydia.  He  was  stationed  in  California, 
where  they  both  died.  They  had  ten  children,  and  if  any 
of  them  are  living  they  are  probably  in  California. 

Fannie  Brown  (177),  dau.  of  Jabez  (no)  and  Lydia  (Kingsley)  Brown 
[Thomas  (47)],  b.  Aug.  20,  181 2;  d.  Oct.  29,  1870;  m.,  Feb.  19,  1833, 
George  Christopher  Hill,  b.  Nov.  12,  1808;  d.  June  21,  1888. 


405.  Henry  Randolph  Hill,  b.  Nov.  13,  1833;  d.  Aug.  6,  1907;  m., 

Aug.  10,  1859,  Sallie  Whitehead. 

406.  Jerome  Sherman,  b.  July  21,   1835;  d.  Jan.   n,   1887;  m., 

1864,  Franc  Wolcott. 

407.  Samuel  Riley,  b.  Feb.  27,  1837;  m.,  1858,  Betsey  Emerline 


408.  George  Alanson,  b.  Dec.  30,  1838;  d.  Nov.  18,  1839. 



409.  Lorenzo  Dow,  b.  Nov.  5,  1840;  d.  May  11,  1908;  m.   (1), 

1863,  Emma  Kingsley;  m.  (2),  1904,  Selena  Lezenby. 

410.  John,  b.  Apr.  7,  1843;  d.  Jan.  12,  1881;  m.,  Mar.  11,  1865, 

Fannie  Sherman. 

411.  Benjamin  Franklin,  b.  July  17,  1846;  d.  May  9,  1913;  m., 

Nov.,  1840,  Anna  Green,  d.  Dec.  23,  1912. 

412.  Laura  H.,  b.  July  17,  1849;  m.,  Jan.  17,  1866,  Frank  Peck. 

413.  Orris  Delphine,  b.  Jan.  21,  1851;  m.  Henry  Arthur  Bartlett, 

M.D.  (417-426). 

414.  William,  b.  June  2,  1853;  d.  in  infancy. 

415.  George  Christopher,  b.  Mar.  29,  1855;  d.  May  22,  i860. 

416.  Allen  Brown,  b.  July   19,  1858;  m.,  May   1,   1890,  Jennie 


Orris  Delphine  Hill  (413),  the  preceding,  b.  Jan.  21,  1851;  m.,  July  6, 
1869,  Henry  Arthur  Bartlett,  M.D. 
Children : 

417.  Orrin  Daniel  Bartlett,  b.  Jan.  18,  1871;  m.,  Nov.  17,  1896, 

Elizabeth  Timson. 

418.  Mary  Weston,  b.  Oct.  5, 1873;  m.,  June  12, 1900,  Albert  Swain 

Wilson.  Children:  (1)  Herman  Arthur,  b.  Jan.  1,  1903;  (2) 
Albert  Bartlett,  b.  Feb.  19,  1905;  (3)  Corine  Bartlett,  b. 
Oct.  7,  1908. 

419.  Frank  Walter  Graham,  b.  Oct.  31,  1875;  m.,  Nov.  17,  1901, 

Ernestine  Witherall. 

420.  Henry  Arthur,  b.  Oct.  26,  1877;  m.,  Sept.  16,  1903,  Lelia 

Melissa  Hallock,  b.  June  27,  1879.  Children:  (1)  Henry 
Hallock,  b.  Dec.  2,  1905;  (2)  Henry  Arthur,  Jr.,  b.  Dec.  21, 
1912;  (3)  Orrin  Hill,  b.  Dec.  6,  1913. 

421.  Jane  Scott,  b.  Aug.  19,  1880;  m.,  Apr.  11,  1905,  WTillard  G. 

Talmadge.  Children:  (1)  Willard  Bartlett,  b.  Feb.  19, 
1906;  (2)  Edna  Beryl,  b.  Aug.  3,  1907;  (3)  Madaline,  b. 
July  20,  1909. 

422.  Bessie,  b.  Sept.  19,  1882;  m.,  June  12,  1902,  Walter  Frank 

Rossman.  Children:  (1)  George  Bartlett,  b.  Mar.  18,  1904; 
(2)  June,  b.  Dec.  27,  1909. 

423.  Edward  Macfarlane,  b.  Nov.  14,  1885. 

424.  Norman  Eichelberger,  b.  Apr.   15,  1887;  m.,  July  9,  1910, 

Josephine  Frances  Smith.  Son:  Norman  Edward  Bartlett, 
b.  Jan.  10,  1913. 



425.  Corinna  Eliza,  b.  Mar.  2,  1890;  m.,  May  2,  1910,  Cecil  Tracy 

Stalford.  Dau.:  Orris  Bartlett,  b.  Mar.  27,  191 1. 

426.  Katherine  Beatrice,  b.  Nov.  7,  1892;  d.  Aug.  17,  1895. 

Guy  Brown  (183),  son  of  Benjamin  (112)  and  Jane  (Huyk)  Brown, 
son  of  Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway)  Brown,  b.  May  24,  1811; 
d.  Apr.  9,  1888;  m.  Ruhama  Camel. 

Children : 

427.  George  Brown,  b. 

428.  Daniel,  b. — ;  was  in  Civil  War,  and  wounded  in  his  hip. 

429.  Mary,  b. 

430.  Sophia,  b. ;  d. 

431.  Sophia,  b. ;  m.  John  Johnson.    Son:  Arthur  L.,  b. ; 

m.  Mary  Rockwell;  dau.  of  Dr.  O.  H.  Rockwell,  of  Monroe- 
ton,  Penn.  Arthur  L.  Johnson  is  a  graduate  of  Princeton 
College,  and  is  Superintendent  of  Public  Schools,  Cran- 
ford,  N.  J. 

432.  John  C,  b.  1844;  d.  Feb.  5,  1913;  m.  Eliza  Clark  for  his 

second  wife. 

433.  Scepter,  b. 

434.  Charles,  b. 

435.  Albert,  b. ;  m.  Kate  Van  Auken.    Children:  (1)  Samuel; 

(2)  Mabel.    Res.,  Hornell,  N.  Y. 

436.  Samuel,  b. 

Scepter  Brown  (184),  son  of  Benjamin  (112)  and  Jane  (Huyk)  Brown, 
b.  May  24,  1813;  d.  July,  1900;  m.  Mary  Carpenter. 
Children : 

437.  Dora  Brown,  b.  Oct.  27,  1863;  m.  (1),  1880,  George  Munch; 

m.  (2)  Jesse  Carman.  Children,  by  first  m.:  (1)  George,  b. 
18S1;  (2)  Addie,  b.  1882;  (3)  Mary;  (4)  Ellen,  b.  1886;  (5) 
Charles;  (6)  Sarah;  (7)  Cora;  (8)  Carrie;  (9)  Kate;  (10) 
Martha;  (11)  Robert. 

438.  Samuel  K.,  b.  Apr.  17,  1865;  m.  Carrie  Sutton  (439-446). 

Samuel  K.  Brown   (438),  the  preceding,  m.,  July  24,   1886,  Carrie 

439.  Dora  Brown,  b.  May  11,  1887;  m.,  1903,  George  Kitchen. 

440.  Carrie,  b.  Feb.,  1891;  m.,  Oct.  17,  1906,  Floyd  Masters. 

441.  Mary,  b.  Jan.  16,  1893;  m.,  July  15,  1907,  Charles  Clark. 



442.    Bessie,  b.  Apr.  14,  1895;  m.,  1909,  Charles  Wagner. 

4  3'        y     [  twins,  b.  Sept.  19, 1903. 

444.  Beryl   \ 

445.  Herman,  b.  Jan.  9,  1909;  d.  Sept.  14,  1912. 

446.  Wayne,  b.  Jan.  25,  1910. 

Loyd  Brown  (185),  son  of  Benjamin  (112)  and  Jane  (Huyk)  Brown, 
b.  May  31,  1815;  d.  Feb.  3,  1900;  m.  Minerva  Vaughn. 

447.  Benjamin  Brown,  b. .    Res.,  Olivet,  Mich. 

448.  Miranda,  b. .    Res.,  Le  Sauer,  Mich. 

449.  Wallace,  b. ;  was  in  Civil  War. 

450.  Newton,  b. ;  was  in  Civil  War. 

451.  Collins,  b. -;  was  in  Civil  War. 

452.  Edward,  b. ;  was  in  Civil  War.    Res.,  California. 

453.  Jennie,  b. .    Res.,  Chicago,  111. 

454.  Ella  Dennet,  b. .    Res.,  Hubbard,  Minn. 

455.  Charles,  b. ;  was  in  Civil  War.    Res.,  Cordova,  Minn. 

456.  John,  b. ;  was  in  Civil  War.   Res.,  Waterville,  Minn. 

457.  Eugene,  b. 

Belinda  Brown  (186),  dau.  of  Benjamin  (112)  and  Jane  (Huyk)  Brown, 
b.  Mar.  25,  1817;  d.  Apr.  3,  1903;  m.  John  Terwilliger. 

458.  Morgan  Terwilliger,  b.  June  7,  1836;  m.  ;  was  in  Civil 

War.    Children:  (1)  Nellie;  (2)  William;  (3)  Maggie;  (4) 
Frank;  (5)  Edith;  (6)  Charles. 

459.  Jane,  b.  Oct.  1,  1838;  m.  Henry  Johnson.   Children:  (1)  Eva, 

b.  ,  m. Laplant;  (2)    William,    b.   ;     res., 

Sayre,  Penn.;  (3)  Frances,  b. ;   res.,  Carthage,  N.  Y. 

460.  Malitia,  b.  Apr.  29,  1840;  m.  Charles  Yontz.    Children:  (1) 

John;  (2)  Addison;  (3)  George;  res.,  Colorado;  (4)  Frank; 
(5)  Fred;  (6)  Martin;   res.,  Elmira,  N.  Y. 

461.  John,  b.  Mar.   15,   1845;  m.  Lizzie  Adams.     Children:  (1) 

Archie;  (2)  Jessie,  m. Wilcox;  (3)  Charles;  (4)  Herbert. 

462.  Henry,  b.  Dec.  19,  1847;  d.  Jan.  15,  1863. 

463.  Rachel,  b.  May  18,  1851;  d.  Oct.  23,  1851. 

464.  Charles,  b.  Nov.  2,  1853;  m.  Ella  Goring. 

465.  Frank,  b.  July  24,  1856. 

466.  Nellie,  b.  Feb.  5,  i860;  m.  Manuel  Hansman. 



Ellen  Brown  (187),  dau.  of  Benjamin  (112)  and  Jane  (Huyk)  Brown, 
b.  Jan.  25,  1819;  d.  Oct.  11,  1854;  m.  Harry  Clark. 

467.  John  Murray  Clark,  b.  Oct.  20,  1841;  m.  Mertella  Taylor. 

He  served  in  Civil  War,  until  the  close,  in  Co.  K,  185th 
N.  Y.  Vols.   Res.,  Elmira,  N.  Y. 

468.  Eliphalet  M.,  b.  Jan.  17,  1844;  m.  Rosalie  Chaffee.    He  was 

in  Co.  I,  Heavy  Artillery,  during  Civil  War.   Children:  (1) 
Loren:  (2)  Reese;  (3)  John. 

469.  Barney  M.,  b.  July  22,  1845;  d.  July  8,  1895;  m.,  Oct.  20, 

1868,  Eliza  Vought. 

470.  Lemuel,  b.  Sept.  20,  1849;  m.  Flora  Maynard. 

471.  Ellen,  b.  Apr.  10,  1854;  m.  Oscar  Middaugh,  of  Covington, 


Collins  Brown  (188),  son  of  Benjamin  (112)  and  Jane  (Huyk)  Brown, 
b.  Sept.  1,  1820;  d.  Dec.  19,  1905;  m.  Jane  Austin. 

472.  Edgar  Brown,  b. .    Res.,  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

473.  Allen,  b. 

474.  Arthur,  b. 

475.  Oscar  V.,  b. ;  keeper  of  "Brown's  Point"  Light-Station, 

Tacoma,  Wash. 

Allen  Brown  (189),  son  of  Benjamin  (112)  and  Jane  (Huyk)  Brown, 
b.  Apr.  4,  1825;  d.  Nov.  24,  1901;  m.  (1)  Elmira  Wells;  m.  (2)  Adeline 

Children  by  first  m. : 

476.  Henry  Brown,  b. ;  was  in  Civil  War. 

477.  Mary,  b. ;  m.  William  Cram. 

47S.    Elmira,  b.  — — ;  m.  Dean  Burgess,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  - — ■ — ; 
m.  Josie  Kinner. 

479.  Emma,  b.  Oct.  1,  1857;  d.  Mar.  16.  1897. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

480.  John,  b. 

481.  Delia,  b. ;  m.  Oscar  Campbell.    Children:  (1)  Oscar;  (2) 

Arthur;  (3)  Allen;  (4)  Emma,  b. ,  m.  Foss;  (5) 

Charles;  (6)  Lizzie;  (7)  Dean;  (8)  Marguerite. 

482.  Charles,  b. ;  unm. 

483.  Sherba,  b. ;  m.  Agnes  Stonefield. 



Charles  E.  Brown  (190),  son  of  Benjamin  (112)  and  Jane  (Huyk) 
Brown,  b.  Mar.  20,  1827;  m.  Harriet  Strope. 
Children : 

484.  Benjamin  Brown,  b.  Jan.  14,  1847;  m.  Mattie  Nichols.    He 

served  in  Civil  War,  until  its  close,  in  Co.  K,  185th  Regt. 
N.  Y.  Vols.  He  is  a  retired  merchant.  Res.,  Appleton,  Wis. 

485.  Martin,  b.  Mar.  21,  1S48;  m.  Emma  Saxton  (491-494). 

486.  Abigail,  b.  June,  1850. 

487.  Katheryn,  b.  July  n,  1853;  m.  William  London  (495). 

488.  Frances,  b.  Mar.  19,  1856;  d.  Feb.  23,  1864. 

489.  Charles  M.,  b.  Mar.  2,  1864. 

490.  Hattie,  b.  Oct.  15,  1866;  m.  William  S.  Reynolds  (496-500). 

Martin  Brown  (485),  son  of  Charles  E.  (190)  and  Harriet  (Strope) 
Brown,  b.  Mar.  21,  1848;  m.,  1864,  Emma  Saxton.  He  was  in  the  Civil 
War,  in  Co.  K,  185th  Regt.  N.  Y.  Vols.,  serving  until  the  close  of  the 


491.  Arthur   Charles  Brown,  b.,  Grand  Chute,   Wis.,   Dec.    20, 

1878;  d.  Mar.  9,  1894. 

492.  Bessie,  b.  1880;  m.,  Apr.  23,  1905,  R.  T.  Wheeler. 

^         -twins,  b.  1881;  both  d.  in  infancy. 

494.  May    ) 

Katheryn  Brown  (487),  dau.  of  Charles  E.  (190)  and  Harriet  (Strope) 
Brown,  b.  July  n,  1853;  m.,  Sept.  3,  1874,  William  London,  conductor 
on  Lehigh  Valley  R.  R.    Res.,  Sayre,  Penn. 


495.  Arthur  Charles  London,  b.  Feb.  14,  1879;  d.  Mar.  23,  1900. 

He  graduated  from  Sayre  High  School  and  Warner's  Busi- 
ness College.  He  enlisted  in  the  Spanish  American  War, 
Troop  G,  7th  Regt.  of  Cavalry,  stationed  near  Pinar  del 
Rio,  Cuba;  was  honorably  discharged  Apr.  23,  1899.  On 
Dec.  2,  1899,  he  enlisted  in  1st  Cavalry,  Troop  K,  stationed 
at  Fort  Niobrara,  Neb.  On  Mar.  17,  1900,  he,  with  a  band 
of  soldiers,  was  sent  to  Valentine,  Neb.,  a  mining  town,  to 
quell  a  riot.   He  was  wounded  and  died  six  days  later. 

Hattie  Brown  (490),  dau.  of  Charles  E.  (190)  and  Harriet  (Strope) 
Brown,  b.  Oct.  15,  1866;  m.,  Oct.  17,  1888,  William  S.  Reynolds,  b.  Mar. 
11,  1866.   Res.,  Wysox,  Penn. 



Children : 

496.  Vivian  Beatrice  Reynolds,  b.  Sept.  24,  1889.   She  is  a  teacher 

of  music.  Taught  two  years  in  Wysox,  and  is  now  teaching 
in  the  Dover  (N.  J.)  High  School. 

497.  Winton,  b.  Mar.,  1891;  educated  in  Towanda,  Penn.,  and 

Pennsylvania  State  College;  is  also  graduate  of  Draughton 
College,  Kansas  City,  Mo.,  and  is  employed  by  Mont- 
gomery Ward  &  Company  of  that  city. 

498.  George  Charles,  b.  Feb.  17,  1897;  student  in  Rome  (Penn.) 

High  School. 

499.  Arthur  London,  b.  Nov.  25,  1900;  d.  Jan.  25,  1901. 

500.  Mavis,  b.  Nov.  26,  1901 ;  student. 

Sarah  Brown  (191),  dau.  of  Benjamin  (112)  and  Jane  (Huyk)  Brown, 
b.  Dec.  15,  1829;  d.  Aug.  19,  1911;  m.  Austin  Frost,  of  Covington,  Penn. 
Children : 

501.  Samuel  Frost,  b. 

502.  Alonzo,  b. 

John  Huyk  Brown  (192),  son  of  Benjamin  (112)  and  Jane  (Huyk) 
Brown,  b.  Dec.  30,  1832;  d.  July  16,  1911;  m.  Roxanna  Coleman.  He  was 
in  the  Civil  War,  Co.  I,  51st  Regt.  Penn.  Drafted  Infantry. 

Children : 

503.  Sarah  Brown,  b.  Sept.  20,  i860;  m.  J.  Baxter.    Children:  (1) 

Flossie;  (2)  John,  m.  Hannah  Bidlack;  (3)  Bessie,  m. 
Madison  Stephenson;  (4)  Hattie,  m.  Charles  Bull;  (5) 
Ida,  m.  George  Bidlack. 

504.  Nelson,  b.  Oct.  28,  1866;  d.  Oct.  5,  1869. 

505.  Nellie,  b.  July  18,   1869;  m.  John  Shooks.     Children:  (1) 

George,  m. Shores;  (2)  Raymond;  (3)  Gladys. 

506.  Anna,  b.  Sept.  10,  1S71;  d.  July  25,  1S78. 

507.  Myrtella,  b.  June  3,  1874;  m.  Vincent  Brown.  Child:  Loyd, 


508.  Francis  Brown,  b.  Apr.  3,  1880;  m.  Angie  Kent. 

Hannah  Brown  (194),  dau.  of  Thomas  (128)  and  Esther  (Gregg) 
Brown,  son  of  Humphrey  (103)  and  Hannah  (Dodge)  Brown,  son  of 
Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway)  Brown,  b.  Oct.  14,  1823;  d.  Feb. 
28,  1903;  m.  Samuel  Fisk. 


Children : 




Martha  Fisk,  b.  Dec.  22,  1846;  m.  (1)  Matthias  Oliver;  m. 

(2)  C.  O.  Lynch  (517-520). 
Bradley  W.,  b.  Aug.  5,   1851;  m.  Clara  Sanderson.     Res., 

Seattle,  Wash. 
Samuel  T.,  b.  July  18,  1853;  m.  Hannah  Smith. 
Edwin  J.,  b.  June  20,  1855;  d.,  Boone,  la.,  1900;  m.  Minnie 

Elijah  V.,  b.  June  20,  1857. 
George  L.,  b.  Apr.  5,  1859;  m.  Inez  Gazely.    Res.,  Bay  City, 

Esther,  b.  Apr.  5,  1863;  m.  (1)  John  Meeks;  m.  (2)  James 

Eliza  Ann,  b.  July  4,  1867;  m.  Joseph  Wildrick. 

Martha  Fisk  (509),  the  preceding,  b.  Dec.  22,  1846;  m.  (1)  Matthias 
Oliver;  m.  (2)  C.  O.  Lynch. 
Children,  by  first  m. : 

517.  Mary  Lucretia  Oliver,  b.  May  23,  1873;  m.  William  Gamon. 

Children:  (1)  Cecil  Emerson,  b.  Mar.  6,  1896;  (2)  Eva 
Lucretia,  b.  May  21,  1901;  (3)  Mary  Augusta,  b.  July  15, 

518.  Earl  Jesse,  b.  Feb.  23,  1879;  m.  Katherine  McDowell.     He 

was  in  the  Spanish  American  War,  where  he  lost  an  arm. 
Children:  (1)  James  Cummings,  b.  Dec.  3,  1903;  (2)  Lil- 
lian Elizabeth,  b.  June  25,  1905.   Res.,  Sugar  Run,  Penn. 

519.  Anna  H.,  b.  Feb.  27, ;  m.  Henry  Rogers.    Children:  (1) 

Helen  Gertrude,  b.  May  10,  1903;  (2)  Laura  Marie,  b. 
June  6,  1904;  (3)  Martin  Jacob,  b.  Aug.  9,  1906. 

520.  Myra  M.,  b.  Oct.  6,  1888;  m.  Henry  Steele.    Children:  (1) 

Bradley  Orville,  b.  Oct.  6,  1905;  (2)  John  Henry,  b.  May 
28,  1907;  (3)  Clarence  Edward,  b.  Feb.,  1909;  (4)  Donald 
Ray,  b.  Jan.  9,  1910;  (5)  Walter  Maynard,  b.  June  — , 
1912,  d.  Sept.  25,  1912. 

Edmond  Valentine  Brown  (195),  son  of  Thomas  (128)  and  Esther 

(Gregg)  Brown,  b.  Nov.  29,  1825;  d. ;  m.,  1855-56,  Lucinda  Kinne. 


521.  Jane  Brown,  b.  Mar.  25,  1857;  m.  Francis  Campbell. 

522.  Henry  Kinne,  b.  Mar.  15,  i860;  m.  Rosetta  Gannon. 



Nancy  Catherine  Brown  (196),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Mar.  21, 
1828;  d.  Feb.  24,  1862;  m.  (1)  John  Rudy;  m.  (2)  James  Lutes. 
Children  by  first  m.: 

523.  Sarah  E.  Rudy,  b.  Aug.  18,  1848;  m.  Wesley  Fisk. 

524.  Napoleon,  b.  Sept.,  1850;  d.  1851. 

525.  Deborah,  b.  July  25,  1852. 
Dau.  by  second  m.: 

526.  Henriette  Lutes,  b.  Feb.  19,  1S60. 

Ellen  Whitney  (234),  dau.  of  Elisha  and  Sarah  (Brown)  (132)  Whit- 
ney [Humphrey  (103),  Thomas  (47)],  b.  1828;  d.  1840;  m.  Daniel 
Coolbaugh,  of  Wysox,  Penn.  They  settled  in  Minnesota,  and  the  city  of 
Minneapolis  now  stands  on  what  was  their  farm.  Their  house  was  the 
third  one  built  in  that  vicinity;  it  was  still  standing  in  1900,  and  was 
cared  for  as  one  of  the  old  landmarks  of  the  city. 

Children : 

527.  Marion  Coolbaugh,  b.    1841;  m.   (1)  — ■ —  Biglow;  m.   (2) 

Jones.    Child:  Gerome,  b .    Res.,  Duluth,  Minn. 

528.  Frank,  b.  1843. 

529.  Louise,  b. .   Res.,  Oakland,  Cal. 

Darwin  Whitney  (235),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  1825;  d.  1902;  m., 
Illinois,  1847,  Laura  Bixby.   He  is  a  farmer  near  Winnebago,  111. 

530.  Wilbur  Fisk  Whitney,  b.  June  1,  1848;  m.,  Mar.  1,  1871, 

Lizzie  Barton.  Res.,  Byron,  111.  Children:  (1)  Eddie,  b. 
Mar.  1,  1876,  d.  1877;  (2)  Fred  Armon,  b.  Jan.  18,  1879, 
m.  Latissa  Hinley;  (3)  Laurie  Anne,  b.  Nov.  20,  1881, 
m.,  1902,  John  Cooper:  (4)  Levi  Wilber,  b.  Nov.,  1889, 
m.,  191 1,  Louise  Mix. 

531.  Cleora,  b. 

532.  Mary,  b. 

533.  Emerson  Bixby,  b.,  Seward,  111.,  Apr.  24,  1856;  m.,  Oct.  11, 

1876,  Martha  Bentley,  b.  Jan.  7,  1859  (536-544). 

534.  Sarah   Lucinda,   b.   Apr.   4,    i860;   m.   Herbert  P.   Hobson 


535.  Newton  Elbert,  b.  Oct.  16,  1861;  m.  Elizabeth  Carter  (551— 

Emerson  Bixby  Whitney  (533),  son  of  Darwin  (235)  and  Laura  (Bixby) 
Whitney,  b.,  Seward,  111.,  Apr.  24,  1856;  m.,  1876,  Martha  Bentley,  of 
WTinnebago,  111. 




536.  William  Darwin  Whitney,  b.  July  24,  1877;  m.,  July  2,  1902, 

Julia  Estelle  Cook,  of  Seward. 

537.  Frank  Emerson,  b.  Dec.  14,  1879;  m.,  June  10,  1903,  Efne 

May  Carson,  of  Riceville,  111. 

538.  Mabel  Ida,  b.  Aug.  20,  1881;  m.,  Feb.  5,  1902,  Claud  William 


539.  Artillissa,  b.  Nov.  n,  1882;  d.  June  11,  1897. 

540.  Homer  Elmer,  b.  July  25,  1887.  ■ 

541.  Mary  Elvene,  b.  Aug.  17,  1889.   Res.,  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

542.  Carrie,  b.  Sept.  4,  1892. 

543.  Harrold  Bentley,  b.  Dec.  12,  1895. 

544.  Sarah  Edna,  b.  Aug.  4,  1898. 


Sarah  Lucinda  Whitney  (534),  dau.  of  Darwin  (235)  and  Laura  (Bixby) 
Whitney,  b.  Apr.  4,  i860;  m.,  Nov.  30,  1881,  Herbert  P.  Hobson,  of 
Roswell,  N.  M. 

Children : 

545.  Albert  Louis  Hobson,   b.   Aug.   3,    1884;  m.,    1909,   Daisy 

Spickler,  of  Rockford,  111.    Res.,  Roswell,  N.  M. 

546.  Nellie  B.,  b.  Dec.  22,  1886;  m.,  1906,  Donald  Finley. 

547.  Emory  John,  b.  May,  1888;  m.  Sarah . 

548.  Howard  Darwin,  b.  Aug.  1,  1889;  d.  1906. 

549.  Laura  Alta,  b.  Mar.  16,  1891;  m.  James  Ballard. 

550.  Herbert  P.,  b.  Apr.  11,  1896;  d.  June  7,  1896. 

Newton  Elbert  Whitney  (535),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Dec.  16, 
1861;  m.,  Mar.  3,  1886,  Elizabeth  Carter.   Res.,  Roswell,  N.  M. 
Children : 

551.  Thomas  Elbert  Whitney,  b.  Feb.  18,  1887.    Res.,  Roswell, 

N.  M. 

552.  Ralph  Emerson,  b.  Nov.  8,  1889. 

553.  Ross  Olo,  b.  Sept.  7,  1891.    Res.,  Byron,  111. 

554.  Lois  Adelia,  b.  Aug.  29,  1893. 

555.  Darwin  Milton,  b.  Feb.  6,  1897. 

556.  Emory,  b. 

557.  Ellis,  b. 

Esther  Whitney  (240),  dau.  of  Elisha  and  Sarah  (Brown)  (132)  Whit- 
ney, dau.  of  Humphrey  (103)  and  Hannah  (Dodge)  Brown,  b.  -  — ; 
m.,  about  1846,  Harrison  Lamb. 



Children : 

558.  Louise  Lamb,  b.  1847. 

559.  Laura,  b.  1S48. 

560.  Andrew,  b.  .    Res.,  Omaha,  Neb. 

561.  Elizabeth,  b. ;  is  a  trained  nurse,  and  has  a  private 

sanitarium  near  Towanda,  Penn. 

562.  Mary,  b. ;  is  a  trained  nurse  at  Philadelphia,  Penn. 

563.  Beecher,  b.  — — ;  m.  Myrtle  Bradshaw.    Children:  (1)  Har- 

old, b.  1S91;  (2)  Herbert,  b.  1894;  (3)  Grace,  b.  1896. 
Res.,  Grand  Junction,  la. 

564.  Myrtle,  b.  ■ ;  is  a  trained  nurse  at  Philadelphia. 

565.  Herbert,  b. ;  is  a  farmer  near  Towanda. 

566.  Eugene,  b.  -     — ;  is  an  engineer  at  Boone,  la.    Children:  (1) 

Clyde,  b.  1900;  (2)  Ray;  (3)  Harris;  (4)  Willis. 

J.  Humphrey  Bird  (243),  son  of  John  and  Abigail  (Brown)  (133)  Bird, 
[Humphrey  (103)  Thomas  (47)],  b.  Mar.  4,  1827;  d.  Dec.  27,  1895;  m. 
Lucinda  Bunnell,  b.  Oct.  17,  1826. 

Children : 

567.  James  Bunnell  Bird,  b.  Sept.   10,   1856;  m.,    1881,   Lucina 

Corson.  Children:  (1)  Humphrey  Milton,  b.  Sept.  20, 
1883,  m.,  1908,  Grace  Atwood;  (2)  Lucinda,  b.  Sept.  30, 

568.  Ella  Effie,  b.  Feb.  14,  1858. 

569.  Oscar  Mains  (twin),  b.  May  5,  i860;  d.  June  30,  1890. 

570.  Orrin  Webster  (twin),  b.  May  5,  i860. 

571.  Ida  Louise,  b.  Nov.  23,  1863;  m.  (1),  1890,  Joseph  Krantz, 

b.  Apr.  19,  1861;  d.  May  26,  1908;  she  m.  (2),  1910,  Frank 
Mowry.  Children,  by  first  m.:  (1)  Jeanette  Elizabeth,  b. 
Jan.  20,  1891,  m.,  1911,  Harry  Woodward,  of  Athens, 
Penn.;  (2)  William  Bird,  b.  Oct.  9,  1893. 

572.  William  Blackman,  b.  Oct.  10,  1S66;  m.,  Dec.  5,  1S91,  Myrtle 


573.  Hornet  (twin),  b.  Aug.  22,  1869;  d.  Feb.  28,  1880. 

574.  Edward  (twin),  b.  Aug.  22,  1869. 

Eliza  Jane  Bird  (245),  dau.  of  John  and  Abigail  (Brown)  (133)  Bird, 
b.  Mar.  28,  1834;  m.,  i860,  Jacob  Moyer,  b.,  Bucks  Co.,  Penn.,  Feb., 



Children : 

575.  Josephine  Hannah  Moyer,  b.  June  1,  1861;  m.  Ernest  G. 

Elsasser  (580-589). 

576.  Abigail  Lydia,  b.  Nov.  15,  1862;  m.,  July  17,  1889,  Elmer 

Tiffany,  b.  Jan.  20,  1861.  Children:  (1)  Jennie  Edythia,  b. 
Aug.  21,  1890;  (2)  John  Isaac,  b.  Feb.  19,  1892. 

577.  John  M.,  b.  Feb.  5,  1865;  m.,  Nov.,  1887,  Ella  Kane.     Chil- 

dren: (1)  James  A.,  b.  Jan.  24,  1889;  (2)  Frances  Mary,  b. 
Mar.  19,  1890;  (3)  Carrie  Agnes,  b.  Feb.  13,  1893;  (4) 
John  Morman,  b.  Sept.  11,  1896. 

578.  Amy  Orletta,  b.  Sept.  14,  1866;  m.  H.  C.  Wright  (590-597). 

579.  Emma  Lacey,   b.   Nov.    11,   1869;  m.   Christine  Frederick 

Kuebler  (598-605). 

Josephine  Hannah  Moyer  (575),  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Eliza  Jane  (Bird) 
(245)  Moyer,  b.  June  1,  1861;  m.,  Jan.  13,  1882,  Ernest  G.  Elsasser,  b., 
Wittenberg,  Germany,  June  22,  1855. 


580.  Mabel  Pearl  Elsasser,  b.,  Pennsylvania,  Feb.  12,  1883. 

581.  John  D.,  b.  Apr.  28,  1885;  m.,  Dec.  25,  1908,  Violet 


582.  Lillian  Lucinda  Orletta,  b.  Aug.  26,  1887. 

583.  Karl  Adolph,  b.  Aug.  26,  1891;  d.  June  13,  1892. 

584.  Edna  Vera,  b.  Sept.  13,  1893. 

585.  Herman  Ernest,  b.  May  17,  1895. 

586.  Ina  Josephine,  b.  May  9,  1897. 

587.  Charles  Bertrand,  b.  Nov.  22,  1900. 

588.  Darwin  William,  b.  Aug.  1,  1903. 

589.  Beryl  Imogene,  b.  Oct.  n,  1904. 

Amy  Orletta  Moyer  (578),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Sept.  14,  1866; 
m.,  July  3,  1890,  H.  C.  Wright,  b.  Sept.  8,  1865. 

590.  Denis  D.  Wright,  b.,  Braintrim,  Penn.,  Feb.  23,  1891. 

591.  G.  Fred,  b.  July  31,  1892. 

592.  Harriet  Cornelia,  b.  Mar.  29,  1894. 

593.  Angie  Eleanor,  b.  Sept.  10,  1895. 

594.  Jay  Lewis,  b.  June  23,  1897. 

595.  Edward  Farr,  b.  Aug.  4,  1901. 

596.  Horace  Corbin,  b.  June  21,  1904. 

597.  Francis  Romain,  b.  May  21,  1908. 



Emma  Lacey  Moyer  (579),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Nov.  11,  1869; 
m.,  Dec.  20,  1885,  Christine  Frederick  Kuebler,  b.  Feb.  18,  1885. 

598.  Barbra  Jane  Kuebler,  b.  Nov.  1,  1886;  m.  Robert  Maxwell 

Dinsmore,  b.,  Susquehanna,  Penn.,  Apr.  3,  1881.     Res.. 
Little  Falls,  N.  J. 

599.  Emma  Lydia,  b.  Sept.  5,  1888. 

600.  Christine  Frederick,  Jr.,  b.  Aug.  9,  1889;  d.  Aug.  18,  1S96. 

601.  William  Hedge,  b.  Oct.  28,  1891. 

602.  Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  1,  1895. 

603.  Fredericka,  b.  Oct.  18,  1899;  d.  Jan.  4,  1907. 

604.  Caroline,  b.  Jan.  22,  1901;  d.  July  20,  1906. 

605.  Robert  Frank,  b.  July  26,  1903. 

Sarah  Bird  (284),  dau.  of  John  and  Abigail  (Brown)  (133)  Bird, 
[Humphrey  (103),  Thomas  (47)],  b.  Jan.  7,  1839;  d.  May  30,  1909;  m., 
1 861,  Barton  Bunnell. 

Children : 

606.  Isaac  C.  Bunnell,  b.,  Meshoppen,  Penn.,  Dec.  26,  1862;  m. 

Nettie  Gay.    Children:  (1)  Stuart  D.;  (2)  Charles  Elliott; 
(3)  Virginia. 

607.  John  W.,  b.  Dec.  1,  1864;  m.  Katherine  Gilmartin. 

60S,    Louisa,  b.  Aug.  12,  1866;  m.,  Sept.  28,  1887,  W.  S.  Fassett. 
Children:  (1)  Percy;  (2)  Herbert;  (3)  John. 

609.  Emma  R.,  b.  Dec.  16,  1867;  d.  Nov.  6,  1876. 

610.  Henry  D.,  b.  Apr.  3,  1870;  d.  Mar.  28,  1879. 

611.  Rose  M.,  b.  July  19,  1872. 

612.  Arthur,  b.  Oct.  30,  1874;  m.  Anna  Kirkpatrick.  Res.,  Denver, 


613.  Nancy  Belle,  b.  Nov.  8,  1876. 

614.  Katherine,  b.  Jan.  7,  1879. 

615.  J.  Elliott,  b.  Oct.  12,  1881;  m.,  June  2,  1913,  Eula  Marie 

Epplor.    Res.,  Omaha,  Neb. 

Rachel  Charlotta  Brown  (250),  dau.  of  Mason  (135)  and  Harriet 
(Harmon)  Brown  [Humphrey  (103),  Thomas  (47)],  b.  Aug.  19,  1833; 
d.   1910;  m.  (1)  Lorenzo  Allen,  b.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  July  22,  1824; 

d.  1868;  m.  (2)  Hugh  Dougherty,  b.  -     -;  d.  1882;  m.  (3) Wilson; 

m.  (4)  — —  Smith. 



Children  by  first  m.: 

616.  Clarence  Allen,  b.  July  25,  1855;  d.  June  8,  1898;  m.    Mary 

Dean.    Dau.:  Hazel,  b.  Dec.  20,  1894. 

617.  Lucretia,  b.  Aug.  29,  1858;  m.,  Nov.  28,  1882,  Alfred  Lewis. 

Son:  Thomas  A.,  b.  Aug.  21,  1888. 

618.  Harriet,  b.  Dec.  25,  1859;  m.  Charles  Taylor.    Children:  (1) 

Cecil,  b.  Nov.  19,  1885;  (2)  Floyd,  b.  Mar.  21,  1887. 

619.  George  H.,  b.  Feb.,  1862;  m.,  Sept.  12,  1890,  Cora  McHenry. 

620.  Mary  E.,  b.  Dec.  29,  1864;  m.,  May  12,  1890,  Justin  Gates, 

b.  ;  d.  1896.    Children:  (1)  Edith,  b.  Mar.  14,  1891; 

(2)  Laura  J.,  b.  May  18,  1894. 

621.  Katherine  A.,  b.  Sept.  10,  1867;  m.,  Apr.  14,  1892,  Charles 

Balch.      Children:   (1)   Ira  Allen,  b.  July   16,   1893;   (2) 
Helen  M.,  b.  Jan.  16,  1896. 
Children  by  second  m. : 

622.  Emily  G.  Dougherty,  b.  Jan.  26,  1873. 

623.  William  G.,  b.  June  5,  1875;  m.  Blanche  Ramsay,  b.  May  31, 

1877.   Son.:  William  G.,  Jr.,  b.  July  30,  1903. 

David  Brown  (251),  son  of  Mason  (135)  and  Harriet  (Harmon)  Brown, 
b.  Dec,  1833;  d.  Oct.  28,  1902;  m.,  1862,  Sarah  Woodfield,  b.  Aug.  8, 


624.  Matthias  Brown,  b.  Apr.  1,  1866. 

625.  Martin  Luther,  b.  Apr.  9,  1869;  m.  Eliza  Frutchey.     Son: 

Martin,  Jr. 

626.  Miles  Mason,  b.  Mar.  15,  1872;  m.,  Nov.  26,  1896,  Florence 

Shumway,  of  Wyalusing,  Penn.  Children:  (1)  Elton,  b. 
July  15,  1900;  (2)  Helen  Sarah,  b.  May  13,  1903;  (3)  Law- 
rence William,  b.  July  28,  1904;  (4)  Virginia  Florence,  b. 
Apr.  23, 1907;  (5)  Robert  Miles,  b.  Apr.,  1908.  Miles  Mason 
Brown  is  in  the  lumber  business  in  Elkins,  W.  Va. 

627.  Fred,  b.  Apr.  24,  1875. 

628.  Howard,  b.  Dec.  16,  1878;  d.  June  25,  1879. 

629.  David,  Jr.,  b.  Mar.  19,  1882;  m.,  191 2,  Margaret  Shumway. 

He  is  in  the  lumber  business.    Res.,  Elkins,  W.  Va. 

630.  Thurman,  b.  June  11,  1888;  d.  Mar.  6,  1896. 

Clark  Mason  Brown  (252),  son  of  Mason  (135)  and  Harriet  (Harmon) 
Brown,  b.  May  14,  1838;  d.,  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  28,  1905;  m.,  Dec.  2, 
1859,  Jane  Woodfield,  b.  Jan.  10,  1842.    Res.,  Wyalusing,  Penn. 




631.  Stella  Amanda  Brown,  b.  Mar.  17,  1861;  m.  (1)  Rev.  John 

Nichols;  m.  (2)  Rev.  F.  H.  Chrissman  (640-643). 

632.  Charles  Raymond,  b.   Apr.    19,   1864;  m.,  Aug.    19,   1892, 

Marguerite  Fassett,  b.,  Scottsville,  Penn.,  Sept.  6,  1865. 
He  was  educated  in  Towanda,  Penn.;  is  an  active  member 
of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church;  and  is  prosperous  in 
his  business  as  a  contractor  and  builder,  2025  So.  State  St., 
Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  where  he  resides.  Children:  (1)  Raymond, 
b.  Nov.  8,  1893;  (2)  Alavene,  b.  July  4,  1894. 

633.  Lewis  Dunham,  b.  Apr.  12,  1S66;  m.  (1)  Maud  Rice;  m.  (2) 

Sadie  Barton  (644-647). 

634.  Isabella,  b.  Oct.  10,  1868;  m.  William  Eames.    Children:   (1) 

Jane  Cenith,  b.  June  23,  1904;  (2)  Edmond  Clark,  b. 
Apr.,  1906;  (3)  Clyde  Frederick,  b.  Sept.  8,  1907.  Res., 
Union,  Ore. 

635.  Oscar  Francis,  b.  Jan.  iS,  1871;  m.  Lulu  Brown,  b.  Dec.  26, 

1873;  dau.  of  Clark  B.  (379)  and  Mary  (Butler)  (291) 
Brown.   He  is  a  merchant  in  Lestershire,  N.  Y. 

636.  Jenny  Lind,  b.  May  21,  1873;  m.  Arthur  Blanchard,  b.  June 

25,  1862;  d.  May  27,  1909.  He  was  a  lawyer  in  Little 
Falls,  Minn.  Mrs.  Blanchard  graduated  from  Mansfield 
(Penn.)  State  Normal  School,  and  since  the  death  of  her 
husband  has  been  librarian  in  Carnegie  City  Library, 
Little  Falls. 

637.  Harmon  Clark,  b.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  Sept.  28,  1875;  m., 

Superior,  Wis.,  Apr.  19,  1895,  Nora  Kelly,  b.  Mar.  5,  1878. 
He  is  a  druggist  in  Duluth,  Minn.  Son:  Clark,  b.  Feb.  27, 

638.  Homer  Arthur,  b.  Browntown,  Apr.  20,  1877;  m.  Amy  Mann. 

He  is  a  farmer  in  Wyalusing.  Children:  (1)  Gertrude,  b. 
Apr.  9,  1902;  (2)  Leona,  b.  Dec.  28,  1905;  (3)  Lillian,  b. 
Aug.  17,  1910;  (4)  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  30,  1914. 

639.  Clyde  Wesley,  b.,  Browntown,   Mar.    14,   1881;  m.   Maud 

Douglass.  He  is  R.  F.  D.  letter-carrier,  Wyalusing.  Chil- 
dren: (1)  Douglass,  b.  July  17,  1904;  (2)  Jenny  Lind,  b. 
Jan.  16,  1906;  (3)  Elma,  b.  Mar.  4,  1908;  (4)  Alice,  b.  Jan. 
4,  1910;  (5)  Martha,  b.  Aug.  31,  191 1. 



Stella  Amanda  Brown  (631),  dau.  of  Clark  Mason  (252)  and  Jane 
(Woodfield)  Brown,  b.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  Mar.  17,  1861;  d.  Aug.  9, 
191 1 ;  m.  (1)  Rev.  John  Nichols;  m.  (2)  Rev.  F.  H.  Chrissman.  After  a 
course  of  training  she  was  appointed  head  of  Packer  Hospital,  Sayre, 
Penn.,  which  was  under  the  immediate  supervision  of  the  Lehigh  Valley 
R.  R.  In  1885  she  became  the  wife  of  Rev.  John  Nichols,  and  they 
went  to  India  as  missionaries  of  the  General  Synod,  Lutheran  Church  of 
America,  locating  in  Guntoor,  where  he  died  of  typhoid  fever  within  one 
year  of  their  arrival.  She  returned  to  America  and  took  up  the  study  of 
medicine  at  the  Woman's  Medical  College  of  Philadelphia,  for  three 
years,  with  a  view  to  returning  to  India  as  medical  missionary;  but 
she  was  not  able  to  carry  out  her  plans.  In  1890  she  m.  Rev.  F.  H. 
Chrissman,  of  Blairsville,  Penn.  She  died  in  Frostburg,  Md.,  where  her 
husband  is  pastor  of  St.  Paul's  Lutheran  Church.  She  endeared  herself 
to  the  members  of  her  church  by  her  unselfish  zeal  for  the  advancement 
of  all  its  interests. 

Children,  by  second  m. : 

640.  Lyall  Chrissman,  b.  Feb.  1,  1892. 

641.  Maud,  b.  Oct.  16,  1894. 

642.  Marion,  b.  Sept.  5,  1899. 

643.  Edith,  b.  Jan.  1,  1903. 

Lewis  Dunham  Brown  (633),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Apr.  12,  1866; 
m.  (1),  Sept.  13,  1892,  Maud  Rice,  b.  1868;  d.,  Little  Falls,  Minn.,  Mar. 
20,  1894;  m.  (2)  Sadie  Barton,  b.  June  12,  1876.  He  was  Representative 
(Republican)  in  the  Minnesota  Legislature,  terms  1 909-11,  and  was 
chairman  of  important  committees.  He  is  a  druggist  in  Little  Falls, 

Dau.  by  first  m.: 

644.  Gladys  Maud  Brown,  b.  Mar.  4,  1894.    She  is  a  student  in 

Syracuse  University. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

645.  Louise  Winona,  b.  1908. 

646.  Mary  Barton,  b.  1909. 

647.  Lewis  Dunham,  Jr.,  b.  191 1. 

Hannah  Brown  (255),  dau.  of  Mason  (135)  and  Harriet  (Harmon) 
Brown  [Humphrey  (103),  Thomas  (47)],  b.  Jan.  17,  1846;  m.  Treat 
Bosworth  Camp,  b.  1835;  d.  1889.  Treat  Bosworth  Camp  was  grandson 
of  John  Camp,  who  came  into  Pennsylvania  from  New  Milford  with  the 
Connecticut  settlers.   Treat  Camp  was  b.  in  Camptown,  Penn.,  and  was 



educated  at  Wyoming  Seminary,  Kingston,  Penn.  He  enlisted  in  the 
Civil  War,  assisting  in  forming  Co.  F,  5 2d  Regt.  Penn.  Vols.,  serving  as 
Lieutenant.  He  was  in  the  battles  of  the  Peninsula,  Malvern  Hill,  Fair 
Oaks,  and  Seven  Pines.  He  served  in  forts  in  Charleston  Harbor,  was 
captured  in  an  assault  on  Fort  Johnson  about  1864,  and  held  as  prisoner 
of  war  in  Charleston  Jail,  and  eight  months  in  Libby  Prison.  He  received 
his  discharge  in  1865.  After  the  war  he  settled  in  Wyalusing,  Penn.,  and 
was  insurance  surveyor  from  1874  to  1889.  He  was  the  author  of  two 
books,  "Would  You  Like  to  Know,"  and  "Look  Before  You  Leap,"  both 
being  technical  discussions  on  insurance.  He  d.  in  San  Francisco  and  is 
buried  in  the  Presidio  Cemetery. 

648.  Walter  Camp,  b.,  Camptown,  Apr.  21,  1867;  m.,  May  2, 
1898,  Emma  Sayles,  of  Blue  Island,  111.  He  attended  pub- 
lic schools  in  Wyalusing,  worked  on  the  Lehigh  Valley 
R.  R.  as  track  laborer  and  night  track-walker  from  Mar., 
1883,  to  Sept.,  1887;  he  then  attended  Pennsylvania  State 
College  four  years,  graduating  as  civil  engineer  in  1891. 
He  was  surveyor  and  draftsman  for  the  Southern  Pacific 
Company  in  California,  1891-92;  constructing  engineer  and 
superintendent  of  the  Rainier  Ave.  Electric  Ry.,  in  Seattle, 
Wash.,  from  Mar.,  1892  to  Apr.,  1894;  with  Seattle,  Lake 
Shore,  and  Eastern  Ry.,  at  Snohomish  and  Woolley,  for 
fourteen  months  as  work-train  foreman  and  section  fore- 
man, 1894-95.  He  attended  the  University  of  Wisconsin, 
Madison,  Wis.,  1895-96,  as  postgraduate  in  electricity  and 
steam.  He  was  then  employed  in  Chicago,  as  constructing 
engineer,  with  Englewood  and  Chicago  Electric  (Storage 
Battery)  Ry.,  1896-97.  He  has  been  the  editor  of  Railway 
and  Engineering  Review,  in  Chicago,  since  May,  1897.  He 
is  author  of  a  book  on  the  construction  and  maintenance  of 
railroad  track  entitled  "Notes  on  Track,"  the  first  edition 
published  in  1903;  editor,  and  author  in  part,  of  a  book 
entitled  "Railroad  Transportation,"  at  the  Universal  Ex- 
position [St.  Louis  World's  Fair],  1904;  author  of  numerous 
papers  read  before  railroad  and  engineering  societies ;  mem- 
ber of  the  American  Society  of  Civil  Engineers,  the  Amer- 
ican Railway  Engineering  Association,  the  Roadmasters 
and  Maintenance  of  Way  Association,  the  Permanent  Way 
Institution,  of  England,  and  the  Chicago  Engineers'  Club. 



649.  Robert,  b.  1869;  d.  1881. 

650.  Emma,  b.  Feb.  7,  1874;  m.  Arthur  Hibbard.    She  graduated 

from  Pennsylvania  State  College,  taught  school  in  Little 
Falls,  N.  J.,  for  two  years,  and  three  years  in  Wyalusing 
High  School.    Res.,  Wyalusing,  Penn. 

William  B.  Brown  (257),  son  of  Mason  (135)  and  Harrier  (Harmon) 
Brown,  b.  Mar.  16,  1851;  d.  Mar.  29,  1913;  m.,  Nov.  10,  1875,  Mary  Allis 
Dwell,  of  Driftwood,  Penn.  Mr.  Brown  was  marshal  of  Snohomish, 
Wash.,  from  1897  to  191 2.    Res.,  Snohomish,  Wash. 


651.  Alonzo  Clark  Brown,  b.  Feb.  13,  1877;  m.,  Feb.  14,  1906, 

Petra  Lund,  of  Norway.  He  is  a  confectioner  in  Duvall, 
Wash.,  and  is  also  Mayor  of  the  city. 

652.  Maud  Eliza,  b.  Dec.   1,  1879;  m.,  Jan.   17,  1899,  John  B. 

Kieffer,  a  real-estate  dealer.  Children:  (1)  John  Brown,  b. 
Feb.  n,  1900;  (2)  Clara  Sybilla,  b.  Dec.  1,  1904.  Res., 
Seattle,  Wash. 

653.  Horace  Mason,  b.  Aug.  7,  1882;  m.,  Jan.  4,  1912,  Pearl  Hill. 

Res.,  Wardner,  Ida. 

654.  Clara  Harriet,  b.  May  31,  1885;  m.,  Sept.  1,  1909,  Everett  E. 

McMillan,  druggist,  Seattle,  Wash. 

Emma  Abigail  Brown  (259),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Feb.  16, 1857;  m., 
Jan.  31,  1879,  George  Jackson,  b.,  England,  May  12,  1849.  George 
Jackson  came  to  America  with  his  parents.  His  father  had  established  a 
business  of  manufacturing  woolen  blankets  for  the  Civil  War,  thus  ob- 
taining wealth  enough  to  establish  a  felt  business.  He  was  the  first  man 
in  America  to  manufacture  hair-felt  goods,  such  as  carpets,  piano-covers, 
etc.  After  the  death  of  his  father,  Mr.  Jackson  continued  the  business 
for  many  years.  He  is  now  retired  and  lives  in  Little  Falls,  N.  J. 


655.  George  J.  Jackson,  b.  June  8,  1881;  m.,  June  6,  1906,  Elsie 

Elizabeth  Smith.  He  is  a  civil  engineer,  and  superintendent 
of  the  North  Jersey  Transit  Company.  Dau.:  Mary  Nein- 
myer,  b.  Nov.  23,  1909.    Res.,  Hoboken,  N.  J. 

656.  John,  b.  Aug.  20,  1882;  m.,  May  1,  1904,  Agnes  May  Deck- 

hart.  He  is  a  real-estate  broker.  Children:  (1)  Rollins 
Deckhart,  b.  Oct.  28,  1905;  (2)  Dorothy  Lillian,  b.  Sept.  1, 
I9°7>  (3)  Milton  Victor,  b.  Aug.  27,  191 1.  Res.,  Little 
Falls,  N.  J. 



657.  Cortez  Jennings,  b.  July  24,  1S85;  m.,  May  27,  1900,  Annie 

May  Wolfenden,  of  England.  He  is  an  electrician  in  Little 
Falls,  N.  J.   Dau.:  Gladys  May,  b.  Oct.  30,  1907. 

658.  Harriet  Gladys  (twin),  b.  Mar.  24,  1S92;  d.  Jan.  17,  1894. 

659.  Mary  Gertrude  (twin),  b.  Mar.  24,  1892. 

660.  Gerald  Reuben,  b.  Aug.  10,  1900. 

Ethlin  A.  Brown  (261),  dau.  of  Jesse  (1,38)  and  Maria  (Fish)  Brown 
[Daniel  (104),  Thomas  (47)],  b.,  Sheshequin,  Penn.,  June  28,  1823;  d. 
May  14,  1877;  m.  Elijah  Parsons,  of  Towanda,  Penn.,  editor  and  publisher 
of  the  Bradford  Argus. 

Children : 

661.  E.  Ashmun  Parsons,  b.,  Towanda,  Mar.  17,  1846;  d.  1911; 

m.,  Jan.  19,  1887,  Annie  Fanning  Morgan.  Children:  (1) 
E.  Ashmun,  b.  Dec.  2,  1887;  (2)  William  Morgan,  b.  June 
n,  1890;  (3)  Frances  Manley,  b.  June  14,  1892;  (4)  An- 
toinette Stark,  b.  June  22,  1894. 

662.  Jessie  Maria,  b.,  Towanda,  Apr.   26,    1848;   m.   Frank   D. 

Decker.  Children:  (1)  Meta  Ethlin,  b.  Aug.  10,  1874;  (2) 
Edith,  b. . 

663.  Matthias  W.,  b.  Apr.  24,  1850. 

664.  Mary  Ethlin,  b.  May  17,  1S53. 

665.  Antoinette  D.,  b.  Sept.  20,  1855;  m.,  June  12,  1877,  J.  B. 

Stark.  Children:  (1)  Mary  Parsons,  b.  -  — ,  m.  Clarence 
L.  Samuels,  of  Philadelphia,  Penn.;  (2)  Stanley,  b.  -    — . 

666.  George  Fisk,  b.  —  — ;  m.  Maud  Peters,  of  New  York.    Chil- 

dren: (1)  George;  (2)  Langdon. 

Daniel  King  Brown  (263),  son  of  Ira  (139)  and  Nancy  (King)  Brown, 
b.  Browntown,  Penn.,  Feb.  24,  1826;  d.,  Wyalusing,  Penn.,  Jan.  13, 
1899;  m.,  Aug.  14,  184S,  Mehitable  Stalford,  who  d.  June  30,  1902. 

Children : 

667.  Anna  E.  Brown,  b.,  Browntown,  Nov.  5,  1849;  m.  Calvin  A. 

Stowell,  b.  1843.  He  is  a  newspaper  editor.  Dau.:  Clara 
May,  b.  July  17,  1882.  Calvin  A.  Stowell  was  born,  and 
passed  his  early  life,  in  Smithboro,  N.  Y.  His  father,  later, 
was  engaged  in  lumbering  at  Sugar  Run,  Penn.  Calvin 
first  engaged  in  the  mercantile  trade  at  Sugar  Run,  but 
later  removed  to  Wyalusing,  where,  in  1879,  he  married 
Anna  Brown.      He  established  the  Wyalusing  Rocket,  a 



publication  with  which  he  has  been  associated  three  times. 
He  was  also  the  original  promoter  of  the  Bank  of  Wyalu- 
sing,  and  for  some  time  was  the  teller.  He  is  of  the  Presby- 
terian faith,  having  been  a  ruling  elder  in  that  body.  Res., 
Wyalusing,  Penn. 

668.  Frances  A.,  b.,  Browntown,  June  15,  1851;  d.  Sept.  29,  1852. 

669.  Emily  A.,  b.,  Browntown,  May  9,  1854;  m.,  May  4,  1875, 

J.  H.  Lloyd. 

J.  Morgan  Brown  (264),  brother  of  the  preceding,-  b.,  Browntown, 
Penn.,  Apr.  2,  1830;  m.  (1),  Nov.  1,  1853,  Sarah  A.  Jennings,  d.  Mar.  2, 
1866;  m.  (2),  Dec.  18,  1867,  Helen  Allen,  b.  Oct.  22,  1840;  divorced  Feb., 
1886;  m.  (3),  July  3,  1886,  Mary  B.  Beers.  Mr.  Brown  was  in  the  Union 
Army,  and  is  now  proprietor  of  the  Wyalusing  Hotel,  and  owns  numerous 
business  buildings  and  residences. 

Children  by  first  m.: 

670.  Ira  A.  Brown,  b.,  Athens,  Penn.,  Aug.  13,  1854;  m.,  Sept.  25, 

1878,  Frances  Cox. 

671.  Carrie  May,  b.,  Wyalusing,  Penn.,  May  9,  1858;  m.  J.  Swank. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

672.  Josephine,  b.  Sept.  12,  1870;  d.  Aug.  23,  1871. 

673.  Jessie  Allen,  b.  Dec.  2,  1871;  m.  (1),  Nov.  26,  1895,  Harry 

States,  a  veterinarian  in  Detroit,  Mich.;  divorced  1909;  m. 
(2),  July  1,  191 1,  R.  J.  Burkett.  Son,  by  first  m.:  Ransom 
E.,  b.  Apr.  23,  1898. 

674.  Mildred,  b.  Nov.  29,  1873;  m.,  Aug.  2,  1898,  William  Lee. 

Children:  (1)  Helen,  b.  Apr.  29,  1900;  (2)  Nancy  King,  b. 
Oct.  2,  1902;  (3)  Alice,  b.  Oct.  4,  1913. 

Sarah  Adaline  Brown  (265),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Browntown, 
Penn.,  Jan.  26,  1838;  m.,  Sept.  25,  1861,  Adolph  H.  Kingsbury,  b. 
Towanda,  Penn.,  Oct.  23,  1821. 

Children : 

675.  Helen   Mar   Kingsbury,   b.,   Towanda,   Apr.    16,    1863;   m. 

Albert  Delmar  Coolbaugh  (680-682). 

676.  Jere  Grant,  b.  Mar.  20,  1865;  m.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  June  29, 

1889,  Alice  E.  Foot.  He  is  a  manufacturer  of  riveting  ma- 
chines, electrical  instruments,  tabulating  machines,  adding 
machines,  etc.    Res.,  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

677.  Ira  Edward,  b.  Oct.  9,  1867;  d.  Nov.  2,  1870. 



678.  Angelique,   b.   June    22,    1869;   m.,    Towanda,   Oct.,  188S, 

J.  Lorenzo  Decker.  Dau.:  Adaline,  b.  Sept.  5,  1891,  m., 
Apr.  25,  191 2,  Clarence  H.  Richards,  of  Minneapolis, 

679.  Samuel,  b.  Nov.  26,  1871;  m.,  Bridgeport,  Sarah  Hogan,  d., 

Brooklyn,  Jan.,  1964.  Children:  (1)  Adaline,  b.,  Bridge- 
port, Nov.  19,  1898;  (2)  Adolph  William,  b.,  Brooklyn, 
Feb.  9,  1900. 

Helen  Mar  Kingsbury  (675),  dau.  of  Adolph  H.  and  Sarah  Adaline 
(Brown)  (265)  Kingsbury,  b.,  Towanda,  Penn.,  Apr.  16,  1863;  m.,  June 
16,  1886,  Albert  Delmar  Coolbaugh.   Res.,  Elmira  Heights,  N.  Y. 


680.  Alice  A.  Coolbaugh,  b.,  Towanda,  Dec.  8,  1889;  m.,  June  27, 

1909,  R.  H.  Osborne,  of  Rochester,  N.  Y.  Dau.:  Helen 
Louise,  b.  Oct.  10,  191 2. 

681.  Rowena,  b.,  Elmira,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  6,  1892. 

682.  Katharine  Hawes,  b.,  Elmira,  June  14,  1894.    Res.,  Elmira 

Heights,  N.  Y. 

George  Washington  Lung  (266),  son  of  Warren  and  Cynthia  (Brown) 
(141)  Lung,  dau.  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary  (Wigton)  Brown,  son  of 
Thomas  (47)  and  Patience  (Brockway)  Brown,  b.  May  14,  1824;  d., 
Seattle,  Wash.,  Nov.  24,  1906;  m.  Abigail  Shove,  b.  June  15,  1823;  d. 
Apr.  27,  1882. 


683.  Warren  Shove  Lung,  b.,  Rush,  Penn.,  Aug.  31,  1846. 

684.  Henry  Winthrop,  b.,  Rush,  May  12,  1862;  m.,  1905,  Beatrice 

Ring.  He  is  an  attorney  at  law  and  real-estate  dealer  in 
Seattle,  WTash.;  was  a  member  of  the  Washington  State 
Legislature  (Republican)  1896;  is  a  graduate  of  Pennsyl- 
vania State  Normal  School  and  University  of  Michigan. 

685.  Mary  Grace,  b.,  Rush,   Feb.   25,   1865;  m.,  Sept.   7,   1910, 

Andrew  B.  Hitchcock.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Pennsyl- 
vania State  Legislature  (Republican)  from  1901  to  1908. 
Both  are  graduates  of  the  Pennsylvania  State  Normal 
School.    Res.,  Knoxville,  Penn. 

Evaline  Lung  (269),  dau.  of  Warren  and  Cynthia  (Brown)  (141)  Lung, 
b.,  Rush,  Penn.,  Nov.  13,  1833;  d.  Dec.  10,  1888;  m.  Elisha  Horton,  d. 
Dec.  27,  1866. 




686.    Alpha  Horton,  b.,  Rush, ;   d.  Apr.  3,  1893;  m.  William 

6S7.    Eva,  b.  — - — ;  m.  Jerome  Kinney;  had  two  sons  and  a  dau- 

688.  Adaline,  b.  Mar.  27,  1865;  d.  Sept.,  1907. 

689.  George,  b.  1866.    Res.,  Seattle,  Wash. 

Charles  Warren  Lung  (271),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Nov.  13, 
1839;  m.  (1)  Ellen  Frear;  m.  (2)  Ruth  Frear.  He  enlisted  in  Co.  D,  50th 
Regt.  Penn.  Vols.,  Sept.  6,  1861,  Sergeant;  transferred  to  Vet.  Reserve 
Corps,  Jan.  25,  1865. 

Children,  by  first  m.: 

690.  Jesse  Lung,  b. ;  accidentally  drowned. 

691.  Ruth,  b. ;  m. Morrice;  has  five  children. 

692.  Cyrel,  b.  Oct.  13,  1872;  m.  Anna  Arnold;  divorced  and  re- 

married; has  one  child. 

693.  William  Warren,  b.  Oct.  3,  1874;  m.,  and  has  children. 

Elenora  Lung  (272),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Rush,  Penn.,  Feb.  26, 
1844;  m.,  about  1867,  J.  H.  Bevens,  who  d.  Sept.,  1910.  She  is  a  graduate 
of  Pennsylvania  State  Normal  School,  class  of  1866.  Res.,  Los  Angeles, 

Children : 

694.  James  L.  Bevens,  b.  Apr.  29,  1869;  m.  Desdemona  Milliken, 

and  had  three  children.  He  is  a  surgeon  in  the  United 
States  Army.    Last  address,  Leavenworth,  Kan. 

695.  Allen  Brown,  b.  Apr.  3,  1870. 

696.  Leslie  B.,  b.  Mar.  4,  1876. 

697.  Alice  J.,  b.  May  30,  1881;  m.  Coolbaugh.     Res.,  Los 

Angeles,  Cal. 

Nancy  Ann  Butler  (289),  dau.  of  James  and  Elizabeth  (Brown)  (144) 
Butler  [Daniel  (104),  Thomas  (47)],  b.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  Nov.  18, 
1834;  d.  Oct.  4,  1888;  m.,  Sept.  30,  1852,  James  Lacey. 


698.  Elizabeth  Ann  Lacey,  b.,  New  Laceyville,  Penn.,  Sept.  26, 

1853;  m.  Frank  Brown  (381)  (703-706). 

699.  Sanford  Burton,  b.  Oct.  9,  1856;  m.  Nellie  Maxwell.  He  is  an 

architect.  Children:  (1)  Kenneth,  b.  1876,  d.  1911;  m.  and 
had  one  son,  Errick,  b.  Nov.  8,  1901;  (2)  Harry,  b.  1878, 
d.  May  12,  1909. 



700.  Frank  Butler,  b.  Feb.  26,  1S59;  m.  Anna  Hoyt. 

701.  Mary  Elsie,  b.  Oct.   14,  1862;  m.  Arthur  Sweetland,  mer- 

chant, Elmira,  N.  Y. 

702.  Harris  Julian,  b.  Sept.  30,  1869;  m.  Sarah  Williams. 

Elizabeth  Ann  Lacey  (698),  dau.  of  James  and  Nancy  Ann  (Butler) 
(289)  Lacey,  b.  Sept.  26,  1853;  m.,  Feb.  3,  1874,  Frank  Brown  (381), 
son  of  Benjamin  (163). 

Children : 

703.  Julia  H.  Brown,  b.  Nov.  2,  1874;  m.,  Sept.  25,  1905,  Harry 


704.  Nancy  L.,  b.  Jan.  23,  1876;  m.  Dayton  Furman  (707-719). 

705.  Benjamin  D.,  b.  Mar.  2,  1882;  m.,  Dec.  20,  1906,  Madge 


706.  Lacey  J.,  b.  May  2,  1885;  m.,  Apr.  15,  1911,  Mary  Sink. 

Nancy  L.  Brown  (704),  the  preceding,  b.  Jan.  2^,  1876;  m.,  Feb.  1, 
1892,  Dayton  Furman. 
Children : 

707.  Margaret  E.  Furman,  b.  Apr.  6,  1893. 








Jessie  M.,  b.  June  10,  1894. 
Harry  J.,  b.  May  7,  1896. 
Ruth  M.,  b.  Aug.  26,  1897. 
Sanford  L.,  b.  Mar.  23,  1900. 
Cecil  B.,  b.  Aug.  20,  1902. 
Francis  R.,  b.  Nov.  4,  1903. 
Dorris  E.,  b.  May  26,  1905. 
Mildred  A.,  b.  Nov.  27,  1906. 
Theodore  R.,  b.  Apr.  13,  1908. 
Virginia  W.,  b.  Sept.  2,  1909. 
Robert  L.,  b.  Apr.  20,  191 1. 
Earle  E.,  b.  Sept.  3,  1912. 

Ellicott  Butler  (290),  son  of  James  and  Elizabeth  (Brown)  (144) 
Butler,  b.  Mar.  8,  1836;  d.  Nov.,  1910;  m.,  Mar.  19,  1861,  Elsie  M. 

Children : 

720.  Ella  0.  Butler,  b.  Mar.  13,  1862;  m.,  Apr.  3,  1883,  Charles 

Hall.    Child:  Vesta  D.,  b.  Nov.  18,  1884. 

721.  Dora  N.,  b.  Nov.  18,  1865. 



Mary  Butler  (292),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Apr.  9,  1845;  m.  (1), 
July  4,  1865,  Jasper  Keeney,  who  d.  July  n,  1871;  m.  (2),  Dec.  24,  1872, 
Clark  B.  Brown  (378),  b.  July  12,  1836. 

Son  by  first  m.: 

722.  Charles  R.  Keeney,  b.  July  29,  1866. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

723.  Lulu  J.  Brown,  b.  Dec.  26,  1873;  m.,  May  n,  1891,  Oscar  F. 

Brown  (635).  Children:  (1)  Arline,  b.  Dec.  2,  1905;  (2) 
Dorothy,  b.  July  4,  1907. 

724.  Grace  D.,  b.  Oct.  6, 1879;  m.,  Aug.  29,  1903,  Theodore  Simms, 

of  Hastings,  Neb.   He  is  a  jeweler  in  Hastings. 

Henry  Irvin  Brown  (298),  son  of  William  Hamilton  (145)  and  Julia 
Ann  (Johnson)  Brown,  son  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary  (Wigton)  Brown, 
b.  Jan.  27,  1847;  m.,  Nov.  21,  1868,  Harriet  Wilcox. 


725.  Lillian  A.  Brown,  b.  Nov.  22,  1869;  d.  May  12,  1897;  m., 

Nov.,  1895,  Peter  Nye.   Child:  Ray  Irvin. 

726.  Nellie  O.,  b.  Nov.  10,  1871;  d.  Dec.  18,  1894;  m.,  Feb.  26, 

1888,  Charles  Justin.    Children:  (1)  Theda  Pearl,  b. , 

m.,  Oct.  19,  1910,  John  Krauss,  of  Buffalo,  N.  Y.    Child: 

Harold  John,  b.  July  17,  191 2;  (2)  Laverne,  b.  ;  d.  in 


727.  Josephine  M.,  b.  Nov.  2,  1874;  m.,  Nov.  22,  1899,  Leo  B. 

Perry.  Children:  (1)  Lisle  L.,  b.  Feb.  14,  1905,  d.  Jan.  4, 
1907;  (2)  Edgar,  b.  Dec.  23,  1909.    Res.,  Powell,  Penn. 

728.  Adelaide  L.,  b.  Sept.  4,  1876;  m.,  Sept.  4,  1893,  Corry  H. 

Gordon.   Son:  Fred,  b.  May  31,  1894. 

729.  Fred  W.,  b.  Dec.  6,  1878;  m.,  Buffalo,  Dec.  27,  1904,  Mar- 

garet Krauss.  Children:  (1)  Irvin  F.,  b.  Oct.  15,  1905;  (2) 
Herbert  R.,  b.  July  23,  1907;  (3)  Russell,  b.  Nov.  n,  1912, 
d.  Dec.  4,  1912.    Res.,  Niagara  Falls,  N.  Y. 

730.  Hartley  I.,  b.  Mar.  21,  1881;  m.,  Nov.  8,  1913,  Mrs.  Florence 

Zigler  Geary. 

731.  Harriet  I.,  b.  Dec.  31,  1883. 

732.  Ruth  Augusta,  b.  Aug.  8,  1885. 

William  HenryBrown,  M.D.  (305),  son  of  Nelson  P.  (146)  and  Clarissa 
(Snook)  Brown  [Daniel  (104),  Thomas  (47)],  b.,Towanda,  Penn.,  Aug.  26, 
1842;  m.  (1)  Anna  Manville,  d.,  Castleton,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  15,  1870;  m.  (2), 



June  17,  1875,  Alice  Doty,  d.  July  10,  1902;  m.  (3),  May  9,  1904,  Anna 
Kinner.  Mr.  Brown  served  in  the  Union  Army,  and  was  in  the  Provost 
Marshal's  office  in  Troy,  Penn.,  until  the  close  of  the  war,  in  1865.  He 
graduated  at  Geneva  Medical  College  in  1867,  and  practised  his  pro- 
fession in  Castleton  until  1872,  when  he  removed  to  Waterloo,  la., 
where  he  practised  until  his  death,  Feb.  27,  1903.  He  was  a  member  of 
the  American  Medical  Association,  one  of  the  founders,  and  member  of 
the  staff,  of  the  Presbyterian  Hospital,  Waterloo. 
Children,  by  first  m.: 

733.  Oscar  Manville  Brown,  b. ;  m. .  He  is  an  engi- 

neer on  I.  C.  R.  R.    Children:  (1)  Arthur;  (2)  Alice. 

734.  Charles  Hendryx  Brown,  b. ;  m. .  He  is  an  engi- 

neer on  I.  C.  R.  R.    Son:  Walter  Henry. 

735.  Harry  Brown,  b.  .     Is  a  graduate  of  Chicago  Medical 

College,  and  is  practising  in  Waterloo. 

Cornelia  Winslow  Brown  (307),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Nov.  9, 
1845;  d.,  Albert  Lee,  Minn.,  Sept.  8,  1886;  m.,  Jan.  24,  1866,  Robert  F. 


736.  Clara  Mena  Sulzer,  b.,  Wyalusing,  Penn.,  July  2,  1867;  d. 

Feb.  4,.  1882. 

737.  Mary  Emma,  b.  Oct.  31,  1869. 

738.  Robert  Frederick,  Jr.,  b.,  Waterloo,  la.,  Feb.  15,  1873. 

739.  William  Henry,  b.  Apr.  28,  1875. 

740.  George  Carroll,  b.  Mar.  16,  1877;  d.  Aug.  11,  1S89. 

741.  Lulu  Agnes,  b.,  Albert  Lee,  Aug.  22,  1879. 

742.  Alice  Cora,  b.  Aug.  19,  1881. 

743.  Jessie  Pearl,  b.  Dec.  30,  1883. 

Mahlon  Mercur  Brown  (311),  son  of  Daniel  Warren  (147)  and  Cath- 
erine Adaline  (King)  Brown,  son  of  Daniel  (104)  and  Mary  (Wigton) 
Brown,  b.  Dec.  28,  1838;  m.,  Ithaca,  N.  Y.,Nov.  28,  1863,  Martha  Sharp, 
d.  May  21,  1899.  He  attended  public  school,  taught  district  schools  in 
Bradford  Co.,  Penn.,  for  several  terms,  studied  medicine  with  Dr.  Madill, 
at  Wysox,  Penn.,  attended  Geneva  Medical  College,  where  he  graduated 
Jan.,  1865.  He  first  practised  his  profession  in  Millport,  N.  Y.,  then  at 
Ithaca,  Syracuse,  and  Buffalo,  N.  Y.  He  was  surgeon  in  the  State  Militia, 
with  rank  of  Major,  and  police  and  railroad  surgeon  in  Syracuse.  He  was 
a  member  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  a  Mason,  and  K.  of  P. 




744.  Arthur  Grant  Brown,  b.  Oct.  24,  1864;  m.,  Nov.  14,  1890, 

Ruth  Adams,  b.  May  30,  1870;  dau.  of  John  Adams,  of 
Mansfield,  Penn.  He  attended  schools  in  Ithaca;  com- 
menced drug  business  in  Syracuse,  then  in  Elmira.  He 
owned  a  drug-store  in  Wyalusing  for  three  years,  and  is 
now  in  the  wholesale  drug  business  in  Pittsburgh,  Penn. 
Son:  J.  Willard  Adams,  b.  Jan.  6,  1891.  He  is  now  in  the 
Indiana  State  Normal  School. 

745.  Ward  Beecher,  b.  June  31,  1869;  m.,  Mar.  6,  1891,   Emily 

Hogarth  Hodgson,  dau.  of  Rev.  Francis  D.  Hodgson.  He 
was  a  portrait  artist  in  Pittsburgh  several  years;  is  now  in 
the  wholesale  drug  business  there.  Son:  Carlysle,  b.  Feb.  6, 
1892.    He  is  now  in  college. 

Theodore  F.  Brown  (313),  son  of  Daniel  Warren  (147)  and  Catherine 
Adaline  (King)  Brown,  b.  Sept.  18,  1844;  d.,  Browntown,  Penn.,  Dec.  19, 
1905;  m.,  Lime  Hill,  Penn.,  Nov.  16,  1871,  Matilda  Elizabeth  States, 
b.  Oct.  15,  1846.  He  attended  public  schools  at  Browntown.  He  enlisted 
in  Co.  D,  50th  Regt.  Penn.  Vols.,  and  was  in  the  following  battles:  The 
Wilderness,  Front  of  Richmond,  Bull  Run,  Antietam,  Fredericksburg, 
Vicksburg,  Knoxville,  Cold  Harbor,  Fort  Stedman,  and  many  others. 
Because  of  exposure  while  in  the  army  he  suffered  from  rheumatism,  and 
was  discharged,  by  general  order,  May  26,  1865,  on  account  of  heart- 
disease,  which  caused  his  death.  After  he  left  the  army  he  clerked  in  a 
general  store  in  Ithaca,  N.  Y.,  then  went  back  to  his  farm  in  Browntown 
and  stayed  until  1880.  He  then  removed  to  Elmira,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was 
engaged  in  the  drug  business  with  his  brother,  Charles  W.,  for  about  a 
year  and  a  half,  when  he  returned  to  his  farm,  and  remained  there  until 
his  death. 


746.  Ernest  Larue  Brown,  b.  May  19,  1873.   He  is  a  salesman  in  a 

wholesale  dry-goods  store  in  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

747.  Theo  Grace,  b.  Oct.  3,  1880;  m.,  Dec.  19, 1906,  John  T.  Dunn, 

Esq.,  son  of  Isaac  Dunn.  He  is  a  graduate  of  Princeton 
College,  1869,  and  is  an  attorney  at  law  in  Scranton,  Penn. 
Children:  (1)  Theodore  Brown,  b.,  Scranton,  Sept.  21, 
1907;  (2)  Henry  Ernest,  b.  Mar.  9,  1910. 



Charles  W —  Brown,  M.D.  (314),  son  of  Daniel  Warren  (147)  and 
Catherine  Adaline  (King)  Brown,  b.  Oct.  n,  1846;  m.,  Jan.  1,  1866,  by 
Rev.  N.  L.  Reynolds,  Mary  Eleanor  Elliott,  b.  Aug.  30,  1849.  Mary 
Eleanor  Elliott,  wife  of  Dr.  Chas.  W.  Brown,  was  dau.  of  Dr.  Charles  V. 
Elliott,  of  Mansfield,  Penn.,  whose  grandfather  came  to  America  with 
the  Livingstons,  and  settled  at  Livingston  Manor.  From  that  place  he 
and  his  son  enlisted  in  the  war  for  liberty.  Mary  Eleanor's  mother  was 
Eliza  Graves.  She  is  descended  from  the  Graves  family  that  settled  in 
America  in  1650,  which  family  gave  many  soldiers  to  the  Revolutionary 
Army.  Mary  Eleanor,  when  about  eight  years  of  age,  went  with  her 
parents  to  Hudson  City,  Wis.,  where  they  resided  for  several  years.  Her 
father  was  one  of  the  surveyors  of  the  Northern  Pacific  R.  R.,  and  after- 
ward practised  medicine  in  Hudson  City  and  Mansfield.  He  was  a 
member  of  Pennsylvania  State  Legislature  two  terms;  was  postmaster 
at  Mansfield  fifteen  years,  and  State  Trustee,  State  Normal  School. 
Mrs.  Brown  was  for  more  than  twenty  years  treasurer  of  the  Woman's 
Home  Missionary  Society  of  the  Baltimore  Conference,  Methodist  Epis- 
copal Church.  She  is  a  member  of  the  Board  of  Management  of  Rust 
Hall,  and  secretary  of  the  Board  of  Management  of  the  National  Critten- 
den Home  —  a  work  in  which  she  is  greatly  interested.  She  is  a  member 
of  the  Woman's  League,  of  the  National  George,  Jr.,  Republic;  a  member 
of  the  D.  C.  Chapter,  Daughters  of  the  War  of  181 2;  registrar  of  the 
D.  C.  Society  of  Daughters  of  Founders  and  Patriots;  and  regent  of 
Livingston  Manor  Chapter,  D.  A.  R.,  which  she  founded  and  named 
for  the  home  of  her  ancestors. 

Dr.  Chas.  W.  Brown  lived  on  a  farm  with  his  parents,  attended  dis- 
trict school,  went  to  Millport,  N.  Y.,  in  i860,  clerked  in  drug  and  general 
store  until  1864,  then  went  to  Troy,  Penn.,  where  he,  with  Marcus 
Gates,  managed  a  branch  clothing-store  for  Jewell  &  Pomroy  until  1866. 
After  his  marriage  he  clerked  in  drug-store  for  Dr.  C.  V.  Elliott;  was 
assistant  postmaster  at  Mansfield;  studied  medicine  with  Dr.  Elliott  and 
Dr.  T.  B.  Eagle;  attended  Medical  College  at  Geneva,  in  1869;  and  grad- 
uated from  Long  Island  College  Hospital,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  in  1871.  He 
then  practised  his  profession  in  Mansfield  for  five  years.  While  there  he 
served  as  State  Trustee  of  State  Normal  School,  and  treasurer  of  the 
borough.  Removed  to  Elmira,  N.  Y.,  in  1877,  and  practised  there  until 
he  removed  to  Washington,  D.  C,  in  1890.  He  was  physician  to  Elmira 
Reformatory;  division  surgeon,  D.  L.  &  W.  R.  R.;  health  officer  of  the 
city  of  Elmira  for  two  terms;  was  elected  supervisor  of  Chemung  Co.; 
was  member,  president,  and  secretary  of  the  Tioga  Co.  (Penn.)  Medical 


Charles  W.  Brown,  M.D.  (314) 

Mary  Elkaxor  Elliott 
Wife  of  Dr.  Charles  W.  Brown 


Society;  secretary  Elmira  Academy  of  Medicine  five  years;  one  of  the 
founders  of  the  New  York  State  Medical  Association;  secretary  and  pres- 
ident of  the  Third  District  Branch.  He  lectured  on  surgery,  Nurses  Train- 
ing-school, Sibley  Hospital,  Washington,  D.  C.  He  is  president  of  the 
Frank  H.  Thomas  Company,  General  Agents  Travelers  Insurance  Co.; 
is  member  of  the  Masonic  Fraternity,  3  2d  degree,  K.  C.  C.  H.,  and  Almas 
Temple  Mystic  Shrine;  member  of  Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  Amer- 
ican Medical  Association,  and  the  Medical  Society  of  the  District  of 
Columbia.  Politics,  Republican.  Res.,  1411  K  St.,  Washington,  D.  C. 
Children : 

748.  Catherin  Elliott  Brown,  b.,  Mansfield,  Penn.,  June  15,  1868; 

m.  Dr.  Gaius  Marcus  Brumbaugh  (750-752). 

749.  Mabel  Frances,  b.  Nov.  21,  1876;  d.  May  1,  1898.  She  at- 

tended grammar  school  in  Elmira,  N.  Y„  and  Washington, 
D.  C;  also  high  school,  in  Washington,  until  her  health 
failed.  She  gave  much  time  to  the  study  of  music,  and  was 
a  fine  piano-player;  was  organist  and  class  secretary  of 
primary  class  in  Foundry  Methodist  Episcopal  Sunday 
School,  and  an  active  member  of  Foundry  Church  as  long 
as  she  was  able  to  attend.  She  was  always  a  good  Christian 
girl,  and  was  beloved  by  all  who  knew  her.  Her  remains 
rest  in  the  beautiful  Rock  Creek  Cemetery. 

Catherin  E.  Brown  (748),  dau.  of  Charles  W.  (314)  and  Mary  Eleanor 
(Elliott)  Brown,  b.,  Mansfield,  Penn.,  June  15,  1868;  m.,  Elmira,  N.  Y., 
Oct.  1,  1889,  by  Rev.  A.  W.  Green,  Gaius  Marcus  Brumbaugh,  M.D., 
of  Washington,  D.  C.  Catherine  went  with  her  parents,  who  moved  to 
Elmira,  N.  Y.,  when  she  was  a  young  girl.  Here  she  attended  grammar 
school  and  the  St.  Ursula  School  for  Girls,  from  both  of  which  she  grad- 
uated. She  also  attended  the  Elmira  Female  College.  After  her  marriage 
she  moved  to  Washington,  D.  C,  where  she  has  been  identified  with 
various  organizations  looking  to  the  betterment  of  the  race.  Prominent 
among  these  is  the  National  George,  Jr.  Republic  League,  of  which  she 
is  recording  secretary.  She  began  her  activities  as  a  Daughter  of  the 
American  Revolution  in  Constitution  Chapter,  holding  the  office  of 
registrar  and  recording  secretary,  which  office  she  resigned  to  become  cor- 
responding secretary  in  the  new  chapter,  Livingston  Manor,  organized  by 
her  mother  in  Feb.,  1909.  She  was  one  year  State  recording  secretary,  de- 
clining renomination  in  order  to  give  more  time  to  the  office  of  secretary 
to  the  National  Magazine  Committee,  which  office  she  resigned  on  her 



election  in  191 1  to  the  office  of  registrar-general,  D.  A.  R.,  for  a  term  of 
two  years.*  She  is  national  chaplain  of  the  Children  of  the  American 
Revolution,  of  which  her  two  interesting  boys  are  enthusiastic  members. 
Through  her  father's  line  she  is  a  member  of  the  Daughters  of  Founders 
and  Patriots  of  America,  being  corresponding  secretary  of  the  District  of 
Columbia.    [See  American  Monthly  Magazine,  Mar.,  191 2,  p.  105.] 

Gaius  Marcus  Brumbaugh,  M.D.  [Andrew  Boleus,  M.D.,  Jacob, 
George,  Jacob,  Johannes  Henrich],  b.,  Penn  Township,  Huntingdon  Co., 
Penn.,  May  7,  1862,  on  the  old  homestead  farm.  Educated  in  private 
school,  Huntingdon  Academy,  Brethren's  Normal  School,  Juniata 
College;  graduated  from  latter  with  degree  of  B.  E.  ('79);  also  received 
degree  of  M.E.  and  M.S.  ('98)  from  the  same  institution.  Taught  sev- 
eral years  in  public  schools  of  Pennsylvania;  attended  medical  lectures 
at  University  of  Pennsylvania,  and  Medical  Department  Columbian 
University  [now  G.  W.  U.];  graduated  from  Howard  University,  and 
received  degree  of  M.D.  from  same  in  1895;  graduated  from  Medical  De- 
partment, Georgetown  University,  in  1898.  He  removed  to  Washington, 
D.  C,  in  1882;  held  several  positions  under  the  government,  the  last 
being  Assistant  Chief,  Bureau  of  Animal  Industry.  Since  1899  he  has 
been  member  of  United  States  Board  Pension  Ex.  Surgeons,  of  which 
he  is  secretary.  Entered  upon  active  medical  practice  in  Washington, 
D.  C,  Oct.,  1887;  member  Medical  Society  District  of  Columbia,  Amer- 
ican Medical  Association,  American  Association  for  Advancement  of 
Science,  Pennsylvania  German  Society,  Pennsylvania  Historical  So- 
ciety, etc.  He  is  examiner  for  a  number  of  life,  accident,  and  health 
insurance  companies;  lecturer  on  materia  medica  and  therapeutics 
in  the  National  Training-school  for  Nurses  (Sibley  Hospital)  for  over 
fourteen  years,  giving  up  the  same,  and  other  activities,  in  191 1,  to  secure 
time  to  complete  his  publication  "  Genealogy  of  the  Brumbach  Families," 
850  pp.,  published  Mar.,  1913,  and  from  which  these  extracts  are  re- 
published. He  actively  participated  in  the  foundation  of  the  "Normal 
Select  School,"  "Brethren's  Normal  College,"  etc.,  as  pupil,  and  later 
pupil-instructor  and  graduate.  Was  elected  trustee  of  Juniata  College 
[1909],  Huntingdon,  Penn.,  as  his  father's  successor  in  membership  in 
that  board.  Office  and  res.,  905  Massachusetts  Ave.,  N.  W.,  Washing- 
ton, D.  C.  [See  "Genealogy  of  the  Brumbach  Families,"  Brumbaugh, 
1913,  pp.  613,614.! 

Children : 

750.    Charles   Andrew    Brumbaugh,    b.,    Washington,    May    13, 

*  Re-elected  1912,  term  expires  1915. 



1897.  He  graduated  from  grammar  school,  and  is  at- 
tending Technical  High  School;  is  member  of  Young 
Men's  Christian  Association. 

751.  Marcus  Morton,  b.  July  28,  1899;  d.  May  15,  1900. 

752.  Elliott  Frank,  b.  Jan.  24,  1903.  He  is  attending  graded  school. 

Ella  Viola  Brown  (315),  dau.  of  Daniel  Warren  (147)  and  Catherine 
Adaline  (King)  Brown,  b.  Sept.  25,  1848;  d.  July  21,  1912;  m.  (1),  June 
20,  1869,  by  Rev.  David  Craft,  Capt.  George  V.  Myer,  b.,  Monroeton, 
Penn.,  Aug.  5,  1841.  He  was  a  civil  engineer.  Sept.  9,  1 861,  he  enlisted 
for  three  years  in  Co.  K,  50th  Regt.  Penn.  Vols.,  recruited  at  Monroe; 
promoted  from  1st  Sergeant  to  2d  Lieutenant,  May  1,  1864;  to  Cap- 
tain, May  1,  1865;  mustered  out  with  company,  July  30,  1865.  He 
was  taken  prisoner  at  Battle  of  Wilderness,  and  confined  in  Libby 
Prison;  he  escaped  through  the  famous  tunnel,  was  re-captured  when 
near  Union  lines,  and  taken  back  to  Richmond.  From  starvation,  sleep- 
ing in  swamps  many  days,  and  traveling  nights,  he  was  taken  with  fever 
before  reaching  Richmond,  and  was  unconscious  for  several  weeks.  When 
he  recovered,  he  found  he  had  been  cared  for  at  a  private  house  where 
he  had  been  taken  by  Masons  (he  being  a  3  2d  degree  member  of  that 
order).  He  was  the  soldier  who  had  a  small  American  flag  secreted  in 
his  boot  when  he  entered  Libby  Prison,  and  on  the  Fourth  of  July  he 
climbed  up  the  rafters  of  the  old  prison  and  pushed  the  little  flag  out 
through  a  crack  at  the  front  peak  of  the  building,  where  it  was  soon 
discovered  by  the  guards,  and  shot  down.  After  escaping  through  the 
tunnel  he,  with  several  others,  traveled  nights,  and  slept  in  swamps 
during  the  days,  and  were  fed  by  colored  people.  They  had  been  out 
several  days  when  the  "Yankee -hunters," — composed  of  men  too  old,  and 
boys  too  young,  to  go  into  the  army,— with  the  aid  of  bloodhounds,  came 
upon  them  while  they  were  in  a  swamp.  They  were  too  weak  to  fight  off 
the  dogs,  so  they  climbed  trees  to  get  out  of  their  reach.  When  the  men 
came  up,  the  younger  ones  leveled  their  guns  to  shoot;  but  Captain 
Myer  gave  the  hailing  sign  of  a  Mason,  and  one  of  the  older  men  recog- 
nized it  and  ordered  them  not  to  shoot.  The  dogs  were  called  off,  the 
prisoners  allowed  to  come  down,  and  they  were  taken  to  the  railroad, 
where  they  were  put  in  a  freight-car,  under  guard,  and  started  for  Rich- 
mond. After  the  war,  Captain  Myer  was  a  civil  engineer  and  pension 
agent.  His  health  was  very  poor  up  to  the  time  of  his  death,  because  of 
hardships  while  in  the  army.  Mrs.  Ella  V.  Myer  m.  (2),  Apr.  3,  1910, 
Dwight  Hall  Bissell. 



Children,  by  first  m.: 

753.  Harry  Wessels  Myer,  b.,  Towanda,  Penn.,  Feb.  18,  1S70; 

m.,  Feb.  28,  1914,  Sarah  Frances  Tyger.  He  is  a  civil 
engineer,  chief  of  staff  of  Pittsburgh  Coal  Company. 

754.  William  Warren,  b.,  Towanda,  Dec.  28,  1872;  graduated  at 

Medical  Department,  University  of  Pennsylvania,  and 
commenced  practice  in  Old  Forge,  Penn.,  where  he  has 
remained  to  this  date. 

755.  Cecil   Blight,   b.,   Towanda,   Apr.    14,    1890;    m.,    Wilkes- 

Barre,  Penn.,  Aug.  26,  1913,  Kathryn  Loretta  Krieg,  b. 
Mar.  19,  1888.  Son:  Williard  Warren,  b.  July  15,  1914. 

Fremont  M.  Brown  (316),  son  of  Daniel  Warren  (147),  b.  Feb.  7,  1856; 
m.,  June  25,  1878,  Ada  M.  Elliott,  dau.  of  Hon.  Simon  B.  Elliott.  Mr. 
Elliott  was  a  member  of  Pennsylvania  State  Legislature,  a  civil  engineer, 
geologist,  and  astronomer;  he  was  also  member  of  Pennsylvania  State 
Forestry  Commission,  and  author  of  book  on  forestry,  "The  Important 
Timber  Trees  of  the  United  States."  Fremont  M.  Brown  graduated 
from  the  State  Normal  School,  5th  Dist.,  Penn.,  in  1877;  was  keeper  at 
New  York  State  Reformatory  for  two  years,  and  conducted  a  drug-store 
in  Elmira,  N.  Y.  He  is  a  civil  engineer;  was  mine  engineer  for  Bell  Lewis 
Coal-Mining  and  R.  R.  Company,  Reynoldsville,  Penn.,  for  fifteen  years; 
has  been  operating  coal-mines  for  himself  for  last  five  years.  Res., 
Reynoldsville,  Penn. 

Children : 

756.  Inez  Elliott   Brown,  b.,  Arnott,  Penn.,  Apr.   7,   1879;  m-> 

Reynoldsville,  June  20,  1906, Thomas  F.  Adam,  b.,  Arnott, 
Apr.  25,  1873;  son  of  Andrew  and  Isabel  Adam.  Child: 
Allen  Brown  Adam,  b.  Feb.  25,  1913. 

757.  Raymond  Elliott,  b.,  Arnott,  Apr.  16,  1881;  m.  Nell  Linda 

Robinson  (759,  760). 

758.  Christine   Harriet,   b.,   Elmira,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  25,   1884;   m., 

Reynoldsville,  Apr.  12,  1909,  Samuel  Curtin  Bond,  b., 
Brookville,  Perm.,  July  7,  1863;  son  of  William  Bond.  He 
is  a  graduate  of  La  Fayette  College,  and  a  banker  in  Du- 
Bois,  Penn.  Children:  (1)  Samuel  Curtin,  b.  June  3,  1910; 
(2)  Elliott  Brown,  b.  Oct.  18,  1912. 

Raymond  Elliott  Brown  (757),  son  of  Fremont  M.  (316)  and  Ada  M. 
(Elliott)  Brown,  b.,  Arnott,  Penn.,  Apr.  16,  1881;  m.,  Oct.  19,  1907, 
Nell  Linda  Robinson,  b.,  Mercer,  Penn.,  Aug.  3,  1882;  dau.  of  Samuel  S. 
























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**j  .2  t> 

cK  u  ij 

i-     •  -c  ~ 

rt  "  5  +-1 

hh   55   « 

4)           4>    ■* 


Robinson  and  Emma  Mundorf.  Raymond  E.  Brown  attended  public 
schools  in  Reynoldsville,  Penn.,  and  graduated  from  Reynoldsville  High 
School  in  spring  of  1898.  In  the  fall  of  the  same  year  he  entered  the  Ithaca 
(N.  Y.)  High  School,  and  graduated  in  the  spring  of  1899.  In  the  fall  of 
the  same  year  he  entered  Cornell  University,  from  which  institution  he 
graduated  in  the  spring  of  1903,  with  the  degree  of  Bachelor  of  Arts. 
In  the  fall  of  1903  he  entered  the  University  of  Pennsylvania,  and  grad- 
uated from  the  Law  Department  thereof  in  the  spring  of  1905,  with  the 
degree  of  Bachelor  of  Laws.  He  began  the  practice  of  law  in  the  Borough 
of  Brookville,  Penn.  [county-seat  of  Jefferson  Co.],  in  Aug.,  1905,  hav- 
ing previously  been  admitted  to  the  bar  of  that  county.  He  was  ad- 
mitted to  the  bar  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  Pennsylvania  in  Oct.,  1907; 
Republican  candidate  for  District  Attorney  in  1909;  elected  Magistrate 
for  the  Borough  of  Brookville  for  a  term  of  six  years.  In  Feb.,  1910, 
he  became  a  member  of  the  Presbyterian  Church  of  Brookville. 

759.  Marjorie  Robinson  Brown,  b.,  Reynoldsville,  Aug.  31,  1908. 

760.  Marion  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  28,  1909. 

Dorsey  Warren  Brown  (317),  son  of  Daniel  Warren  (157)  and  Catherine 
Adaline  (King)  Brown,  b.  Nov.  27,  1857;  m.,  Fall  Brook,  Penn.,  1883, 
Lulu  Wentz.  He  graduated  from  the  Buffalo  Medical  College  Feb.  22, 
1882;  began  practice  in  Antrim,  Penn.,  Mar.  1,  1882;  then  went  to  Fall 
Brook,  and  Mansfield,  Penn.,  1883;  Elmira,  N.  Y.,  1885;  Rochester, 
N.  Y.,  1886,  where  he  remained  several  years.  He  then  went  to  Beling- 
ton,  W.  Va.,  1900  to  1905;  then  to  Charleston,  W.  Va.,  and  back  to  the 
old  homestead,  at  Browntown,  Penn. 

Children : 

761.  Judson  W.  Brown,  b.,  Mansfield,  Feb.  22,  1884;  m.,  Sept. 

19,  1 910,  Lillian  Lewis,  of  Columbus,  O.  He  is  agent 
of  the  Adams  Express  Company,  at  Charleston,  W.  Va. 
Children:  (1)  Judson  Lewis,  b.,  Charleston,  Apr.  25,  1911; 
(2)  Dorris,  b.  Aug.  11,  1914. 

762.  Dorsey  Warren,  Jr.,  b.,  Rochester,  July  16,  1887;    is  chief 

clerk  of  Adams  Express  Company,  at  Huntington,  W.  Va. 

763.  Kenneth  W.,  b.,  Belington,  W.  Va.,  July  28,  1902. 

Ira  L.  Brown  (373),  son  of  John  P.  (162)  and  Urania  (Kingsley)  (176), 
Brown,  b.  Nov.  6,  1831;  d.  Sept.,  1892;  m.,  Mar.  8,  1854,  Henrietta 




764.  Urania  Lois  Brown,  b.  Apr.  15,  1855;  m.  Oliver  Stevens  (774). 

765.  Lydia  Angeline,  b. ;  m.  Virgil  Walter  Tillman. 

766.  John  P.,  b. 

767.  Jesse  C,  b. 

768.  Carrie  Maud,  b.  Dec.  27,  1862;  m.  Liba  D.  Coggswell.    Res., 

Los  Angeles, Cal.  Son:  Liba  Leroy,  who  m.,  and  had  a  son, 
Leroy,  Jr. 

769.  Mary  Belle,  b.  Feb.  5,  1865;  m.  Calvin  Moody. 

770.  Julietta,  b.  Oct.  7,  1867;  m.  Alonzo  Stevens. 

771.  Elizabeth  Lovina,  b.  Apr.  13,  1871;  m.  Edward  Henry  (775— 


772.  John,  Jr.,  b. ;  d.  when  a  child. 

773.  Charles  Rodney,  b.  Nov.  4,  1877. 

Urania  Lois  Brown  (764),  b.  Apr.  15,  1855;    m.  Oliver  Stevens,  of 
Stevensville,  Penn. 

774.  Susie  Urania  Stevens,  b.  July  18,  1883;  m.,  June  12,  1903, 

Maurice  Hoffman.  Children:  (1)  Maurice  Stevens,  b.  Feb., 
1904;  (2)  Bernita  Ceylon,  b.  Dec.  12,  1908.  Res.,  Sayre, 

Elizabeth  Lovina  Brown  (771),  sister  of  (764),  b.  Apr.  13,  1871;  m. 
Edward  B.  Henry,  of  Sayre,  Penn. 
Children : 

775.  Edith  May  Henry,  b.  Dec.  31,  1894. 

776.  Gordon  Lang,  b.  Aug.  30,  1896;  d.  July  10,  1900. 

777.  Cora  Adele,  b.  Dec.  18,  1898. 

778.  Elizabeth  S.,  b.  Sept.  21,  1901;  d.  Mar.  7,  iqo6. 

779.  Edward  Burton,  b.  May  4,  1906. 

780.  Catherine  Emily,  b.  Aug.  12,  1908. 

781.  Isabel  Brown,  b.  May  12,  191 2. 

John  G.  Brown  (377),  son  of  Benjamin  (163)  and  Rachel  Birney 
(Stafford)  Brown  [Allen  (108),  Thomas  (47)],  b.  1831;  d.  Feb.  16,  1902; 
m.  (1)  Nancy  Morrow;  m.  (2)  Josephine  Welch,  who  d.  Feb.  9,  19 10. 
He  enlisted  in  Co.  I,  141st  Penn.  Vols.;  was  promoted  from  Sergeant  to 
2d  Lieutenant,  Dec.  10, 1862;  to  1st  Lieutenant,  Dec.  5, 1863;  to  Captain, 
Jan.  24,  1865.  He  was  wounded  at  the  Battle  of  Gettysburg,  July  2, 
1863.  He  was  also  in  Battle  of  Chancellorsville,  with  General  Sickles, 
and  in  many  other  battles. 



Children  by  first  m.: 

782.  Rachel   Brown,  b.  Sept.  24,   1871;  m.   (1),  June    19,    1902, 

Harry  Birney;  m.  (2)  Merton  D.  Brayton.    Child,  by  first 
m.:  Adaline,  b.  July  31,  1903.     Res.,  Proctor,  Minn. 

783.  Paul,  b. 

784.  Nancy,  b. 

Children  by  second  m.: 

785.  Eleanor,  b.  May  21,  1876;  m.  George  Prince,  who  d.  1907. 

786.  Pauline,  b.  Apr.  29,  1878;  m.  Earl  David.    Son:  Gordon. 

787.  Fred,  b.  Feb.    3,  1881;   m.  Margaret  Hope.     Children:    (1) 

Josephine;  (2)  Marcella;  (3) ,  b.1912,  d.  Nov.  15,  1913. 

788.  Birney,  b.  Apr.  17,  1887. 

Henry  Allen  Brown  (378),  son  of  Benjamin  (163)  and  Rachel  Birney 
(Stalford)  Brown,  b.  Nov.  18,  1833;  m.,  Aug.  22,  1863,  Rosalie  Ammer- 
man,  b.  Oct.  18,  1844;  d.  May  3,  1910. 

Children : 

789.  Mervin  Benjamin  Brown,  b.  Sept.  26,  1864. 

790.  James  Walter,  b.  June  8,  1867;  d.  Dec,  1912. 

791.  Anna  Ellen,  b.  June  2,  1870. 

792.  Volney  Hornet,  b.  Apr.  24,  1871. 

793.  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  16,  1872;  d.  Aug.  27,  1879. 

794.  Daisy  Eleanor,  b.  Aug.  24,  1874. 

795.  George  Hartley,  b.  Aug.  16,  1879. 

796.  Rachel  (twin),  b.  Mar.  28,  1885;  d.  Aug.  22,  1885. 

797.  Robert  (twin),  b.  Mar.  28,  1885;  d.  July  4,  1909. 

Polly  Jane  Birney  (385),  dau.  of  Harry  and  Lurania  (Brown)  (166) 
Birney  [Allen  (108),  Thomas  (47)],  b.  June  4,  1834;  d.  May  30,  1892; 
m.,  Dec.  20,  1867,  John  S.  Quick,  b.  Nov.  17,  1837;  d.  July  28,  1890. 


798.  Mattie  Quick,  b.  Nov.  6,  1868;   m.,  Jan.  23,  1895,  Arthur 

Harris.  Children:  (1)  Madonna,  b.  May  9,  1897;  (2)  Dale, 
b.  Apr.  3,  1901;  (3)  Faithie,  b.  Nov.  18,  1910.  Res.,  Lacey- 
ville,  Penn. 

799.  Paul,  b.  Apr.  28,  1873;  m.,  Sept.  12,  1894,  Carrie  Eckert. 

Children:  (1)  Doris,  b.  Sept.  21,  1904;  (2)  John,  b.  Nov.  1, 

800.  Nellie,  b.  Dec.  23,  1876;  m.,  Feb.  15,  1900,  Martin  Conant. 

Child:  Coit,  b.  Jan.  5,  1904.    Res.,  West  Duluth,  Minn. 



Hiram  Brown  Birney  (386),  son  of  Harry  and  Lurania  (Brown)  (166) 

Birney,  b. ;  m.  Adeline  Gregg. 


800a.  Anna  Urania  Birney,  b. ;  m.  Stephen  Riley. 

800b.  Emeline,  b.  ;  m. Morrow. 

800c.  Harry,  b. ;  m.  Rachel  Brown.   [See  782.] 

Sood.  Frank  Gregg,  b. ;  m. Gamon.    Children:  (1)  Cath- 
erine; (2)  George  Horton;  (3)  Harry  Birney. 

If  our  fathers  wrought,  however  obscurely,  in  the  building  of  a  noble 
structure,  it  becomes  an  especial  delight  to  preserve  the  record,  and  to  hand 
it  on  to  those  who  may  come  after  us. 

Samuel  Brown  (52),  son  of  Thomas  Brown  (22),  who  m.  Deborah  Hol- 
dredge  [Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  July.  14,  1743; 

d.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Sept.  29,  1S15;  m.  Mary .    It  could  not 

be  found  whose  daughter  she  was.  Both  are  buried  in  the  old  burying- 
ground  at  Cedar  Swamp,  with  many  of  their  kindred,  in  unmarked 

Children,  b.  Stonington: 

801.  Robert  Brown,  b.  June  5,   1764;  m.  Lydia  Dewey  Brown 


802.  Wealthy,  b. ;  m.  Joseph  Cook. 

803.  Sarah,  b. ;  m.  Azariah  Hilliard. 

804.  Deborah,  b. ;  m.  Luther  Main,  b.  Apr.  18,  1766;  son  of 

Timothy   and   Elizabeth    (Brown)    Main,  of  Stonington. 
[See  B.  &  M.  G.,  p.  51.] 

805.  ■  Samuel,  b. ;  unm. 

806. •  Lucy,  b. ;  unm. 

807.,  Prentice,  b.  1772;  d.,  No.  Stonington,  Oct.  23,  1841,  aged 
sixty-nine  years;  m.  Lucy  Main  [B.  &  M.  G.,  p.  51], 
b.,  Stonington,  Dec.  9,  1768;  d.,  No.  Stonington,  Sept. 
21,  1841;  dau.  of  Timothy  and  Elizabeth  (Brown)  Main. 
No  issue.  They  adopted  a  girl,  who  became  the  wife  of 
Cogswell  T.  Miner,  who  will  be  mentioned  further  on. 
Timothy  Main  was  the  son  of  Deacon  Thomas  Main, 
b.,  Stonington,  July  19,  1700;  m.,  Stonington,  Apr.  20, 
1720,  Annah  Brown  [B.  G.,  p.  113],  b.  Feb.  1,  1700;  dau. 
of  Eleazer  Brown  and  Ann  Pendleton.  Eleazer  Brown  was 
the  son  of  Thomas  Brown  and  Mary  Newhall,  of  Lynn, 
Mass.  [B.  G.,  pp.  9-12.] 




In  the  name  of  God  Amen,  I  Samul  Brown  of  Stonington  in  the  County 
of  New  London. 

Although  labouring  at  present  under  some  indisposition  of  body,  yet 
being  of  Sound  and  disposing  mind,  memory  and  understanding  through 
the  mercy  of  God,  do  make  and  ordain  this  my  last  Will  and  Testament, 
in  manner  &  form  following.  First  &  principally  I  resign  my  Soul  with 
the  utmost  humility  into  the  hands  of  Almighty  God,  my  Creator  humbly 
hoping  for  a  blessed  immortality,  through  the  merits  and  mediation  of 
my  blessed  Saviour  &  Redeemer  Jesus  Christ,  and  my  body  I  desire 
may  be  decently  buried  at  the  discretion  of  my  Executor  hereinafter 

And  as  for  such  Temporal  Estate  as  the  Lord  in  his  great  goodness  & 
mercy  hath  intrusted  me  with  I  give,  devise,  &  dispose  thereof  as  fol- 

Imprimis:  I  Will  that  all  my  Just  Debts  &  funeral  Charges  be  paid  & 
discharged  by  my  Executor  herein  after  named. 

Item:  I  give  &  bequeath  unto  my  Son  Robert  Brown  the  sum  of  ten 
dollars,  to  be  paid  to  him  by  my  Executor  hereinafter  named  within 
One  Year  after  my  decease  which  together  with  what  I  have  already 
given  him  is  his  equal  share  of  my  Estate, 

Item:  I  give  and  bequeath  unto  my  Daughter  Wealthy  Cook  Wife  of 
Joseph  Cook  the  use  and  improvement  of  the  House  and  garden 
spot  of  land  where  She  now  lives,  containing  about  a  half  an  acre 
of  land  lying  and  being  at  Pawcatuck,  all  during  her  the  said 
Wealthys  natural  life,  and  at  the  expiration  of  said  Wealthy's  life 
the  fee  of  said  house  and  lot  is  to  descend  to  my  Son  Prentice  Brown 
&  his  heirs  whom  I  have  this  day  given  a  deed  of  said  Premises,  under 
said  incumbrance,  which  together  with  what  I  have  already  given 
her  is  her  equal  Share  of  My  Estate, — 

Item:  I  give  and  bequeath  unto  my  Daughter  Sarah  Hilliard,  wife  of 
Azariah  Hilliard,  fifty  Dollars  to  be  paid  to  her,  within  two  Years, 
after  my  Decease  by  my  Executor  hereafter  named  which  together 
with  what  I  have  already  given  her,  is  her  equal  Share  of  my  Estate — 

Item :  I  give  &  bequeath  unto  my  Daughter  Deborah  Main  Wife  of  Luther 
Main  Fifty  Dollars,  to  be  paid  by  my  Executor,  Prentice  Brown, 
hereafter  named  (if  he  shall  see  cause)  in  the  payment  of  two  Certain 
Notes  of  hand  which  I  am  jointly  bound  with  said  Luther  Main 
for  the  payment,  One  of  Which  is  payable  to  Capt.  Christopher 



Brown  for  the  sum  of  fifty  Dollars  or  more;  and  the  other  payable 
to  Edward  Holmes  for  the  sum  of  Ten  Dollars,  or  more,  otherwise 
to  be  paid  to  said  Deborah  in  Two  Years  after  my  decease. 
Item:  I  give  and  bequeath  unto  my  four  Daughters  Namely  Wealthy 
Cook,  Lucy  Brown,  Sarah  Hilliard  &  Deborah  Main,  &  to  my  Son 
Samuel  Brown  equally  to  be  divided  between  them,  all  my  House- 
hold furniture  (except  my  desk,  which  I  give  to  my  son  Prentice 
Brown)  to  be  equally  divided  between  them. 
Item :  I  give  and  bequeath  unto  my  loving  Wife  Mary  Brown  (exclusive 
of  What  is  formerly  agreed  between  us  by  Jointer)  the  use  and  im- 
provement of  the  East  Great  Room  in  the  house  where  I  now  dwell 
for  herself  only,  to  use  &  improve  as  long  as  she  shall  remain  my 
Item:  I  give  and  bequeath  unto  my  Son  Prentice  Brown  all  the  Residue, 
of  my  Real  &  personal  Estate  which  I  have  not  already  given  away 
in  this  Will,  To  him  the  said  Prentice  Brown,  &  to  his  heirs  and  as- 
signs forever  (on  condition)  that  my  said  Son  Prentice  Brown  shall 
comply  with  my  Will  further  (which  is)  That  it  is  my  Will  that  the 
said  Prentice  Brown  shall  decently,  and  reasonably  support,  & 
maintain  my  Son  Samuel  Brown,  and  my  Daughter  Lucy  Brown, 
during  their  and  each  of  their  natural  lives,  free  from  expense  to 
the  rest  of  my  heirs  etc.,  or  from  all  persons  whatever. 

And  I  do  hereby  Revoke  all  other  Wills  by  me  formerly  made,  &  de- 
clare this  only  to  be  my  Last  Will  &  Testament,  And  do  appoint  my  Son 
Prentice  Brown  Sole  Executor  to  this  my  Last  Will  &  Testament. 

In  Witness  whereof  I  the  said  Samuel  Brown  have  hereunto  Set  my 
hand  &  Seal  this  12th  day  of  Feby.  A.D.  1810. 

Samuel  Brown 
Signed,  Sealed,  Published  & 
Declared  by  the  said  Testator 
Samuel  Brown,  as  &  for  his 
last  Will  &  Testament,  In 
Presence  of  us  who  have  sub- 
scribed our  names  as  Witnesses 
thereto  In  the  presence  of  each 
other  &  in  the  presence  of  the 
said  Testator  — 

Roswell  Randall 

Harry  Davis 

Stephen  Avery 



Prentice  Brown,  Executor  of  the  last  Will  and  Testament  of  Said 
Samuel  Brown  deed.,  exhibited  the  Inventory  of  the  Estate  of  said 
deed.,  which  is  accepted  &  Recorded  as  follows  Viz:  — 

Inventory  of  the  Estale  of  Mr.  Samuel  Brown  late  of  Stonington 
Shewn  us  the  Subscribers  by  the  Executor  to  appraise  —  viz. 

i  Hat  2  5cts.  i  old  blue  G.  Coat  $1.50  $1.75 

1  Blkgreat  Coat  $20.  1  Blk.  B.  Cloth  $18.  38.00 

1  Blue  Do  $1.50  1  old  black  Do  50  cts.  2.00 

1  old  Cotton  Do.  25  cts.  1  old  Striped  Do  $1  1.25 

1  pr.  Broad  Cloth  Trowsers,  $1.50  1.50 

3  pr.  Cotton  trowsers  $1.50  2  pr.  flannel  Slips  50  cts.  2.00 

1 1  Striped  Cotton  Vest  $1.  4  old  Do  Do  $1  2. — 

'2  old  flannel  Shirts  50  cts.  2  linen  Shirts  $1  1.50 

'2  old  Do  $0.50,  4  pr.  Yarn  &  1  pr.  thread  Stockings  $1  1.50 

'1  pr.  Shoes,  50  cts.  1  pr.  Silver  Shoe  buckles  $1.50  2.00 

'  1  bible  25  cts.  1  bed  Bolster  &  Pillows  &  under  bed  $11  11-25 

'  1  Do  Bolster  &  2  Pillows  &  under  bed  No.  2  $6  6.00 

'  1  Do  Woolen  Ticken  &  under  bed  No.  3  $7  7. — 

'  1  Do  Toe  Cloth  Ticken,  fowls  feathers  No.  4.    $4  4. — 

'  1  Do  Do  bolster,  &  under  Bed  No.  5  4.50 

'  1  —  Yarn  Coverlet  Checked  3.00 

'  1  Do  Do  filling  Black  &  Red  1.50 

'  1  Draught  Coverlet,  black  &  Yellow  filling  3.00. 

'  1  Do  linen  Chain  $2.50  2.50 

'  1  Do  Yarn  Chain  Black  &  Yellow  filling  1.50 

'old  Yarn  Coverlet  green  &  Yellow  filling  1.00 

'  1  old  Do  Blue  &  Yellow  $0.75,  1  Striped  Do  50  cts.  1.25 

'  1  bed  quilt,  Quilted  on  a  Coverlet  2.50 

'  1  Do  Some  Worn  $1.25  1  pr.  Woolen  bed  blankets  $3.50  4.75 

'  1  pr.  Do  No.  2  $3.  6  Woolen  Bed  blankets  $4.50  7.50 
'  1  Do  Do  $0.25  4  old  linen  Sheets,  $0.75) 
'6  old  Pillow  Cases,  25  cts.                          J 

'Part  of  a  Suit  of  Checked  linen  Curtains  .50 

'  1  part  of  Suit  of  White  Do  Do  .75 

'  1  Diaper  Table  Cloth  75  cts.  .75 

'  1  old  Kersey  Do  $0.25,  4  diaper  Napkins  $1  1.25 

'3  Kersey  Do  Do  $0.75,  1  Cot  Bedstead  &  Cord  $1.25  2.00 

'  1  Do  Square  Post  &  Cord  Do  .50 




i  old  Do  Do  8  cts.  i  Square  table  colored  frame 

with  draw,  $1.50  1  Small  Do  50  cts. 

1  Do  half  Split  12  cts.  1  Small  Red  Chest  75  cts.  .87 

C.  fiddle  back  Chairs  $1.50  3  Flat  Back  Do  36  cts.  1.86 

1  Red  Chest  with  a  draw,  $1.75  1  looking  Glass  75  cts.  2.50 

2  old  linen  Wheels,  $1.50  1  old  Woolen  Wheel  12  cts.  1.62 

1  Old  low  Case  of  Draws,  12  cts.  .12 

2  Pewter  platters  &  8  pewter  plates,  4  basons  &  4  Spoons  3.50 
1  large  Iron  kettle  $1.50  1  Dish  kettle  34  cts.  1.84 
1  bake  kettle  75  cts.  1  Iron  Pot  $1  Tea  kettle  75  cts.  2.50 

1  old  pot,  12  cts.  1  frying  pan  25  cts.  1  Spider  25  cts.  .62 

2  Wooden  Trays  50  cts.  1  Case  with  old  bottles  34  cts.  .84 
1  Churn  25  cts.  3  old  pails  25  cts.  .50 
1  tin  Coffee  pot  1 2  cts.  1  Trammel  50  cts.  .62 

1  pr.  steelyards  25  cts.  1  Loom  Warping  bars  &  Yarn  $2  2.25 

4  Records  or      $6  1  Maple  Desk  $4  10.00 

5  Yds  Blk  Broad  Cloth  @  75  cts.  per  Yard  3.75 
6£  Yds  Cloth  whitened  $2  18  lbs.  Wool,  $6  8.00 

6  lbs.  Woolen  Yarn  $3  3.00 
Several  old  Casks  in  the  Cellar  and  Crib  1.00 
15  Sheep  $15  1  pr.  Working  Cattle  $45  60.00 
6  Cows  $69  1  2- Year  old  bull  $12  81.00 

2  Calves  $6-2  old  hogs  &  6  Shotes  $25  31-00 
100  lbs.  Cheese,  $9  9. — 
90  Acres  of  land  with  the  buildings  thereon 

it  being  the  farm  where  said  deed,  last  lived,  at  $20,  pr.  Acre    1800. — 


Ichabod  Brown  Freeholders 

William  Randall     f        under  Oath" 


[From  the  Adjutant-General's  Report  of  Connecticut  Men  of  the 

Revolution,  p.  452.] 

The  Eighth  Regiment  of  Militia,  Connecticut  Men  of  the  Revolution, 
1776   [Capt.  Wheeler's  Company]: 
Capt.  Thomas  Wheeler,  entered  service  Sept.  8,  discharged,  Nov.  17, 

1st  Lieutenant:  Ichabod  Brown,  entered  service,  Sept.  8,  discharged, 
Nov.  17,  1776. 



2d  Lieutenant:   Sanford  Billings,  entered  service,  Sept.  8,  discharged, 

Nov.  9,  1776. 
Ensign:  Thomas  Swan,  entered  service,  Sept.  8,  discharged,  Nov.  17, 

Corporal:  Samuel  Brown,  entered  service,  Sept.  8,  discharged,  Nov.  17, 


AN  EXTRACT  FROM  B.  G.  (p.  23). 

Nathan  Brown  (60),  son  of  Daniel  (24)  and  Mary  (Breed)  Brown; 
Thomas,  Jr.  (2),  who  m.  Hannah  Collins;  Thomas  who  m.  Mary  Newhall, 
of  Lynn. 

Nathan  Brown  (60),  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  June  20,  1738;  d.  1831; 
m.,  Stonington.  Sept.  17,  1761,  Lydia  Dewey,  b.  Apr.  23,  1744;  d.  May 
19,  1800;  dau.  of  David  and  Deborah  (Tracy)  Dewey;  m.  by  Elder 
Wait  Palmer,  the  first  pastor  of  the  First  Baptist  Church,  of  No.  Sto- 
nington. Nathan  Brown,  the  great  grandfather  of  the  compiler  of  these 
records,  removed  the  old  house,  built  in  1721  by  his  father,  Daniel  (24), 
where  he  was  born,  using  portions  of  the  timber  for  rebuilding  the 
present  house  on  the  same  site.  It  is  four  miles  from  Westerly,  R.  I., 
on  the  No.  Stonington  road.  This  house  and  farm  have  always  been  oc- 
cupied by  some  member  of  the  Brown  family,  and  were  a  part  of  the 
original  purchase  of  the  three  Brown  brothers,  and  deeded  by  Thomas 
(2)  to  his  son  Daniel  (24).  [See  B.  G.,  Appendix  III,  for  original  deed.] 
Nathan  Brown  spent  his  whole  life,  ninety- three  years,  on  this  farm. 
About  a  mile  distant,  in  full  view  from  this  house,  is  the  beautiful  Union 
Cemetery,  where  he  and  his  wife  and  many  branches  of  the  family  are 

In  B.  G.  the  numbers  of  the  children  are  from  200  to  209. 
Children,  b.  Stonington: 

807a.    Lydia  Dewey  Brown,  b.  Mar.  8,  1762;  m.  Robert  Brown 

807b.  Nathan,  Jr.,  b.  June  18,  1765;  m.,  Stonington, Mar.  29,  1786, 
Eunice  Brown,  b.  Feb.   15,   1767;  dau.  of  Ichabod  and 
Thankful   (Baldwin)  Brown.  [B.  G.,  p.  49.]   There  were 
five  children. 
807c.    Charles,  b.  Feb.  6,  1767. 
8o7d.   Esther,  b.  May  1,  1771;  m.  Luther  Brown. 
8o7e.    Deborah,  b.  Aug.  14,  1773;  m.,  Stonington,  May  10,  1793, 

Ephraim  Brown,  b.  Aug.  28,  1770  (2374-2378). 
8o7f.    Dudley,  b.  Dec.  16,  1776;  lived  at  the  old  Nathan  Brown 
homestead  and  d.  there,  Aug.  24,  1856;  m.,  Stonington, 



Phebe  Miner,  b.  Nov.  4,  1781;  sister  of  Elder  Asher 
Miner;  she  d.  June  29,  1868.  [Their  records  given  in 
B.  G.,  p.  50.] 

8o7g.    Joseph,  b.  Mar.  16,  1778. 

807I1.    Avory,  b.  May  28,  1780. 

8o7i.  Theda,  b.  Apr.  16,  1786;  m.  Cyrus  W.  Brown.  [Their  records 
given  in  B.  G.,  pp.  27,  28.] 
Theda  Brown,  dau.  of  Nathan  (60)  and  Lydia  (Dewey) 
Brown,  son  of  Daniel  (24)  and  Mary  (Breed)  Brown, 
son  of  Thomas  Brown,  Jr.  (2),  and  Hannah  Collins,  son 
of  Thomas  Brown,  Sr.,  and  Mary  Newhall,  of  Lynn, 
Mass.;  she  d.,  No.  Stonington,  Nov.  30,  1S63;  m.  Cyrus 
Williams  Brown,  son  of  Roswell  and  Esther  (Williams) 
Brown,  son  of  Jedediah,  son  of  Jedediah,  son  of  John  (8), 
son  of  Thomas  and  Mary  Newhall,  of  Lynn,  Mass.;  he 
was  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Nov.  30,  1788;  d.,  No.  Stoning- 
ton, Aug.  18,  1 861.  Both  are  interred  in  Union  Cem- 

807J.    Polly,  b.  Feb.  7,  1789;  m.  Russell  Brown,  b.,  Stonington, 
Jan.  29,  1782,  son  of  Jedediah.    [B.  G.,  p.  23.] 


i.    Allen  Breed,  first  in  Lynn,  Mass.,  1630;  b.,  England,  1601; 
wife's   name   unknown.    He   d.  Mar.  17,  1692.     Had  five 
Their  son: 

2.  Allen  Breed,  b.  1626;  m.  Mary ;  had  six  children. 

Their  son: 

3.  John  Breed,  b.  Jan.  18,  1663;  m.  (1),  Apr.  28,  16S6,  Mary 

Kirtland;  m.   (2),  June  8,   1690,  or  1692,  Mercy  Palmer, 
dau.  of  Gershom  and  Ann  (Dennison)  Palmer.    John  Breed 
d.  1761;  his  wife  d.  Jan.  2S,  1752. 
Their  dau. : 

4.  Mary  Breed,  b.  June  8,  1697;  m.  Daniel  Brown  (24).    Buried 

on  the  Christopher  Brown  farm,  No.  Stonington. 

Robert  Brown  (801),  son  of  Samuel  (52)  and  Mary  Brown  his  wife,  son 
of  Thomas  Brown  (22)  and  Deborah  Holdredge,  son  of  Thomas  Brown, 
Jr.  (2),  and  Hannah  Collins,  son  of  Thomas  Brown  and  Mary  Newhall, 
of  Lynn,  Mass.,  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  June  5,  1764;  d.,  Belchertown, 



Nathan  Brown  (iiio)  House 

North  Stonington,  Conn. 

In  this  house  Lydia  D.  Brown  (807a)  was  born  and  married  Robert  Brown  (801) 

(See  pages  97  and  377) 

IMILJIIJMjmUf.  ■   'I   %    '" 


^  s:. 



Christopher  Dewey  and  Margaret  Brown  (1285)  House 

North  Stonington,  Conn. 
Is  still  standing  in  1015.    (See  page  176) 


Mass.,  Feb.  13,  1849,  aged  eighty-four  years  and  eight  months;  m., 
Stonington,  May  7,  1783,  Lydia  Dewey  Brown,  b.,  Stonington,  Mar.  8, 
1762;  d.,  Belchertown,  May  26,  1834,  aged  seventy-three  years;  dau.  of 
Nathan  (60)  and  Lydia  (Dewey)  Brown,  son  of  Daniel  (24)  and  Mary 
(Breed)  Brown,  son  of  Thomas  Brown,  Jr.  (2),  and  Hannah  Collins, 
son  of  Thomas  Brown,  Sr.,  and  Mary  Newhall,  of  Lynn,  Mass.  He  m. 
(2),  Sept.  27,  1837,  Lorinda  Green,  b.  1803;  d.,  Belchertown,  Mar.  1, 
1865,  aged  sixty- two  years.  Robert  Brown  and  both  his  wives  and 
young  dau.  Lucia  are  buried  on  the  farm  in  No.  Belchertown.  Robert 
and  his  father,  Samuel  Brown,  served  in  the  Revolutionary  War. 
Children,  b.  Stonington  and  Belchertown: 

808.  Lydia  Brown,  b.  Nov.  23,  1784;  m.  Gideon  Bartlett  (947- 


809.  Clarissa,  b.  Feb.  2,  1787;  m. McBride  and  went  West. 

810.  Perez,  b.  Sept.  20,  1790;  m.,  Jan.  28,  1816,  Polly  Andrews; 

one  child  d.  young. 

811.  Esther,  b.  Mar.  3,  1793;  m.  Daniel  Dodge  (824a-824h). 

812.  Diana,  b.  May  7,  1794;  m.,  Jan.  19,  1814,  Samuel  J.  Lincoln. 

813.  Robert,  b.  Nov.  3,  1795-96;  m.  Eliza  Ranger  (819-824). 

814.  Salla,  b.  June  n,  1799;  she  m.  and  went  West. 

815.  Abel,  b.  Dec.  27,  1802;  m.  Hannah  Ward  (825-834). 

816.  Theda,  b. ;  d.  young. 

817.  Theda,  b.  Aug.  8,  1806;  m.  Robert  King  (835-842). 

818.  Son,  by  second  m.,  Martin  Van  Buren  Brown,  b.  Jan.  8, 

1838  (843-854)- 

Note. —  Extract  from  the  Adjutant-General's  Report  of  Connecticut  Men  of  the 
Revolution,  p.  571. 

On  March,  1781,  Brig-Gen.  Waterbury,  Jr.,  was  appointed  "Commandant  of  the 
Battalion  ordered  to  be  raised  for  the  defense  of  the  Post  at  Horseneck  and  places  ad- 
jacent, and  also  all  the  guards  raised  for  the  defense  of  the  seacoast  from  Horseneck 
to  New  Haven  inclusive."  The  force  was  composed  of  drafts  from  the  militia,  and 
amounted  to  a  brigade  of  two  battalions.  In  July  it  joined  Washington,  while  he  was 
encamped  at  Phillipsburg,  and  for  some  time  after  was  under  Heath's  command  on 
the  Winchester  line. 

Original  roll  as  follows:  "Capt.  Charles  Neil's  Company  is  made  up  of  men  from 
Preston,  Norwich,  New  London,  Colchester,  Lyme,  Stonington,  and  Groton.  In  this 
company  of  79  men  is  found  Robert  Brown,  of  Stonington;  time  joined,  May  24, 1781." 

Robert  Brown  (801)  bought  land  in  Belchertown  of  Thomas  Willson, 
Jan.  n,  1795,  and  on  this  place  he  and  his  two  wives  are  buried.  He 
bought  land  again,  Apr.  17, 1795,  and  on  this  place  he  and  his  first  wife, 
Lydia  D.  Brown,  died.   On  this  last  purchase  there  was  a  saw-mill.    The 



proof  is  conclusive  that  Robert  Brown,  Jr.,  and  the  other  children  that 
follow,  were  born  in  Belchertown.  [Probate  Records,  Northampton.] 
There  is  a  tradition  that  when  Robert  and  wife  Lydia  D.  (Brown)  Brown 
removed  from  Stonington,  Conn.,  they  went  to  Bridgewater,  Mass., 
and  from  there  he  removed,  with  all  his  belongings  in  an  ox-cart,  to 
Belchertown,  where  he  made  a  permanent  home. 

Robert  Brown  (813),  son  of  Robert  (801)  and  Lydia  Dewey  (Brown) 
Brown  [Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington, 
Conn,  [since  1807  No.  Stonington],  Nov.  3,  1795;  d.,  Belchertown,  Mass., 
Nov.  17,  1874;  m.,  Dec.  15,  1S19,  Eliza  Ranger,  b.,  Ewing,  Mass.,  Jan. 
11,  1801;  d.,  Belchertown,  Sept.  27,  1877.  Both  are  buried  in  the  Smith 
Cemetery,  Pelham,  Mass.,  and  have  a  monument. 

Children,  the  first  four  b.  Belchertown: 

819.  Charles  Theodore  Brown,  b.  Sept.  30,  1821;  three  times  m. 

^  (855-857)- 

820.  Caroline  Frances,  b.  June  20,  1823;  m.  Ebenezer  P.  Dickin- 

son (858-862). 

821.  Lydia  Maria,  b.  Dec.  5,  1827;  m.  Lucius  Ingram  (881-883). 

822.  Relucia  Ann,  b.  Feb.  13,  1S29;  twice  m.  (records  follow  883). 

823.  Maryann  Augusta, b.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Aug.  18,  1832;  m.  Estus 

H.  Barnes  (884-893). 

824.  Lutheria   Melissa,  b.,   Belchertown,   Nov.    22,    1834;   unm. 

Miss  Brown  resides  [1914]  in  the  village  of  Belchertown; 
Mrs.  Nellie  S.  (Barnes)  Munsell  (887)  and  her  husband, 
Emory,  make  their  home  with  her  [1914]. 

Esther  Brown  (811),  dau.  of  Robert  (Soi)  and  Lydia  D.  (Brown) 
Brown  [Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.  Mar.  3, 
1793;  m.  intentions  published  in  Pelham,  Mass.,  Mar.  27,  181 2,  to  Daniel 
Dodge.  In  a  book  of  the  vital  statistics  of  Pelham  of  the  year  1S50,  in 
Amherst  Public  Library,  is  found  the  following  record. 
Children : 

824a.    Harrison  Dodge,  b.  Feb.  27,  1813. 
824b.   Achsah,  b.  Jan.  14,  1816. 

824c.  Anna  Maria,  b.  Dec.  16,  181 7;  m.,  Apr.  2,  1837,  James 
Greenwood  Whipple,  b.,  Enfield,  Mass.,  Mar.  2,  1815. 
Children:  (1)  William  Dunlap  Whipple,  b.  Aug.  26,  1838; 
(2)  Ambra  Sultina,  b.  Jan.  27,  1840;  (3)  Daniel  D.,  b. 
Dec.  14, 1841;  (4)  Oliver  C.,b.  Nov.  10, 1843;  (5)  Mary  E., 
b.  Mar.  10,  1846.  This  family  moved  to  Minnesota  many 
years  ago. 



824c!.  Cyrus  Brown,  b.  Apr.  23,  1821 ;  m.  intentions  published  Jan. 
10,  1844,  to  Sarah  A.  Spears,  of  Belchertown. 

8246.    Abel,  b.  Nov.,  1823. 

8241.  Ralph  Kellogg,  b.  June  14,  1827;  m.,  Dec.  27,  1848,  Susan 
Jane  Cook,  b.  Baltimore,  Md.  Son:  Philo  T.,  b.  Aug.  26, 

824g.    Pelina,  b.  July  26,  1831. 

824I1.    Nancy  P.,  b. ;  m.,  Dec.  27,  1848,  Josiah  N.  Holden,  of 

Prescott.  They  removed  to  Minnesota  soon  after  mar- 

Abel  Brown  (815),  son  of  Robert  (801)  and  Lydia  Dewey  (Brown) 
Brown  [Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Belcher- 
town, Mass.,  Dec.  27,  1802;  d.,  Belchertown,  Aug.  25,  1869;  m.  Hannah 
Ward,  who  d.  Oct.  14,  1877.  They  lived  in  No.  Belchertown,  near  where 
they  were  born.  Abel  Brown  was  a  farmer  and  owned  two  hundred  and 
fifty  acres  of  land,  and  the  ten  children  were  born  in  the  same  house, 
which  is  standing  in  19 14,  and  where  he  died.  There  was  a  reunion  of 
this  family  in  August,  1896,  at  the  old  homestead  in  No.  Belchertown, 
when  all  the  children  were  present  except  the  youngest,  Lafayette  Brown, 
who  was  then  living  in  the  State  of  Michigan.  There  were  then  living 
twenty-three  grandchildren  and  twenty  great-grandchildren.  It  was  a 
memorable  event  in  the  history  of  this  family. 

Children,  b.  Belchertown: 

825.  Sally  Emeline  Brown,  b.  June  5,  1830;  m.  Chapin  Murdock 

Seagraves  (897,  898). 

826.  Hannah  Jane,  b.  Feb.  4,  1832;  m.  Mendall  Howard  (records 

follow  899). 

827.  Mary  Lucretia,  b.  Apr.  1,  1833;  m.  Charles  Scott  (900-904). 

828.  Abel  Prentice,  b.  Aug.  25,  1834;  m.  Louisa  M.  Preston  (905- 


829.  John  Bradford,  b.  Sept.  11,  1836;  m.  Mary  Henrietta  Vinton 

(909,  910). 

830.  Martha  Bertha,  b.  Sept.  23,  1838;  m.  Jared  Gould  (911-913). 

831.  Perez  Rio,  b.  Jan.  3,  1840;  m.  Jennie  Broad  (917-917^. 

832.  Alfred  Henry,  b.  May  27,  1842;  twice  m.  (918-920). 

87,7,.    Ellen  Maria,  b.  Dec.  27,  1843;  m.  Esck  Dwight  Baker  (921- 

834.    Lafayette  Francois,  b.  Aug.   1,   1846;  m.  Ann  M.  Mower 




Theda  Dewey  Brown  (817),  dau.  of  Robert  (Soi)  and  Lydia  Dewey 
(Brown)  Brown  [Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b., 
Belchertown,  Mass.,  Aug.  8,  1806;  d.  Hartford,  Conn.;  m.,  Belchertown. 
Robert  King,  b.,  Belchertown,  1806;  d.  Pelham,  Mass.;  son  of  Robert 
and  Sarah  (Conkey)  King.  The  King  ancestry  was  represented  in  the 
French  and  Indian  Wars  as  well  as  in  the  Revolution.  Robert  and  Theda 
D.  (Brown)  King  passed  their  married  life  at  Belchertown  and  Pelham. 
A  street  in  Belchertown  is  named  King  Street.  After  the  death  of  her 
husband  she  removed  to  Hartford.  Both  are  buried  in  the  Smith  Ceme- 
tery, at  Pelham. 

Children,  b.  Belchertown  and  Pelham: 

835.  Clarissa  Almira  King,  b.  1829;  d.  aged  twenty-one;  unm. 

836.  Serepta  Fidelia,  b.  Aug.  7,  1S31;  twice  m.  (842a-842f). 

837.  Rufus  Powers',  b.  1833;  d.  Marshall,  Mich.     He  was  twice 

m.  and  had  four  children,  all  deceased. 

838.  James  Chandler,  b. ;  d.,  Chatham,  Canada,  aged  twenty- 

eight  years. 

839.  Perez  Theodore,  b.,  Belchertown,  1839;  d.  Boston. 

840.  Joseph  Pomeroy,  b.  1841;  m.  Rosetta  Pendleton;  both  d.  in 


841.  Sarah  Eliza,  b.,  Belchertown,  Oct.  17,  1845;  m.  Ezra  Bourn 

Chadwick  (84 2g). 

842.  Isadore  Josephine,  b.,  Pelham,  Dec.  13,  1848;  m.  Benjamin 

F.  Conkey  (842b,  842!). 

Serepta  Fidelia  King  (836),  dau.  of  Robert  and  Theda  Dewey  (Brown) 
(817)  King  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2), 
Thomas],  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Aug.  7,  183 1;  d.,  Hartford,  Conn., 
July,  1904;  m.  (1),  Pelham,  Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1851,  Austin  Welles  Conkey, 
b.,  Pelham,  Sept.  15,  1804;  d.,  Pelham,  Oct.  9,  1861;  son  of  David  and 
Pattie  (Washburn)  Conkey,  of  Pelham.  Mrs.  Conkey,  after  the  death  of 
her  husband;  returned  to  the  home  of  her  mother.  Later  she  removed  to 
Northampton,  Mass.,  and  m.  (2)  Oliver  W.  Leonard,  of  New  Britain, 
where  she  removed  in  1869,  and  to  Hartford  in  1874.  Austin  W.  Conkey 
was  the  great-great-grandson  of  Alexander  Conkey,  one  of  the  original 
founders  of  Pelham,  1738-39.  He  came  to  America  and  settled  in  Worces- 
ter, Mass.,  before  1700,  and  later  came  with  the  Scotch  Colony  to  Pel- 
ham. The  ancestors  of  Alexander  Conkey  were  among  those  who  came 
from  Argyleshire,  Scotland,  in  1612,  and  settled  in  Ulster  Co.,  Ireland, 
where  they  remained  less  than  a  hundred  years,  coming  to  America  before 



1700.  Alexander  was  one  of  four  men  to  establish  the  Boston  Presbytery, 
in  Londonderry,  N.  H.,  in  1775.  His  great-great-grandson,  Austin  W. 
Conkey,  was  engaged  in  the  manufacture  of  shoe-pegs,  and  later  shingles, 
with  Miner  Gould,  in  Pelham.  Later  he  .was  engaged  with  the  Smith 
Organ  Company,  of  Boston.  The  Conkey  family  trace  their  paternal  ances- 
try back,  with  many  different  spellings,  to  the  tenth  and  eleventh  cen- 

Children  of  Austin  W.  and  Serepta  F.  (King)  Conkey,  b.  Pelham: 
842a.    Avery  Leroy  Conkey,  b.  May  31,  1852;  m.  Ida  Beaumont, 

of  Hartford. 
842b.  David,  b.  Feb.  24,  1856;  d.,  Pelham,  July  2$,  1858. 
842c.  Clara  Delia,  b.  July  15,  i860;  m.,  Hartford,  Oct.  13,  1880, 
Charles  Spaulding  Langdon,  b.,  Downer's  Grove,  111., 
Nov.  16,  1846;  son  of  Rev.  George  Langdon,  of  Hartford, 
lineal  descendant  of  Rev.  Thomas  Hooker,  founder  of 
Hartford,  and  Olivia  Holmes  Barstow,  of  So.  Woodstock, 
Mass.,  granddau.  of  Dr.  Lothrop  Holmes,  and  great- 
granddau.  of  Dr.  David  Holmes,  grandfather  of  Oliver 
Wendell  Holmes.  Clara  D.  Conkey  was  educated  in  the 
schools  of  New  Britain  and  Hartford,  Conn.  Charles  S. 
Langdon  was  educated  at  De  Young's  Classical  School, 
Elizabeth,  N.  J.,  and  the  high  school,  Pittsfield,  Mass. 
He  has  been  connected,  with  the  National  Fire  Insurance 
Company,  of  Hartford,  for  over  forty  years,  and  is  now 
general  agent  for  the  company.  Res.,  108  Gillett  St., 
Hartford,  Conn. 
Children,  b.  Hartford: 

842d.   Charles  Barstow  Langdon,  b.  July  20,  1892;  student  [1912] 

at  Yale  Scientific  School. 
842c    Allan  Randolph,  b.  Sept.  18,  1894. 
842L    Wendell  Holmes,  b.  Mar.  4,  1905. 

Sarah  Eliza  King  (841),  dau.  of  Robert  and  Theda  (Brown)  (817) 
King  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b., 
Belchertown,  Mass.,  Oct.  17,  1845;  d.,  Hartford,  Conn.,  May  11,  1902; 
m.,  Springfield,  1865,  Ezra  Bourn  Chadwick,  b.,  Bristol,  R.  I.;  d.,  Bris- 
tol; son  of  John  and  Mary  (Bourn)  Chadwick.  He  was  a  merchant. 
Mrs.  Chadwick  was  a  member  of  the  Methodist  Church. 

842g.    Isa  Mabelle  Chadwick,  b.,  Burlington,  Mich.,  Jan.  6,  1868; 
m.,  Hartford,  Sept.  8,  1887,  La  Fayette  Edward  Pike, 



b.,  Cheshire,  Conn.,  Jan.  5,  1858;  son  of  Emanuel  Pike, 
of  New  York,  and  Mary  Cook,  both  deceased.  Mr.  Pike 
is  a  banker  and  broker,  Hartford.  Son:  William  Carlisle 
Pike,  b.,  Hartford,  Feb.  8,  1889;  m.,  Block  Island,  R.  I., 
Aug.  7,  1909,  Phebe  Merryl  Babbitt;  their  son,  Bentley 
Chadwick,  b.,  Hartford,  Mar.  8,  191 2. 

Isadore  J.  King   (842),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Pelham,  Mass., 

Dec.  13,  1S48;   m.,  Cold  Water,  Mich.,  Nov.  13,  1867,  Benjamin  F. 

Conkey,  b.  Bristol,  R.  I.      Mr.  Conkey  was  a  carpenter;  his  wife  is  a 

member  of  the  Baptist  Church.  Her  res., 62  Willard  St.,  Hartford, Conn. 


842I1.  Lizzie  Adelle  Conkey,  b.,  Marshall,  Mich.,  Aug.  6,  1868; 
d.,  Hartford,  May  12,  1900;  m.  Edward  B.  Phillips. 
Children:  (1)  Jennie,  b.  Mar.  3,  1888,  d.  in  infancy;  (2) 
Ethel  May,  b.  1890;  (3)  Raymond,  b.  1892,  d.  1894. 
842k  David  Frank,  b.,  New  Britain,  Conn.,  June  4,  1873;  m., 
Hartford,  Oct.  1,  1902,  Florence  Gertrude  Tracy,  b., 
Hazardville,  Conn.,  Sept.  23,  1875;  dau.  of  Henry  Fitch 
Tracy,  of  Hazardville,  and  Adelaide  Eugenia  Porter. 
Mr.  Conkey  has  resided  in  Hartford  practically  his  whole 
life,  and  his  wife  since  1S93.  He  has  been  a  member  of  the 
1st  Co.  Governor  Foot  Guards  since  1891.  Both  are 
members  of  the  First  Church  of  Christ,  Hartford. 

Martin  Van  Buren  Brown  (818),  son  of  Robert  (801)  and  Lorinda 
(Green)  Brown  [Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b., 
Belchertown,  Mass.,  June  8,  1838;  d.,  Hadley,  Mass.,  Oct.  20,  1894;  m. 
(1),  Belchertown,  about  1858,  Olivia  Wilson,  who  d.  about  1863;  m. 
(2),  Belchertown,  Feb.  10,  1865,  Helen  Blackmer,  b.,  Belchertown, 
Apr.  16,  1841;  she  d.  at  Hadley,  Mar.  16,  1889;  dau.  of  Reuben  Blackmer 

and Farrington,  of  Belchertown.    His  wife  was  a  member  of  the 

Baptist  Church.  Martin  V.  B.  Brown  lived  at  the  old  homestead,  in 
No.  Belchertown,  where  his  father,  Robert,  took  up  government  land. 
When  about  ten  years  old  his  father  died  and  Martin  went  to  live  with 
Samuel  Cook,  of  Hadley,  until  he  was  nineteen  years  old.  After  his  mar- 
riage he  bought  a  saw-mill  in  Belchertown.  He  enlisted  in  the  Civil  War, 
at  Greenfield,  Mass.,  in  Co.  D,  27th  Mass.  Vol.  Reg.,  and  was  honorably 
discharged,  because  of  the  close  of  the  war,  June  26,  1865,  as  1st 
Lieutenant.  He  participated  in  fourteen  battles  from  Feb.  7,  1862,  to 
the  siege  of   Petersburg,  Aug.   26,   1S64.     He  contracted  rheumatism 



while  in  the  army,  and  finally,  it  reaching  his  heart,  he  suffered  intensely 
for  eight  years,  dying  comparatively  young,  at  the  age  of  fifty-six. 

Let  the  children  for  generations  to  come  remember  at  what  great  cost  and 
sacrifice  the  fathers  fought  to  preserve  a  flourishing,  united  country;  yea,  the 
best  on  which  the  sun  shines. 

Children,  except  the  last  four,  b.  Belchertown: 

843.  Ida  Brown,  b.  May  13,  1866;  m.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  Nov.  12, 

1896,  William  H.  Morgan,  b.  May  13,  1866;  d.,  No.  Am- 
herst, Mass.,  Aug.  13,  1911.  He  was  the  son  of  Edwin 
and  Carrie  (Holbrook)  Morgan,  of  Hadley.  No  issue.  Mrs. 
Morgan  has  the  old  family  Bible  of  Robert  Brown.  She 
sent  to  the  compiler  many  valuable  records  of  her  father's 
and  mother's  families.  Her  res.,  No.  Amherst,  Mass. 

844.  William  Reuben,  b.  Oct.   15,   1867;  d.  Apr.   12,   1911;  m., 

Dec.  12,  1888,  Emma  D.  Potter.  Children:  (1)  Willie,  b. 
Sept.  29,  1880,  deceased;  (2)  George  Henry,  b.  Feb.  12, 
1890;  he  has  served  since  1909  in  the  Coast  Artillery,  and 
[1913]  is  in  that  service. 

845.  Charles  Frederick,  b.  Jan.  n,  1869;  m.   (1),  So.  Deerfield, 

.Mass.,  Apr.  n,  1895,  Mrs.  Annie  E.  Wilder;  she  d.,  No. 
Hadley,  July  10,  1905.  He  m.  (2),  Apr.,  1909,  Lillian 
Stowell.  Children:  (1)  F.  Leroy,  b.  May  30,  1910;  (2) 
A.  V.  Brown,  b.  Nov.  10,  1911.  Mr.  Brown  is  a  machinist 
at  Barre,  Mass. 

846.  Olivia,  b.  Sept.  23,  1870;  d.  Dec.  29,  1904;  m.,  Greenfield, 

Sept.  28,  1898,  William  H.  Potter.  No  issue.  Res.,  No. 
Amherst,  Mass. 

847.  Samuel  Robert,  b.  Feb.  27,  1872;  m.,  No.  Amherst,  Oct.  6, 

1897,  Kunigunda  Zeiner,  b.,  Munich,  Germany,  Jan.  20, 
1878.  Mr.  Brown,  since  he  was  fifteen  years  old,  has  suc- 
cessfully engaged  in  carpenter  work.  Res.,  Amherst,  Mass. 
Children:  (1)  Marion  M.,  b.,  Hadley,  May  9,  1898;  (2) 
Robert  Eugene,  b.,  Hadley,  Mar.  4,  1900;  (3)  Beatrice, 
b.,  Hadley,  May  30,  1902,  d.  Jan.  21,  1903;  (4)  Marguerite 
Zeiner,  b.,  Hadley,  Aug.  4,  1903;  (5)  Harold  Edward,  b., 
Amherst,  Mar.  15,  1906;  (6)  Samuel  Merton,  b.,  Amherst, 
Apr.  13,  1910.  These  children  are  in  the  schools  of  Amherst. 

848.  James  Van  Buren,  b.  Apr.  25,  1873;  m.,  Sunderland,  Mass., 

June  8,  1898,  Minnie  Maud  Davis.    Mr.  Brown  is  a  car- 


penter  in  No.  Amherst.  Children:  (i)  Ruth  Linder,  b. 
Aug.  4,  1899;  (2)  Mildred  Esther,  b.  June  17,  1904. 

849.  Henry  M.,  b.  May  3,  1874;  unm. 

850.  Benjamin  Franklin,  b.  July  26,  1875;  m.,  Hadley,  Oct.  25, 

1899,  Marion  M.  Gilbert.  Mr.  Brown  is  an  electrical 
machinist.  Res.,  Amherst,  Mass.  Children:  (1)  Gilbert 
Martin,  b.  Aug.  6,  1900;  (2)  Helen  Viney,  b.  July  1,  1902. 

851.  Marcus  Jaynes,  b.,  Amherst,  Jan.  9,  187S;  m.,  So.  Vernon, 

Vt.,  Dec.  4,  1895,  Lutie  Allin,  b.,  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y., 
Mar.  24,  1877;  dau.  of  Wallace  and  Sarah  (McDermott) 
Allin,  of  Plattsburgh.  Mr.  Brown  is  a  boss  carpenter.  Res., 
Amherst,  Mass.  Children:  (1)  Marcus, b., Hadley,  May  27, 
1897;  (2)  Ralph,  b.,  Amherst,  Oct.  16,  1898;  (3)  Clarence, 
b.,  Winthrop,  Mass.,  May  7,  1901;  (4)  Myrtle  Gladys, 
b.,  Amherst,  Jan.  14,  1905,  d.  in  infancy;  (5)  Earl,  b., 
Hadley,  Feb.  23,  1907;  (6)  Carlton  Wallace,  b.,  Hadley, 
May  27,  1908,  d.  Jan.  17,  1910;  (7)  Kenneth  Russell,  b., 
Amherst,  Dec.  19,  191 1. 

852.  Daisy,  b.,  Amherst,  July  28,  1879;  m.,  No.  Amherst,  July  21, 

1909,  Robert  W.  Harrington.  Dau.:  Nellie  Frances,  b. 
Dec.  16,  1910.    Res.,  392  Bridge  St.,  Northampton,  Mass. 

853.  Arthur,  b.  Feb.  27,  1881;  d.,  Pelham,  Apr.  7,  1883.   Killed  by 


854.  Helen  Marion,  b.,  Pelham,  Dec.  24,  1882;  m.,  No.  Amherst, 

July  21,  1909,  Frank  F.  Wood.    Res.,  No.  Amherst,  Mass. 
Nos.  843  to  854  are  grandsons  and  granddaus.  of  the  American  Rev- 

Charles  Theodore  Brown  (819),  son  of  Robert  (813)  and  Eliza  (Ranger) 
Brown  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Sept.  30,  1821;  d.,  Northampton,  Mass.,  Jan.  28, 
1902;  m.  (1),  Dec.  8,  1845,  Mary  Houston,  b.  Dec.  5,  1820;  d.  June  16, 


855.  Mary  Brown,  b.  June  11,  1846;  d.  in  infancy. 

He  m.  (2),  Jan.  18,  1847,  Sarah  Ann  Houston,  b.  May  3,  1819,  sister 
of  first  wife;  she  d.  Nov.  29,  1849. 

856.  Emily  Frances  Brown,  b.  Nov.  28,  1S47;  d.  Feb.  6,  1870; 

she  m.,  Oct.  8,  1867,  Chas.  O.  Howes,  d.  Dec.  25,  1892, 
aged  fifty-two  years.    Child:  b.— — ;  deceased. 



He  m.  (3),  June  2,  1853,  Nancy  Smith  Chapman,  b.,  Belchertown, 
June  4,  1821;  d.,  Boston,  Mar.  12,  1908;  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Nancy 
(Smith)  Chapman.  Buried  in  Smith  Cemetery,  No.  Amherst.  Mr.  and 
Mrs.  Brown  were  interested  in  establishing  Grace  Episcopal  Church  in 
Amherst,  and  were  communicants  there. 


857.  Nina  Eliza  Browne,  b.,  Erving,  Mass.,  Oct.  6,  i860.   She  was 

baptized  at  the  Episcopal  Church  in  Amherst  and  con- 
firmed there.  She  fitted  for  college  in  the  public  schools  of 
Amherst,  and  graduated  from  Smith  College  in  1882. 
After  a  fifth  year  of  special  study,  she  taught  three  and 
one  half  years,  two  of  them  at  the  Connecticut  Literary 
Institution.  She  began  library  work  in  1887  at  Columbia 
College,  but  gave  up  her  position  as  secretary  of  the  Amer- 
ican Library  Association  Publishing  Board  when  the  office 
was  transferred  to  Chicago.  In  1913  she  is  in  the  Harvard 
College  Library,  Cambridge,  Mass.    Res.,  Boston,  Mass. 

Caroline  Frances  Brown  (820),  dau.  of  Robert  (813)  and  Eliza  (Ranger) 
Brown,  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  June  20,  1823;  d.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  May 
18,  1901;  m.,  Belchertown,  Oct.  5,  1842,  Ebenezer  Porter  Dickinson,  b., 
Amherst,  Aug.  2,  1816;  d.,  Sunderland,  Mass.,  Jan.  10,  1878.  Farmer  in 
Amherst.  Both  buried  in  No.  Amherst. 

Children,  first  three  b.  Amherst: 

858.  Eliza  Maria  Dickinson,*   b.  July  2,   1843;   m.  Charles  E. 

Thayer  (863,  864). 

859.  Harriet  Atwood,  b.  July  22,  1846;  m.  Henry  L.  Lovett  (865- 


860.  Caroline  Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  24, 1848;  unm.;  res.,  No.  Amherst, 

with  her  sister  Eliza  M.  Dickinson,  and  has  been  an  in- 
valid the  past  sixteen  years.  Now  [191 2]  in  the  Old  Ladies' 
Home,  No.  Amherst. 

861.  Charles  Stores,  b.,  Sunderland,  Apr.  5,  1852;  m.  Elizabeth  F. 

Wright  (874-877). 

862.  Robert  Winthrop,  b.,  Sunderland,  Apr.  23,  1862;  m.  Mary  E. 

Billings  (878-880). 

Eliza  M.  Dickinson  (858),  dau.  of  Ebenezer  P.  and  Caroline  (Brown) 
Dickinson,  b.  July  2,  1843;  m.,  Sunderland,  Mass.,  Dec.  15,  1864,  Charles 

*  Mrs.  Thayer  gave  the  compiler  of  these  records  much  valuable  assistance,  having  records 
that  she  had  preserved. 



E.  Thayer,  b.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  Dec.  10,  1839;  d.  Nov.  2,  1872.     His 
death  was  caused  by  the  falling  of  a  tree  while  he  was  hunting. 
Children,  b.  Amherst: 

863.  Herbert  Dewey  Thayer,  b.  Dec.  8,  1868;  unm.  Res.,  Amherst, 


864.  Fred  Lewis,  b.  June  28,  1870;  d.  July  29,  1870. 

Harriet  Atwood  Dickinson  (S59),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  July  22, 
1846;  m.,  Sunderland,  Mass.,  Nov.  15,  1865,  Henry  Lovett,  b.,  Sunder- 
land, May  13,  1844;  son  of  Edward  and  Rosina  (Barlow)  Lovett.  Har- 
riet Atwood  Dickinson  d.  Mar.  9,  1909,  and  was  buried  in  Amherst, 

Children,  the  first  four,  seventh,  and  eighth  b.  Amherst: 

865.  Caroline  Rosina  Lovett,  b.  Apr.  13,  1867;  d.  aged  five  years. 

866.  Mabel  Atwood,  b.  Mar.  13,  1869;  m.,  Nov.  12,  1890,  Walter 

Merritt.   No  issue. 

867.  Edward  Porter,  b.  June  4,  1S71;  d.  Jan.  15,  1907;  m.,  Ware, 

Mass.,  Oct.  26,  1893,  Harriet  Marsh,  d.  May  4,  1903.  Dau.: 
Muriel  Lovett,  b.,  Ware,  Mass.,  May  28,  1896. 

868.  Charles  H.,  b.  Sept.  4,  1873;  d.  Apr.  2,  1908;  m.,  July  4, 

1902,  Mabel  Perkins,  of  Attleboro,  Mass. 

869.  Lena  Fanny,  b.,  Hatfield,  Mass.,  Aug.  23,  1875;  m.,  Aug.  20, 

1894,  Harry  Tucker,  of  Ware.     Children:  (1)  Lee  Heston, 
b.  May  30,  1895;  (2)  Gladis  Alberta,  b.  Mar.  18,  1897. 

870.  Harriet  Lenard,   b.,   Chicopee,   Mass.,   Nov.    n,    1877;   d. 

Mar.  28,  1890. 

871.  Helen  Eudora,  b.  May  15,  1S80;  m.,  Oct.  16,  1901,  Clayton 

Willard,  of  Orange,  Mass.    No  issue.    Res.,  Washington, 
D.  C. 

872.  Eliza  Maria,  b.  July  12,  1882;  m.,  Aug.  10,  iqio,  Charles 

Kothe.    Res.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

873.  Mildred  Dickinson,  b.,  Ware,  Apr.  5,  1885;  m.,  Nov.  24,  1908, 

Albert  Waters.    Res.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

Charles  Stores  Dickinson  (861),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Sunder- 
land, Mass.,  Apr.  5,  1S52;  m.,  So.  Deerfield,  Mass.,  Nov.  29,  1873, 
Elizabeth  F.  Wright,  b.  Nov.  13,  1854.     Res.,  Amherst,  Mass. 

Children,  b.  Amherst: 

874.  Ella  Wright  Dickinson,  b.  June  6,  1875;  m.,  Amherst,  Oct.  7, 

1902,  Howard  Paddock,  of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.    Children,  b. 
Brooklyn:   (1)   Miriam  Dickinson  Paddock,  b.   June   15, 



1906;  (2)  Chester  Howard,  b.  Jan.  16, 1908.  Res.,  Brooklyn, 
N.  Y. 

875.  Maud  Stebbens,  b.  Jan.  29,  1877;  m.,  Apr.  3,  1901,  Albert 

Mitten,  of  Amherst.  Children,  b.  Amherst:  (1)  Elizabeth 
Mary  Mitten,  b.  July  20,  1903;  (2)  Albert  Thomas,  Jr., 
b.  June  15,  1910.    Mr.  Mitten  is  in  a  drug  store. 

876.  Florence  Marcia,  b.  June  5,   1879;  m.,  Amherst,  Nov.   8, 

1908,  Frederick  A.  Estabrook.  Dau.:  Marcia  Elizabeth,  b. 
July  24,  1909.  Mr.  Estabrook  is  with  the  Fairbanks  Scale 
Company.    Res.,  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 

877.  Walter  Ebenezer,  b.  Sept.  25,  1885. 

Robert  Winthrop  Dickinson  (862),  b.,  Sunderland,  Mass.,  Apr.  23, 
1862;  m.,  Brattleboro,  Vt.,  Apr.  8,  1883,  Mary  E.  Billings,  b.,  Brattle- 
boro,  Mar.  20,  1864;  dau.  of  Israel  Billings,  of  Amherst,  Mass. 

Children,  b.  Amherst: 

878.  Fanny  May  Dickinson,  b.  Dec.  29,  1883;  m.,  Amherst,  Oct. 

19,  1905,  Robert  Morgan.  Mr.  Morgan  is  in  the  Savings 
Bank.  Son:  Henry  Winthrop,  b.  Nov.  13,  1906,  d.  Feb.  1, 

879.  Margaret  Caroline,  b.  Apr.  20,  1899. 

880.  Ebenezer  Porter,  b.  Sept.  20,  1900. 

Lydia  Maria  Brown  (821),  dau.  of  Robert  (813)  and  Eliza  (Ranger) 
Brown,  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Dec.  5,   1827;  d.,  Springfield,  Mass., 

May  19,  1902;  m.,  Belchertown,  Nov.  27,  1845,  Lucius  Ingram,  b. ; 

d.,  No.  Amherst,  Mass.,  Apr.  27,  1887;  buried  in  No.  Amherst. 
Children,  b.  No.  Amherst: 

881.  Elizabeth  Minerva  Ingram,  b.  Feb.  19,  1847;  d.  Apr.  6,  1847. 

882.  Albert  Barnes,  b.  Oct.  18,  1851;  d.  Oct.  24,  1851. 
882a.  Lucia  Parke,  b.  Nov.  4,  1853;  d.  Nov.  7,  1853. 

883.  Mary  Lucia,  b.  Mar.  3,  1864;  m.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  Oct.  20, 

1886,  Harry  Dickinson  Holland,  of  Amherst.  He  is  in  the 
grocery  business  in  Amherst;  also  the  hardware  business. 
Son:  Harry  Lucius,  b.  Nov.  13, 1890.  Res.,  Amherst,  Mass. 

Relucia  Ann  Brown  (822)  [Robert  (813),  Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52), 
Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Belcher- 
town, Mass.,  Feb.  13,  1829;  d.  Dec  13,  1909;  m.  (1),  Holyoke,  Mass., 
June  16,  1850,  Hulbert  Park,  b.,  Barnardstown,  Mass.,  Nov.  24,  1827; 
d.,  Holyoke,  July  11,  1856.    Both  are  buried  in  Barnardstown.    Son:  b. 



Oct.,  1856,  d.  1856.  She  m.  (2),  Belchertown,  Oct.  18,  1864,  Charles 
Hawes,  b.,  Belchertown,  May  12,  1821;  d.,  Belchertown,  Feb.  18,  1903. 
He  is  buried  in  Enfield,  Mass.  Mr.  Hawes  was  an  operator  in  a  cotton 
factory.   Both  were  members  of  the  Congregational  Church. 

Maryann  Augusta  Brown  (823),  dau.  of  Robert  (S13)  and  Eliza 
(Ranger)  Brown,  son  of  Robert  (801)  and  Lydia  Dewey  (Brown)  Brown 
[Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Pelham,  Mass., 
Aug.  18,  1832;  d.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  May  5,  1907;  m.,  Amherst,  Mass., 
Sept.  20,  1855,  Estus  Howe  Barnes,  b.,  Pelham,  Mar.  27,  1830;  d.. 
Pelham,  Jan.  6,  1895;  son  of  Dwight  and  Violet  (Bardwell)  Barnes.  He 
was  a  farmer  and  stone-mason.  Buried  in  Knight  Cemetery,  No.  Amherst. 

Children,  b.  Pelham: 

884.  Carrie  Augusta  Barnes,  b.  June  20,   1856;  twice  m.   (894- 


885.  Frederick  Herbert,  b.  Oct.  24,  1857:  d.,  Amherst,  Dec.  15, 

1898;  buried  in  Pelham. 

886.  Charles  Lyman,  b.  Sept.  17,  1859;  m.,  Portland,  Ore.,  July 

25,  1895,  Estella  Cowles,  of  No.  Amherst,  b.  Jan.  23,  i860; 
dau.  of  Almon  E.  and  Ellen  Louisa  (Gilbert)  Cowles.  Mr. 
Barnes  was  educated  in  the  public  schools  of  Pelham.  He 
lived  in  No.  Amherst  from  1879  to  1887;  in  Worcester, 
Mass.,  from  1887  to  1891;  Portland,  Ore.,  from  1891  to 
1899;  and  since  then,  to  191 2,  at  Dallas,  Ore.  He  has  been 
for  eighteen  years  in  the  employ  of  the  Southern  Pacific 
Railway,  in  the  bridge-building  department.  Mrs.  Barnes 
was  educated  in  the  public  schools  of  Amherst,  and  grad- 
uated from  the  high  school  in  1879.  Dau.:  Maud  Cowles 
Barnes,  b.,  Portland,  Nov.  21,  1898.    Res.,  Dallas,  Ore. 

887.  Nellie  Sanford,  b.  May  27,,  1861;  m.,  Holyoke,  Mass.,  May 

25,  1881,  Emory  Francis  Munsell,  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass., 
May  31,  1851;  son  of  Phineas  R.  and  Rebecca  (White) 
Munsell.  No  issue.  They  sold  the  farm  and  moved  to  the 
village  of  Belchertown  in  1910  to  care  for  her  aunt  Melissa 
Brown  (824).  Both  have  a  common-school  education  and 
are  Methodist  Episcopal  church-members.  He  is  a  farmer 
and  a  Republican.     Res.,  Belchertown,  Mass. 

888.  Hattie  Louisa,   b.   Mar.    20,    1864;   m.,  Amherst,  Apr.    14, 

1898,  William  Irving  Watts,  b.,  Amherst,  May  2,   1863; 



son  of  Henry  Law  and  Celistia  Nancy  (Bemis)  Watts.  No 
issue.  Mrs.  Watts  rendered  valuable  service  in  sending  all 
the  records  of  her  father's  and  mother's  families.  Both  Mr. 
and  Mrs.  Watts  were  educated  in  the  common  schools. 
Both  are  members  of  the  Hampshire  Agricultural  Society 
and  Amherst  Grange.  Mr.  Watts  is  a  farmer  and  a  Repub- 
lican.  This  is  his  second  wife.   Res.,  No.  Amherst,  Mass. 

889.  Mary  Eliza,  b.  June  2,  1866;  d.,  Pelham,  Apr.  12,  1890;  m., 

Springfield,  Mass.,  Oct.  10, 1886,  James  Clowes,  b.,  Canada, 
Apr.  15,  1865;  d.,  Chinook,  Mont.,  and  buried  there,  May, 

1901.  Son:  Walter  Raymond,  b.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  Apr. 
24,  1889. 

890.  George  Henry,  b.  Jan.  n,  1868;  m.,  Orange,  Mass.,  Dec.  23, 

1891,  Mary  Isabel  Dwight,  b.,  Belchertown,  Apr.  19, 
i860;  dau.  of  Asahel  and  Maria  (Allen)  Dwight.  No 
issue.  He  was  educated  in  the  schools  of  Amherst,  and  in 
early  life  was  a  miller  in  Amherst.  In  Springfield  he  was 
in  a  flour  and  grain  company.  Is  now  a  miller  at  Southwick, 
Mass.  He  is  a  member  of  Pacific  Lodge,  A.  F.  and  A.  M., 
of  Amherst,  and  of  the  I.  O.  O.  F.  Miss  Dwight  lived  in 
Amherst  from  1864  till  1908,  where  she  was  educated;  she 
then  moved  to  Springfield  with  her  husband. 

891.  Arthur  Dwight,  b.  Sept.  29,  1870;  m.,  Belchertown,  Apr.  15, 

1896,  Harriet  Eva  Cooley,  b.,  Belchertown,  Feb.  6,  1875; 
dau.  of  Frank  and  Emily  (May)  Cooley.  Children:  (1) 
Howard  Arthur,  b.,  Amherst,  Nov.  18,  1900;  (2)  Edward 
Charles,  b.,  Belchertown,  July  8,  1903,  d.,  Springfield, 
Aug.  28,  1905.    Res.,  Feeding  Hills,  Mass. 

892.  Alice  Mabel,  b.  Aug.  28,   1873;   d.,  Belchertown,  Feb.  17, 

1899;  m.,  Belchertown,  Feb.  24,  1898,  Roland  Williston 
Meyers,  of  Rutherford,  N.  J.  Son:  Harold  Barnes  Meyers, 
b.,  Belchertown,  Feb.  6,  1899. 

893.  Lulu  Effie,  b.  Aug.  21,  1875;  m.,  Marlboro,  Mass.,  Jan.  7, 

1902,  George  Daniel  Farnsworth,  b.,  Danvers,  Mass., 
Nov.  13,  1859;  son  of  Samuel  B.  and  Hannah  D.  (Robert- 
son) Farnsworth.  No  issue.  Mrs.  Farnsworth,  before  mar- 
riage, was  a  schoolteacher  for  six  years.  Mr.  Farnsworth 
and  brother  were  in  the  grocery  business  for  twenty-five 
years  in  Westboro  and  Marlboro,  Mass.  Res.,  West  Upton, 



Carrie  Augusta  Barnes  (884),  dau.  of  Estus  H.  and  Maryann  (Brown) 
Barnes  (823)  |Robert  (813),  Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22), 
Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  June  20,  1856;  m.  (1),  Belcher- 
town,  Mass.,  July  10,  1875,  George  Elliot  Capin,  son  of  George  and 
Martha  (White)  Capin,  b.,  Ludlow,  Mass.,  Nov.  22,  1851;  d.,  Belcher- 
town,  Oct.  7,  1882.  He  was  a  mechanic.  She  m.  (2),  Hadley,  Mass., 
Nov.  n,  1885,  Edwin  Joseph  Powell,  b.,  Wilbraham,  Mass.,  Nov.  11, 
1858;  son  of  Joseph  Roland  and  Louisa  (Burr)  Powell.  He  was  a  mer- 
chant.   Res.,  Belchertown,  Mass. 

Children  by  first  m.: 

894.  Jennie   May   Capin,   b.,    Belchertown,  Oct.    19,    1876;    m., 

Amherst,  Mass.,  Sept.  25,  1895,  Charles  Herbert  Jones,  b., 
Marshall,  Mich.,  Sept.  2,  1875.  Children,  b.  Pelham:  (1) 
Bertha  Marion,  b.  Aug.  29,  1896,  d.  Feb.  8,  1897;  (2) 
Walter  Elliot,  b.  Feb.  27,  1901;  (3)  Clifford  Carlton,  b. 
Aug.  17,  1903.  Mr.  Jones  has  been  a  Selectman  and  Asses- 
sor of  Pelham.  He  is  in  the  City  Rod  Company.  He  is  a 
member  of  the  Lodge  of  Odd  Fellows.  Res.,  West  Pelham, 

895.  Oscar  Ellis,  b.,  Kansas  City,  Mo.,  May  26,  1878;  d.,  Holyoke, 

Mass.,  Dec.  21,  1901. 
Son  by  second  m. : 

896.  Joseph  Roland  Powell,  b.,  Pelham,  June  9,  1891.   He  is  with 

his  father  in  the  painting  business  in  Springfield. 

Sally  Emeline  Brown  (825),  dau.  of  Abel  (8 15)  and  Hannah  (Ward) 
Brown  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  June  5,  1830;  d.,  West  Brook,  Conn.,  Aug.  24, 
1905;  m.,  at  the  home  of  Abel  Brown,  her  father,  in  Belchertown,  May 
18,  1857,  Chapin  Murdock  Seagrave,  b.,  Uxbridge,  Mass.,  May  15,  1825; 
d.,  Orange,  Mass.,  Oct.  6,  1876;  son  of  Samuel  and  Betsey  (Murdock) 
Seagrave,  of  Uxbridge.  The  day  after  their  marriage  they  set  out,  by  way 
of  the  Isthmus  of  Panama,  on  their  wedding-trip  to  San  Francisco,  Cal., 
where  they  remained  eleven  years;  but  on  account  of  the  ill  health  of 
Mr.  Seagrave  and  their  young  daughter  Laura,  they  returned  east  by 
way  of  Panama,  as  the  railroad  across  the  continent  was  not  completed 
until  1869.  Mr.  Seagrave  was  educated  at  Uxbridge  Seminary,  and  grad- 
uated at  the  age  of  twelve  years.  He  followed  the  mercantile  business  for  a 
number  of  years,  until  his  health  failed,  then  followed  bookkeeping.  Sally 
Emeline, his  wife,  was  educated  in  Belchertown,  at  Wilbraham  Seminary, 



and  at  the  Normal  School  at  San  Francisco,  after  which  she  taught  school 
in  Belchertown  and  Wellfleet,  Mass.,  and  in  California.  She  was  actively 
engaged  in  school  and  church  work,  and  much  beloved  as  a  Christian 
worker.  She  composed  a  beautiful  poem  in  1898  on  the  reminiscences 
of  home. 

897.  Laura  Spencer  Seagrave,  b.,  San  Francisco,  Feb.  17,  i860 


898.  Constine  Fontaine,  b.,  Half  Moon  Bay,  Cal.,  Mar.  29,  1866; 

d.,  Half  Moon  Bay,  Nov.  18,  1866. 

Laura  Spencer  Seagrave  (897),  dau.  of  Chapin  M.  and  Sally  E.  (Brown) 
Seagrave,  b.  Feb.  17,  i860;  m.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  June  8, 1877,  at  the  home 
of  Abel  P.  Brown,  her  uncle,  Chauncey  Eugene  Rhodes,  b.,  Hartford, 
Conn.,  Apr.  16,  1857.  Mr.  Rhodes  was  in  the  crockery  business  a  number 
of  years.  He  is  now  a  commercial  traveler  and  collector.  He  was  a  mem- 
ber of  the  Hartford  Y.  M.  C.  A.  for  many  years.  The  family  were  mem- 
bers of  the  Congregational  Church  for  twenty-nine  years;  now  of  the 
Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  of  Hartford. 

Adopted  dau. : 

899.  Lillian  J.  Rhodes,  b.,  Middletown,  Mass.,  Aug.  17,  1895.   She 

is  in  the  High  School  of  Commerce,  Springfield,  Mass., 
where  the  family  now  [191 2]  reside. 

Hannah  Jane  Brown  (826),  dau.  of  Abel  (815)  and  Hannah  (Ward) 
Brown  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Feb.  4,  1832;  d.,  No.  Amherst,  Mass.,  Mar.  14, 
1906;  m.,  Belchertown,  1851,  Mendall  W.  Howard,  of  No.  Amherst, 

b. ;  d.  1908.    No  issue.    Mrs.  Howard  was  a  true  and  faithful  wife, 

whose  devotion  brightened  the  pathway  of  her  husband's  life  for  forty- 
five  years.  She  is  remembered  in  Amherst  by  many  whose  hearts  have 
been  made  glad  by  her  charitable  acts  and  her  loving  counsel.  The  larger 
part  of  her  life  was  spent  in  No.  Amherst,  where  her  husband  had  been 
engaged  first  in  farming,  later  in  mercantile  business.  The  last  few  years 
they  lived  retired.  She  was  a  member  of  the  Congregational  Church  for 
many  years,  always  devoted  to  its  interests.  Her  home  was  a  place  of 
generous  hospitality.  Her  religion  was  of  the  sunny,  cheerful  kind. 
She  was  longing  always  to  do  more  for  the  poor  and  needy  —  it  was 
characteristic  of  her  whole  life.  Many  rise  up  to  call  her  blessed.  "I  will 
make  Thy  name  to  be  remembered  in  all  generations." 




Long  has  she  walked  among  us, 

But  here  her  journey  ends; 
She  has  reached  the  goal  at  last 

Towards  which  each  footstep  tends; 
A  weary  time  she  waited 

For  the  messenger  of  light 
Who  should  bid  her  soul  arise 

And  heavenward  take  its  flight. 

There  's  a  message  on  her  upturned  face 

Her  silent  lips  may  never  tell, 
As  tho'  she  heard  the  angels  whisper, 

And  we  know  that  all  is  well. 
That  all  is  well  ■ — 

Assurance  sweet  for  us  who  tarry  here  a  space 
Till  we,  too,  shall  hear  the  summons 

To  meet  our  Saviour  face  to  face. 

We  who  have  still  to  front  the  world 

And  brave'its  storm  and  strife, 
We  well  might  envy  her  her  rest, 

Who  has  entered  into  life. 
So  calm  is  she  in  dreamless  sleep, 

No  throb  disturbs  her  breast, 
As  though  an  angel  held  her  hands  — 

How  sweet,  how  sweet  is  restl 

—  Mrs.  L.  E.  Strong. 

Mary  Lucretia  Brown  (827),  dau.  of  Abel  (815)  and  Hannah  (Ward) 
Brown  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Apr.  1,  1833;  m.,  Belchertown,  Apr.  17,  1853, 
Charles  Scott,  b.,  Whately,  Mass.,  May  7,  1823;  d.,  Fitchburg,  Mass., 
Aug.  19,  1904;  son  of  Charles  Scott,  of  Enfield,  Mass.,  and  Lydia 
Phelps.  He  was  a  Republican,  and  was  Selectman  in  Enfield  for  two 
years.  His  wife  is  a  member  of  the  Congregational  Church.  Mr.  Scott 
went  to  Australia,  in  1853,  in  a  sailing-vessel  from  New  York,  stop- 
ping at  Rio  de  Janeiro,  returning,  after  four  years,  by  way  of  England. 
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Scott  spent  the  winters  of  their  last  years  in  Florida,  with 
brother  Perez  and  his  wife,  and  in  California,  with  sister  Hannah  Jane. 
Mrs.  Scott  has  been  south  three  times,  once  with  each  grandchild,  since 
the  death  of  her  husband.  Res.,  191 2,  with  her  daughter,  Mrs.  Lamson, 
96  East  St.,  Fitchburg,  Mass. 

Children,  except  the  second,  b.  Enfield: 

900.  Elnora  Janette  Scott,  b.  Sept.  21,  1854;  m.  Henry  Hubbard. 

901.  Ella  Jane,  b.,Ware,  Mass.,  Mar.  1,  1859;  d.  aged  twenty-two 


902.  Charlotte,  b.  Oct.  21,  1861;  m.  Dr.  John  W.  Felton. 

903.  Eva  May,  b.  Nov.  24,  1863;  m.  Eugene  C.  Lamson. 

904.  Walter,  b.  Oct.  18,  1866;  d.  in  infancy. 





















':'.      ' 








Elnora  Janette  Scott  (900),  dau.  of  Charles  Scott  and  Mary  Lucretia 
Brown  (827),  dau.  of  Abel  (815)  and  Hannah  (Ward)  Brown,  b.,  Enfield, 
Mass.,  Sept.  21, 1853;  d.,  Enfield,  Nov.  15,  1880;  m.,  Belchertown,  Mass., 
Sept.  23,  1873,  Henry  Hubbard,  b.,  Belchertown,  1838;  d.,  Amherst, 
Mass.,  Mar.  9,  1877.  His  work  was  in  the  straw  business  in  Amherst. 
Children:  (1)  Mattie  Scott  Hubbard,  b.  1875,  d.  in  infancy;  (2)  Blanch 
Wells,  b.  Apr.  15,  1876,  d.  Oct.  23,  1888. 

Charlotte  Scott  (902),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Enfield,  Mass.,  Oct. 
21,  1861;  m.,  Enfield,  Apr.  15,  1879,  Dr.  John  W.  Felton,  b.,  Abington, 
Mass.,  Mar.  8,  1851.  Dr.  Felton  is  a  dentist.  Both  he  and  his  wife  are 
members  of  the  Congregational  Church.  Res.,  Enfield.  Children:  (1) 
Carl  Lyman,  b.,  Enfield,  Dec.  6,  1881,  d.,  Hinsdale,  Mass.,  May  19, 
1896;  (2)  Mildred  Christine,  b.,  Hinsdale,  Apr.  5,  1888;  m.,  Fitchburg, 
Mass.,  May  10,  191 1,  Walter  S.  Watson,  of  Elizabeth,  N.  J.  Res.,  Elm 
St.,  Elizabeth,  N.  J. 

Eva  May  Scott  (903),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Enfield,  Mass.,  Nov. 
24,  1863;  m.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  July  14,  1883,  Eugene  Chase  Lamson, 
b.,  Belchertown,  July  14,  1862.  Mr.  Lamson  is  a  locomotive  engineer  at 
Fitchburg,  Mass.  Mrs.  Lamson  is  a  member  of  the  Congregational 
Church.  Children,  b.  Enfield:  (1)  Maud  Scott  Lamson,  b.  Jan.  10,  1885; 
m.,  Fitchburg,  Apr.  6,  191 2,  David  Alexander  Nicoll,  of  Tarrytown, 
N.  Y.;  (2)  Charles  Eugene,  b.  Apr.  17,  1886,  d.  Apr.  15,  1892;  (3)  Wini- 
fred Ernestine,  b.  Nov.  24,  1889;  m.,  Fitchburg,  Jan.  30,  191 1,  Reuben 
Akers,  of  Fitchburg. 

Abel  Prentice  Brown  (828),  son  of  Abel  (815)  and  Hannah  (Ward) 
Brown  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Aug.  25,  1834;  m.,  So.  Hadley,  Mass.,  Nov.  23, 
1859,  Louisa  M.  Preston,  b.  Nov.  16,  1836;  d.  Mar.  n,  1911;  buried  in 
Amherst,  Mass.  She  was  very  helpful  in  keeping  these  family  records. 
She  was  the  dau.  of  Asa  Preston,  of  Granby,  Conn.  After  attending 
the  public  schools  she  continued  her  studies  in  the  Normal  School  at 
Albany,  N.  Y.  Her  grandfather  John  Preston  was  a  soldier  of  the  Revo- 
lution. Mr.  Brown,  after  completing  his  studies  in  the  public  schools, 
attended  the  academy  at  Wilbraham.  He  worked  on  the  farm  and 
taught  school  winters  in  Belchertown,  Enfield,  and  Pelham,  Mass.  After 
marriage  they  began  housekeeping  in  So.  Hadley;  and  after  four  years 
they  moved  to  Belchertown.  During  the  Civil  War  they  lived  in 
Shutesbury  for  three  years,  where  Mr.  Brown  served  as  Town  Clerk, 



member  of  the  School  Board,  Postmaster,  and  storekeeper,  then  moving 
to  Amherst,  where  he  made  a  permanent  home  until  the  death  of  his 
wife.  During  the  past  years  he  has  cultivated  his  farm,  but  has  given 
special  attention  to  landscape  gardening,  having  a  natural  aptitude  for 
that  work.  He  has  graded  the  most  of  the  lawns  in  town,  and  constructed 
the  diamond  and  football  gridiron  on  Pratt  Athletic  Field.  Mr.  and  Mrs. 
Brown  were  members  of  the  Congregational  Church,  of  Amherst. 

When  the  golden  wedding  of  Abel  P.  Brown  and  wife  was  announced  in 
the  Boston  Globe,  Nov.,  1909,  it  led  the  compiler  to  make  an  exhaustive 
research,  and  he  found  the  progenitors  of  these  large  families.  Robert 
and  Lydia  D.  Brown  removed  from  Stonington  [now  No.  Stonington], 
Conn.,  about  ten  years  after  their  marriage,  to  Belchertown,  Mass., 
where  they  made  a  permanent  settlement;  and  their  descendants  are 
found  in  large  numbers  in  this  section  of  the  State,  as  these  records  will 


905.  Fanny  O.  Brown,  b.  Aug.  ,30,  1861;  d.  in  infancy. 

906.  Lizzie  Maria,  b.,  Belchertown,  Nov.  6,  1S62;  m.  (1),  Amherst, 

Cassius  M.  Clay,  deceased;  m.  (2)  Joseph  Joseph.  Chil- 
dren, by  first  m.:  (1)  Daisy  Louisa  Clay,  b.,  Springfield, 
Sept.  23,  1885;  (2)  Harry  Brown,  b.,  Springfield,  Aug.  6, 

907.  Mendell  Howard,  b.,  Amherst,  Jan.  10,  1873;  m.,  June  24, 

1896,  Marie  B.  Nightingale,  b.  Konigsberg,  Germany; 
dau.  of  Frederick  and  Bertha  (White)  Nightingale,  of 
Amherst.  Children,  b.  Amherst:  (1)  Daisy  Maria,  b.  May 
10,  1S97;  (2)  Gladys  Harriet,  b.  Feb.  21,  1899.  Mr.  Brown 
is  a  carpenter.  Res.,  Amherst,  until  May,  191 1,  then  at 
1 1 28  State  St.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

908.  Bradford  Prentice,  b.,  Amherst,  Jan.  3,  187S;  m.,  June  28, 

1905,  Anna  Steinnet.  Children:  (1)  Ethel,  b.  Mar.  29, 
1906;  (2)  Bernie,  b.  July  29,  190S.    Res.,  Albany,  N.  Y. 

John  Bradford  Brown  (829),  son  of  Abel  (815)  and  Hannah  (Ward) 
Brown  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Sept.  11,  1836;  m.,  No.  Hadley,  Mass.,  Nov.  25, 
1862,  Mary  Henrietta  Vinton,  b.,  Granby,  Mass.,  Sept.  13,  1843;  dau. 
of  David  and  Cynthia  (Moody)  Vinton,  relative  of  D.  L.  Moody.  Mr. 
Brown  was  educated  in  the  public  schools  of  Belchertown,  also  at  Wil- 
braham  Academy.    He  taught  school  for  three  years,  and  then  took  up 



a  store  of  general  merchandise  for  about  thirty  years  in  Amherst,  Mass. 
Since  1894  he  has  resided  in  Springfield,  Mass.  Miss  Mary  H.  Vinton, 
until  eight  years  of  age,  lived  in  Granby,  then  moved  with  her  parents 
to  No.  Hadley.  She  was  educated  in  the  common  schools  and  Hopkins 
Academy,  and  resided  in  No.  Hadley  until  marriage.  Both  are  members 
of  the  Congregational  Church.  Res.,  149  Bowles  St.,  Springfield,  Mass. 
Children,  b.  No.  Amherst,  Mass.: 

909.  Arthur  Abel  Brown,  b.  May  26,  1868;  he  was  educated  in  the 

schools  of  Amherst,  and  School  of  Commerce,  Philadelphia, 
Penn.  He  m.,  Amherst,  Gertrude  Alice  Johnson,  b.  Apr.  3, 
1868.    Dau.:  Lillian  Marie,  b.  Apr.  10,  1890. 

910.  John  Lee  Roy,  b.  Jan.  13,  1884;  d.  Sept.  9,  1912,  and  buried 

at  Springfield;  m.,  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  May  1,  1910,  Lottie  Caro- 
line Becker,  b.,  Buffalo,  Dec.  9,  1889;  dau.  of  Robert  and 
Anna  E.  (Jakel)  Becker,  of  Buffalo.  Mr.  Brown  removed 
to  Springfield  in  1894  with  his  parents,  and  graduated  from 
the  high  school  in  1903,  and  from  the  Worcester  (Mass.) 
Polytechnic  Institute,  with  the  degree  of  B.S.  in  civil 
engineering,  in  1907.  He  also  lived  in  Providence,  R.  I., 
and  Buffalo  before  marriage.  Mr.  Brown  was  in  the  Erie 
Co.  Clerk's  Office,  of  Buffalo.  Son:  John  Bradford,  2d,  b., 
Buffalo,  June  16,  191 1. 

Martha  Bertha  Brown  (830),  dau.  of  Abel  (815)  and  Hannah  (Ward) 
Brown  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Sept.  23,  1838;  m.,  Belchertown,  May  13,  1857, 
Jared  Gould,  b.,  No.  Shrewsbury,  Vt.,  June  6,  1836;  d.,  Enfield,  Mass., 
Mar.  23,  1905;  son  of  Chester  and  Hannah  (Gilman)  Gould,  of  No. 
Shrewsbury.  He  was  a  merchant  at  Packardsville,  Mass.,  for  some 
years;  but  later  moved  to  Enfield  and  entered  the  plumbing  business, 
which  was  successful  until  the  place  was  destroyed  by  fire.  He  then  re- 
turned to  the  mercantile  business.  He  was  First  Selectman  and  Jus- 
tice of  Peace  for  many  years.  He  belonged  to  the  order  of  Free  Masons. 
Martha  Bertha  was  educated  in  Belchertown,  and  Wilbraham  Semi- 
nary; then  she  taught  in  Belchertown.  She,  like  her  husband,  had  many 
friends  and  had  a  cheerful  disposition,  ready  to  assist  in  sickness  and 


911.  Martha  Louise  Gould,  b.,  So.  Hadley  Falls,  Mass.,  Apr.  29, 

1861  (914-916). 



912.  Jennie  Howard,  b.,  Shutesbury,   Mass.,    Apr.   2,   1864;    d., 

Enfield,  Apr.  23,  1906;  m.  John  Elsworth  Hess,  b.,  Enfield, 
Apr.  18,  1864.  Mr.  Hess  has  been  superintendent  of  Swift 
River  Mills  for  a  number  of  years,  and  [191 2]  holds  that 
office.  He  m.  (2)  Etta  Brown  Gould  (913),  sister  of  first 
wife.  She  graduated  from  the  Bay  Path  Commercial 
School,  of  Springfield. 

913.  Etta  Brown,  b.,  Enfield,  Nov.  13,  1873. 

Martha  Louise  Gould  (911),  the  preceding,  m.,  Ware,  Mass.,  May  1, 
1878,  William  Anson  Bassett,  b.  Hardwick,  Mass.  He  was  a  com- 
mercial salesman  for  some  years,  after  which  he  opened  a  provision  store, 
but  later  returned  to  his  trade  of  carpenter.  Now  [191 2]  in  the  auto- 
mobile business.  He  belongs  to  the  orders  of  the  Knights  of  Malta  and 
the  Odd  Fellows.    Res.,  Dickinson  St.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

Children : 

914.  Lera  Louise  Bassett,  b.,  Enfield,  Mass.,  Mar.  iS,  1879;  is  a 

graduate  of  Ware  High  School  and  the  Bay  Path  Commer- 
cial School,  of  Springfield,  and  for  twelve  years  stenog- 
rapher in  the  Union  Central  Life  Insurance  Company,  of 

915.  Gracie  Belle,  b.,  Ware,  Sept.  19,  1880;  m.  Tyler  Thatcher 

Menton,  b.,  Agawam,  Mass.,  Aug.  3,  1S78.  He  is  a  ma- 
chinist, also  a  violin  teacher  and  art  decorator. 

916.  William  Jared  Anson,  b.,  Ware,  May  19,  1S82.    He  began 

business  quite  young,  conducting  an  express  business  from 
Springfield  to  Holyoke,  Mass.  He  is  now  [191 2]  gas  in- 
spector. He  m.,  Springfield,  Aug.  16,  1902,  Marie  Alice 
Wilson,  b.,  Pittsfield,  Vt.,  Jan.  29,  1882.  Children:  (1) 
Regena,  b.,  Holyoke,  Sept.  9,  1903,  d.  Oct.  12,  1903;  (2) 
Robert  Jared,  b.,  Northampton,  Mass.,  Oct.  1,  1906,  d. 
in  infancy;  (3)  Richard  Gould,  b.,  Springfield,  Jan.  12, 
1907;  (4)  Thelma  Martha  Louise,  b.,  Springfield,  Feb.  7, 
1909.    Res.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

Perez  Rio  Brown  (831),  son  of  Abel  (815)  and  Hannah  (Ward)  Brown 
[Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b., 
Belchertown,  Mass.,  Jan.  3,  1840;  m.,  Sept.,  1864,  Mary  Jennie  Broad, 
b.  1839;  d.  Aug.  17,  1907;  dau.  of  Parson  and  Marian  Broad,  of  Leverett, 
Mass.    Mr.  Brown  lived  in  Belchertown  with  his  parents  until  he  was 



twenty-one.  He  enlisted  in  Co.  G,  520!  Regt.  Mass.  Vols.,  Aug.  27,  1862, 
and  was  mustered  out  Aug.  14, 1863.  After  marriage  they  lived  in  Shutes- 
bury,  Mass.,  and  carried  on  a  general  country  store,  removing  to  No. 
Amherst,  Mass.,  and  manufacturing  brooms  for  several  years.  Later  he 
was  in  the  grocery  and  hardware  business  in  Amherst,  Mass.,  with  his 
brother  John  B.  In  1883  he  removed  to  Philadelphia,  Penn.,  taking  a 
position  in  the  Home  for  the  Blind,  where  he  remained  for  sixteen  years, 
then  returning  to  Springfield,  Mass.,  where  he  now  resides,  at  149  Bowles 
St.,  spending  his  winters  in  Florida. 

917.  Lessie  Estelle  Brown,  b.,  Northfield,  Mass.,  Apr.  22,  1865; 

m.,  No.  Amherst,  Aug.  12,  1884,  Elisha  Adams  Jones,  b., 
Rockville,  Mass.,  Oct.  17,  1858;  son  of  Horace  Jones,  of 
Rockville,  and  Antoinette  L.  Ellis.  Mr.  Jones  is  a  farmer 
at  New  Canaan,  Conn.  Mrs.  Jones  received  her  education 
in  the  schools  of  Amherst,  and  Friends  School,  Philadelphia; 
Mr.  Jones  at  Millis  High  School,  at  Andover,  and  Massa- 
chusetts Agricultural  College.  He  has  had  charge  of  the 
Farm  Department  at  Rutgers  College  and  the  Massa- 
chusetts Agricultural  College.  He  is  now  in  charge  of  a 
large  private  estate  at  New  Canaan. 
Children : 

917a.  Florence  Evelyn  Jones,  b.,  Philadelphia,  Oct.  23,  1886;  m., 
New  Canaan,  June  4,  1910,  Edwin  Francis  Gaskill,  b.  Feb. 
3,  1882.  He  is  [1913]  in  charge  of  the  grounds  of  the  Massa- 
chusetts Agricultural  College.    Res.,  No.  Amherst,  Mass. 

917b.  Harrold  Ellis,  b.,  New  Brunswick,  N.  J.,  Dec.  3,  1894. 

Alfred  Henry  Brown  (832),  son  of  Abel  (815)  and  Hannah  (Ward) 
Brown  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  May  27,  1842;  m.  (1),  Apr.  26,  1868,  Ida  Elsbree, 
b.  July  29,  1842;  m.  (2),  No.  Amherst,  Mass.,  Oct.  7,  1897,  Jessie  Brown 
Loveland,  b.  June  10,  1865.  Mr.  Brown  is  a  broom  manufacturer  in  No. 

Children  by  first  m. : 

918.  Jessie  Irene  Brown,  b.  Dec.  7,  1870;  m.  Willard  Weston  Gay, 

b.  Sept.  24,  1867.   Son:  Guilford  Elsbree,  b.  Dec.  16,  1895. 

919.  Edith  May,  b.,  Palmer,  Mass.,  May  23,  1876;  m.,  No.  Am- 

herst, June  19,  1894,  Henry  Alfred  Spear,  b.,  No.  Amherst, 
Sept.  26,  1867.  He  was  educated  in  the  schools  of  Amherst, 



and  is  an  electrician  at  No.  Amherst.    Son:  Russell  Mayo, 
b.  Feb.  27,  1904. 
Dau.  by  second  m.: 

920.  Mildred,  b.,  No.  Amherst,  June  12,  1908. 

Ellen  Maria  Brown  (833),  dau.  of  Abel  (815)  and  Hannah  (Ward) 
Brown  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Dec.  27,  1843;  m.,  Belchertown,  Nov.  20,  1861, 
Esck  Dwight  Baker,  b.,  Shutesbury,  Mass.,  May  30,  1839;  son  of  John  J. 
Baker  and  Betsey  Reed.  Miss  Brown  was  educated  in  the  common  and 
high  schools  of  Belchertown.  Mr.  Baker  was  educated  in  the  schools  of 
Shutesbury,  and  graduated  from  the  Amherst  Academy  in  1859.  They 
lived  for  a  time  in  Shutesbury,  and  moved  to  Amherst  in  1863,  where 
they  now  reside. 


921.  Nellie  Altene   Baker,   b.,   Shutesbury,   Sept.    18,    1862;   m. 

Harvey  Nelson  Powell  (924,  925). 

922.  John  Brown,  b.,  Amherst,  Apr.  28,  1876;  twice  m.  (926,  927). 

923.  Perez  Raymond,  b.,  Amherst,  Apr.  9,   1879;  m.,  Amherst, 

Nov.  28,  1906,  Jessie  Anna  Gould,  b.,  No.  Shrewsbury, 
Vt.,  July  26,  1876.  Mr.  Baker  is  a  graduate  from  Amherst 
High  School  and  the  Bay  Path  Institute,  of  Springfield. 

Nellie  Altene  Baker  (921),  the  preceding,  m.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  Jan.  17, 
1883,  Harvey  Nelson  Powell,  b.,  Orange,  Mass.,  Oct.  26,  1864.  He 
received  a  public-school  education  and  learned  the  painter's  trade. 

Children,  b.  Amherst: 

924.  Laura  Belle  Powell,  b.  Apr.  22,  1887;  she  graduated  from 

the  Amherst  High  School  in  1904;  m.,  Amherst,  June  5, 
1909,  Paul  Turner  Harkness.  He  graduated  from  the  high 
school  in  1904;  served  four  years'  apprenticeship  with 
Brown  and  Sharpe  in  Providence,  R.  I.,  and  studied 
mechanical  drawing.  Both  are  members  of  the  Episcopal 
Church.  Son:  Paul  Turner,  Jr.,  b.,  Springfield,  Mass., 
June  28,  1910.    Res.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

925.  Grace  Altene,  b.  Nov.  16,  1893.   She  is  a  graduate  of  Amherst 

High  School.  In  191 2  she  was  attending  private  kinder- 
garten school. 

John  Brown  Baker  (922),  b.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  Apr.  28,  1876;  m.  (1), 
Thompsonville,  Conn.,  1898,  Ellen  Mary  Berridge,  b.,  Shenston,  Eng- 



land,  July  i,  1871;  d.,  Amherst,  Dec.  7,  1903;  dau.  of  John  Berridge,  of 
England.  She  affiliated  with  the  Episcopalian  Church.  Mr.  Baker  m. 
(2),  Cambridge,  N.  Y.,  1904,  Patience  L.  Lynds,  b.,  Hopewell  Cape, 
N.  B.,  Canada,  May  25,  1882;  dau.  of  James  and  Sarah  (Pye)  Lynds,  of 
Hopewell  Cape.  Mrs.  Baker  is  a  member  of  the  Baptist  Church.  Mr. 
Baker  received  his  early  education  at  Amherst,  graduating  from  the 
high  school;  had  two  years'  course  at  the  Massachusetts  Agricultural 
College,  one  year  at  the  Bay  Path  Institute,  one  year  at  New  York  Uni- 
versity, and  now  is  studying  at  Columbia  University.  He  is  head  of  the 
Commercial  Department  of  the  town  of  Union  High  School.  Res.,  412 
Humboldt  St.,  Union  Hill,  N.  J. 
Dau.,  by  first  m.: 

926.  Beatrice  S.  Baker,  b.  Sept.  8,  1900. 
Son,  by  second  m.: 

927.  Dwight  L.,  b.  Sept.  1,  1910. 

Lafayette  Francois  Brown  (834),  son  of  Abel  (815)  and  Hannah  (Ward) 
Brown  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Aug.  1,  1846;  m.,  Vernon,  Vt.,  July  1,  1865,  Ann 
M.  Mower,  b.,  Stafford,  Conn.,  Nov.  15,  1845;  dau.  of  Alfred  L.  and 
Maria  (Gould)  Mower,  of  Hopkinton,  N.  H.  Mr.  Brown  removed  with 
his  family  to  Michigan  in  April,  1874,  where  he  made  his  home  for  twenty- 
two  years;  in  1896  he  returned  to  his  native  State,  where  he  made  his 
home  fourteen  years,  returning  with  his  family  to  Evert,  Mich.,  in  1910, 
where  he  now  resides.  He  has  made  farming  his  principal  business. 

Children,  the  first  three  b.  Amherst,  Mass. : 

928.  Carrie  A.  Brown,  b.  Nov.  7,  1867;  m.  James  Corliss  (936- 


929.  Annie  M.,  b.  Apr.  23,  1870;  m.  Rufus  S.  Mapes  (939-946). 

930.  Lillian  H.,  b.  Feb.  19,  1872;  d.,  Brownsville,  Cass  Co.,  Mich., 

July  26,  1890;  m.,  Hartwick,  Mich.,  June  30,  1889,  Fred 
Fellows.    Dau.:  Blanche,  b.,  Brownsville,  June  10,  1890. 

931.  Alfred  A.,  b.,  Marshall,  Mich.,  Nov.  7,  1875. 

932.  Nellie  J.,  b.,  Hartwick,  Sept.  9,  1879;  d.  Mar.  1,  1882. 

933.  Bertha  L.,  b.,  Hartwick,  Sept.  7,  1881;  m.,  Sept.  19,  1909, 

Thomas  B.  Cleveland. 

934.  Arthur  P.,  b.,  Hartwick,  June  24,  1884. 

935.  Charles  E.,  b.,  Hartwick,  June  22,  1886;  m.,  Aug.  19,  1905, 

Jennie  M.  Gale,  of  Vermont.     Dau.:  Oaro,  b.,  Amherst, 
Apr.  7,  1906. 



Carrie  A.  Brown  (928),  dau.  of  Lafayette  F.  (834)  and  Ann  M.  (Mower) 
Brown,  b.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  Nov.  7,  1867;  m.,  July  3,  1889,  James  Corliss. 
Res.,  Evert,  Mich. 

Children : 

936.  Lena  Corliss,  b.  Dec.  6,  1890. 

937.  Earl,  b.  Sept.  9,  1892. 

938.  Lafayette  F.,  b.  Dec.  1,1893. 

Annie  M.  Brown  (929),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Amherst,  Mass., 
Apr.  23,  1870;  d.,  Hartwick,  Mich.,  Jan.  18,  1908;  m.,  June  26,  1887, 
Rufus  S.  Mapes. 

Children,  b.  Hartwick: 

939.  Seth  Mapes,  b.  Apr.  3,  1888. 





Francis  A.,  b.  July  6,  1889. 

Freeman )       .       .     _  , 

„  1  twins,  b.  May  n,  1892. 

Forrest    ) 

Jessie,  b.  May  3,  1893. 

Eva,  b.  July  1,  1897. 

Roxa,  b.  Oct.  10,  1899. 

Theodore  R.,  b.  Jan.  28,  1903. 

The  ten  children  of  the  preceding  families  of  Abel  Brown  held  a  re- 
union in  No.  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Aug.  26,  1896;  all  were  present  except 
the  youngest,  Lafayette  Brown,  who  was  living  in  Michigan.  There  were 
at  that  time  living  the  ten  children,  twenty-three  grandchildren,  and 
twenty  great-grandchildren.  A  poem  on  this  occasion  was  read,  entitled 
"The  Wonderful  Ten,"  by  Daisy  L.  Clay,  aged  thirteen,  great-grand- 
dau.  of  Abel  Brown. 


I  David  Bartlet  of  Belchertown  in  the  County  of  Hampshire  &  state 
of  Massachusetts  yeoman  being  of  sound  &  perfect  mind  &  memory  do 
make  &  publish  this  my  last  will  &  testament  in  manner  &  form  follow- 
First  I  give  &  bequeath  to  my  son  Gideon  Bartlet  all  the  Estate  Real 
&  Personal  of  which  am  now  or  shall  be  possessed  at  my  Decease  to  him 
his  heirs  &  assigns  forever  Excepting  as  hereafter  Excepted  —  that  is  to 
say  to  my  beloved  Wife  Tabitha  one  Cow  &  five  Sheep  provided  said 
Tabitha  shall  accept  the  same  as  an  equivalent  &  full  compensation  for 
her  Dower  —  To  my  son  David  one  Dollar. 

To  my  son  Benjamin  one  Dollar  -  -  To  my  son  Solomon  one  Dollar  — 



To  my  son  Sylvanus  one  Dollar  —  To  my  son  Philip  one  Dollar  —  To 
my  Daughter  Zubu  one  Dollar  —  To  my  Daughter  Tabitha  one  Dollar, 
To  my  Daughter  Thankful  one  Dollar  —  To  my  Daughter  Lydia  one 
Dollar  —  To  my  Daughter  Rachel  one  Dollar  —  and  I  hereby  appoint 
the  afored.  Gideon  the  sole  Executor  of  this  my  last  will  &  Testament  — 
In  witness  whereof  I  have  hereunto  set  my  hand  &  seal  this  fourth  Day 
of  February  Anno-Domini  1804  — 

Signed  sealed  and  his 

published  &  declared  by  the  _^  x/  _  .         , 

,  ,  -~     . ,  .    ,  David  X  Bartlett  [seal] 

above  named  David  m  /x 

presence  of  us  who  have  mark 

hereunto  subscribed  our 

names  as  witness  in  the 

presence  of  the  Testator 

Joshua  N.  Upham 
Giles  Rider 
Hannah  Rider 

True  Copy  of  Record 

Att.  S.  Hinckley  Regr. 

Lydia  Brown  (808),  dau.  of  Robert  Brown  (801)  and  Lydia  (Dewey) 
Brown[Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Nov.  23,  1784;  m.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Gideon  Bartlett,  son  of 
David  Bartlett,  of  Belchertown,  and  wife  Tabitha.  Both  are  buried  in 
Enfield,  Mass. 

Children,  b.  Enfield,  on  the  homestead  that  was  David  Bartlett's: 

947.  Lucas  Bartlett,  b. ;  m. (955,  956). 

948.  Avory,  b. ;  m.  Hannah  Rider  (960-965). 

949.  Gideon  Prentice,  b. ;  m.  Julia  Lawrence  (967-976). 

950.  Erastus,  b.  about  1805;  m.  Hannah  Rice,  of  Chicopee  Falls, 

Mass.  They  lived  in  Gideon  Bartlett's  homestead  four 
years,  then  went  to  So.  Hadley,  Mass.,  for  a  time.  They 
then  went  to  Colorado,  where  he  was  killed  in  a  runaway. 
Children:  (1)  Erastus,  Jr.,  b.  1844,  d.  in  the  army  during 
the  Civil  War;  (2)  Mary,  b.  1848. 

951.  Darsa,  b.  Feb.  11,  1807;  m.  Samuel  Dwight  (977-988). 

952.  Marshall  Jones,  b.  Feb.  5,  1809;  m.  Abigail  Jackson  Warren 


953.  Almira,  b.  Sept.  26,  1813;  m.  John  Nash  (999-1002). 



954.  Emma,  b.  -     -;  m.,  about  1840,  Jeduthan  Torrence.     Mr. 

Torrence  was  a  shoemaker  in  Enfield.   They  first  moved  to 
Illinois,  and  in  1853  moved  to  Oregon.     Children:  (1)  Wil- 

helmina  E.  Torrence,  b.  ;  (2)  Orianna  J.,  b. ;  (3) 

Henry  J.,  b—   -;  (4)  Helena  M.,  b.  -    — ,  d.  in  infancy; 
(5)  Sarah,  b.  -    — ,  d.  when  two  years  old. 

Lucas  Bartlett  (947),  son  of  Gideon  Bartlett  and  Lydia  Brown  (808), 
of  Enfield,  Mass.,  had  six  children:  David,  Sarah  E.,  O.  Hanks,  Alvin, 
Maria,  and  Paulina. 

Children,  only  two  of  record: 

955.  David  Bartlett,  d.  aged  twenty-seven  years;  m.  Maryetta 

Stephens.       Children:  (1)  Sedley  Bartlett,  b.  ;  res., 

Branford,  Conn;  (2)  Frank  E.,  b. . 

956.  Sarah  Emeline  Bartlett,  dau.  of  Lucas  Bartlett,  the  pre- 

ceding, b.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Dec.  31,  1825;  m.,  Enfield, 
May  18,  1852,  George  R.  Dickinson,  b.,  Amherst,  Mass., 
July  9,  1828.  He  was  a  tailor  in  Greenfield,  Mass.,  but 
after  a  few  years  took  up  farming.  In  May,  191 2,  they 
celebrated  the  sixtieth  anniversary  of  their  marriage.  Res., 
Belchertown,  Mass.;  P.  O.,  Dwight's. 
Children : 

957.  Julia  Maria  Dickinson,  b.,  Enfield,  Feb.  12,  1854;  d.  Mar.  5, 


958.  Nellie  Josephine,  b.,  Pelham,  Mar.   26,   1855;  m.,  Enfield, 

July  9,  1878,  Wyman  I.  Newcomb;  she  d.  in  1890.  Dau.: 
Sarah  Dickinson  Newcomb,  b.  June  25,  1881;  m.,  Guilford, 
Conn.,  Aug.  19,  191 1,  Gurdon  R.  Wadsworth.  Res., 
Dwight's,  Mass. 

959.  Anna  Estella,  b.,  Pelham,  Sept.  11,  i860;  m.,  Belchertown, 

Oct.  15,  18S9,  Herbert  A.  Randall, b.,Townsend,  Vt.,  1859; 
he  d.  in  1907.    No  issue. 

Avory  Bartlett  (948),  son  of  Gideon  Bartlett  and  Lydia  Brown  (808) 
[Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b. 
Enfield,  Mass.;  d.,  Enfield,  Aug.,  1867,  aged  sixty-three;  m.  Hannah 

Children,  b.  Enfield: 

Alfred  and  Albert  Bartlett,  twins,  b.  about  1831;  infancy. 

960.  Almira,  b.  June  9,  1833;  d.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Aug.  5,  1862; 

m.,    1851,   James    M.    Cowan.     They    lived    in    Pelham, 



and  she  is  buried  there.  Mr.  Cowan  d.  about  1898,  and  is 
buried  in  Springfield.  Children,  b.  Pelham:  (1)  Hattie 
Marion,  b.  Apr.  2,  1856,  d.  1865;  (2)  Ida  May,  b.  1858,  d. 

961.  Franklin,  b. ;  d.  aged  six  years. 

962.  Harriet  Elizabeth,  b.  Mar.  29,  1839;  unm.   She  was  educated 

in  the  public  schools  of  Enfield,  and  lived  there  until  1872, 
and  in -Monson,  Mass.,  until  1910.  Res.,  St.  James  Ave., 
Springfield,  Mass. 

963.  Charlotte  A.,  b.  Aug.  14,  1840;  m.  Wm.  H.  Underwood  (966). 

964.  Josephine  Isabell,  b.  1842;  d.  aged  two  years  and  six  months. 

965.  Marcia  A.,  b.  Jan.  5,  1848;  d.,  Pelham,  1865. 

Charlotte  A.  Bartlett  (963),  b.  Aug.  14,  1840;  m.,  Monson,  Mass., 
Dec,  1881,  William  H.  Underwood,  b.,  Monson,  July  9,  1845.  He  is 
a  carpenter,  formerly  a  farmer.  Res.,  335  St.  James  Ave.,  Spring- 
field, Mass. 


966.  Bertha  May  Underwood,  b.,  Monson,  Jan.   28,   1884;  m., 

Monson,  Jan.  16,  1907,  Burton  E.  Geckler,  b.,  Orange, 
Mass.,  Apr.  15,  188 1.  He  was  a  graduate  of  the  Orange 
High  School  and  the  School  of  Technology  of  Boston. 
His  wife  was  educated  in  public  schools  and  the  business 
school  of  Springfield.  Son:  Vernon  Colbert,  b.  June  29, 
1908.    Res.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

Gideon  Prentice  Bartlett  (949),  son  of  Gideon  and  Lydia  (Brown) 
(808)  Bartlett,  b.,  Enfield,  Mass.;  m.  Julia  Lawrence,  b.  Nov.  25,  1828. 
They  lived  in  Montague,  Mass. 

Children,  the  first  seven  b.  Montague: 

967.  Juliett  Charlotte  Bartlett,  b.  Oct.  16,  1842;  m.,  Thorndike, 

Mass.,  George  W.  Holden,  b.  ;  d.,  Enfield,  Feb.  2, 

1908;  son  of  Amasa  and  Achsa  (Stone)  Holden.  Mr. 
Holden  was  a  farmer  in  Enfield,  and  both  members  of 
the  Congregational  Church.  Res.,  Amherst,  Mass.  Dau.: 
Alice  Mabel  Holden,  b.,  Enfield,  July  4,  1866;  m.,  Sept.  8, 
1888,  Frederick  Eugene  Bester.  He  is  a  plumber  at  Am- 
herst.  No  issue. 

968.  Alfonso T.,  b.  Nov.  18,  1845;  m.  Elizabeth  M.  Cowan  (1005- 




969.  Willie,  b.  July  29,  1846.    He  was  twice  m.,  and  had  one  son. 

Res.,  Miller's  Falls,  Mass. 

970.  Lucia  Marion,  b.  Aug.  12,  1848;  m.  Frank  Amsden  (1010, 


971.  Eugene  Charles,  b.  Nov.  28,  1851;  m.  Sarah  Amanda  Chaffee 


972.  Flora  Estelle,  b.  Mar.  10,  1853;  m.  Alvin  E.  Whitney  (1015, 

972a.  Avery  Franklin,  b.  1854;  d.  aged  five  months. 

973.  Edgar  Lawrence,  b.  July  6,  1856;  m.  Addie  Fay  (1017-1020). 

974.  Nettie  Sophia    (twin),   b.   Oct.  10,    1858;   m.,  Dayton,  O., 

1897,  for  her  third  husband,  Fred  Williston,  who  d., 
Everett,  Wash.,  1908.  He  was  a  traveling  salesman.  They 
lived  in  Ohio  for  six  years  and  traveled  all  through  the 
Southern  States;  thence  to  California,  where  they  lived 
eight  years;  thence  to  Washington,  where  she  m.  John 
Wilkins,  a  farmer.   Res.,  Port  Ludlow,  Wash. 

975.  Nellie  Maria  (twin),  b.  Oct.  10,  1858;  d.,  Belchertown,  Mass., 

Apr.  1,  1891;  m.,  Hatfield,  Mass.,  Oct.  24,  1878,  Herbert  F. 
Shaw,  b.,  Enfield,  Sept.  16,  1S54;  son  of  E.  Frank  Shaw 
and  Olive  Packard.  Mr.  Shaw  is  embalmer  at  Belchertown. 
Son:  Robert  Pearl,  b.  Mar.  16,  1891;  d.  aged  five  months. 

976.  Eva  Lucretia,  b.,  Enfield,  Jan.  10,  1861;  m.  Arthur  Dudley 

(1021,  1022). 

Darsa  Bartlett  (951),  dau.  of  Gideon  and  Lydia  (Brown)  (808)  Bartlett 
[Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  En- 
field, Mass.,  Feb.  14,  1807;  d.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Apr.  28,1868;  m., En- 
field, Sept.,  1826,  Samuel  Dwight,  b.,  Belchertown,  Jan.  1,  1800;  d.,  Bel- 
chertown, Oct.  25,  1875.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Belchertown;  in  politics 
was  a  Whig,  afterwards  a  Republican. 

Children,  b.  Belchertown: 

977.  Estus  Ashmun  Dwight,  b.  June  6,  1827;  d.  Aug.  1,  1879; 

97S.    Corydon  Greenwood,  b.  Sept.  21,  1828;  m.  Sarah  E.  Northrop 

979.  Avery  Augustus,  b.  Feb.  25,  1830;  m.  Jane  Rose  Wood  (1033- 


980.  Austin  Erskine,  b.  Feb.  21,  1832;  twice  m.  (1038-1044). 

981.  Lydia  Almira,  b.  Oct.  25,  1833;  m.  Lewis  Dodge  (1045-1049). 



982.  Maria  Emma,  b.  Jan.   29,   1836;  unm.     She  was  a  school- 

teacher for  thirty-five  years,  first  in  Massachusetts,  later 
in  Douglas,  Martin,  and  Grand  Rapids,  Mich;  in  the  latter 
school  she  was  principal  for  seventeen  years.  Her  life-work 
was  the  moulding  of  character  and  stamping  the  impres- 
sionable minds  of  the  young.  She  believes  that  although 
she  never  married  her  life  has  been  well  spent,  and  she  looks 
backward  with  delight  and  satisfaction.  Had  it  not  been 
for  her  persistent  efforts  many  of  these  records  would 
have  been  very  incomplete.  Where  there  was  a  lack  of 
earnestness  on  the  part  of  some,  she  infused  life  to  grasp 
an  opportunity  to  place  these  family  records  in  a  tangible 
form.  She  is  a  member  of  the  Congregational  Church, 
Lowell,  Mich.    Res.,  Lowell,  Mich. 

983.  Clarissa  Jane,  b.  May  4, 1837;  m.,Belchertown,  Mar.  23,1859, 

Andrew  J.  Aldrich,  b.,  Ware,  Mass.,  Nov.  n,  1834;  d., 
Ware,  June  16,  1896;  son  of  Naham  and  Cynthia  (Buffing- 
ton)  Aldrich,  of  Belchertown.  Both  he  and  his  wife  were 
church-members.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Aldrich  came  to  live  in 
the  town  of  Ware  in  1862,  where  they  bought  a  farm  of  one 
hundred  and  five  acres.  Here  they  made  improvements 
by  building  a  barn,  and  later,  in  1875,  a  fine,  new  house. 
Here  for  thirty-four  years  they  made  a  happy,  pleasant 
home.  It  is  now  fifty  years  since  the  home  was  established. 
Mr.  Aldrich  is  mentioned  with  true  affection,  and  left  a 
name  as  one  of  the  best  of  men.  No  issue.  Her  res.,  En- 
field, Mass. 

984.  Sarah  Eliza,  b.  June  20,  1839;  m.,  Springfield,  Mass.,  Apr. 

28,  1870,  Ambrose  Munsell,  b.,  Belchertown,  June  6, 
1837;  d.,  Enfield,  Feb.  5,  191 1;  son  of  Roddington  and 
Rebecca  (White)  Munsell,  of  Belchertown.  He  was  a  me- 
chanic and  a  Republican,  and  both  he  and  his  wife  mem- 
bers of  the  Congregational  Church,  of  which  he  was  a 
deacon  for  nine  years.    Her  res.,  Enfield,  Mass. 

985.  Henry  Harrison,  b.  Dec.  29,  1841;  he  was  a  brass-moulder. 

He  lived  in  the  old  home  until  manhood,  then  in  New 
Haven,  Conn.  It  is  supposed  he  was  lost  in  the  great 
Chicago  fire,  Oct.,  1871.  Friends  sought  diligently  for  him, 
but  no  trace  could  be  found.  He  was  a  Republican,  and 
though  not  a  church-member  yet  always  stood  for  the  right. 



986.  Albert  Elihu,  b.  Sept.   14,  1844;  d.,  Northampton,  Mass., 

May  7,  1 91 2;  unm.  He  was  a  carpenter  and  builder,  and 
lived  until  manhood  on  the  old  farm;  later  in  Ware,  and 
still  later  in  Northampton,  where  he  died  of  heart  failure. 
He  was  a  kind  brother,  and  a  true  and  honest  man. 

987.  Emily  Augusta,  b.  Aug.   3,    1846;  m.   Sylvester  P.   Hicks 


988.  Mary  Victoria,  b.  Aug.  7,  1848;  m.  B.  Chapin  Snow  (1051, 


Marshall  Jones  Bartlett  (952),  son  of  Gideon  Bartlett  and  Lydia  Brown 
(808)  [Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Enfield,  Mass.,  Feb.  5,  1809;  d.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  Oct.  10,  1876;  m., 
Ware,  Mass.,  July  4,  1832,  Abigail  Jackson  Warren,  b.,  Fort  Inde- 
pendence, Boston  Harbor,  July  22,  1813;  d.,  Greenfield,  Mass.,  Sept.  10, 

1876;  dau.  of  Josiah  Warren,  of  Gardner,  and  ■ Freeland.    He  was  a 

harness-maker.    They  attended  the  Methodist  Church. 

Children,  the  last  four  b.  Pelham,  Mass. : 

989.  Estuce  Bartlett,  b.,  Ware,  Dec,  1833.     He  enlisted  in  the 

Civil  War  from  Chicago,  111.,  in  the  Sappers'  and  Miners' 
Co.,  and  is  supposed  to  have  been  killed. 

990.  Mary  Calista,  b.,  Ware,  June  1,  1835;  m.,  Pelham,  Aug.  12, 

1856,  Henry  Wheeler,  b.,  Pelham,  May  5,  1835;  son  of 
Nathaniel  and  Faithful  (Harrington)  Wheeler,  of  Pelham. 
Mr.  Wheeler  is  a  Republican  and  a  farmer,  and  served  in 
the  Civil  War.   No  issue.   Res.,  Amherst,  Mass. 

991.  Livingston  Staughton,  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  June,  1838; 

twice  m.  (1082,  10S3). 

992.  Erastus  Myron,  b.,  Enfield,  Mar.  31,   1841;  m.   Mary  V. 

Gates  (1084-1086). 

993.  Joseph  Freeland,  b.,  Ware,  June  25,  1843;  m.  Orinda  Aldrich 


994.  Leander  Levi,  b.,  Enfield,  Jan.  8,  1S46;  m.,  Montague  City, 

Mass.,  Nov.,  1874,  Harriet  Goss,  b.,  Montague  City,  Mar. 
24,  1853;  d.,  Montague  City,  Jan.  18,  1900;  dau.  of  David 
Goss  and  Harriet  Hager.  Mr.  Bartlett  is  president  and 
superintendent  of  Montague  City  Fish  Rod  Company. 
He  assisted  with  others  in  building  the  Public  Library  at 
Montague  in  191 2.    No  issue. 



995.  Abbie  Henrietta,  b.  June  5,  1848; m.  Edwin  H.  Waide  (1092- 


996.  Caroline  Augusta,  b.  Dec.  26,  1850;  m.  Charles  £.  Aldrich 


997.  Eugene  Prentice,  b.  Jan  1, 1853  ;m.  Jane  A.  Ward  (1100,1101). 

998.  Melora  Rutenia,  b.  Sept.  7,  1855;  m.  Charles  Engeli  (1102, 

Almira  Bartlett  (953),  dau.  of  Gideon  Bartlett  and  Lydia  Brown  (808) 
[Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  En- 
field, Mass.,  Sept.  26,  1813;  m.,  Enfield,  May  2,  1838,  John  Nash;  he  d. 
June  15,  1893;  she  d.,  Northampton,  Mass.,  Dec.  1,  1890. 

Children,  b.  Hadley,  Mass.: 

999.  Almira  Nash,  b.  Mar.  16,  1843;  m.  Charles  B.  Hooker  (1003). 

1000.  John,  b.  1845;  d.  in  infancy. 

1001.  Sarah  Jean,  b.  July  7,  1848;  d.  Mar.  10,  1896;  m.,  June  22, 

1869,  Theodore  F.  Smith. 

1002.  Helen  Emma,  b.  Aug.  13,  1849;  d.  Aug.  21,  1855. 

Almira  Nash  (999),  dau.  of  John  Nash  and  Almira  Bartlett  (953),  b., 
Hadley,  Mass.,  Mar.  16,  1843;  d.,  Hadley,  Oct.  9,  1883;  m.  Charles 
Bumgard  Hooker;  he  d.,  Philadelphia,  Penn.,  Dec.  26,  1898. 


1003.  Helen  Emma  Hooker,  b.  Dec.  25,  i860;  m.,  Hadley,  Apr.  25, 

1882,  Frank  Wilson  Woodward.  Res.,  Northampton,  Mass. 
Dau.  of  the  preceding: 

1004.  Grace  Hooker  Woodward,  b.,  Northampton,  Dec.  27,  1885; 

m.,  Apr.    1,   191 1,  Allen   Griffith  Phillips.     Dau.:  Helen 
Mary,  b.  Dec.  17,  191 1.    Res.,  Lafayette,  Ind. 

Alfonso  T.  Bartlett  (968),  son  of  Gideon  P.  (949)  and  Julia  (Lawrence) 
Bartlett  [Lydia  (808),  Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas 
(2),  Thomas],  b.,  Montague,  Mass.,  Nov.  18,  1845;  m->  Enfield,  Mass., 
Jan.  2,  1871,  Elizabeth  M.  Cowan,  b.,  Enfield,  Jan.  19,  1847;  dau.  of 
Cyrus  and  Mary  A.  (Wood)  Cowan,  of  Enfield.  They  are  members  of 
the  Congregational  Church.  They  assisted  in  collecting  Bartlett  records. 
He  has  retired  from  business.    Res.,  Miller's  Falls,  Mass. 

Children : 

1005.  Lizzie  A.  Bartlett,  b.,  Montague,  Nov.  27,  1871;  d.,  Miller's 

Falls,  Feb.  10,  1888. 

1006.  Mary  Glenn,  b.,  Enfield,  Feb.  17,  1875;  m.,  Miller's  Falls, 



Oct.  7,  1902,  Herbert  J.  Leland.  He  is  a  machinist  at 
Miller's  Falls.  Children:  (1)  Gilbert  C,  b.  June  14,  1909, 
d.  in  infancy;  (2)  Phillip  Herbert,  b.  June  17,  191 1. 

1007.  Herbert  Spencer,b.,  Miller's  Falls,  July  27,  1S76;  m.,  Turner's 

Falls,  Mass.,  July  15,  1902,  Anna  Stotz,  b.,  Germany,  Feb. 
12,  1878.  Son:  Raymond  Alfonso,  b.  June  27,  1903.  Res., 
Turner's  Falls,  Mass. 

1008.  Nellie  J.,  b.,  Miller's  Falls,  Mar.  3,  1879;  d.  in  infancy. 

1009.  Edson  Lucy, b., Miller's  Falls,  July  25, 1880;  d.Mar.  11,  1881. 

Lucia  Marion  Bartlett  (970),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Montague, 
Mass.,  Aug.  12,  1848;  m.,  Montague,  Nov.  30,  1871,  Frank  Arthur 
Amsden,  b.,  Petersham,  Mass.,  Oct.  27,  1850;  d.,  Gardner,  Mass.,  Apr.  5, 
1892;  son  of  Elias  P.  and  Clarissa  V.  Amsden.  They  attended  the  Uni- 
versalist  Church  in  Gardner  and  made  their  home  in  that  town.  Her 
res.,  1913,  259  Cross  St.,  Gardner,  Mass. 

Children,  b.  Gardner: 

1010.  Clifton  Prentice  Amsden,  b.  Aug.  7,  1883;  d.  in  infancy, 
ion.    Eugene  Charles,  b.  Nov.  26,  1886. 

Eugene  Charles  Bartlett  (971),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Montague, 
Mass.,  Nov.  28,  1851;  d.,  Orange,  Mass.,  Apr.  3,  1910;  m.,  Amherst, 
Mass.,  Sarah  Amanda  Chaffee.  Mr.  Bartlett  came  to  Orange,  and  was 
with  the  New  Home  Sewing-Machine  Company  for  thirty-two  years  as 
machinist.   Res.,  Orange,  Mass. 


1012.  Fred  L.  Bartlett,  b.,  Enfield,  Mass.,  July  2,  1878;  unm. 

1013.  Harry  Dwight,  b.,  Enfield,  July  18,  18S0;  unm.   He  is  a  ma- 

chinist, Bridgeport,  Conn. 

1014.  Lulu  May,  b.,  Orange,  Feb.  14,  1882;  unm. 

Flora  Estelle  Bartlett  (972),  dau.  of  Gideon  P.  (949)  and  Julia  (Law- 
rence) Bartlett  [Lydia  (808),  Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22), 
Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Montague,  Mass.,  Mar.  10,  1853;  m.,  Monta- 
gue, Nov.  27,  1872,  Alvin  Emerson  Whitney,  b.,  Montague,  Aug.  1,  1851; 
son  of  Joseph  Merriam  and  Mary  A.  (Hunt)  Whitney,  of  Montague. 
Mr.  Whitney  is  a  machinist;  in  politics  he  is  a  Republican,  and  both  are 
members  of  the  Congregational  Church.  Res.,  69  Front  St.,  Fitchburg, 


1015.  Ernest  Alvin  Whitney,  b.,  Greenfield,  Mass.,  Sept.  16,  1873; 



m.  (i),  Somerville,  Mass.,  June  24,  1895,  Emily  Murry,  b. 
Dec.  26,  1872;  she  was  divorced  Jan.,  1908.  Mr.  Whitney 
m.  (2),  Dec.  30,  1908,  Cora  J.  Dean,  of  Winthrop,  Mass. 
Children,  by  first  m.:  (1)  Leslie  Prentice,  b.,  Revere, 
Mass.,  Sept.  26,  1898,  d.,  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  May  5,  1910; 
(2)  Russell  Emerson,  b.,  Fitchburg,  Aug.  8,  1901. 

1016.  Prentice  Merriam,  b.,  Erving,  Mass.,  Sept.  4,  1880;  d.  July, 

1 881. 

Edgar  Lawrence  Bartlett  (973),  son  of  Gideon  P.  (949)  and  Julia 
(Lawrence)  Bartlett,  b.,  Montague,  Mass.,  July  6,  1856;  m.,  Montague, 
Oct.  3,  1883,  Addie  A.  Fay,  b.,  New  Braintree,  Mass.,  June  24,  1849; 
dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Jane  Fay,  of  Montague.  Both  received  common 
and  high  school  educations.  Mr.  Bartlett's  childhood  was  spent  in  En- 
field, but  since  then  he  has  resided  in  Montague.  He  was  in  the  pro- 
vision business  for  thirty  years,  in  connection  with  farming,  but  has 
followed  the  latter  since  1910  altogether.  He  has  been  Selectman  and 
on  the  School  Board. 

Children,  b.  Montague: 

1017.  Benjamin  Prentice  Bartlett,  b.  July  19, 1884;  m.,  June  5, 1906, 

Maybelle  F.  Kellogg,  of  Springfield,  Mass.  Dau.:  Elinor 
Kellogg  Bartlett,  b.,  Springfield,  Dec.  10,  1907. 

1018.  Richard  Henri,  b.  Apr.  9,  1886;  m.,  May  1,  1907,  Ethel  M. 

Partridge,  of  Montague.  Son:  Robert  Edwards,  b.  Oct. 
27,  1911. 

1019.  Robert  Fay,  b.  Apr.  21,  1888;  d.,  Montague,  Mar.  14,  1889. 

1020.  Walter  Lawrence,  b.  Jan.  3,1891;  d., Montague,  Jan.  17, 1892. 

Eva  Lucretia  Bartlett  (976),  dau.  of  Gideon  P.  Bartlett  (949)  and  Julia 
Lawrence,  his  wife  [Lydia  (808),  Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22), 
Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Enfield,  Mass.,  Jan.  10,  1861;  m.,  Brattleboro, 
Vt.,  May  29,  1879,  Arthur  Dudley,  b.,  Shutesbury,  Mass.,  Dec.  18,  1855; 
son  of  Col.  Samuel  F.  Dudley  and  Jemima  Prouty,  of  Shutesbury.  Mr. 
Dudley  is  in  the  fire  department  at  Gardner,  Mass. 

Children,  b.  Gardner: 

102 1.  Ethel  Warren  Dudley,  b.  Oct.  15,  1889.    She  is  a  graduate 

from  the  Gardner  High  School,  and  the  Livermore  College, 
Boston,  taking  a  special  course  in  chemistry;  is  now  train- 
ing in  the  Massachusetts  General  Hospital. 

1022.  Iris  Lawrence,  b.  Apr.  23,  1899.     She  entered  the  high  school 

in  1912. 



Corydon  Greenwood  Dwight  (978),  son  of  Samuel  Dwight,  Jr.,  and 
Darsa  Bartlett  (951)  [Lydia  (808),  Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas 
(22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Sept.  21,  1828;  d., 
Orange,  Mich.,  Aug.  20,  1913;  m.,  New  Haven,  Conn.,  June  8,  1851, 
Sarah  Elisabeth  Northrop,  b.  Woodbridge,  Conn.;  d.,  Wayland,  Mich., 
Jan.  27, 1878.  Mr.  Dwight  was  educated  in  the  public  schools  of  Belcher- 
town, Mass.,  and  Hamden,  Conn.  Later  went  to  Kalamazoo  and  Martin, 
Mich.  In  i860  went  to  New  Haven,  and  was  a  brass-moulder  for  several 
years.  Returning  to  Michigan  he  engaged  in  farming.  He  lived  in 
Illinois  several  years,  then  returned  to  Michigan,  where  he  has  lived  a 
quiet,  retired  life. 

Children : 

1023.  Stephen  Northrop  Dwight,  b.,  Belchertown,  June  10,  1853; 

m.  Rodella  Geraldine  Aster. 

1024.  Austin  Herschel,  b.,  Martin,  Jan.  19,  1855  (1032a). 

1025.  Emma  M.,  b.,  Wayland,  Apr.  9,  1858;   m.,  Marseilles,  111., 

Nov.  25,  1882,  Artemas  Ward  Whitney,  b.,  Leland,  111., 
July  11,  1855;  son  of  Norman  J.  and  Roxanna  C.  (Hough) 
Whitney.  Mr.  Whitney  is  a  farmer  at  Shelby ville,  Mich. 
No  issue. 

1026.  Walter  Ernest,  b.,  New  Haven,  June  14,  i860;  m.  Claribel 

Stiff  (1032b). 

1027.  Henry  Edward,  b.,  New  Haven,  Jan.  28,  1864;  d.  there  Mar. 

14,  1865. 

1028.  Oliver  Frederick,  b.,  Martin,  Mar.  13,  1866;  m.  Charlottie 

Walke  (1032c,  io32d). 

1029.  Harvey  Augustus,  b.,  Martin,  Jan.  11,  1868;  m.,  Chicago, 

111.,  June  8,  1905,  Grace  Tyler,  b.,  Nokomis,  111.,  Apr.  12, 
1879;  dau.  of  Alfred  and  Clara  Viola  (Ireland)  Tyler.  He 
was  educated  in  the  schools  of  Michigan  and  Illinois.  He 
was  with  his  brother  Stephen  in  banks  at  Fort  Smith,  Ark., 
Leadville,  Col.,  and  Wasin,  Tex.,  for  a  time;  now  [1913]  is 
secretary  of  the  Dwight  Brothers  Paper  Company,  Chicago. 
No  issue. 

1030.  Corydon  Greenwood,  Jr.,  b.,  Plainwell,  Mich.,  May  8,  1870; 

m.  Bessie  Elizabeth  Sholes  (io32e-io32g). 

1 031.  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.,  Plainwell,  Dec.  11,  1873;  m.,  Aurora, 

111.,  Nov.  11,  1896,  Burdett  Mark  Hatch,  b.,  Sugar  Grove, 
111.,  Feb.  27,  1870;  son  of  Ephraim  F.  and  Augusta  Maria 
Hatch.    Mr.  Hatch  is  station-master  at  5th  Ave.,  Chicago. 



He  is  a  Republican  and  a  member  of  the  Methodist  Church. 
He  was  educated  at  Sugar  Grove  High  School,  and  since 
has  been  with  the  Third  Rail  Electric  Road  of  Aurora, 
Elgin,  and  Chicago.  Miss  Dwight,  after  fifteen  years  of 
age,  was  for  four  years  in  the  convent  at  Monroe,  Mich. 
Then  she  came  to  Sugar  Grove  High  School,  where  she 
graduated  in  1894.  She  taught  school  until  her  marriage, 
and  then  lived  at  Aurora,  111.,  for  five  years,  removing  to 
Wheaton,  111.,  where  they  now  [1913]  reside.  No  issue. 
1032.  Hawley  Edward,  b.,  Wayland,  May  4,  1877;  m.  Anna  Lisette 
Schmidtill  (1032I1-1032I).  Three  sons,  Austin  H.,  Walter 
E.,  and  Harvey  A.  Dwight,  formed  a  copartnership  at  So. 
Clark  St.,  Chicago,  under  the  firm  name  of  Dwight 
Brothers  Paper  Company,  where  they  successfully  con- 
duct a  wholesale  paper  business. 

Stephen  N.  Dwight  (1023),  son  of  Corydon  G.  (978)  and  Sarah  E. 
(Northrop)  Dwight,  b.,  Belchertown,  June  10,  1853;  d.,  Kansas  City, 
Mo.,  Nov.  7,  1909.  He  m.,  Independence,  Kan.,  Jan.  24,  1878,  Rodella 
Geraldine  Aster,  b.,  North  English,  la.,  June  22,  1859;  dau.  of  Anthony 
H.  Aster  and  Anna  Sholts,  his  wife. 

The  following  is  an  extract  from  "History  of  Kansas  City,  Mo.": 

"Stephen  Northrop  Dwight,  who  spent  his  last  days  in  Kansas  City, 
was  prominently  identified  with  the  development  of  the  West  as  a  repre- 
sentative of  financial  banking  and  mining  interests.  His  superior  busi- 
ness ability,  enterprise,  and  ready  grasp  of  a  situation  enabled  him  to  be- 
come closely  associated  with  the  establishment  and  successful  conduct 
of  enterprises  which  proved  important  factors  in  the  growth  and  progress 
of  this  section  of  the  country. 

''Stephen  N.  Dwight  spent  his  boyhood,  and  received  his  education,  in 
New  Haven,  Conn.  His  father  moved  to  Michigan,  and  he  began  his 
business  career  in  Kalamazoo,  Mich.;  but  study  of  the  business  situa- 
tion of  the  country,  in  various  sections,  led  him  to  believe  that  the  West 
offered  splendid  opportunities,  and  accordingly  he  made  his  way  to 
Kansas  in  1874.  His  first  location  was  at  Independence,  that  State, 
where  he  engaged  in  the  banking  business.  He  continued  in  that  business 
until  about  ten  years  before  his  death.  He  was  connected  with  several 
banks  in  Kansas,  also  organized, and  was  cashier, of  the  American  National 
Bank  at  Fort  Smith,  Ark.,  but  not  liking  the  climate  sold  his  interest 
and  went  to  Leadville,  where  he  organized  the  American  National  Bank 



and  was  its  president.  Wanting  to  be  out  of  doors  more  he  sold  his  in- 
terest in  the  bank  and  engaged  in  mining  for  a  time;  he  then  went  to  Cal- 
ifornia, where  he  stayed  more  than  a  year;  but  it  seemed  too  far  away 
from  all  friends  and  relatives,  so  he  returned  to  Kansas  and  became 
identified  with  the  development  of  the  mining  resources  at  Galena,  Kan. 
He  bought  the  water-works,  which  he  enlarged  and  improved  in  every 
way.  He  closed  out  his  mining  interests  before  moving  to  Kansas  City, 
but  owned  and  operated  the  water- works  up  to  the  time  of  his  death. 
One  of  the  elements  of  his  exceedingly  successful  career  was  the  quick- 
ness with  which  he  noted  an  opportunity  that  others  passed  heedlessly 
by,  when  he  saw  a  chance. 

"Mr.  Dwight's  political  allegiance  was  given  to  the  Republican  Party, 
and  fraternally  he  was  connected  with  the  Masons  and  Knights  of 
Pythias.  His  face  indicated  that  character,  balance,  harmony,  and 
sound  judgment  were  among  his  natural  traits.  Quietude  of  deportment, 
easy  dignity,  and  a  frankness  and  cordiality  of  address  were  among  his 
noticeable  characteristics.  He  was  ever  ready  to  meet  any  obligation  of 
life  with  the  confidence  and  courage  that  come  of  conscious  personal 
ability,  right  conception  of  things,  and  an  habitual  regard  for  what 
was  best  in  the  exercise  of  human  activities  for  profitable  investment  or 
for  the  establishment  of  an  enterprise  that  promised  success.  Forming 
his  plans  readily,  he  was  determined  in  their  execution,  and  carried 
forward  to  successful  completion  whatever  he  undertook.  In  his  mental 
review  of  the  West  he  noted  the  bright  outlook  before  Kansas  City,  and 
showed  his  faith  in  its  future  by  the  purchase  of  considerable  property. 
Time  demonstrated  his  wisdom  in  this  regard  in  increased  value  of  his 
realty  holdings.  The  erection  of  the  handsome  office  structure  known  as 
the  Dwight  Building,  at  the  corner  of  Tenth  St.  and  Baltimore  Ave.,  is 
an  evidence  of  his  foresight  and  faith  in  Kansas  City's  future  greatness. 
This  magnificent  building  was  the  pioneer  of  its  kind,  and  added  an  im- 
portant step  to  Kansas  City's  realty  growth  that  can  only  be  estimated 
by  a  review  of  the  improved  property  conditions  of  that  immediate  lo- 
cality. The  success  of  this  undertaking  added  a  stimulus  to  Kansas 
City's  real-estate  interests  at  a  time  when  most  needed,  and  stands  as  a 
monument  to  his  enterprise  and  judgment.  The  property  is  still  owned 
by  Mrs.  Dwight.  Mr.  Dwight  was  a  man  of  domestic  taste,  finding  his 
greatest  happiness  at  his  own  fireside,  and  a  most  congenial  companion- 
ship existed  between  himself  and  his  wife. 

"Mrs.  Dwight  was  educated  at  Baker  University,  a  Methodist  institu- 
tion, at  Baldwin,  Kan.    She  was  a  helpmate  in  every  sense  of  the  word. 



Was  a  great  reader,  and  interested  in  all  charitable  works  and  any  cause 
for  the  betterment  of  men  and  women;  has  given  very  liberally  to  the 
Y.  M.  C.  A.,  Y.  W.  C.  A.,  Swope  Settlement,  patterned  after  Hull  House, 
Chicago,  Boys'  Hotel,  Girls'  Hotel,  Mercy  Hospital,  and  numerous  other 
institutions.  Up  to  the  time  of  Mr.  Dwight's  death  she  was  a  home- 
maker;  but  since  that  time  she  has  looked  after  her  business  interests 
and  been  very  successful.    There  was  no  issue." 

Mrs.  Dwight  m.  (2),  Mar.  16,  1913,  W.  C.  Culbertson,  a  lawyer,  of 
Kansas  City,  Mo.    Her  res.,  Stevensville,  Mont. 

Austin  Herschel  Dwight  (1024),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Martin, 
Mich.,  Jan.  19,  1855;  m.,  Plainwell,  Mich.,  Feb.  4,  1876,  Frankie  S. 
Allcott,  b.,  Rochester,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  10,  1854;  dau.  of  S.  P.  Allcott  and 
Frances  A.  Wright,  of  Rochester.  Mr.  Dwight  was  educated  in  the 
schools  of  Connecticut  and  Michigan.  He  taught  school  for  a  time  in 
Michigan,  then  entered  the  paper  business,  and  worked  from  the 
bottom  up,  traveling  for  several  years  for  a  firm  in  Ohio.  He  went  to 
Chicago  in  1890,  and  has  since  been  at  the  head  of  the  firm.  He  has  a 
large  farm  near  Gun  Lake,  Mich.,  where  they  have  a  fine  summer  home, 
and  entertain  their  friends  in  warm  weather. 


1032a.  Maud  B.  Dwight, b., Plainwell,  Jan.  17,  1877;  d.  Apr.  9,  1879. 

Walter  Ernest  Dwight  (1026),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  June  14,  i860;  m.,  Leadville,  Col.,  Oct.  3,  1883,  Claribel  Stiff,  b., 
Pontiac,  Mich.,  1863;  d.,  Chicago,  111.,  1903;  dau.  of  Erastus  and  Lydia 
(Winters)  Stiff,  of  Pontiac.  Mr.  Dwight  is  a  member  of  the  wholesale 
paper  firm  of  Dwight  Brothers,  of  Chicago.  Mr.  Dwight  affiliates  with 
the  Republican  Party,  and  both  he  and  his  wife  are  members  of  the  Con- 
gregational Church.    Address,  6260  Clark  St.,  Chicago,  111. 


1032b.  Inez  C.  Dwight,  b.,  Plainwell,  Aug.  6,  1887;  m.,  Oak  Park, 
111.,  June  2,  1908,  Harold  C.  Parsons. 

Oliver  Frederick  Dwight  (1028),  son  of  Corydon  G.  and  Sarah  E. 
(Northrop)  Dwight,  b.,  Martin,  Mich.,  Mar.  7,  1866;  m.,  Columbus, 
Kan.,  Apr.  20, 1886,  Charlottie  Walke,  b.,  Milford  Center,  O.,  Apr.,  1866; 
dau.  of  W.  H.  Walke  and  Ruhoma  (Hommon)  Walke,  of  Milford  Center. 
Mr.  Dwight  was  educated  in  the  schools  in  Michigan;  from  there  he 
went  to  Columbus,  Kan.,  and  was  for  several  years  with  his  brother 



Stephen  in  a  bank.     He  afterwards  traveled  for  a  paper  firm  for  some 
time,  and  later  established  and  now  owns  the  paper  house  known  as 
Dwight  Brothers  Paper  Company,  of  Milwaukee.    His  two  sons  are  as- 
sociated with  him  in  the  business.   Res.,  Milwaukee,  Wis. 
Children,  b.  Columbus: 

1032c.  Austin  Walke  Dwight,  b.  Jan.  17,  1888. 
io32d.  Owen  Lyman,  b.  Oct.  30,  1889. 

Corydon  Greenwood  Dwight,  Jr.  (1030),  son  of  Corydon  Greenwood 
Dwight  (978),  son  of  Samuel  Dwight  and  Darsa  Bartlett  (951),  dau.  of 
Lydia  Brown  and  Gideon  Bartlett,  dau.  of  Lydia  Brown  and  Robert 
Brown  [Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Plainwell, 
Mich.,  May  8,  1870;  m.,  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  Apr.  30,  1898,  Bessie  Elizabeth 
Sholes,  b.,  Milwaukee,  Aug.  18,  1871;  dau.  of  Charles  Latham  Sholes 
and  Elizabeth  Rebecca  Arndt,  of  Milwaukee.  Mr.  Dwight  received  a 
common-school  education  in  Michigan,  four  years  at  Beloit  College,  and 
graduated  from  Hahnemann  Medical  College  and  Hospital,  Chicago, 
Mar.  25,  1897.  Practised  as  a  family  physician  in  Milwaukee  and  Dar- 
lington, Wis.  Studied  one  year  in  London,  Vienna,  and  Berlin,  special- 
izing in  the  eye,  ear,  nose,  and  throat.  Late  Professor  of  Otology  and 
Rhinology,  Chicago  Eye,  Ear,  Nose,  and  Throat  College.  Practised  his 
specialty  at  Janesville,  Wis.  Member  American  Medical  Association, 
Chicago  Ophthalmological  Society,  Wisconsin  State,  and  Dane  County, 
Medical  Society.  He  is  a  member  of  the  Shrine  and  a  32d  degree  Mason. 
Mrs.  Dwight  received  common-school  education  at  Milwaukee,  and  All 
Saints'  Cathedral  for  Girls,  at  Milwaukee.  Her  grandfather  was  C. 
Latham  Sholes,  inventor  of  the  first  successful  typewriter.  Mr.  Dwight 
is  a  physician  specialist  ■ —  eye,  ear,  nose,  and  throat  —  at  Madison,  Wis. 
Both  he  and  his  wife  are  members  of  the  Congregational  Church. 
Children : 

1032c  Frances  Elizabeth  Dwight,  b.,  Darlington,  July  1,  1899. 

1032L   Dorothy  Margaret,  b.,  Darlington,  Apr.  10,  1900. 

io32g.  Esther  Nancy,  b.,  Janesville,  Sept.  25,  1907. 

Hawley  Edward  Dwight  (1032),  son  of  Corydon  G.  (978)  and  Eliza- 
beth (Northrop)  Dwight,  son  of  Samuel  and  Darsa  (Bartlett)  (951) 
Dwight,  b.,  Wayland,  Mich.,  May  4,  1877;  m.,  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  June 
29,  1903,  Anna  Lisette  Schmidtill,  b.,  Milwaukee,  Nov.  13,  1877;  dau. 
of  John  G.  and  Lisette  F.  (Friese)  Schmidtill,  of  Milwaukee.  Mr. 
Dwight 's  early  education  was  received  at  the  district  school  in  Wayland. 



He  afterwards  attended  the  high  school  in  the  same  town,  and  later  at 
Martin,  Mich.  His  wife  was  a  graduate  of  Milwaukee  High  School  and 
also  of  the  State  Normal  of  Wisconsin.  Afterwards  was  teacher  in  public 
schools  of  Milwaukee,  her  place  of  residence  until  marriage.  Mr. 
Dwight,  at  twenty-one  years  of  age,  was  in  the  employ  of  Dwight  Brothers 
Paper  Company,  of  Chicago,  111.  After  a  few  months  he  had  a  position 
with  the  Benedict  Paper  Company  as  salesman  in  and  about  Oklahoma 
City,  Okla.,  where  he  remained  until  1900.  He  then  represented  Dwight 
Brothers  Paper  Company  in  Milwaukee  and  Chicago  as  salesman  in 
Rock  Island,  111.,  Davenport,  la.,  and  Moline,  111.,  remaining  with  them 
until  1909,  when,  for  two  years  after,  he  was  with  the  Swigart  Paper 
Company.  In  191 1  he  was  chosen  by  some  of  the  leading  people  of 
Moline  to  develop  an  apple  orchard  for  them  in  Bitter  Root  Valley,  near 
Woodside,  Mont.  His  success  as  an  orchardist  has  been  well  appreciated. 
Mr.  Dwight  affiliates  with  the  Republican  Party,  and  both  he  and  his 
wife  are  members  of  the  Episcopal  Church.  Res.,  Woodside,  Mont. 

1032I1.  Ruth  Lisette  Dwight,  b.,  Rock  Island,  Aug.  1,  1904. 

1032k    Darsa  Gertrude,  b.,  Moline,  Feb.  1,  1907. 

1032J.   Nathaniel  Greenwood,  b.,  Moline,  Jan.  29,  1909. 

1032k.  Marshall  Bartlett,  b.,  Moline,  Oct.  25,  1910. 

1032I.    Marion  Northrop,  b.,  Woodside,  Aug.  2,  1912. 

Avery  Augustus  Dwight  (979),  son  of  Samuel  and  Darsa  (Bartlett)  (951) 
Dwight  [Lydia  (808),  Robert  (801),  Samuel  (5 2), Thomas  (22), Thomas  (2), 
Thomas],  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Feb.  25,  1830;  d.,  Martin,  Mich.,  Oct. 
4,  1904;  m.,  Pembroke,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  3,  1853,  Jane  Rose  Wood,  b.,  Genesee 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  13,  1835;  d.,  Martin,  Feb.  7,  1912;  dau.  of  Henry  and 
Jane  (Rose)  Wood.  Mr.  Dwight  lived  in  Belchertown  until  he  was 
eighteen  years  of  age.  Mr.  Dwight  and  his  wife  received  common-school 
educations.  In  1853,  after  their  marriage,  they  went  to  Kalamazoo, 
Mich.,  and  went  the  same  year  to  Martin,  Mich.,  settling  in  a  wilder- 
ness at  that  time,  and  hewed  out  a  home  for  themselves.  They  were 
pioneers  of  Martin.  He  was  a  cooper  by  trade,  and  made  that  his  busi- 
ness for  some  time.    He  has  held  township  offices.    "An  honest  man." 

Children,  b.  Martin: 

1033.  George  Henry  Dwight,  b.  Oct.  21,  1854;  m.  Harriet  I.  Wood 

(1053,  1054). 

1034.  Marion  Edith,  b.  Jan.  26,  1S57;  d.,  Martin,  Jan.  25,  1870. 

1035.  Martha  Myra,  b.  May  21,  1861;  m.,  Martin,  Mar.  3,  1884, 



James  Hall,  b.,  Mount  Pleasant,  Mich.,  July  29,  i860. 
Mrs.  Hall  lived  at  Martin  for  three  years  after  marriage, 
and  then  removed  with  her  husband  to  Fort  Morgan,  Col., 
where  they  lived  eighteen  years.  Mr.  Hall  had  charge  of 
an  irrigation  ditch,  where  he  lost  his  health.  They  then 
went  to  Ferndale,  Wash.,  in  1906.  They  are  farmers  in  a 
beautiful  country  and  fine  climate,  and  both  are  members 
of  the  Methodist  Church.  No  issue.  Res.,  Ferndale, 
Whatcom  Co.,  Wash. 

1036.  Ada  Sybil,  b.  Mar.  13,  1862;  m.  Sidney  J.  Konkle  (1055- 


1037.  Harry  Avery,  b.  Apr.  25,  1870;  m.  Mabel  C.  Perrigo  (1059- 


Austin  Erskine  D wight  (980),  son  of  Samuel  and  Darsa  (Bartlett) 
(951)  Dwight  [Lydia  (808),  Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22), 
Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Feb.  21,  1832;  d.,  De- 
catur, Mich.,  July  5,  1910;  nv.  (1),  Oakfield,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  22,  i860, 
Hester  Ann  Hosselkus,  b.,  Oakfield,  Mar.  18,  1838;  d.,  Decatur,  Dec. 
26,  1876;  dau.  of  Daniel  Hosselkus  and  Deborah  Kellogg,  of  New  York. 
He  m.  (2),  Decatur,  Nov.  20,  1880,  Ellen  Maria  Devendorf,  b.,  Hastings, 
Oswego  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  25,  1846;  dau.  of  Harvey  Clay  Devendorf  and 
Mary  L.  Parkhurst,  of  Hastings.  Mr.  Dwight's  occupation  was  that  of 
a  cooper.  He  attended  the  Presbyterian  Church,  and  his  wife  was  a 
member.  Mr.  Dwight  was  burned  while  burning  bushes  on  his  farm. 
He  was  a  highly  respected  citizen  of  Decatur,  where  he  had  lived  over 
fifty  years;  his  death  was  a  shock  to  the  whole  town.  Her  res.,  Decatur, 

Children  by  first  m.,  b.  Decatur: 

1038.  Jennie  Hester  Dwight,  b.  Feb.  27,  1867.    Miss  Dwight  grad- 

uated from  the  high  school  of  Decatur  in  1884,  and  at  in- 
tervals taught  school,  and  then  went  to  Oswego,  N.  Y., 
where  for  a  year  she  took  a  business  course.  From  there 
she  went  to  Columbus,  Ga.,  and  was  in  a  law  firm  of  high 
standing;  and  after  several  years  there,  went  to  Milwaukee, 
Wis.,  and  remained  three  years,  then  receiving  an  appoint- 
ment to  Washington,  D.  C,  as  clerk  in  the  Pension  Bu- 
reau, where  [1914]  she  has  been  for  over  nine  years. 

1039.  Louis  Daniel,  b.  Mar.  5,  1873;  m.  Carrie  A.  Dobson  (1044a- 




Children  by  second  m.,  b.  Decatur: 

1040.  Albert  Chaise  Dwight,  b.  Nov.  29,  1881;  m.,  Decatur,  Aug. 

26,  1908,  Cora  Lovina  Cook,  b.,  Bangor,  Mich.,  Feb.  15, 
1884;  dau.  of  Joseph  P.  Cook  and  Harriet  Jane  Littruk, 
of  Paw  Paw,  Mich.  .  Mr.  Dwight  is  a  graduate  of  the  De- 
catur High  School  in  1900,  and  of  the  Michigan  Agricul- 
tural College,  receiving  the  degree  of  B.S.,  in  1908.  His 
wife  graduated  from  the  Decatur  High  School  in  1903,  and 
then  taught  school  until  marriage.  Mr.  Dwight  is  a  pro- 
gressive agriculturist  of  the  new  school  at  Decatur.  Dau., 
Harriet  Ellen,  b.,  Decatur,  Jan.  5,  1910. 

1041.  Blanche  Laverne,  b.  Apr.  5,  1883;  m.,  Decatur,  June  4,  1913, 

James  W.  McLuse,  b.  Sept.  3,  1873.  He  is  a  farmer.  Mrs. 
McLuse  is  a  graduate  of  the  high  school  and  of  Michi- 
gan Agricultural  College.    Res.,  Decatur,  Mich. 

1042.  Austin  Harvey,  b.  Aug.  29,  1885;  d.  Sept.  12,  1885. 

1043.  Ruth  Arnold,  b.  Oct.  17,  1886;  d.  Oct.  9,  1888. 

1044.  Samuel  Harold,  b.  Aug.  26,  1893. 

Louis  Daniel  Dwight  (1039),  son  of  Austin  E.  (980)  and  Hester  A. 
(Hosselkus)  Dwight,  b.,  Decatur,  Mich.,  Mar.  5,  1873;  m.,  Ann  Arbor, 
Mich.,  Mar.  23,  1895,  Carrie  A.  Dobson,  b.,  Decatur,  Dec.  27,  1875;  dau. 
of  Alex.  Dobson,  of  Keeler,  Mich.,  and  Callie  O.  Baker.  Mr.  and  Mrs. 
Dwight  are  graduates  of  the  Decatur  High  School.  Mr.  Dwight  attended 
the  University  of  Michigan  four  years,  and  then  taught  in  the  public 
schools  of  Michigan  for  eight  years.  They  moved  to  Dubuque,  la.,  in 
1904.  He  was  in  the  employ  of  the  Union  Electric  Company  of  that 
place  for  four  years.  He  passed  the  civil  examination  and  was  appointed 
to  the  position  of  electrician  in  the  United  States  Post-office  in  San  Fran- 
cisco, Cal.,  in  1908,  and  held  that  position  three  years,  resigning  to  move 
to  a  ranch  he  had  purchased  at  Los  Gatos,  Cal.  Address,  R.  D.  No.  15. 

1044a.    Marjorie  P.  Dwight  (twin),  b.,  Ann  Arbor,  May  16,  1896. 

1044b.  Dorothy  (twin),  b.,  Ann  Arbor,  May  16,  1896;  d.  May  22, 

1044c.    Paul  Erskine,  b.,  Volinia,  Cass  Co.,  Mich.,  Dec.  17,  1900. 

Lydia  Almira  Dwight  (981),  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Darsa  (Bartlett)  (951) 
Dwight  [Lydia  (808),  Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas 
(2)  Thomas],  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Oct.  25,  1833;  d.,  Belchertown, 



Apr.  3,  1893;   m.,  Shutesbury,  Mass.,  May  4,  1853,  Lewis  Dodge,  b. 
Pelham,  Mass.;  d.,  Belchertown,  Sept.  17,  1899;  son  of  Ellison  Dodge 
and  Esther  Bartlett.    Mr.  Dodge  was  a  blacksmith  in  Belchertown. 
Children,  except  the  last,  b.  Pelham: 

1045.  Lewis  Elmer  Dodge,  b.  Apr.   26,   1S54;  m.   Mary  Walker 

(1065,  1066). 
1045a.  Henry  Francis,  b.  June  20,  1855;  d.,  Pelham,  Oct.  14,  i860. 

1046.  Delia  Almira,  b.  Mar.  14,  1862;  twice  m.  (1067-1072). 

1047.  Anna  Maria,  b.  Apr.  8,  1865;  m.  (1),  July,  18S0,  Edward  Jay 

Barton;  he  d.  Jan.  20,  1892.  She  m.  (2),  Rutland,  Vt., 
Dec.  8,  1S95,  Edwin  J.  Ward.  No  issue.  Res.,  Stoneham, 

1048.  Albert  Elihu,  b.  Oct.  8, 1869;  m.  Lizzie  A.  Grout  (1075-ioSia). 

1049.  Harry  Chapin,  b.,  Belchertown,  Feb.  27,  1S74;  m.,  Hadley, 

Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1902,  Grace  Gardner,  dau.  of  Albert  and 
Laura  (Lovell)  Gardner,  of  Hadley.  She  d.  Mar.  25,  191 2. 
Mr.  Dodge  is  a  blacksmith  by  trade,  but  gives  his  atten- 
tion more  to  farming  and  teaming.  Son:  Walter  Edwin, 
b.  Mar.  19,  1903. 

Emily  Augusta  Dwight  (9S7),  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Darsa  (Bartlett) 
(951)  Dwight,  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Aug.  3,  1846;  d.,  Lowell,  Mich., 
Mar.  n,  1911;  m.,  Decatur,  Mich.,  Jan.  2,  1871,  Sylvester  Pomeroy 
Hicks,  b.,  Rome,  Mich.,  Jan.  15,  1844;  son  of  John  and  Jane  (Winegar) 
Hicks,  of  Rome,  Lenawee  Co.,  Mich.  Emily  A.  Dwight  was  born  and 
began  her  early  education  in  Belchertown,  a  hilly  country  town  over- 
looking the  beautiful  valley  of  the  Connecticut  River.  The  mountain 
ranges  of  this  beautiful  landscape  are  not  surpassed  in  New  England. 
After  teaching  school  for  a  year  near  her  home,  she  moved  to  Michigan, 
where  three  of  her  brothers  had  preceded  her,  and  spent  one  year  in  the 
schools  of  Decatur.  She  then  engaged  in  teaching  at  Douglas,  Mich., 
where  she  met  the  superintendent  of  schools,  and  remained  in  this  ca- 
pacity for  two  years.  She  was  married  to  Sylvester  Pomeroy  Hicks, 
the  superintendent  of  schools,  and  they  made  Lowell  their  home.  The 
tragic  death  of  Mrs.  Hicks,  when  her  clothing  caught  fire  while  extinguish- 
ing a  fire  in  her  own  home,  cast  a  dark  shadow  over  her  home  and  the 
homes  of  her  relatives  and  neighbors,  who  held  her  in  the  highest  esteem. 
Mr.  Hicks  was  for  ten  years  superintendent  of  schools;  eight  years  magis- 
trate; member  of  Board  of  Auditors,  Kent  Co.,  Mich.,  for  six  years;  is 
now  [191 2]  serving  his  third  term  as  member  of  Kent  Co.  Jury  Commis- 



sioners;  was  president  of  Lowell  School  Board  twelve  years;  treasurer  of 
the  Lowell  Board  of  Trade  three  years,  and  president  one  term.  He  served 
in  the  army  and  navy  during  the  Civil  War.    Res.,  Lowell,  Mich. 

1050.  Dwight  Pomeroy  Hicks,  b.,  Lowell,  Aug.  22,  1872;  d.  Sept. 

24,  1872. 

Mary  Victoria  Dwight  (988),  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Darsa  (Bartlett) 
(951)  Dwight,  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Aug.  7,  1848;  m.,  Monson,  Mass., 
June  17,  1871,  B.  Chapin  Snow,  b.  Dec.  28,  1841;  son  of  Barnabas  and 
Julia  (Fish)  Snow,  of  Ware,  Mass.  Mr.  Snow  received  his  education  in 
Ware,  and  was  a  miller;  later  was  employed  in  different  places  in  New 
York  and  in  Chicago,  but  returned  to  Ware  and  is  in  the  grain  and  milling 
business.  Mrs.  Snow  was  educated  in  the  schools  of  Belchertown,  and 
took  up  the  millinery  business,  and  was  employed  at  Monson,  where  she 
was  married. 

Children,  b.  Ware: 

1051.  Grace  May  Snow,  b.  Oct.  15,  1875;  she  attended  the  schools 

of  Ware,  graduating  from  the  high  school  in  1892,  and  from 
Childs  Business  College  in  Springfield,  and  held  a  city  po- 
sition with  the  Springfield  Water  Department. 

1052.  Ruth  Chapin,  b.  May  3,   1890;  graduated  from  the  high 

school  of  Ware  in  1909,  and  later  entered  the  Bishop  Me- 
morial Training-school  for  Nurses,  and  completed  the 
course  in   191 2. 

George  Henry  Dwight  (1033),  son  of  Avery  A.  (979)  and  Jane  Rose 
(Wood)  Dwight,  b.,  Martin,  Mich.,  Oct.  21,  1854;  m.,  Martin,  June  30, 
1877,  Harriet  Isabel  Wood,  b.,  Wheatville,  N.  Y.,  July  4,  1855;  dau.  of 
Joseph  Wood  and  Nancy,  his  wife.  Mr.  Dwight.  is  a  progressive  farmer 
at  Martin. 

Children,  b.  Martin: 

1053.  Marion  Edith  Dwight,  b.  Sept.  27,  1879;  m.,  Martin,  June 

24,  1903,  Henry  Augustus  Kelley,  b.,  Otsego,  Mich.,  June 
10,  1 881;  son  of  John  Augustus  and  Margaret  R.  (Snyder) 
Kelley,  of  Providence,  R.  I.  Mr.  Kelley  is  a  salesman  at 
Muskegon,  Mich.,  and  both  he  and  his  wife  are  members 
of  the  Baptist  Church.  Children:  (1)  Henry  Dwight 
Kelley,  b.,  Martin,  Apr.  28,  1905;  (2)  Helen  Isabel,  b., 
Martin,  Feb.  22,  191 1.    Res.,  41  W.  Delaware  St. 

1054.  George  Henry,  b.  Oct.  25,  1896;  d.  June  29,  1904. 



Ada  Sybil  Dwight  (1036),  dau.  of  Avery  Augustus  (979)  and  Jane  Rose 
(Wood)  Dwight,  b.,  Martin,  Mich.,  Mar.  13,  1862;  m.,  Martin,  Mar.  11, 
1881,  Sidney  J.  Konkle,  b.,  Watson,  Mich.;  he  is  a  farmer  at  Nunica, 

Children : 

1055.  Claud  A.  Konkle,  b.,  Martin,  Dec.  8,  1881;  m.,  June  27, 

1903,  Ethel  Ebbuhardt.    Res.,  Muskegon,  Mich. 

1056.  Vern    A.,   b.,   Watson,    Mar.    19,    1884;    d.,   Nunica,   Apr. 

2,  1907.  He  made  a  journey  to  Washington  and  Cali- 
fornia for  his  health,  but  d.  at  the  age  of  twenty- three 

1057.  Lillian  M.,  b.,  Watson,  Nov.  25,  1887;  m.,  Nunica,  Aug.  21, 

1909,  Hartwell  Benjamin.  Son:  Max  Hartwell,  b.  Apr. 
n,  1913.    Res.,  Nunica,  Mich. 

105S.    Gladys  M.,  b.,  Martin,  July  27,  1890;  m.,  Nunica,  Sept.  21, 

1910,  Frederick  Derrick,  of  Lake  Linden,  Mich.  Son: 
Frederick  Dwight,  b.  July  12,  191 1. 

Harry  Avery  Dwight  (1037),  son  of  Avery  Augustus  (979)  and  Jane 
Rose  (Wood)  Dwight  [Darsa  (951),  Lydia  (808),  Robert  (801),  Samuel 
(52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2), Thomas], b.,  Martin,  Mich.,  Apr.  25,  1870; 
d.,  Langston,  Mich.,  Oct.  20,  191 1;  m.,  Stanton,  Mich.,  Oct.  11,  1894, 
Mabel  C.  Perrigo,  b.,  Dundee,  Monroe  Co.,  Mich.,  Dec.  4,  1871;  dau.  of 
Richard  M.  Perrigo,  of  Langston,  and  Carrie  S.  Stone.  Both  had  good 
common-school  educations.  After  marriage  they  lived  in  Illinois  and  many 
places  in  Michigan.  Mr.  Dwight  was  a  music  teacher  and  was  a  talented 
player.  He  had  been  a  teacher  of  music  for  many  years  in  many  places, 
and  his  services  were  highly  appreciated.  In  the  midst  of  his  labors  he 
was  suddenly  stricken  down  and  taken  from  his  loving  family.  Res.  of 
Mabel  P.  Dwight,  Stanton,  Mich. 


1059.  Lola  Maurine  Dwight,  b.,  Trufant,  Mich.,  Aug.  7,  1895;  d., 

Bloomsdale,  Mo.,  Sept.  9,  1896. 

1060.  Lilah  Fern,  b.,  Chippewa  Lake,  Mich.,  Feb.  23,1898;  d.,  Sheri- 

dan, Mich.,  Jan.  24,  1904. 

1061.  Harry  Avery,  b.,  Alden,  Mich.,  Feb.  18,  1900;  d.  in  infancy. 

1062.  Hazel  Aileen,  b.,  Sheridan,  May  14,  1903. 

1063.  Martha  Mabel,  b.,  Langston,  Aug.  24,  1904. 

1064.  Florence  Emily,  b.,  Langston,  Dec.  31,  1907. 



Lewis  Elmer  Dodge  (1045),  son  of  Lewis  and  Lydia  Almira  (Dwight) 
(9S1)  Dodge,  b.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Apr.  26,  1854;  m.,  Belchertown,  Mass., 
Dec.  29,  1875,  Mary  M.  Walker. 


1065.  James  Elmer  Dodge,  b.,  Amherst,  Mass.,  Nov.  4,  1877;   d. 

Mar.  4,  1878. 

1066.  Elmer  J.,  b.,  Monroe,  Mass.,  May  3, 1879;  m.,Holyoke,  Mass., 

Aug.  31,  1 901,  Emma  Smith,  of  Holyoke.  Children,  b. 
Holyoke:  (1)  Elmer  Earl,  b.  Aug.  2,  1902;  (2)  Mary,  b. 
Aug.  27,  1904;  (3)  Elmer  Walker,  b.  Feb.  21,  1909,  d.  Oct. 
16,  1910;  (4)  Lillian,  b.  Sept.  28,  1910. 

Delia  Almira  Dodge  (1046),  dau.  of  Lewis  and  Lydia  Almira  (Dwight) 
(981)  Dodge,  b.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Mar.  14,  1862;  m.  (1),  Belchertown, 
Mass.,  May  26,  1880,  Austin  Dwight  Fuller,  b.,  Ludlow,  Mass.,  Mar.  28, 
1852;  d.,  Belchertown,  July  20,  1884;  son  of  Purchase  D.  and  Phebe 
Caroline  (Olde)  Fuller.  He  was  a  farmer  and  lumberman.  Both  mem- 
bers of  the  Methodist  Church. 

Children  by  first  m.,  b.  Belchertown: 

1067.  Edward  Austin  Fuller,  b.  Mar.  8,  1881;  m.  Sarah  F.  Dillon 


1068.  Frank  Dwight,  b.  Feb.  6,  1885;  m.  Jessie  Abrams  (1074). 
Mrs.  Delia  A.  (Dodge)  Fuller,  the  preceding,  m.  (2),  Enfield,  Mass., 

Sept.  21,  1889,  Alfred  Hastings  Squires,  b.,  Enfield,  Mar.  15,  i860;  d., 
Belchertown,  Dec.  25,  1902;  son  of  Henry  R.  and  Lucinda  J.  (Allen) 
Squires,  of  Enfield.    He  was  a  farmer,  and  a  Republican. 
Children  by  second  m.,  b.  Belchertown: 

1069.  Alfred  Lewis  Squires,  b.  May  21,  1892. 

1070.  Paul  Revere,  b.  Mar.  17,  1895. 

1071.  Beatrice  Lucinda,  b.  Mar.  19,  1897. 

1072.  Susie  Eloise,  b.  May  28,  1-900. 

Edward  Austin  Fuller  (1067),  son  of  Austin  D.  and  Delia  A.  (Dodge) 
Fuller,  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Mar.  8,  1881;  m.,  Belchertown,  Sept. 
15,  1909,  Sarah  Freelove  Dillon,  b.,  Pawtucket,  R.  I.,  Sept.  29,  1880; 
dau.  of  Louis  W.  and  Emma  (Horton)  Dillon,  of  Pawtucket.  Mr.  Fuller 
is  a  merchant,  and  a  Republican.  They  attend  the  Congregational 
Church;  Mrs.  Fuller  is  a  member.   Res.,  Pawtucket,  R.  I. 


1073.  Maxine  Fuller,  b.,  Belchertown,  July  8,  1910. 



Frank  Dwight  Fuller  (1068),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Belchertown, 
Mass.,  Feb.  6,  1885;  m.,  Walden,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  2,  1908,  Jessie  Abrams, 
dau.  of  Sanford  and  Anna  Christine  (Snyder)  Abrams,  of  Walden.  Mr. 
Fuller  is  secretary  of  Moore  Drop  Forging  Company,  of  Springfield. 
Both  are  members  of  Congregational  Church. 


1074.  Charlotte  Fuller,  b.,  Springfield,  May  7,  1910. 

Albert  Elihu  Dodge  (1048),  son  of  Lewis  and  Lydia  Almira  (Dwight) 
(981)  Dodge,  b.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Oct.  8,  1869;  m.,  Enfield,  Mass.,  Jan. 
20,  1892,  Lizzie  Abigail  Grout,  dau.  of  William  Henry  and  Ellen  (Davis) 
Grout.    Mr.  Dodge  is  a  blacksmith  in  Belchertown,  Mass. 

Children,  b.  Belchertown: 

1075.  Esther  Marie  Dodge,  b.  Feb.  10,  1893. 

1076.  Lewis  William,  b.  Nov.  3,  1894;  d.  Jan.  30,  1912. 

1077.  Delia  Louise,  b.  Aug.  5,  1896. 

1078.  Almira  Belle,  b.  Nov.  3,  1899. 

1079.  Emma  May,  b.  Dec.  5,  1903. 

1080.  Darsa  May,  b.  Aug.  7,  1906. 

1081.  Althea  Leland,  b.  Aug.  1,  1909. 

1081a.  Albert  Harry,  b.  Oct.  9,  1912;  d.  July  29,  1913. 

Livingston  Staughton  Bartlett  (991),  son  of  Marshall  J.  (952)  and 
Abigail  Jackson  (Warren)  Bartlett  [Lydia  (808),  Robert  (801)  Samuel 
(52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  June, 
1838;  m.  (1),  1872,  Sarah  Rebecca  Cowan,  b.,  Leeds,  Mass.  She  was 
drowned  in  the  Williamsburg,  Mass.,  disaster,  May  8,  1874.  She  is  buried 
in  Williamsburg.  He  m.  (2),  Amherst,  Mass.,  Mar.  31,  1882,  Mary  W. 
Field,  b.,  Troy,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  4,  1848;  dau.  of  Caleb  Field,  of  Troy,  and 
Nancy  Smith.  Mr.  Bartlett  is  a  painter  at  Amherst,  Mass.;  he  served  in 
the  Civil  War  in  Co.  A,  27th  Mass.  Vols. 

Children,  b.  Amherst: 

1082.  Louis  W.  Bartlett,  b.  May  23,  1884;  m.  Edith  L.  Mercer. 

1083.  Mabel,  b.  Nov.  23,  1885;  is  a  graduate  from  the  Amherst 

High  School,  and  after  her  graduation  taught  school  in 
Connecticut,  at  Lakeville,  Coventry,  and  Madison;  also 
in  Vermont.    Res.,  Amherst,  Mass. 

Louis  Warren  Bartlett  (1082),  the  preceding,  at  the  age  of  eight  years, 
attended  the  schools  of  Amherst,  graduating  from  the  high  school  in  1904. 
He  was  one  year  in  Massachusetts  Agricultural  College.    In  1905  he  was 



substitute  clerk  in  Amherst  Post-office.  In  1906  he  was  with  the  Fish 
Rubber  Company,  at  Chicopee  Falls,  where  he  holds  the  position  of  cost 
accountant.  He  m.,  So.  Manchester,  Conn.,  Dec.  10, 191 2,  Edith  Lenorah 
Mercer,  b.,  Toronto,  Canada,  Mar.  22,  1884;  dau.  of  Arthur  Mercer, 
of  So.  Manchester,  and  Eliza  McCann.  Miss  Mercer  came  with  her  par- 
ents to  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  in  1890,  attending  the  schools  of  Brooklyn 
until  her  parents  removed  to  So.  Manchester,  where  she  graduated  from 
the  high  school  in  1902.  She  was  appointed  a  census  enumerator  for  the 
census  of  19 10,  covering  a  part  of  Hartford,  Conn. 

Erastus  Myron  Bartlett  (992),  son  of  Marshall  J.  (952)  and  Abigail  J. 
(Warren)  Bartlett,  b.,  Enfield,  Mass.,  Mar.  31,  1841;  m.,  Apr.  15,  1869, 
Mary  Viola  Gates,  b.,  Palmer,  Mass.,  July  21,  1844;  d.,  Palmer,  Apr.  29, 
1888;  dau.  of  Ephraim  Barton  Gates,  of  Palmer,  and  Sophia  W.  Simpson. 
Mr.  Bartlett  was  a  farmer  and  engineer.  He  served  in  the  Civil  War, 
enlisting  Sept.,  1864,  in  the  4th  Mass.  Heavy  Artillery;  discharged  from 
service  June  23,  1865;  was  located  at  Fort  Bernard,  Va.,  and  Arlington 
Heights.  He  has  resided  at  Palmer  and  Pelham.  Res.,  Pearl  St.  PL, 
Springfield,  Mass. 

Children,  b.  Palmer: 

1084.  Leon  Gates  Bartlett,  b.  July  26,  1870  (1087-1089). 

1085.  Lena  Grace,  b.  Jan.  4,  1872;  m.  Eugene  P.  Howard  (1090). 

1086.  Lugene  Stimpson,  b.  July  28,  1876  (1090a). 

Leon  Gates  Bartlett  (1084),  the  preceding,  m.,  Enfield,  Mass.,  May  25, 
i892,Hattie  Frances  Aldrich,  b.  Enfield;  dau.  of  Reuben  Keith  Aldrich,of 
Enfield, and  Emma  Jane  Eddy.  Mr.  Bartlett  was  educated  in  the  schools 
of  Palmer,  Mass.,  and  graduated  from  the  high  school.  He  is  a  farmer, 
and  has  been  Selectman  at  Wilbraham,  Mass.,  and  Overseer  of  the  Poor. 
He  is  [1912]  ill  in  hospital  at  Springfield,  Mass.  Res.,  41  Middlesex  St., 
Springfield,  Mass. 

Children,  b.  Palmer: 

1087.  Raymond  Aldrich  Bartlett,  b.  Aug.  24,  1893. 

1088.  Ralph  Gates,  b.  Aug.  30,  1897. 

1089.  Marian  Emma,  b.  Jan.  19,  1903. 

Lena  Grace  Bartlett  (1085),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Palmer,  Mass., 
Jan.  4, 1872;  m.,  West  Pelham,  Mass.,  June  15, 1892,  Eugene  Patten  How- 
ard, b.,  Palmer,  Sept.  8,  1869;  son  of  George  Ashman  Howard,  of  Palmer, 
and  Emeline  Quimby.  Mr.  Howard  lived  on  a  farm  in  Ware,  Mass.,  from 
1872  to  1891;  then  was  apprentice  with  the  Knowles  Steam-Pump  Com- 



pany,  and  was  advanced  from  time  to  time  in  that  company  until  he  is 
now  salesman  and  water-works  engineer  at  the  New  England  Territory, 
Boston  Office,  of  the  International  Steam-Pump  Company,  successor  of 
the  Knowles  Company.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Howard,  after  marriage,  resided  in 
Warren  until  1897.  They  then  lived  in  Cambridge,  Mass.,  until,  in  1898, 
they  removed  to  Somerville,  Mass.,  where  they  reside,  at  Hall  Ave.  His 
father,  George  Ashman  Howard,  b.,  Palmer,  May  10,  1845,  was  a  direct 
descendant  of  Thomas  Howard,  youngest  son  of  Thomas  Howard  of 
the  ducal  house  of  Norfolk,  England,  Earl  of  Arundel  and  Surrey;  said 
Thomas  Howard,  2d,  coming  to  America  in  1660  from  Norfolk,  England, 
to  Saybrook,  Conn.,  and  soon  after  becoming  one  of  the  original  settlers 
of  the  "nine-mile  tract,"  now  Norwich,  Conn.  George  Ashman  Howard 
was  in  the  Civil  War.  He  enlisted  Jan.  3,  1 86 5,  for  three  years,  in  the  77th 
N.  Y.  Vol.  Infantry.  This  was  while  he  was  living  at  Ilion,  N.  Y.,  in  the 
employ  of  Remington  Arms  Company,  and  before  marriage.  He  was  in 
the  battles  of  Hatcher's  Run,  Petersburg,  Jetter's  Run,  Sailors'  Creek, 
Burksville,  and  Farmville.  Mustered  out  at  Washington,  D.  C,  June 
27,  1865.  Discharged  at  Albany,  N.  Y.,  July  7,  1865. 

1090.    Viola  Louise  Howard,  b.,  Cambridge,  June  18,  1898. 

Lugene  Stimpson  Bartlett  (1086),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Palmer, 
Mass.,  July  28,  1876;  m.,  Stafford,  Vt.,  Oct.  28,  1895,  Adalla  L.  Ross, 
dau.  of  Joseph  A.  Ross  and  Delia  L.  Farnham. 

1090a.  Marjorie  Delia  Bartlett,  b.,  So.  Royalston,  Vt.,  Aug.   17, 

Joseph  F.  Bartlett  (993),  son  of  Marshall  J.  (952)  and  Abigail  J.  (War- 
ren) Bartlett,  b.,  Ware, Mass.,  July  25, 1843;  m.,So.Deerfield,  Mass.,  June 
8,  1868,  Orinda  Aldrich,  b.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Oct.  1,  1843;  dau.  of  Nathan- 
iel and  Nancy  (Myrick)  Aldrich.  Mr.  Bartlett  was  educated  in  the  com- 
mon schools  of  Pelham,  where  he  spent  his  boyhood  days.  He  lived  at 
Haydenville,  Mass.,  from  1S66  to  1870.  He  enlisted  in  the  Civil  War  at 
the  first  call  for  troops,  June  21,  1861,  in  Co.  H,  10th  Mass.  Infantry, 
and  served  during  the  whole  war,  being  discharged  July  16,  1865.  He 
served  in  Co.  I,  37th  Mass.,  Co.  K,  20th  Mass.,  2d  Lieutenant,  37th 
Mass.,  1st  Lieutenant,  20th  Mass.  He  was  Selectman,  Assessor,  and 
Overseer  of  the  Poor  in  the  town  of  Montague,  Mass.,  many  years.  He 
was  elected  to  the  House  of  Representatives,  and  served  in  1879  and 



1888;  in  the  Senate  in  1893  and  1894, Chairman  Committee  of  Banks  and 
Banking  and  Taxation.  In  191 2  he  was  president  of  Crocker  Institution 
for  Savings,  at  Turner's  Falls,  Mass.;  director  in  Crocker  National  Bank; 
president  of  the  Franklin  Electric  Light  Company.  He  has  been  a  dealer 
in  paints,  oils,  and  window-glass  at  Turner's  Falls  since  1870. 

1091.  Ada  Maude  Bartlett,  b.,  Haydenville,  Mar.  17,  1869.    Since 

two  years  of  age  she  has  resided  at  Turner's  Falls.  She  is 
a  graduate  of  Northfield  Seminary,  and  a  member  of  the 
Congregational  Church.  She  m.,  Turner's  Falls,  June  n, 
1890,  Milton  Eugene  Holdsworth,  b.,  Wales,  Mass.,  Apr. 
28, 1866;  son  of  George  and  Emily  (Piper)  Holdsworth.  He 
has  resided  in  Palmer  and  Whitman,  and  is  a  graduate 
of  Palmer  High  School;  has  been  salesman  with  F.  G.  Web- 
ster for  twenty-five  years.  Children,  b.  Turner's  Falls:  (1) 
Marian  Bartlett  Holdsworth,  b.  Apr.  14,  1891;  (2)  Hester 
Louise,  b.  Mar.  24,  1894;  (3)  George  Milton,  b.  Nov.  4, 
1895;  (4)  Marcia  Katherine,  b.  Aug.  14,  1898;  (5)  Joseph 
Bartlett,  b.  July  1,  1908.  Res.,  Turner's  Falls,  Mass. 

Abbie  Henrietta  Bartlett  (995),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Pelham, 
Mass.,  June  5, 1848;  m.,  Pelham,  Nov.  21, 1869,  Edwin  Henderson  Waide, 
b.,  Ludlow,  Mass.,  Feb.  28,  1828;  d.,  Ludlow,  Dec.  28,  1906;  son  of  Jona- 
than Waide,  of  Ludlow,  and  Cyrena  Allen,  of  Palmer,  Mass.  He  was  a 
farmer  at  Ludlow,  and  both  members  of  the  Methodist  Church.  Res., 
Ludlow,  Mass.,  R.  F.  D. 

Children,  b.  Ludlow: 

1092.  Walter  Edwin  Waide,  b.  June  7,  1876  (1095-1098). 

1093.  Raymond,  b.  Jan.  22,  1883. 

1094.  Sidney  Pliny,  b.  June  5,  1890;  m.,  Turner's  Falls,   Mass., 

Feb.  15,  191 1,  Mary  Ellen  Ryon,  b.,  Turner's  Falls,  Mar. 
23,  1888;  dau.  of  John  Ryon.  Mr.  Waide  is  freight  clerk  at 
Turner's  Falls.  His  wife  is  a  member  of  the  Catholic 

Walter  Edwin  Waide  (1092),  the  preceding,  b.,  Ludlow,  Mass.,  June 
7,  1876;  m.,  Holyoke,  Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1900,  Mary  McKemmie,  b.,  Hol- 
yoke,  Feb.  20,  1878;  dau.  of  John  McKemmie  and  Sarah  Battersly, 
of  Holyoke.  Mr.  Waide  was  educated  in  the  schools  of  Ludlow  and  at 
the  Business  College  at  Springfield,  Mass.  Bookkeeper  for  Montague 
City  Rod  Company.    Res.,  Greenfield,  Mass. 




1095.  Marion  Annette  Waide,  b.,  Holyoke,  Apr.  1,  1901. 

1096.  Edwin  Bartlett,  b.,  Montague  City,  Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1903;  d. 

Aug.  12,  1903. 

1097.  Dorothy  McKemmie,  b.,  Montague  City,  Nov.  5,  1907. 

1098.  Muriel  Elizabeth,  b.,  Greenfield,  Dec.  9,  1910. 

Caroline  Augusta  Bartlett  (996),  dau.  of  Marshall  J.  (952)  and  Abi- 
gail J.  (Warren)  Bartlett  [Lydia  (808),  Robert  (801),  Samuel  (52), 
Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Dec.  26,  1850; 
m.,  Greenfield,  Mass.,  Oct.  27,  1875,  Charles  E.  Aldrich,  b.,  Shrewsbury, 
Vt.,  Oct.  29,  1850;  son  of  George  Aldrich  and  Melissa  Wilder.  Mr.  Al- 
drich is  an  engineer  at  Greenfield.  Mrs.  Aldrich  rendered  valuable  as- 
sistance in  collecting  the  records  of  her  father's  family.  Soon  after  the 
above  records  were  written,  notice  came  of  the  sudden  death,  from  pneu- 
monia, of  Mrs.  Aldrich,  Jan.  3,  1913.  In  June,  1912,  the  compiler  had 
the  pleasure  of  calling  on  Mrs.  Aldrich  and  dau.,  Retia  M.  Lawrence,  at 
their  home  in  Greenfield,  Mass. 


1099.  Retia  Maud  Aldrich,  b.,  So.  Vernon,  Vt.,  June  5,  1884;  m., 

Greenfield,  Oct.  30,  1906,  George  Warren  Lawrence,  b., 
So.  Gardner,  Me.,  Sept.  14,  1875;  son  of  James  Warren 
Lawrrence  and  Ellen  Miller,  of  So.  Gardner.  Mr.  Lawrence 
graduated  from  the  Gardner  High  School  and  University 
of  Maine.  He  was  in  the  Spanish  War.  He  has  been  in 
the  employ  of  the  Schenectady  and  Boston  General  Electric 
Company,  and  is  now  treasurer  and  general  manager  for 
the  Greenfield  Electric  Light  and  Power  Company.  His 
wife  is  a  graduate  of  the  Greenfield  High  School  and  the 
Northampton  Commercial  College.  She  was  a  member  of 
the  Congregational  Church.  Son:  Howard  Lawrence,  b., 
Greenfield,  June  25,  1908.  Almost  as  soon  as  these  records 
had  been  placed,  notice  came  of  the  sudden  death,  from 
pneumonia,  of  Mrs.  Lawrence,  at  Greenfield,  Dec.  30, 191 2. 

Eugene  Prentice  Bartlett  (997),  son  of  Marshall  J.  (952)  and  Abigail 
J.  (Warren)  Bartlett,  b.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1853;  m.,  Pelham,  June 
8,  1874,  Jane  A.  Ward,  b.,  Pelham,  July  16,  1849;  dau.  of  Joseph  and 
Amanda  (Buffum)  Ward,  of  Pelham.  Mr.  Bartlett  has  held  several  town 
offices:  Selectman,  Overseer  of  the  Poor,  Assessor,  and  Chairman  School 
Committee.   He  is  a  director  in  the  First  National  Bank,  and  a  director 



in  the  Savings  Bank,  both  of  Amherst,  Mass.  He  is  also  a  director  of 
Amherst  Water  Company,  and  the  Amherst  and  Sunderland  Street 
Railway  Company.  He  is  head  of  the  Pelham  Branch  of  the  Montague 
City  Rod  Company,  and  a  stockholder  in  that  company.  Res.,  Pelham, 
Mass.;  P.  O.  address,  Amherst,  Mass. 
Children,  b.  Pelham: 

noo.    Lota  Amanda  Bartlett,  b.  Feb.  5,  1875. 

noi.    Jessie  Eugenia,  b.  Mar.  2,  1886. 

Lota  Amanda  Bartlett  (1 100),  the  preceding,  m.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Jan.  8, 
1895, Royal  W.  Aldrich,b.,Colebrook,  N.H.,  Sept.  29,  1868;  son  of  Mark 
and  Maria  Davidson  Aldrich,  of  New  Hampshire.  He  is  foreman  Monta- 
gue City  Rod  Company.  Children,  b.  Pelham:  (1)  Persis  Marie,  b.  Apr. 
24,  1898;  (2)  Leander  Eugene, b. Oct.  20, 1902;  (3)  Mark  Bartlett,  b.Mar. 
4,  1907.    Res.,  West  Pelham,  Mass. 

Jessie  Eugenia  Bartlett  (1101),  sister  of  the  preceding,  m.,  Pelham, 
Mass.,  Sept.  5,  1908,  John  H.  Hubbard,  b., Putney,  Vt.,  Feb.  6,1886;  son 
of  Henry  S.  Hubbard,  of  Hatfield,  Mass.,  and  Mary  Houghton.  Mrs. 
Hubbard  is  a  graduate  of  Amherst  High  School,  class  of  1905;  Mr. 
Hubbard  from  Smith  Academy,  Hatfield,  1902;  from  Kimball  Union 
Academy,  Meriden,  N.  H.,  1903 ;  and  from  Amherst  College,  class  of  1907. 
While  in  college,  he  was  interested  in  athletics,  being  captain  of  football 
and  track  teams;  coached  Amherst  football  teams,  and  Massachusetts 
Agricultural  College  football  eleven  in  191 1.  Is  now  [191 2]  with  his  father- 
in-law  in  the  employ  of  the  Montague  City  Rod  Company.  He  is  a  Re- 
publican and  member  of  the  Congregational  Church  of  Hatfield.  Son: 
Henry  Bartlett,  b.,  Pelham,  Sept.  26,  191 1.  Res.,  West  Pelham,  Mass., 
R.  F.  D.  No.  23. 

Meloria  Rutenia  Bartlett  (998),  dau.  of  Marshall  J.  (952)  and  Abigail  J. 
(Warren)  Bartlett,  b.,  Pelham,  Mass.,  Sept.  7, 1855;  m.,  Greenfield,  Mass., 
Apr.  27,  1882,  Charles  F.  Engel,  b.,  Baltimore,  Md.,  Jan.  20,  1858;  son 
of  Hugo  and  Maree  (Zoller)  Engel.  The  parents  of  Charles  F.  Engel  came 
to  this  country  from  Germany.  Mr.  Engel,  after  his  marriage,  went  to 
Athol,  Mass.;  then  to  Springfield,  Mass.,  in  1893,  where  he  manufactures 
fancy  leather  goods  with  his  brother,  Herman  F.  Engel,  and  his  son,  Karl 
Joseph.  Name  of  firm,  Engel  Brothers.  Res.,  70  Andrew  St.,  Spring- 
field, Mass. 

Children,  b.  Athol: 

1 102.  Karl  Joseph  Engel,  b.  June  20,  1884. 

1 103.  Maree,  b.  Jan.  13,  1888;  d.,  Springfield,  July  16,  1895. 



Karl  Joseph  Engel  (1102),  the  preceding,  m.,  Springfield,  Mass.,  June 
26,  1907,  Katherine  May  Londergan,  b.,  Northampton,  Mass.,  May  8, 
1885;  dau.  of  John  W.  Londergan,  who  d.,  Northampton,  Apr.  17,  1910, 
and  Katherine  Glasgow,  of  Springfield.  Mr.  Engel  is  one  of  the  firm  of 
Engel  Brothers.  Both  he  and  his  wife  were  educated  in  Springfield 
schools.  His  wife  is  an  accomplished  pianist,  having  studied  in  New 
York  City.  Both  came  to  Springfield  from  their  native  towns  in  1893. 
Res.,  285  Main  St.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

[Here  close  Marshall  Jones  Bartlett's  records.] 

Daniel  Brown  (24),  son  of  Thomas  (2)  and  Hannah  (Collins)  Brown, 
b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Oct.  9,  1696;  d.  Aug.  30,  1771,  in  the  seventy- 
fifth  year  of  his  age.  Interment  on  the  Christopher  Brown  farm,  two 
miles  south  of  Pendleton  Hill.  He  m.  (1),  June  21,  1721,  Mary  Palmer 
Breed,  dau.  of  John  and  Mercy  (Palmer)  Breed.  She  d.  1744.  The  mar- 
riage certificate  says:  "Married,  June  21,  1721,  by  Rev.  Hezekiah  Lord, 

Pastor  of  the  Church  in  Preston,  Conn."   He  m.  (2),  Prudence ,  who 

d.  Dec.  2,  1768,  aged  sixty-nine  years.  She  had  no  children.  In  1722  his 
father,  Thomas  (2),  deeded  to  his  son  a  tract  of  land  about  one  mile  east 
from  his  homestead.  This  was  nine  months  after  his  marriage  to  Mary 
Breed.  Here  Daniel  and  Mary  built  their  house,  the  original  site  of 
which  is  seen  by  the  cut;  and  here,  on  the  same  spot,  Nathan  (1110),  his 
son,  erected  a  new  house. 

We  find  that  Daniel  (24)  removed  to  the  north  part  of  the  town  near 
his  son  Captain  Christopher  (1109).  He  was  active  in  church  work, 
living  in  the  immediate  vicinity  of  the  First  Baptist  Meeting-house,  in 
Stonington,  which  was  built  on  land  given  by  him  and  Thomas  Holmes. 
The  church  was  organized  in  1743.  Probably  the  first  interments  on  the 
Christopher  Brown  farm  were  his  first  wife,  Mary  (Breed)  Brown,  in 
1744,  his  second  wife,  Prudence,  in  1768,  and  Daniel,  in  1771.  Their 
headstones  were  imported  from  England.  This  burying-ground  is  en- 
closed by  a  heavy  stone  wall.  Years  ago  this  enclosure  of  the  dead  is 
said  to  have  been  well  kept;  at  present  the  grounds  need  attention  where 
these  honored  dead  rest. 

The  original  deed  from  Thomas  Brown  (2)  to  his  son  Daniel  Brown 
(24)  has  been  preserved  and  handed  down  from  generation  to  generation: 
to  his  son  Christopher  (59),  to  his  son  Christopher,  Jr.  (107),  to  his  son 
Nathan  W.,  and  to  his  son  Frank  E.  Brown,  and  is  now  [1914]  in  his 
possession;  also  other  original  ancient  documents,  in  a  good  state  of 


Know  all  men  by  these  presents  That;  I,  Thomas  Brown  of  Stonington  ye 
County  of  New  London  and  Colony  of  Connecticut  in  New  England, 
Yeoman,  for  Divers  good  Causes  and  Reasons  howunto  Mooving,  and 
likewise  for  and  in  consideration  of  ye  Good  Will  &  affectionate  Love  I 
bear  unto  my  son  Daniel  Brown.  Have  Given  &  do  by  these  Presents 
from  me  my  Heirs  Executors,  Administrators  &  assigns,  Give  Grant  & 
Conferm  unto  him  my  sd  Son  Daniel  Brown  his  Heirs  or  assigns  a  piece 
of  Land  Lying  &  being  in  Stonington.  Butted  &  Bounded  as  follows.  .  .  . 
(by  marks  on  trees  &c).  Extending  to  John  Brown's  Land  so  Bounded 
with  sd  John  Brown's  land  to  sd  John  Brown's  Corner;  and  his  son 
Jonathan's  Corner,  this  bounds  ye  Land  to  ye  South,  and  ye  West  is  a 
Crooked  Line  &  bounds  with  Jonathan  Brown's  Land  till  it  comes  to 
Jonathan  Palmer's  Land  &  so  bounded  with  Jonathan  Palmer's  Land 
till  it  comes  to  a  small  Rock  Marked  with  T  B  &  D  B.  .  .  . 

I  have  given  to  my  son  as  aforesaid,  to  him  his  Heirs,  Executors, 
Administrators  assigns  to  have  &  to  Hold  Occupy  possess  &  Enjoy  for- 
ever, with  all  ye  priviledges  &  appurtenances  therein  Contained  &  there- 
unto belonging  with  ye  Wood,  Timber,  Pond,  Water  Courses,  Rocks, 
Stones  Minerals  or  whatever  else  may  be  named,  together  with  the 
Fences  or  any  other  Improvements  belonging  to  sd  Tract. 

I  say  I  have  given  as  aforesd  and  further  I  do  Engage  &  promise  yt  no 
Will,  Deed  of  sale  Mortgage,  Execution  or  forfeitures  shall  alter  or  dis- 
annul this  Deed,  and  also  yt  I  have  full  power  &  Lawful  Authority  in 
mysel  to  give  the  same  as  afore  said  .... 

I  will  Defend  ye  same  against  all  persons  Lawfully  Claiming  y.  same. 

In  Witness  whereof  I  have  hereunto  Set  my  hand  and  Seal  this  25  th 
Day  of  January  Annoge-Domini  One  thousand  Seven  Hundred  twenty- 
one —  two  &  in  y.  Seventh  year  of  his  Magesties  Reign — George  King  of 
Great  Brittain. 

Signed  Sealed  &  Delivered  In  the  Presence  of  us. 

William  Bromley  Thomas  Brown    [seal] 

William  Dtorling  „      .  .     .  ,, 

Stonington  Apnell  ye  fifth  1722. 

Thomas  Brown  ye  subscriber  to  ye  above  within  instrument  personally 

appeared  &  acknowledged  ye  same  to  be  his  act  &  deed  before  me. 

Daniel  Palmer 

Justice  of  the  peace 

Note. —  The  deed  of  this  land  doubtless  is  a  part  of  the  original  purchase  of  the 
three  Brown  brothers. 


Daniel  Brown  (24)  erected  his  house  on  this  tract  of  land  immediately 
after  his  father  deeded  the  same  to  him.  Nathan  (n  10),  the  son  of  Dan- 
iel (24),  rebuilt  the  house,  and  on  this  site  have  lived  six  generations, 
coming  down  by  direct  descent.  It  is  still  [1914]  owned  and  occupied  by 
one  of  his  heirs,  Lucy  Crary  (Brown)  Miner. 

Children  of  Daniel  and  Mary  (Breed)  Brown: 

1 104.  Samuel  Brown,  b.  Oct.  14,  1722;  m.  Phebe  Wilbur  (1112- 


1105.  Daniel,  Jr.,  b.  Mar.  20,  1725;  m.  (1)  Theody  Park;  m.  (2) 

Abigail  Crary  (1118-1131). 

1106.  Walter,  b.  Feb.  1,  1728;  m.  Elizabeth  Wilbur  (1132-1142). 

1107.  Amos,  b.  Oct.  28,  1730;  m.  Eunice  Turner  (1164-1177). 

1 108.  Desire,  b.  July  5,  1733;  m.  Henry  Miner.     [Their  records, 

B.  G.,  p.  499.] 

1 109.  Christopher,  b.  Mar.  22,  1736;  m.  Margaret  Holmes.   [B.  G., 

p.  16.] 

1110.  Nathan,  b.  June  2,  1738;  m.  Lydia  Dewey.    [B.  G.,p.  23.] 
nil.    Nehemiah,  b.  July  n,  1740;  m.  Rebecca  Lewis.    [See  807a; 

also  B.  G.,  p.  17.] 

[For  Will  of  Daniel  Brown,  see  Appendix  I.] 

Samuel  Brown  (1104),  son  of  Daniel  (24)  and  Mary  Palmer  (Breed) 
Brown  [Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Oct.  14,  1722;  m.. 
Little  Compton,  R.  I.,  May  12,  1743,  Phebe  Wilbur. 


1112.  Mary  Brown,  b.  Jan.  n,  1749;  m.  (1)  William  Palmer;  m. 

(2)  Capt.  Wait  Rathbone  ( ). 

1113.  Phebe,  b.  Jan.  16,  1751;  m.  Amos  Palmer  (2531,  2532). 

1 1 14.  Samuel,  b.  June  8,  1753. 

1115.  Anne,  b.  Apr.  21,  1757. 

1 1 16.  David,  b.  Mar.  18,  1762. 

1117.  Edith,  b.  Apr.  30,  1766. 

Capt.  Daniel  Brown,  Jr.  (1105)  [Daniel  (24),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Mar.  20,  1725.  Resided  in  Stonington  until  his 
removal  to  Brookfield,  N.  Y.  In  Oct.,  1763,  the  Assembly  of  Connecticut 
among  its  acts  established:  "Mr.  Daniel  Brown,  jun.,  to  be  Lieutenant 
of  the  6th  company  or  trainband  in  the  town  of  Stonington."  [XII, 
Conn.  Col.  Rec,  p.  195.]  In  Oct.,  1769,  the  Assembly  established  him 
as  Captain  in  the  same  company.    [XIII,  Conn.  Col.  Rec,  p.  244.]    No 


2    - 



*  •= 

a  — 

<  £ 

,— >    o 




a     d 













'  s^gs?? 



§    2 


o    - 


.  '  •J      >V/  I    -   '     - 

O     U 

v.    U 

pq  ^ 

V".       ._ 

O      O 










other  person  is  known  who  could  have  been  the  person  referred  to  in 
the  acts  in  question.  He  is  referred  to  as  Captain  Daniel  in  the  records 
of  those  families  who  have  the  tradition  that  he  was  a  Quaker.  No  record 
exists  of  any  service  in  the  Revolutionary  War.  He  was  the  first  settler 
in  the  town  of  Brookfield,  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y.,  locating  there  in  1791, 
his  house  having  been  commenced  on  July  4  of  that  year.  An  account 
of  Capt.  Daniel  Brown  and  his  family  will  be  found  in  "The  History  of 
Chenango  and  Madison  Counties,"  edited  by  James  H.  Smith,  and  pub- 
lished by  D.  Mason  &  Co.,  of  Syracuse,  1880,  and  in  Mrs.  Hammond's 
"History  of  Madison  County."  He  m.  (1),  in  Stonington,  Theody  Tur- 
ner, of  Groton,  Conn.,*  by  whom  he  had  two  children.     She  d.  June  5, 

Children : 

1118.  Daniel  Brown,  b.  Feb.  3,  1751.    He  removed  to  Genesee, 

Allegany  Co.,  N.  Y. 

1119.  Theody,  b.  May  17,  1752;  m.  and  went  to  Vermont.   [B.  G., 

p.  20.] 
Capt.  Daniel  Brown,  Jr.,  m.  (2)  Abigail  Crary,  by  whom  he  had  twelve 
children, —  three  sons  and  nine  daughters. 
Children,  all  b.  Stonington,  Conn.: 

1120.  Abigail  Brown,  b.  Feb.  11,  1754;  d.  Feb.  18,  1810;  m. 


1121.  Desire,  b.  July  21,  1755;  d.  July  8,  1847;  unm. 

1122.  Eunice,  b.  May  21,  1757;  m.  and  d.  in  Stonington. 

1 1 23.  Lucy,  b.  Apr.  n,  1759;  unm.;  joined  the  Jemima  Wilkinson 


1 1 24.  Susannah,  b.  Sept.  3,  1760;  m.,  Stonington,  a  Mr.  Robinson, 

and  went  to  Genesee. 

1125.  Temperance,  b.  Apr.  14,  1763;  d.  Jan.  14,  1852;  unm. 

1 1 26.  Jabish,  b.  Aug.   25,  1765;  d.,  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  July  18, 


1127.  Anna,  b.  Jan.  17,  1767;  d.  May  31,  1823. 

1128.  Nathan,  b.  Feb.  23,  1769;  d.  Nov.  16,  1853.     [His  Will,  Ap- 

pendix III.] 

1 1 29.  Fanny,  b. ;  m.  George  Palmer. 

1 130.  Isaac,  b.   Feb.   10,   1773;  d.,  Leonardville,  N.  Y.,  May  3, 


1131.  Catherine,  b.  June  15,  1775;  d.  Dec.  9,  1851. 

[For  complete  records  of  this  family,  see  B.  G.,  p.  21.] 

*  By  Rev.  John  Owen,  pastor  of  ye  church  in  Groton,  Mar.  22,  1750.    [S.  T.  R.] 



The  Breed  family  will  be  of  interest  in  this  connection,  as  Daniel 
Brown  (24)  married  into  the  Breed  family. 

Allen  Breed,  the  progenitor  of  the  Breed  family,  appears  first  in  Lynn, 
Mass.,  in  1630.  He  was  b.  in  England  in  1601.  The  name  of  his  wife 
is  unknown.    He  d.  Mar.  17,  1692,  and  had  five  children. 

Their  son: 

Allen  Breed,  b.  1626;  m.  Mary ,  and  had  six  children. 

Their  son : 

John  Breed,  b.,  Lynn,  Jan.  18,  1663;  m.  (1),  Apr.  28,  1686,  Mary  Kirt- 
land,  b.  July  15,  1667;  d.  Jan.  28,  1688;  dau.  of  Sarah.  He  resided  in 
Lynn  until  after  the  death  of  his  wife  and  dau.,  and  then  removed  to 
Stonington,  Conn.  He  m.  (2),  June  8,  1690,  Mercy  Palmer,  b.,  Ston- 
ington,  1668;  dau.  of  Dea.  Gershom  Palmer  and  wife,  Ann,  dau.  of  Capt. 
George  Denison  and  wife,  Ann  (Borodell)  Denison. 

Mr.  Breed  purchased  land  of  Gershom  Palmer,  the  father  of  his  sec- 
ond wife.  Gershom  Palmer  fixed  his  permanent  place  of  abode  on  the 
eastern  slope  of  Taugwonk,  in  Stonington,  locating  his  house  on  the 
present  site  of  the  residence  of  Elias  H.  Miner,  in  Angwilla,  so-called. 
Here  at  this  house  were  frequently  held  the  Stonington  town  meetings. 
A  stone  marked  "  G.  P.,"  that  was  in  the  chimney,  was  preserved  by  Mr. 
Miner  when  he  removed  the  old  house,  and  was  set  in  the  underpinning 
of  the  present  house,  near  the  east  side  door.  The  lineage  of  the  Palmer 
family  of  Stonington  is  of  peculiar  interest,  as  they  were  of  sterling 
worth,  who  placed  their  good  names  among  the  best  citizens  of  Stoning- 
ton. The  progenitor  was  Walter  Palmer,  who  settled  in  Stonington  as 
early  as  1628.  He  was  born  in  London,  England,  in  1585.  At  the  time 
of  his  settlement  here  he  had  reached  the  rugged  steep  of  life's  decline. 
[Wheeler.]  He  is  buried  in  the  old  Wequetequock  burial-ground,  dying 
Nov.  10,  1 66 1.  It  is  not  my  purpose  to  give  the  records  of  the  Palmer 
family  of  Stonington,  but  to  show  the  lineage  of  Mercy,  the  grand- 
dau.  of  Walter  Palmer. 

John  Breed,  who  m.  Mercy  Palmer,  built  his  house  in  Angwilla,  about 
one  mile  east  from  her  father's  house,  and  but  a  few  rods  west  of  the  house 
of  Henry  Breed.  In  a  radius  of  two  miles  and  less  many  of  the  Breed 
families  built  their  homes.  It  was  known  as  Breedtown.  Where  Hermon 
C.  Brown's  house  stands  was  Jesse  Breed's  house,  probably  built  by 
his  father,  Amos  Breed.  But  many  of  the  old  houses  built  in  this  local- 
ity have  been  removed,  and  but  few  houses  now  take  their  places.  John 
Breed  and  wife  Mercy  are  buried  in  the  old  Wequetequock  burying- 
ground.    We  read: 



In  memory  of  a  pious  pair,  this  carved  stone  was  erected  here,  viz.,  of  Mr.  John 
Breed  and  his  wife  Mercy,  who  lived  together  in  ye  marriage  state  in  a  most  religious 
manner  about  64  years  and  then  deceased,  leaving  a  numerous  offspring.  He  in  1751 
about  ninety  years  of  age  and  she  in  1752  about  eighty-three  years.  Erected  in  the 
year  1772  by  six  of  their  children  then  living. 

Behold  the  righteous  live  long  on  the  earth, 

And  in  old  age  resign  their  breath, 

They  and  their  offspring  here  are  blessed; 

When  done  with  life  they  go  to  rest. 

The  Roswell  Breed  house  is  still  [1914]  standing,  near  the  home  of 
the  late  Elias  Miner,  but  is  now  unoccupied.  It  has  been  the  home  of 
numerous  families,  but  is  not  on  any  public  road.  Here  the  late  Albert 
W.  Hillard  and  wife,  Emily  M.  Randall,  dau.  of  the  Hon.  William  Ran- 
dall, of  No.  Stonington,  began  their  newly  wedded  life,  in  1852. 

John  Breed  and  Mercy  Palmer,  his  wife,  had  ten  children.  The  second 
dau.,  Mary  Palmer  Breed,  m.  Daniel  Brown,  son  of  Thomas  (2),  who 
lived  one  mile  north  of  Mr.  John  Breed's  house. 

Walter  Brown  (1106),  son  of  Daniel  (24)  and  Mary  Palmer  (Breed) 
Brown  [Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Feb.  1,  1728; 
d.  Sept.  14,  1808.  He  was  named  for  his  great-great-grandfather  Walter 
Palmer.  He  m.  (1),  Little  Compton,  R.  I.,  Jan.  3,  1754,  Elizabeth  Wil- 
bur, b.,  Little  Compton,  Mar.  17,  1730;  d.  June  15,  1768,  aged  thirty- 
eight  years.  She  is  buried  in  the  Christopher  Brown  burying-ground 
with  her  son  Isaac.  She  had  a  sister,  Phebe  Wilbur,  who  m.  Walter 
Brown's  brother  Samuel  (1104).  Walter  Brown  and  Elizabeth  Wilbur 
were  m.  by  Rev.  Jonathan  Ellis,  of  Little  Compton.  Walter  Brown  m.  (2) 

May ,  d.  Mar.  16,  1795.     Buried  at  Preston,  Conn.;  also  many  of 

the  children. 

Children  by  first  m.: 

1132.  William  Brown,  b.  Nov.  20,  1754. 

1 133.  Prudence,  b.  Oct.  2,  1756. 

1134.  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  12,  1758;  d.  Jan.  20,  1782,  aged  twenty- 

four  years. 

1 135.  Martha,  b.  Sept.  25,  1760. 

1 136.  Walter,  Jr.,  b.  Nov.  20,  1763;  d.  Sept.  9,  1848;  m.  Avis  Kin- 

ney, d.  Oct.  15,  1823,  aged  fifty-five  years.     They  had  a 
dau.,  Avis,  b.  1788,  d.  Aug.  2,  1847. 

1 137.  Isaac,  b.  Mar.  28,  1766;  d.  aged  ten  months. 

1138.  Pardon,  b.  Mar.  6,  1768. 



Children  by  second  m.,  wife  unknown: 

1139.  Mary,  b.  1774;  m.,  1815,  David  Boardman. 

1 140.  Wheeler,  b.  May  1,  1776. 

1141.  Shepherd,  b.  Mar.  23,  1778;  m.  Lucy  Culver  (1143-1147). 

1 142.  Russell  K.,  b.  May  19,  1789. 


Shepherd  Brown  (1141),  son  of  Walter  Brown  (1106)  and  wife  May, 
b.  Mar.  23,  1778;  d.  Feb.  15,  i860;  m.,  Jan.  6,  1805,  Lucy  Culver,  b. 
May  29,  1780;  d.  Oct.  20,  1847;  buried  at  Preston. 


1 143.  Shepherd  Brown,  Jr.,  b.  Dec.  6,  1805;  m.,  Mar.  22,  1837,  Car- 

oline M.  Browning  (1148-1158). 

1 144.  Maria,  b.  Jan.  26,  1807;  m.  Ephraim  Browning  (1161-1163). 

1 145.  Frederic  B.,b.  May  2, 1809;  d.  June  4, 1826. 

1146.  Emily,  b.  Aug.  31,  1813;  d.  Mar.  16,  1814. 

1147.  Sybil  B.,  b.  Jan.  11,  1817;  d.  Aug.  13,  1819. 

Shepherd  Brown,  Jr.  (1143),  b.,  Griswold,  Conn.,  Dec.  6,  1805;  d. 
Feb.  11,  1873;  m.,  Mar.  22,  1837,  Caroline  M.  Browning,  b.  Feb.  28, 
1818;  d.  Aug.  23,  1884. 

Children : 

1 148.  Sybil  M.  Brown,  b.  Jan.  25,  1838;  d.  July  3,  i860;  m.,  Oct. 

20,  1858,  John  L.  Champlin. 

1 149.  Eliza  H.,  b.  Dec.  10,  1839;  m.,  Nov.  30,  1863,  Benjamin  H. 


1150.  Susan  Almira,  b.  Feb.  12,  1842;  d.  Jan.  1,  1863. 

1151.  Martha  B.,  b.  Apr.  12,  1844;  d.  Aug.  23,  1870;  m.,  Mar.  18, 

1862,  John  L.  Chapman. 

1152.  Lucy  A.,  b.  July  27,  1845;  d.  Feb.  5,  i860. 

1153.  Mary  F.,  b.  Dec.  6,   1847;  m.,  Nov.  4,   1891,  Ezekiel  G. 


1 154.  Lydia  J.,b.  Mar.  24, 1851;  m.,  May  8, 1883,  Rollin  R.  Church. 

Dau. :  Martha  B.,  b.  June  12, 1885. 

1 155.  Shepherd  F.,  b.  Jan.  14,  1853;  m.  Hannah  M.  Ayer  (1159, 


1156.  Sarah  L.,b.  Feb.  2, 1855;  m.,  Apr.  8, 1896,  John  D.  Ecclestone. 

1157.  Helen  E.,  b.  Aug.  2,  1857;  m.,  July  10,  1895,  Earl  M.  Swift. 

1158.  Latham  H.,  b.  June  17,  1861;  d.  Feb.  11,  1866. 



Shepherd  F.  Brown  (1155),  b.  Jan.  14,  1853;  d.  Apr.  16,  1907;  m., 
Dec.  14,  1 88 1,  Hannah  M.  Ayer. 

1 1 59.  Shepherd  F.  Brown,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  29,  1884 

1 160.  Arnold  P.,  b.  July  24,  1887. 

Maria  Brown  (1144),  b.  Jan.  26,  1807;  m.,  Oct.  20,  1831,  Ephraim 
Browning,  b.  May  19,  1805. 
Children : 

1 161.  Lucy  M.  Browning,  b.  Oct.  20,  1832. 

1 162.  Welcome  H.,  b.  June  19,  1834. 

1163.  Emily  H.,  b.  June  8,  1841. 

Amos  Brown  (1107)  [for  original  number,see  B.  G.,  p.  14],  son  of  Daniel 
(24)  and  Mary  Palmer  (Breed)  Brown  [Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Ston- 
ington,  Conn.,  Oct.  28,  1730;  d.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Jan.  12,  1817,  aged 
eighty-six  years;  m.,  Preston,  Aug.  4,  1757,  Eunice  Turner,  b.  July  24, 
1740;  d.,  Preston,  Mar.  9,  1794,  aged  fifty-four  years. 

her  "mayflower"  record. 

Eunice  Turner  is  a  direct  descendant  of  Elder  William  Brewster  of 
the  Plymouth  Colony,  1620.    The  line  of  descent  is  as  follows: 

(1)  William  Brewster,  b.,    Scrooby,   England,    1566-67;  d.,  Ply- 

mouth, New  England,  Apr.  10,  1644;  m.  Mary  ,  d., 

Plymouth,  Apr.  17,  1627. 

(2)  Jonathan   Brewster,  b.,  Scrooby,  Aug.  12,  1593;    d.  Aug.  7, 

1659;   m.,  Plymouth,  Apr.  10,  1624,  Lucretia  Oldham,  d. 
Mar.  4,   1678-79. 

(3)  Mary  Brewster,  b.,  Plymouth,  Apr.   16,  1627;    m.,  Nov.  10, 

1645,  John  Turner,  Sr.,  of  Scituate,  Mass.,  who  d.  1697. 
[Authority,  "The  Mayflower  Descendant,"  Vol.  I.] 

(4)  Ezekiel  Turner,  b.,  Scituate,  Jan.  7,  1650;   d.,  New  London, 

Conn.,  Jan.,  1703-04;  m.,  Dec.  26,  1678,  Susannah  Kinney, 
b.  Sept.  6,  1662. 

(5)  Ezekiel  Turner,  b. ;  d.,  Groton,  Conn.;  m.,  May  12,  1729, 

Barrodell  Dennison,  b.  Feb.  14,  1712. 




(6)  Eunice  Turner,  b.  July  24,  1740;  d.  Mar.  9,  1794;  m.,  Preston, 
Aug.  4,  1757,  Amos  Brown,  b.  Oct.   28,   1730;  d.  Jan.  12, 
AMOS  brown's  revolutionary  record,     military  department, 


This  is  to  certify  that  the  following  record  of  Amos  Brown  appears  on 
p.  216,  "Revolution  Rolls  and  Lists,  1 775-1 783,  Connecticut  Historical 


"Eighth  Regiment,— Col.  Smith,  Capt.  Morgan's  Company.  A  pay 
abstract  of  Captain  John  Morgan's  Company,  in  Col.  Oliver  Smith's 
Regiment,  who  marched  upon  alarm  on  the  6th  day  of  September  1781. 
(Invasion  of  New  London). 

Men's  Names. 

John  Morgan,  Captain. 

William  Williams,  Lieutenant. 

Chris.  Morgan,  Ensign.  .  .  . 

Amos  Brown,  Private. 

Days  in  service three  (3)  .  .  .  ." 

This  is  a  duplicate  copy  of  one  received  from  the  Adjutant-General  with 

seal  affixed. 

Children  of  Amos  Brown  and  Eunice  Turner,  the  first  six  b.  in  Stoning- 

ton,  the  last  eight  in  Preston : 

1164.  Amos  Brown,  Jr.,b.  May  23,  1758;  d.  Dec.  28,  1845;  m.  -    -. 

They  had  eight  children:  Amy,  Eunice,  Cynthia,  Sally, 
Sybil,  Daniel,  Hey  man,  and  Almira. 

1165.  Anna,  b.  Oct.  7,  1759;  d.  Dec.  29,  1827;  m. .    They  had 

nine  sons  and  one  dau.:  Thomas,  Amos,  Turner,  Heze- 
kiah,  Elisha,  Alanson,  Asher,  Billings,  Nathan,  and  Amy. 

1166.  Esther,  b.  Mar.  19,  1761;  m.  Geo.  Crary  (1178-1188). 

1167.  Denison,  b.  Apr.  23,  1763;  m.  Polly  Robbins  (1189-1194). 

1168.  Eunice,  b.  May  30,  1765;  d.  Mar.  n,  1813;  m. .    They 

had  nine  children:  Daniel,  Eunice,  Amy,  Henry,  Nathan, 
Barrodell,  Cynthia,  Elijah,  and  Betsey. 

1 169.  Sabra,  b.  May  31,  1767^.  Apr.  3,  1834;  m. Bordman; 

removed  to  Lake  Champlain,  N.  Y.  They  had  nine  chil- 
dren: Sabra,  Amos,  Elisha,  Henry,  Eunice,  Jonathan, 
Betsey,  Julia,  and  Benjamin. 

1170.  Asher,  b.  Jan.  28,  1769;  m.  Lydia  Palmer.  [See  B.  G.,  p.  478-] 



1171.  Grace,  b.   Apr.    25,   1771;  d.,   Preston,    May  18,   1797;  m. 

Gillmor   Robins;    removed  to   Bridgewater,   N.   Y.    Son: 

1 172.  Nathan,  b.  Aug.  22,  1773;  m.  Thankful  Kinney.  [See  B.  G., 

p.  483-1 

1 173.  Peleg,  b.  Mar.  23,  1775;  m.  Elizabeth  Babcock  (1211-1214). 

1174.  Barrodell,  b.  June  7,  1777;  d.  July  1,  1816;  m.  .    They 

had  five  children:  Henry,  Sally,  Edward,  Eunice,  and  John. 

1175.  Henry,  b.  Aug.  21,  1779;  d.  July  21,  1856;  unm.    He  was  a 

saddler  at  Preston  City,  and  was  highly  esteemed  and  much 
beloved  by  everybody. 

1 1 76.  Gilbert,  b.  Nov.  8,  1781;  d.  Aug.  7,  1841;  m. .  They  had 

three  children:  Eunice,  Wheeler,  and  William. 

1 177.  Breed,  b.  Apr.  5,  1784;  m.  Ada  Kinney.   [See  B.  G.,  p.  484.] 
The  resting-places  of  Father  Brown's  (Amos  and  Eunice  (Turner) 

Brown's,  children,  with  the  exception  of  Breed,  who  is  still  living  in 
Preston,  are  as  follows:  Amos  Brown,  Jr.,  Brookfield;  Amy  (or  Anna), 
Lenox;  Esther,  Stonington;  Dennison,  Bridgewater;  Eunice,  Charles- 
town;  Sabra,  Vermont;  Asher,  Lisbon;  Grace,  Preston;  Nathan,  Preston; 
Peleg,  Bridgewater;  Barrodell,  Harpersfield;  Henry,  Preston;  Gilbert, 

Esther  Brown  (1166),  dau.  of  Amos  (1107)  and  Eunice  (Turner) 
Brown  [Daniel  (24),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Sept. 
19,  1761;  d.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Jan.  28,  1843;  m.,  Preston,  Conn., 
1781,  George  Crary,  b.,  Preston,  Sept.  19,  1760;  son  of  Capt.  George  and 
Lucy  (Sterry)  Crary,  of  Preston.  In  1784  they  located  on  a  farm  in 
No.  Stonington,  where  they  resided  for  several  years;  then  lived  a  short 
time  in  Voluntown,  Conn. ;  then  removed  to  No.  Stonington,  where  they 
passed  the  remainder  of  their  days.  This  farm,  where  he  lived  and  died, 
was  probably  that  of  his  son  Nathaniel  M.  Crary.  Interment,  Peabody 

Captain  George  Crary  served  in  the  French  and  Indian  War  with  Great 
Britain.  He  was  commissioned  2d  Lieutenant,  1756;  Lieutenant,  1757. 
[Conn.  Col.  Rec] 

March  24,  1760,  he  was  commissioned  Captain  of  the  Militia  Company 
in  a  Regiment  of  Foot,  raised  within  this  Colony  to  proceed  and  co- 
operate with  a  body  of  the  King's  British  forces,  and  under  the  supreme 
command  of  his  Majesty's  Commander-in-Chief,  in  America,  against 
Canada,  in  order  to  reduce  Montreal  and  all  other  Posts  of  the  French 



in  those  parts  and  further  to  annoy  the  enemy  in  such  manner  as  his 
Commander-in-Chief  shall  judge  practicable,  of  which  Regiment  Eleazer 
Fitch  is  Colonel.  By  His  Honor's  command, 

Thomas  Fitch, 
Captain  General  and  Governor-in-Chief  in  and  over  his  Majesty's  Eng- 
lish Colony  of  Connecticut  in  New  England  in  America  in  the  33d  year 
of  the  Reign  of  his  Majesty  King  George  the  second,  1760. 

[The  above  is  an  abstract  taken  from  the  original  commission,  now  in 
possession  of  Mrs.  John  H.  Crary,  of  Westerly,  R.  I.] 

When  within  the  borders  of  Canada  Capt.  George  was  taken  sick  with 
small-pox,  contracted  in  the  army,  and  was  brought  to  his  home  in 
Preston,  where  he  d.,  Dec.  19,  1760,  his  wife  and  three  children  — ■  Mary, 
Robert,  and  George  —  surviving  him.  His  will  is  recorded  in  the  Pro- 
bate Records,  Norwich,  Conn. 
Children : 

1178.  George  Crary,  Jr.,  b.,  Preston,  Mar.  30,  1782;  d.  Aug.  25, 
1831;  m.,  Voluntown,  Elizabeth  Kinney.  They  had  two 
children,  Joan  and  Jane  L.  [See  B.  G.,  p.  464.] 
1170.  Nathaniel  Marsh,  b.,  Stonington,  Apr.  14,  1784;  m.  (1)  Pru- 
dence Peabody;  m.  (2)  Rebecca  Stewart.  [His  records, 
with  his  children,  B.  G.,  p.  465.] 

1180.  Stephen  Kinney,  b.,  Stonington,  Mar.   24,   1786;  m.  Amy 

Childs  Lawton.    [See  B.  G.,  p.  465.] 

1 181.  Esther,  b.,  Stonington,  Jan.  28,  1788;  d.  Scotland,  Conn.;  m. 

(1)  Swan;  m.  (2)  John  Chapman.    Interment,  Scot- 
land.   Children:  John,  Amos,  Esther,  Fuller,  and  Mary. 

1182.  Lucy,  b.,  Stonington,  May  3,  1790;  d.  Aug.  18,  1878;  unm. 

Interment,  Peabody  Cemetery. 

1 183.  Sabra,  b.,  Stonington,  Feb.  iS,  1792;  d.  Dec.  2,  1833;  m., 

Voluntown,   George  Bassett.     Children:  Emily,  b.  

Ralph,  b.  . 

1184.  Eunice,  b.,  Stonington,   Feb.   8,   1794;  m.,  Jan.    10,   1813 

Maxon  Burdick.    [For  records,  with  children,  see  B.  G.,  p 

1 185.  Charles  Wylie,  b.,  Stonington,  June  12,  1796;  d.,  Plainfield 

Conn.,  Mar.  14,  1850;  m.,  Little  Compton,  R.  I.,  1824 
Anne  Borden,   b.,   Fall  River,  Mass.,  Apr.   9,   1805;  d. 
Plainfield,  Sept.  4,  1885. 
Children : 

I.    Dyantha  T.  Crary,  b.  Apr.  12,  1S25. 



II.   Stephen  Henry,  b.  Oct.  25,  1828. 

III.  Esther  Amanda,  b.  June  2, 1830. 

IV.  Cyrus  Willard,  b.  Apr.  22,  1832. 
V.   Susan  Borden,  b.  Jan.  25,  1834. 

VI.  Amy  Ann,  b.  Oct.  18,  1835. 

VII.    Mary  Anne,  b.  June  22,   1837.      [For    complete   records  of 
these  children,  see  B.  G.,  pp.  467,  473-477.] 

Mary  Anne  Crary  [B.  G.,  p.  476]  m.  Waldo  Tillinghast.      [This  is 
written  to  make  a  correction  in  B.  G.,  p.  477.] 
Children,  b.  Plainfield: 

I.    Frank  Howard  Tillinghast,  b.  Sept.  24,  i860;  m.,  Plainfield, 
Nov.  23,  1882,  Mary  Annie  Dodge.    Children:  (1)  Louise 
Dodge,  b.  July  30,  1889;  (2)  Helen  Waldo,  b.  Aug.  7,  1896. 
II.    Fred  Waldo,  b.  Dec.  18,  1865;  m.,  Central  Village,  July  31, 
1890,  Jennie  Fry  Carey,  b.  May  20,  1872;  dau.  of  Fitch 
Adams  and  Jennie   (Fry)   Carey.      Children,  b.   Central 
Village:  (1)  Edward  Carey,  b.  Feb.  14,  1891;  (2)  Waldo 
Elbert,  b.  Apr.  27,  1902. 
III.    Arthur  Crary,  b.  June  28,  1872;  m.,  Providence,  R.  I.,  Nov. 
9,  1892,  Martha  A.  Palmer,  of  Exeter,  R.  I.    Children, 
b.  Plainfield:  (1)  Dorothy  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  2,  1894;  (2) 
Wellington  Sabine,  b.  May  13,  1903;  d.,  Plainfield,  Jan.  5, 
IV.    Annie  Louise,  b.  May  1,  1875;  unm. 

1186.  Mary,  b.,  Voluntown,  Aug.  6,  1798;  m.  Hezekiah  Prentice, 

of  Griswold,  Conn.,  b.  1795;  d.  Apr.  14,  1865.  Interment, 
Leonard  Cemetery,  Griswold.  She  was  his  second  wife. 
Dau.:  Lucy  L.,  b.,  Griswold,  Jan.  3,  1836;  m.,  Apr.  10, 
1859,  Joseph  W.  Bradford  b.,  May  15,  1834;  d.,  Voluntown, 
Feb.  24,  1894.  Both  members  of  the  Baptist  Church, 

1187.  Sarah,  b.,  Voluntown,  Oct.   17,  1800;    m.  John  Ripley,  of 

Voluntown.    [See  B.  G.,  pp.  467,  468.] 

1 188.  Nathan,  b.,  Voluntown,  Aug.  5,  1803;  m.,  No.  Stonington, 

Apr.  26,  1849,  Mary  A.  Woodmancy.  No  issue.  Inter- 
ment, Peabody  Cemetery. 


Denison  Brown  (1167),  son  of  Amos  (1107)  and  Eunice  (Turner) 
Brown  [Daniel  (24),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Apr. 
23>  1763;  d.  June  14,  1842;  m.,  Mar.  20,  1791,  Polly  Robbins,  of  Volun- 



town,  Conn.,  b.  June  23,  1767;  d.  June  12,  1831.     In  early  life  they  re- 
moved to  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  where  their  six  children  were  b. 

1 189.  Maria  Brown,  b.  Aug  4,  1792;  d.,  Clinton,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  2, 

1841;  m.,  Aug.  20,  181 2,  Absalom  Grooves.  Children: 
William,  Denison,  George,  Harriett,  James,  and  Azel. 

1 190.  Abigail,  b.  Apr.  28,  1794;  d.  1830,  aged  thirty-six  years;  m., 

Jan.  27,  1 819,  Eli  Blair,  who  d.  but  a  few  hours  later  than 
his  wife.    No  issue. 

1191.  Grace,  b.  Nov.  17,  1797;  d.,  Avon,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  18,  1880;  m., 

Feb.  27,  1823,  Rev.  Horace  P.  Bogue.  Children:  Kate, 
Charlotte,  Edwin,  Horace  P.,  Jr.,  and  Joseph,  who  d. 
aged  twenty-four  years.  Kate  Bogue,  the  oldest  child,  m., 
1855,  George  T.  Moseley,  who  d.,  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  1872; 
son  of  Col.  Thomas  Moseley.  Their  children:  (1)  Grace 
Moseley,  b.,  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  in  1859;  (2)  George  T.,  b., 
Buffalo,  Oct.  7,  1S62;  m.  Elite  Norton,  who  d.,  Buffalo,  in 
191 1.    No  issue. 

1 192.  Amos  Denison,  b.  Dec.  5,  1799;  m.,  Jan.  8,  1823,  Cornelia 

Children : 

1192a.  Mary  Elizabeth  Brown,  b.,  Bridgewater,  Feb.  25,  1824; 
d.,  Pasadena,  Cal.,  Dec.  20,  1908;  m.,  Peru,  111.,  Jan. 
30,  1845,  William  Chumasero,  b.,  Nottingham,  Eng- 
land; d.,  Redlands,  Cal.,  Feb.  23,  1893;  son  of  Isaac 
Chumasero,  of  England,  and  Frances  Chamberlain. 
Children,  b.  Peru:  (1)  Mary  E.  Chumasero,  b.  Jan.  1, 
1851;  (2)  Julia  Kate,  b.  June  27,  1853;  (3)  Antoinette  R., 
b.  July  14,  1S57;  m.,  Oct.  1,  1913,  at  Helena,  Mont.,  Claude 
Guinn  Wilson,  b.,  Little  Rock,  Ark.  Mr.  Wilson  is  a  stock- 
broker.   Res.,  520  No.  Benton  Ave.,  Helena,  Mont. 

1192b.  Henry  Hamilton,  b.  Jan.  19,  1832;  m.,  Dec,  1857,  Emily 
Gibbs;  both  d.  in  Chicago,  111.    No  issue. 

1192c.  Harry  Leonard,  b.  Sept.  9,  1833;  m.,  Peru,  Apr.  6,  1859, 
Lydia  Tompkins.  They  had  three  sons:  George,  Leon- 
ard, and  Henry,  some  of  whom  are  living  at  Palo  Alto, 
111.;  also  one  dau.,  Cornelia;  m. 

1 193.  Eunice,  b.  July  12,  1805;  m.,  June  25,  1828,  George  Ketchum. 

They  removed  to  Michigan,  where  their  four  or  five  chil- 
dren were  born. 



1 194.  Sarah  Ann,   b.  Mar.   25,   1807;    d.,  Bridgewater,  Sept.  18, 

1856;  m.,  Bridgewater,  Sept.  23,  1830,  Oliver  R.  Babcock, 
b.,  Babcock  Hill,  Bridgewater,  Sept.  15,  1805;  he  d., 
New  Hartford,  N.  Y.,  May  10,  1879;  son  of  Oliver  and 
Polly  (Randall)  Babcock,  of  Joshua  and  Elizabeth  (Palmer) 
Babcock,  of  No.  Stonington  (Pendleton  Hill),  Conn.  [See 
Babcock  Gen.,  pp.  187,  327.] 
Children,  b.  Bridgewater: 

1195.  Mary   R.    Babcock,   b.   Mar.   11,  1832;  d.,  New  Hartford, 

N.  Y.,  Feb.  13,  1877;  m.  (1)  Benjamin  F.  Joslyn;  m.  (2) 
Porter  S.  Huntley.   No  issue. 

1 196.  Sophronia  M.,  b.  July  19,  1833;  m.  Walter  S.  Hurd  (1199- 


1 197.  George  K.,  b.  June  18,  1836;  m.  Alice  Coolidge  (1205,  1206). 

1198.  Charles  M.,  b.  June  6,  1841;  m.  Maggie  McChesney  (1207- 


Sophronia  M.  Babcock  (1196),  dau.  of  Oliver  and  Sarah  Ann  (Brown) 
(1194)  Babcock,  of  Denison  (1167)  and  Polly  (Robbins)  Brown,  of  Amos 
(1107)  and  Eunice  (Turner)  Brown  [Daniel  (24),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  July  19,  1833;  m.,  Bridgewater,  Oct.  3,  1854, 
Walter  Shuman  Hurd,  b.,  Amenia,  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  13,  1826; 
d.,  Oneida,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  n,  1894;  son  of  Hebron  Hurd  and  Eliza  Harlow. 

Children,  first  four  b.  Bridgewater: 

1 199.  Mary  Hurd,  b.  July  20,  1855;  d.  Dec.  18,  1858. 

1200.  Sarah,  b.  Feb.  18,  1859;  unm.   Her  hearing  is  impaired.    She 

is  an  excellent  housekeeper,  and  lives  with  her  mother  at 
Oneida,  N.  Y. 

1201.  Edith,  b.  Sept.  10,  i860;  d.  Mar.  8,  1864. 

1202.  Clara  B.,  b.  Nov.  9,  1862;  unm.     She  was  a  kindergarten 

teacher  until  her  health  became  impaired. 

1203.  Nettie,  b.,  Wampsville,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  14,  1865;  m.,  Oneida, 

June  2,  1896,  Charles  F.  Marquis,  b.,  Pulaski,  Lawrence 
Co.,  Penn.,  Sept.  15,  1862;  son  of  Andrew  Marquis,  of 
Pulaski,  and  Sophronia  Dickey,  his  wife.  Soon  after  their 
marriage  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Marquis  moved  to  Providence,  R.  I., 
Mr.  Marquis  being  employed  with  Brown  &  Sharpe.  Later 
they  moved  to  Schenectady,  N.  Y.,  where  he  is  superin- 
tendent of  the  General  Electric  Company.  Both  are  mem- 
bers of  the  Presbyterian  Church,  and  Mr.  Marquis  is  an 
elder.    No  issue. 



1204.  Sophronia  (called  Sophie),  b.,  Wampsville,  Dec.   23,  1868. 

She  is  doing  most  excellent  work  in  her  chosen  profession, 
domestic  science. 
These  unm.  daus.  live  with  their  mother,  at  23  Spring  St., 
Oneida,  N.  Y. 

George  Ketchum  Babcock  (1197),  son  of  Oliver  and  Sarah  Ann 
(Brown)  (1194)  Babcock,  of  Denison  (1167)  and  Polly  (Robbins)  Brown, 
of  Amos  (1107)  and  Eunice  (Turner)  Brown,  b.,  Bridgewater,  N.  Y., 
June  18,  1836;  d.,  Nashville,  Tenn.,  July  31,  1896;  m.,  Mar.  7,  1872,  Alice 
Coolidge;  she  m.  (2)  at  Nashville. 


1205.  Mary  H.  Babcock,  b.,  Washington  Mills,  N.  Y.,  May  12, 

1876;  m.,  Aug.,  1895,  Lafayette  Smith,  and  has  two  chil- 
dren.  Res.,  Waverly,  Tenn. 

1206.  Jessie,  b.,  Washington  Mills,  Jan.   5,   1879;  d.,  Nashville, 

1897,  aged  eighteen  years. 

Charles  M.  Babcock  (1198),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Bridgewater, 
N.  Y.,  June  6,  1841;  d.,  Chicago,  111.,  June  6,  1904;  m.,  Nov.  5,  1867, 
Maggie  McChesney. 

Children : 

1207.  George  M.  Babcock,  b.,  Fort  Wayne,  Ind.,  Apr.  20,  1869;  m., 

Sept.  12,  1894,  Bulia  Kavanaugh.   Did  not  answer  queries. 

1208.  Mabel  L.  Babcock,  dau.  of  Charles  M.  (1198)  and  Maggie 

(McChesney)  Babcock,  son  of  Oliver  B.  and  Sarah  Ann 
(Brown)  (1194)  Babcock  [Denison  (1167),  Amos  (1107), 
Daniel  (24),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Detroit,  Mich., 
July  7,  1871;  m. ^Galesburg,  111.,  Nov.  23,  1892,  Lafayette 
Weinberg,  b.,  Augusta,  111.,  Jan.  3,  1868;  son  of  Simon 
Weinberg,  of  Rayberg,  Germany,  and  wife  Louesa.  Mr. 
Weinberg  is  a  wholesale  fruit  and  produce  dealer ;  in  politics 
he  is  a  Democrat.  Children,  b.  Galesburg:  (1)  Helen 
Louesa  Weinberg,  b.  Nov.  25,  1893;  (2)  Dorothy  Margaret, 
b.  Oct.  5,  1896;  (3)  Clara  Eugenia,  b.  Nov.  26,  1900,  d., 
Galesburg,  Dec.  2,  1900;  (4)  Mabel  Fayette,  b.  Aug.  27, 
1904;  (5)  Marian  Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  12,  1909,  d.,  Galesburg, 
July  9,  1910.    Res.,  582  No.  Seminary  St.,  Galesburg,  111. 

1209.  Clara  S.,  b.,  Detroit,  Oct.  4,  1872;  m.,  Peoria,  111.,  Feb.  12, 

1896,  Geo.  B.  Churchill,  b.,  Galesburg,  Aug.  16,  1865;  son 
of  Geo.  Churchill,  of  Galesburg,  and  Ada  H.  Hayes.     Mr. 



Churchill  is  a  hardware  merchant.   Children,  b.  Galesburg: 
(i)  Lake  George  Churchill,  b.  Jan.  10,  1899  (2)  Marjorie, 
b.  Dec.  6,  1900;  (3)  William,  b.  Nov.  4,  1908.    Res.,  1042 
Cedar  St.,  Galesburg,  111. 
1210.    Oliver  F.,  b.,  Galesburg,  Oct.  7,  1881. 


Peleg  Brown  (n 73),  son  of  Amos  (1107)  and  Eunice  (Turner)  Brown 
[Daniel  (24),  Thomas  (2),' Thomas],  b.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Mar.  23,  1775; 
d.,  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  2,  i860;  m.,  Pendleton  Hill,  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Oct.  19,  1800,  Elizabeth  Babcock,  b.  May  4,  1780;  d.,  Bridge- 
water,  Jan.  2,  1 87 1.  Before  her  marriage  she  made  the  trip  to  Bridge- 
water,  Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y.,  on  horseback,  with  her  four  brothers.  Return- 
ing to  her  home  in  Stonington,  she  was  married,  and  then  went  with  her 
husband  in  a  carriage  to  Babcock  Hill,  Bridgewater,  where  they  made  a 
permanent  settlement.  She  was  the  dau.  of  Joshua  and  Elizabeth 
(Palmer)  Babcock  [Oliver,  James,  James,  John,  James].  Her  father, 
Joshua  Babcock,  was  a  farmer  and  a  merchant  on  Pendleton  Hill,  Conn. 
For  about  thirty  years  he  was  deacon  of  the  Baptist  Church,  and  for 
about  twenty-seven  years  Justice  of  the  Peace  —  by  virtue  of  which 
office  he  solemnized  many  marriages.  Elizabeth  Babcock  had  a  brother 
Joshua  who  m.  Eunice  Brown,  dau.  of  Christopher  and  Margaret 
(Holmes)  Brown.  [Her  records  are  in  B.  G.,  pp.  in,  112.]  Chris- 
topher Brown  lived  two  miles  south  of  Pendleton  Hill,  and  on  this  farm 
he  is  buried;  also  his  father,  Daniel  (24).  [For  Joshua  Babcock's  record, 
see  Babcock  Gen.,  p.  108.] 

Children  of  Joshua  and  Elizabeth  (Palmer)  Babcock: 

I.   Joshua  Babcock,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  2,  1774;  m.  Eunice  Brown.    [Her 

records  and  those  of  her  children  are  in  B.  G.,  p.  in.] 
II.  Asa,  b.  Nov.  6,  1775;  m.  Catherine  Robbins.  They  settled  in 
Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in  1797.  He  was  the  first  of  five  brothers 
who  settled  in  this  county.  The  place  was  called  for  him, 
Babcock  Hill;  it  became  noted,  as  also  is  Pendleton  Hill, 

III.  Oliver,  b.  Jan.  20,   1778;  m.  Polly  Randall,  of  Voluntown, 


IV.  Elizabeth,  m.  Peleg  Brown.   Her  records  follow. 

V.    Martin,  b.  Mar.  20,  1783;  m.  Eunice  Robbins,  of  Voluntown. 
VI.   Dr.  Charles,  b.  June  21,  1787;  m.  Nancy  Pratt,  of  New  Hart- 
ford, N.  Y. 



VII.  Henry,  b.  Feb.  14,  1790;  m.  Dolly  Stanton.  He  remained  in 
the  old  homestead  until  death,  having  inherited  the 

"Dr.  Charles  Babcock,  with  his  sister  and  four  brothers,  inaugurated 
an  annual  family  dinner  called  'The  Babcock  Party,'  which  was  con- 
tinued long  after  all  the  originators  had  passed  away,"  Joshua  Franklin 
Babcock  [B.  G.,  p.  112]  wrote  the  compiler.  He  was  a  promoter  of  the 
Babcock  annual  gathering  known  as  the  "Babcock  Cousins  Party," 
held  during  Christmas  week.  The  custom  has  been  kept  up  for  fifty 
years,  and  was  participated  in  by  many  of  the  families  from  far  and  near. 
This  party  was  discontinued  at  their  golden  wedding,  at  Unadilla  Forks, 
N.  Y.,  Dec.  11,  1901. 

Children  of  Peleg  Brown  and  Elizabeth  Babcock,  his  wife,  b.  Bridge- 
water  : 

1211.  Charles   Babcock   Brown,  b.   Oct.   24,    1802;  m.   Catherine 

Mabbett  (1215-1217). 

1212.  Amos  H.,  b.  Apr.  26,  1805;  m.  Susan  Monroe  (1218-1225). 

1 213.  Benjamin   Franklin,  b.   Sept.    1,   1807;  d.,'  New  Hartford, 

Oct.  5,  1889;  unm.  He  studied  law  at  Bridgewater, 
and  went  to  New  York  City  when  a  young  man,  and  re- 
mained there  until  he  was  eighty  or  more  years  old,  then 
returning  to  New  Hartford,  where  he  passed  away.  He 
was  a  lawyer;  in  politics  he  was  a  Republican,  and  was  a 
member  of  the  Episcopal  Church. 

1214.  Lorenzo  S.,  b.  June  6,  1809;  m.  (1)  Elizabeth  C.  Brainard; 

m.  (2)  Laura  M.  Birdsey  (1226-1229). 

Charles  B.  Brown  (1211),  son  of  Peleg  (1173)  and  Elizabeth  (Babcock) 
Brown,  of  Amos  (1107)  and  Eunice  (Turner)  Brown  [Daniel  (24),  Thomas 
(2),  Thomas],  b.,  Bridgewater,  Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  24,  1802;  d., 
New  Hartford,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  28,  1889;  m.,  Bridgewater,  1830,  Catherine 
Mabbett,  b.,  Bridgewater,  Oct.  23,  1808;  d.,  Unadilla  Forks,  N.  Y., 
June  12,  i860.  Mr.  Brown  was  a  farmer,  north  of  Unadilla  Forks,  but 
later  in  life  moved  to  Unadilla  Forks  and  manufactured  farming  imple- 
ments with  his  cousin  Henry  H.  Babcock.  Later  he  retired  from  business 
and  moved  to  New  Hartford,  where  he  d.,  aged  eighty-six  years.  He  was  a 
member  of  the  Presbyterian  Church. 


1215.  Lee  C.  Brown,  b.  Dec.  15,  1832;  m.  Martha  Babcock  (1230). 



1 216.  Emily  Mabbett,  b.,  Unadilla  Forks,  Jan.  31,  1835;  m.  Edwin 

Aiken  (1231-1233). 

1217.  Cora  Hannah,  b.  Apr.  16,  1838;  m.  J.  Morris  Childs  (1235, 


Amos  Ff.  Brown  (1212),  son  of  Peleg  (1173)  and  Elizabeth  (Babcock) 
Brown,  b.,  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  26,  1805;  d.,  Zanesville,  O.,  Jan.  26, 
1880;  m.,  Zanesville,  Apr.  9,  1829,  Susan  Monroe,  b.,  Zanesville,  Feb.  2, 
1812;  d.,  Zanesville,  July  16,  1867.   He  was  a  banker  in  New  York  City. 

Children,  b.  Zanesville: 

1218.  Lewis  Brown,  b.  July  11,  1832;  d.  Oct.,  1837. 

1219.  Franklin,  b.  Jan.  12,  1835;  d.  Aug.  16,  1836. 

1220.  Henry  C,  b.  Mar.  25,  1837;  m.  (1)  Mary  M.  Cox;  m.  (2) 

Mary  W.  Hodge  (1237,  1238). 

1221.  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  15,  1839;  d.  Nov.  9,  1851. 

1222.  Joseph  M.,  b.  Oct.  5,  1842;  m.  (1)  Anna  Price;  m.  (2)  Blanch 

K.  Seaman  (1239-1241). 

1223.  Alice  A.,  b.  Mar.  2,  1845;  unm. 

1224.  Ella  S.,  b.  Apr.   21,   1849;  m.   Charles  H.  Abbott   (1242- 


1225.  Anna  S.,  b.  Nov.  3,  1852;  m.  Lowell  M.  Dyer.  Did  not  answer 


Lorenzo  Sidney  Brown  (1214),  son  of  Peleg  (1173)  and  Elizabeth 
(Babcock)  Brown,  of  Amos  (1107)  and  Eunice  Turner  Brown  [Daniel 
(24),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  June  6,  1809;  d., 
Bridgewater,  Jan.  3,  1891;  m.  (1),  Litchfield,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  16,  1839, 
Elizabeth  C.  Brainard;  m.  (2),  Sauquoit,  N.  Y.,  Nov.,  1857,  Laura  M. 

Children,  by  first  m.: 

1226.  Clara  B.  Brown,  b.,  Bridgewater,  Mar.  14,  1842;  m.  Timothy 

E.  Wilcox  (1 246-1 248). 

1227.  Arthur  Remington,  b.,   Bridgewater,   Sept.   26,   1845;    m., 

New  Bedford,  Mass.,  June  29,  1869,  Florence  C.  Shaw, 
b.,  New  Bedford,  Sept.  12, 1849;  dau.  of  Frederick  P.  Shaw, 
of  New  Bedford,  and  Mary  Maxfield.  Mr.  Brown  was  edu- 
cated in  Utica  and  Clinton,  N.  Y.  When  nineteen  years  of 
age  he  went  to  Saginaw,  Mich.,  residing  there  several 
.  years;  thence  to  Indiana,  from  which  State,  in  1880,  he 
removed  to  Colorado,  where  he  lived  until  1905.    During 



his  residence  in  Colorado  he  held  the  office  of  County  Judge 
of  Eagle  Co.,  also  held  the  office  of  County  Attorney  for 
fifteen  years,  and  was  one  of  the  attorneys  for  the  Denver 
and  Rio  Grande  R.  R.  from  1882  to  1905,  at  which  time 
he  left  Colorado  and  took  up  his  residence  in  New  Bedford, 
where  he  now  [19 14]  resides.  Florence  C.  Shaw,  his  wife, 
was  educated  in  the  city  schools,  and  after  her  graduation 
completed  her  education  at  the  Abbott  Seminary,  Andover, 
Mass.   No  issue. 

1228.  Susan  B.,  b.  June  6,  1848;  m.  Adelbert  Rhodes  (1249-1251). 

1229.  Grace,  b.  May  26,  1850;  d.  Apr.  17,  1851. 

Lee  C.  Brown  (1215),  son  of  Charles  B.  (1211)  and  Catherine  (Mabbett) 
Brown,  of  Peleg  (11 73)  and  Elizabeth  (Babcock)  Brown,  b.,  Bridgewater, 
N.  Y.,  Dec.  15,  1832;  m.,  Onarga,  111.,  Mar.  8,  1866,  Martha  Babcock; 
he  d.  at  Onarga,  Sept.  23,  1904. 


1230.  Charles  Franklin  Brown,  b.,  Onarga,  Mar.   12,   1867;  m., 

Evanston,  111.,  Apr.  28,  1897,  A.  Marie  Shurer.  Mr.  Brown 
is  a  physician  in  Chicago,  111.  He  graduated  from  Chicago 
Medical  College  with  honor.   No  issue. 

Emily  Mabbett  Brown  (1216),  dau.  of  Charles  B.  (1211)  and  Catherine 
(Mabbett)  Brown,  of  Peleg  (n 73)  and  Elizabeth  (Babcock)  Brown,  b., 
Unadilla  Forks,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  31,  1835;  m.  there,  Oct.  17,  1859,  Edwin 
Aiken,  b.,  Cayuga,  Cayuga  Co.,  N.  Y.,  July  30,  1833;  d.,  Saginaw,  Mich., 
Jan.  22,  1904.  He  went  to  Saginaw  in  1862,  soon  after  marriage,  and 
made  a  permanent  home  there.  Edwin  Aiken  was  one  of  the  best-known 
citizens  of  Saginaw.  He  was  a  resident  of  the  city  more  than  forty  years, 
and  much  of  that  time  he  was  in  public  life  in  various  capacities,  which 
gave  him  an  extended  acquaintance  in  the  city  and  county.  He  held 
many  prominent  offices  in  the  gift  of  the  people.  He  was  elected  a  mem- 
ber of  the  Board  of  Education,  also  of  the  Board  of  Supervisors  many 
years.  He  was  City  Controller  many  years,  and  was  a  recognized  author- 
ity on  all  public  matters  of  the  city  and  county.  He  was  a  remarkably 
well-informed  man.  When  the  Board  of  Auditors  was  created  by  act  of 
the  Legislature,  Mr.  Aiken  was  elected  a  member  of  that  body,  and  held 
that  position  at  the  time  of  his  death.  His  political  affiliations  were 
strongly  with  the  Republicans.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Masonic  fra- 
ternity for  many  years.   Her  res.,  402  Jefferson  Ave.,  Saginaw,  Mich. 



Children : 

1231.  Charles  M.  Aiken,  b.  Aug.  5,  i860;  d.  Dec.  3,  1910;  m.  Sophia 

Leidlein.    Son:  Arthur  L.  Aiken,  b.  1899. 

1232.  Katherine  B.,  b.,  Auburn,  N.  Y.,  June  3,  1864;  d.  Feb.  17, 

1898;  unm. 

1233.  Mary  Cora,  b.,  Saginaw,  Oct.  25,  1866;  m.,  Saginaw,  Jan.  8, 

1890,  Wm.  Stanton  Conklin,  b.,  New  Haven,  Conn.,  Apr. 
20,  1856;  he  d.  Saginaw,  June  9,  191 1.  Mr.  Conklin  at- 
tended school  in  his  native  New  England  city,  and  was 
quite  young  when  he  came  with  his  parents  to  Michigan. 
When  a  young  man  he  engaged  in  the  lumber  business, 
and  later  became  a  partner  with  the  McClure  Company, 
and  in  1904,  on  the  death  of  W.  C.  McClure,  assumed  all 
the  work  of  the  partnership,  so  continuing  until  stricken 
down  with  Bright's  disease,  passing  away  June  9,  191 1. 

1234.  Katherine  Margaret  Conklin,  b.,   Saginaw,  Dec.   3,    1890. 

She  graduated  from  the  high  school  of  Saginaw,  and  from 
the  National  Cathedral,  in  Washington,  D.  C,  in  June, 

Cora  Hannah  Brown  (1217),  dau.  of  Charles  B.  (1211)  and  Catherine 
(Mabbett)  Brown,  b.,  Unadilla  Forks,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  16,  1838;  d.,  Brooklyn, 
N.  Y.,  May  5,  1904;  m.,  Unadilla  Forks,  Sept.  1,  1864,  Joseph  Morris 
Childs,  b.,  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  17,  1840;  d.,  Utica,  N.  Y.;  son  of 
Justus  Childs,  of  Bridgewater,  and  Betsey  Budlong.  Joseph  Morris 
Childs  was  engaged  in  the  manufacture  of  all  kinds  of  farming  imple- 
ments, in  Utica. 

Children : 

1235.  Walter  Childs,  b.,   Utica,  Sept.    18,   1867;  d.,   Pittsburgh, 

Penn.,  Dec.  21,  1896.  He  was  an  electrician,  at  Pittsburgh. 

1236.  Fanny  Mabel,  b.,  Utica,  June  28,  1872;  m.,  Utica,  Apr.  18, 

1900,  Dr.  George  Denison  Hamlin,  b.,  Naples,  N.  Y., 
Nov.  5,  1858;  son  of  Edwin  Augustus  Hamlin  and  Mary 
Ann  Denison,  of  Naples.  Dr.  Hamlin  is  a  practising  physi- 
cian in  Brooklyn.  Children:  (1)  George  Childs  Hamlin,  b., 
Brooklyn,  Apr.  28,  1903;  (2)  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.,  Brooklyn, 
Feb.  22,  1909.   Res.,  1259  Pacific  St.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

Henry  C.  Brown  (1220),  son  of  Amos  H.  (1212)  and  Susan  (Monroe) 
Brown,  of  Peleg  (n 73)  and  Elizabeth  (Babcock)  Brown  [Amos  (1107), 



Daniel  (24),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Zanesville,  O.,  Mar.  25,  1837; 
d.,  Zanesville,  Nov.  25,  1884;  m.  (1),  Apr.  20,  1865,  Mary  M.  Cox;  m. 
(2),  June  26,  1883,  Mary  W.  Hodge. 
Dau.  by  first  m.: 

1237.  Mary  S.  Brown,  b.  May  8,  1867;  m.,  Aug.  18,  1888,  Henry  R. 

Stranburg.    Son:  Henry. 
Son  by  second  m.: 

1238.  Henry  F.,  b.  Apr.  6,  1884. 

Joseph  M.  Brown  (1222),  son  of  Amos  (12 12)  and  Susan  (Monroe) 
Brown,  of  Peleg  (1173)  anc*  Elizabeth  (Babcock)  Brown,  b.,  Zanesville, 
O.,  Oct.  5,  1842;  d.  Aug.  5,  1886;  m.  (1),  Mar.  31,  1873,  Anna  L.  Price; 
m.  (2),  May  21,  1879,  Blanch  K.  Seaman. 

Dau.  by  first  m.: 

1239.  Anna  M.  Brown,  b.  Jan.  27,  1876;  d.  1889. 
Children  by  second  m. : 

1240.  Harold,  b.  Aug.  25,  1880. 

1241.  Monroe  S.,  b.  Sept.  28,  1885. 

Ella  S.  Brown  (1224),  dau.  of  Amos  (1212)  and  Susan  (Monroe) 
Brown,  of  Peleg  (11 73)  and  Elizabeth  (Babcock)  Brown,  b.,  Zanesville, 
O.,  Apr.  21,  1849;  m.,  June  10,  1873,  Charles  H.  Abbott.  Res.,  Zanes- 
ville, O. 

Children : 

1242.  Henry  Abbott,  b.  Sept.  2,  1874. 

1243.  Helen,  b.  Feb.  12,  1877. 

1244.  Cheever,  b.  Apr.  12,  1879;  d.  1880. 

1245.  Monroe  L.,  b.  May  18,  1881. 

Clara  B.  Brown  (1226),  dau.  of  Lorenzo  S.  (1214)  and  Elizabeth  C. 
(Brainerd)  Brown,  of  Peleg  (1173)  and  Elizabeth  (Babcock)  Brown,  b., 
Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  14,  1S42;  d.,  Fort  Schuyler,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  28, 
1809;  m.,  Jan.  29,  1867,  Dr.  Timothy  Erastus  Wilcox,  who  was  a  surgeon 
in  the  United  States  Army  with  the  rank  of  Lieutenant-Colonel.  Mrs. 
Clara  (Brown)  Wilcox  and  her  husband  have  been  pleasantly  located  at 
government  stations  in  the  far  West,  as  well  as  along  the  eastern  coast. 
Dr.  Wilcox  was  ordered  to  Cuba;  later  the  family  removed  to  Washing- 
ton, D.  C,  where  they  anticipated  making  their  future  home.  Mrs. 
Wilcox's  severe  and  fatal  illness  made  a  change  of  climate  necessary  and, 
as  advised,  they  spent  three  months  at  Clayville,  N.  Y.,  after  which  time 
they  removed  to  Fort  Schuyler,  where  she  passed  away.   She  was  buried 



near  her  old  home,  among  the  hills  of  her  childhood,  in  Sauquoit  Valley 
Cemetery.    His  res.,  1841  California  St.,  Washington,  D.  C. 

1246.  Victor  Irving  Wilcox,  b.  Dec.  29,  1867;  d.  Nov.  13,  1871. 

1247.  Florence  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  12,  1870;  unm.  She  is  dau.  of  the 

Mayflower  Society. 

1248.  Glover  Brown,  b.,  Camp  Supply,  Ind.  Ter.,  Nov.  9,  1878; 

m.,  Oakland,  Cal.,  July  17,  1909,  Edna  Rice,  b.,  Newcastle, 
Cal.,  Nov.  8,  1886.  Mr.  Wilcox  is  a  physician  and  surgeon. 
Res.,  Franklin  St.,  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Susan  B.  Brown  (1228),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Bridgewater, 
N.  Y.,  June  6,  1848;  m.  there,  Sept.  7,  1869,  Adelbert  James  Rhodes, 
b.,  Clayville,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  6,  1845;  he  d.,  Clayville,  Mar.  6,  1904;  son  of 
Samuel  B.  and  Elizabeth  (Davis)  Rhodes,  of  Clayville.  He  was  a  coal 
dealer,  and  since  the  opening  of  the  D.  L.  and  W.  R.  R.  he  had  been  the 
station-agent  until  failing  health,  in  1903,  compelled  him  to  give  up  the 
work  to  his  oldest  son,  Fred.  He  was  interested  in  everything  for  the  good 
of  the  village,  in  the  schools  and  in  the  church,  and  always  ready  with 
his  hand  and  his  purse.  Every  one  found  a  warm  welcome  in  his  home. 
His  wife  is  a  member  of  the  Congregational  Church.  Her  res.,  Clayville, 
N.  Y. 

Children,  b.  Clayville: 

1249.  Frederick  Adelbert  Rhodes,  b.  Oct.   2,  1874;  m.,  Fairfield, 

N.  Y.,  Dec.  16,  1908,  Mae  Parkenson,  b.,  Fairfield;  dau. 
of  George  and  Sarah  (Wiseman)  Parkenson.  Mr.  Rhodes 
is  an  insurance  agent,  Syracuse,  N.  Y.  Both  he  and  his 
wife  are  members  of  the  Methodist  Church. 

1250.  Blanch  Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  12,  1878;  m.,  Clayville,  June  12, 

1907,  Frederick  L.  Porter,  b.,  Oriskany  Falls,  N.  Y. ;  son 
of  Lewis  and  Mary  (Risley)  Porter,  of  Oriskany  Falls. 
Mr.  Porter  is  superintendent  of  knitting-mills,  Utica,  N.  Y. 
Son:  Byron  Rhodes  Porter,  b.,  Oriskany  Falls,  Aug.  28, 

1251.  Clara  Valencia,  b.  July  9,  1887. 

It  is  a  good  and  safe  ride  to  sojourn  in  every  place  as  if  you  meant  to 
spend  your  life  there,  never  omitting  an  opportunity  of  doing  a  kindness,  or 
speaking  a  true  word,  or  making  a  friend. —  Ruskin. 

"Remember  that  there  is  one  thing  better  than  making  a  living, —  making 
a  life." 



Humphrey  Brown  (26),  youngest  son  of  Thomas  (2)  and  Hannah 
(Collins)  Brown  [Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Sept.  16,  1701,  and 
there  passed  his  life,  when  the  country  was  in  its  early  settlements. 
He  m.  there,  July  22,  1724,  Tabitha  Holdridge. 

Children,  b.  Stonington  [numbers  in  B.  G.,  from  81  to  87]: 

1252.  Humphrey  Brown,  b.  Aug.  13,  1725. 

1253.  Tabitha,  b.  Nov.  23,  1727;  m.  Rev.  Valentine  W.  Rathbone 


1254.  Gershom,  b.  Aug.  29,  1729;  m.  "Esther  Fanning,  both  of 

Stonington,  Nov.  15,  1749,  by  me,  Simeon  Miner,  Justice 
of  Peace." 

1255.  Mary,  b.  Sept.  24,  1731. 

1256.  Content,  b.  Aug.  20,  1733;  m.  Rev.  John  Rathbone  (1269- 


1257.  Eunice,  b.  July  26,  1736. 

1258.  Reuben,  b.  Aug.  20,  1738;  m.  Margaret (1 282-1288). 

Tabitha  Brown  (1253),  dau.  of  Humphrey  (26)  and  Tabitha  (Hol- 
dridge) Brown  [Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Nov.  23, 
1727;  m.  Rev.  Valentine  Wightman  Rathbone,  b.  Wednesday,  Dec.  23, 
1724,  at  2  o'clock  p.m.;  son  of  Joshua  Rathbone  and  Mary  Wightman, 
dau.  of  Rev.  Valentine  Wightman,  of  Groton,  a  descendant  of  Rev. 
Edward  Wightman,  burned  at  the  stake  in  Litchfield,  England,  in  161 2 
—  the  last  man  in  England  to  so  suffer  for  conscience'  sake. 

Rev.  Valentine  Wightman,  the  father  of  Mary  Wightman  mentioned 
above,  organized  the  first  Baptist  church  in  Connecticut,  and  the  first 
Baptist  church  west  of  Providence,  R.  I., —  at  Groton, —  in  1705.  He 
assisted  in  planting  the  first  Baptist  church  in  the  city  and  State  of  New 
York.  He  was  a  well-educated  and  scholarly  man;  aided  in  planting 
churches  in  Stonington,  Waterford,  and  Lyme,  Conn.  He  was  pastor  of 
the  Groton  church  forty-two  years,  and  was  succeeded  by  his  son  Rev. 
Timothy  Wightman,  who  was  tried  by  the  erratic  ideas  and  practices  of  a 
band  of  Rogerine  Quakers,  that  aimed  at  times  to  disturb  his  meetings; 
but  his  serenity  and  good  judgment  foiled  their  designs.  They  would 
attend  his  meetings,  taking  with  them  their  basket-work,  and  during  the 
service  one  of  them  addressed  the  minister:  "Timothy,  thou  liest;  thou 
knowest  thou  liest."  He  was  a  plain,  fearless,  discreet,  faithful  preacher, 
like  his  honored  father  before  him.  He  also  served  the  Groton  church 
for  forty-two  years.  The  next  to  succeed  Rev.  Timothy  Wightman  was 
his  youngest  son,  Rev.  John  Gano  Wightman,  who  was  a  man  distin- 



guished  for  solid,  practical  qualities,  of  fervent  and  consistent  piety,  of 
an  excellent,  goodly  personal  appearance  and  bearing,  who  won  a  high 
rank  in  the  councils  and  associations  of  the  Baptist  denomination.  He 
was  pastor  forty-one  years.  Thus  father,  son,  and  grandson  served 
successively  the  old  Groton  church  for  one  hundred  and  twenty-five 
Children : 

1259.  Mary  Rathbone,  b.  Mar.  28,  1745;  m.,  Jan.  24,  1765,  by  Rev. 

Joseph  Torrey,  to  William  Potts. 

1260.  Joshua,  b.  June  5,  1746;  m.  Elizabeth  Hall. 

1261.  Susannah,  b.  May  5,  1748;  m.,  Nov.  8,  1767,  William  Fellow, 

b.  Feb.  28,  1743. 

1262.  Content,  b.  July  24,  1750. 

1263.  Daniel,  b.  Apr.  n,  1754;  m.  (2)  Sabra . 

1264.  Valentine,  b.  Apr.  22,  1756. 

1265.  Cynthia  (twin),  b.  Mar.  20,  1758. 

1266.  Reuben  (twin),  b.  Mar.  20,  1758;  killed  by  a  falling  tree  at 

Marcellus,  N.  Y.,  1807.  He  joined  the  Shakers,  but  left 
them,  giving  his  reasons  in  a  book,  "Reasons  for  Leaving 

1267.  Saxton,  b.  July  n,  1762.    He  had  a  large  family.    His  will  is 

on  record  in  the  County  Court  in  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

1268.  James,  b.  1764;  d.  Apr.  4,  1848;  m.  a  Langworthy.   He  had  a 

large  family,  of  which  the  name  of  only  one  is  known;  viz., 
Sylvester  Rathbone,  who  m.  (1),  Oct.,  181 1,  Apami  Root, 
d.  June  5,  1823;  m.  (2)  Malinda  Brooks. 
[From  B.  G.,  pp.  526,  527.] 

Content  Brown  (1256),  sister  of  the  preceding,  and  dau.  of  Humphrey 
and  Tabitha  (Holdridge)  Brown  [Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Aug.  31,  1733;  d.,  Ashford,  Conn.,  Sept.  30,  1804;  m.,  Jan.  8, 
1 75 1,  Rev.  John  Rathbone,  brother  of  Rev.  Valentine  Wightman  Rath- 
bone, husband  of  her  sister  Tabitha,  b.,  Thursday,  June  26,  1729,  at 
10  o'clock  p.m.;  d.,  Willington,  Conn.,  Aug.  2,  1826,  in  his  ninety-eighth 
year,  and  in  the  seventy-fifth  year  of  his  ministry;  buried  at  Ashford. 
He  was  a  Baptist,  a  patriot  of  the  Revolution,  member  of  the  Stonington 
Committee  of  Correspondence  and  Inspection,  and  a  signer  of  the  memo- 
rial to  the  Connecticut  Assembly  praying  for  cannon  to  protect  the  town 
of  Stonington  against  the  British  attack  on  Long  Point,  in  1777.  He  or- 
ganized the  Baptist  Church  at  Westford,  Mass.,  in  1780,  and  became  its 



first  pastor,  in  1781.   He  preached  at  Saratoga,  N.  Y.,  in  his  ninety-fifth 

Children,  all  except  the  first  three  b.  Stonington: 

1269.  John   Rathbone,   b.,   Canterbury,   Conn.,  Sunday,  Oct.  20, 

1 751 ;  m.  Eunice  Wells,  of  Westerly,  R.  I. 

1270.  Martha,  b.,  Groton,  Conn..  Tuesday,  Aug.  7,  1753,  at  5  o'clock 

a.m.;  m.  Wheeler  Douglas. 

1271.  Daniel,  or  Asher,  b.  July  14,  1755;  d.  in  infancy. 

1272.  Prudence,  b.  Monday,  Jan.  31,  1759,  at  3  o'clock  p.m. 

1273.  Marion,  b.  Tuesday,  Feb.  27,  1760,  at  8  o'clock  a.m. 

1274.  Valentine    Wightman,    b.    Wednesday,    May    13,    1761,    at 

11.30  P.M. 

1275.  David,  b.  Tuesday,  May  29,  1764,  at  4  o'clock  p.m. 

1276.  Joseph  Avery,  b.  June  16,  1765,  at  6  o'clock  a.m. 

1277.  Aaron  )      .       ,     T  . 

'     ,r  ,-twins,  b.  July  2=5,  1770,  at  8.?o  p.m. 

1278.  Moses  \  '      J    J    °'    "  '  ° 

1279.  Edward,  b.  Nov.  1,  1773;  d.  in  infancy. 

1280.  Samuel,  b.  July  1,  1776,  at  3.10  p.m. 

1281.  Content,  b.  Mar.  26,  1778;  d.  July  30,  1779. 

[Content  Brown  is  a  copy  from  B.  G.,  p.  527.] 

Reuben  Brown  (1258),  son  of  Humphrey  (26)  and  Tabitha  (Holdridge) 
Brown  [Thomas  (2)  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Aug.  20,  1738;  d. 
probably  in  the  year  1781;  m.  Margaret  -  — .  The  marriage  is  not  re- 
corded in  the  Stonington  Records. 

"The  inventory  of  the  late  Reuben  Brown  of  Stonington  amounted  to 
^87. 2s.   There  was  no  will." 

"The  above  inventory  of  the  estate  of  Mr.  Reuben  Brown,  late  of 
Stonington  as  shown  by  Mrs.  Margaret  Brown,  Administratrix,  to  sd. 
estate  was  taken  by  the  subscribers  this  6th  day  of  November  1781. 

"Being  duly  sworn  -  Henry  Miner,  William  Palmer." 

The  Revolutionary  War  record:  Reuben  Brown  (1258),  who  enlisted 
at  Stonington,  Conn.,  Feb.  12,  177S,  as  a  lifer  in  Captain  Stanton's  Com- 
pany, Colonel  Sherburne's  Regiment,  was  transferred  to  Col.  S.  B. 
Webb's  Regiment  May  1,  [780,  and  discharged  Jan.  1,  1781. 

Children,  b.  Stonington : 

1282.  Robert  Brown,  b.  1763;  m.  (1)  Hannah  Burdick;  m.  (2)  Eliza- 

beth West  (1287-1294). 

1283.  Jeroedj  b.        — ;  m.  Susanna  Stanton  (1295-1300). 
1284.-  Squire,  b. ;  no  further  record. 



1285.  Margaret,  or  Peggy,  b.  Feb.  20,  1768;  m.  Christopher  Dewey 


1286.  Alpheus,  b.  June  4,  1771;  m.  Hannah  Burdick  (1314-13146). 

1287.  Sabrina,  b.  June,  1774;  m.  Daniel  Harris  (1324-1331). 

1288.  Catherine,  b.  ;  m.  Russell  Armstrong;  moved  to  Che- 

nango, N.  Y.    No  further  record. 

Robert  Brown  (1282),  son  of  Reuben  (1258)  [Humphrey  (26),  Thomas 
(2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  1763;  m.  (1)  Hannah  Burdick,  of 
Westerly,  R.  I.;  dau.  of  John  and  Elizabeth  (Babcock)  Burdick;  she  d. 
1828;  he  m.  (2)  Elizabeth  West.  He  was  a  blacksmith.  The  oldest  citi- 
zens of  Westerly  remember  him  as  Uncle  Robert  Brown.  He  d.  1844, 
aged  eighty-one  years;  first  interred  where  the  house  of  the  late  Joseph 
H.  Potter  now  stands,  on  High  St.,  Westerly;  disinterred  and  removed 
to  Stonington  Cemetery. 

Children,  by  first  m.,  b.  Westerly: 

1289.  Charles  Brown,  b.  1793;  unm. 

1290.  Thomas  Moore,  b.  Jan.  21, 1799;  m.  (1)  Martha  A.  Chapman; 

m.  (2)  Ann  E.  Chapman  (1332-1337). 

1 291.  Susanna  Stillman,  b.  Apr.   8,   1802;    m.  Freeman  Pulsifer 

(1338,  1339). 

1292.  Sabrina  Harris,  b.  Jan.  25,  1804;  m.  John  Pendleton  States 


1293.  Catherine  Armstrong,  b.  1808  (1347,  1348). 

1294.  Robert,  Jr.,  b.  1810  (1349-1351). 

Jeroed  (1283),  son  of  Reuben  (1258)  and  Margaret  Brown,  his  wife 

[Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.  ;  m.  Susanna  Stanton, 

of  Hopkinton,  R.  I. 

Children,  b.  Stonington  [from  Stonington  T.  R.]: 

1295.  Reuben  Brown,  b.  Nov.  10,  1788. 

1296.  Simon,  b.  Jan.  31,  1791. 

1297.  David,  b.  Apr.  19,  1793. 

1298.  Hannah,  b.  June  28,  1795. 

1299.  Isaac,  b.  Feb.  2,  1798. 

1300.  Mary  J.,  b.  1803;  m.  Robert  Dewey. 

The  following  is  an  extract  of  a  letter  from  a  granddau.  of  Jeroed  and 
Susanna  Stanton  [or  Stetson]  Brown: 

North  Adams,  Mass.,  Sept.  6,  1913. 

My  grandmother's  name  was  Susanna  (Stetson)  Brown.  My  mother,  Lavina  (Brown) 
Morley,  was  born  in  Coleraine,  Mass.,  July  2, 1807,  and  d.,  Nov.  5, 1883,  at  Coleraine. 




My  mother's  brothers'  names  were:  Reuben,  Jeroed,  Daniel,  Isaac,  Robert;  and  her 
sisters:  Mary,  Susan,  and  Hannah.  I  know  nothing  further  about  them.  My  father 
and  mother  belonged  to  the  Methodist  Church,  and  had  eight  children:  Mary,  Maria, 
Nelson,  Alvin,  Susan,  Jane  [myself],  Elizabeth,  and  Nettie.  All  have  passed  away 
but  myself  and  Mrs.  F.  R.  King,  444  No.  Main  St.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

My  mother  has  been  dead  thirty  years,  and  I  have  no  record  of  the  family.  Re- 
gretting I  cannot  assist  you  further,  I  am 

Yours  truly, 

Mrs.  Jane  H.  Porter, 
Per  V.  N.  Porter. 

Margaret,  or  Peggy,  Brown  (1285),  dau.  of  Reuben  (1258)  and  Mar- 
garet, his  wife  [Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Feb.  20,  1768;  d.,  Mar.  2,  1850,  aged  eighty-two  years;  m.  Chris- 
topher Dewey,  b.,  Stonington,  Nov.  20,  1762;  d.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn., 
Apr.  26,  1840;  son  of  David.  They  lived  in  No.  Stonington,  near  Ash- 
away,  R.  I.,  where  it  is  said  he  was  born.  He  had  a  tannery,  near  his 
house,  which  he  operated  for  many  years.  The  old  house  where  they  lived 
and  their  children  were  all  born  is  still  [19 14]  standing.  Shortly  before 
their  death,  they  removed  to  Yaubux,  in  the  same  town,  to  live  with 
their  dau.  Lucy  Morella  Hillard,  where  both  died;  interments  in  the 
family  grounds  in  Yaubux,  with  finely  engraved  monuments. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1301.  Christopher  Dewey,  2d,  b.  Feb.  28,  1786;  m.  Hulda  Babcock 


1302.  Eunice,  b.  Jan.  10,  1788;  m.  Joseph  Rider  (1399-1403). 

1303.  Esther,  b.  Nov.  21,  1789;  d.  Apr.  28,  1875,  aged  eighty-five; 

m.  Thomas  Peabody.  They  lived  in  No.  Stonington.  No 

1304.  Anna,  or   Nancy,  b.  Dec.   10,   1791;    d.  Aug.  7,    1887;    m. 

Nathan  Saunders.  They  in  early  life  removed  to  a  farm 
near  Elmira,  N.  Y.  They  came  but  once  to  their  eastern 

1305.  Hannah,  b.   Mar.   5,   1794;  d.   1822;  m.   Robert  Browning 

( 1 404-1 406). 

1306.  Sabrina,  b.  Mar.  25,  1796;  m.  Samuel  S.  Peckham  (141 2- 


1307.  Reuben    Brown,   b.   June   22,   1798;  m.   Sally  M.   Whitney 


1308.  Robert,  b.  May  21,  1801;  m.  (1)  Mary  J.  Brown;  m.  (2)  Mrs. 

Jane  (McCloud)  Hastings  (1419-1425). 

1309.  Clarissa,  b.  July  18,  1803;  m.  Robert  Browning  (1407-1411). 



1310.  Sophia,  b.  Sept.  9,  1805;  m.  Joseph  A.  Geer  (1441-1443). 

1311.  Almira,  b.  Nov.  17,  1807;  m.  Paul  M.  Barber  (1444-1446). 

1312.  Lucy  Morilla,  b.  Feb.  4,  1810;  m.  William  M.  Hillard  (1458- 


1313.  Amelia,  b.  Apr.  4,  1812;  d.,  Newport,  R.  I.,  i860;  m.,  No. 

Stonington,  Mar.  6,  1853,  Dea.  Samuel  S.  Peckham,  of 
Newport.  No  issue.  Mrs.  Peckham  was  sister  to  his  first 
wife,  Sabrina  (1306). 

Alpheus  Brown  (1286)  [B.  G.  3888],  son  of  Reuben  (1258)  and  Mar- 
garet Brown,  his  wife  [Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Sto- 
nington, Conn.,  June  4,  1771;  "m.  in  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  on  ye  29th  day 
January  a.  d.  1795,  Hannah  Burdick,  before  me  John  Burdick  Elder. 
She  was  the  dau.  of  Robert  Burdick  Esq.  of  Hopkinton."  About  1800,  he 
removed  to  Unadilla,  N.  Y.;  thence  he  soon  removed  to  Brookfield, 
Madison  Co.,  N.  Y. 


1314.  Clark  Brown,  b.,  Hopkinton,  Feb.  23,  1796;  m.  Julia  Babcock 

1314a.  Hannah,  b.  Oct.  15,  1798;  m.  Ezra  Babcock  (2399-2409). 
1314b.  Reuben,  b.  May  16,  1801  (2426-2434). 
1314c.  John,  b.  Dec.  9,  1803;  m.  Priscilla  Lewis  (2456-2461). 
I3i4d.  Eliza,  b.  Apr.  18,  1809;  m.  (1)  Orville  W.  Crumb;  m.  (2) 

Job  Dye  (2487,  2488). 
1314c  Robert,  b.  May  6,  1812;  m.  Eunice  Hubbard  (2514-2521). 
I3i4f.  Roxy,  b.  July  24,  1815;  d.  Feb.  10,  181 7. 

Clark  Brown  (13 14),  the  preceding,  b.,  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Feb.  23, 
1796;  d.,  Oneida  Castle,  N.  Y.,  June  23,  1872;  m.,  1820,  Julia  Babcock, 
b.,  Leyden,  Mass.,  Jan.  23,  1801;  she  d.,  Oneida,  Mar.  30,  1880;  dau.  of 
Joseph  and  Sarah  Babcock.  [See  B.  G.,  p.  161.]  Mr.  Brown  was  a 
small  child  when  his  parents  removed  to  New  York.  In  1823,  after  his 
marriage,  he  removed  to  Morrisville,  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  most 
of  his  active  life  was  passed.  He  was  a  harness-maker  and  merchant. 
In  early  life  he  was  a  Democrat,  later  a  Whig,  and  finally  a  Republican. 

Children,  the  last  six  b.  Morrisville: 

131 5.  Edwin  Clark  Brown,  b.,  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  26,  182 1; 

m.  Mary  Jane  Wells  (1366-1370). 

1316.  Leeman,  b. ;  d.  young. 

1317.  Julia,  b. ;  d.  young. 

1318.  Adelia  Priscilla,  b.,  Morrisville,  Mar.  28,  1826  (1373-1378). 



1319.  Harvey  Tracy,  b.  June  15,  1S29;  d.,  Oneida  Castle,  1885; 

m.,  Verona,  N.  Y.,  Mary  Gardner,  b.,  Verona,  June  28, 
1830;  d.,  Oneida  Castle,  Jan.,  1877;  dau.  of  Nelson  and 
Sally  (Eldridge)  Gardner,  of  Verona.  No  issue. 

1320.  Almeda  Marilla,  b.  Oct.  11,  1831  (1379,  1380). 

1321.  LeRoy,  b.  Dec.  24,  1833;  d.,  Chicago,  111.,  May  16,  1912; 

m.,  Auburn,  N.  Y.,  Aug.,  1863,  Jennie  Buxton,  b.  1837; 
d.,  Chicago,  1907.  Both  members  of  the  Protestant  Epis- 
copal Church.    No  issue. 

1322.  Sarah  Marie,  b.  Apr.  n,  1838;  m.,  Oneida  Castle,  May  17, 

1871,  Daniel  W.  Lewis;  d.,  Sandy  Creek,  1896.  Dau.: 
Grace  Ellen  Lewis,  b.  Sandy  Creek,  m.  Will  Leonard. 
Dau.:  Ellenor.    Res.,  Sandy  Creek,  N.  Y. 

1323.  Frances  Rosalia,  b.  Jan.  20,  1840;  m.,  Oneida  Castle,  1862, 

George  E.  Forbes,  b.,  Dunbarton,  N.  Y.,  1838.    No  issue. 

Sabrina  Brown  (12S7),  dau.  of  Reuben  (1258)  [Humphrey  (26), 
Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Bozrah,  Conn.,  June,  1774;  d.,  Bozrah,  Mar.  11, 
1812;  m.,  Bozrah,  June  23,  1792-93,  Daniel  Harris,  2d,  b.,  Bozrah, 
Mar.  11,  1768;  d.,  Groton,  Conn.,  Oct.  7,  1848;  son  of  Daniel  Harris,  of 
Bozrah,  and  Prudence  Rodgers. 

Children : 

1324.  Reuben  Harris,  b.,  Bozrah,  Sept.   16,   1793;  m.  Abby  — 


1325.  Prudence,  b.  Feb.  4,  1795;  d.  young. 

1326.  Amanda,  b.  Noy.  4,  1796;  m.  Isaac  Dean  (1508-1516). 

1327.  Lorinda,  b.  Feb.  8,  1801;  m.  Benj.  Perry  (1516a). 

1328.  Pamelia,b.  Mar.  26,  1S03;  m. Wells. 

1329.  George  P.,  b.  Aug.  14,  1806;  d.,  in  the  South,  in  1840;  unm. 

1330.  Robert  Brown,  b.  Feb.  9,  1809;  m.  Betsey  Hillard  Brewster 


1331.  William  Palmer,  b.  Nov.  12,  1811;  m.  (1)  Susan  Avery;  m. 

(2)  Maria  Campbell. 

Thomas  Moore  Brown  (1290),  son  of  Robert  (1282)  and  Hannah 
(Burdick)  Brown  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (87),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
1).  Jan.  21,  1799;  d.  Apr.  16,  i86i;m.  (1)  Martha  A.  Chapman,  b.  May  25, 
1808;  (1.  Sept.  27,  ICS40;  dau.  of  Israel  and  Mary  (Kenyon)  Chapman. 
He  was  a  blacksmith.  Mr.  Brown  m.  (2)  Ann  Elizabeth  Chapman,  b. 
Mar.  17,  1824;  d.  Oct.  30,  1897;  half-sister  of  first  wife  and  dau.  of  Israel 
and  Nancy  (Kenyon)  Chapman. 



Children  by  first  m.,  b.  Stonington,  Conn.: 

1332.  Thomas  Franklin  Brown,  b.  Dec.  4,  1828  (1355-1359). 

1333.  Martha  Ann,  b.  Apr.  10,  1831;  d.,  Stonington,  July  3,  1913; 


1334.  Mary  Jane,  b.  Jan.  4,  1834;  d.  Oct.  23,  1861 ;  m.,  Dec.  2,  1857, 

Gordon  Cottrell.    No  issue. 

Infant  sister,  b. ;  d.  1838. 

Children  by  second  m. : 

1335.  Otis  Chapin  Brown,  b.  May  4,  1844;  m.  Sarah  Eliza  Wilcox 


1336.  Rose  Ernestine,  b.  Mar.  20,  1849;  m.  John  M.  Daggett. 

1337.  Agnes  M.,  b.  June  14,  1859;  m.,  Providence,  R.  I.,  Oct.  31, 

1897,  Edward  O.  Clarance,  b.,  Birmingham,  England, 
Mar.  24,  1856;  son  of  Edward  and  Caroline  (Crook)  Clar- 
ance; d.,  Providence,  Feb.  12,  1902.  Mr.  Clarance  was  a 
jeweler,  and  both  were  members  of  the  Episcopal  Church. 
No  issue.    Her  res.,  Attleboro,  Mass. 

Susanna  Stillman  Brown  (1291),  dau.  of  Robert  (1282)  and  Hannah 
(Burdick)  Brown  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Apr.  8,  1802;  m.  Freeman  Pulsifer,  of  Boston,  Mass. 

Children,  b.  Stonington,  Conn.: 

1338.  Freeman  Augustus  Pulsifer,  b.  Oct.  30,  1836;  d.  Apr.  20,  1893; 

m.,  Nov.  24,  1870,  Harriet  Fitch,  deceased.  Children: 
(1)  George  Hyde  Pulsifer,  b.  Apr.  20,  1872;  (2)  Freeman 
David,  b.  Dec.  1,  1881. 

1339.  Anna  S.,  b.  Nov.  17,  1842;  d.,  Stonington,  Jan.  19,  1904;  m., 

Jan.  3,  1879,  Lorenzo  H.  Lamb.  She  was  an  active  mem- 
ber and  a  great  helper  in  the  Baptist  Church.    No  issue. 

Sabrina  Harris  Brown  (1292),  dau.  of  Robert  (1282)  and  Hannah 
(Burdick)  Brown  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Jan.  25,  1804;  m.,  Westerly,  Feb.  24,  1825,  John 
Pendleton  States,  b.  Feb.  2,  1802;  d.  Mar.  29,  1878. 

Children,  b.  Stonington,  Conn.: 

1340.  John  A.  States,  b.  Jan.  27,  1826;  d.  at  sea. 

1341.  Robert  Brown,  b.  Sept.  20,  1827;  d.  Sept.  11,  1828. 

1342.  H.  Elizabeth,  b.  June  10,  1829;  unm.    Res.,  1914,  Stonington, 

Conn.,  with  her  brother  Charles. 

1343.  Robert  Brown,  b.  Apr.  20,  1831;  d.  June  8,  1866;  unm. 

1344.  Wm.  Hyde,  b.  Apr.  20,  1839;  d.  Sept.  25,  1841. 



1345.  Ann  Brown,  b.  Apr.  6,  1841;  d.  Sept.  25,  1841. 

1346.  Charles  Brown,  b.  Jan.  22,  1844.     Res.,  1914,  Stonington, 

Conn.  He  is  a  shipping-clerk  in  Atwood's  Silk  Machine 
Factory,  at  Stonington,  and  holds  other  positions  in  town. 

Catherine  Armstrong  Brown  (1293),  dau.  of  Robert  (1282)  and  Hannah 
(Burdick)  Brown  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  1808;  m.  (1)  Nathan  Crandall,  of  Westerly;  m.  (2) 
Jacob  Blackledge,  and  had  one  son,  Cornelius,  who  d.  in  infancy. 

Children,  by  first  m.,  b.  Westerly: 

1347.  Charles  Henry  Crandall,  b.  Mar.  25,  1828;  d.,  Stonington, 

Conn.,  1898;  m.  Lucy  M.  Hillard  (1464-1466). 

1348.  Robert  B.,  b.  1838.    He  was  in  the  Civil  War,  a  member  of 

Co.  C,  Connecticut  Cavalry.  While  passing  along  a  street 
in  Baltimore,  his  horse  suddenly  reared,  and  fell  backward 
upon  him.    He  survived  his  injuries  only  till  evening. 

Robert  Brown,  Jr.  (1294),  son  of  Robert  (1282)  and  Hannah  (Burdick) 
Brown  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b., 
Westerly,  R.  I.,  Aug.,  1808;  d.,  Otisville,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  n, 
1848;  m.,  1840,  Elida  Ann  Case,  b.,  Broadalbin,  Fulton  Co.,  N.  Y., 
June  5,  1814.  She  m.  (2),  Aug.  12,  1858,  Dr.  L.  C.  Grover,  b.  Jan.  22, 
1802;  d.  Aug.  4,  1888.  She  d.,  Brightwood,  near  Washington,  D.  C, 
Apr.  11,  1906.  While  Mr.  Brown's  home  was  in  Norwich,  Conn.,  he  was 
employed  as  civil  engineer  in  the  construction  of  the  Erie  R.  R.,  N.  Y., 
and  d.  at  Otisville,  of  typhoid  fever,  his  wife  being  with  him.  She  re- 
turned with  his  body  to  Norwich;  interment,  Yantic  Cemetery. 

Children,  b.  Norwich: 

1349.  Robert  P.  Brown,  b.  Oct.  7,  1841;  unm. 

1350.  Theodore  F.,  b.  June  2,  1843  (1352-1354). 

1351.  Agnes,  b.  Jan.,  1846;  d.  Oct.,  1846. 

Robert  P.  Brown  (1349),  the  preceding,  in  early  life,  while  his  father 
was  surveyor  for  the  Erie  R.  R.,  lived  at  Norwich,  Conn.,  with  his 
mother  and  brother  Theodore;  but  after  the  death  of  his  father,  in  1848, 
the  family  the  next  year  removed  to  Knowlesville,  N.  Y.,  making  their 
home  with  his  mother's  sister,  Mrs.  Stephens.  He  d.  Jan.  28,  1908,  and 
was  buried  at  Millville,  Orleans  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Theodore  F.  Brown  (1350),  son  of  Robert,  Jr.  (1349),  and  Elida  A. 
(Case)  Brown  [Robert  (1282),  Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas 
(2),  Thomas],  b.,  Norwich,  Conn.,  June  2,  1843;  m.,  East  Shelby,  N.  Y., 



Susan  Gregson,  b.,  Barkwarth,  Lincolnshire,  England,  Feb.  3,  1848;  dau. 
of  William  and  Mary  (Searby)  Gregson,  of  same  place.  He  received  a 
public-school  education  in  New  York,  Michigan,  and  Ohio.  He  was  in  the 
Civil  War  for  three  years;  enlisted  at  Oberlin,  0.,  Aug.  11,  1862;  dis- 
charged, June,  1865,  at  Goldsboro,  N.  C.;  private  in  Co.  F,  103d  Ohio 
Vol.  Inf.,  23d  Army  Corps,  of  Ohio.  Battles:  Siege  of  Knoxville,  Penn.; 
Battle  of  Ressaca,  Ga.;  Peach  Tree  Creek,  Ga.;  Atlanta  Campaign  four 
months;  Battle  of  Franklin  and  Siege  of  Nashville,  Tenn.;  capture  of 
Wilmington,  of  Goldsboro,  and  of  Raleigh,  N.  C.  Both  he  and  his  wife 
are  members  of  the  Universalist  Church.  Res.,  925  Longfellow  St., 
Bright  wood  Park,  D.  C. 

Children,  b.  Knowlesville,  N.  Y.: 

1352.  Jessie  Elida  Brown,  b.  Apr.  21,  1878. 

1353.  Nellie  Louise,  b.  Mar.  23,  1881;  d.,  Knowlesville,  Mar.  17, 


1354.  Theodore  Cuyler,  b.  Nov.  5,   1883.      Res.,   1914,  with  his 


Jessie  Elida  Brown  (1352),  the  preceding,  m.,  Feb.  22,  1901,  Joseph 
Cameron  Beard.  Children:  (1)  Joseph  Gregson  Beard,  b.  Dec.  30,  1902; 
(2)  Nellie  Louise,  b.  Feb.  8,  1903,  d.  May  15,  1904;  (3)  Helen  L.,  b.  Jan. 
10,  1906,  d.  Mar.  1,  1907;  (4)  Margaret  Lucy,  b.  June  24,  1909. 

Thomas  Franklin  Brown  (1332),  son  of  Thomas  Moore  (1290)  and 
Martha  A.  (Chapman)  Brown  [Robert  (1282),  Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey 
(26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Dec.  4,  1828;  d.,  New 
Britain,  Conn.,  Aug.  15,  1873;  m.,  Liverpool,  England,  Apr.  29,  1855, 
Mary  Harrison,  b.,  Liverpool,  Aug.  14,  1835;  dau.  of  John  and  Margaret 
Harrison.  They  resided  in  Stonington  from  1856  till  1872,  when,  for  edu- 
cational advantages,  they  removed  to  New  Britain.    He  was  a  mariner. 

Children,  last  four  b.  Stonington: 

1355.  Mary  J.  Brown,  b.,  Liverpool,  Feb.  16,  1856.   She  graduated 

from  the  Westerly  High  School,  and  was  principal  of  the 
Burritt  Grammar  School,  New  Britain;  in  1906  was  prin- 
cipal at  Winsted,  Conn.;  unm.  Res.,  52  Vine  St.,  New 
Britain,  Conn. 

1356.  Thomas  Franklin,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  8,  1858;  d.,  Stonington,  Jan. 

19,  1859. 

1357.  Margaret  H.,  b.  Jan.  14,  1863;  d.,  Stonington,  Aug.  29,  1864. 

1358.  Robert  Stanley,  b.  July  8,  1867;  m.,  Hartford,  Conn.,  Dec.  6, 

1905,  Grace  Wolcott,  b.,  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  July  8,  1878; 



dau.  of  Samuel  and  Mary  E.  (Morgan)  Wolcott.  He  is 
secretary  and  manager  of  the  New  Britain  Machine  Co. 
Son:  Wolcott  Stanley  Brown,  b.  Sept.  6,  1907. 

1359.  Maud  Louise,  b.  July  20, 1870;  m.,  New  Britain,  June  11,1892, 

Edward  Kittoe  Curtiss,  b.,  Derby,  Conn.,  Nov.,  1871;  d., 
Chicago,  111.,  Nov.  13,  1900;  son  of  George  and  Mary  F. 
Curtiss.  Mrs.  Curtiss,  since  the  death  of  her  husband,  has 
been  teaching  in  the  Wisconsin  Normal  School  atOshkosh, 
and  in  1906  in  Milwaukee,  in  the  Kindergarten  Depart- 
ment. In  1914  is  a  teacher  in  the  Normal  School  at 
Lewiston,  Ida. 

1359a.    Margaret  E.  Curtiss,  b.  May  24,  1893;  m.,  June  12,  191 2, 
Henry  E.  Dunning.    Res.,  Dauphin,  Manitoba,  Canada. 

Otis  C.  Brown  (1335),  son  of  Thomas  Moore  (1290)  and  Ann  Elizabeth 
(Chapman)  Brown  [Robert  (1282),  Reuben  (1238),  Humphrey  (26), 
Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.  May  4,  1844;  d.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  suddenly,  of 
heart  failure,  Feb.  5,  1908;  m.,  Providence,  R.  I.,  Jan.  10,  1877,  Sarah 
Eliza  Wilcox,  b.,  Westerly,  Nov.  28,  1855;  dau.  of  Thomas  M.  and  Sarah 
A.  (Kenyon)  Wilcox,  of  Hopkinton,  R.  I.  Mr.  Brown  was  a  farmer  on 
Franklin  St.,  Westerly. 

Children,  b.  Westerly: 

1360.  Irene  S.  Brown,  b.  Mar.  23,  1878;  m.,  Westerly,  Dec.  6,  1905, 

Charles  L.  Collins,  b.,  Westerly,  Aug.  11,  1879;  divorced. 
Her  res.,  Westerly,  R.  I. 

1361.  Thomas  W.,  b.  Dec.  8,  1881;  m.,  June  25,  1906,  Maud  I. 

Snell,  of  Hope,  R.  I. 

1362.  Otis  C,  Jr.,  1).  Dec.  19,  1882;  unm.  Res.,  Westerly,  R.  I. 

1363.  Louise  Marguerette,  b.  Sept.  20,  1888;  m.,  Lafayette,  R.  I., 

Oct.  4,  1 913,  Roy  Elmer  Ellsworth,  b.,  Allentown,  R.  I., 
July  19,  1878;  son  of  Albert  F.  and  Hannah  (Gardner) 
F.llsworth.   Res.,  Wickford,  R  .  T.   |B.  G.,  p.  450. 1 

Rose  Ernestine  Brown  (1336),  dau.  of  Thomas  Moore  (1290)  and 
Ann  E.  (Chapman)  Brown  [Robert  (1282),  Reuben  (1238),  Humphrey 
(26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Mar.  20,  1849;  d., 
Marianna,  Ark.,  Dec.  4,  1876;  m.,  Stonington,  1868,  John  M.  Daggett, 
b.,  Attleboro,  Mass.,  Nov.  16,  1847;  son  of  John  and  Nancy  (Boomer) 
Daggett.     She  had  a  lovely  character  and  was  in  every  way  a  most 


Otis  Chapin  Brown 


Westerly,  R.  I. 

Hosmer  A.  Brown 

Bom  [830  living,  in  [915,  in  Brownsdale,  Minn.  His  ancestors,  father,  grandfather, 
and  great-grandfather,  buried  in  Brown  Cemetery,  North  Stonington,  Conn. 

For  the  house  where  he  was  born,  see  page  381.  His  records  in  l>.  and  M.  (1..  p. 


beautiful  woman.    He  was  a  lawyer,  at  Marianna,  and  both  were  mem- 
bers of  the  Episcopal  Church. 

1364.  John  Mayhue  Daggett,  b.  Dec.  31,  1869;  d.  Oct.  n,  1891. 

1365.  Rose  Ernestine,  b.  Oct.  14,  1873;  d.  Feb.  26,  1874. 

Edwin  Clark  Brown  (1315),  son  of  Clark  (1314)  and  Julia  (Babcock) 
Brown  [Alpheus  (1286),  Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2), 
Thomas],  b.,  Brookfield,  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  26,  1821;  d.,  Titus- 
ville,  Penn.,  Dec.  7,  1881;  m.  (1),  Rome,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  7,  1841,  Mary 
Jane  Wells,  b.  June  1,  1821;  d.,  Oneida  Castle,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  1,  1848.  She 
was  a  dau.  of  Joseph  Young  and  Sophia  (Thomas)  Wells,  and  a  descendant 
in  direct  line  from  Rev.  William  Wells,  who  was  b.,  in  1566,  in  Norfolk, 
or  Lincolnshire,  England.  In  1613  he  was  chaplain  to  the  Queen  of 
England,  and  the  same  year  was  prebend  of  Norwich  Cathedral.  He 
was  rector  of  St.  Peter's,  of  Mancroft's  Church,  Norwich,  England,  for 
about  thirty  years,  and  d.  May  26,  1620.  His  son,  William  Wells,  b.  in 
Norwich,  settled  at  Southold,  Long  Island.  He  was  the  father  of  Joshua 
Wells,  whose  son,  Freegift,  was  the  father  of  Thomas  Wells,  whose  son, 
Calvin  Wells,  was  the  father  of  Joseph  Young  Wells,  above  mentioned. 
Sophia  Thomas,  wife  of  the  last  named,  was  b.  in  1803,  and  d.,  at  Oneida 
Castle,  June  2,  1890;  dau.  of  Salathial  Thomas,  of  Northumberland, 
Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y.  She  was  m.,  Apr.  14,  1818,  to  Joseph  Wells,  who 
was  b.  in  1799,  at  Southold.  Edwin  Clark  Brown  learned  from  his  father 
the  trade  of  harness-making,  and  was  engaged  in  various  lines  of  busi- 
ness, operating  livery  and  sales  stables,  and  omnibus,  baggage,  and  stage 
routes  in  Oneida,  N.  Y.,  and  in  Titusville  and  Union,  Penn.  He  was 
a  skilled  musician,  and  organized  and  was  leader  of  Brown  and  Mar- 
shall's Orchestra,  at  Oneida,  from  1845  to  1863.  He  was  also  organizer 
and  leader  of  the  Oneida  Saxhorn  Band,  which  was  the  first  brass  band 
in  Madison  Co.,  and  its  organization,  in  1852-53  to  1863,  was  one  of  the 
leading  bands  in  Central  New  York,  its  services  being  widely  sought. 
He  affiliated  with  the  Democratic  Party,  but  paid  little  attention  to  pub- 
lic affairs.  In  1858  he  was  Collector  of  Taxes  for  the  town  of  Lenox, 
Madison  Co. 

Children  of  Edwin  Clark  Brown  by  his  first  m.  : 

1366.  Edwin  Jerome  Brown,  b.,  Verona,  Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Nov. 

30,  1842;  m.  Kate  Aubrey  Barstow  (1372). 

1367.  Amelia  Sophia,  b.,  Oneida  Castle,  Dec.  18,  1847;  m.  William 

Gates  Gilbert.   No  issue.   Res.,  Twin  Falls,  Ida. 
Edwin  Clark  Brown  (13 15)  m.  (2)  Mary  Woodhull  Coolidge. 



Children  by  second  m.: 

1368.  Geneva  Brown,  b.,  Cazenovia,  N.  Y.;  d.,  Oneida,  1853. 

1369.  Jeanette  Woodhull,  b.,  Oneida,  Jan.  1,  1854;  m.  Frank  George 

Benjamin  (1381-1385). 

1370.  Frank  Coolidge,  b.,  Oneida,  Nov.  27,  1856;  m.  Minnie  Lewis 

Edwin  Clark  Brown  (1315)  m.  (3)  Libbie  Wellner. 
Son  by  third  m.: 

1371.  Charles  Leroy  Brown,  b.,  Titusville,  Penn.,  1873;  unm.    Res., 

Chicago,  111. 

Edwin  Jerome  Brown  (1366),  son  of  Edwin  Clark  Brown  (13 15)  and 
Mary  Jane  Wells  [Clark  (1314),  Alpheus  (1286),  Reuben  (1258),  Hum- 
phrey (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Verona,  Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Nov. 
30,  1842;  m.,  St.  James  Church,  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  30,  1869,  Kate 
Aubrey  Barstow,  b.,  New  Canaan,  Conn.,  Feb.  3,  1843;  dau.  of  John  and 
Irene  Barstow.  John  Barstow  was  a  farmer,  stock-raiser,  and  hotel- 
keeper,  and  a  Colonel  of  the  Connecticut  Militia.  His  wife  was  a  native 
of  Clinton,  N.  Y.,  and  their  children  were:  Kate  Aubrey,  Frances  Irene, 
Harriet  Elizabeth,  Susie  Backus,  and  William  Emery  Height.  Mr.  Brown 
enjoyed  good  educational  advantages.  He  attended  private  schools  at 
Oneida  Castle  and  at  Oneida,  and  the  Union  School  at  Morrisville, 
N.  Y.  He  was  subsequently  a  student  at  Onondaga  Seminary,  Onondaga 
Valley,  and  at  Oneida  Seminary,  at  Oneida,  from  which  he  was  graduated 
in  1862.  Five  years  later  he  was  graduated  from  Hamilton  College, 
N.  Y.,  and  took  up  the  study  of  law  in  the  office  of  Shoecraft  &  Snow,  at 
Oneida.  He  was  admitted  to  the  bar  at  a  general  term  of  the  Supreme 
Court  of  the  State  held  at  Binghamton  May  13,  1868.  In  the  following 
year  he  entered  upon  the  practice  of  his  profession  at  Oneida,  with 
M.  J.  Shoecraft,  under  the  firm  name  of  Shoecraft  &  Brown.  Two  years 
later  he  was  elected  Justice  of  the  Peace  of  the  town  of  Lenox,  to  fill  a 
vacancy  and  for  the  full  term.  He  dissolved  partnership  with  Mr.  Shoe- 
craft, and  served  as  Justice  and  practiced  law  at  Oneida  until  the  expira- 
tion of  his  term  of  office,  in  1S76.  He  has  since  been  continuously  en- 
gaged in  practice,  and  in  1907  formed  a  co-partnership  with  Ralph  H. 
Woolver,  and  the  firm  of  Brown  &  Woolver  is  conducting  a  general  law 
practice  in  the  State  and  United  States  Courts,  and  is  attorney  for  the 
National  State  Bank  of  Oneida.  Mr.  Brown  affiliates  with  the  Demo- 
cratic Party,  and  has  tilled  many  official  positions.  He  has  been  a  Notary 
Public  for  Madison  Co.  since  1876.  He  was  appointed  Special  Deputy 
Attorney- General  by  the  Governor  in  1890  for  the  prosecution  of  the 



Sheriff  of  Madison  Co.,  which  resulted  in  the  latter 's  removal;  held  the 
same  office  in  1891  in  prosecuting  the  County  Clerk  of  Madison  Co.  be- 
fore the  Governor;  was  City  Judge  of  Oneida  in  1910-11.  Mr.  Brown  is 
identified  with  numerous  civil  and  fraternal  organizations,  including  Ham- 
ilton Chapter,  Alpha  Delta  Phi,  having  been  its  president  in  1869;  and  has 
served  as  senior  deacon  and  senior  warden  of  Oneida  Lodge,  No.  270, 
F.  A.  M.,  and  as  master  of  first  veil,  royal  arch  captain,  and  high  priest 
of  Doric  Chapter,  No.  193,  R.  A.  M.,  serving  continuously  as  high  priest 
from  1904  to  1909.  He  is  a  member  of  Rome  Commandery,  No.  45, 
K.  T.,  of  Rome,  N.  Y.,  and  of  Fraternal  Union  Anointed  High  Priests 
of  the  State  of  New  York,  at  Albany.  He  is  an  active  member  of  the  Mad- 
ison Co.  Bar  Association,  and  was  for  several  years  president  of  the  Shake- 
speare Club  of  Oneida.  He  is  a  member  of  the  New  York  State  Histori- 
cal Association,  is  one  of  the  organizers  and  incorporators  and  first 
corresponding  secretary  of  the  Madison  Co.  Historical  Society,  and  has 
been  continuously  president  from  1906.  He  is  a  member  of  the  Oneida 
Orchestra,  of  which  he  was  formerly  president;  trustee  of  the  Young 
Men's  Christian  Association  of  Oneida ;  member  of  the  Oneida  Chamber  of* 
Commerce,  and  State  Charity  Aid  Association.  Religiously,  he  is  affiliated 
with  St.  John's  Protestant  Episcopal  Church  of  Oneida. 

1372.  Mary  Irene  Brown,  b.,  Oneida,  Apr.  6,  1872;  d.  there,  Oct. 
25,  1895.  She  was  educated  at  public  and  private  schools 
in  Oneida,  and  was  the  author  of  a  volume  of  poems  pub- 
lished, after  her  death,  by  Houghton,  Mifflin  &  Co.,  of 
Boston,  Mass.  Previous  to  her  death,  the  Century  Magazine 
had  published  one  of  her  poems,  and  Harper  Brothers  and 
Puck  had  accepted  others,  which  were  not  published  until 
after  her  death.  One  of  her  many  poems  is  here  transcribed. 


"The  Peace  of  God,  which  passeth  understanding," 
O  gift  divine  to  our  sin-burdened  lives, 
A  balm  thou  art  in  every  truth  for  healing 
The  wounds  left  sore  in  him  who  with  sin  strives. 

First  Hope,  a  pure,  sweet  flower,  comes  to  lead  us, 

To  bid  us  seek  the  future  promise  fair. 
Alas!  Reality's  cold  blast  soon  strikes  us, 

And  Hope's  poor  withered  stalk  is  left  all  bare. 

Then  Love's  clear  star  makes  bright  the  path  of  life. 

"Oh,  surely  this  is  real,  is  true,"  we  cry; 
But  all  too  soon  our  loved  ones  are  called  from  us, 

And  "Love  was  but  a  meteor,"  we  sigh. 

But  Peace,  God's  blessed,  is  left  to  us. 
And  what  could  we  ask  more  than  this  sweet  rest? 

From  all  earth's  cares  and  sorrows  we  may  turn, 
And  only  know  we  are  leaning  on  His  breast. 
April  9,  1888. 



Adelia  Priscilla  Brown  (i3i8),dau.  of  Clark  (1314)  and  Julia  (Babcock) 
Brown  [Alpheus  (1286),  Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2), 
Thomas],  b.,  Morrisville,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  28,  1826;  d.,  Oneida  Castle,  N.  Y., 
May  24,  1903;  m.,  Clinton,  N.  Y.,  July  2,  1846,  Calvin  Horton  Wells, 
b.,  Sherrill,  Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y.,  June  8,  1823;  d.,  Oneida  Castle,  Sept.  16, 
1896;  son  of  Joseph  Y.  Wells  and  Sophia  Thomas.  C.  H.  Wells  was  a 

Children,  first  four  b.  Oneida  Castle: 

1373.  Sidney  John  Wells,  b.  July  2,  1847;  unm.   Res.,  Sandy  Creek, 

N.  Y. 

1374.  Mary  Sophia,  b.  Feb.  2,  1850. 

1375.  Harriet  Adelia,  b.  June  6,  1853;  d.,  Oneida  Castle,  Dec.  3, 


1376.  Calvin  Joseph,  b.  Oct.  6,  1855;  d.,  Atlantic  City,  N.  J.,  Mar.  9, 


1377.  Julia  Manila,  b.,  Morrisville,  Feb.  5,  1859. 

1378.  Florence  Horton,  b.  Jan.  22,  1865. 

Almeda  Marilla  Brown  (1320),  dau.  of  Clark  (1314)  and  Julia  (Bab- 
cock) Brown,  and  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Morrisville,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  n, 
1831;  d.,  Muscatine,  la.,  Aug.  13,  1913;  m.,  Oneida  Castle,  N.  Y.,  May, 
1854,  Jerome  Carskadden,  b.,  Durhamville,  N.  Y.,  1827;  d.,  Muscatine, 
Nov.,  191 2;  son  of  Harvey  Carskadden,  of  Durhamville.  Mr.  Carskad- 
den was  an  attorney  and  law  judge.  He  was  graduated  from  Hamilton 
College,  class  of  1852. 

Children,  b.  Muscatine: 

1379.  Paul  Carskadden,  b.  Apr.  14,  1861;  d.,  Muscatine,  1875. 

1380.  Lillian  Gertrude,  b.  Feb.  1,  1867;  m.,  Muscatine,  Oct.   15, 

1890,  William  Foster  Bishop,  b.,  Muscatine,  Sept.  12, 
1864;  son  of  J.  R.  Bishop,  of  Muscatine.  Both  are  mem- 
bers of  the  Trinity  Episcopal  Church.  Mr.  Bishop  is  presi- 
dent  of  the  Hawkeye  Pearl  Button  Company,  and  a  director 
of  the  First  National  Bank  of  Muscatine. 

1380a.  Jen inic  Carskadden  Bishop,  b.,  Muscatine,  Jan.  22,  1892; 
graduated  from  Cornell  University,  June,  1912;  has  a  po- 
sition with  the  N.  Y.  &  N.  E.  Lime  and  Concrete  Com- 
pany, at  Hudson,  N.  Y. 



Sarah  Marie  Brown  (1322),  dau.  of  Clark  (13 14)  and  Julia  (Babcock) 
Brown,  b.,  Morrisville,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  11,  1838;  m.,  Oneida  Castle,  N.  Y., 
May  17,  1871,  Daniel  W.  Lewis,  who  d.,  Sandy  Creek,  N.  Y.,  in  1896. 
He  was  a  dentist. 

1380b.  Grace  Ellen  Lewis,  b.,  Sandy  Creek,  1877;  m.  Will  Leonard. 
Dau.:  Ellenor  Leonard.   Res.,  Sandy  Creek,  N.  Y. 

Jeanette  Woodhull  Brown  (1369),  dau.  of  Edwin  Clark  (1315)  and 
Mary  (Woodhull)  Brown,  b.,  Oneida,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  1,  1854;  m.,  Dec.  3, 
1879,  Frank  George  Benjamin.      Res.,  519  Cedar  St.,  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

Children,  except  the  third,  b.  Cazenovia,  N.  Y.: 

1381.  Edwin  Benjamin,  b.  Mar.  30,  1881;  d.,  Saranac  Lake,  N.  Y., 

Aug.  5,  1903. 

1382.  Leon,  b.  Dec.  18,  1882;  m.,  Syracuse,  Dec.  31,  1902,  Mabel 

Brown,  b.,  Independence,  Kan.,  Sept.  22,  1884;  dau.  of 
Frank  Coolidge  and  Minnie  (Lewis)  Brown.    No  issue. 

1383.  Bernice,  b.,  Ithaca,  N.  Y.,  Sept.   15,   1884;  m.,  Syracuse, 

Aug.  9,  1905,  Grover  C.  Weed.  Children,  b.  Syracuse:  (1) 
Ethel  Weed,  b.  May  11,  1906;  (2)  Charles,  b.  Jan.  1,  1908. 
Res.,  519  Cedar  St.,  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

1384.  Marie,  b.  July  6,  1886;  m.,  Syracuse,  Oct.  16,  1907,  Harry 

Edwin  Morton.  Dau.:  Dorothy,  b.,  Syracuse,  Jan.  n,  1911. 

1385.  Flossie,  b.  Aug.  15,  1892;   m.,  Syracuse,  July  4,  1910, 

Boggs.    Dau.:  Beatrice,  b.  May  21,  1911. 

Frank  Coolidge  Brown  (1370),  son  of  Edwin  Clark  (13 15)  and  Mary 
(Woodhull)  Brown,  b.,  Oneida,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  27,  1856;  m.,  Utica,  N.  Y., 
May  1,  1882,  Minnie  Lewis.   Res.,  215  Harrison  St.,  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

Children : 

1386.  Mabel  Brown,  b.,  Independence,  Kan.,  Sept.  22,  1884;  m., 

Syracuse,  Dec.  31,  1902,  Leon  Benjamin.   No  issue. 

1387.  Irving  C,  b.,  Independence,  June  5,  1886;  m.  Clara  Ward, 

of  Davenport,  la. 

1388.  George  L.,  b.,  Kansas  City,  Mo.,  Aug.  20,  1888;  deceased. 

1389.  Geneva  W.,  b.,  Ann  Arbor,  Mich.,  Oct.  8,  1892;  m.,  May  18, 

191 2,  Frank  E.  Howell. 

1390.  Beatrice  M.,  b.,  Ann  Arbor,  Mich.,  May  n,  1895;  deceased. 

1391.  Thelma  W.,  b.,  Detroit,  Mich.,  May  4,  1901. 

[Here  end  the  records  of  the  descendants  of  Clark  Brown  (13 14).] 



Christopher  Dewey,  2d  (1301),  son  of  Christopher  and  Margaret 
(Brown)  (1285)  Dewey  [Reuben  (125S),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2), 
Thomas],  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Feb.  28,  1786;  m.,  No.  Stonington, 
Nov.  13,  1809,  Hulda  Babcock.  A  strenuous  effort  was  made  to  find 
whose  dau.  she  was,  without  avail.  He  was  a  fife-major  in  the  War  of 
181 2,  and  was  a  shoemaker.  In  the  latter  part  of  his  life  he  became  blind. 
His  burial-place  is  near  Pendleton  Hill,  the  grave  unmarked. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1392.    Abby  Dewey,  b.  Mar.  4,  1810. 

Charles  H.,  b.  May  17,  181 1. 
Erastus,  b.  Oct.  17,  1812. 
Thomas  Harris,  b.  Dec.  31,  1814. 




Eunice  Dewey  (1302),  dau.  of  Christopher  and  Margaret  (Brown) 
(1285)  Dewey  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Jan.  10,  1788;  m.  Joseph  Rider,  of  Rhode 
Island,  b.  Oct.  8,  1784;  d.  May  18,  1821;  son  of  William  and  Abigail 


1399.  Sarah  Rider,  b.  Nov.  22,  1813;  d.  Sept.   10,  1895;  m.  (1) 

James  Ennis;  m.  (2)  William  Wyatt. 

1400.  Henry  Tillinghast,  b.  Apr.  6,  1815;  d.  Dec.  3,  1897;  m.  (1) 

Mary  A.  Tompkins;  m.  (2)  Maria  Tompkins,  sister  of 
first  wife. 

1401.  William,  b.  June  10,  1817;  m.,  Sept.  20,  1840,  Sarah  Chase 

Card.  Children:  (1)  William  Henry  Rider,  b.  Feb.  22,  1842, 
m.  Ellen  A.  Stahl;  (2)  Charles  Joseph,  b.  Nov.  20,  1843, 
m.  Mary  E.  Knoblock;  (3)  Christopher  Alto,  b.  July  12, 
1845,  d.  Sept.  10,  1857;  (4)  Sarah  Caroline,  b.  May  6,  1847, 
d.  June  24,  1848;  (5)  Susan  Adelaide,  b.  July  20,  1849,  m. 
Geo.  H.  Briggs;  (6)  Nellie  Agnes,  b.  May  16,  1865. 

1402.  Thomas  Taylor,  b.  Oct.  14,  1819;  lost  at  sea  in  fall  of  1848; 

m.  Mary  Allen. 

1403.  Joseph,  b.  Apr.  22,  1822;  m.,  Apr.  25,  1849,  Sarah  E.  Hyde. 

Hannah  Dewey  (1305),  dau.  of  Christopher  and  Margaret  (Brown) 
(1285)  Dewey,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Mar.  5,  1794;  d.  Oct.,  1822; 
m.j  Dec.  22,  1810,  Robert  Browning. 



Children,  b.  Livingston,  N.  Y.: 

1404.  Robert  Tracy  Browning,  b.  Jan.  n,  1814;  d.  May  29,  1846; 

m.,  Mar.  8,  1838,  Tryphena  Gilbert. 

1405.  Jemina  Emeline,  b.  Apr.  12,  1818;  d.  June  2,  1884;  m.  (1) 

Wm.  Yerrington;  m.  (2)  Simeon  Gardinier. 

1406.  Margaret,  b.  Aug.  9,  1822;  m.,  Oct.  7,  1841,  Henry  Gillette. 
Mr.  Browning  m.  (2)  Clarissa  Dewey  (1309),  sister  of  Hannah,  above. 

Clarissa  d.  July  29,  1890. 
Children  by  second  m. : 

1407.  George  Browning,  b.  Dec.  2,  1824;  d.  Oct.  10,  1871;  unm. 

1408.  William,  b.  May  22,  1827;  d.  Apr.  12,  1882;  unm. 

1408a.  Peter,  b.  Apr.  3,  1829;  d.  Mar.  6,  1894;  m.  (1),  Mar.  7,  1853, 
Dorcas  P.  Foster,  dau.  of  Othenial  Foster,  of  So.  Kings- 
town, R.  I.;  m.  (2)  Mary  Ann  Crandall. 

Note. —  The  compiler  of  these  records  well  remembers  Mr.  Browning  and  Miss 
Foster,  for,  when  teaching  school  in  Charlestown,  he  was  a  frequent  visitor  at  the 
Foster  homestead. 

1409.  Napoleon,  b.  May  25,  1832;  d.  Mar.  1,  1894;  m.,  Mar.  14, 

1867,  Anna  M.  Foster,  probably  sister  to  Dorcas  P.  Foster. 

1410.  Anna  Maria,  b.  Dec.  13,  1834;  d.,  Sept.  1,  1896,  aged  sixty- 

one  years. 

141 1.  Catharine,  b.  Nov.  4,   1839;  d.  Jan.  3,   1851,  aged  eleven 


Sabrina  Dewey  (1306),  dau.  of  Christopher  and  Margaret  (Brown) 
(1285)  Dewey  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Mar.  25,  1796;  d.  Oct.  25,  1821;  m.,  Dec.  15, 
1816,  Dea.  Samuel  S.  Peckham,  b.  Aug.  27,  1792;  d.,  Newport,  R.  I., 
Feb.  21,  1870;  son  of  Felix  and  Tryphena  (Stockman)  Peckham;  he  m. 
(2),  June  9,  1822,  Lydia  Rider,  b.  Sept.  22,  1802;  d.  June  10,  1852. 
They  had  three  children:  (1)  Amos,  b.  May  17,  1823;  (2)  Sabrina,  b. 
Apr.  25,  1825;  (3)  Jason  S.,  b.  Aug.  23,  1827.  Deacon  Peckham  m.  (3), 
No.  Stonington,  Mar.  6,  1853,  Amelia  Dewey  (1313),  sister  of  Sabrina, 
his  first  wife. 

Children,  by  first  m. : 

1412.  Charlotte  Sanford  Peckham,  b.  Nov.  n,  1817;  d.  Apr.  14, 

1874;  m.,  Nov.  15,  1838,  Gideon  Barker  Peckham. 

1413.  Julia  Ann,  b.  Sept.  10,  1819;  d.  Nov.  29,  1861;  m.,  Nov.  5, 

1840,  Robison  Potter  Barker. 

1414.  Jacob  S.,  b.  Dec.  20,  1820;  d.  Dec.  29,  1822. 



Reuben  Brown  Dewey  (1307),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  No. 
Stonington,  Conn.,  June  22,  1798;  d.,  Wadsworth,  O.,  Aug.  8,  1869,  aged 
seventy-one  years;  m.  (1),  Groton,  Conn.,  Mar.  22,  1825,  Sally  M. 
Whitney;  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Warner.  He  lived  at  No.  Stonington,  and  at 
Wadsworth  and  Eerea,  O.    He  was  a  shoemaker. 


1415.  Josiah  Dewey,  b.  about  1826. 

1416.  George,  b.  1828. 

1417.  Shubael,  b.  1830.    He  lived  at  Wadsworth,  O. 

1418.  Hattie,  b.  1832. 

Robert  Dewey  (1308),  son  of  Christopher  and  Margaret  (Brown) 
(1285)  Dewey  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  21,  1801;  d.,  Coleraine,  Mass.,  Feb.  6, 
1892,  aged  ninety-one  years;  m.,  Coleraine,  1828,  Mary  J.  Brown  (1300), 
b.  1803;  dau.  of  Jeroed  Brown  (1283),  son  of  Reuben  (1258).  She  was 
his  cousin;  she  d.,  Coleraine,  Mar.,  1855,  aged  fifty-two  years.  She  was  a 
tailoress.  He  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Jane  Hastings,  nee  McCloud.  He  was  a  tanner 
at  Coleraine  after*  1830,  learning  the  trade  from  his  father.  He  had  the 
black  eyes,  hair,  and  complexion  which  were  characteristic  of  the  whole 
Dewey  family. 

Children,  b.,  except  the  first,  in  Coleraine: 

141 9.  Franklin    Robert    Dewey,   b.,   Stonington,    Conn.,   Mar.   9, 

1829;  m.,  Winsted,  Conn.,  Nov.  24,  1859,  Julia  Millman. 
They  adopted  his  niece,  Gertrude  E.  Dewey,  dau.  of 
David  T.  Dewey.   Res.,  So.  Meriden,  Conn. 

1420.  Mary,  b.  Apr.  30,   1831;  m.  Samuel  Howes,  a  farmer,  of 

Ashford,  Mass.,  who  d.  in  the  summer  of  1895.  She  was 
living  with  her  brother  David,  in  Griswoldville,  Mass., 
Nov.,  1896.   No  issue. 

142 1.  Henry   William,   b.   Sept.    28,    1833;   m.   Lydia   W.   Porter 


1422.  Susan  B.,  b.  Mar.  22, 1836;  m.  Charles  C.  Rogers  (1432-1436). 

1423.  William    Christopher,    b.    Mar.    14,    1838;    m.,    Oct.,    1875, 

Jennie  Skinner,  of  Hartford,  Conn.  He  was  a  coal-dealer 
in  New  Haven,  Conn.,  in  1900.  He  served  four  years  in 
the  Union  Army  during  the  Civil  War.   No  issue. 

1424.  David  Tyler,  b.,  Ashford,  Sept.  22,  1840;  m.  Huldah  Porter 

(143  7- 1 44o). 

1425.  .Robertus,  b.  Aug.  19,  1842;  d.,  Coleraine,  June,  1864,  aged 

twenty-one  years. 



Henry  William  Dewey  (1421),  the  preceding,  ■m.  Lydia  Wood  Porter, 
dau.  of  Barnabus  Sabin  and  Pamelia  (Davenport)  Porter. 
Children,  b.  Coleraine,  Mass. : 

1426.  Oscar  Henry  Dewey,  b.  Apr.  25,  1858;  m.,  Halifax,  Vt.,  Apr. 

6,  1879,  Nettie  Clara  Howard,  b.,  Williamsburg,  Mass., 
Mar.  13, 1856;  dau.  of  Jonathan  Oscar  and  Nancy  (Shippey) 
Howard.  He  is  a  machinist  with  Dean  Steam-Pump  Com- 
pany, at  Holyoke,  Mass.  Children:  (1)  Bertha  Clara,  b. 
Jan.  12,  1880;  (2)  Georgia  Corrinne,  b.  Oct.  16,  1881;  (3) 
Bessie  Pauline,  b.  Oct.  11,  1883;  (4)  William  Edgar,  b. 
Dec.  8,  1887. 

1427.  Clara  Elvena,  b.  Mar.  13,  i860;  m.,  June  18,  1884,  Adelbert 

Eugene  Denison,  Wilmington,  Vt.,  b.  Aug.  29,  1849.  He 
is  foreman  in  cloth  room  at  Griswoldville,  Coleraine. 
No  issue. 

1428.  Fred  Ellsworth,  b.  Jan.  31,  1862;  m.,  May  10,  1890,  Eliza  A. 

Davis,  of  Orange,  Mass.  They  have  two  children.  He  is  a 
machinist  for  the  New  Home  Sewing-Machine  Company, 
at  Orange. 

1429.  Charles  Clifford,  b.  Apr.  28,  1864;  d.  Mar.  25,  1866. 

1430.  Charles  Clifford  William,  b.  Sept.   28,   1869;  m.,  Jan.   21, 

1897,  Lilla  Eudora  Chapin,  of  Chicopee,  Mass.  They  have 
a  dau.,  b.  1898.  He  is  machinist  with  the  Dean  Steam- 
Pump  Company,  at  Holyoke. 

1431.  Frank  Clinton,  b.  May  24,  1879. 

Susan  B.  Dewey  (1422),  dau.  of  Robert  (1308)  and  Mary  J.  (Brown) 
(1300)  Dewey,  b.  Mar.  22,  1836;  m.,  Coleraine,  Mass.,  Charles  C.  Rogers, 
of  Ashford,  or  Ashfield.    He  was  a  farmer. 


1432.  Ellen  Elizabeth  Rogers,  b.   1862;  m.,  July  6,  1893,  James 

Kelsey,  of  Meriden,  Conn. 

1433.  Clarence,  b.  Sept.  30,  1863;  m.  Nelly  Potter.    Children:  (1) 

Raymond,  b.  May  21,  1892;  (2)  Russell,  b.  Mar.  28,  1896. 

1434.  Mary  L.,  b.  Mar.  24,  1867;  m.  (1)  Arthur  Hall,  who  d.  Dec, 

1894;  she  m.  (2),  1897,  Ernest  Potter.  Dau.:  Grace,  b. 

1435.  Lucy  M.,  b.  Dec.  31,  1869;  unm.    Res.,  Greenfield,  Mass. 

1436.  Robert,  b.  Sept.  28,  1879. 



David  Tyler  Dewey  (1424),  son  of  Robert  (1308)  and  Mary  J.  (Brown) 
(1300)  Dewey,  b.,  Ashford,  Mass.,  Sept.  22,  1840;  m.,  July  23,  1865, 
Huldah  Porter,  b.  Feb.  27,  1844;  d.  about  1875;  dau.  of  Barnabus  Sabin 
and  Pamelia  (Davenport)  Porter,  of  Coleraine,  Mass.  Mr.  Dewey  m. 
(2)  Mrs.  Lydia  (Leonard)  Rogers.  He  is  employed  in  a  cotton-mill  at 

Children,  by  first  m.,  all  b.  Coleraine: 

1437.  Jesse  L.  Dewey,  b.  Apr.  14,  1866;  m.,  Mar.  26,  1890,  Marion 

W.  Carpenter,  of  Griswoldville.  He  is  in  the  grocery  busi- 
ness at  Tariffville,  Conn.  Children:  (1)  Ruth  Gladys,  b., 
Coleraine,  June  17,  1891;  (2)  Kenneth  Carpenter,  b., 
Tariffville,  Oct.  25,  1896. 

1438.  Myra  Emma,  b.  June  28,  1869;  m.,  Mar.  14,  1892,  Newton 

Hall  Brown,  printer  and  stationer  in  Greenfield,  Mass. 
Newton  Hall  Brown  is  in  the  tenth  generation  from  John 
Brown,  b.,  England,  1595;  d.  Apr.  15,  1662.  He  came  to 
New  England  in  1629,  landing  at  Salem,  Mass.  He  was  a 
first  settler  of  Rehoboth,  Mass.;  his  wife,  Dorothy,  d., 
Swansey,  Mass.,  Jan.  27,  1673.  Newton  Hall  Brown,  son 
of  Joseph  Franklin  and  May  (Stockwell)  Brown,  b.,  Roe, 
Mass.,  June  25,  1866. 

1439.  Gertrude  Elvira,  b.  Nov.  14,  1872.    She  was  adopted  by  her 

uncle,  Franklin  Robert  Dewey  (1419),  of  So.  Meriden, 
Conn.;  she  was  a  schoolteacher  at  Winsted,  Conn. 

1440.  Horace  Albert,  b.  Nov.  26,  1874;  m.,  Jan.  13,  1894,  Pearl  L. 

Shaw,  of  Deerfield,  Mass.  He  was  adopted  by  George 
Hough,  of  Coleraine,  and  his  name  changed  to  William  F. 
Hough.   In  1896  he  was  a  machinist  at  Greenfield. 

Sophia  (called  Soffy)  Dewey  (13 10),  dau.  of  Christopher  and  Margaret 
(Brown)  (1285)  Dewey  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2), 
Thomas],  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Sept.  9,  1805;  d.,  No.  Stonington, 
Jan.  3,  1892,  aged  eighty-six  years;  she  lived  with  the  mother  of  the 
compiler  of  these  records,  Elizabeth  (Babcock)  Brown,  the  last  years  of 
her  life,  at  the  Brown  homestead.  She  m.,  Apr.  10,  1836,  Joseph  Abner 
Geer,  son  of  Silas  and  Polly  (Larkin)  Geer,  b.  1809;  d.,  No.  Stonington, 
June  16,  1875,  aged  sixty-six  years.   Buried  in  Union  Cemetery. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1441.  Joseph  Abner  Geer,  Jr.,  b.  Sept.  19,  1839;  m.  (1),  Mar.  29, 

1861,  Almeda  H.  Brown,  b.  Feb.  3,  1842;  d.  Sept.  9,  1869, 



aged  twenty- four  years;  dau.  of  Jedediah  and  Eunice 
(Bailey)  Brown.  Dau.:  Mary  Etta  Geer,  b.,  Stonington, 
Conn.,  May  6,  1863;  m.  Horace  S.  Corey.  [See  1726.]  Mr. 
Geer  m.  (2)  Julia  A.  Barrows,  dau.  of  Silas  and  Frances  M. 

1442.  John  Baker,  b.  Dec.  24,  1841;  d.,  Falmouth,  Va.,  Dec,  1862. 

He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Civil  War. 

1443.  Orrin,  b.  Jan.  19,  1844;  d.  Apr.  27,  1858. 

Almira  Dewey  (131 1),  dau.  of  Christopher  and  Margaret  (Brown) 
(1285)  Dewey  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.  Nov.  17,  1807;  d.  Feb.  8,  1888;  m.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Dec.  30,  1827, 
Paul  Maxson  Barber,  b.  Feb.  28,  1806;  d.  Feb.  16,  1888;  son  of  Hosea 
and  Catherine  (Lamphear)  Barber. 

Children,  b.  Westerly: 

1444.  Lucy  A.  Barber,  b.  Nov.   25,   1828;  m.  Nathan  Saunders 


1445.  Jane  Gifford,  b.  July  3,  1830;  m.,  July  1,  1851,  Wm.  H. 

Barber,  b.  Oct.  16,  1823;  d.  Oct.  17,  1854;  son  of  Amos 
and  Lucinda  (Champlin)  Barber.  No  issue.  Her  res.,  1914, 
Westerly,  R.  I. 

1446.  Harriet,  b.  Oct.  9,  1846;  d.  Oct.  26,  i860. 

Lucy  A.  Barber  (1444),  dau.  of  the  preceding,  m.,  Oct.  8,  1848,  Nathan 
Saunders,  b.  Dec.  5,  181 7;  d.,  Potter  Hill,  R.  L,  Jan.  7,  1887;  son  of  Clark 
and  Sarah  (Rogers)  Saunders.  Her  res.,  1914,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  near 
Potter  Hill. 

Children,  b.  Westerly: 

1447.  Everett  B.  Saunders,  b.  June  30,  1850;  m.  Euphemia  Black 


1448.  William  C,  b.  Oct.  18,  1853;  m.  Rose  M.  Beebe  (1457). 

1449.  Nellie  A.,  b.  July  18,  i860;  d.  Mar.  28,  1879. 

1450.  Nathan,  b.  Oct.  20,  1867.    Res.,  Potter  Hill,  R.  I. 

1451.  Winnifred,  b.  Jan.,  1872. 

Everett  B.  Saunders  (1447),  son  of  Nathan  and  Lucy  A.  (Barber) 
(1444)  Saunders,  m.,  Nov.  12,  1881,  Euphemia  Black,  b.  Jan.  1,  1852; 
dau.  of  Alexander  and  Melvina  (Burdick)  Black.  He  is  a  machinist,  and 
both  are  Baptists.    Res.,  1910,  Belmont,  N.  Y. 




1452.  Nellie  Almira  Saunders,  b.  Sept.  10,  1882. 

1453.  Jesse,  b.  Feb.  28,  1884. 

1454.  Fanny,  b.  Nov.  6,  1887. 

1455.  Leona,  b.  Sept.,  1889. 

1456.  Nathan  B.,  b.  May  2,  1893. 

William  C.  Saunders  (1448),  brother  of  the  preceding,  m.,  Waterford, 
Conn.,  Jan.  15,  1880,  Rosa  M.  Beebe,  b.,  Waterford,  June  22,  1862;  dau. 
of  Winthrop  and  Louisa  A.  (Rose)  Beebe.  Mr.  Saunders  has  held  very 
creditably  many  important  offices  in  the  gift  of  the  people.  He  is  pro- 
prietor of  a  general  store  at  Waterford. 


1457.  Winnifred  Saunders,  b.  Jan.  20,  1881. 

Lucy  Morilla  Dewey  (13 12),  dau.  of  Christopher  and  Margaret 
(Brown)  Dewey  (1285)  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2), 
Thomas],  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Feb.  4,  1810;  d.,  No.  Stonington, 
Apr.  7,  1908;  m.,  May  18,  1830,  Wm.  Mather  Hillard,  son  of  John  and 
Betsey  W.  (Mather)  Hillard;  he  was  b.  May  27,  1798;  d.,  No.  Stonington, 
Aug.  10,  1885;  he  m.  (1)  Cynthia  S.  Wheeler,  b.  1803;  d.  1829.  Children 
by  this  m.:  Wm.  Horace,  d.  Mar.  19,  1908,  and  Albert  W.  Both  lived  to 
good  age,  and  were  trusted  companions  of  the  compiler  of  this  book. 
Mr.  Hillard  was  quiet,  unassuming,  his  character  without  reproach. 
He  and  his  whole  family  were  converted  and  joined  the  Third  Baptist 
Church,  in  1846,  and  Mrs.  Hillard  recalls  that  event,  when  she  and  all 
her  household  were  baptized,  as  the  greatest  event  of  her  long  life.  She 
passed  her  whole  life,  of  ninety-eight  years  less  forty-one  days,  in  No. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1458.  Lucy  Morilla  Hillard,  b.  Apr.  28,  1831;  m.  Charles  H.  Cran- 

dall  (1464-1466). 

1459.  Margaret,  b.  Feb.  13,  1833;  m.  Benjamin  F.  Sisson  (1467- 


1460.  Eliza  Ann,  b.  Feb.  20,  1835;    m.  C.  Edwin  Hewitt  (1471- 


1461.  Luke,  b.  Apr.  19,  1838;  twice  m.  (record  follows  1475). 

1462.  Paul  Hermon,  b.  Jan.  13,  1842;  m.  Caroline  M.  Noyes  (1476). 

1463.  Sabrina,  b.  Mar.  11,  1849;  m.  Albert  B.  Maine  (record  fol- 

lows 1476). 
The  four  older  children  of   this  family  were   schoolmates  of  the  com- 


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p  2" 

Christmas  Gathering  of  the  Families  of  Cyrus  H.  Brown 

V     the  home  <>f  George  II.   Utter,  Westerly,  R.   I.,  in    kjm 


piler  from  1845  to  1848  in  what  was  called  the  Rufus  Williams  District, 
now  [1914],  Chester  S.  Main.  What  is  quite  remarkable,  all  are  living  in 

Lucy  M.  Hillard  (1458)  m.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Oct.  13,  1852, 
Charles  Henry  Crandall,  b.  Mar.  25,  1828;  d.  Jan.  2,  1898.  Her  res., 
1914,  Stonington,  Conn. 

Children,  b.  Stonington: 

1464.  Charles  Crandall,  b.  Mar.  21,  1854;  d.  Apr.  18,  1854. 

1465.  Cornelius  Blackledge,  b.  Feb.  21,  1856;  m.,  Nov.  n,  1891, 

Mabel  Gertrude  Swift,  b.  Apr.  18,  1870;  dau.  of  Wm.  B. 
and  Christina  Swift.  Children:  (1)  Marcus  Hillard  Crandall, 
b.  Mar.  21,  1893;  (2)  Mildred,  b.  July  14,  1899. 

1466.  Geneva,  b.  Sept.  22,  1858;  m.,  Mar.  2,  1881,  Charles  Pendle- 

ton Trumbull,  b.  Jan.  10,  1854;  son  of  Horace  Niles  and 
Mary  J.  Trumbull.  Children:  (1)  Elsie  N.  Trumbull,  b. 
Jan.  29,  1882;  m.  Edwin  L.  King,  and  has  four  children; 
res.,  Hartford,  Conn.;  (2)  Mareah  Babcock,  b.  Mar.  22, 
1884,  d.  aged  eleven  years;  (3)  Geneva  Hillard,  b.  Mar.  30, 
1886;  m.  Dr.  Harry  F.  Markoff,  and  has  one  child,  b.  Dec. 
6,  1913;  res.,  Pasadena,  Cal.;  (4)  Horace  Niles,  b.  Jan.  3, 
1890;  (5)  Charles  Pendleton,  Jr.,  b.  Dec.  1,  1897. 

Margaret  Hillard  (1459),  dau.  of  Wm.  M.  and  Lucy  Morilla  (Dewey) 
(1312)  Hillard,  m.,  Oct.  9,  1867,  Benj.  Franklin  Sisson,  b.  Apr.  20,  1811; 
d.,  Binghamton,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  8,  1885;  son  of  Gilbert  and  Desire  (Maine) 
Sisson,  of  No.  Stonington,  Conn. 

Children,  b.  Binghamton: 

1467.  Fannie  AbboU  Sisson,  b.  July  2,  1868;  d.  Feb.  15,  1871. 

1468.  Edward  Carlton,  b.  Mar.  n,  1870;  m.,  Aug.  22,  1895,  Edith 

Jones,  b.  Oct.  28,  1869;  dau.  of  Gen.  Edward  Franc  and 
Susan  A.  (Brown)  Jones.  Children:  (1)  Edward  Albert 
Sisson,  b.,  Binghamton,  July  18,  1896;  (2)  William,  b. 
May  6,  1898;  (3)  Margaret  Carlton,  b.  May  28,  1901. 

1469.  Cora,  b.  July  26,  1872;  d.  Mar.  7,  1876. 

1470.  Madge>  b.  Dec.  12,  1876;  m.,  Binghamton,  Aug.  30,  1910, 

Douglas  Clark  Allen,  b.,  Wellsville,  N.  Y.,  May  15,  1883; 
son  of  Eugene  Robert  and  Elizabeth  Mary  (Clark)  Allen, 
of  Jamestown,  N.  Y.  His  mother  d.  Nov.  24,  1910.  Mr. 
Allen  is  vice-president  of  Barck-Allen  Marine  Engine  Com- 
pany.   Res.,  31  Fairmount  Ave.,  Jamestown,  N.  Y. 



Eliza  Ann  Hillard  (1460),  sister  of  the  preceding,  m.,  Feb.  22,  i860, 
C.  Edwin  Hewitt,  b.  Feb.  1,  1834;  d.  May,  1910;  son  of  Stanton  and 
Mary  (Avery)  Hewitt,  of  No.  Stonington,  Conn.  Buried  in  the  Hewitt 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 
/         1471-    Mary  Eliza  Hewitt,  b.  Jan.  18,  1862;  d.  Mar.  6,  1889. 

1472.  Jenny  Morilla,  b.  Nov.   14,   1863;    m.,  Feb.,   1897,  Frank 

Edwin  Bentley.  Children:  (1)  Edwin  Hewitt  Bentley,  b., 
New  York  City,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  2,  1898;  (2)  Harold  Stanton, 
b.  June  6,  1899;  (3)  Fernando  Waterman,  b.,  Pelham, 
N.  Y.,  Dec.  19,  1900.  Mr.  Bentley  was  in  the  employ  of 
the  Harlem  R.  R.  Co.   Res.,  Vernon,  N.  Y. 

1473.  Kate  Amelia,  b.  Dec.  n,  1865;  d.  May  2S,  1888. 

1474.  Margaret  Hillard,  b.  Nov.   22,   1867;  m.,  No.   Stonington, 

June  30,  1908,  Rev.  Jonathan  G.  Smith,  of  Tomah,  Wis., 
pastor  of  the  Congregational  Church;  she  is  the  second 
wife,  and  has  three  stepchildren. 

1475.  Edna,  b.  Nov.   7,   1877;  m.,  Apr.  30,   1901,  Geo.  Wyman 

Tryon,  b.,  Kirkland,  O.,  Nov.  28,  1865;  he  is  a  graduate 
of  Adelbert  College,  of  the  Western  Reserve  University. 
Journalist  with  New  York  City  Times,  Worcester  Spy,  and 
in  London  and  Paris  with  the  New  York  Sun.  He  was 
appointed  postmaster,  in  April,  1907,  of  No.  Stonington, 
holding  that  office  in  1915.  Mrs.  Tryon  was  appointed 
librarian  of  Wheeler  Library  in  Oct.,  1908,  holding  that 
position  in  191 5. 

Luke  Hillard  (1461),  brother  of  the  preceding,  m.  (1),  Oct.  9,  1866, 
Minnie  L.  Nichols,  dau.  of  John  D.  and  Mary  E.  (Webster)  Nichols; 
she  d.  Feb.  18,  1888.  He  m.  (2),  Boston,  Mass.,  Sept.  14,  191 2,  Mar- 
garetha  Stevenson,  b.,  Sweden,  May  25,  1872;  dau.  of  Andrew  and  Maria 
(Olson)  Stevenson.   No  issue.   Address,  70  Kilby  St.,  Boston,  Mass. 

Paul  Hermon  Hillard  (1462),  brother  of  the  preceding,  m.,  Jan.  16, 
1868,  Caroline  Matilda  Noyes,  b.  Dec.  15,  1846;  dau.  of  Avery  Denison 
and  Bathsheba  (Dickens)  Noyes.  Mr.  Hillard  was  in  the  Civil  War; 
enlisted,  Aug.  20,  1862,  in  Co.  G,  21st  Conn.  Vols.,  and  was  honorably 
discharged  at  New  Haven,  Conn.,  July  5,  1865.  He  d.  at  Westerly,  R.  L, 
May  28,  1914. 


1476.  Wm.  Avery  Hillard,  b.  Aug.  20,  1870;  m.,  Dec.  25,  1895, 



Addie  Woodbury  Palmer,  b.  Apr.  22,  1874;  dau.  of  Osmer 
Asa  and  Abbie  Jane  (Cummings)  Palmer.  Dr.  Hillard  is 
a  practising  physician  at  Westerly,  R.  I.  (Stonington), 
formerly  at  Manchester,  N.  H.  Son:  Paul  Noyes  Hillard, 
b.  Mar.  21,  1898.  All  res.  [1914]  at  Westerly,  R.  I. 

Sabrina  Hillard  (1463),  dau.  of  Wm.  M.  and  Lucy  Morilla  (Dewey) 
Hillard,  b.  Mar.  11,  1849;  m.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Sept.  4,  1905, 
Albert  Billings  Maine,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  July  29,  1845;  son  °f  Gersham 
and  Susan  A.  (Billings)  Maine.  [See  B.  and  M.  G.,  p.  179.]  Mr.  Maine 
is  a  merchant  at  Norwich,  Conn.   Res.,  1914,  Norwich,  Conn. 

Reuben  Harris  (1324),  son  of  Daniel  Harris  and  Sabrina  (Brown) 
(1287)  Harris  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b., 

Bozrah,  Conn.,  Sept.  16,  1793;  m.  Abby ,  b. ;  d.  Oct.,  1854; 

he  d.  Nov.  21,  1824. 

Children,  b.  Bozrah: 

1477.  Horace  Harris,  b.  1817;  d.  Nov.  1,  1893;   m.  (1),  Dec.  19, 

1842,  by  Rev.  B.  C.  Grafton,  pastor  of  Third  Baptist 
Church,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Lorenzy  Babcock,  dau. 
of  Capt.  Horace  and  Dorcas  Babcock;  she  d.,  No.  Stoning- 
ton, July  2,  1852,  aged  thirty-four  years.  He  m.  (2), 
Mar.  4,  1872,  Ellen  J.  King,  b.  1842;  d.  May  16,  1892. 
Mr.  Harris,  soon  after  his  m.,  resided  in  a  part  of  the  large 
house  owned  by  his  father-in-law,  and  sang  tenor  in  the 
choir  of  the  Third  Baptist  Church  for  several  years.  The 
compiler  remembers  him  well.    No  issue. 

1478.  Henry,  b.  ;  m.   Sally  Dodge.     Children,  b.  Norwich, 

Conn.:  three  d.  young;  Alonzo  H.  and  Henrietta  living 

1479.  Reuben,  Jr.,  b.  1820;  m.  Abigail  Cook  (1481-1485). 

1480.  Abigail  Jane,  b.  about  1822;  m.  John  C.  Mills  (1486-1488). 

Reuben  Harris,  Jr.  (1479),  son  °f  Reuben  Harris  (1324)  and  Abby, 
his  wife,  b.  1820;  d.  1849;  m.  Abigail  Cook,  b.  1820;  d.  1854;  dau.  of 
Henry  Ward  Cook  and  Abigail,  his  wife. 

Children,  Lorenzo  and  William  no  record;  dau.  of  record: 

1481.  Mary  Abigail   Harris,  b.,  Brooklyn,   N.  Y.,  May  14,  1842; 

m.,  Brooklyn,  July  2,  1863,  Benjamin  V.  Stevenson,  b. 
Nov.  19,  1841. 



Children : 

1482.  Robert   Hall   Stevenson,   b.   Feb.    28,    1S64;   m.,   Brooklyn, 

Feb.  2,  1898,  Nellie  Eliza  Cuzner,  b.,  Brooklyn,  Dec.  31, 
1870.   Son:  Robert  Hall  Stevenson,  Jr.,  b.  Jan.  15,  1903. 

1483.  Mabel,  b. 

1484.  Katherine  V.,  b.,  Hackensack,  N.  J.,  June   14,   1873;  m., 

Sept.  28,  1896,  Metz  B.  Hayes,  b.,  Knoxville,  Penn.,  Sept. 
14,  1870.  Children,  b.  Hackensack:  (1)  Robert  S.  Hayes, 
b.  June  19,  1900;  (2)  Dorothy  B.,  b.  Oct.  31,  1901. 

1485.  Nellie  Louise,  b.,  Brooklyn,  Dec.  1,  1876;  m.,  Penn  Yan, 

N.  Y.,  Sept.  20,  1905,  Ralph  Harris  Mills,  son  of  Horace 
Francis  and  Alice  Frances  (Purdy)  Mills,  of  Penn  Yan. 
Mr.  Mills  is  a  fruit-grower.  Son:  Ralph  Harris  Mills,  Jr., 
b.  June  27,  1912.    Res.,  Penn  Yan,  N.  Y. 

Abigail  Jane  Harris  (1480),  dau.  of  Reuben  (1324),  son  of  Daniel 
Harris  and  Sabrina  Brown    (1287)    [Reuben   (1258),  Humphrey   (26), 
Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.  about  1822;  d.  Jan.  18,  1870;  m.,  Apr.  27,, 
1844,  Tonn  Coleman  Mills,  M.  D. 

i486.    Horace  Francis  Mills,  b.,  Varick,  Seneca  Co.,  N.  Y.,  July  14, 
1847;  m.  Alice  Frances  Purdy  (1489-1491). 

1487.  Julia  Lorinda,  b.,  Summer  Hill,  N.  Y.,  June  25,  1851;  m. 

Charles  C.  Hazen  (1492-1494). 

1488.  Loretta  Fidelia,  b.,  Summer  Hill,  Dec.  3,  1852;  m.  Berlin  H. 

Wright  (1495-1501). 

Horace  F.  Mills  (i486),  the  preceding,  m.,  Penn  Yan,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  15, 
1871,  Alice  Frances  Purdy,  b.,  Penn  Yan,  Sept.  24,  1871;  dau.  of  Thomas 
Owen  and  Biancy  Asenath  (Bennett)  Purdy.  Mr.  Mills  was  educated 
at  the  Penn  Yan  Academy,  and  was  for  a  time  a  photographer;  now 
[1914]  he  is  a  farmer  and  vineyardist  on  Lake  Keuka.  He  and  his  wife 
are  interested  in  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church  and  have  held  offices 
in  the  church.  Mrs.  Mills's  father  came  from  near  Lima,  N.  Y.,  when  a 
lad,  on  a  packet  on  the  Erie  Canal.    Res.,  Penn  Yan,  N.  Y. 

Children,  b.  Penn  Yan: 

1489.  Anna  Mabel  Mills,  b.  Jan.    19,   1873;  m.   Clinton  S.   Van 

Deusen  (1502-1505). 

1490.  Lora  Jane,  b.  June  n,  1877;    m.  Rev.  Ellis  Gilbert  (1506, 


1491.  Ralph  Harris,  b.  Sept.  12,  1879;  m.  Nellie  Louise  Stevenson. 



Julia  Lorinda  Mills  (1487),  dau.  of  John  C.  and  Abigail  Jane  (Harris) 
(1480)  Mills,  b.,  Summer  Hill,  N.  Y.,  June  25,  1851;  m.  (1),  Geneva, 
N.  Y.,  July  2,  1873,  Charles  Caleb  Hazen,  b.,  Penn  Yan,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  5, 
1850;  d.,  Penn  Yan,  May  23,  1875;  son  of  Caleb  and  Laura  (Frost) 
Hazen,  of  Penn  Yan.  He  was  educated  at  the  Penn  Yan  Academy,  and 
is  a  telegrapher.  No  issue  by  this  m.  She  m.  (2),  at  Penn  Yan,  Feb.  6, 
1878,  William  Winsor  Smith,  b.,  Bluff  Point,  Yates  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  9, 
1853;  son  of  Wm.  Henry  and  Jane  Eliza  (Hemenway)  Smith.  Dr.  Smith 
practised  dentistry  at  Bluff  Point,  Hammondsport,  N.  Y.,  until  1872,  then 
moved  to  Penn  Yan  and  remained  there  until  1900,  when  he  moved  to 
Rochester,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  elected  president  of  the  Seventh  District 
Dental  Society  of  New  York  in  1894,  and  of  the  City  Society  of  Roches- 
ter in  1 90 1,  and  of  the  New  York  State  Dental  Society  in  1913. 

Children,  b.  Penn  Yan: 

1492.  Laura  Alta  Smith,  b.  Aug.  22,  1880;  was  graduated  from  the 

Penn  Yan  Academy  in  1890,  and  has  since  been  her  father's 
assistant  in  the  practice  of  dentistry. 

1493.  Edmund  Newell  Smith,  b.  Nov.   16,   1882;  m.,  Rochester, 

May  10,  1905,  Henrietta  Margaretha  Wick,  b.,  Rochester, 
Aug.  26,  1880;  dau.  of  Henry  and  Christina  (Demm) 
Wick.  Mr.  Smith  was  educated  at  the  Penn  Yan  Academy 
and  Rochester  schools.  He  has  been  bookkeeper  in  the 
employ  of  the  Foster,  Armstrong  Piano  Company  since  1 906 . 
Mrs.  Smith's  father,  Henry  Wick,  was  b.  in  Bavaria,  May, 
1838,  and  was  educated  in  the  Rochester  public  schools. 
He  was  a  grocer,  and  d.  Feb.,  1886.  Her  mother,  Christina 
Demm,  was  b.  in  Hessedaemstadt,  Germany,  Jan.  18, 
1845,  and  was  educated  in  the  schools  of  Rochester.  Res., 
330  Broom  St.,  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

1494.  Arthur  William  Smith,  b.  Oct.  1,  1887;  m.,  Rochester,  Sept. 

15,  1910,  Mabel  Spencer  Lewis,  b.,  Seneca  Falls,  N.  Y., 
Jan  10,  1888;  dau.  of  Walter  and  Frances  Ellen  (Emery) 
Lewis.  Dr.  Smith  was  graduated  from  the  Dental  College 
of  the  University  of  Pennsylvania  in  191 2,  returning  to 
Rochester,  where  he  is  practising  dentistry.  Mrs.  Smith 
was  educated  in  the  public  schools  of  Seneca  Falls.  Son: 
Robert  Edmund  Smith,  b.,  Valparaiso,  Ind.,  Nov.  18,  1911. 
Res.,  Rochester,  N.  Y. 



Loretta  Fidelia  Mills  (1488),  dau.  of  John  C.  Mills,  M.U.,  and  Abigail 
Jane  (Harris)  (1480)  Mills,  b.,  Summer  Hill,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  3,  1852;  m., 
Penn  Van,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  24,  1874,  Berlin  Hart  Wright,  b.,  Dundee,  N.  Y., 
July  5,  1851;  son  of  Samuel  Hart  and  Joanah  (McLean)  Wright.  Berlin 
H.  Wright  is  a  "graduate  of  the  school  of  experience,  which  grants  no 
titles,"  but  in  the  study  of  geology,  botany,  and  conchology  he  is  very 
proficient.  In  the  study  of  conchology  he  was  fortunate  to  discover  some 
fifty  species  that  were  new  to  science,  and  his  astronomical  calculations 
are  used  by  the  New  York  Tribune,  Brooklyn  Eagle,  Chicago  News, 
Pittsburgh  Gazette,  Times,  Farmers'  Almanac,  and  such  advertising 
publications  as  the  Singer  Sewing-Machine  Company  and  numerous 
others  in  this  and  other  countries.  Res.,  Lake  Helen,  Fla.  His  father, 
Samuel  Hart  Wright,  M.D.,  was  a  graduate  of  the  Geneva  Medical 
College;  and  Williams  College  conferred  the  title  of  Ph.D.,  and  Columbia 
College  that  of  A.M.,  on  him.  His  special  work  was  mathematics  and 
botany,  in  both  of  which  he  stood  very  high.  He  left  an  immense  library, 
of  great  scientific  value,  and  one  of  the  most  extensive  herbariums  in  the 
country,  of  some  twenty  thousand  species. 

Children,  the  first  four  and  last  b.  Penn  Yan: 

1495.  Inez  Ethelberta  Wright,  b.  Oct.   18,  1878;  m.,  Penn  Yan, 

Oct.  11,  1 901,  Norman  J.  Shepherd,  b.,  Skaneateles,  N.  Y., 
Aug.  25,  18S0.  Children:  b.  Skaneateles:  (1)  Norman  Ken- 
neth Shepherd,  b.  Oct.  4,  1903;  (2)  Thelma  Abbie,  b.  Aug. 
19,  1904;  (3)  Edward  Everett,  b.  May  17,  190S;  (4)  Rheta 
Muriel,  b.  Aug.  2,  1912. 

1496.  Lina  Eliza,  b.  June  12,  1881;  d.  May  13,  1883. 

1497.  Burdette  Newcomb,  b.  May  2,   1882;  m.,  Elmira,  N.  Y., 

Dec.  25,  1907,  Cora  E.  Haurer,  b.,  Owego,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  22, 
1880;  dau.  of  Charles  Westley,  or  Wesley,  and  Martha  C. 
(Smith)  Haurer, of  Elmira.  Both  are  members  of  the  Metho- 
dist Church.  Mr.  Haurer  is  an  engineer.  Dau. :  Lois  Doro- 
thy, b.  July  18,  191 1.  Res.,  708  Helen  St.,  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

1498.  Olive  Blanch,  b.  Aug.  23,  1883;  m.,  Penn  Yan,  Sept.  22,  1904, 

Alfred  N.  Lacy,  b.,  Dresden,  N.  Y.,  June  9,  1880.  Both  are 
members  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church. 

1499.  Leon  Mills,  b.,  Lake  Helen,  Fla.,  Dec.  5,  1885;  m.  Ruth  A. 


1500.  Leona  McLean,  b.,  Lake  Helen,  Feb.  3,  1888. 

1 501.  Gladys  Hart,  b.  Feb.  18,  1893. 



Leon  Mills  Wright  (1499),  son  of  Berlin  Hart  Wright  and  Loretta 
Fidelia  Mills  (1488),  of  John  C.  and  Abigail  J.  (Harris)  (1480)  Mills,  b., 
Lake  Helen,  Fla.,  Dec.  5, 1885 ;  m.,  Enterprise,  Fla.,  June  3, 1913,  Ruth  A. 
Sauls,  b.,  Enterprise,  Dec.  9,  1887;  dau.  of  John  and  Bertha  (Bodine) 
Sauls,  of  Enterprise.  Both  are  church  members.  Mr.  Wright  received 
academic  education  at  Keuka  College,  N.  Y.  At  sixteen,  he  began  the 
study  of  electrical  work  at  Buffalo,  N.  Y.  At  eighteen,  he  entered  the 
navy  as  petty  officer.  On  account  of  proficiency,  was  rapidly  promoted, 
and  went  on  the  cruiser  Chicago  around  Cape  Horn  and  to  Alaska  and  the 
Sandwich  Islands,  returning  to  California  in  time  to  render  great  service 
in  time  of  the  earthquake.  For  several  days  the  only  communication  with 
the  outside  world  was  through  the  wireless  on  the  Chicago.  His  four- 
years  term  expired  while  on  the  Pacific  Coast,  but  he  continued  with  the 
cruiser,  re-enlisting  for  another  four  years,  and  was  put  in  charge  of  the 
wireless  on  the  New  York,  and  made  the  trip  to  the  Philippines,  there 
being  put  in  charge  of  the  wireless  office  at  Manilla.  When  his  time  ex- 
pired, he  returned  to  Lake  Helen. 

Anna  Mabel  Mills  (1489),  dau.  of  Horace  F.  (i486)  and  Alice  F. 
(Purdy)  Mills,  b.  Jan.  19,  1873;  m.,  Penn  Yan,  N.  Y.,  June  29,  1898, 
Clinton  Sheldon  Van  Deusen,  b.,  Newark,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  1,  1871;  son  of 
John  Porter  and  Anna  (Lay)  Van  Deusen,  of  Newark.  Mr.  Van  Deusen  is 
a  teacher  of  manual  training.  He  graduated  from  Cornell  University  in 
1894,  and  lived  in  Peoria,  111.,  for  fifteen  years,  teaching  in  Bradley 
Polytechnic  Institute  while  there.  He  and  his  wife  are  members  of  the 
Methodist  Episcopal  Church.   Res.,  118  Crain  Ave.,  Kent,  O. 

Children,  b.  Peoria: 

1502.  Alice  Van  Deusen,  b.  June  26,  1900. 

1503.  Barbara,  b.  Oct.  13,  1905;  d.  young. 

1504.  Paul  Sheldon,  b.  Oct.  8,  1906. 

1505.  Lowell  Mills,  b.  Oct.  21,  1909. 

Lora  Jane  Mills  (1490),  sister  of  the  preceding,  and  dau.  of  Horace  F. 
(i486)  and  Alice  F.  (Purdy)  Mills,  m.,  Penn  Yan,  N.  Y.,  July  29,  1903, 
Rev.  Ellis  Gilbert,  b.,  Watkins,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  28,  1873;  son  of  George  G. 
and  Louise  (Norris)  Gilbert.  Lora  J.  (Mills)  Gilbert  was  educated  at 
Keuka  College,  N.  Y.  Rev.  Ellis  Gilbert  was  educated  at  Starkey  Semi- 
nary, University  of  Rochester,  and  Rochester  Theological  Seminary, 
Rochester,  N.  Y.  He  was  located  from  1903  to  1909  at  Warsaw,  N.  Y. 
He  is  a  Baptist  minister.   Res.,  416  Tremont  St.,  No.  Tonawanda,  N.  Y. 



Children,  b.  Warsaw: 

1506.  Dorothy  Gilbert,  b.  Sept.  25,  1904. 

1507.  Daton,  b.  June  29,  1909. 

Ralph  Harris  Mills  (1491),  brother  of  the  preceding,  m.,  Penn  Yan, 
N.  Y.,  Sept.  20,  1905,  Nellie  Louise  Stevenson.  [See  1485.]  She  was  b., 
Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  1,  1876;  dau.  of  Benjamin  V.  and  Mary  Abigail 
(Harris)  (1481)  Stevenson,  of  Brooklyn.  Mr.  Mills  is  a  fruit-grower. 
Son:  Ralph  Harris  Mills,  Jr.,  b.  June  27,  1912.   Res.,  Penn  Yan,  N.  Y. 

Amanda  Harris  (1326),  dau.  of  Daniel  2d  and  Sabrina  (Brown)  (1287) 
Harris  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.  Nov. 
4,  1796;  d.,  Franklin,  Conn.,  Dec.  11,  1868;  m.,  Nov.  30,  1814,  Isaac 
Dean,  b.  1788;  d.  Dec.  23,  1843;  son  of  Daniel  Dean. 

Children : 

1508.  Orren  Fowler  Dean,  b.  Nov.  6,  1815;  d.  Nov.  29,  1840. 

1509.  Anson  Fowler,  b.  Oct.  17,  181 7;  was  twice  m.,  but  name  of 

first  wife  unknown.  Of  this  union  two  boys  were  born.  He 
.  m.  (2)  Seba  Ladd.  Children:  (1)  Anson  Dean;  (2)  Walter; 
(3)  Hattie,  m.  Rev.  Alvin  Goff,  a  Baptist  minister,  and 
had  three  children,  Lillie,  George,  and  Bertha;  (4)  Annie, 
m.  Wilfred  Hodgeeng.    Son:  Anson  G. 

1510.  Sabrina  Harris,  b.  Aug.  10,  1821;  m.  Asa  Tracy.    Children: 

(1)  Joseph  Asa,  b.  1844;  he  was  in  the  Civil  War,  Co.  H, 
1 8th  Conn.  Vols.,  as  a  musician;  wounded  by  a  shell  July 
28,  1864,  and  d.,  at  Sandy  Hook  Hospital,  Aug.  7,  1864; 

(2)  Orrin  D.,  b.  Aug.,  1846,  d.,  Franklin,  Dec.  20,  1866. 

1511.  Infant,  b.  May  16,  1823;  d.  May  19,  1823. 

1512.  Edmond  Wolcott,  b.  Nov.  21,  1824;  d.  July  27,  18S7;  m.  (1) 

Harriet  Ladd,  and  had  two  children,  Frank  and  Perry 
Dean.   He  m.  (2)  Mary  Northrop  Thomas.  No  issue. 

1513.  Infant,  b.  June  27,  1828;  d.  July  8,  1828. 

1514.  Sarah  Ann  Sweet,  b.  Oct.  10,  1830;  d.  Oct.  25,  1845. 

1515.  Alonzo  Perry,  b.  Oct.  24,  1832. 

1516.  Isaac  Woodard,  b.  Sept.   27,   1834;  d.  Aug.   11,   1892;  m., 

Mar.  31,  1863,  Susan  Maria  Wheeler,  dau.  of  William  N. 
and  Susan  (Wilcox)  Wheeler.  Children:  (1)  Moses  Harvey 
Dean,  b.  June  28,  1869;  (2)  Alice  Mary,  b.  Jan.  1,  1874; 

(3)  Joseph  Woodard,  b.  Sept.  21,  1875.  Moses  Harvey 
Dean,  the  preceding,  m.,  Norwich,  Conn.,  Feb.  18,  1896, 



Nellie  Eugenia  Brown,  d.  Apr.  5,  1903;  dau.  of  Eugene 
and  Adelaide  (Sweet)  Brown.  Children:  (1)  Eugenie  Ardell 
Dean,  b.,  Franklin,  Jan  2,  1897;  (2)  Leroy  Lincoln,  b., 
Preston,  Conn.,  Mar.  14,  1898.  Joseph  W.  Dean,  son  of 
the  preceding,  m.,  Ledyard,  Conn.,  July  14,  1904,  Ida 
Marion  Gray,  dau.  of  John  M.  and  Flora  (Peckham)  Gray. 

Lorinda  Harris  (1327),  dau.  of  Daniel  2d  and  Sabrina  (Brown)  (1287) 
Harris  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas),  b.  Feb. 
8,  1801;  m.,  Nov.  20,  1831,  Benjamin  Perry,  d.  May  11,  1868.    Several 
children  d.  young. 

1516a.  Eugene  B.  Perry,  b.,  Amber,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  4,  1843;  d.,  Melvin, 
111.,  June  22,  1905;  m.,  Loda,  111.,  July  6,  1876,  Elizabeth 
Wilson,  b.,  Glasgow,  Scotland,  May  26,  1847;  dau.  of 
John  and  Sarah  (Parker)  Wilson,  of  Loda.  They  attend 
the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church  at  Melvin,  of  which 
Mrs.  Perry  is  a  member.  Mrs.  Perry  received  the  degree 
of  B.S.  from  Lincoln  University,  Lincoln,  111.,  1871,  and 
taught  in  public  schools  of  Lincoln  for  three  years,  1871- 
74;  in  Loda  for  two  years,  1875-77. 

Mr.  Perry,  at  the  age  of  eighteen,  enlisted  in  1st  Conn. 
Reg.  Cavalry  Vols.,  Oct.  31,  1861,  at  New  London,  Conn., 
and  was  mustered  into  service  at  Camp  Tyler,  West 
Meriden,  Conn.,  Nov.  4,  1861.  He  was  promoted  to 
Corporal  Feb.  6,  1864,  and  honorably  discharged  Nov.  2, 
1864.  He  served  in  General  Custer's  Division  under  Gen- 
eral Sheridan.  He  was  engaged  in  the  Battle  of  Cedar 
Creek,  during  which  engagement  occurred  Sheridan's 
twenty-mile  ride  from  Winchester.  At  the  close  of  the 
war  Mr.  Perry  sought  again  the  schools  to  become  an  in- 
structor. He  attended  the  Syracuse  (N.  Y.)  University 
and  the  Illinois  State  Normal  University.  Following  this 
preparation  he  taught  in  our  schools  for  twelve  years,  one 
year  as  principal  of  the  Buckley  public  school,  and  three 
years  as  principal  of  the  Loda  public  school.  In  the  fall  of 
1878  he  entered  the  Rush  Medical  School,  at  Chicago,  and 
graduated  Feb.  24,  1880,  as  M.D.  He  came  immediately  to 
Melvin  and  began  the  practice  of  medicine,  where  he  re- 
mained until  his  death.   His  townsmen  elected  him  a  mera- 



ber  of  the  Town  Board,  and  for  three  years  honored  him 
with  the  presidency.  For  several  years  he  was  a  member  of 
the  Board  of  School  Directors  and  County  Coroner.  He 
was  a  charter  member  of  the  Melvin  G.  A.  R.  Post,  and  a 
charter  member  of  Melvin  Masonic  Lodge  No.  811,  being 
the  oldest  in  membership  in  this  body.  During  his  twenty 
years  of  medical  practice  he  gave  much  time  to  general 
reading.  He  was  esteemed  in  his  home  as  a  good  physician 
and  entertaining  guest.  His  sons  and  daughters  are,  after 
a  manner,  his  educated  ideas;  and  the  preparation  for  life- 
work  by  so  many  members  of  one  family  is  no  small  com- 
ment on  the  directing  power  and  influence  behind  it  all. 
He  wanted  his  children  educated  for  the  good  of  society 
and  the  welfare  of  the  nation  as  well  as  for  their  own  per- 
sonal advantage. — Extract  from  Melvin  Transcript. 
Children,  the  first  two  b.  Loda,  the  last  four  Melvin: 

1517.  Benjamin  Perry,  b.  May  8,  1877;  graduated  from  the  State 

Normal  University,  at  Normal,  111.,  1897;  from  Illinois 
Pharmacy  College  in  1900,  M.D.;  from  College  of  Physi- 
cians and  Surgeons  in  1905;  from  the  Law  School  of  the 
Northwestern  University  in  191 2.  Intern,  Iowa  Methodist 
Hospital,  Des  Moines,  la.,  1913. 

1518.  Wilson  James,  b.  Sept.  9,  1878;  graduated  from  the  I.  S.  N.  U. 

in  1900;  from  the  Rush  Medical  College,  with  the  degree 
of  M.D.,  in  1905.  Intern,  Presbyterian  Hospital,  for  two 
years.  Practised  medicine  at  Melvin  two  years,  till  1909. 
Now  [1914]  at  Billings,  Mont. 

1519.  Josephine,  b.  Dec.  14,  1881;  graduate  from  the  I.  S.  N.  U. 

in  1904.  Taught  at  Loda,  1904-05.  Druggist  at  Melvin 
until  191 2. 

1520.  Lorinda,  b.  Dec.  23,  1884;  graduated  from  the  I.  S.  N.  U.  in 

1904;  taught  school  near  Monmouth,  111.,  1904-06;  attended 
University  of  Illinois  1906  07  and  1908-10;  received  degree 
of  A.B.,  1900;  A.M.,  1910;  research  work,  Women's  Educa- 
tional and  Industrial  Union,  Boston,  Mass.,  in  1910-11; 
student  at  Bryn  Mawr  College,  Penn.,  1911-13;  received 
degree  of  Ph.D.,  1913. 

1521.  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  25,  1886;  graduated  from  the  I.  S.  N.  U. 

in  1907 ;  taught  at  Olney,  111.,  1907-08.  She  is  in  commercial 
work  at  Chicago,  111.,  in  1914- 



1522.    Eugene  Beanharnoise,  b.  July  23,  1893;  attended  Knox  Col- 
lege, Galesburg,  111.,  1910-11,  and  the  Illinois  State  Normal  , 
University,  at  Normal,  111.,  1911-12;  University  of  Chicago, 
191 2.  He  entered  upon  the  medical  course  at  Rush  Medical 
College  in  1913. 

Pamelia  Harris  (1328),  dau.  of  Daniel  2d  and  Sabrina  (Brown)  (1287) 

Harris,  b.  Mar.  26,  1803;  m. Wells.    Some  of  her  children  lived  in 

Wisconsin.   A  son,  George,  b. ,  d.  1840. 

Robert  Brown  Harris  (1330),  son  of  Daniel  2d  and  Sabrina  (Brown) 
(1287)  Harris  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.  Feb.  9,  1809;  d.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Jan.  1,  1864;  m.,  Sept.  23,  1833, 
Betsey  Hillard  Brewster. 


1524.  Charles  Robert  Harris,  b.,  Jewett  City,  Conn.,  Oct.  22,  1835; 

m.  Jane  J.  Brown  (15 28-1 530). 

1525.  Lucretia  Brewster,  b.,  Preston,  Feb.  4,  1837;  m.  Elias  Morgan 

Brewster  (1531-1533). 

1526.  George  Augustus,  b.,  Preston,  Aug.  12,  1840;  m.  Catherine 

Amelia  Dewey  (1 534-1 538). 

1527.  Orrin  Frank,  b.,  Preston,  May  31,  1843;  m.  Sarah  E.  Wood- 

ward (1539-1541). 

Charles  Robert  Harris  (1524),  the  preceding,  m.,  Union  Hill,  N.  J., 
Jan.  9,  1861,  Jane  J.  Brown,  dau.  of  Nathan  Brown,  of  Jewett  City, 
Conn.  He  d.  at  West  Hoboken,  N.  J.,  Dec.  28,  1896.  Captain  Harris 
moved  with  his  family  to  Norwich,  Conn.,  where  he  lived  until  1853,  then 
going  to  sea  with  Capt.  William  Brewster,  of  Stonington,  Conn.,  in  the 
clipper  ship  Contest.  After  several  voyages  to  San  Francisco  he  returned 
to  Norwich,  later  going  to  China  with  that  ship,  and  remaining  with  it 
until  the  beginning  of  the  Civil  War.  In  1862  he  entered  the  navy  as 
master  of  the  bark  Pursuit,  and  was  engaged  in  the  blockading  of  Indian 
River  Inlet  for  eighteen  months,  then  being  transferred  to  the  monitor 
Mahopac,  where  he  acted  as  executive  officer.  After  the  war  he  entered 
the  employ  of  the  Pacific  Mail  Steamship  Company  as  first  officer  of  the 
Ocean  Queen,  running  between  New  York  and  Aspinwall.  He  later  was 
placed  in  command  of  the  steamer  Arizona  of  the  same  line,  the  first 
American  steamship  to  go  through  the  Suez  Canal,  going  to  Japan,  and 
from  that  country  to  San  Francisco.  Here  he  was  joined  by  his  family,  set- 
tling in  Yokohama,  where  they  lived  for  six  years.  During  this  period  the 



Captain  ran  a  steamer  in  the  China  Sea,  gathering  cargoes  for  the  San 
Francisco  line.    When  this  line  was  sold  to  the  Japanese,  Captain  Harris 
returned  to  America,  making  his  home  at  West  Hoboken  until  his  death. 

1528.  Jennie  Louise  Harris,  b.,  Union  Hill,  N.  J.,  Apr.  23,  1862; 

d.,  West  Hoboken,  May  3,  1863. 

1529.  Charles  Robert,  Jr.,  b.,  West  Hoboken,  Jan.   15,  1865;  m. 

Adelaide  Blackmer.    They  have  at  least  two  daus. 

1530.  James  Brown,  b.  Jan.  18,  1867;  unm. 

Lucretia  Brewster  Harris  (1525),  dau.  of  Robert  Brown  (1330)  and 
Betsey  Hillard  (Brewster)  Harris  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26), 
Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Feb.  4,  1837;  d.,  Hartford, 
Conn.,  Mar.  27,  1910;  m.,  Norwich,  Conn.,  Jan.  14,  1859,  Elias  Morgan 
Brewster,  b.,  Jewett  City,  Conn.,  May  29,  1834;  d.,  Norwich,  Nov.  14, 
1898;  son  of  Ephraim  Morgan  Brewster  and  Esther  Gordon,  of  Jewett 
City.  Mr.  Brewster  was  a  direct  descendant  of  Elder  Brewster  of  the 
Mayflower,  and  came  of  Revolutionary  stock  on  both  sides.  He  was  a 
merchant  in  Norwich  for  nearly  half  a  century.  He  took  an  active  part 
in  public  matters,  and  served  some  years  in  the  city  government.  He 
was  a  Mason  and  an  Odd  Fellow. 

Children,  b.  Preston: 

1531.  Grace  Mary  Brewster,  b.  Mar.  4,  1861;  d.,  Preston,  Aug.  10, 


1532.  Elizabeth  Gordon,  b.  July  7,  1863;  m.,  Preston,  Sept.  18, 

1907,  Joseph  C.  Davis,  d.  Feb.  14,  1913.  No  issue.  Res., 
105  Williams  St.,  Norwich,  Conn. 

1533.  Robert  Morgan,  b.Dec.  23,  1867;  m.,  Hartford, June  5,  1894, 

Emma  Louise  Horsfall,  b.,  Hartford,  Nov.  22,  1872;  dau. 
of  Luke  and  Martha  (Arnold)  Horsfall,  of  Hartford.  Both 
are  members  of  the  Congregational  Church.  Son:  Morgan 
Horsfall  Brewster,  b.,  Hartford,  Sept.  15,  1899.  Res., 
Asylum  St.,  Hartford,  Conn. 

George  Augustus  Harris  (1526),  son  of  Robert  Brown  (1330)  and 
Betsey  Hillard  (Brewster)  Harris,  b.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Aug.  12,  1840;  d., 
Preston,  Aug.  22,  1897;  m.,  Preston,  Dec.  9,  1861,  Catherine  Amelia 
Dewey,  b.,  Ledyard,  Conn.,  Dec.  31,  1840;  d.,  Preston,  Nov.  4,  1909; 
dau.  of  Elijah  Barnes  and  Harriet  (Harvey)  Dewey.  Mr.  Harris  passed 
his  whole  life  in  Preston,  his  native  town,  and  was  prominent  as  a  busi- 
ness man,  holding  for  several  years  the  responsible  position  of  Treasurer 



of  the  town  of  Preston.   This  speaks  well  of  his  ability  and  honesty  as  a 
business  man. 

Children,  b.  Preston: 

1534.  Elijah  Dewey  Harris,  b.  Oct.  21, 1862;  m.  Lockie  King  Harvey 

(1542,  1543). 

1535.  George  Robert,  b.  Dec.  20,  1864;  m.  Jessie  L.  Hagarty  (1544). 

1536.  Harriet  Augusta,  b.  July  16,  1866;  unm. 

1537.  Jennie  Louise,  b.  Nov.  7,  1870;  m.  George  W.  Davis  (1545- 


1538.  Elfio  Luella  Harris,  b.  Apr.  21,  1876;  m.,  Nov.  26,  1903, 

Charles  Henry  Preston,  Jr.  Mr.  Preston  is  a  civil  engineer. 
Children:  (1)  Charles  H.  Preston,  3d,  b.  July  2,  1907;  (2) 
Harris  F.,  b.  Aug.,  1910.   Res.,  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Orrin  Frank  Harris  (1527),  son  of  Robert  Brown  (1330)  and  Betsey 
Hillard  (Brewster)  Harris,  of  Daniel  2d  and  Sabrina  (1287)  (Brown) 
Harris  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.  May 
31,  1843;  d.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Jan.  4,  1913;  m.,  Preston,  Aug.  19,  1890, 
Mrs.  Mary  Adelaide  Childs,  nee  Tracy,  b.,  Norwich,  Conn.,  June  29, 
1862 ;  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Sarah  Elizabeth  (Woodward)  Tracy,  of  Norwich. 
Dr.  Harris  was  a  graduate  of  New  York  College  of  Physicians  and  Sur- 
geons. He  served  in  the  medical  department  during  the  Civil  War,  after 
which  he  practised  in  Norwich  until  his  death. 

Children,  b.  Preston: 

Robert  Brown  Harris,  b.  Apr.  19,  1891 ;  d.  young. 
Child,  b.  Nov.  5,  1892;  d.  young. 

Frank  i"twins'  b>  June  6'  l895J  d-  young. 

1539.  Orrin  Frank,  Jr.,  b.  July  10,  1896. 

1540.  Mary  Adelaide,  b.  May  20,  1899. 

1 541.  Sarah  Tracy,  b.  Nov.  21,  1901. 

Elijah  Dewey  Harris  (1534),  son  of  George  Augustus  (1526)  and  Cath- 
erine Amelia  (Dewey)  Harris,  m.,  June  10,  1884,  Lockie  King  Harvey, 
d.  1908. 


1542.  James  Lester  Harris,  b.  Jan.  12,  1886.     Res.,  Cold  Water, 


1543.  Angeline,  b.  Mar.  24,  1887;  m.  George  Ladd.   They  have  two 




George  Robert  Harris  (1535),  brother  of  the  preceding,  m.,  West  Ware- 
ham,  Mass.,  Nov.  27,  1896,  Jessie  L.  Hagarty.  He  d.,  Norwich,  Conn., 
Oct.  27,  1909.  Dr.  Harris  graduated  from  the  Norwich  Free  Academy 
in  the  class  of  1883.  He  studied  medicine  with  his  uncle,  Dr.  O.  F.  Harris, 
in  Norwich,  and  in  May,  1885,  graduated  from  the  College  of  Physicians 
and  Surgeons,  New  York  City,  and  the  Medical  Department  of  Columbia 
University.  He  was  prominently  and  widely  known  throughout  the 
medical  profession,  and  was  otherwise  held  in  high  esteem. 

Children,  b.  Norwich: 

1544.  George  Augustus  Harris,  b.  Nov.  27,  1897. 
Morse  Le  Baron,  b. ;  d.  in  infancy. 

Jennie  Louise  Harris  (1537),  dau.  of  George  Augustus  (1526)  and 
Catherine  Amelia  (Dewey)  Harris,  of  Robert  Brown  (1330)  and  Betsey  H. 
(Brewster)  Harris, b.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Nov.  7,1870;  m.,  Norwich,  Conn., 
Mar.  30,  1898,  George  Warren  Davis,  son  of  Charles  C.  Davis.  Mr. 
Davis  is  a  farmer.   Res.,  Norwich,  Conn. 

Children,  b.  Norwich: 

1545.  Homer  Willard  Davis,  b.  June  7,  1900. 

1546.  Lucius  Pulsifer,  b.  Oct.  16,  1902. 

1547.  John  Mason,  b.  July  22,  1904. 

1548.  Catherine  Amelia,  b.  Aug.  21,  1906. 

1549.  Philip,  b. ;  d.  young. 

1550.  Harold  Tyler,  b.  Apr.,  1910. 

1551.  Ray  Buel,  b.  July  14,  1913. 

William  Palmer  Harris  (133 1),  son  of  Daniel  2d  and  Sabrina  (Brown) 
(1287)  Harris  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
1).,  Bozrah,  Conn.,  Nov.  12,  1811;  d.,  Groton,  Conn.,  June  27,  1884;  m. 
(1),  Griswold,  Conn.,  Nov.  12,1833,  Susan  Avery,  b.,  Griswold,  Sept.  30, 
[814;  d.,  Groton,  Sept.  24,  1845;  dau.  of  John  Avery,  4th,  of  Griswold, 
and  Mrs.  Clarina  Ayer  Halsey;  he  m.  (2),  Voluntown,  Conn.,  Mar.  18, 
1846,  Maria  Campbell,  b.,  Voluntown,  Aug.  19,  1819;  she  d.,  Groton, 
.Mar.  7,  1901;  dau.  of  Dr.  Harvey  Campbell  and  Sarah  Cook,  of  Volun- 
town. He  was  a  house  carpenter,  contractor,  and  deacon  of  the  Congre- 
gational Church,  of  Groton,  for  forty-three  years. 

Children,  by  first  in.: 

1552.  Louisa  Clarina  Harris,  b.  Oct.  27,  1834. 

1553.  William  Denison  Harris,  b.  Sept.  23,  1837;  d.,  Groton,  Aug. 

28,  1878;  m.,  Nov.  24,  1859,  Ellen  Chester,  dau.  of  Orlando 



and  Susan  (Osborn)  Chester.  Mr.  Harris  was  active  in 
church  work,  was  superintendent  of  the  Sunday-school  for 
a  number  of  years,  and  was  an  excellent  singer. 

Louisa  Clarina  Harris  (1552),  the  preceding,  b.,  Ledyard,  Conn.,  Oct. 
27, 1834;  d.,  Groton,  Conn.,  Feb.  14,  1912;  m.  (1),  Groton,  Dec.  10,  1857, 
Henry  William  Manning,  Jr.,  b.,  New  London,  Conn.,  Jan.  19,  1836;  d., 
Faribault,  Minn.,  Nov.  23,  1863;  son  of  Henry  William  and  Clarissa 
Lester  (Miller)  Manning,  of  New  London.  She  m.  (2),  Groton,  Oct.  24, 
1876,  Dr.  John  C.  Mills,  b.  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  d.,  Lake  Helen,  Fla., 
Apr.  11,  1891;  son  of  Henry  P.  and  Amy  (Coleman)  Mills.  He  was  a 
physician  and  druggist,  and  both  were  members  of  the  Methodist 
Church.    [See  1480.] 

Children,  by  first  m.,  b.  New  London: 

1554.  George  Hart  Manning,  b.  June  13,  1859;  d.  June  18,  i860. 

1555.  Susan  Avery,  b.  Nov.  6,  1861;  m.,  Lake  Helen,  Dec.  1,  1887, 

Charles  Emilus  Williams,  b.,  Mexico,  Oswego  Co.,  N.  Y., 
Dec.  17,  1849;  d.,  Groton,  Sept.  2,  19.12;  son  of  Emilus  and 
Eliza  R.  (Dowd)  Williams,  of  Mexico.  He  was  a  contractor 
and  carpenter,  and  both  members  of  the  Congregational 
Church.  Children:  (1)  Henry  Mills  Williams,  b.,  Lake 
Helen,  Sept.  27,  1888;  (2)  Louise  Ernestine,  b.,  Lake 
Helen,  Mar.  13,  1891,  d.  May  10,  1891;  (3)  Ruth,  b., 
Groton,  May  30,  1893.  Res.,  Monument  St.,  Groton, 
[Here  end  the  records  of  the  descendants  of  Reuben  Brown  (1258);  also 
the  records  of  Humphrey  Brown  (26)  (B.  G.,  p.  11).] 

The  following  are  the  records  of  Elizabeth  Brown  (29),  dau.  of  John 
Brown  (8),  son  of  Thomas  and  Mary  (Newhall)  Brown,  of  Lynn,  Mass., 
who  m.  Elizabeth  Miner. 

Elizabeth  Brown  (29),  b.  Mar.,  1697;  dau.  of  John  (8)  and  Elizabeth 
(Miner)  Brown,  his  wife  [B.  G.,  p.  12],  of  Thomas  and  Mary  (Newhall) 
Brown,  m.,  Dec.  3,  1719,  Samuel  Miner. 

Children : 

1556.  Elizabeth  Miner )      •       ,      .  o 

1557.  Rebecca  }twms,b.  Aug.  i8,  i7». 

1558.  Samuel,  b.  Mar.   14,  1723;  m.  Mrs.  Abigail  Miner  (1565- 


1559.  Nathan,  b.  July  16,  1724;  m.  Sarah  Smith  (1570-1575). 



1560.  David,  b.  Sept.  26,  1726;  m.  Mrs.  Bethia  Billings  (1576— 


1561.  John,  b.  Dec.  22,  1728. 

1562.  Elizabeth,  b.  Nov.  24,  1730;  m.  Elkanah  Hewitt  (1581-1589). 

1563.  Jonathan,  b.  Feb.  18,  1733. 

1564.  Anna,  b.  June  26,  1735. 

Samuel  Miner  (1558),  son  of  Samuel  Miner  and  Elizabeth  Brown  (29), 
m.,  July  14,  1752,  Mrs.  Abigail  Miner. 

1565.  Jonathan  Miner,  b.  Aug.  27,  1754. 




Elnathan,  b.  Apr.  5,  1756. 
Rebecca,  b.  May  27,  1759. 
Perez,  b.  July  25,  1760. 
Abigail,  b.  Aug.  16,  1766. 

Nathan  Miner  (1559),  brother  of  the  preceding,  m.,  Mar.  7,  1751, 
Sarah  Smith. 
Children : 

1570.  Deborah  Miner,  b.  Dec.  24,  1751. 

1571.  Richardson,  b.  Sept.  10,  1753;  m.  Katharine  Holmes  (1590- 


1572.  Sarah,  b.  Dec.  7,  1755. 

1573.  Elizabeth,  b.  July  15,  1759. 

1574.  Robert,  b.  Nov.  13,  1763;  m.  Marcy,  or  Mary,  Miner  (1595- 


1575.  Nathan,  b.  Sept.  23,  1764. 

David  Miner  (1560),  brother  of  the  preceding,  m.,  Nov.  14,  1753, 
Mrs.  Bethia  Billings,  widow  of  Amos  Billings. 

1576.  Amos  Miner,  b.  Aug.  30,  1754. 




David,  b.  Mar.  9,  1757. 

Elias,  b.  Oct.  31,  1759. 

Anna,  b.  Aug.  30,  1761. 

Jesse,  b.  Aug.  10,  1763;  m.  Hannah  Hillard  (1599-1603). 

Elizabeth  Miner  (1562),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Nov.  24,  1730;  m., 
Oct.  11,  1749,  Elkanah  Hewitt,  b.  May  10,  1723;  son  of  Elkanah  Hewitt 
and  Temperance  Keeney. 



Children : 

1581.  Lydia  Hewitt,  b.  Apr.  22,  1751. 

1582.  Thankful,  b.  Sept.  2,  1753. 

1583.  Rebecca,  b.  Jan.  19,  1756. 

1584.  Elkanah,  b.  Mar.  ig,  1759. 

1585.  Robert,  b.  June  2,  1760. 

1586.  Elizabeth,  b.  Mar.  2,  1763. 

1587.  Hannah,  b.  June  2,  1765. 

1588.  Roger,  b.  Dec.  18,  1767. 

1589.  Lot,  b.  May  2,  1770. 

Richardson  Miner  (1571),  son  of  Nathan  (1559)  and  Sarah  (Smith) 
Miner,  b.  Sept.  10,  1753;  m.,  1775,  Katharine  Holmes. 
Children : 

1590.  Samuel  Miner,  b.  Mar.  21,  1776;  m.  Nancy  Avery. 

1591.  Mary,  b.  Apr.  9,  1779. 

1592.  Martha,  b.  Dec.  8,  1781. 

1593.  Katharine,  b.  Mar.  1,  1785. 

1594.  Sarah,  b.  Apr.  18,  1787. 

Robert  Miner  (1574),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Nov.  13,  1763;  m., 
Feb.  10,  1788,  Mary  Miner,  b.  Mar.  26,  1767;  dau.  of  Christopher  Miner 
and  Mary  Randall. 

Children : 

1595.  Robert  Miner,  b.  Mar.  7,  1789. 

1596.  Gilbert,  b.  Dec.  26,  1791;  m.  Mary  Ann  Frink. 

1597.  Betsey,  b.  Feb.  18,  1795. 

1598.  William,  b.  Jan.  12,  1803. 

Jesse  Miner  (1580),  son  of  David  Miner  (1560)  and  Mrs.  Bethia  Bill- 
ings, b.  Aug.  10,  1761;  m.,  Feb.  24,  1803,  Hannah  Hillard,  of  Stonington, 

Children : 

1599.  Sally  Miner,  b.  Sept.  15,  1804. 

1600.  Eliza,  b.  Oct.  25,  1806. 

1601.  Jesse,  b.  Feb.  10,  1809. 

1602.  James,  b.  Mar.  7,  1812. 

1603.  Bertha,  b.  Aug.  20,  1815. 

[Wheeler's  Hist,  of  Stonington.] 



Jedediah  Brown  (34),  son  of  John  (8)  and  Elizabeth  (Miner)  Brown, 
b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Apr.  28,  1709;  d.  Jan.  15,  1732;  m.,  Nov.  27,  1728, 
Abigail  Holmes,  b.,  Stonington,  Feb.  28,  1703;  d.  June  6,  1732.  They 
both  d.  in  very  early  life,  and  both  are  buried  in  unmarked  graves  at 
the  Cedar  Swamp  on  lands  first  purchased  by  the  three  Brown  brothers. 

Children,  b.  Stonington: 

1604.  Jedediah  Brown,  Jr.,  b.  Mar.  4,  1729;  m.,  Dec.  19,  1751,  Mrs. 

Anna  Holmes.  Ten  children.   [See  B.  G.,  p.  20.] 

1605.  Lucian,  b.  Oct.  20,  1730.  Nothing  further  of  him. 

Abigail  Holmes  was  the  dau.  of  Joshua  Holmes,  b.  Aug.  20,  1678;  he 
lived  in  his  father's  family  in  Westerly,  R.  I.,  during  his  youth  and  young 
manhood.  Before  he  reached  his  majority,  he  became  acquainted  with 
Miss  Fear  Sturgess,  of  Yarmouth,  Mass.,  whose  house  he  often  visited, 
with  increasing  pleasure,  until  they  were  married,  Nov.  21,  1698.  Miss 
Sturgess  was  the  dau.  of  Edward  Sturgess,  who  came  to  this  country 
from  England  to  Charlestown,  Mass.,  in  1634,  and  settled  in  Yarmouth. 
Mr.  Holmes  bought  large  tracts  of  land  in  Stonington  [since  1807  No. 
Stonington],  near  Wyassup  Pond,  upon  which  he  built  a  dwelling- 
house  which  he  occupied  during  life.  They  had  nine  children,  and  in  this 
connection  they  will  be  given,  to  establish  the  Mayflower  connection  with 
Fear  Sturgess. 


Abigail  Chesebrough  (widow  of  Samuel2,  6s)  m.  (2),  June  15,  1675, 
Stonington,  Conn.,  Joshua  Holmes  (son  of  Robert  Holmes,  of  Stoning- 
ton, Conn.,  in  1670  a  landholder  and  tax-payer,  and  served  in  the  Colonial 
Indian  Wars) ;  after  his  marriage,  he  removed  to  Westerly,  R.  I. ;  he  served 
in  King  Philip's  War;  d.  Apr.  14,  1694,  Westerly,  R.  I.;  she  m.  (3),  July  4, 
1698,  Capt.  James  Avery  (only  child  of  Christopher  Avery). 
Children,  by  second  m.: 

I.    Mary,  d.  1751;  m.  Isaac  Thompson,  of  Westerly,  R.  I. 
II.    Joshua,  b.  Aug.  20,  1678;  m.  Fear  Sturgess. 

Mary  Holmes  (I)  m.,  1696,  Isaac  Thompson,  d.  1738. 

(1)  Mary  Thompson,  b.  July  1,  1697. 
Isaac,  b.  Sept.  26,  1698. 

(2)  Samuel,  b.  July  29,  1700. 

(3)  Abigail,  b.  Jan.  1,  1701. 

(4)  Sarah,  b.  Mar.  3,  1703;  m.  William  Champlin. 



(5)  William,  b.  Apr.  10,  1704;  m.,  Oct.  19,  1732,  Ruth  Thompson. 

(6)  Nathaniel,  b.  Dec.  31,  1705. 

(7)  Anna,  b.  Sept.  4,  1707. 

(8)  Elias,   b.    Nov.    14,    1708;    m.,    Mar.    24,    1736,    Thankful 


(9)  Mary,  b.  Mar.  18,  1710;  m.,  May  1,  1731,  Thomas  Noyes. 

(10)  Abigail,  b.  Oct.  14,  171 1. 

(11)  Bridget   (twin),  bap.   June   21,    1713;    m.,  June   11,    1730, 

Joshua  Champlin. 

(12)  Susanna  (twin),  bap.  June  21,  1713;  m.,  Dec.  9,  1730,  Jo- 

seph Babcock. 

(13)  Joshua,  b.  Aug.   13,   1714;   m.    (1),  Mar.   27,   1736,  Sarah 

Stanton,  of  Stonington,  Conn. 

(14)  Prudence,  b.  Mar.  11,  1716;  m.  Samuel  Champlin. 

Joshua  Holmes  (II),  son  of  Abigail  and  Joshua  Holmes,  b.  Aug.  20, 
1678;  d.  Nov.  23,  1729;  m.,  Nov.  21,  1698,  Fear  Sturgess,  of  Yarmouth 
(Cape  Cod),  Mass.  (dau.  of  Edward  Sturgess,  of  Charlestown,  Mass.,  a 
landholder  in  No.  Stonington,  Conn.);  she  d.  June  22,  1753. 


(15)  Joshua  Holmes,  b.  Aug.  14,  1700;  m.,  Dec.  6,  1721,  Mary 

Richardson  (24N). 

(16)  John,  b.  June  10,  1702;  m.  three  times. 

(17)  Abigail,  b.   Feb.   28,   1703;    m.,  Nov.   27,   1728,  Jedediah 

Brown  (son  of  John  Brown).    [B.  G.  34,  p.  12.] 

(18)  Temperance,  b.  Jan.  29,  1707;  m.  (1),  May  10,   1727,  John 

Smith,  of  Colchester,  Conn.;  m.  (2) . 

(19)  Thankful,  b.  Nov.  12,  1708;  m.,  Jan.  20,  1729,  William  Swan 

(son  of  John  and  Susanna  Swan),  b.,  Haverhill,  Mass., 
June  24,  1706. 

(20)  Thomas,  b.  Jan.  1,  1711;  m.  Margaret  Frink. 

(21)  Mary,  b.  Mar.  19,  1712;  m.  (1),  Feb.  26,  1735,  Elias  Palmer; 

m.  (2)  Lieut.  John  Randall. 

(22)  Bethiah,  b.  July  29,  1715;  m.  (1),  Nov.  24,  1739,  Benajah 

Billings;  m.  (2)  David  Miner. 

(23)  Marvin,  b.  Nov.  17,  1717;  m.,  Nov.  19,  1740,  Asa  Swan,  b., 

Stonington,  Conn.,  June  4,  1712;  son  of  John  and  Susanna 
Swan.  Asa  Swan  and  his  brother,  John  Swan,  b.,  Haver- 
hill, Mass.,  Dec.  28,  1700,  lived  on  adjoining  farms  on 
Swantown  Hill,  in  No.  Stonington,  vested  in  them  equally 
after  their  father's  decease. 



Mahitabel  Brown  (35),  dau.  of  John  (9)  and  Elizabeth  (Miner)  Brown, 
son  of  Thomas  and  Mary  (Newhall)  Brown,  of  Lynn,  Mass,  b.,  Stoning- 
ton,  Conn.,  Aug.,  1712;  m.  (1),  Stonington,  Jan.  13,  1731,  "by  ye  Rev. 
Mr.  Ebenezer  Russell,"  Nathaniel  Swan,  b.,  Stonington  (Swantown 
Hill),  Apr.  13,  1709,  the  first  child  b.  in  Stonington  by  the  name  of  Swan. 
The  coming  of  John  Swan  to  Swantown  Hill  was  when  the  country  was  in 
a  primitive  state,  and  this  great  Hill  was  one  vast  forest  where  the  wood- 
man awoke  the  echoes  with  his  axe  to  let  in  the  sunlight,  and  there  to 
stir  the  earth  and  scatter  the  seed.  Hither  came  Mahitabel  Brown  Swan, 
then  a  bride,  five  miles  away  from  her  home,  where  her  father  had  made 
an  early  settlement,  in  1680. 

A  sketch  of  the  Swan  family  will  here  be  given,  then  will  follow  the 
children  of  the  above. 

"The  first  known  of  John  Swan,  the  father  of  Nathaniel  above,  was 
when  he  was  living  in  Haverhill,  Mass.  He  m.  Mrs.  Susannah  Wood 
Aug.  1,  1699,  dau.  of  Philip  Eastman  and  granddau.  of  Roger  Eastman. 
Her  first  m.  was  to  Thomas  Wood,  May  16,  1693.  Thomas  and  child 
Susannah  were  killed  by  the  Indians  Mar.  15,  1697.  They  lived  in  Haver- 
hill until  1707,  where  three  of  their  children  were  born. 

"Haverhill  was  a  frontier  town  of  nearly  70  years,  and  but  few  towns 
suffered  so  severely  from  the  Indians.  At  this  period  we  can  have  but  a 
faint  conception  of  the  sufferings  of  the  inhabitants.  Surrounded  by  an 
immense  and  mostly  unexplored  forest,  constantly  exposed  to  the  attacks 
of  savages,  are  circumstances  that  make  us  wonder  why  they  should 
continue  to  march  onward  and  onward  into  the  wilderness, —  terrific  for 
its  extent, —  and  unfurl  the  banner  of  civilization  under  the  very  shadow 
of  the  enemies'  wigwam.  Thus  did  John  Swan  and  his  heroic  wife  begin 
their  home  in  Haverhill. 

"Two  Indians  attacked  their  house.  Mrs.  Swan  saw  them  approach- 
ing, and  they  determined,  if  possible,  to  save  their  own  lives  and  the 
lives  of  their  children  from  the  knives  of  the  ruthless  butchers.  They  im- 
mediately placed  themselves  against  the  door.  The  Indians  rushed 
against  it,  but  finding  it  could  not  be  easily  opened,  they  commenced 
their  operations  more  systematically.  One  of  them  placed  his  back 
against  it,  so  that  he  could  make  his  whole  strength  bear  upon  it,  while 
the  other  pushed  against  him.  The  strength  of  the  besiegers  was  greater 
than  that  of  the  besieged,  and  Mr.  Swan,  almost  despaired  of  saving 
himself  and  family,  said  to  his  wife  that  he  thought  it  would  be  better  to 
let  them  come  in.  But  his  resolute  and  courageous  wife  had  no  such  in- 
tentions. The  Indians  had  now  succeeded  in  partly  opening  the  doo/,  and 



one  of  them  was  crowding  himself  in,  while  the  other  was  pushing  lustily 
after.  The  heroic  wife  saw  that  there  was  no  time  for  parleying.  She 
seized  her  spit  (an  iron  about  three  feet  long,  pointed  at  the  end  for  hold- 
ing meat  over  a  fire  for  cooking),  —  a  deadly  weapon  in  the  hands  of  a 
woman,  as  it  proved, — and,  collecting  all  the  strength  she  possessed,  drove 
it  through  the  body  of  the  foremost.  This  was  too  warm  a  reception  for 
the  Indians,  and  was  a  resistance  from  a  source,  and  with  a  weapon,  they 
little  expected;  and  surely,  who  else  would  ever  think  of  spitting  a  man? 
Thus,  by  the  heroic  courage  of  a  wife  and  mother,  this  family  was  saved 
from  a  bloody  grave." 

This  record  came  wholly  from  tradition.  It  was  related  by  an  aged 
and  venerable  gentleman  who  had  often  heard  it  told  by  his  grandfather. 
— "Mirick."   History  of  Haverhill,  by  Geo.  W.  Chase,  p.  223. 

John  Swan  removed  to  Stonington  with  his  family  in  the  year  1707, 

locating  himself  on  what  is  now  No.  Stonington,  known  as  Swantown 

Hill,  where  the  rest  of  his  children  were  born.  He  d.  May  15,  1743,  aged 

seventy-five  years;  she  d.  Mar.  20,  1772,  in  the  hundredth  year  of  her 

age;  buried  in  No.  Stonington,  one  mile  north  of  the  village. 

In  memory  of  Capt.  John  Swan  died  May  ye  15th,  1743  in  ye  75th  year  of  his  age. 
In  memory  of  Mrs.  Susanna,  wife  of  Capt.  John  Swan.    She  died  March  the  20th 
AD  1772  in  the  100th  year  of  her  age. 

Their  children: 

I.    John  Swan,  b.,  Haverhill,  Dec.  28,  1700;  m.  Lucy  Denison. 
II.    Ruth,  b.,  Haverhill,  Dec.  31,  1703;  m.,  Feb.  8, 1726,  Rev.  John 
Wight,  of  Preston,  Conn. 

III.  William,  b.,  Haverhill,  June  24,  1706;  m.  Thankful  Holmes. 

IV.  Nathaniel,  b.,  Stonington,  Apr.  13,  1709;  m.  Mahitabel  Brown. 
V.    Asa,  b.,  Stonington,  June  4,  1712;  m.  Marvin  Holmes. 

VI.    Elizabeth,  b.,  Stonington,  May  14,  1715;  m.,  Dec.  19,  1737, 

Tebadiak  Andros. 
VII.    Timothy,  b.  Sept.  2,  1721;  m.  Mary  Smith. 
[Wheeler's  Hist,  of  Stonington,  p.  611.] 

Children  of  Nathaniel  Swan  and  Mahitabel  Brown,  b.  Stonington 
(Swantown  Hill) : 

(1)  Robert  Swan,  b.  Dec.  14,  1731;  m.  Abigail  Randall. 

(2)  Nathaniel,  b.  Oct.  n,  1733. 

(3)  Jedediah,  b.  Aug.  5,  1735. 

(4)  Jesse,  b.  Dec.  29,  1737;  m.  Elizabeth  Baldwin. 

(5)  Lois,  b.  Oct.  14,  1741;  d.  Oct.  14,  1741. 



(6)  Ruth,  b.  Jan.  3,  1743;  d.  Feb.  9,  1745-46. 

(7)  Amos,  b.  Jan.  23,  1745. 

Robert  Swan  (1)  m.,  Stonington,  Jan.  21,  1754,  Abigail  Randall,  b. 
Jan.  13,  1734;  dau.  of  Lieut.  John  Randall  and  Dorothy  Cottrell. 
Children,  b.  Stonington: 

(8)  Robert  Swan,  b.  Jan.  3,  1755. 

(9)  Gilbert,  b.  May  18,  1756. 

(10)  Lois,  b.  Sept.  27,  1758. 

(11)  Peleg,  b.  Mar.  5,  1761. 

(12)  Lucy,  b.  Nov.  12,  1763. 

(13)  Esther,  b.  Mar.  16,  1766. 

(14)  Jedediah,  b.  Mar.  23,  1769. 

(15)  Miner,  b.  Mar.  3,  1772. 

Jesse  Swan  (4),  son  of  Nathaniel  and  Mahitabel  (Brown)  (35)  Swan, 
b.  Dec.  29,  1737;  m.,  Nov.  24,  1764, Elizabeth  Baldwin,  b.  June  23,  1745; 
dau.  of  John  Baldwin,  of  Stonington,  and  Mary  Clark. 

Children,  b.  Stonington: 

(16)  Lucinda  Swan,  b.  Nov.  16,  1765. 

(17)  Ziba,  b.  Nov.  17,  1767;  m.  Elizabeth  Palmer. 

(18)  Eunice,  b.  Mar.  22,  1770. 

(19)  Jesse,  b.  Aug.  11,  1772. 

(20)  Polly,  b.  Apr.  30,  1775. 

(21)  Nathaniel )      .       ,     x 

(22)  John  (twins,  b.  Jan.  9,  1778. 

(23)  Elizabeth,  b.  Mar.  12,  1780. 

(24)  Priscilla  )  J    .       .     ,, 

)    \  ■».,  -twins,  b.  May  t,o,  1787. 

(25)  Mary      \  '  J  °        '    ' 

[This  completes  Mahitabel  Brown's  (35)  and  Nathaniel  Swan's  descend- 
ants, of  John  Brown  (8)  and  Elizabeth  Miner.] 

The  following  records  are  repeated  here  from  B.  G.  (pp.  12,  13), to  give 
additional  records. 

Eleazer  Brown  (11),  son  of  Thomas  and  Mary  (Newhall)  Brown,  of 
Lynn,  Mass.,  b.,  Lynn,  Aug.  5,  1670;  d.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Nov.  30, 
1734;  m.,  Oct.  18,  1693,  Ann  Pendleton,  dau.  of  Capt.  James  and  Hannah 
(Goodenow)  Pendleton,  b.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Nov.  12,  1667;  d.  aged  sixty 
years.  His  house  stood  in  the  eastern  part  of  lands  purchased  by  the  three 
Brown  brothers,  twenty-five  rods  south  of  the  Brown  Cemetery  and 



north  of  the  Miner  Meeting-house.    Probably  these  were  the  first  inter- 
ments in  these  grounds,  His  will  in  B.  G.  (p.  544). 

Children,  b.  Stonington;  the  numbers  here  given  the  same  as  in  B.  G.: 

37.  Jonathan  Brown,  b.  July  12,  1694;  m.  Elizabeth  Pendleton 


38.  James,  b.  June  1,  1696;  m.  Elizabeth  Randall. 

39.  Eleazer,  b.  May  4,  1698;  m.  Temperance  Holmes. 

40.  Annah,  b.  Feb.  1,  1700;  m.  Dea.  Thomas  Main;  they  had 

nine  children.    [B.  G.,  p.  113;  also  B.  and  M.  G.,  p.  50.] 

41.  Ebenezer,  b.  Jan.  28,  1702;  d.  Mar.  4,  1725;  m.,  Apr.  5,  1723, 

Elizabeth  Main,  b.,  Stonington,  1702-03;  dau.  of  Jeremiah 
and  Ruth  (Brown)  Main.     [B.  and  M.  G.  266,  p.  49.] 

42.  Mary,  b.  Nov.  28,  1703;  m.  Elder  Wait  Palmer,  the  first 

pastor  of  the  First  Baptist  Church,  No.  Stonington.  They 
had  seven  children.   [B.  G.,  p.  113.] 

43.  Hannah,  b.  Dec.  12,  1705;  d.  Jan.  4,  1727;  m.,  Mar.  24,  1725, 

Wm.  Wilcox,  b.  June  3,  1703;  d.  Dec.  27,  1757. 

44.  Patience,  b.  Dec.  28,  1707;  m.,  Dec.  17,  1735,  Clement  West. 

45.  Abigail,  b.  Feb.  3,  1712;  m.,  Mar.  22,  1731,  James  Pendleton. 

They  had  seven  children.  [For  their  records,  see  B.  G., 
p.  489.] 

46.  Ruth,  b.  June  30,   1714;  m.,  Stonington,   1733,  Benjamin 

Randall,  b.  June  2,  1715;  d.  June  15,  1811.  They  settled 
in  Colchester,  Conn.  He  was  admitted  freeman  there 
Dec.  6,  1763,  but  was  there  probably  several  years  before 
i.his  date.  He  is  represented  as  possessing  great  physical 
powers  and  endurance.  Children:  (1)  Elias  Randall,  b. 
1734;  (2)  Sylvester,  b. ;  d. ;  (3)  Amos. 

Jonathan  Brown  [B.  G.  37],  son  of  Eleazer  (n)  and  Ann  (Pendleton) 
Brown,  son  of  Thomas  and  Mary  (Newhall)  Brown,  b.  July  12,  1694; 
m.  Elizabeth  Pendleton;  she  was  baptized  June  25,  1699,  in  First  Church, 
Stonington,  Conn.  They  lived  upon  land  inherited  by  Ann  Pendleton 
from  her  father,  James.  No  list  of  the  children  of  Jonathan  and  Eliza- 
beth (Pendleton)  Brown  appears  upon  the  vital  records  of  Westerly, 
but  the  land  and  probate  records  of  the  town  give  us  four  of  their  names. 
From  the  foregoing  records  we  may  set  down  the  issue  of  Jonathan  and 
Elizabeth  (Pendleton)  Brown  in  about  the  following  order. 

Children : 

I.    Jonathan  Brown,  Jr.,  m.,  Sept.  30,  1742,  Elizabeth  Burroughs. 



He  may  also  have  been  the  Jonathan  Brown  who  m., 
Westerly,  Mar.  i,  1757,  Elizabeth  Burdick  [Westerly  Rec], 
although  this  record  would  be  equally  applicable  to  his 
namesake  already  referred  to,  as  would  also  be  the  follow- 
ing: "29th  Dec.,  1760,  Elizabeth  Brown,  widow,  was 
apptd.  admx.  of  the  estate  of  Jonathan  Brown  Jr.,  and  on 
the  26th  Oct.,  1761,  she  appeared  before  the  Council  and 
presented  an  account  against  the  estate  for  'keeping  two  of 
the  deceased's  Orphan  Children  forty  weeks  each.' "  [West- 
erly C.  &  P.  Rec,  III,  636,  677.]  Still,  on  the  17th  of  Oct., 
1768,  "Elizabeth  Brown,  widow  of  Jonathan  Brown, late  of 
Westerly,  dec,"  m.  John  Moon,  of  Exeter.  We  do  not  find 
that  the  other  Jonathan  Brown  was  ever  at  Westerly. 
[Pendleton  Gen.,  by  Everett  Pendleton.] 

II.    Eleazer,  d.,  probably,  in  the  French  and  Indian  War;  m., 
Nov.  10,  1742,  Sarah  Die  [Dye]  [Second  Ch.  Ston.] 

III.  Elizabeth,  b.  1724;  d.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Sept.  15,  1813,  aged 
eighty-nine  years  [G.  S.];  m.,  Nov.  9,  1743,  William  Brom- 
ley. [First  Ch.  Ston.  Rec].  Their  children  are  given  upon 
the  Westerly  Records,  and  William  Bromley's  will  is  also 
to  be  found  there.  They  were  the  parents  of  that  Perry 
Bromley  whose  marriage  to  Dorcas  Pendleton  was  the 
source  of  much  perplexity. 

IV.  Ebenezer,  b.  1724-25;  d.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  10, 
1816,  aged  ninety-two  years.  He  operated  a  grist-mill  at 
Westerly,  near  the  east  end  of  the  Pawcatuck  Bridge, 
until  about  1799,  when  he  bought  a  seventy-six  acre  farm 
in  No.  Stonington,  where  he  lived  the  rest  of  his  life.  The 
gravestone  beside  his,  names  as  his  wife  Abigail,  who  d. 
Sept.  12,  181 1,  aged  sixty-five  [B.  G.,  p.  533].  She  was 
probably  his  second  wife,  as  there  seems  no  doubt  but 
that  he  was  the  Ebenezer  Brown  who  m.,  Westerly,  Feb.  5, 
1756,  Anna  Wells,  of  Stonington,  and  had  children  [re- 
corded upon  Westerly  Rec]:  Caleb,  Hannah,  Lydia,  John, 
Amy,  Sarah,  Dorothy,  and  Nathan.  On  Oct.  25,  1790, 
Capt.  Caleb  Brown  was  appointed  guardian  of  Ebenezer 
Brown  and  family.  [West.  C.  &  P.  Rec,  V,  55.]  Only  one 
child  of  Ebenezer 's  is  referred  to  in  B.  G.,  and  this  one  is 
called  Joshua,  b.  1782.   [Pendleton  Gen.,  p.  70.] 



Ebenezer  Brown  (IV),  son  of  Jonathan  (37),  son  of  Eleazer  Brown  (11) 
and  Ann  Pendleton,  b.  1724-25;  d.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  10, 
1816,  aged  ninety-two  years;  m.  Abigail  Davis,  d.  Sept.  12,  181 1,  aged 
sixty- five  years.  He  lived  in  Westerly,  R.  I.,  and  owned  considerable  real 
estate.  On  the  first  map  of  Westerly,  published  in  1 795,  is  given  "  Brown's 
Mill"  (grist-mill),  running  two  sets  of  stones  near  the  east  end  of  Paw- 
catuck  Bridge,  by  which  name  the  village  was  known  for  many  years. 
He  sold  his  mill  in  Westerly  and  bought  a  farm  in  the  eastern  part  of 
No.  Stonington  one  mile  west  of  Clark's  Falls,  but  not  on  the  highway; 
it  is  entered  near  the  home  of  Daniel  Wright,  a  long-time  resident  on 
the  road  that  leads  to  Boom  Bridge.  He  removed  to  this  farm  in  1799, 
where  he  spent  his  remaining  days.  The  house  is  still  standing,  but 
has  been  for  a  long  time  vacant.  From  a  well-kept  and  walled  burying- 
ground  near  the  old  house  many  of  these  records  were  taken. 

Deed  from  Reuben  Hall  to  Ebenezer  Brown  is  in  the  possession  of 
Elmer  Y.  Brown  (17 18),  of  No.  Stonington,  Conn. 

The  No.  Stonington  Records  show  by  deed  given  by  Ebenezer  Brown 
in  18 10  that  he  had  issue. 


Henry  Brown,  b. 

1606.  Denison,  b.  about  1780;  m.  Sarah  Main  (1608-1621). 

1607.  Joshua,  b.,  No.   Stonington,   Conn.,   1782;  m.  Phebe  


Denison  Brown  (1606),  son  of  Ebenezer  and  Abigail  (Davis)  Brown, 
b.  about  1780;  m.  Sarah  Main.  He  lived  in  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  near 
Billings  Pond,  also  a  short  distance  south  in  West  Ashwillet.  The  names 
and  records  of  their  children  that  follow  were  taken  from  a  Bible  in  pos- 
session of  George  C.  Brown,  in  Stonington,  near  Old  Mystic,  Conn.  The 
ancestry  of  Sarah  Main,  dau.  of  Benajah  Main  and  Dolly  Woodward 
[B.  &  M.  G.  2140,  p.  245];  she  was  probably  b.  in  Ledyard,  Conn., 
about  1786-87. 

Note. — The  following  paragraph  is  written  to  correct  error  on  p.  245,  B.  &  M.  G- 

Benajah  Main,  b.  Sept.  5,  1749;  son  of  Thomas  Main,  b.,  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Feb.  12,  1721;  m.,  Feb.  3,  1742,  Mary  Pendleton,  dau.  of  Dea. 
Thomas  and  Annah  (Brown)  Main,  dau.  of  Eleazer  and  Ann  (Pendleton) 
Brown.    [B.  G.,  pp.  12,  13.] 

Children  of  Denison  and  Sarah  (Main)  Brown,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1608.  Almira  Main  Brown,  b.  Feb.  12,  1809;  m.  Henry  D.  Lamphere 




1609.  Denison  Ledyard,  b.  May  9,  181 1;  m.  Lucy  M.  Adams  (1635). 

1610.  Caleb,  b.  1813;  d.  1816. 

1611.  William  Alfred,  b.  1816;  m.,  and  had  dau.,  who  m.  and  left 

one  child. 

1612.  Ralph    Randall,  b.   1818;   m. Wheeler;  they  lived  in 

Preston,  Conn.  Mr.  Brown  was  a  prominent  citizen  of 
Preston.  He  served  three  years  in  the  Civil  War,  in  the 
1st  Conn.  Cavalry.  They  had  six  children:  Louisa,  Lucy, 
Sarah,  Herbert  R.,  Lydia,  and  Augusta. 

1613.  Caleb  C,  b.  1820;  m.  (1)  sister  to  wife  of  Ralph  R.  Brown; 

m.  (2)  Mary  A.  Worden.    No  issue. 

1614.  Eliza  A.,  b.  1822;  m.  William  Madison  Dewey  (1639-1650). 

1615.  Benjamin  Avery,  b.   July   27,    1824;   m.  Julia  Ett   Crumb 


1616.  Sarah  B.,  b.  1826;  m.  (1)  Joseph  Dewey;  m.  (2)  John  Galup 


161 7.  Thomas  Lamson,b.  1828;  m.,  and  had  a  son,  Ulmer.  Did  not 

answer  queries. 

1618.  Abby  M.,  b.  1830;  unm.;  deceased. 

1619.  James  F.,  b.  Apr.  1,  1832;  d.  young. 

1620.  George  Calvin,  b.  Feb.  19,  1835;  m.  Martha  Jane  Boss  (1654- 


1621.  Lucy  M.,  b.  Aug.  16,  1837;  d.  young. 

Joshua  Brown  (1607),  son  of  Ebenezer  and  Abigail  (Davis)  Brown 
[Jonathan  (37),  Eleazer  (11),  Thomas,  who  m.  Mary  Newhall,  of  Lynn, 
Mass.],  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  1782;  d.  Apr.  20,  1855,  aged  seventy- 
three  years.  Hem.Phebe ,  b.  1788;  d.  Oct.  3, 1861.  Buried  in  a  family 

plot  on  the  farm  of  Ebenezer  Brown,  and  well-kept,  near  Clark's  Falls, 
in  No.  Stonington. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1622.  Randall  S.  Brown,  b.  1805;  d.  Nov.  5,  1840. 

1623.  Denison  W.,  b.  1807;  m.  Julia  Brown  (1698-1704). 

1624.  Erastus  W.,  b.  1810;  m.  Celia  A.  Edwards  (i705-i707a). 

1625.  Benajah  P.,  b.  1820;  d.  aged  sixteen  years. 

Almira  Main  Brown  (1608),  dau.  of  Denison  Brown  (1606)  and  Sally 
Main,  his  wife,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Feb.  12,  1809;  d.,  Preston, 
Conn.,  Oct.  21,  1861;  m.,  No.  Stonington,  Henry  D.  Lamphere,  b., 
Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Dec.  22,  1815;  d.,  Preston,  Nov.,  1899;  son  of  Asa 
Lamphere  and  Grace,  his  wife,  of  No.  Stonington.  Both  were  members  of 
the  Baptist  Church. 



Children,  the  first  three  b.  No.  Stonington;  six,  Preston: 

1626.  Harriet    Frances   Lamphere,    b. ;    m.   William    Ingram 


1627.  Lucy  Ann,  b.  Mar.   23,   1835;  m.  William  Denison  Hoxie 


1628.  Denison  Ledyard,  b.  June  8,  1837;  d.,  Preston,  Dec.  11,  1910; 

m.  Julia  Lewis.  Res.,  Preston,  Conn.  They  had  three  chil- 
dren, two  of  whom  are  deceased.  Their  son  Charles 
Lamphere  is  living  in  Norwich,  Conn. 

1629.  Henry  Austin,  b.  Dec.  3,  1839;  he  was  in  the  Civil  War, 

Sergeant  in  Co.  K,  1 2th  Conn.  Vols.  He  d.  at  New  Orleans, 

1630.  Abby  Jane,  b.  Dec.  10,  1841;  m.  (1)  Oliver  A.  Ecclestone;  m. 

(2)  Sidney  C.  Williams  (1671^-1674). 

1631.  Benjamin  Franklin,  b.  May  13,  1844.    He  was  a  mason  and 

contractor.  He  was  in  the  Civil  War  and  was  twice  m.; 
both  wives  deceased.    No  issue. 

1632.  Nicholas  Lorenzo,  b.  Nov.  28,  1846;  m.  (1)  Sarah  Kenyon, 

deceased;  m.  (2)  Mercy  Larkin  (i674a-i674g). 

1633.  Sarah  Bishop,  b.  May  22,  1849;  m.,  Moosup,  Conn.,  Apr.  8, 

1873,  Phineas  W.  Davis,  d.,  Voluntown,  Conn.,  May  5, 
1892;  he  was  a  farmer  and  spent  practically  all  his  married 
life  in  Voluntown.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Civil  War.  No 
issue.  Mrs.  Davis  assisted  in  procuring  these  records.  Her 
res.,  Voluntown,  Conn. 

1634.  Almira  Main,  b.  Sept.  22,  1852;  m.,  Preston,  Oct.  21,  1871, 

Sidney  A.  Williams;  after  the  death  of  his  wife,  he  m.  (2) 
her  sister  Abby  J. 

Denison  Ledyard  Brown  (1609),  son  of  Denison  (1606)  and  Sarah 
(Main)  Brown,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  9,  1811;  d.,  Nor- 
wich, Conn.,  May  31,  1836;  m.,  Oct.  19,  1834,  Lucy  M.  Adams,  b., 
Plainfield,  Conn.,  June  14,  1808;  d.  June  10,  1837;  dau.  of  Daniel 
Meacham  Adams  and  Lois  Parkhurst.  Mr.  Brown  was  killed  while 
blasting  a  ledge,  supposing  the  fuse  had  gone  out,  at  Greenville,  Norwich, 
at  the  present  location  of  the  Third  Baptist  Church;  his  wife,  while 
standing  in  the  doorway,  saw  the  sad  accident. 


1635.  Denison  Ledyard  Brown,  Jr.,  b.,  Norwich,  Nov.  26,  1836; 

d.,  Providence,  R.  I.,  Mar.  15,  1909;  m.,  Norwich,  Mar.  12, 



1867,  Hattie  Almeda  Mott,  b.,  Lebanon,  Conn.,  Nov.  10, 
1843;  d.,  Jewett  City,  Conn.,  Aug.  23,  1885;  dau.  of  Morgan 
Mott  and  Harriet  E.  McNeil,  of  Bozrah,  Conn.  Being 
left  an  orphan  at  the  age  of  seven  months,  he  was  adopted 
by  his  mother's  sister,  Sally  Adams,  who  afterward  mar- 
ried Duncan  McAllester,  of  Norwich.  In  the  year  1850 
he,  with  his  foster  parents,  removed  to  Colchester,  Conn., 
where  he  continued  to  reside  until  the  year  1864,  his  sum- 
mers being  spent  on  the  Lane  farm,  and  his  winters  in  the 
Hayward  Rubber  Works  in  Colchester,  with  the  exception 
of  one  winter  when  he  taught  the  Chestnut  Hill  District 
School.  He  enlisted  as  a  private  in  Co.  H,  21st  Conn.  Vol. 
Infantry,  Aug.  8,  1862;  was  promoted  to  2d  Lieutenant  of 
same  company  Sept.  5, 1862 ;  and  was  honorably  discharged, 
at  Pleasant  Valley,  Md.,  Oct.  n,  1862,  being  obliged  to 
resign  on  account  of  physical  disabilities  incurred  while 
in  camp  at  Arlington  Heights,  Va.,  and  from  which  dis- 
abilities he  never  fully  recovered.  He  was  converted  at 
Willimantic  Camp-meeting  in  i860,  and  joined  the  church 
at  Colchester.  The  church  gave  him  license  to  exhort,  in 
1861,  and  to  preach,  in  1863.  In  1864,  having  entered  the 
ministry  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  he  removed 
from  Colchester  and  became  the  pastor  of  the  Methodist 
Episcopal  Church  at  Square  Pond,  now  Diamond  Lake, 
Conn.  In  the  spring  of  1865  he  joined  the  New  England 
Southern  Conference  [then  called  the  Providence  Con- 
ference] and  served  as  the  pastor  of  the  following  churches: 
1865-67,  East  Thompson;  1868-69,  Staff ordville;  1S70-71, 
East  Glastonbury;  1872,  Greenville;  1873-74,  Wapping 
[all  of  these  churches  were  located  in  Connecticut];  1875- 
76,  Dighton,  Mass.;  1877-79,  Warehouse  Point,  Conn.; 
1880,  Attawaugan,  Conn.;  1881-82;  Mystic,  Conn,  [now 
known  as  Old  Mystic];  1883-84,  North  Grosvenordale, 
Conn.;  1885,  Jewett  City,  Conn.;  1S86,  Hockanum,  Conn.; 
1887-89,  Nantasket,  Mass.;  1890,  Arnold's  Mills,  R.  I.; 
1 891,  Hope,  R.  L;  1892-93,  Wickford,  R.  I. 

In  1894,  because  of  failing  health,  he  took  a  super- 
annuated relation  and  removed  to  Providence,  in  which 
city  he  lived  until  his  death,  Mar.  15,  1909.  From  1894  to 
1896  he  supplied  the  Wanskuck  Church,  and  largely  through 



his  efforts  a  neat  and  commodious  chapel  was  erected.  He 
served  as  Chaplain  of  the  G.  A.  R.  Post  at  Wickford,  and 
as  Chaplain  and  Adjutant  of  Slocum  Post  of  Providence. 
For  seven  years  he  was  connected  with  the  Evening  Telegram 
as  Grand- Army  correspondent.  He  also  occupied  for  sev- 
eral years  a  position  of  trust  in  the  Conference  as  Treasurer 
of  Conference  Claimants'  Fund.  He  never  forgot  his  spir- 
itual birthplace,  Willimantic  Camp-ground,  and  for  several 
years  rendered  efficient  services  as  a  member  of  the  exec- 
utive committee,  at  the  same  time  reporting  for  the  Hart- 
ford Courant  during  camp-meeting  week.  As  a  preacher  he 
was  scriptural,  methodical,  earnest,  and  instructive.  He 
was  a  student  of  the  Bible,  and  most  heartily  believed  and 
taught  what  he  found  therein.  Such  a  preacher  could  not 
fail  to  interest  his  hearers  and  to  build  up  his  churches. 
Children : 

1636.  Mabel  Hattie  Brown,  b.,  Staffordville,  Conn.,  May  13,  1868; 

d.  Oct.  2,  1868. 

1637.  Wilbur  Denison,  b.,  East  Glastonbury,  Conn.,  June  15,  1870; 

m.,  Fall  River,  Mass.,  Oct.  9,  1901,  Lottie  Freeman  Doane, 
b.,  Chatham,  Mass.,  Feb.  5,  1872;  dau.  of  Jonathan  F. 
Doane  and  Maria  F.  Hunt,  of  Chatham.  Mr.  Brown  is  in 
the  insurance  business,  Providence,  and  he  furnished  com- 
plete records  of  his  father  and  grandfather.  No  issue.  Res., 
Providence,  R.  I.;  P.  O.  Box  1496. 

1638.  Herbert  Morgan,  b.,  Dighton,  Mass.,  Dec.  1,  1875;  d.  there 

Aug.  29,  1876. 

Eliza  Ann  Brown  (1614),  dau.  of  Denison  (1606)  and  Sarah  (Main) 
Brown,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  1822;  d.,  Old  Mystic,  Conn.;  m. 
William  Madison  Dewey. 


1639.  Harriet  Dewey,  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  1844;  d.  1852. 

1640.  Charles,  b.,  Stonington,  1846;  d.  1852. 

1641.  Mary,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  1848;  d.  1852. 

1642.  Horace  Benjamin,  b.,  Voluntown,  Conn.,  1850;  m. . 

1643.  Ann  E.,  b.,  Voluntown,  1852. 

1644.  Israel  Walter,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Nov.  25,  1853;  m.  Anna  M. 

Bailey  (1675-1685). 

1645.  Joseph  A.,  b.,  Groton,  Conn.,  1854;  d.  in  infancy. 



,     '    „,.  ,      -twins,  b.,  Groton,  185s;  d.  in  infancy. 

1647.  Elisha  ) 

1648.  George  D.,  b.,  Groton,  1859. 

1649.  Maty  Emeline,  b.,  Preston,  Conn.,  1863. 

1650.  Joseph  Nelson,  b.,  Old  Mystic,  1867. 

Benjamin  Avery  Brown  (161 5),  son  of  Denison  (1606)  and  Sarah 
(Main)  Brown,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  July  27,  1824;  d.,  Old  Mystic, 
Conn.,  July  18,  1904;  m.,  Old  Mystic,  Jan.  5,  1851,  Julia  Ett  Crumb,  b., 
Fort  Hill,  Groton,  Conn.,  May  17,  1823;  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Eunice  (Tift) 
Crumb,  of  Groton.  Mr.  Brown  was  a  farmer,  Prohibitionist,  and  Metho- 
dist.  Mrs.  Brown  is  [1914]  living  in  Old  Mystic,  in  good  health. 


1651.  Ella  Arlena  Brown,  b.,  Groton,  Nov.  24,  1852.   She  is  making 

a  home  for  her  aged  mother,  is  industrious  and  intelligent, 
assisting  in  collecting  these  family  records.  Without  her 
untiring  assistance  many  of  these  families  would  have  had 
no  recognition. 

Sarah  B.  Brown  (1616),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  1826;  m.  (1)  Joseph 
Dewey;  m.  (2)  John  Gallup,  no  issue;  divorced  and  name  changed  back 
to  Dewey.  She  lives  near  her  brother,  Geo.  C.  Brown.  Dau.,  by  first  m. : 
Jane  Dewey,  who  d.  young. 

Thomas  Lamson  Brown  (1617),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.   1828; 

m. . 


1653.  Ulmer  Brown,  b. 

George  Calvin  Brown  (1620),  son  of  Denison  (1606)  and  Sarah  (Main) 
Brown  [Ebenezer,  Jonathan  (37),  Eleazer  (n),  Thomas,  b.,  Lynn,  Mass., 
1628],  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Feb.  19,  1835;  m.,  Stonington,  Conn., 
May  3,  i860,  Martha  Jane  Boss,  b.,  Richmond,  R.  L,  Aug.  28,  1840;  dau. 
of  Joseph  and  Katurah  (Larkin)  Boss,  of  Hopkinton,  R.  I.  Mr.  and  Mrs. 
Brown  live  near  Old  Mystic,  Conn.,  with  their  son  Herman  E.  They  lived 
a  quiet,  unassuming  life,  and  it  was  at  their  home  the  compiler  found  the 
records  of  his  father  and  mother  and  fourteen  children. 

Children,  the  las'  four  b.  Stonington: 

1654.  Lucy  E.  Brown,  b.,  Ledyard,  Conn.,  Apr.  26,  1863;  d.  1865. 

1655.  Herman  E.,  b.,  Ledyard,  Mar.  3,  1866;  unm.   Farmer. 



1656.  Harriet  Almira,  b.  Oct.  11,  1869;  m.,  Stonington  (Old  Mystic), 

Dec.  1,  1890,  Thomas  J.  Parker,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Aug. 
16, 1863;  d.  Sept.  8,  1908;  son  of  Denison  and  Mary  (Lamb) 
Parker.  Son:  Horace  Nelson,  b.,  Stonington,  May  19,  1905. 

1657.  David  Edgar,  b.  Aug.  12,  1872;  m.,  1902,  Mrs.  Lydia  Clark, 

nee  Packer.    Dau.:  Marion  Hazel  Brown,  b.  Mar.  2,  1913. 

1658.  Wayland  Henry,  b.  June  1,  1875;  d.  1910;  unm. 

1659.  Joseph  Denison,  b.  June  4,  1879;  d.  aged  four  years. 

Harriet  Frances  Lamphere  (1626),  dau.  of  Henry  D.  and  Almira  M. 
(Brown)  (1608)  Lamphen,  of  Denison  (1606)  and  Sarah  (Main)  Brown, 
b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.;  d.,  Preston,  Conn.;  m.  William  Inghram. 
Both  were  members  of  the  Baptist  Church  of  Preston  City. 

Children,  b.  Preston: 

1660.  Harriet  Emily  Inghram,  b.,  Preston,  Nov.  19,  1846;  m.  Geo. 

B.  Waite. 

1661.  William  H.,  b. 

1662.  Lydia  Ann,  b. ;  d.  young. 

1663.  Mary  Ellen,  b. ;  d.  young. 

1664.  Frank  Byron,  b.  Mar.  20,  1858;  m.,  Poquonoc  Bridge,  Groton, 

Conn.,  Apr.  4,  1885,  Flora  Bell  Tinker,  b.,  Sag  Harbor, 
N.  Y.,  Feb.  8,  1867;  dau.  of  Chas.  W.  and  Mary  E.  E. 
(Page)  Tinker.  His  wife  is  a  member  of  the  First  Baptist 
Church  of  Groton.  Mr.  Inghram  is  a  farmer.  Res., 
Mystic,  Conn.,R.D.  No.i.  Children,b.  Groton:  (i)Everett 
Edward  Inghram,  b.  Apr.  29,  1887;  (2)  Lillian  May,  b. 
May  24,  1890;  (3)  Carrie  Ellen,  b.  Aug.  2,  1892;  (4)  George 
William,  b.  Sept.  2,  1894;  (5)  Flora  Bell,  b.  Feb.  7,  1898; 
(6)  Lorimer  M.,  b.  Mar.  5,  1906. 

Harriet  Emily  Inghram  (1660),  the  preceding,  d.,  Groton  (Burnet's 
Corners),  Conn.,  Sept.  22,  1891;  m.  there,  Nov.  27,  1870,  George  Bunel 
Waite,  b.,  West  Greenwich,  R.  I.,  May  2,  1846;  son  of  George  R.  and 
Hannah  Phebe  (Brown)  Waite.  Mr.  Waite  came  to  Burnet's  Corners  in 
1859,  and  has  lived  there  since.  He  is  a  wheelwright  and  blacksmith. 
Children,  b.  Groton:  (1)  Elmer  Elsworth,  b.  July  23,  1872;  (2)  Frederick 
Ernest,  b.  June  4,  1874.   Both  are  unm.   Res.,  Groton,  Conn. 

Lucy  Ann  Lamphere  (1627),  dau.  of  Henry  D.  and  Almira  M. 
(Brown)  (1608)  Lamphere,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Mar.  23,  1835; 



(1.,  Ashaway,  R.  I.,  Aug.  13,  1895;  m.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Jan.  3,  1858, 
William  Denison  Hoxie,  b.,  Ledyard,  Conn.,  July  23,  1829;  he  d.,  Ash- 
away.  Apr.  3,  1 901.    They  were  both  members  of  the  Baptist  Church. 
Mr.  Hoxie  was  a  stone-mason  and  shoemaker. 
Children,  b.  Preston: 

1665.  Calvin  H.  Hoxie,  b.  Oct.  4,  1858;  m.  Jennie  Taylor  (1686- 


1666.  Ida  J.,  b.  Jan.  5,  1861;  m.  Herbert  F.  Larkin  (1691-1694). 

1667.  Almond  E.,  b.  Aug.  9,  1862;  m.,  Providence,  R.  I.,  June  6, 

1906,  Agnes  Bessie  Riley,  b.,  Ireland,  Feb.  2,  1876.  Mr. 
Hoxie  was  educated  in  the  schools  of  Preston.  No  issue. 
Res.,  Ashaway,  R.  I. 

1668.  John  Perry,  b.  Aug.  7,  1864;  m.,  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Nov.  23, 

1903,  Elizabeth  Carlton,  b.,  Wales,  July  6,  1864.  No 
issue.  Mr.  Hoxie  received  a  public-school  education  in 
Preston.  He  has  been  manager  of  the  town  farm  of  Westerly 
since  1907. 

1669.  Electra  Martha,  b.  Aug.  23,  1866;  d.,  Preston,  Oct.  28,  1872. 

1670.  Henry  Howard,  b.  Oct.  28,  1873;  m.,  Hopkinton,  Oct.  12, 

1893,  Lida  Elizabeth  Dellamy,  b.,  Hopkinton,  Dec.  19, 
1873.  Children:  (1)  William  Leroy,  b.,  Westerly,  Oct.  7, 
1894;  (2)  Clara  Elizabeth,  b.,  Hopkinton,  Oct.  29,  1905. 

1671.  Lina  B.,  b.  Apr.  10,  1878;  m.  Edgar  W.  Sisson  (1695-1697). 

Abby  Jane  Lamphere  (1630),  dau.  of  Henry  D.  and  Almira  M.  (Brown) 
(1608)  Lamphere,  b.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Dec.  10,  1841;  m.  (1),  Preston, 
Jan.  29,  1864,  Oliver  A.  Ecclestone.  Mr.  Ecclestone  was  in  the  Civil  War, 
in  Co.  G,  8th  Conn.  Vols.;  was  taken  prisoner  and  d.,  Annapolis,  Md., 
Dec.  6,  1864,  being  buried  at  Preston  City,  Conn.;  he  was  the  son  of 
Elias  and  Ann  (Dewey)  Ecclestone,  of  Stonington,  Conn.  She  m.  (2)  Sid- 
ney C.  Williams,  who  m.  Almira  M.  Lamphere  (1634),  sister  of  second 
wife.  He  was  b.,  Putnam,  Conn.,  Dec.  12,  1839,  son  of  Cyrus  Williams. 
Res.,  Canonchet,  R.  I. 

Dau.  by  first  m.:  , 

1671a.  Cora    Belle  Ecclestone,  b.,  Preston,  Apr.  8,  1865;  m.,  Hop- 
kinton, R.  I.,  May    12,    1880,  by  Rev.    Stanton  Austin, 
Joseph    Stanton    Larkin,   b.,   Richmond,    R.    L,   May   8, 
Children,  all  but  two  b.  Richmond: 

1671b.  Son,  1).  May  1,  1882;  d.  Sept.  27,,  1882. 



1671c.  Otis  Arthur  Larkin,  b.  May  9,  1883;  m.  Esther  Lillian  Taylor. 

Two  children,  b.  Hopkinton:  (1)  Nora  Dean  Larkin,  b. 

Sept.  25,  1909;  (2)  Lillian  Irma,  b.  Sept.  30,  1910. 
1671CI.  Ammie  Lucendia,  b.  Apr.  5,  1885;  m.  Fred  Vine  Burdick. 

Three  children:  (1)  Joseph  Harrison  Burdick,  b.  Aug.  3, 

1903;  (2)  Dorothy  Irene,  b.  June  20,  1906;  (3)  Clarence 

Elwin,  b.  Feb.  12,  1910. 
1671c  William  Joseph,  b.  Feb.  23,  1887;  m.  Violet  Marion  Worden. 

Son:    Kendell   Joseph   Larkin,    b.,   Hopkinton,    May    16, 

16711.  Fred  Harrison,  b.,  Warwick,  R.  L,  Sept.  14,  1889. 
i67ig.  Walter  Randall,  b.  July  31,  1893;  m.  Jane  Pearson. 
1671I1.  Cora  Jane,  b.  May  2,  1895. 
1671L  Martha  Etta,  b.,  Warwick,  Oct.  23,  1897. 
167 1  j.  Gladys  Irene,  b.  July  20,  1900. 
1671k.  Charles  Albert,  b.  Mar.  3,  1903. 
Children  by  second  m. : 

1672.  Addie  J.  Williams,  b.,  Mystic,  Conn.,  Jan.  5,  1873;  d.,  So. 

Kingston,  R.  I.,  Sept.  25,  1893;  m.,  Centerville,  R.  I., 
Dec.  17,  1891,  Franklin  H.  Woodmansee.  Son:  Edward  H., 
b.  Jan.  25,  1893. 

1673.  Mabel  A.,  b.,  Voluntown,  Conn.,  Nov.  10,  1879;  m.,  Hop- 

kinton, Mar.  1,  1900,  Walter  S.  Spenser.  Children:  (1) 
W.  J.  Spenser,  b.  Oct.  21,  1900;  (2)  Edgar  D.,  b.  Mar.  10, 
1905;  (3)  Harry  L.,  b.  May  10,  1908. 

1674.  Cyrus  D.,  b.,  Richmond,  Sept.  1,  1885;  m.,  Providence,  R.  L, 

Feb.  22,  191 1,  Ruth  C.  Westcott.  Dau.:  Marjorie  L. 
Williams,  b.  Jan.  27,  191 2. 

Nicholas  Lorenzo  Lamphere  (1632),  b.  Nov.  28,  1846;  m.  (1)  Sarah 
Kenyon;  m.  (2),  1873,  Mercy  Larkin, b., Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Aug.  10,  1855. 
Mr.  Lamphere  is  a  stone-mason.    Res.,  Westerly,  R.  I. 
Children,  by  second  m.: 

1674a.  Henry  Denison  Lamphere,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  July, 
1875;  m.  and  divorced.  Children:  (1)  Isabelle  Irene,  b. 
Jan.  27,  1895;  (2)  Rubie  Evelyn,  b.  Feb.  21,  1896.  These 
daus.  live  in  Westerly  with  their  grandfather. 
1674b.  Albert  Oliver,  b.,  Voluntown,  Conn.,  Oct.  16,  1878;  m., 
Warwick,  R.  L,  May,  1895,  Lena  Roach.  Son:  Harold 



1674c.  Joseph  Winifred,  b.,  Hopkinton,  1881;  m.  Almeda  Barber, 

of  Warwick.   No  issue. 
i674d.  Asa  Lorenzo,  b.,  Voluntown,  1883;  m.  Lillian  Bennett;  both 

deceased.    They  lived  in  Warwick .    No  issue. 
1674c  Nicholas  B.,  b.,  Richmond,  R.  I.,  Jan.  26,  1S88;  m.  (1)  Mary 

Wood,  divorced.    Son:  Henry  Denison,  deceased.    He  m. 

(2)  Viola  Barton.    No  issue. 
1674L  Murtie  Etta,  b.  Richmond;  d.  in  infancy. 
i674g.  George  Harris,  b. ;  d.  in  infancy. 

Israel  Walter  Dewey  (1644),  son  of  William  M.  and  Eliza  A.  (Brown) 
(1614)  Dewey,  of  Denison  (1606)  and  Sarah  (Main)  Brown,  b.,  No. 
Stonington,  Conn.,  Nov.  25, 1853;  m.,  Old  Mystic,  Conn.,  Nov.  25,  1882, 
Anna  Maria  Bailey,  b.,  Old  Lyme,  Conn.,  Mar.  31,  1866.  He  is  a  farmer. 
Res.,  Mystic,  Conn. 

Children,  all  b.  Old  Mystic: 

1675.  Anna  Mabel  Dewey,  b.  Oct.  20,  1883. 

1676.  Harry  Everett,  b.  Sept.  22,  1885. 

1677.  Elsie  May,  b.  Dec.  29,  1887. 

1678.  William  Otis,  b.  May  15,  1889. 

1679.  Eliza  Jane,  b.  Feb.  29,  1892;  d.  Nov.  1,  1892. 

1680.  Alma  Newell,  b.  July  5,  1893. 

1681.  Phoebe  Ethel,  b.  Feb.  23,  1895. 

1682.  Gertrude  Elizabeth,  b.  Mar.  15,  1897. 

1683.  Florence  Edna,  b.  May  1,  1898;  d.  July  6,  1898. 

1684.  Helen  Gould,  b.  Oct.  7,  1900. 

1685.  Clara  Ella,  b.  Nov.  2,  1901. 

Calvin  H.  Hoxie  (1665),  son  of  William  D.  and  Lucy  A.  (Lamphere) 
Hoxie  (1627),  b.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Oct.  4,  1858;  m.,  Groton,  Conn., 
Nov.  1,  1883,  Jennie  Taylor,  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  3,  1859;  she 
d.,  Old  Mystic,  Conn.,  Nov.  n,  1895;  dau.  of  John  A.  and  Lucy 
(Brackett)  Taylor.  Mr.  Hoxie  was  a  storekeeper  at  Old  Mystic;  his  wife 
was  a  member  of  the  Baptist  Church. 
Children,  b.  Groton: 

1686.  Amy  T.  Hoxie,  b.  Mar.  2,  1884;  m.,  Apr.  26,  1904,  Harry  G. 

Cady,  of  Old  Mystic.    Children:  (1)  Harry  G.  Cady,  Jr., 
b.  Jan.  10,  1905;  (2)  Howard  E.,  b.  May  15,  1906. 

1687.  Carrie  Hoxie  (twin),  b.  Dec.  5,  1885;  m.,  Old  Mystic,  Mar.  12, 

1910,  L.  P.  Mitchell.   Son:  George  Taylor,  b.  July  1,  1913. 



1688.  Cassie  Hoxie  (twin),  b.  Dec.  5,  1885;  m.,  Old  Mys<ic,  Oct.  9, 

1909,  W.  I.  Benton.    No  issue. 

1689.  Elizabeth  H.  Hoxie,  b.  May  16,  1889;  m.,  Jan.  15,  1911, 

W..  R.  Davis.    Res.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

1690.  Calvin  H.  Hoxie,  Jr.,  b.  July  2,  1895;   enlisted  in  the  U.  S. 

Navy  July  31,  1912;  is  serving  on  the  U.  S.  S.  Vermont  for 
four  years. 

Ida  J.  Hoxie  (1666),  dau.  of  Wm.  D.  and  Lucy  A.  (Lamphere)  (1627) 
Hoxie,  b.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Jan.  5,  1861;  m.,  Ashaway,  R.  I.,  Nov.  8, 
1882,  Herbert  F.  Larkin,  of  Ashaway,  son  of  Jonathan  and  Mary  Matilda 
(Stillman)  Larkin;  his  mother  lived  and  died  at  Ashaway.  Mr.  Larkin 
is  the  librarian  of  the  Donald  G.  Mitchell  Library  (Ik  Marvel),  Beecher 
Park  Memorial,  Westville,  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Children,  b.  Ashaway: 

1691.  Amy  Browning  Larkin,  b.  Apr.  10,  1885;  m.,  New  Haven, 

Feb.  22,  191 1,  Miner  Sanford  Macumber,  b.,  Taunton, 
Mass.,  Nov.  20,  1884.  Dau.:  Janet  Abernethy,  b.,  New 
Haven,  June  9,  1912. 

1692.  Daniel  Perry,  b.  June  22,  1888. 

1693.  Ruth  Hoxie,  b.  Oct.  9,  1889. 

1694.  Rhoda  Sheffield,  b.  Nov.  27,  1898. 

Lina  B.  Hoxie  (167 1),  dau.  of  Wm.  D.  and  Lucy  A.  (Lamphere) 
(1627)  Hoxie,  of  Henry  D.  and  Almira  M.  (Brown)  (1608)  Lamphere, 
b.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Apr.  10,  1878;  m.,  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Edgar  W.  Sisson, 
b.,  Stonington  (Pawxatuck),  Conn.,  Feb.  17.  1884.  Mr.  Sisson  is  in  the 
bakery  business  at  Ashaway,  R.  I. 

Children,  b.  Ashaway: 

1695.  Wm.  Perry  Sisson,  b.  Dec.  26,  1909. 

1696.  Harold  Denison,  b.  Oct.  7,  1911. 

1697.  James  Arthur,  b.  Nov.  29,  1913. 

[This  concludes  the  records  of  Denison  Brown  (1606)  and  Sarah  Main. 

It  will  help  you  to  turn  back  to  the  numbers  of 

parents  in  tracing  these  records.] 

Denison  W.  Brown  (1623),  son  of  Joshua  (1607)  and  Phoebe  Brown, 
b.  1807;  d.  July  16,  187 1 ;  m.  Julia  Brown,  d.  Jan.  12,  1889,  aged  seventy- 
five  years;  dau.  of  Henry  Brown. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington,  Conn. : 

1698.  Henry  D.  Brown,  b.  1835;  m.  Helen  M.  Potter  (1708-1710). 



1699.  Zebulon  York.  1).  May  11,  1837;  m.  Louisa  M.  Davis  (1718, 


1700.  Julia  Maria,  1).  -     — ;  m.  John  Hamilton  Corey  (1724-1730). 

1701.  Phoebe,  1).  -     — ;  m.  George  W.  Nason.    Son;  David  Nason. 

1702.  Louise,  b.  Aug.  13,  1851;  m.,  Ashaway,  R.  I.,  Oct.  3,  1868, 

Daniel  C.  Kenyon,  b.  Sept.  8,  1847.  Children,  b.  No. 
Stonington:  (1)  Carrie  D.  Kenyon,  b.  Apr.  2,  1880;  m. 
Geo.  Davis,  and  has  four  children.  Res.,  Mystic,  Conn. 
(2)  Henry  D.,  b.  July  3,  1882;  m.  -  -  Latham,  and  has 
three  children.  Res.,  Westerly,  R.  I.  (3)  Edith  May,  b. 
Apr.  1,  1884;  m.  Ernest  Smith,  and  has  two  children.  Res., 
Westerly,  R.  I.  (4)  John  H.,  b.  Mar.  11,  1888;  m.  Grace 
Chappell,  and  has  three  children.    Res.,  Westerly,  R.  I. 

1703.  Oliver  G.,  b.  Mar.  6,  1846;  m.  Frances  L.  Collins  (1731-1737). 

1704.  Harriet,  b.  -     — ;  m.  Geo.  W.  Goodhue.     They  have  three 

children.    Res.,  Carolina,  R.  I. 
fit  will  help  you  to  look  backward  to  the  numbers  of  parents.] 

Erastus  W.  Brown  (1624),  son  of  Joshua  and  Phoebe  Brown,  b.  1810; 

d.  Mar.  18,  1886,  aged  seventy-six  years;  m.  Celia  A.  Edwards,  b. ; 

d.  Apr.  18,  1880,  aged  seventy-nine  years. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington,  Conn.: 

1705.  Erastus  Avery  Brown,  b.  May  17,  1836;  m.  (1)  Sarah  Maria 

Champlin    (1774-1776);   m.    (2)    Eliza  Livingston   (1796- 


1706.  Sarah  Elizabeth,   b.   Mar.    1,    1838;   m.   Geo.  H.  Champlin 

(1791,  1792). 

1707.  Thomas  R.,  b.   1842;  d.  Nov.  21,   1869,  aged  twenty-seven 

1707a.  George  I).,  b.—      ;    m.   Hattie  Wilcox;  both  deceased.     He 
kept  a  drug-store  in  Stonington,  Conn.     No  issue. 

Henry  D.  Brown  (1698),  son  of  Denison  W.  (1623)  and  Julia  (Brown) 
Brown,  b.  18,55;  m.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Nov.  29,  1855,  Helen  M. 
Potter,  b.,  Voluntown,  Conn.,  Jan.  7,  1839;  dau.  of  William  and  Ruby 
(Lewis)  Potter,  of  Voluntown.  Mr.  Brown  was  in  the  Civil  War,  in 
Cm.  G,  21st  Regt.  Conn.  Vols.,  and  d.,  Knoxville,  Md.,  Nov.  21,  1862. 
Sin-  m.  (j).  l>e<  .  5,  1S04,  Edward  Clarke,  who  d.  June  15,  1887;  she  d., 
Clark's  Palls,  Conn.,  July  29,  1913.  She  took  a  deep  interest  in  these 



Children,  by  first  m.,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1708.  E.  Altana  Brown,  b.  June  20,  1S57 ;  m.  Bradford  G.  Perrin 


1709.  George  H.,  b.  Jan.  15,  i860;  m.,  Ashaway,  R.  I.,  Apr.  25, 

1883,  L.  Fredell  Sheldon,  b.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Jan.  6,  1865; 
d.,  No.  Stonington,  Apr.  29,  1897;  dau.  of  Isaac  C.  and 
Maria  C.  (Randall)  Sheldon,  of  No.  Stonington.  He  is  a 
carpenter.  No  issue.   Res.,  Clark's  Falls,  Conn. 

1710.  Everett  E.,  b.  Mar.  14,  1862;  m.,  Pendleton  Hill,  Jan.  30, 

1884,  S.  Leona  Main,  b.  No.  Stonington;  dau.  of  Oliver  P. 
and  S.  Emily  (Ecclestone)  Main.  He  is  a  provision-dealer 
at  Ashaway,  R.  I.   No  issue. 

E.  Altana  Brown  (1708),  b.  June  20,  1857;  m.,  June  14,  1873,  Brad- 
ford G.  Perrin,  son  of  Wm.  and  Frances  A.  (Clark)  Perrin.  Address, 
Clark's  Falls,  Conn. 

Children,  first  four  b.  No.  Stonington,  Conn.;  last  three,  Hopkinton, 
R.  I.: 

1711.  Wm.  Henry  Perrin,  b.  Nov.  8,  1874;  drowned  in  boyhood. 

1712.  Mary  H.,  b.  Sept.  20,  1876;  m.  (1),  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Apr.  24, 

1895,  Warren  L.  Wells,  b.  Sept.  20,  1867;  deceased.  Chil- 
dren: (1)  Hoxie  L.  Wells,  b.  Nov.  16,  1896;  (2)  Daniel  W., 
b.  Sept.  30,  1898;  (3)  Happy  Elvira,  b.  Dec.  10,  1900;  (4) 
John  D.,  b.  Aug.  3,  1904;  (5)  Donald  C,  b.  Mar.  19,  1907. 
Mrs.  Mary  H.  (Perrin)  Wells  m.  (2)  Wm.  Otis  Scott,  b., 
Portland,  Me.,  Mar.  21,  1877;  son  of  Francis  W.  and 
Emily  J.  (Off an)  Scott.  Dau.:  Frances  Ada  Scott,  b., 
Stonington,  Conn.,  Jan.  5,  19 14. 

1713.  Albert  E.  Perrin,  b.  Jan.  23,  1878;  m.,  and  has  two  children. 

Res.,  Ashaway,  R.  I. 
1713a.  Angie  Nina,  b.  Apr.  17,  1880. 

1 7 14.  Earl  H.,  b.  May  6,  1881;  m.  Mary  E.  Woodman,  and  has 

two  children.    Res.,  Potter  Hill,  R.  I. 

17 15.  George  E.,  b.  Jan.  n,  1891;  m.  Mary  Olive  Burdick.     No 

issue.   Res.,  Thompsonville,  Conn. 

1 7 16.  Lulu  F.,  b.  Dec.   15,   1891;  m.  Arcadias  Rochette.     Res., 

Thompsonville,  Conn. 

1717.  Irving  E.,  b.  May  6,  1900. 

Zebulon  York  Brown  (1699),  son  of  Denison  W.  and  Julia  Brown,  b., 
No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  11,  1837;  d.  there  Oct.  22,  191 2;  m.,  West- 



erly,  R.  I.,  June  6,  1878,  Louisa  M.  Davis,  of  Stonington,  Conn.,  b.  Oct. 
17,  1847;  she  d.,  No.  Stonington,  Feb.  21,  1900.    Mr.  Brown  owned  the 
farm,  where  he  lived  and  d.,  known  as  the  Rouse  Babcock  Farm,  where 
the  compiler  of  this  book  lived  from  Apr.  1,  1833,  to  Apr.  1,  1837. 
Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1718.  Elmer  York  Brown,  b.  Mar.  31,  1879.   He  is  a  worthy  young 

man  and  much  interested  in  these  family  records. 

1719.  Grace  Louisa,  b.  May  10,  1882;  m.,  Wakefield,  R.  I.,  June  24, 

1903,  Joseph  J.  Northrup,  b.,  No.  Kingstown,  R.  I.,  Jan.  5, 
1878;  son  of  Adolphus  E.  and  Georgianna  (Smith)  Northrup. 
He  received  a  public-school  education,  and  his  wife  grad- 
uated from  the  grammar  school  in  No.  Stonington  in  1897, 
and  from  the  Hopkinton  High  School  in  1900,  being  vale- 
dictorian of  her  class.  She  taught  school  several  terms,  until 
her  marriage.  Both  are  church  members.  Res.,  Peace  Dale, 
Children,  the  first  three  b.  Wakefield,  R.  I.: 

1720.  Elmer  Everett  Northrup,  b.  May  12,  1905. 

1 72 1.  Harold  Joseph,  b.  Nov.  13,  1907. 

1722.  Arthur  Bertram,  b.  June  n,  1909. 

1723.  Louise  Mildred,  b.,  Peace  Dale,  Nov.  10,  1912. 

This  farm  now,  in  1914,  owned  by  the  heirs  of  Zebulon  Y.  Brown  (1699),  was  leased 
to  Cyrus  W.  Brown,  Jr.,  the  father  of  the  compiler  of  this  book.  To  show  the  great 
value  of  this  farm  in  1833,  and  the  rental  yearly,  which  at  the  then  current  prices 
amounted  to  $515  (five  hundred  and  fifteen  dollars),  this  lease  is  here  transcribed. 
The  largest  item  in  the  lease  was  cheese,  at  five  cents  a  pound;  now  [1914]  three  times 
as  much  —  yet  it  is  said  it  does  not  pay  to  farm. 

At  the  time  of  this  lease,  No.  Stonington  had  twenty-seven  hundred  inhabitants, 
and  the  strong  young  men  with  increasing  families  were  seeking  better  and  cheaper 
lands  in  the  State  of  New  York,  and  had  been  for  more  than  thirty  years. 


The  following  agreement  this  day  made  and  entered  into  by  and  between  Rouse 
Babcock  of  Westerly  in  the  State  of  Rhode  Island,  the  party  of  the  first  part,  and 
Cyrus  W.  Brown  Jr.  of  N.  Stonington,  in  the  State  of  Connecticut,  party  of  the  second 
part.  Witnesseth:  That  the  party  of  the  first  part  hereby  let  and  lease  unto  the  party 
of  the  second  part  a  certain  farm  lying  in  N.  Stonington  aforesaid  now  occupied  by 
Isaac  York  and  known  by  the  name  of  the  John  Irish  farm.  Containing  by  estimation 
Three-hundred  and  thirty  three  acres  with  all  the  priviledges  and  appertances  therunto 
belonging,  for  the  term  of  three  years,  from  the  25th  day  of  March  next,  1838,  for  the 
consideration  of  four  thousand  five  hundred  pounds  of  good  merchantable  new  milk 
cheese  on  or  before  the  15th  of  October  in  each  year  to  be  coloured  in  the  milk,  the 
said  party  of  the  first  part  finding  auter.  And  fifteen  hundred  pounds  of  well  fated 
pork,  annually  to  be  delivered  in  the  fall.    One  hundred  pounds  of  good  fall  made 



butter  annually,  to  be  well  worked  and  layed  down  for  family  use  in  the  fall  —  And 
one  hundred  pounds  of  good  well  washed,  half  blooded  wool  annually.  And  Eight 
barrels  of  cider  annually,  on  condition  that  double  this  quantity  shall  be  made  on  said 
farm  but  if  not,  it  is  agreed  the  said  party  of  the  second  part  shall  first  be  entitled  to 
Eight  barrels,  and  the  first  part  the  residue  not  exceeding  the  quantity  first  mentioned. 
The  above  articles  to  be  delivered  to  the  said  party  of  the  first  part  at  a  distance 
not  "farther  than  Champlin's  wharf  in  Westerly,  or  Stonington  Port,  as  the  party  of 
the  first  part  may  direct.  The  said  party  of  the  second  part  is  to  make  thirty  rods  of 
good  well  built  stone  wall  to  be  well  proportioned  and  well  layed  five  feet  high  to  be 
made  where  it  will  be  most  for  the  interest  of  said  farm  a  proportion  of  which  is  to  be 
made  on  the  flat  land,  in  the  meadow  annually.  And  for  the  further  restrictions, 
priviledges  and  considerations  hereafter  named.  The  said  party  of  the  second  part 
hereby  agrees  to  pay  all  taxes  or  rates  of  every  kind  that  shall  be  levied  or  assessed  on 
said  farm  on  the  list  of  1834,  1835  &  1836.  The  said  party  of  the  second  part  is  to 
cut  closely  and  thoroughly,  all  the  brush  on  said  farm  both  in  pasture  and  meadow 
in  the  summer  or  fall  of  each  year  —  said  party  of  the  second  part  is  not  to  plant  more 
than  fifteen  acres  to  corn  and  potatoes  annually,  and  that  to  be  well  manured  with 
at  least  eight  loads  of  good  manure  to  the  acre.  Said  party  of  the  second  part  is  to 
cart  into  the  Barn  yard  immediately  after  planting  at  least  one  hundred  full  cart  loads 
of  turf  annually,  to  be  collected  from  the  most  prudent  place  from  the  sides  of  the  walls 
etc.  The  farm  is  to  furnish  wood  to  be  prudently  used.  And  it  is  understood  that  but 
one  fire  shall  be  kept  except  upon  occasions  when  it  may  be  actually  necessary  to  have 
more  than  one  fire,  such  wood  as  may  be  decaying  is  to  be  cut  and  at  least  one  quarter 
of  it  from  the  borders  of  the  river  where  the  said  R.  Babcock  pointed  out,  providing 
the  sleding  or  carting  shall  be  such  as  to  make  it  practicable  —  The  said  party  of  the 
first  part  being  determined  to  have  all  the  land  that  may  be  stocked  down  on  said 
farm  thoroughly  and  plentifully  seeded.  The  said  party  of  the  second  part  Expressly 
agrees  to  furnish  and  sow  on  each  acre  stocked  down  six  pounds  of  Clover  seed  and 
six  quarts  of  well  cleaned  blue-top  seed,  or  other  seed  in  proportion.  The  said  party 
of  the  second  part  is  to  keep  in  good  repair  all  the  gates  and  bars  on  said  farm,  to  take 
prudent  care  of  all  the  buildings  and  keep  the  windows  full  glazed  —  The  said  party 
of  the  second  part  is  not  to  carry  off  said  farm  any  hay  muck  or  dung,  commit  or 
suffer  any  waste  of  any  kind  on  said  farm,  but  is  in  all  respects  to  improve  said  farm, 
Strictly,  agreeable  to  the  rules  of  good  husbandry.  The  said  party  of  the  second  part 
further  agrees  that  in  case  of  failure  on  his  part  to  perform  the  payments  as  before 
mentioned,  to  pay  to  the  said  party  of  the  first  part  the  interest  that  may  arise  thereon 
from  the  time  the  payments  are  due  till  paid.  And  it  is  further  expressly  agreed  and 
understood  that  during  the  term  of  said  lease,  said  party  of  the  second  part  shall  not 
rent  said  farm  to  any  other  person.  And  at  the  expiration  of  this  lease  to  deliver  to 
said  party  of  the  first  part  peacible  possession.  In  witness  whereof:  We  have  hereunto 
set  our  hand  and  seals  at  Westerly  this  10th  day  of  January  A.D.  1833. 

Rouse  Babcock. 
In  presence  of  Cyrus  W.  Brown,  Jr. 

Wm.  R.  Babcock 

Joseph  A.  Schofield 

N.B.    Said  party  of  the  second  part 

further  agrees  to  keep  the  cider  mill  on  said 

farm  in  as  good  repair  as  it  now  is. 



Julia  Maria  Brown  (1700),  dau.  of  Denison  W.  (1623)  and  Julia 
(Brown)  Brown,  of  Joshua  (1607)  and  Phebe  Brown,  b.  about  1839;  d. 
June  26,  1907;  m.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  John  Hamilton  Corey,  b. 
Exeter,  R.  I.;  d.  No.  Stonington;  son  of  John  H.  and  Melissa  (Wright) 
Corey.  Mr.  Corey  was  a  contractor,  and  member  of  the  Seventh  Day 
Baptist  Church,  Ashaway,  R.  I.  He  enlisted  at  the  beginning  of  the  Civil 
War  in  the  Third  R.I.  Cavalry,  was  transferred  to  the  navy,  and  served 
to  the  end  of  the  war. 

Children,  the  last  four  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1724.  John  D.  Corey,  b.  Westerly,  R.  I.;  m.  Ada  Edmundson  (1738- 


1725.  Harriet  Emma,  b.,  Hopkinton,  Jan.   28,   1862;  m.  Charles 

Cyrus  Brockway. 

1726.  Horace  Smith,  b.,  Foster,  R.  I.,  July  14,  1866;  m.  Mary  E. 

Geer  (1745-1750). 

1727.  Jessie  Louise,  b.  Apr.  22,  1870;  m.  Francis  A.  Keeley  (1751- 


1728.  Herbert  E.,  b.  July  14,  1871;  m.  Lucy  Aedelia  Richmond 

(i759>  i759a). 

1729.  Ida  Maybelle,  b.  Jan.  26, 1875;  m.  Orimel  J.  Brockway  (1760- 


1730.  James  Arthur,  b.  Oct.  30,  1882;  m.  Elizabeth  Parker  (1763- 


Oliver  G.  Brown  (1703),  son  of  Denison  W.  (1623)  and  Julia  (Brown) 
Brown,  b.  Mar.  6,  1846;  d.  Mar.  21,  1889;  m.  Frances  L.  Collins,  b.  June 
14,  1851;  d.  Jan.  21,  1890;  dau.  of  Capt.  Amos  and  Phebe  (Brown) 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington,  Conn.: 

1 73 1.  Oliver  Alfonso  Brown,  b.  Aug.  12,  1870;  m.  Hattie  G.  Haley 


1732.  Harriet  Louisa,  b.  Aug.  25,  1872;  m.  Charles  A.  Welles  (1771, 


1733.  Jeremiah  Halsey,  b.  Sept.  13,  1874;  unm.     Res.,  Norwich, 


1734.  Chester  Thomas,  b.  Feb.  6,  1877;  m.  Hattie  Julia  Richmond 


1735.  Fenner  Dwight,  b.  Apr.  24,  1881;  unm.    He  is  a  motorman. 

Res.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn. 

1736.  Frank  Clifford,  b.  Mar.  11,  1884;  unm.    He  is  a  laborer  and 



has  lived  with  Isaac  Maine,  of  No.  Stonington,  for  many 
years.   Res.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn. 

1737.  Grover  Cleveland,  b.  July  27,  1886;  m.  Lucy  Deuro.    Res., 

No.  Stonington, -Conn. 

John  Denison  Corey  (1724),  son  of  John  Hamilton  and  Julia  Maria 
(Brown)  (1700)  Corey,  b.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Apr.  27,  i860;  m.,  Fall  River, 
Mass.,  Oct.  20,  1882,  Ada  Edmundson,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Mary 
Edmundson,  of  Fall  River.  Both  received  grammar-school  educations. 
Mr.  Corey  was  foreman  on  farm  until  1901,  but  since  engaged  in  cattle 
and  butchering.    Res.,  No.  Scituate,  R.  I.,  Box  25. 


1738.  Thomas  Denison  Corey,  b.,  Wyasup,  Conn.,  Mar.  30,  1884; 

d.  in  infancy. 

1739.  Jesse  Joseph,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Mar.  30,  1885;  m.,  Chester, 

Vt.,  Dec.  1,  1906,  Anna  Lawrence,  b.,  Waterbury,  Conn., 
Dec.  12,  1886;  dau.  of  Charles  and  May  (Hubbard)  Law- 
rence, of  Waterbury.  Both  have  public-school  educations. 
Mrs.  Corey  is  a  graduate  from  the  Attleboro  (Mass.)  High 
School.  Previous  to  m.,  both  lived  in  Attleboro.  Child: 
Chas.  Hubbard  Corey,  b.  Feb.  25,  1910,  d.  in  infancy.  Res., 
No.  Scituate,  R.  I. 

1740.  Nancy  Ada,  b.,  Freetown,  Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1887;  m.,  Attleboro, 

Feb.  6,  1907,  Percy  C.  Blatchford,  b.,  No.  Attleboro,  Mass., 
Mar.  10,  1882;  son  of  George  W.  Blatchford  and  Emma,  his 
wife.  He  is  a  jeweler  at  Attleboro.  R.  F.  D.  No.  3.  Chil- 
dren: (1)  Lawrence  E.  Blatchford,  b.,  Providence,  R.  I., 
Nov.  8,  1907;  (2)  Ethel  W.,  b.,  Attleboro,  Jan.  28,  1910. 

1741.  Lavinia  F.,  b.,  Taunton,  Mass.,  Feb.  5,  1888;  m.,  No.  Scitu- 

ate, Apr.  15,  1908,  Edward  Denison  Briggs,  b.,  Attleboro, 
Feb.  20,  1883;  son  of  Henry  Edward  and  Louise  (Sears) 
Briggs,  of  Attleboro.  Both  received  grammar-school  edu- 
cations, and  Mr.  Briggs  graduated  from  the  high  school. 
He  is  a  carriage  wood- worker  at  Attleboro.  R.  F.  D.  No.  1. 
Son:  Ralph  Corey  Briggs,  b.  Apr.  1,  1909. 

1742.  Edith  Hope,  b.,  Hinsdale,  N.  H.,  Jan.  5,  1893;  m.,  Putnam, 

Conn.,  Oct.  29,  1912,  Nels  Andrew  Tyring,  b.,  Providence, 
July  14,  1894;  son  of  Nels  J.  and  Anna  (Lorentzem)  Tyring. 
Both  received  public-school  education,  and  Miss  Corey  was 
one  year  in  the  English  High,  and  took  a  commercial  course 



at  Pentecostal  Institute,  at  No.  Scituate.  Dau. :  Marion  Ada 
Anna  Tyring,  b.,  No.  Scituate,  Aug.  23,  1913.  Res.,  No. 
Scituate,  R.  I. 

1743.  Ada  May,  b.,  Westerly,  Sept.  23,  1897;  d.  in  infancy. 

1744.  John  Foster  (adopted),  b.,  Little  Compton,  R.  I.,  Aug.  14, 


Harriet  Emma  Corey  (1725),  dau.  of  John  Hamilton  and  Julia  Maria 
(Brown)  (1700)  Corey,  b.,  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Jan.  28, 1862;  m.,  Hopkinton, 
May  3,  1884,  Charles  Cyrus  Brockway,  b.,  Lyme,  Conn.,  Aug.  20,  1864; 
son  of  Orimel  Johnson  and  Frances  Matilda  (Culver)  Brockway,  of  New 
London,  Conn.  He  was  educated  in  schools  of  Lyme  and  No.  Stonington. 
Lived  in  Westerly,  R.  I.,  and  Preston,  Conn.  No  issue.  Res.,  1914,  No. 
Stonington,  Conn.  Mr.  Brockway  is  cousin  to  the  compiler  of  this  vol- 
ume.   [See  B.  G.  589,  p.  77.] 

Horace  Smith  Corey  (1726),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Foster,  R.  I., 
July  14,  1866;  m.  Mary  Etta  Geer,  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  6,  1863; 
dau.  of  Joseph  Abner  and  Almedia  H.  (Brown)  Geer,  son  of  Joseph  and 
Sophia  (Dewey)  Geer.  [See  1441  and  1310.]  Mr.  Corey  lived  in  Westerly, 
Providence,  and  now  in  Boston.  He  has  been  salesman  for  the  Singer 
Sewing-Machine  Company  in  Providence  and  Boston.  He  is  [191 5]  with 
the  T.  G.  Plan'  Shoe  Factory,  as  machinist,  at  Jamaica  Plain  (Boston), 
Mass.   Res.,  12  Hubbard  Rd.,  Dorchester,  Mass. 

Children : 

1745.  Howard  Abner  Corey,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  July  3, 

1887;  m.,  Boston,  Mass.,  June  2,  1906,  Edna  May  Luther, 
b.,  Providence,  R.  I.,  June  30,  1SS7;  dau.  of  James  E.  and 
Ella  Annette  (Haskins)  Luther.  Both  he  and  his  wife  are 
church  members.  Mr.  Corey  began  to  learn  printing  on 
Westerly  Daily  Sun.  Received  first  instruction  in  printing 
from  Gcv.  George  H.  Utter,  then  editor  and  proprietor.  He 
was  later  with  Providence  Journal  and  Bulletin,  and  now,  for 
the  past  eight  years,  compositor  on  the  Boston  Globe.  Mem- 
ber of  International  Typographical  Union;  Past  Chancellor 
Horace  Greely  Lodge,  K.  P.  [First  lodge  in  the  world  to 
meet  exclusively  in  the  afternoon.  Composed  of  newspaper 
men  on  Boston  morning  papers.  Known  as  "Daylight 
Lodge."]  Member  Boston  Globe  Relief  Society  and  of 
Franklin  Typographical  Society.  Dau.:  Claire  Carlton 
Corey,  b.,  Boston,  May  16,  1907.    Address,  Boston  Globe. 



1746.  Joseph  Geer,  b.,  Westerly,  R.  L,  May  20, 1890.  He  is  a  private 

in  Co.  C,  1st  Corps  of  Cadets,  Mass.  Vol.  Infantry. 

1747.  Almedia  Brown,  b.,  Westerly,  Oct.  21, 1892.  She  is  an  operator 

for  the  American  Long  Distance  Telephone  Company,  of 
Boston,  in  1915. 

1748.  Horace  Edmund,  b.,  Westerly,  Aug.  12,  1899. 

1749.  Juliette,  b.,  Westerly,  July  1,  1902. 

1750.  Ruth  Emily,  b.,  Boston,  Apr.  28,  1909. 

Jessie  Louise  Corey  (1727),  dau.  of  John  H.  and  Julia  Maria  (Brown) 
(1700)  Corey,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Apr.  22,  1870;  m.,  No.  Stoning- 
ton,  Jan  31,  1892,  Francis  Albert  Keeley,  b.,  Norwich  Town,  Conn., 
June  20,  1862;  son  of  David  D.  and  Mary  A.  (Cryer)  Keeley,  of  Norwich. 
Mr.  Keeley  is  an  insurance  agent.   Res.,  Norwich,  Conn. 

Children,  b.  Norwich: 

1751.  Francis  Herbert  Keeley,  b.  June  29,  1893. 

1752.  Frederick  Louis,  b.  Apr.  28,  1895. 

1753.  Charles  Irving,  b.  Feb.  1,  1897. 

1754.  John  Hamilton,  b.  Aug.  30,  1899. 

1755.  Mary  Emma,  b.  Dec.  19,  1900. 

1756.  James  David,  b.  Aug.  6,  1902. 

1757.  Julia  Mabel,  b.  June  23,  1903. 

1758.  HowardL.,b. July  13, 1904. 

Herbert  Ellwcod  Corey  (1728),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  July  14, 
1871;  m.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Nov.  14,  1895,  Lucy  Aedelia  Richmond,  b., 
Stonington,  Conn.,  Nov.  18,  1877;  dau.  of  Wm.  H.  and  Lovira  Aedelia 
(Burdick)  Richmond. 


1759.  Julia  Lovira  Corey,  b.,  Clark's  Falls,  Conn.,  July  n,  1898; 

d.  Aug.  4,  1906. 
1759a.  Frederick  Herbert,  b.,  Ashaway,  R.  I.,  Aug.  17,  1904. 

Ida  Maybelle  Corey  (1729),  dau.  of  John  H.  and  Julia  Maria  (Brown) 
(1700)  Corey,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Jan.  26,  1875;  m.,  No.  Stoning- 
ton, June  12,  1895,  Orimel  J.  Brockway,  Jr.,  b.,  Lyme,  Conn.,  July  14, 
1874;  son  of  Orimel  J.  and  Frances  Matilda  (Culver)  Brockway.  He  is  a 
farmer.  Both  are  Baptists. 


1760.  Cyrus  Orimel  Brockway,  b.,  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  May  29,  1896. 

1761.  Harold  L.,  b.,  Preston,  Conn.,  Dec.  15,  1901. 

1762.  Horace  C,  b.,  Preston,  May  25,  1904. 



James  Arthur  Corey  (1730),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  No.  Stoning- 
ton,  Conn.,  Oct.  30,  1SS2;  m.,  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Oct.,  1905,  Elizabeth 
Parker.  Mr.  Corey  was  educated  in  the  schools  of  his  native  town  and 
at  Ashaway  High  School.  He  is  a  chauffeur.  Res.,  137  W.  108th  St., 
New  York  City,  N.  Y. 

Children : 

1763.  Irwin  Corey,  b.,  Providence,  R.  I.,  Sept.  5,  1906. 

1764.  Hohn  Hamilton,  b.  

1765.  Wm.  Parker,  b. ;  d.  in  infancy. 

Oliver  Alfonso  Brown  (1731),  son  of  Oliver  G.  (1703)  and  Frances  L. 
(Collins)  Brown,  dau.  of  Amos  and  Phebe  Collins,  b.,  No.  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Aug.  12,  1870;  m.,  No.  Stonington,  Oct.  31,  1893,  Hattie  Gertrude 
Haley,  b.  Nov.  8, 1875 ;  dau.  of  Nathan  D.  and  Frances  Maria  (Thompson) 
Haley.    Res.,  Westerly,  R.  I. 

Children,  the  first  three  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1766.  Everett  Denison  Brown,  b.  Apr.  27,  1896;  d.  May  21,  1914. 



Bertha  Evilena,  b.  Mar.  17,  1903. 

Nettie  May,  b.  Oct.  19,  1905. 

Arline  Frances,  b.,  Westerly,  Dec.  10,  1907. 

Byron  Noyes,  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  July  27,  1910. 

1770a.  Evelyn  Gertrude,  b.,  Stonington,  Aug.  4,  1914. 

Harriet  Louisa  Brown  (1732),  dau.  of  Oliver  G.  (1703)  and  Frances  L. 
(Collins)  Brown,  of  Denison  W.  (1623)  and  Julia  (Brown)  Brown,  b., 
No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Aug.  25,  1872;  m.  there,  Apr.  20,  1S90,  Charles  A. 
Wells,  b.  May  20,  1870;  son  of  John  D.  and  Eunice  (Burdick)  Wells. 
Res.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn. 


1771.  Irene  B.  Wells,  b.,  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Jan.  13,  1891 ;  m.,  Dec.  1, 

1908,  Thomas  McCarthy.  Children:  (1)  Anne  L.  McCarthy, 
b.  May  4,  1912;  (2)  Lloyd  F.,  b.  July  13,  1913. 

1772.  Nellie  Frances,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Mar.  21,  1894. 

Chester  Thomas  Brown  (1734),  son  of  Oliver  G.  (1703)  and  Frances  L. 
(Collins)  Brown,  b.  Feb.  6,  1877;  m.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Jan.  6, 
1904,  Hattie  Julia  Richmond,  1).,  Thomaston,  Conn.,  Aug.  29,  1883; 
dau.  of  William  J.  and  Frances  A.  (Main)  Richmond.  Res.,  Ashaway, 
R.  I. 


1773.  Irving  ('.  Brown,  b.  June  17,  1906.    [See  B.  &  M.  G.,  p.  257.] 



Erastus  Avery  Brown  (1705),  son  of  Erastus  W.  (1624)  and  Celia  A. 
(Edwards)  Brown  [Joshua  (1607),  son  of  Ebenezer  and  Abigail  Davis, 
son  of  Jonathan  (37),  son  of  Eleazef  (n),  son  of  Thomas,  who  m.  Mary 
Newhall,  of  Lynn,  Mass.],  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  17,  1836; 
d.  there  June  12,  1914;  m.  (1)  Sarah  Maria  Champlin.  He  m.  (2)  Eliza 
Livingston,  b.  No.  Stonington,  near  Boom  Bridge. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1774.  William  Avery  Brown,  b.  Apr.  10,  1856;  m.  Hattie  M.  Turner 


1775.  Benadam,  b.  Apr.  4,  1858;  m.  Carrie  Bromley.     No  issue. 

Res.,  Westerly,  R.  I. 

1776.  John   Franklin,  b.  Oct.  21,  1861;   m.  Sarah  A.  Davenport 


William  Avery  Brown  (1774),  the  preceding,  m.,  Hopkinton,  R.  I., 
Nov.  10,  1877,  Hattie  Miner  Turner,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  June  25, 
1862;  dau.  of  Denison  Stewart  Turner,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  July  18,  1835, 
and  Frances  Marion  Miner,  b.  Nov.  4,  1840.  Mr.  Brown  d.  July  7,  1914. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1777.  Alexander  Brown,  b.  July  n,  1879;  m.,  No.  Stonington,  Nov. 

27,  1899,  Mrs.  Ella  Allen,  nee  Sheldon.   No  issue. 

1778.  Dora  Anabell,  b.  June  13,  1881;  m.,  No.  Stonington,  Mar.  31, 

1898,  Herbert  Perry  Bill.  Children:  (1)  Thema  Dora  Bill, 
b.  June  5,  1903;  (2)  Hoxie  Babcock  Bill,  b.  Jan.  5,  1905. 

1779.  Clara  Marion,  b.  Feb.  28,  1884;  m.,  Nov.  10,  1907,  Louis  L. 

Lyman.  Son:  Harry  Lyman,  b.,  Clark's  Falls,  Conn.,  Feb. 
26,  1910. 

1780.  Myrtle,  b.  July  22,  1886;  d.  Sept.  12,  1913;  m.,  Jan.  9,  1907, 

Edwin  Crandall.  Dau.:  Catharine  Louise,  b.  July  13,  1913. 

1781.  Belva,b.  June  19,  1888;  m.,  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  June  30,  1909, 

Wilson  D.  Main,  son  of  Richard  Dudley  and  Mary  (Kil- 
kenney)  Main,  son  of  Clark  B.  and  Abby  E.  (Mitchell) 
Main,  son  of  Jesse  and  Annie  (Benjamin)  Main.  No  issue. 
Res.,  Clark's  Falls,  Conn. 

1782.  Avery  Denison,  b.  July  4,  1890;  d.  Jan.  27,  1891. 

1783.  Frances  Esther,  b.  Oct.  29,  1896. 

1784.  Louis  Thomas,  b.  July  29,  189S. 

1785.  Hattie  Edna,  b.  Apr.  29,  1900. 

1786.  Bessie  May,  b.  May  18,  1903. 



John  Franklin  Brown  (1776),  son  of  Erastus  Avery  (1705)  and  Sarah 
Marion  (Champlin)  Brown,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Oct.  21,  1S61; 
m.  there,  Any.  6,  1883,  Sarah  Ann  Davenport,  dau.  of  Enoch  Davenport, 
who  came  to  thi>  country  from  England  when  his  dau.  Sarah  was  three 
years  old. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

17S7.    George  I).  Brown,  b.  Apr.  18,  1884;  unm. 
17SS.    Charles L.,  b.  June  20,  1886;  m.  Eva  X.  Main.    Son:  Kenneth 
A..,  1).  Mar.  12.  1913. 

1789.  Inez   Elizabeth,  b.  June  15,   1889;  m.,  Mar.   1,   1910,  Otis 

Jenks.    No  issue.    Res.,  Norwich,  Conn. 

1790.  Elsie  C,  b.  Sept.  18,  1892;  m.,  Oct.  13,  191 1,  Fred  Hibbard. 

Son:  Henry  Franklin,  b.  Aug.  n,  1912. 

Sarah  Elizabeth  Brown  (1706),  dau.  of  Erastus  W.  (1624)  and  Celia  A. 
(Edwards)  Brown,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Mar.  1,  1838;  m.  George  Ff. 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

1791.  Sarah  Emigene  Champlin,  b. ;  d. . 

1792.  George   Erastus,   b.    Mar.    21,    1861;   m.,   No.    Stonington, 

Martha  Rilla  Main,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  Dec.   24,   1868, 
dau.  of  Orren  Main  and  Mary  Jackson.     Res.,  Westerly, 
R.  I. 

1793.  Frank  Window  Champlin,  b.,  No.  Stonington,  July  22,  1887; 

m..  May  28,  191 2,  Doris  Lillian  Collins,  b.  Aug.  4,  1892; 
dau.  of  Henry  H.  and  Lydia  A.  (Gavitt)  Collins.  Son: 
George  Henry  Champlin. 

1794.  George  B.,  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Sept.  2,  1893. 

1795.  Raymond,  b.,  Stonington,  Aug.  20,  1899. 

Erastus  A.  Brown  (1705)  m.  (2),  No.  Stonington.  Conn.,  Eliza  Living- 
ston, b.  No.  Stonington: 

Children,  b.  No.  Stonington: 

179(1.    Hattie  Elizabeth  Brown,  b.  July  9,  [872;  m..  Westerly,  R.  I., 
July  3,    1895,  Alfred  A.  Johnson.  b.,   Sweden,    1SS1.     No 
issue.    Res.,  Westerly,  R.  I. 
17117.    Mary  E.,  b.—      :  m.  William  Sanford.    Son:  Win.  Avery,  b. 

Feb.,  1912.   Res.,  Woonsocket,  R.  I. 
1798.    Ada  May,  b.  -        ;  m.,  July,  1908,  Thomas  Whitehead.    No 
issue.    Res.,  Westerly,  R.  I. 



1799.    Alice  Maria,  b. ;  m.  George  Leonard.  He  is  draftsman  for 

C.  B.  Cottrell  and  Sons,  Westerly,  R.  I. 
[Here  end  the  records  of  Jonathan  Brown  (37)  and  Ebenezer  Brown  and 

his   descendants.] 


"The  value  of  a  child  is  incalculable,"  says  a  Chicago  judge.  "The  child  is  the 
thing  that  makes  the  home  the  unit,  and  the  child  is  the  thing  about  which  every- 
thing revolves." 

James  Brown  [B.  G.  38,  pp.  12,  14],  his  records  and  the  names  of  his  children,  will 
follow  in  this  connection,  with  comments  and  facts  known  personally  to  the  compiler. 

James  Brown  (38),  son  of  Eleazer  (11)  and  Ann  (Pendleton)  Brown, 
b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  July  1,  1696;  d.,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Feb.  2, 
1750;  m.,  May  5,  17 18,  by  Rev.  James  Noyes,  of  Stonington,  Elizabeth 
Randall,  b.  July  4,  1696;  d.  Aug.  25,  1786,  at  the  ripe  age  of  over  ninety 
years.  Interments  in  Brown  Cemetery.  [For  more  complete  comments, 
see  B.  G.,  p.  14.] 

It  must  be  remembered  that  when  James  Brown  was  b.  the  country 
was  in  a  primitive  state,  almost  a  vast  wilderness.  His  father,  Eleazer, 
with  his  axe,  had  begun  to  let  in  the  sunshine  in  a  few  places,  and  to  stir 
the  virgin  soil  and  scatter  a  little  seed,  making  an  opening  for  future 
settlers.  James  Brown  built  his  house  on  lands  first  set  off  to  his  father, 
Eleazer  (11),  on  the  most  beautiful  situation  of  any  of  the  lands  pur- 
chased by  the  three  Brown  brothers.  This  house  built  by  James  Brown 
was  located  opposite  what  is  now  the  Union  Cemetery.  The  compiler 
remembers  the  old,  old  house  from  1840  to  1845,  which  soon  after  was 
torn  down.  It  was  a  one-story  house,  fronting  south,  with  east  end  front- 
ing the  country  road.  The  house  and  barn  were  built  of  native  lumber, 
sawed  at  the  mill  erected  by  his  father,  and  assisted  by  the  older  son, 
Jonathan  (37),  and  James,  the  subject  of  this  sketch.  The  barn  fell  down 
before  the  house  was  pulled  down.  The  house  contained  but  four  rooms 
on  the  first  floor;  there  might  have  been  an  attic.  The  compiler  was  in 
and  out  of  this  house  during  five  years  of  his  boyhood.  The  house  stood 
on  a  gradual  sloping  plateau,  affording  a  most  picturesque  view  for  miles 
around.  The  land  is  rich  and  fertile.  The  father  of  the  compiler  hired 
the  land  for  a  number  of  years,  and  on  the  same  the  compiler  worked  for 
five  years.  After  the  house  was  removed,  the  well  covered,  and  grounds 
cleared  and  leveled  off,  there  was  not  a  thing  to  show  the  spot  where 
these  illustrious  children  were  born.  In  this  primitive  house,  standing 
on  this  beautiful  location,  the  following  children  were  born. 



Children,  b.  Stonington  [after  1807,  No.  Stonington]: 

I.    James  Brown,  Jr.,  b.  Jan.  29,  1719;  d.  Dec.  24,  1741. 
II.    Dau.  (twin),  b.  Oct.  22,  1720,  and  d.  same  day. 
III.    Thankful  (twin),  b.  Oct.  22,  1720;  m.  Jeremiah  Alain.   [B.  G., 
p.  114;  also  B.  and  M.  G.,  p.  51.]    Their  children  will  be 
given  further  on. 
IV.    Simeon,  b.  Jan.  31,  1723;  m.  Dorothy  Hern.    [For  their  full 

records,  see  B.  G.,  p.  30.] 
Y.    Ann,  b.  Alar.  23,  1728;  not  further  mentioned. 
VI.    Zebulon,  b.  Nov.  30,  1730;  m.  Anne  Alain.    [See  B.  G.,  p.  43; 

also  B.  and  M.  G.,  pp.  51,  52.] 
VII.    Elizabeth,  b.  July  31,  1732;  m.  Timothy  Alain.    [See  B.  G., 
p.   114;  also  B.  and  AI.  G.,  p.  51.]     The  children  given 
further  on. 
VIII.    Abigail,  b.  Apr.  23,  1737;  not  further  mentioned. 
IX.    Joshua,  b.  Apr.  S,  1740;  m.  Joanna  Rogers.     [See  B.   G., 

P-  30-] 
Joshua  Brown  lived  on  the  James  Brown  homestead  until  the  death 

of  his  mother,  in  1786,  and  his  children  were  all  b.  here.  He  then  removed 

to  a  farm  in  the  southerly  part  of  Stonington,  where  he  built  his  house, 

living  here  until  he  died,  Sept.  26,  1824. 

The  foregoing  is  written  especially  to  show  the  parentage  of  Thankful 
Brown  and  her  Mster  Elizabeth,  and  to  show  the  identical  location  where 
they  were  b.  and  m.  It  is  interesting  to  note  that  Thankful  (Brown) 
Main  named  her  oldest  son,  James,  for  her  father;  and  it  has  been  in- 
teresting to  notice  for  five  succeeding  generations  that  the  name  James 
appears  in  regular  order  among  her  descendants.  This  was  discovered 
when  the  B.  and  AI.  G.  was  written. 

Now  will  follow  the  marriages  of  these  two  sisters  and  their  children, 
being  a  reprint  from  B.  and  AI.  G.  (p.  51). 

Jeremiah  Main  (269),  son  of  Jeremiah  (260)  and  Airs.  Ruth  (Brown) 
.Main,  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Apr.  10,  170S;  m.  for  his  (2)  wife,  Apr.  26, 
1742,  Thankful  Brown,  b.,  Stonington,  Oct.  22,  1720;  dau.  of  James 
Brown  and  Elizabeth  Randall. 

Children,  l>.  Stonington  [the  same  numbers  as  in  B.  and  AI.  G.]: 

285.    James  Main,  b.  Jan.  27,   174,^;  m.  Hannah  Wallace;  he  d., 
1847, aged  one  hundred  and  four  years.   [For  their  children, 
see  B.  and  AI.  G.,  p.  264.] 
6.    Lydia,  b.  Apr.  11,  1745. 



287.  Thankful,  b.  Jan.  14,  1748;  m.  Edward  Thurston. 

288.  Bridget,  b.  June  14,  1749. 

289.  David,  b.  Aug.  26,  1752.    [For  his  m.  and  children,  see  B.  and 

M.  G.,  p.  74.] 

290.  Nathaniel,  b.  July  12,  1754. 

291.  Daniel,  b.  Jan.  26,  1761;  m.,  July  21,  1797,  Grace  Main  (297), 

his  cousin,  dau.  of  Timothy  (277)  and  Elizabeth  (Brown) 

Timothy  Main  [see  B.  and  M.  G.,  p.  50],  son  of  Dea.  Thomas  and 
Annah  (Brown)  Main,  b.,  Stonington,  Conn.,  Apr.  8,  1727;  m.,  Stoning- 
ton,  Jan.  27,  1750,  Elizabeth  Brown,  b.,  Stonington,  July  31,  1732;  dau. 
of  James  and  Elizabeth  (Randall)  Brown.  [See  B.  G.,  p.  114;  also  B.  and 
M.  G.,p.  51.] 

Children,  b.  Stonington: 

292.  Elizabeth  Main,  b.  Nov.  2,  1750. 

293.  Timothy,  b.  Apr.  7,  1752. 

294.  Nathaniel,  b.  July  12,  1754;  m.  Abigail  Thurston.* 

295.  Lydia,  b.  Aug.  31,  1756. 

296.  Rufus,  b.  Nov.  15;  1758;  m.  Sarah  York.   [See  B.  and  M.  G., 

P-  53-] 

297.  Grace,  b.  Apr.  22,  1761;  m.  Daniel  Main  (291). 

298.  Laban,  b.  Jan.  27,  1764;  m.  Mary,  or  Polly,  Brown.    [See  B. 

and  M.  G.,  p.  53.] 

299.  Luther,  b.  Apr.  18,  1766;  m.  Esther  Brown  [B.  G.  203,  p.  23.] 

300.  Lucy,  b.  Dec.  9,  1768;  m.,  Stonington,  Nov.  23, 1794,  Prentice 

Brown  (807).  When  the  B.  and  M.  G.  was  written  the 
compiler  had  not  found  her  records,  but  they  will  be  found 
following  the  number  of  Prentice  Brown  in  this  volume. 
300a.  Simeon,  b.  Sept.  16,  1772.  His  records  should  have  followed 
in  this  connection,  but  they  were  given  in  B.  and  M.  G. 
(p.  t,^,).  It  has  since  been  found  that  he  was  the  son  of 
Timothy  Main  and  Elizabeth  (Brown)  Main,  the  family 
here  under  consideration. 

With  this  introduction  now  will  follow  the  records  of  Dea.  Daniel 
Main  (291),  who  m.  Grace  Main  (297).  They  were  compiled  by  Mrs. 
Cora  Jane  Mayne,  nee  Brown,  dau.  of  Stephen  and  Lucinda  A.  (Ellison) 
Brown,  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y.    Much  credit  is  due  Mrs.  Mayne  for  her 

*For  their  children,  see  B.  and  M.  G.  (p.  119).  A  correction  is  here  made  in  B.  and  M.  G-. 
for  Nathaniel  Main  (294),  and  not  Nathaniel  (290),  m.  Abigail  Thurston. 



time,  expense,  and  persistent  effort  in  placing  on  the  pages  of  history  the 
descendants  of  Thankful  Brown,  dau.  of  James  Brown  and  Elizabeth 
Randall,  who.  m.  Jeremiah  Main,  and  her  sister  Elizabeth  Brown,  who 
m.  Timothy  Main. 

"There  can  be  no  more  sincere  and  disinterested  friendship  on  earth  than 
that  which  exists  in  the  bosom  of  pa  rents  towards  their  children.  For  their 
happiness  they  are  willing  to  sacrifice  much;  for  them  they  toil  and  struggle; 
for  them  they  live,  and  for  them,  if  need  be,  they  would  die." 

Daniel  Main  (1800),  son  of  Jeremiah  and  Thankful  (Brown)  Main, 
b.  Jan.  26,  1761;  d.  Jan.  30,  1835;  m.,  July  21,  1779,  Grace  Main,  b. 
Apr.  22,  1761;  d.  aged  ninety-five  years;  dau.  of  Timothy  and  Elizabeth 
(Brown)  Main.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Main  lived  in  the  Main  Settlement  in 
Connecticut  till  their  children  were  all  born,  and  at  least  one,  George, 
married  while  there.  They  came  to  New  York  State  with  an  ox-team  and 
two  horses,  and  remained  for  a  time  at  Petersburg,  Rensselaer  Co. 
George  Main  and  wife  remained  a  year  or  so  there,  at  which  place  their 
son  Jefferson  was  born.  The  family  came  on  westward,  stopping  for 
a  visit  with  Edward  Thurston  and  Abigail  Main  [B.  and  M.  G.  287, 
p.  51],  his  wife,  who  lived  near  Cooperstown,  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.  Their 
Their  dau.  Susannah  remained  a  year  or  more  with  her  aunt  Thankful. 
The  family  moved  on,  spending  a  year  in  the  town  of  Plaintield,  then 
located  near  So.  Brookfield,  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  Mr.  Main 
purchased  a  farm  of  one  hundred  and  sixty  acres  with  a  frame  house 
thereon,  which  was  uncommon  in  those  days.  This  homestead  was  about 
three  miles  from  Five  Corners,  where  the  church  was  located,  with  Elder 
Simeon  Brown,  Jr.,  founder  and  pastor,  Mr.  Main  owned  one  of  the 
largest  and  strongest  horses  in  the  vicinity,  named  "Old  Sampson," 
which  he  would  mount,  and  ride  to  church  with  his  wife  or  dau.  Later 
his  dau.  Susannah  seemed  quite  willing  to  go,  mounted  on  the  pillion 
behind  her  father.  Mr.  Main  was  chosen  deacon  of  the  church  soon  after 
settling  in  the  Main  homestead,  and  his  wife  and  several  children  became 
devout  members.  Dea.  Daniel  Main  (1800)  was  a  very  well-educated 
man;  he  taught  school  in  Connecticut,  and  also  in  New  York  State,  be- 
in.!^  very  proficient  in  the  prof  ession,  as  some  of  his  descendants  have  been 
also.  While  in  Connecticut  he  often  preached,  but  did  not  preach  much 
after  coming  to  New  York  State.  He  was  Justice  of  the  Peace,  but 
farming  was  his  chief  occupation.  He  was  tall,  rather  slender,  and  a 
man  of  commanding  appearance,  being  a  deep  thinker  he  was  listened 
to  very  attentively,  as  he  also  possessed  a  very  pleasing  voice. 


Dr.  H.  C.  Brown 

Brookfield,  N.  Y. 

S.  Eugene  Brown 

This  meeting-house  is  owned  and  occupied  by  the  Seventh  Day  and  First  Day 
Baptist  Societies.  Organized  in  1798,  with  Elder  Simeon  Brown.  Jr., who  settled  here, 
in  1792,  as  first  pastor.    The  first  deacon  was  Daniel  Main  (291) 

Tombstone  of  Thankful  (Brown)  Main 


Mrs.  Main  was  short,  and  rather  fleshy.  For  many  years  she  was 
blind.  She  had  a  severe  attack  of  typhoid  fever,  during  which  she  was 
tenderly  cared  for  by  her  dau.  Susannah,  and  son  Ira  Miner  and  wife. 
After  her  recovery  she  could  read  and  sew  without  even  spectacles,  some 
of  her  handiwork  being  in  existence  now  [191 2]. 

About  one-half  acre  in  the  southeast  corner  of  the  Main  homestead 
was  set  aside  for  burial  purposes  and  known  as  the  Main  Cemetery. 
The  first  one  to  be  buried  there  was  Thankful  (Brown)  Main,  wife  of 
Jeremiah  Main,  who  d.  Mar.  20,  1812,  aged  ninety-five  years.  Her  son 
Deacon  Daniel  and  wife  beside  her,  and  several  in  the  three  following 
generations  rest  there.  In  memory  of  Dea.  Daniel  Main  and  wife  a  re- 
union is  held  yearly.  At  first  it  was  held  on  the  old  homestead,  later  at 
the  homes  of  different  members  of  the  union;  but  usually,  of  late  years, 
at  Summit  Lake,  a  very  quiet  but  picturesque  place  in  the  vicinity  of 
Burlington  Flats,  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Children : 

1801.  Daniel  Main,  b.  17S0;  d.  Apr.  18,  1837;  m.  Marvel  York. 

He  was  given  sixty  acres,  a  portion  of  the  old  homestead, 
including  the  Main  Cemetery,  where  he  was  buried.  He 
was  a  very  eccentric  character.  They  had  no  children, 
but  adopted  Dennison  Main,  father  of  Don  Main,  Brook- 
field,  N.  Y.  They  also  became  foster  parents  of  Currin 

1802.  Grace,  b. ;  d.  Aug.  7,  1819,  aged  thirty-five  years. 

1803.  Martha,  b. ;  d.  Aug.  n,  1819,  aged  twenty-five  years. 

1804.  George,  b. ;  m.  Lydia  Main  (1810-1823). 

1805.  Susannah,  b.  May  7,  1783;  m.  Justus  H.  Brown.     [B.  G., 

P-  I37-] 

1806.  Ephraim,  b.  1785;  m.  Sophy  Parks  (1824-1830). 

1807.  Ira  Miner,  b. ;  m.  Susan  Tracy  (1831,  1832). 

1808.  Philura,  b.  1792;  m.  Nathan  Randall  (1833-1837). 

1809.  Thankful,  b. ;  m.  Oliver  C.  Brown  (1838-1841). 

George  Main  (1804),  son  of  the  preceding,  b. ;  d.  Sept.  19,  1852, 

aged  sixty-nine  years;  m.  Lydia  Main,  b. ;  d.  Nov.  12,  i860,  aged 

seventy-six  years. 


1810.  Lydia  Main,  b. ;  d.  Mar.  4,  1832,  aged  twenty-six  years. 

181 1.  George  Jefferson,   b.,   Petersburg,   Rensselaer   Co.,   N.   Y., 

Oct.  11,  1803  (1842-1856). 



1812.  Madison,  b.  Apr.  10,  1S09;  m.  Eliza  Burdick  (1857-1861). 

1813.  Addison,  b.  -     -;  d.  Dec.  2,  1871,  aged  sixty-four  year>. 
[814.    Harrison,  b.  1814;  three  times  m.  (1862-1869). 

1  Si 5.  Lucretia,  b.  Feb.  16,  18 — ;  in.  Augustus  Burdick  (1870-1878'. 

1816.  Philura,  b.  Feb.  1,  1813;  in.  Jonathan  Brainard  (1879). 

1817.  Susan,  b.  Jan.  26,  1824;  m.  Elkanah  Crandall  (1880,  1881). 

1818.  Thankful,  b.  Nov.  14, 1828;  m.  George  D.  Nagus  (1 882-1 887). 

1819.  Alvin,  b.  1822;  m.  Adaline  Stanburg  (1888-1891). 

1820.  Justus,  b.  June  25,  1827;  m.  Harriet  D.  Colgrove  (1892). 

1821.  Hannah,  b.  ■ ;  d.  Oct.  4,  1824,  aged  eight  years. 

1822.  Prentice,  b. ;  d.  Sept.,  1821,  aged  two  years. 

1823.  Lucy,  b. ;  d.  in  infancy. 

Susannah  Main  (1805),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  May  7,  17S3;  d., 
Brookfield,  Apr.  13,  1863;  m.,  1800,  Justus  Hern  Brown,  b.  May,  1772: 
d.  Feb.  15,  1833;  son  of  Elder  Simeon  and  Ruth  (York)  Brown.  Burial 
in  the  Brown  Cemetery.  Mr.  Brown  was  a  farmer  and  a  cooper.  Mrs. 
Brown  was  bereft  of  the  love  and  help  of  a  very  kind  husband,  but 
reared  to  noble  manhood  and  womanhood  her  large  family.  Another 
affliction  soon  followed,  when  death  claimed  her  beloved  son  Almon. 
She  was  a  very  quiet,  unassuming  character,  loved  best  by  those  who 
knew  her  most  intimately.  When  her  son's  wife,  Philura,  was  dying,  she 
placed  her  young  babe  in  its  grandmother's  arms,  saying,  "I  give  Henri- 
etta to  you."  Thus  she  proved  a  noble  mother  to  her  also.  A  woman 
often  sought  in  time  of  sickness,  she  filled  her  mission  in  life  full  of  kind 
deeds.  Her  attitude  in  regard  to  temperance  is  best  illustrated  by  the 
following  instance.  She  was  riding  along  one  day  with  her  son  Stephen 
Taylor,  when  they  saw  a  man  lying  intoxicated  by  the  roadside.  She 
turned  to  her  son,  saying,  "I  had  rather  bury  a  son  of  mine  than  see  him 
in  that  condition;  it  would  he  far  easier  for  me"  Her  sons  were  very 
temperate,  not  even  having  the  habit  of  sweet-cider  drinking,  and  only 
one,  the  eldest,  used  tobacco.  Hut  one  son,  Stephen  Taylor,  survives 
her.  Though  past  his  eighty-seventh  birthday  his  mind  is  clear  and  alert; 
and  though  he  is  rather  feeble  physically,  to  him,  mostly,  is  due  the  credit 
of  the  history  penned  of  Dea.  Daniel  Main  and  wife.  Nothing  thus 
written  has  been  fancied  on  the  [tart  of  the  writer,  but  facts  as  related 
by  him. 

Note.— The  children  <>t"  Justus  H.  Brown  unci  wife  (1805)  are  given  in  full  in  B.  (i. 

Ephraim  Main  (1806),  son  of  Dea.  Daniel  (1S00)  and  Grace  (Main) 
Main,  son  of  Jeremiah  and   Thankful  (Brown)  Main,  b.  r 7S5 ;  d.  July  14, 



1857;  m.  Sophy  Parks,  b.  1794;  d.  Jan.  21,  1857.  Both  are  buried  in  the 
Main  Cemetery. 

Children,  b.  near  So.  Brookfield,  N.  Y.: 

1824.  Henry  Main,  b.  Sept.  6,  1812  (1893-1896). 

1825.  Daniel,  b.  Feb.  27,  1815;  m.  Mary  Brown  (1897,  1898). 

1826.  Eleanor,  b.  Aug.  n,  181 7;  m.  Justus  R.  Brown  (1899). 

1827.  Martha,  b.  Apr.  n,  1820;  d.  Dec.  n,  1821;  buried  in  Main 

Cemetery  beside  her  parents. 

1828.  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  30,  1827;  m.  Joshua  Miner  (1900-1906). 

1829.  Nathan,  b.  — — ;  m.  Martha  Chesebro.    Son  and  dau.    Res., 

near  Chicago,  111.,  where  he  d. 

1830.  Galusha,  b.  ;  m.  ,  and  had  three  daus.    He  was  a 

carpenter.    For  years  he  lived  in  Fon-du-lac,  Wis. 

Ira  Miner  Main  (1807),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b. ;  d. ;  m. 

Susan  Tracy,  of  Oxford.  Mr.  Main  cared  for  his  mother  and  the  old  home 
for  years.  He  removed  to  Norwich,  later  to  Steuben  Co.,  N.  Y.  Some  of 
his  descendants  lived  near  Watkins,  N.  Y.,  in  191 2.  He  was  very  fond 
of  fishing. 

Children : 

1 83 1.  Tracy  Main,  b. 

1832.  Uri,  b. 

Philura  Main  (1808),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  1792;  m.,  1810,  Nathan 
Randall,  b.  1790;  d.  Mar.  4,  1857;  buried  in  Cattaraugus  Co.,  N.  Y. 

1833.  Nathan  Randall,  Jr.,  b.  May  26,  1815;  m.,  1832,  Julia  H. 

Crandall,  b. ;  d.  Apr.  24,  1895.  Children:  (1)  Rosaltha, 

b. ,  m.  Albert  Babcock;  (2)  Gertrude, b. ,  m.  Emery 

Robinson.    Res.,  1912,  Nashville,  N.  Y. 

1834.  Philura,  b.  Sept.  21,  1820;  m.,  Sept.  2,  1840,  F.  C.  Miller, 

d. .    Children:  (1)  Van  Ness  Miller,  M.D.;  res.,  Fre- 
mont, Mich.;  (2)  De  Verre;  (3)  Martha  M.,  b.  ;  m., 

1868,  Frank  Gray,  d.,  Angola,  N.  Y.,  1907;  (4  and  5)  two 

infants,  d.  .    All  the  members  of  Philura's  family  are 

dead  but  one  granddau.,  Estella  Gray,  a  teacher  in  Buffalo 
in  1912. 

1835.  Grace  Marvel,  b.,  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  June  10,  1829;  m.  Dr. 

C.  C.  Johnson  (1907-1910). 

1836.  Daniel  Main,  b.  Jan.  27,  1832;  d.  Jan.  8,  1854. 

1837.  Esther  M.,  b.  Feb.  n,  1835  (1911). 



Thankful  Main  (1809),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  ;  d.  ;  m. 

Oliver  C.  Brown,  who  d.  at  Whitesboro,  N.  Y.  She  was  buried  in  the  Main 
Cemetery,  but  was  later  removed  by  her  son  Mark  to  Brookfield  Rural 


1838.  Rebecca  Brown,  b. ;  d. . 

1839.  Oliver  Mark,  b.  — — ;  m.  Martha  Crandall.     Dau.:  Leone 

Ellen,  b.  July  3,  1853,  m.  Otis  Griffin.   [B.  G.,  p.  132.] 

1S40.    Joshua  Gabby,  b.  ;  d.  ;  m.  Crandall.    Dau., 

d.  Nashville,  N.  Y. 

1841.  Ellen,  b. ;  m.  Mr.  Cooper. 

George  Jefferson  Main  (1811),  son  of  George  (1804)  and  Lydia  (Main) 
Main,  son  of  Dea.  Daniel  (1800)  and  Grace  (Main)  Main,  son  of  Jere- 
miah and  Thankful  (Brown)  Main,  b.,  Petersburg,  Rensselaer  Co.,  N.  Y., 
Oct.  n,  1803;  d.  Apr.  9,  18S9,  and  buried  in  Brookfield  Rural  Cemetery; 
m.  (1)  Mary  Ingraham,  b.  Apr.  29,  1807;  d.  Dec.  19,  1858;  dau.  of  Ben- 
jamin and  Lucy  (Pitkin)  Ingraham;  buried  in  the  Main  Cemetery.  Mr. 
Main  m.  (2),  1863,  Louisa  Wright  Burgess.  Mr.  Main  was  a  farmer.  He 
was  a  member  of  the  Baptist  Church  at  Brookfield,  and,  being  possessed 
of  an  unusually  retentive  memory,  he  could  quote  Scripture  as  but  few 
could.  Oneof  his  special  pleasures,  as  his  children  were  growing  up,  was  to 
have  them  read  portions  of  Scripture  at  random,  and  he  would  name  the 
book,  chapter,  and  often  the  verse,  where  found.  His  Bible  was  his  most 
valued  book,  and  not  until  well  advanced  in  years  and  confined  to  the 
house  by  illness  did  he  practise  reading  a  newspaper.  He  was  a  Repub- 

Children  by  first  m.: 

1842.  Ransom  Simeon  Main,  b.,  So.  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  Oct.   13, 

1827;  m.  Mary  Elizabeth  Blackburn  (1912). 

1843.  Horace,  b.  Oct.  10,  1X30;  d.  June  13,  1832. 

1S44.    Maria  L.  (twin),  b.  Nov.  30,  [832;  d.  Dec.  28,  1863. 

[845.    George  L.  (twin),  i>.  Nov.  .^o,  [832;  m.  Delia  M.  York  (1913- 

[846.    Amanda  M.,  b.  Mar.  30,  1835;  d.  June  24,  1S55. 
1X47.    Mary  M.,  b.  June  S,  [837;  d.  Now  i(>,  [856. 
[848.    llial    Pitkin,  b.,  So.    Brookfield,   Dec.    14,    [839;  m.,    [873, 

Sarah   Martin,  b.  -      -;  d.  June  10,   1894;  dau.  of  Henry 

and  Elizabeth  Harriet  Martin,  of   District  of  Columbia. 

He  was  a  truck  farmer,  a  member  of  the  Baptist  Church, 

and  in  politics  a  Republican.   No  issue. 



1849.  Rosina  A.,  b.  Dec.  12,  1841 ;  m.  Eugene  Main  (1916-1919). 

1850.  Emarette  Velmet,  b.  Aug.  5,  1843;  d.  May  8,  1861. 

1851.  Adelbert  Orville,  b.  Dec.  12,  1845;  d.  May  8,  1861. 
These  children  are  at  rest  by  their  mother  in  the  Main  Cemetery. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

1852.  Mary  L.,  b.  Mar.  27,  1864;  d.  May  13,  1883. 

1853.  Charles  Albert,  b.  June  12,  1866. 

1854.  Alice  Grace,  b.  June  30,  1868;  m.  George  Buell  (1920-1922). 

1855.  Alonzo  Jefferson,  b.  Oct.   8,   1870;  m.   Mrs.  Jenette 


1856.  Lutie  L.,  b.  May  10,  1874;  m.,  Feb.  18,  1895,  Ada  B.  Long. 

Children:  (1)  Clayton,  b.  Apr.  10,  1896;  (2)  Irene,  b.  Nov. 
7,  1903.   Res.,  near  So.  Brookfield,  N.  Y. 

Madison  Main  (1812),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Apr.  10,  1809;  d. 

May  4,  1881;  m.,  Mar.  31,  1838,  Eliza  Burdick,  b. ;  d.  Apr.  19,  1881. 

Both  were  members  of  the  Baptist  Church.  Mr.  Main  was  a  Republican 
and  a  farmer.   Burial  at  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y.,  on  the  Main  plot. 


1857.  Eliza  Ann  Main,  b.  Mar.  13,  1840;  m.  Charles  Burdick  (1929- 


1858.  Albert,  b.  Aug.  19,  1841. 

1859.  Alva,  b.  Aug.  13,  1843  (1938). 

i860.    Edward,  b.  Jan.  28, 1848;  m.  Jozinah  D.  Johnson(i939, 1940). 

1861.  Mary  Jane,  b.  Oct.  19,  1850  (1941). 

Harrison  Main  (1814),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  1814;  d.  1900;  m. 
(1),  1838,  Maryette  Nobles,  b.  1826;  d.  Sept.  24,  1846;  m.  (2)  Malissa 
Nagus,  b.  Nov.  22,  1821;  d.  Apr.  30,  1854;  m.  (3)  Elizabeth  Nagus,  b. 
Oct.  20,  1827;  d.  1895.  Mr.  Main  was  a  member  of  the  Free  Will  Baptist 
Church,  and  was  a  Republican  and  also  a  farmer,  living  for  a  number  of 
years  at  Otselic,  N.  Y.,  where  his  first  two  wives  were  buried.  He  and  his 
third  wife  are  buried  at  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 

Children  by  first  m.: 

1862.  Dorance  Harrison  Main,  b.  1840  (1942,  1943). 

1863.  M.  Eugene,  b.  1842;  d.  1892;  m.,  1863,  Rosina  Main,  dau.  of 

Jefferson  and  Mary  (Ingraham)  Main. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

1864.  George  Harrison,  b.,  Otselic,  1849.  He  is  a  Republican  and  a 

farmer.    Res.,  191 2,  Johnston's  Corners,  near  Burlington 
Flats,  N.  Y. 



1865.  Mary  L.,  b.  1853;  m.,  1871,  Justus  Brainard,  son  of  Jonathan 

and  Philura  (Main)  Brainard.    They  are  believers  in  the 
Christian  Science  doctrine.     Children:  two  d.  in  infancy. 
Res.,  1912,  New  Berlin,  N.  Y. 
Children  by  third  m.: 

1 866.  Alvin  D.,  b.  Apr.  30,  1S55  (1944-1946). 

1867.  Frank,  b.  1858;  d.  1870,  and  buried  at  Otselic  by  the  side  of 

his  mother. 

1868.  Elery,  b.  1862;  m.,  1888,  Polly  E.  Chapin,  dau.  of  Ezekiel  and 

Lucre tia  (Spafford)  Chapin.  He  is  a  farmer,  and  attends 
church  at  Ketchum,  N.  Y.  Children:  (1)  Louis  Harrison, 
b.  1891;  (2)  Clifford  Elery,  b.  1894;  (3)  Yaughn  Jay,  b. 
1897,  d.  1908;  (4)  Lloyd  Adelbert,  b.  1903.  Res.,  1912, 
Pittsfield,  N.  Y. 

1869.  Eliza  J.,  b.  1863;  m.  (1),  1882,  Julius  Holmes,  b.  i860;  d. 

1903,  and  buried  at  Burlington  Flats;  she  m.  (2),  1907, 
Will  H.  Todd,  b.  1863.  Children,  by  first  m.:  (1)  E.  Devillo, 
b..  Union  Valley,  N.  Y.,  1884;  (2)  Hubert  G.,  b.,  Burling- 
ton Flats,  1892.   Res.,  191 2,  Pittsfield,  N.  Y. 

Lucretia  Main  (1815),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Feb.  16,  18 — ;  d. 
July  27,  1880;  m.,  1831,  Augustus  Burdick.  Mr.  Burdick  was  a  Repub- 
lican, a  farmer,  and  a  carpenter.  He  was  chosen  deacon  of  the  Bap- 
tist Church  at  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y.,  of  which  both  were  members. 
Mrs.  Burdick  was  an  expert  spinner,  especially  of  wool,  few,  if  any, 
being  her  equal.     Both  are  buried  at  Burlington  Plats. 


1870.  Philura  Burdick,  b.  Oct.  21,  1837;  m.  Newell  Talbot  (1947- 


1871.  George  A.,  b.  June  16,  1840  (1956-1959). 

1872.  Horace  C,  b.  June  5,  1842;  m.  Delia  A.  Edmonds  (1968). 

1873.  Maria  L.,  b.  May  31,  1844;  m.  Albert  Talbot  (1969,  1970). 
1S74.  Lydia  E.,  b.  1846;  m.  Morell  Parker  1 1071,  1972). 

1875.  Maryette,  b.  Nov.  16,  1847;  m.  Henry  Parker  (1973,  1974)- 

1876.  Kay  E.,  1>.  Aug.  3,  1849;  d.  Aug.  20,  1873. 

[877.  Celestia,  !>.  May  20.  1851;  m.  Charles  Fitch  (1975—1977). 

1878.  Alvin,  1).  Mar.  16,  1853;  m.  Sarah  Flynn  (1978,  1979). 

Philura  Main  (1816),  dau.  of  George  (1804)  and  Lydia  (Alain)  Main, 
son  of  Daniel  (1800)  and  Grace  (Main)  Main,  son  of  Jeremiah  and  Thank- 
ful (Brown)  Main,  b.  Feb.  1,  1813;  d.  June  24.  1803;  m.  Jonathan  Brain- 

2  5° 


ard,  d.  July  6,  1890.   Mrs.  Brainard  was  a  member  of  the  Baptist  Church 
at  Burlington  Flats,  in  which  town  they  both  are  buried. 

1879.  Justus  Brainard,  b.   1847;  m.,   1871,  Mary  Main,  dau.  of 

Harrison  and  Malissa  (Nagus)  Main. 

Susan  Main  (1817),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Jan.  26,  1824;  d.  1879;  m. 
Elkanah  Crandall. 

1880.  Elizabeth  Arlouine  Crandall,  b.  June  13,  1846;  d.  Feb.  10, 

1897;  m.  Mr.  B.  Bryant. 

1881.  Lydia  Jane,  b.  Dec.  3,  1849;  d.  Oct.  8,  1889. 

Thankful  Main  (1818),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Nov.  14,  1828;  d. 
Dec.  13,  1910;  m.,  Sept.  25,  1851,  George  D.  Nagus,  b.  June  7,  1831; 
d.  Aug.  23,  1906.  They  were  Free  Will  Baptists.  Mr.  Nagus  was  a  Re- 
publican and  a  farmer.    Burial  at  Otselic,  N.  Y. 


1882.  Uri  G.  Nagus,  b.,  Otselic,  Nov.   21,   1855;  d.,  Hamilton, 

N.  Y.,  Dec.  20,  1897;  m.,  Jan  13,  1885,  Adda  M.  Fuller, 
b.  Dec.  10,  1865.  He  was  a  farmer  and  a  Republican.  Dau.: 
Mary,  b.,  Otselic,  1SS6;  d.  June  13,  1907,  and  buried  at 
Otselic;  m.,  July  3,  1902,  Leon  Priest. 

1883.  Charles,  b.  Apr.  16,  1858;  d.  Oct.  7,  1S76,  and  buried  at 


1884.  Esther  L.,  b.,  Otselic,  June  6,  1859;  m.  E.  Frank  Garner 


1885.  Celestia,  b.,  Otselic,  Jan.  15,  1861. 

1886.  Maria  P.,  b.,  Otselic,  Nov.  4,  1862  (1987-1989). 

1887.  Orvin,  b.  Sept.  2,  1865;  m.,  Sept.  25,  1888,  So.  Otselic,  Mary 

L.  Hewitt,  b.,  Augusta,,  N.  Y.,  July  12,  1863.  Mr.  Nagus 
is  a  farmer  and  a  Republican,  and  attends  the  Methodist 
Church.  Children:  (1)  Ella  J.,  b.,  Otselic,  July  23,  1889; 
(2)  Florence  C,  b.,  Augusta,  Jan.  7,  1893. 

Alvin  Main  (1819),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  1822;  m.  Adaline 
Stanburg,  who  d.,  and  was  buried  near  West  Edmeston,  N.  Y.  Mr. 
Main  was  a  farmer  and  live-stock  dealer. 

Children : 

1888.  Cora  Main,  b.  — -;  m.  Ira  Buell.   Daus.:  (1)  Edith,  m.  — 

Cowen;  (2)  Bertha,  m.  Rollins. 



1889.  Lizzie,  b.  -     -;  m.  Charles  Palmer.    Infant,  who  d. 

1890.  Jennie,  b.  -     — ;  m.  Nathan  Rogers.    Children:  (1)  Avis.  m. 

Eddy,  and  had  two  children;  (2)  Sydney;  (3)  Virginia; 
(4)  Nathan,  Jr. 
)i.    Grace,  b.  -     — ;  m.  Will  Genung.    Son:  Earl.    Mr.  Genung 
lives  on  the  home  farm,  south  of  West  Edmeston,  and  is 
an  R.  L).  carrier. 

Justus  Main  (1820),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  June  25,  1827;  d. 
.Mar.  5,  1876;  m.  Harriet  Delilah  Colgrove,  d.  Nov.  20,  1S72;  dau.  of 
Israel  and  Harriet  Colgrove.    Burial  on  Taylor  Hill,  town  of  Edmeston, 
N.  Y. 

1S92.  Hattie  Mayne,  b.  1S65;  d.  Jan.  14,  188S;  m.  Elwin  Suther- 
land. Dau.:  Hazel  Sutherland,  b.  June  28,  1884.  She  is  a 
graduate  of  Edmeston  High  School  and  of  Oneonta  Normal. 
Now  [191 2],  a  teacher  in  the  South  New  Berlin  High  School. 
At  the  time  of  the  death  of  her  mother  she  was  adopted 
by  George  Michel  and  wife.    Res.,  Edmeston,  N.  Y. 

Henry  Main  (1824),  son  of  Ephraim  (1S05)  and  Sophy  (Parks)  Main, 
son  of  Dea.  Daniel  (1800)  and  Grace  (Main)  Main,  son  of  Jeremiah  and 
Thankful  (Brown)  Main,  b.  Sept.  6,  1812;  d.  1901;  m.  (1)  Lydia  Brown, 
b.  Feb.  8,  1836;  d.  Feb.  12.  1877:  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Minerva  Maxson;  m.  (3) 
Lucinda  Smith.  Mr.  Main  was  a  Christian  worker  and  joined  the  Bapti>t 
Church  in  Brookfield,  N.  Y.  Later  he  espoused  the  cause  of  the  Seventh- 
Day  Adventists,  and  died  in  the  firm  belief  of  their  interpretations  of  the 
Scriptures.  He  was  very  active  in  whatever  he  undertook.  He  was 
chosen  captain  of  a  company  of  cavalry.  When  chosen  he  was  called 
upon  to  "wet  his  commission."  Mr.  Main  responded,  "Comrades,  I  will 
hold  second  place  to  no  man  in  seeking  to  promote  the  welfare  and  effi- 
ciency of  our  company,  but  I  can't  join  you  in  this  baleful  practice.  I 
taste  no  intoxicating  liquors  myself  and  can't  stifle  my  conscience  by 
offering  it  to  others."  He  was  not  only  a  great  temperance  worker,  but 
came  out  in  tin-  front  ranks  at  the  dawn  of  the  anti-slavery  struggle. 
i  ,  r  several  year.-  In-  was  deprived  of  his  si.uht,  yet  he  maintained  a  cheer- 
ful disposition.  He  died  at  the  home  of  his  beloved  daughter,  Mandana, 
who  tenderly  and  lovingly  fulfilled  her  duties  in  a  very  quiet  way.  He 
and  his  first  wife  are  buried  in  the  Brown  Cemetery.  Mr.  Main  was  one 
of  thi'  prime  movers  in  establishing  and  promoting  the  Main  Reui 



In  1892  he,  with  six  other  grandsons  of  Dea.  Daniel  and  wife,  formed  a 
striking  contrast,  when  seated  on  a  platform  at  the  reunion,  with  the 
younger  ones  in  the  audience.    They  were  all  gray  headed,  bearded,  and 
very  healthy  looking. 
Children : 

1893.  Judson  Main,  b.  1838;  d.  1839. 

1894.  Mandana,  b.  1S41;  m.,  1864,  Erastus  Maxson,  son  of  Lorenzo 

and  Minerva  (Miner)  Maxson.  Res.,  1912,  Brookfield, 
N.  Y.  Children:  (1)  Herbert  E.,  b.  1864,  m.,  1886,  Clara 
Burdick;  (2)  Everett  H.,  b.  1868,  d.  1883;  (3)  Ivalou,  b. 
1879;  m.,  1897,  Lynn  A.  Worden,  who  [191 2]  is  business 
manager  of  The  Sabbath  Recorder,  Plainfield,  N.  Y.  Their 
children:  (1)  Dean  M.,  b.  1897;  (2)  Marion  C,  b.  1899; 
(3)  Dorothy  H.,  b.  1908;  (4)  Mandana  E.,  b.  1911. 

1895.  Gerrit  S.,  b.  1844;  d.  1864.    Enlisted  in  114th  Regt.,  Civil 

War,  in  1863. 

1896.  Hosea  B.,  b.  1846;  m.,  1869,  Magrette  Stanbro,  b.  ;  d. 

1887.  Burial  in  Brookfield  Cemetery.  Mr.  Main  was  a  car- 
penter and  was  associated  with  his  father  in  the  firm  of 
Main  &  Son,  lumbermen  and  builders.  He  was  a  Repub- 
lican.   Dau.:  Jessie  Mandana,  b. ,  m.  Leonard  Gibbs, 

lawyer,  Buffalo,  N.  Y.  Children:  (1)  Walter  M.,  b.  1905; 
(2)  Jean  M.,  b.  1907. 

Daniel  Main  (1825),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Feb.  27,  1815;  d., 
Gowanda,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  7,  1895;  m.,  Dec.  2^,  1847,  Mary  Brown,  dau.  of 
Justus  H.  and  Susannah  (Main)  Brown,  b.  Nov.  30,  1829;  d.,  Nashville, 
N.  Y.,  Feb.  n,  1889. 

Children,  b.  Persia,  Cattaraugus  Co.,  N.  Y.: 

1897.  Cyrelius  Main,  b.  1851;  d.  Oct.  13,  i860. 

1898.  Almon  F.,  b.  June  27,  1856;  m.,  Apr.  18,  1881,  Clara  Searl, 

b.  Jan.  29,  1859;  dau.  of  Fred  and  Lora  (Hilliard)  Searl. 
Mr.  Main  is  a  farmer.  Sons:  (1)  Fred  Daniel,  b.  June  14, 
1891;  (2)  Lyman  Brown,  b.  May  19,  1894.  Res.,  191 2, 
Gowanda,  N.  Y. 

Eleanor  Main  (1826),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Aug.  11,  1817;  m., 
Apr.,  1839,  Justus  R.  Brown,  son  of  Justus  H.  and  Susannah  (Main) 
Brown;  d.  Apr.  19,  1855.  Burial  in  Brown  Cemetery.   [See  B.  G.,  p.  137.] 


1899.  Holland  Turner  Brown,  b.  Apr.  30,  1840.   He  enlisted  at  the 



outbreak  of  the  Civil  War,  was  honorably  discharged  at 
its  close,  and  returned  home  with  the  loss  of  only  one  finger. 
He  was  killed  by  the  falling  of  a  tree  about  three  months 
later.    [See  E.  G.,  p.  138.] 

Elizabeth  Main  (1828),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Aug.  30,  1827;  d. 
Nov.  8,  1801  ;  m.,  Oct.  q,  1849,  Joshua  Miner,  b.,  Pharsalia,  N.  Y.,  about 
1821;  d.  Jan.  11,  1868,  in  the  West.  After  his  death  Mrs.  Miner  and 
family  returned  to  Otselic,  N.  Y.,  in  1869. 


1900.  Floyd  L.  Miner,  b.  Aug.  27,  1850;  d.  Oct.  4,  1852. 

1901.  La  Vern,  b.  Dec.  26,  1852;  m.,  Oct.  29,  1890,  Jennie  E.  Pitts. 

Mr.  Miner  is  a  Prohibitionist.  He  and  his  wife  attend  the 
Baptist  Church.    Res.,  191 2,  So.  Otselic,  N.  Y. 

1902.  Adelbert,  b.  Mar.  12,  1855;  m.,  July  4,  1879,  Jennie  Ruddock. 

1903.  Van  Ness,  b.  Nov.  24,  1857;  d.  Mar.  15,  1879. 

1904.  Alton  M.,  b.  June  28,  1861;  d.  Aug.  1,  1869. 

1005.    Ella  B.,  b.  Sept.  17,  1863;  m.,  June  1,  18—,  Le  Roy  O.  Peck- 
ham.    Res.,  191 2,  Chicago,  111. 

1906.  Matilda  S.,  b.  Jan  2S,  1867;  d.  Aug.  10,  1885. 

Four  sons  and  one  dau.  of  Ephraim  Main  met  for  the  last  time  on 
earth  at  the  Main  Reunion  in  1892,  which  was  planned  to  be  held  at  the 
Main  homestead,  but  due  to  the  storm  was  held  in  the  Seventh-Day 
Baptist  Church  at  So.  Brookfield. 

Grace  Marvel  Randall  (1835),  dau.  of  Nathan  and  Philura  (Main) 
(1808)  Randall,  dau.  of  Dea.  Daniel  (1800)  and  Grace.  (Main)  Main, 
son  of  Jeremiah  and  Thankful  (Brown)  Main,  b.,  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  June 
10,  1820;  d.,  Gowanda,  N.  Y.,  1898;  m.,  i860,  Dr.  C.  C.  Johnson,  d.—  — , 
burial  in  Gowanda.  Dr.  Johnson  was  truthfully  called  the  "beloved 
physician,"  and  he  and  his  estimable  wife  endeared  themselves  to  those 
who  knew  them,  and  enriched  the  lives  of  all  about  them. 

Children : 

1907.  Dr.  Burnell  Johnson,  b. 

1908.  Dr.  B.  ('.  Johnson,  b. 

In    [912   Both    the   above   were   successful   practitioners  in 
Buffalo,  X.  Y. 

1909.  Bred.    b.  -;    engaged    in    Banking.       Res.,    Cattaraugus, 

N.  Y. 

1910.  Grace  Philura,  b.  -       ;  teacher  in  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 



Esther  M.  Randall  (1837),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Feb.  n,  1835; 
m.  (1),  1861,  Smith  Peacock,  d.,  Point  of  Rocks,  Va.,  Aug.  3,  1864;  en- 
listed in  112th  Regt.  under  Colonel  Drake  and  Captain  Ludwick.  Mrs. 
Peacock  m.  (2)  N.  C.  Beardsley,  who  d.  in  1899  at  South  Dayton,  N.  Y. 

Son,  by  second  m.: 

1911.  Nathan  E.  Beardsley,  b.  1S67;  m.,  1891,  Rose  C.  Coxe,  b. 

;  d.,  San  Diego,  Cal.,  May  7,  191 1.    Mr.  Beardsley  is 

an  M.D.    Res.,  191 2,  Dunkirk,  N.  Y. 

Ransom  Simeon  Main  (1842),  son  of  George  J.  (181 1)  and  Mary 
(Ingraham)  Main,  son  of  George  (1804)  and  Lydia  (Main)  Main,  son  of 
Dea.  Daniel  (r8oo)  and  Grace  (Main)  Main,  son  of  Jeremiah  and  Thank- 
ful (Brown)  Main,  b.,  So.  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  13,  1827;  m.  Mary 
Elizabeth  Blackburn,  of  Fairfax  Co.,  Va.,  b.  June  16,  1834;  d.  Jan  10, 
1895;  dau.  of  Lewis  Edward  and  Artemesia  (Roberts)  Blackburn,  of 
Virginia.  Both  are  buried  at  Washington,  D.  C,  at  which  place  Mr.  Main 
conducted  a  thriving  grocery  business.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Baptist 


1912.  Ransom  Louis  Main,  b.,  Fairfax  Co.,  Va.,  June  20,  1858;  m., 

Pittsburgh,  Penn.,  Aug.  25,  1886,  Malissa  Maria  Irwin,  of 
Armstrong  Co.,  Penn.,  dau.  of  John  and  Barbara  Ann  Irwin. 
Mr.  Main  is  interested  in  the  grocery  business.  Children: 
(1)  Olive  Bliss,  b.  Feb.  13,  1894;  (2)  Irving  Ingraham,  b. 
Aug.  16,  1896.  Res.,  191 2,  Washington,  D.  C;  P.  O.  ad- 
dress, Benning,  D.  C,  R.  F.  D.  No.  3. 

George  Leander  Main  (1845),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Nov.  30, 
1832;  m.,  Nov.  4,  i860,  Delia  M.  York,  b.  Aug.  30,  1832;  d.  Mar.  28, 
1868,  and  buried  in  the  Randall  burying-ground,  south  of  Brookfield, 
N.  Y.  They  were  members  of  the  Methodist  Church.  Res.,  191 2,  Wat- 
kins,  N.  Y. 


1913.  Ettie  Main,  b.  June  1,  1861;  d.,  Washington,  D.  C,  1882, 

soon  after  graduating  from  high  school. 

1914.  Merton  J.,  b.,  Dix,  N.  Y.,  June  25,  1865;  m.  Lottie  Belle 

Burch  (1990,  1991). 

1915.  George  A.,  b. .   Res.,  Gainsville,  Fla. 

Rosina  A.  Main  (1849),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Dec.  12,  1841;  m., 
1863,  Eugene  Main,  b.  1842;  d.  1892;  son  of  Harrison  and  Maryette 



Main;  buried  at  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y.    They  and  their  children  are 

Baptist  Church  members. 

[916.  Gene  Orval  Main,  b.  1864;  m.,  Dec.  9,  18S6,  Lora  Huntlv. 
Mr.  Main  is  not  only  engaged  in  farming,  but  also  operate- 
the  Blue  (nit  Mine  on  his  farm,  shipping  the  polish  thus 
obtained,  often  by  carloads,  to  manufacturers  of  silver- 
ware and  other  firms,  realizing  a  handsome  profit  thereby. 
He  is  a  deacon  in  the  Baptist  Church,  where  his  wife  and 
sun  are  also  members.  Son:  Lynn  D.,  b.  1891 ;  is  a  graduate 
of  Oneonta  High  School  and  Albany  Business  College. 
Res.,  1912,  Hartwick,  N.  Y. 
1917-  Nettie,  b.  1S67;  m.,  [889,  Edgar  Pope.  Res.,  1912,  Edmeston, 
N.  Y.,  where  during  her  years  of  invalidism  she  is  being 
cared  for  by  her  mother. 

1918.  Albert  Harrison;  b.  1871;  m.  (1)  Rose  Martin,  of  District  of 

Columbia;  d.  1897,  and  buried  at  Burlington  Flats.  He  m. 
(2),  1900,  Dora  Chapin,  dau.  of  Ezekiel  and  Lucretia 
(Spafford)  Chapin.  Mr.  Main  is  a  farmer,  and  both  he 
and  his  wife  are  members  of  the  Baptist  Church.  No  issue. 
Res.,  1912,  near  Burlington  Green,  N.  Y. 

1919.  Ellen  L.,  b.  1878.    Res.,  191 2,  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

Charles  Albert  Main  ( 1853),  son  of  George  J.  (181 1  I  and  Louisa  Wright 
Burgee  Main,  b.  June  12,  1866;  m.  (1),  Dec.  24,  1889,  Edith  Burdick, 
dau.  of  Charles  and  Eliza  Ann  (Main)  Burdick,  d.  Dec.  7,  1900.  She  is 
buried  on  the  Main  plot  at  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Main  m.  (2) 
Adaline  Brown,  b.  Dec.  7,  1805;  dau.  of  Stephen  and  Lucinda  (Ellison) 
Brown.  Mrs.  Main  is  a  graduate  of  Brookfield  High  School.  She  taught 
school  for  a  number  of  terms  in  New  York  State;  then,  after  fitting  her- 
self for  special  work,  she  went  to  Fremont,  Neb.,  where  she  taught  suc- 
cessfully for  two  years.  She  entered  the  Civil  Service  at  this  time,  re- 
ceiving a  very  flattering  position  at  once.  She  showed  so  much  tact  in 
tin-  work  that  she  was  promoted  rapidly  till  she  received  as  high  a  salary 
as  an\-  lady  employee  in  the  ranks.  She  held  this  position  for  a  number 
of  terms,  till  failing  health  compelled  her  to  return  to  her  native  State. 
She  received  from  the  Teachers'  Training-Class  of  Alfred  University, 
N.  Y..  in  [902,  a  life  certificate,  and  taught  in  New  York  State  again  till 
her  marriage  to  Mr.  Main,  in  1905.  Sh(  is  a  ready  writer  of  prose  as  well 
as  poetry,  and  a  member  of  the  Seventh-Day  Baptist  Church  at  Leon- 


ardsville,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Main  is  a  farmer,  having  several  head  of  thorough- 
bred Holstein-Friesian  cattle.  He  is  a  Republican.  No  issue.  Res.,  1912, 
near  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 

Alice  Grace  Main  (1854),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  June  30,  1868; 
m.,  Sept.  6,  1885,  George  Buell,  son  of  George  and  Margaret  Buell. 

1920.  Ina  Bell  Buell,  b.  Sept.  14,  1886;  d.  Jan.  8,  1889. 

1921.  Lynn  Jefferson,  b.  May  20,  1889;  m.,  Mar.  2,  1909,  Lela 

Stuper.   Son:  Kenneth  Lynn,  b.  Jan.  10,  1910. 

1922.  Hildred  Rubie,  b.  Jan.  1,  1893;  m.,  Jan.  1,  1911,  Burt  Dick- 

son, son  of  Oliver  and  Katherine  Dickson.     Res.,  1912, 
Chadwick's,  N.  Y. 

Alonzo  Jefferson  Main  (1855),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Oct.  8, 

1870;  m.,  Nov.  10,  1890,  Mrs. Jenette,  b.,  near  Waterville,  N.  Y., 

Dec.  19,  i860.  Mr.  Main  is  a  Republican  and  a  farmer.  Res.,  191 2, 
Exeter,  N.  Y. 

Children,  the  first  three  b.  Brookfield,  N.  Y.: 

1923.  Elwin  De  Forest  Main,  b.  June  1,  1891. 

1924.  Delbert  Alonzo,  b.  Sept.  28,  1892. 

1925.  Floyd  Lynn,  b.  May  26,  1894. 

1926.  Lester  Daniel,  b.,  Edmeston,  N.  Y.,  July  23,  1896. 

1927.  Goldie  Augusta,  b.,  Edmeston,  Mar.  9,  1898. 

1928.  Hazel  Jenette,  b.,  Burlington,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  15,  1902. 

Eliza  Ann  Main  (1857),  dau.  of  Madison  (1812)  and  Eliza  (Burdick) 
Main,  son  of  George  (1804)  and  Lydia  (Main)  Main,  son  of  Dea.  Daniel 
(1800)  and  Grace  (Main)  Main,  son  of  Jeremiah  and  Thankful  (Brown) 
Main,  b.  Mar.  13,  1840;  d.  Dec.  28,  1909;  m.,  Nov.  24,  i860,  Charles 
Burdick,  b.  Mar.  26,  1832;  d.  July  2,  1908.  Mr.  Burdick  was  a  farmer 
and  a  Republican.  Both  were  members  of  the  Baptist  Church.  Burial 
at  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 

Children : 

1929.  Lewis  C.  Burdick,  b.  Sept.  28,  1861;  d.  Mar.  6,  1886. 

1930.  Will  A.,  b.  Oct.  26,  1864;  m.,  Sept.  1,  1904,  Abbie  C.  Hume, 

dau.  of  James  0.  Hume.  Res.,  191 2,  Defiance,  0.,  where 
Mr.  Burdick  has  a  grocery  store.  He  is  a  Republican,  and 
both  are  members  of  the  Episcopal  Church.  Children:  (1) 
Christine,  b.  Dec.  23,  1905;  (2)  Kathlene,  b.  Mar.  30, 
1907;  (3)  Mary  Jean,  b.  July  19,  191 1. 



1931.  Edith  Eliza  Ann,  b.  July  n,  1S67;  d.  Dec.  7,  1900;  m.,  Dec. 

24,  1889,  Charles  Main.    No  issue. 

1932.  Maud  L.,  b.  Sept.  7,  1870;  m.,  Oct.,  1890,  Tom  Hume,  d. 

July  8,  1891. 

1933.  Jennie  M.,  b.  Nov.  5,  1874;  m.,  Sept.  29,  1904,  Will  Loomis. 

Children:  (1)  Charles,  b.  May  21,  1905;  (2)  Rush,  b.  Feb. 
21,  1907;  (3)  Karene,  b.  June  13,  1909.  Res.,  Burlington, 
X.  V. 

1934.  Clifton  Madison,  b.  Aug.  26,  1879;  m.,  Mar.  7,  1901,  Iva  O. 

Clark,  dau.  of  Laselle  and  Alta  Carter  Clark.  Mr.  Burdick 
is  a  member  of  the  Baptist  Church  and  a  Republican. 
He  owns  farms  in  the  vicinity,  which  he  oversees.  No 
issue.    Res.,  191 2,  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 

1935.  Rush  Ansel,  b.  May  25,  1882;  d.  Nov.  28,  1903. 

1936.  Infant,  b.  1863. 
1037.    Infant,  b.  1872. 

Albert  Main  (1858),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Aug.  19,  1841;  d. 
July  20,  190S;  m.  (1),  Jan.  1,  1869,  Ellen  R.  Higgins,  d.  Apr.  n,  19 — ; 
m.  (2),  Sept.  S,  1002,  Ida  F.  Brown.  Mr.  Main  and  his  first  wife  were 
members  of  the  Baptist  Church.  He  was  a  Republican,  and  for  a  num- 
ber of  years  Overseer  of  the  Poor,  which  duty,  like  others,  he  performed 
to  the  best  of  his  ability.    He  was  an  honest  man,  few  his  equal. 

Alva  Main  (1859),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Aug.  13,  1843;  m.  (1) 

Estell  J.  Shaul,  d.  Aug.  10,  1884;  m.  (2),  1885,  Sarah  Thompson,  d. ; 

buried  at  Livingston,  Mont.;  m.  (3),  [899,  Mary  Fergusen,  b.,  Canada, 
[860;  dau.  of  Duncan  and  Mary  (Cameron)  Fergusen,  both  natives  of 
Scotland.  Mr.  Main  is  a  Democrat,  and  both  attend  the  Congregational 
Church.  Mr.  Main  conducts  the  largest  store  of  its  kind  in  Livingston, 
having  moved  there  Apr.,  1SS7,  from  New  York  State,  where  he  had  been 
proprietor  of  a  store  at  Burlington  Flats,  also  at  Springfield,  N.  Y.  On 
Jan.  28,  1910,  Mr.  Main  started  westward  for  a  trip  around  the  world. 
Leaving  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  Feb.  5,  1010,  he  halted  at  Honolulu;  then 
visited  Yokohama,  Japan,  Hong  Long,  Canton,  Manilla,  Philippine 
Islands;  thence  to  Borneo,  Java,  Singapore,  Rangoon,  Calcutta,  Island 
of  Ceylon,  and  then  to  Bombay.  He  sojourned  in  Egypt,  crossed  the 
Mediterranean  Sea  to  Naples,  Italy,  then  to  Florence,  Rome,  and 
Venice;  crossed  Austria,  witnessed  the  Passion  Play,  crossed  Germany, 
and  sailed  from  Hamburg  to  New  York. 

Dau.,  by  third  m.: 
1938.    Catherine  A.  Main,  b.  1001. 



Edward  Main  (i860),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Jan.  28,  1448;  m., 
Dec.  25,  1872,  Jozinah  D.  Johnson,  dau.  of  Lyman  and  Mary  Ann  (Den- 
nison)  Johnson.  Mr.  Main  is  a  Republican.  He  and  his  wife  attend  the 
Baptist  Church.   He  is  postmaster  [191 2]  at  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 


1939.  Angeline  Lucy  Main,  b.  July  25,  1882;  m.,  June  8,  1909, 

Lester  S.  Lang,  M.D.  Both  are  members  of  the  Baptist 
Church.   No  issue.   Res.,  191 2,  Oneonta,  N.  Y. 

1940.  Howard  E.,  b.  Feb.  24,  1886;  d.  Sept.  29,  1886. 

Mary  Jane  Main  (1861),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Oct.  19,  1850;  m. 

(1),  Oct.  18,  1872,  Ansel  Johnson,  b. ;  d.  Mar.  3,  1892;  son  of  Lyman 

and  Mary  Ann  (Dennison)  Johnson;  m.  (2)  Ira  D.  Parker.  Mr.  Parker 
is  a  Republican.  He  is  Overseer  of  the  Poor  in  the  town  of  Burlington, 
and  is  a  blacksmith  by  trade.   Res.,  191 2,  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 

Dau.,  by  first  m.: 

1941.  Mary  Eliza  Johnson,  b.  July  13,  1873;  m.,  Dec.  3,   1902, 

Louis  J.  Bixby.  Mr.  Bixby  is  a  Republican,  Town  Collector, 
and  superintendent  of  the  Baptist  Sunday-school,  of  which 
church  they  are  members.  Dau.:  Beatrice  Ellen,  b.  Feb. 
11,  1909,  d.  Feb.  13, 1909.  Adopted  dau.:  Katherine  Edith, 
b.  Feb.  9,  1909. 

Dorance  Harrison  Main  (1862),  son  of  Harrison  (1814)  and  Maryette 
(Nobles)  Main,  son  of  George  (1804)  and  Lydia  (Main)  Main,  b.  1S40; 
m.  (1),  1 86 1,  Augusta  Coon,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Abigail  Coon;  d.  1874; 
buried  in  the  Brookfield  Rural  Cemetery.  Mr.  Main  m.  (2),  Nov.  21, 
1874,  Hattie  Bassett.  He  is  a  Democrat.  He  enlisted  in  the  Civil  War, 
and  [191 2]  is  in  the  Old  Soldiers'  Home,  Omaha,  Neb. 

Dau.  by  first  m.: 

1942.  Winnifred  Mariette  Main,  b.  June   19,   1867;  m.,  May  8, 

1889,  George  M.  Stuart,  b.  Jan.  19,  1867;  son  of  Steven 
and  Eliza  Conklin  Stuart.   Dau.:  Hazel  Augusta  Stuart,  b. 
Sept.  22,  1891. 
Dau.  by  second  m.: 

1943.  Libbie  Augusta  Main,  b.  May  15,  1875.    At  the  time  of  her 

mother's  death  she  was  adopted  into  the  family  of  Albert 
Main  and  Ella  Higgins,  his  wife,  where  she  grew  to  woman- 
hood in  a  Christian  home.  She  m.,  Nov.  15,  1893,  De 
Forest  Arnold,  b.  June  24,  1873;  son  of  Dea.  Charles  H. 
and  Celestia  (Burdick)  Arnold.    Mr.  Arnold  is  Supervisor 



of  the  town  of  Burlington,  also  trustee  of  the  Baptist 
Church,  of  which  both  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Arnold  and  their 
son  Lysle  are  members.  Because  of  her  rare  musical 
talent  Mrs.  Arnold  is  a  valuable  addition  to  the  choir. 
Mr.  Arnold  aids  his  father  on  the  farm,  besides  carrying  on 
an  extensive  poultry  business.  Children:  (i)  Lysle  Mayne, 
b.  Feb.  5,  1895;  (2)  Winfred  Charles,  b.  Jan.  11,  1906. 
Res.,  191 2,  near  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 

Alvin  D.  Main  (1S66),  son  of  Harrison  (1814)  and  Elizabeth  (Nagus) 
Main,  son  of  George  (1804)  and  Lydia  (Main)  Main,  b.  Apr.  30,  1S55; 
m.  (1),  Nov.  12,  1876,  Alida  Hudleston,  b.  Nov.  6,  1858;  divorced  Mar. 
25,  1910.  Mr.  Main  m.  (2)  Adda  M.  Nagus,  b.  Dec.  10,  1865.  Mr.  Main 
is  a  Republican  and  a  farmer,  and  with  his  second  wife  attends  the 
Methodist  Church  at  Burlington  Flats.  Res.,  191 2,  Exeter;  P.  0.  ad- 
dress, Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 

Children,  by  first  m.: 

1944.  Floyd  Harrison  Main,  b.  Sept.  4,  1877;  d.  Dec.  23,  1903. 

1945.  Herbert  Frank,  b.  May  14,   1880;  m.,  1902,  Bertha  Fitch, 

dau.  of  Charles  and  Celestia  (Burdick)  Fitch.  Mr.  Main 
is  a  farmer,  dealing  in  thoroughbred  Holstein-Friesians.  He 
is  a  Republican.  Airs.  Fitch  taught  district  school  two 
years  in  New  York.  Children:  (1)  Lowell,  b.  Aug.  20,  1903; 
(2)  Kenneth,  b.  June  7,  1905.  Res.,  191 2,  Johnson's  Cor- 
ners, near  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 

1946.  Jessie  R.,  b.  Aug.  10,  1881;  m.,  July  3,  1897,  David  Hollister, 

b.  July  8,  1877;  son  of  Dewitt  and  Jeanette  (Parker) 
Hollister.  Mr.  Hollister  is  a  miller.  Children:  (1)  Muriel  L., 
b.  Oct.  n,  1898;  (2)  Devere  C,  b.  Oct.  29,  1900.  Res., 
1912,  South  St.,  West  Winneld,  N.  Y. 

Philura  Burdick  (1S70),  dau.  of  Augustus  and  Lucretia  (Main)  (1815) 
Burdick,  b.  Oct.  21,  [837;  m.,  Nov.  26,  1857,  Newell  Talbot,  Esq.,  b. 
Jan.  16,  [834;  d.  May  22,  1803;  son  of  Newell  and  Belinda  Talbot. 
Burial  on  Taylor  Hill,  Edmeston,  N.  Y.  He  was  a  Republican,  and  he 
and  his  wife,  in  1859,  joined  the  Methodist  Church  in  Edmeston. 

Children : 

1947.  Maryette  E.  Talbot,  b.  Aug.  27,  1858;  m.,  July  4,  1876,  John 

I!.  Wells.  Dau.:  Nellie  E.,  b.  Mar.  7,  18S4;  m.,  Feb.  11, 
1907,  Fred  I  )ye. 



194S.    Clarissa  E.,  b.  Apr.  22,  i86i;m.  Clarence  Welch  (1953-1955). 

1949.  Belinda  A.,  b.  Apr.  26,  1865;  m.,  Nov.  10,  1885,  Lewis  Welch. 

Children:  (1)  Vaxene  A.,  b.  Oct.  8,  1888;  (2)  Newell  T., 
b.  Nov.  13,  1893;  (3)  Murray  C,  b.  Nov.  17,  1897;  (4) 
Dorris  E.,  b.  July  22,  1899. 

1950.  Daniel  Newell,  b.  Dec.  16,  1867;  m.,  Oct.  21,  1896,  Iva  Ed- 

monds.   Son:  Newell  E.,  b.  Dec.  26,  1899. 

1951.  Ellis  I.,  b.  Nov.  26,  1869;  m.,  Feb.  9,  1893,  Satie  M.  Gates. 

Dau.:  Alexa  G.,  b.  Apr.  23,  1902. 

1952.  Samuel  B.,  b.  Jan.  3,  1875;  d.  May  27,  1881. 

Clarissa  E.  Talbot  (194S),  dau.  of  the  preceding,  b.  Apr.  22,  1861;  m., 
July  3,  1S79,  Clarence  Welch. 

1953.  Walter  M.  Welch,  b.  Aug.   17,   1882;  m.,  June  10,   1903, 

Orpha  Bass.  Children:  (1)  Lawrence  L.,  b.  June  14,  1905; 
(2)  Walton  C,  b.  Mar.  28,  1909. 

1954.  Lura  E.,  b.  Feb.  21,  1885;  m.,  June  27,  1906,  Merton  Hughes. 

Son:  Howard  E.,  b.  Aug.  18,  1909. 

1955.  Lora  B.,  b.  Dec.  18,  1887;  m.,  Oct.  20,  1909,  Earl  Barrell. 

George  A.  Burdick  (1871),  dau  of  Augustus  and  Lucretia  (Main) 
(1815)  Burdick,  b.  June  16,  1S40;  m.  (1),  Nov.  1,  i860,  Maria  Light, 
who  d.  May,  1906.  He  m.  (2),  Dec.  31,  1908,  Flora  Sumners.  He  is  a 
Democrat.   Res.,  1912,  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 

Children,  by  first  m. : 

1956.  Ida  Burdick,  b.  May  9,   1862;  m.  Charles  Chapin  (1960- 


1957.  Frank,  b.  Apr.  21,  1864;  m.  Nora  Chapin  (1965-1967). 

1958.  Mary,  b.  Sept.  15,  1866;  m.,  Oct.  26,  1886,  Lewis  Chapin. 

Sons:  (1)  Lynn,  b.  Dec.  6,  1887;  (2)  Jay,  b.  Jan.  9,  1S96. 

1959.  Willie,  b.  Oct.  6,  1875;  m.,  Apr.  15,  1895,  Mattie  Carpenter. 

Children:  (1)  Violet,  b.  June,  1896;  (2)  Guy,  b.  Oct.  1, 

Ida  Burdick  (1956),  dau.  of  the  preceding,  b.  May  9,  1862;  m.,  Jan.  7, 
1880,  Charles  Chapin.  Mr.  Chapin  was  Assessor  for  nine  years  and 
Supervisor  1898-1911.  He  is  a  farmer.  Res.,  1912,  near  New  Berlin,  N.  Y. 

Children : 

i960.    Floyd  F.  Chapin,  b.  June  5,  1881. 


1961.    Jesse  E.,  b.  May  jo,  1884;  m.,  Dec.  16,  1904,  Edna  Hand. 

Children:  (1)  Lester  J.,  b.  Feb.  20.  1908;  (2)  Edna  M.,  b. 

Jul>  3,  10—. 
[962.    Edith  E.,  I*.  Dec.  30,  1888. 
[963.    Kay  L.,  b.  Oct.  2,  1S91;  m..  May  24,  ioir,  Elizabeth  Low,  b. 

Jan.  i(>,  1890. 

1964.  Belle  L.,  I).  May  22,  1894. 

Frank  Burdick  (1057),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Apr.  21,  1864;  m., 
Oct.  14,  1885,  Nora  Chapin. 

1965.  Leila  Burdick,  b.  Mar.  24,  1888;  m.,  June  20,  1906,  Harrison 

Camp.     Children:  (1)  Doris,  b.  Mar.  4,  1908;  (2)  Helen, 
b.  Sept.  29,  1909;  (3)  Leroy,  b.  Nov.  27,  1911. 

1966.  Glenn,  b.  Oct.  8,  1889;  m.,  Oct.  21,  1908,  Eva  Camp.    Son: 

Ralph  A. 

1967.  Lucretia,  b.  Dec.  25,  1899. 

Horace  C.  Burdick  (1872),  son  of  Augustus  and  Lucretia  (Main) 
(1815)  Burdick,  b.  June  5,  1842;  m.,  Mar.  14,  1867,  Delia  A.  Edmonds, 
b.  Mar.  21,  1851.  Mr.  Burdick  is  a  carpenter  and  farmer.  He  is  a  Repub- 
lican.   Res.,  191 2,  Burlington  Flats,  N.  V. 


1968.  R.   De  Vere  Burdick,  b.  June  14,   1877;  m.,  July  1,   1903, 

Vinnie  F.  Webster,  b.  Mar.   13,  1877.     Mr.  Burdick  is  a 
barber.    Res.,  1912,  Edmeston,  N.  Y. 

Maria  L.  burdick  (1873),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  May  31,  1844; 
m.,  Julv  i,  [862,  Albert  Talbot,  who  d.  May  5,  1874;  burial  at  Burling- 
ton Flats,  N.  Y.    She  is  a  member  of  the  Baptist  Church. 

[969.  Elba  S.  Talbot  (twin),  b.  Jan.  6,  1866;  <1.  Oct.  7,  1903.  Mr. 
Talbot,  together  with  his  brother,  Clarence  A.,  founded 
the  Wharton  Valley  Echo,  published  at  Burlington  Flat-. 
Later  the  publishing-house  was  removed  to  Edmeston,  and 
the  paper  was  re-named  the  Edmeston  Local. 
1070.  Clarence  A.  (twin),  b.  Jan.  6,  [866;  m.,  May  24.  [898,  Carrie 
B.  West.  lb-  is  a  farmer  and  a  Democrat,  and  for  three 
terms  has  been  Supervisor.  He  and  his  wife  attend  the 
Baptist  Church.  Son:  Albert  VY..  b.  May  1,  1900.  Re.-. 
191 2,  Edmeston,  N.  Y. 


S.  Eugene  Brown 

(B.  G.,Yol.  i,  p.  134),  died  in  Brookfield,  N.Y.,  November  iq.  1913;  married, 
January  6,  1871,  Ella  B.  Haggard.     (Correction  in  her  name) 

Jessie  Anna  Brown 

(B.  G.,  p.  134),  married,  November  24,  iqo8,  Yerne  Bell  York  (B.  G.,  Xo.  1763). 
Son:  Reginald  Irving  Brown  York,  born  August  30.  191 1 


Philena  Williams  Darling,  Sophia  Williams  Brown 

Sophia  Williams,  wife  of  Lucas  Brown  (B.  (1..  Vol.  1.  p.  [34),  was  the  daughter  oi 
Wheaton  II.  and  Katurah  '  York)  Williams.    I  ( 'orre<  ting  error  on  p.  347,  Vol.  1 ,  B.  G.) 


Lydia  E.  Burdick  (1874),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  1846;  m.,  1868, 
Morell  Parker,  who  d.  Mar.,  191 1;  burial  at  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 
Children  : 

1971.  William  Ray  Parker,  b.  Jan.   5,   1875;  m.,  Feb.   22,   1898, 

Bertha  Annette  Hatcher,  b.,  Exeter,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  30,  1873; 
dau.  of  John  and  Delia  Ann  (Highbie)  Hatcher.  Mr. 
Parker  is  a  farmer  and  a  Democrat,  and  he  and  his  wife 
are  members  of  the  Baptist  Church  at  Burlington  Flats. 
P.  0.  address,  Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y.  Children:  (1) 
Clarence  Alton,  b.  Apr.  13,  1899;  (2)  Leslie  Elmer,  b.  Nov. 
21,  1902;  (3)  Dorothy  Edith,  b.  Dec.  29,  1904;  (4)  Elsie 
Mariette,  b.  Apr.  20,  1906. 

1972.  Elvira,  b.  1880;  m.  Lynn  Chase,  son  of  Floyd  and  Leapha 

(Millis)  Chase.  Mr.  Chase  is  overseer  of  the  Babcock  Mfg. 
Co.  He  is  a  Republican.  Children:  (1)  Rexford,  b.  Aug. 
13,  1904;  (2)  Marian,  b.  July  4,  1910.  Res.,  1912,  Leon- 
ardsville,  N.  Y. 

Maryette  Burdick  (1875),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  Nov.  16,  1847; 

m.,  Jan.  26,  1867,  Henry  Parker,  b.  ;  d.  Dec.  30,  1893;  buried  at 

Burlington  Green,  N.  Y. 


1973.  Edith  P.  Parker,  b.  Oct.  21,  1873. 

1974.  Harry  M.,  b.  Mar.  30,  1885;  m.,  Jan.  iS,  191 1,  Mabel  L. 

Lough.   He  is  a  farmer.   Dau.:  Esther  L. 

Celestia  Burdick  (1877),  dau.  of  Augustus  and  Lucretia  (Main) 
(1815)  Burdick,  b.  May  20,  1851;  m.,  Jan.  25,  1872,  Charles  Fitch.  Mr. 
Fitch  is  a  Democrat.  He  and  his  wife  are  Universalists.  He  is  a  breeder 
of  Holstein-Friesian  stock  in  company  with  his  sons.  Res.,  191 2,  Burling- 
ton Flats,  N.  Y. 


1975.  Jasper  D.  Fitch,  b.  July  17,  1874;  m.,  Aug.  5,  1896,  Rose 

Burritt.  Mr.  Fitch  is  Assistant  Postmaster,  and  also  a 
Notary  Public.  Supervisor  of  town  in  1913.  Res.,  1914, 
Burlington  Flats,  N.  Y. 

1976.  Bertha  M.,  b.  Feb.  24,  1880. 

1977.  Ray  E.,  b.  Aug.  21,   1882;    m.,  Oct.  22,    1902,   Lena    Mae 

Chase,  dau.  of  Floyd  and  Leapha  (Millis)  Chase.  Mr. 
Fitch  is  a  Democrat,  and  conducts  his  father's  farm.  Dau. : 
Leona,  b.  Apr.  19,  1906. 



AK  in  Burdick  1 1878),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Mar.  16,  1853;  m., 
Dec.,  1879,  Sarah  l'lynn.  Mr.  Burdick  is  a  carpenter  and  farmer,  and  is  a 
staunch  Republican.  He  has  been  Assessor  for  two  terms,  and  is  High- 
way Superintendent  of  the  town  of  Burlington,  N.  Y.  Res.,  191 2,  Bur- 
lington Flats,  N.  Y. 


1978.  Lovina  Burdick,  b.  Dee.  30,  1880;  taught  school  for  several 

years;  m.,  Feb.,  1903,  William  White.  Mr.  White  is  a  farmer, 
a  Democrat,  and  has  been  Collector.  No  issue.  Adopted 
Ralph  White,  b.  Nov.  18,  1912.  Res.,  1912,  town  of  Bur- 
lington, N.  Y. 

1979.  Lydia,  b.  May  5,  1885. 

Esther  L.  Nagus  (1884),  dau.  of  George  D.  and  Thankful  (Main) 
(1818)  Nagus,  dau.  of  George  (1804)  and  Lydia  (Main)  Main,  b.,  Otselic, 
N.  Y.,  June  6,  1859;  m.,  Otselic,  Feb.  26,  1881,  E.  Frank  Garner. 

Children,  all  except  the  last  b.  Linklaen,  N.  Y.: 

igSo.    Golda  Garner,  b.  Oct.  24,  1S82;  m.  James  Penner. 

1981.  Clarence,  b.  May  8,  1885;  m.,  June  26,  1906,  Delilah  Mar- 

cellus,  of  Stockbridge,  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y. 

1982.  Floyd,  b.  Apr.  21,  1889. 

1983.  Edson,  b.  July  4,  1892. 

1984.  Leslie,  b. 

10S5.    Claude,  b. 

1986.    Mae  Belle,  b.,  Deruyter,  N.  Y.,  May  20,  1899. 

Maria  P.  Nagus  (j886),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  Otselic,  N.  Y., 
Nov.  4,  1862;  m.  (1),  Mar.  25,  1883,  James  H.  Palmer,  b.  Apr.  11,  1851; 
d.  Apr.  25,  1909;  buried  at  Otselic.  They  were  Free  Will  Baptists.  Mr. 
Palmer  was  a  farmer  and  stage-driver,  and  a  Republican.  She  m.  (2), 
Dec.  3,  1911,  Leroy  Soule,  b.  Apr.  17,  iS}6.  He  is  a  soldier  of  the  Civil 
War  and  a  Democrat. 
Children,  by  first  m.: 

[987.  George  A.  Palmer,  b.  Apr.  16,  1884;  m.  (1)  Mary  Northrup, 
of  Smyrna,  N.  V.,  b.  Apr.  15,  1S77;  d.  Mar.  1,  1907;  buried 
at  Sherburne  Hill,  N.  Y.  He  m.  (2),  Apr.  16,  1907,  Grace 
Johnson,  b..  Beaver  Meadow,  N.  Y.,  June  20,  18S4. 

1988.  Ivan    F.,  b.,   Smyrna,   July   13,    1905;    d.,    Sherburne   HilL 

Oct.  4,  1905. 

1989.  Ralph,  b.  Aug.  20,  1006. 



Merton  John  Main  (1914),  son  of  George  Leander  (1845)  and  Delia 
(York)  Main  [George  Jefferson  (181 1),  George  (1804),  Dea.  Daniel  (1800) 
Jeremiah,  Jeremiah,  Ezekiel].  The  Brown  line  of  descent  is:  Thankful 
Brown,  m.  Jeremiah  Main;  dau.  of  James  Brown  (38)  [Eleazer  (n), 
Thomas],  who  m.  Mary  Newhall,  of  Lynn,  Mass.  Merton  John  was  b., 
Dix,  N.  Y.,  June  25,  1865;  m.,  Barton,  Polk  Co.,  Fla.,  Sept.  30,  1902, 
Lottie  Belle  Burch,  b.,  Masonville,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  3,  1879;  dau.  of  Wm.  M. 
and  Alice  E.  (Crisman)  Burch,  of  Micanopy,  Fla.  Mr.  Main  came  to 
Nocatee,  De  Soto  Co.,  Fla.,  in  1910,  as  foreman,  to  handle  the  citrus 
fruit  groves  of  John  T.  Fuller,  of  Orlando,  Fla.  Mr.  Fuller  has  since 
died,  and  Mr.  Main  is  conducting  the  business  for  the  estate.  Res., 
Ocoee,  Fla. 

Children,  b.  Nocatee: 

1990.  Raymond  De  Soto  Main,  b.  Nov.  20,  1903. 

1991.  Myrtle  Leona,  b.  Nov.  5,  1904;  d.,  Fuller,  Fla.,  Dec.  1,  1912. 

Myrtle  was  greatly  beloved  in  the  home  —  well-nigh  the 
idol  of  parental  affection.  "  She  has  won  the  crown  without 
the  cross." 

1992.  George  William,  b.  Dec.  3,  1905. 

1993.  Merton  John,  Jr.,  b.  Oct.  2,  1910. 

Note. —  With  only  one  exception,  namely,  Albert  Main,  son  of  Madison  Main,  all 
the  descendants  of  Dea.  Daniel  Main  and  wife  living  at  Burlington  Flats  and  vicinity 
for  the  last  thirty  years  or  more  spell  their  name  Mayne,  but  the  writer  has  used  but 
one  style,  to  avoid  confusing  the  readers. 

The  following  has  been  given  from  memory  concerning  Joanna  Main, 
dau.  of  Timothy  Main  and  sister  of  Grace  Main  (297).  The  name  of 
Joanna  Main  does  not  appear  in  the  list  of  the  children  of  Timothy  Main, 
but  the  following  will  be  better  understood  by  comparing  these  records 
with  those  in  B.  G.  (p.  165). 

Joanna  Main,  dau.  of  Timothy  Main  and  sister  of  Grace  Main,  m. 
Joshua  Miner. 


1994.  Lucy  Ann  Miner,  m.  Luke  Miner,  Jr. 

1995.  Elizabeth,  m.  Mathew  B.  Miner. 

1996.  Philura,  m.  Justus  R.  Brown. 

1997.  Minerva,  m.  Lorenzo  Maxson. 

1998.  Erastus,  m.  Rilla  Hardin.  He  was  a  Baptist  minister  and  lived 

and  d.  in  the  West. 
The  family  record  was  destroyed  by  fire,  my  father  giving  this  from 



1999.  Erastus   Maxson,   Brookfield,  N.  Y.,   is  a  son  of  Minerva 


2000.  George  Mathew  Miner,  Leonardsville,  N.  Y.,  is  a  son  of  Eliza- 

beth Miner.    [See  B.  G.  11X5,  p.  165.] 

Mrs.  Charles  A.  Mayne,  Burlington  Flats.  X.  Y.,  who  compiled  these 
records,  says  she  has  given  facts  only  as  they  really  are  or  existed  to  the 
best  of  her  knowledge.  She  says:  "My  father.  Stephen  Brown  [B.  G., 
p.  142],  deserves  most  of  the  credit,  for  it  is  his  level  head  that  has  been 
my  chief  guide."  She  hopes  that  they  may  do  justice  to  the  loved  ones 
gone  on  to  their  heavenly  reward,  as  well  as  to  those  living. 

This  shall  be  written  for  generations  to  come.  —  Ps.  102:  iS. 

Eleazer  Brown  (39),  son  of  Eleazer  (11)  and  Ann  (Pendleton)  Brown 
[Thomas],  b.,  at  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  4,  1698,  at  the  homestead 
south  of  the  brown  Cemetery;  m.,  in  1723,  Temperance  Holmes.  [From 
the  town  records  of  Stonington,  Conn.] 

Children,  b.  at  Stonington: 

2001.  Nathan  Brown,  b.  July  17.  1724;  d.  Apr.  26,  1726. 

2002.  Mary,  b.  June  26,  1726;  m.  John  Butler. 

200^.    Eleazer,  b.  June  1,  172S;  m.  Anne  Green  (2012-2019). 

2004.  Temperance,  b.  May  15,   1731;  m.  Comfort  Brown.  [Their 

records  will  be  found  in  the  second  part  of  this  book.] 

2005.  Jeremiah,  b.  May  12,  1733. 

2006.  Rebecca,  b.  June  iq,  1735. 

2007.  Phebe,  b.  July  4,  1737. 
200S.    Timothy,  b.  June  7.  [739. 

2009.  John,  b.  Aug.  10,  1741. 

2010.  Peleg,   b.   Sept.    26,    1744;   m.    Experience    Morgan    (2106- 


201 1.  Ruth.  1).  June  27,  1740. 

[The  above  data  from  B.  G..  p.  iS,  corrected  here.] 


Ih.  New  London  Probate  Records,  Vol.  G..  p.  170.  December  second,  1757.  Per- 
suant  to  tin-  appointment  <>i  the  Conn  of  Probate,  being  known  by  Lawful  authority. 
etc.  To  divide  1  In-  estate  of  Eleazer  Brown,  late  of  Stonington  in  New  London  Couni  \ . 
stale  of  ( Connecticut. 

menl  ioned  art'  as  folio 

The  widow  Mary  Brown. 

Jeremiah  Brown,  the  second  son  of  the  deceased. 

Eleazer  Brown,  the  eldest  to  the  deceased. 

John  Butler  and  wife  Mary,  tin-  eldest  daughter  of  the  deceas 














a    -3 


-4-J       dJ  O 

CN     >H  " 

.  CS 

Q.H  ft 

„S  «      . 

■  2  o 

—  —I  .  -o 

— '    w  './>  *— 

.£•-2        ■ 



M       8    jjj 

x     - 



Rebeckah,  the  third  daughter. 

Timothy,  the  third  son. 

John  Brown,  the  fourth  son  to  the  aforementioned  deceased. 

Peleg  Brown,  the  fifth  son. 

Comfort  Brown  and  his  wife  Temperance,  the  second  daughter  of  (he  deceased. 

Phebe  Brown,  the  fourth  daughter, 


Ruth  Brown,  the  fifth  daughter  of  the  deceased. 

Signed  by:       John  Breed 

Simeon  Brown 
Elias  Button 

Note. —  It  appears  from  the  above  that  Eleazer  Brown  was  twice  m. 

Eleazer  Brown  (2003),  son  of  Eleazer  (39)  and  Temperance  (Holmes) 
Brown  [Eleazer  (11),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Stonington,  Conn.,  June  1,  1728; 
d.  July  11,  1795;  buried  in  the  Brown  Cemetery,  No.  Stonington,  Conn.; 
m.,  Oct.  16,  1755,  Anne  Green,  of  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  b.  1735;  d.  Sept. 
15,  1803.  Elder  Brown  was  the  second  pastor  of  the  First  Baptist  Church, 
of  Stonington  [Pendleton  Hill].  This  was  his  only  pastorate,  extending 
over  a  period  of  twenty-seven  years.  Elder  Brown,  it  is  said,  had  but 
little  education,  but  was  a  man  of  strong  native  powers,  of  vivid  thought 
and  conception,  and  of  a  flowing,  rapid  delivery.  He  was  rightly  esteemed 
one  of  the  most  eminent  preachers  of  his  day.  In  1791,  towards  the  close 
of  his  ministry,  there  came  a  great  outpouring  of  the  Spirit  of  God; 
and  the  seed  faithfully  sown  began  to  bear  much  fruit,  and  at  this  re- 
vival the  church  received  an  accession  of  fifty-two,  making  the  total 
membership  one  hundred  and  fifty-two.  [For  a  full  account,  see  B.  G., 
pp.  551,  552.] 

Elder  Eleazer  Brown's  house  stood  a  few  rods  east  of  the  Brown  Bury- 
ing-ground,  opposite  the  present  parsonage  of  the  Second  Church,  in 
No.  Stonington,  where  the  cellar  is  still  to  be  seen.  This  house  was 
struck  by  lightning  while  Elder  Brown  was  preaching  in  the  near-by 
church.  Two  young  people  were  killed  by  lightning,  one  up  stairs  and 
the  other  down,  while  shutting  windows.  The  compiler's  mother  said 
they  were  engaged  to  be  married.  Another  mother  reported  that  they 
were  John  and  Hulda,  but  it  is  not  certain  about  their  names. 

Children,  b.  at  Stonington: 

2012.  Eleazer  Brown,  b.  July  4,  1757;  m.  Edith  Palmer  (2020- 


2013.  Anne,  b.  Feb.  6,  1759. 

2014.  Rebecca,  b.  Apr.  8,  1761. 

2015.  John,  b.  Jan.  31,  1763. 



2016.  Benjamin,  1).  Feb.  20,  1765;  m.  Sarah  Palmer  (2050-2055). 

2017.  Luther,  b.  Dec.  11,  1766;  twice  m.  (2056-2059). 
201S.    Hulda,  b.  Mar.  3,  1769;  m. Bliven. 

2019.  .Mary,  b.  Feb.  28,  1 771 ;  m.  Laban  Main.    [For  their  records, 

see  B.  G.,  p.  115,  and  B.  and  M.  G.,  p.  190.] 

Eleazer  Brown  (2012),  the  oldest  son  of  Elder  Fleazer  (2003)  and 
Anne  (Green)  Brown,  b.,  at  Stonington,  Conn.,  July  4,  1757;  m.  Edith 

It  is  not  exactly  known  when  Fleazer  Brown  removed  to  the  State 
of  New  York,  but  in  New  York  Land  papers  of  records  of  petitions  for 
and  grants  of  land  are  found  many  familiar  names  around  Brooklield, 
Edmeston,  and  Columbus.  Fleazer  Brown  had  a  certificate  of  purchase 
of  250  acres  Dec.  1,  1790,  for  lot  84,  township  19.  Also  Simeon  Brown, 
Jr.,  lot  Si,  250  acres.  He  settled  in  Brookfield.  [See  B.  G.,  p.  120.] 
Jabish  Brown  had  a  certificate  of  purchase  in  1791,  in  Chenango  Town- 
ship, of  500  acres.  These  three  early  settlers  were  near  relatives,  going 
from  their  home  town,  Stonington,  at  different  times.*  Thus  it  would 
appear  that  Eleazer  Brown  (2012)  settled  at  Brookfield. 


2020.  Eleazer  Brown,  b.  Jan.  23,  17S2. 

2021.  Prentice,  b.  May  4,  17S4;  m.  Fucinda  Oliver  (2027-2032). 

2022.  Luther,   2d,  b.  Now    14,   1787;   m.   Hannah  Church   (2033- 


2023.  Edith,  b.  Feb.  10,  1790. 

2024.  John,  1).  Apr.  10,  1793;  m.,  and  had  a  dau.,  who  m.  P.  F. 

Babcock.   John  Brown  lived  in  Brookfield. 

2025.  Barach,  b.  Mar.  21.  1705;  d.  near  Clinton;  m.,  and  had  three 

children:  (1  I  Warren,  went  to  California  in  1894,  and  was 
lost  track  of;  (2)  Edith,  b.  -  — ,  d.  near  Clinton,  m.  George 
Peck;  (3)  Amos. 

2026.  Lucinda,  b.  - 

Prentice  brown  (2021),  son  of  Eleazer  (2012)  and  Edifh  (Palmer) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Stonington.  Conn.,  May  4,  i  7S4;  d.  in  [857,  aged  seventy- 
three  years;  m.  (1),  in  iSn,  Fucinda  Oliver;  m.  (2)  Mary  — .  Prentice 
Frown  followed  a  blazed  trail  from  Stonington  through  New  York  State 
into  Otsego  County.    He  was  a  blacksmith. 

•hi   'ii-  1     iunty  History  of    New  York"  is   found    the   following    record:    "In  1705 

'i-r   Brown  (2012)  settled  in   Brookfield,  N.   V.    The  family  consisted  of  wife  and  seven 



Children  by  first  m.,  b.  at  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.: 

2027.  Duane  Brown,  b.  about  181 2  or  13;  m.  Ruth  Thurston  (2095, 


2028.  William  Leroy,  b.  Mar.  14,  181 7;  m.  Angeline  Wood  (2097- 


2029.  Laura,  b. ;  d.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  June  12,  1894. 

2030.  James  Oliver,  b.  ;  d.,  at  Bridgewater,  Aug.  31,  1893; 

m.  Betsey  Wood.    Dau.:  Ellen  Maria,  b.  May,  1851;  d., 
at  Bridgewater,  Feb.,  1S77. 
Children  by  second  m.,  both  b.  at  Plainfield  and  d.  at  Fleming,  N.  Y.: 

2031.  Elizabeth,  b. 

2032.  Lucinda,  b. 

Note. —  While  it  is  said  that  Prentice  Brown  (2021)  was  b.  at  Stonington,  I  am 
inclined  to  believe  that  it  was  his  father,  Eleazer  (2012),  who  blazed  the  trail  into 
York  State  when  it  was  comparatively  one  vast  wilderness,  in  the  last  half  of  1700. 
Eleazer  (2012),  with  Simeon  Brown,  Jr.  (275)  [B.  G.,  p.  120],  is  mentioned  as  a  pioneer 
to  York  State  in  this  same  connection  in  1791.  Therefore  I  believe  that  Prentice  Brown 
was  born  in  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y.  Stonington,  Conn.,  at  this  time,  one  hundred  years 
after  the  three  Brown  brothers  made  their  settlement  in  this  wilderness,  had  become 
very  thickly  settled,  and  every  acre  of  available  land  was  under  cultivation,  and  the 
same  spirit  of  adventure  crowded  these  sons  of  Elder  Eleazer  Brown  (2003)  from  their 
home  town,  Stonington,  to  seek  new  and  cheaper  land  and  more  productive  in  the 
west  —  "out  west,"  it  was  then  called. 

It  was  with  much  difficulty  and  long  research  that  the  compiler  located  these  broth- 
ers,—  Eleazer  (2012),  Benjamin  (2016),  and  Luther  (2017), —  for  no  records  are  left 
of  where  such  adventurers  fled  to. 

Luther  Brown,  2d  (2022),  son  of  Eleazer  (2012)  and  Edith  (Palmer) 
Brown,  b.  Nov.  14,  1787;  d.,  at  Chemung,  111.,  Dec.  28,  1853;  m.,  Jan. 
19,  1S11,  Hannah  Church,  b.  Aug.  2,  1791;  d.,  at  Sandwich,  Mass.,  Nov. 
17,  1883.    Luther  Brown  was  a  blacksmith. 


2033.  Alvin  Brown,  b.  Dec.  12,  181 1. 

2034.  Orrin  S.,  b.  Mar.' 14,  1814. 

2035.  Hannah  Maria,  b.  Oct.  15,  1816. 

2036.  Mather  Church,  b.  Nov.  29,  1819;  twice  m.  (2037-2041). 

Mather  Church  Brown  (2036),  son  of  Luther  (2022)  and  Hannah 
(Church)  Brown,  b.  Nov.  29,  1819;  d.,  at  Brookline,  Mass.,  Apr.  30, 
1892;  m.  (1),  May  27,  1846,  Sarah  A.  Nicholson,  b.,  at  Hinsdale,  Mass., 
Feb.  n,  1S26;  d.,  at  Whitesboro,  N.  Y.,  May  21,  1868;  dau.  of  Ambrose 
Nicholson.  Mather  Church  Brown  m.  (2),  May  31,  1871,  Elizabeth 
Wait  Allen. 



Children  by  first  m.,  b.  at  Columbia,  N.  Y.: 

2037.  Howard  Nicholson   Brown,  1).   May    n,   1849;  m.   Inez  A. 

Wicks  (2042-2046). 

2038.  Emma  Maria,  b.  July  21,  [851;  d.  July  9,  1907. 

2039.  Mather  La  Mont,  b.  Any.  26,  1857;  unm.;  res.  with  his  brother 

Howard  N.  He  is  a  first-class  engraver,  and  was  making 
good  in  his  profession  when  the  invention  of  the  present  pho- 
tograph process  changed  his  whole  business. 

2040.  Frank  MacElwain,  b.  Mar.  7,  1859;  d.  Feb.  18,  1892. 
Dau.  by  second  m.,  b.  at  Whitesboro: 

2041.  Irma  L.  Brown,  b.  Oct.  25,  1S74. 

Rev.  Mather  Church  Brown  was  a  Baptist  minister  in  Miller's  Falls, 
Unadilla  Forks,  Whitesboro,  and  Oneonta,  N.  V.,  then  a  Unitarian 
minister  in  Sandwich,  Mass.  He  was  a  fine  preacher  and  highly  esteemed. 
His  son  Rev.  Howard  N.  Brown  placed  a  memorial  window  in  the  Free 
Baptist  Church  at  Unadilla  Forks  in  memory  of  his  father.  Hiram  Brown, 
who  will  be  mentioned  hereafter,  a  relative  of  Mather  C.  Brown,  gave 
the  compiler  the  first  real  records  of  these  families,  whereby  he  was  able 
to  find  these  various  branches. 

Howard  Nicholson  Brown  (2037),  son  of  Rev.  Mather  Church  (2036) 
and  Sarah  A.  (Nicholson)  Brown,  b.  May  11,  1849;  m.,  at  Trenton,  N.  Y.. 
Oct.  25,  1871,  Inez  A.  Wicks,  b.,  at  Newport,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  25,  1848; 
dau.  of  Jacob  and  Mary  Frances  (Morse)  Wicks,  of  Newport.  Rev. 
Howard  N.  Brown  is  a  Unitarian  minister.  He  was  in  charge  of  the  First 
Parish,  of  Brookline,  Mass.,  from  1873  to  1895,  and  of  King's  Chapel, 
in  Boston,  Mass.,  since  1895,  and  in  1914  is  still  the  incumbent. 


2042.  Mary  Louise  Brown,  b.,  at  Trenton,  June  23,  1873. 

2043.  Howard  Wicks,  1>.,  at  Brookline.  Dec.  20,  1S74;  m.  Rachael 

C.  Newbury  (2047-2040). 

2044.  Sarah  Nicholson,  b.,  at  Brookline,  Mar.  12,  1S7S. 

2045.  Mabel,  b.  Feb.  23,  [884;  d.  Feb.  27,  1884. 

2046.  Margaret,  b.  Nov.  23,  1885;  d.  Nov.  27,  [886. 

Howard  Wicks  Brown  (2043),  son  ()l  Howard  N.  (2037)  and  Inez  A. 
(Wicks)  Brown,  b.,  at  Brookline,  Mass.,  Dec.  20,  1N74;  m.,  at  Taunton, 
Mass.,  Jan.  [9,  1007,  Rachael  Crossman  Newbury,  b.,  at  Taunton, 
Oct.  21,  1883;  dau.  of  Charles  T.  and  Mary  1-;.  (Brown'  Newbury.  Mr. 
Brown  i^  a  lawyer,  of  the  firm  Davis,  Peabody,  and  Brown,  whose  office 
is  at  70  State  St..  Boston. 


Rev.  Mather  Church  Brown  (2036) 

1                                ^H 

■V                     _     ■ 
■ft                      *  '  Xt^H 

t^^fafe          fl 



^^mM        ,  ^^t^^^l 

\    X 


Rev.  Howard  Nicholson  Brown 



2047.  Howard  Newbury  Brown,  b.  Mar.  31,  1908;  d.,  at  Brook- 

line,  Nov.  25,  1908. 

2048.  Rachel,  b.  Nov.  24,  1909. 

2049.  Deborah,  b.  July  9,  191 1. 

Benjamin  Brown  (2016),  son  of  Eleazer  (2003)  and  Anne  (Green) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Stonington,  Conn.,  Feb.  20,  1765;  d.,  at  Edmeston,  N.  Y., 
Apr.  12,  1832,  aged  sixty-seven  years;  m.  Sarah  Palmer,  b.  1765;  d.,  at 
Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  5,  1838,  aged  seventy-three  years.  Both  are 
buried  at  West  Edmeston,  N.  Y. 

From  several  traditional  sources  it  is  said  that  Benjamin  Brown,  of 
several  boys  left  at  Fort  Griswold,  Groton,  Conn.,  at  the  time  of  its 
capture  and  massacre,  on  Sept.  6,  1781,  was  ill  in  the  hospital,  and  thus 
his  life  was  saved.  He  was  then  sixteen  years  old. 

There  were  eleven  children, —  nine  sons  and  two  daus., —  but  only  six 
are  of  record,  as  follows: 

2050.  Ransom  Brown,  b.  1789. 

2051.  Asher,  b. 

2052.  Russell,  b. 

2053.  Sally,  b. ;  m. Barbor,  of  Scott,  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y. 

2054.  Benjamin,  b. ;  d.  when  a  young  man. 

2055.  Lemuel,  b.,  at  Brookfield,  Jan.  29,  1799;  m.  Mary  Notman 


Luther  Brown  (2017),  son  of  Elder  Eleazer  (2003)  and  Anne  (Green) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Stonington,  Conn.,  Dec.  n,  1766;  probably  moved  to 
Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  when  eighteen  years  old.  He  was  twice  m.;  his  second 
wife  was  Wealthy  Lamb.  He  d.  suddenly,  at  Brookfield,  aged  about 
eighty  years,  when  bringing  in  an  armful  of  wood. 


2056.  Dau.,  b. ;  in.  Henry  Main,  of  Brookfield. 

2057.  Dau.,  b. ;  m.  Luther  Frink,  of  New  Berlin,  N.  Y. 

2058.  A  son,  Alanson  Frink,  of  New  Berlin. 

2059.  Son,  b.  ;  d.  when  about  thirty  years  old;  m.  Elmira 


Lemuel  Brown  (2055),  son  °f  Benjamin  (2016)  and  Sarah  (Palmer) 
Brown,  of  Elder  Eleazer  (2003)  and  Anne  (Green)  Brown,  b.,  at  Brook- 
field, N.  Y.,  Jan.  29,  1799;  d.  Aug.  20,  187 1,  and  buried  at  West  Edmes- 
ton, N.  Y.;  m.  Mary  Notman.  Mr.  Brown  lived  at  West  Edmeston  and 
New  Berlin,  N.  Y.,  and  was  a  farmer. 



Children,  b.  at  Edmeston,  N.  Y.: 

2060.  Amanda   Brown,  b.  Jan.,   1822;  d.,  at  Edmeston,  in   1852; 

m.  Adolphus  Welch.     One  dau.:  Sarah,   m. Lang- 
worthy  and  lived  at  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

2061.  Lemuel  N.   Brown,  b.  Feb.  16,   1823;  d.,  at  Los  Angeles, 

Cal.,  in  1904;  m.j  Feb.  16,  1845,  Mariah  Wooley. 
Children,  b.  at  West  Edmeston: 

Two  boys  d.  in  infancy. 

2061a.  Angelia  M.  Brown,  b.  May  24,  1847;  d.,  at  Wolcott,  N.  Y., 
Dec.  25,  1887;  m.,  at  West  Edmeston,  in  1865,  Jesse  M. 
Campbell,  a  Seventh-Day  Baptist  minister  of  West  Ed- 
meston, son  of  Rev.  Alex.  Campbell.  Two  children,  de- 

2061b.  Almira  J.,  b.  Dec.  5,  1850;  m.,  at  West  Edmeston,  Sept.  9, 
1867,  Florus  Bassett,  b.,  at  Leonardsville,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  19, 
1844;  d.,  at  Waukegan,  111.,  Sept.  24,  1912;  son  of  Lewis 
Bassett.  Son:  Clarence  James  Bassett,  b.  Oct.  5,  1869; 
unm.    Res.,  516  No.  Genesee  St.,  Waukegan,  111. 

2061c.  Althea  E.,  b.  Dec.  27,  1852;  d.,  at  Waukegan,  Nov.  n,  191 1; 
m.,  at  Gurnee,  111.,  in  1875,  George  C.  Sherman.  Son: 
George  Brown  Sherman,  b.,  at  Waukegan,  Aug.  15,  1876; 
m.,  about  1904,  Anna  Smith.   No  issue. 

2o6id.  Clara  L.,  b.  Jan  5,  1861;  m.,  at  Waukegan,  Sept.  15,  1875, 
Milton  I'.  Biddlecom,  b.,  at  Waukegan,  Mar.  jo,  [847;  son 
of  James  C.  Biddlecom  and  Harriet  Pratt,  of  Waukegan. 
Mr.  Biddlecom  is  a  real-estate  broker.  Res.,  723  Genesee 
St.,  Waukegan,  111. 
Children,  b.  at  Waukegan: 

2o6ie.  Elizabeth  L.  Biddlecom,  b.  Dec.  22,  1876;  m.,  Jan.  9,  1901, 
Harry  Emory  Rice.  Children:  (1)  Milton  Jerome  Rice, 
b.  July  25,  1902;  (2)  Alan,  b.  Feb.  20,  1907;  (3)  Elizabeth, 
b.  Sept.  30,  1909. 

2001  f.  Miriam,  b.  Aug.  9,  1878;  m.,  June  21,  1913,  Harry  Frederick 
Trussing.    Child:  Jean  Trussing,  b.  Sept.  1,  1914. 

200 ig.  Milton  Jerome,  b.  July  2,  1894;  d.  Mar.  25,  1902. 

2062.  Hiram,   b.,   at    West   Edmeston,  Jan.    19,    1829;   m.    Rotilla 

Angeline  Pope  (2065-2075). 

2063.  Mary,  b.  Oct.  2,  1831;  d.,  at  New  Berlin,  in  10,12;  m.,  in  1851, 

Anson  Davis. 

2064.  Norman,  b.  Feb.,  1837;  d.,  at  New  Berlin,  in  1909;  m.,  at 



So.  New  Berlin,  in  1865,  Elizabeth  Wightman.  Dau.: 
Lena,  b.  1871;  m.  Prof.  Frank  Bryant,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

Hiram  Brown  (2062),  son  of  Lemuel  (2055)  and  Mary  (Notman) 
Brown  [Benjamin  (2016),  Elder  Eleazer  (2003),  Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer 
(11),  Thomas],  b.,  at  West  Edmeston,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  19,  1829;  m.,  at 
Columbus,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  11,  1854,  Rotilla  Angeline  Pope,  b.,  at  Columbus, 
N.  Y.,  Apr.  9,  1836;  d.,  at  Potsdam,  N.  Y.,  Jan.,  1890;  dau.  of  Sidney 
and  Melissa  (Howard)  Pope,  of  Columbus.  He  was  an  agriculturist,  Re- 
publican, and  a  member  of  the  Free  Baptist  Church  for  seventy  years, 
or  since  1844.  Mrs.  Brown  was  also  a  church-member.  Mr.  Brown  gave 
the  records  of  his  father  and  grandfather.   Res.,  1914,  Potsdam,  N.  Y. 

Children,  seven  b.  at  New  Berlin,  N.  Y. 

2065.  Nellie  De  Etta  Brown,  b.  Nov.  26,  1856;  d.,  at  Potsdam, 

Oct.,  1902;  m.,  at  West  Edmeston,  Joel  Henderson,  b., 
at  So.  New  Berlin,  in  1850;  d.,  at  New  Berlin,  Jan.,  1894. 
Mr.  Henderson  was  a  manufacturer  of  butter  and  cheese. 
He  and  his  wife  were  church-members.  Mrs.  Henderson, 
after  her  husband's  death,  removed  to  Potsdam.  Children: 
Lizzie  and  Lester  Henderson. 

2066.  Mary  Melissa,  b.  May  24,  1858;  d.  Jan.  17,  1862. 

2067.  Cora  Bell,  b.  Nov.  15,  1859;  d.  Feb.  17,  1862. 

2068.  Hiram  Duane,  b.  Feb.  5,  1861;  d.,  at  Potsdam,  Aug.,  1898. 

2069.  Berton  Laurentine  (twin),  b.,  Columbus,  Sept.  22,  1862;  m. 

Leonora  M.  Freeman  (2076). 

2070.  Bertha  Angeline  (twin),  b.,  Columbus,  Sept.  22,  1862;  m. 

Willis  De  Long  (2077-2079). 

2071.  Lizzie  Belle,  b.  May  29,  1867;  d.,  at  Potsdam,  Apr.,  1886. 

2072.  Mary  Estelle,  b.  Feb.  8,  1869;  m.  Alexander  Myers  (2080- 


2073.  Sidney  Pope,  b.  June  12,  1870;  m.  Ruby  A.  Welch  (2090). 

2074.  Lemuel  Ransom,  b.,  at  West  Edmeston,  July  4,  1874;  m. 

Grace  Elizabeth  James  (2091-2094). 

2075.  Son,  b.  and  d.,  at  West  Edmeston,  July  25,  1878. 

Berton  Laurentine  Brown  (2069),  son  of  Hiram  (2062)  and  Rotilla 
Angeline  (Pope)  Brown,  b.,  at  Columbus,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  22,  1862;  m.,  at 
Watertown,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  6,  1888,  Leonora  M.  Freeman,  b.,  at  Somerville, 
N.  Y.,  Aug.  17,  1868;  dau.  of  Horace  W.  Freeman,  of  Watertown,  and 
Augusta  E.,  his  wife.  He  is  a  teacher.  Graduated  from  Potsdam  Normal 
School  in  1885;  Middlebury  (Vt.)  College,  1888,  with  degree  of  A.B.; 



received  his  A.M.  in  1891;  served  as  principal  of  Sherman  Collegiate 
Institute,  Moriah,  N.  Y..  from  [888  to  1911,    Res.,  729  Ackerman  Ave., 
Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

2070.    Rae  Marion  Brown,  b.,  at  Moriah,  June  28,  1894. 

Bertha  Angeline  Brown  (2070),  dau.  of  Hiram  (2062)  and  Rotilla 
Angeline  (Pope)  Brown,  b.,  at  Columbus,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  22,  1S62;  m.,  at 
Columbus,  Jan.  1,  1881,  Willis  De  Long,  b.  May  3,  1852;  d.  1911;  son  of 
Willis  and  Mary  (Brown)  De  Long,  of  Brookfield,  N.  Y. 


2077.  Berton  H.  De  Long,  b.  Aug.  16,  1885;  m.,  Aug.  16,  191 2, 

Nellie  E.  Bean.  Son:  William  B.  De  Long,  b.  Aug.  8,  1913. 

2078.  Homer  W.,  b.  Jan.  28,  1890;  m.,  Sept.  5,  191 2,  Sharley  A. 

Bean.   Dau.:  Harriet  B.,  b.  Aug.  17,  1913. 

2079.  Mary  B.,  b.  May  22,  1891. 

Mary  Estelle  Brown  (2072),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  New  Berlin, 
N.  Y.,  Feb.  8,  1869;  m.,  at  Seattle,  Wash.,  Dec.  25,  1891,  Alexander 
Myers,  b.,  in  Scotland,  Apr.  14,  1861;  son  of  David  and  Jane  (Jackson) 
Myers,  of  Scotland.  Mrs.  Myers  graduated  from  the  Classical  Course 
of  the  Normal  School  of  Potsdam,  N.  Y.,  and  taught  two  years  in  Can- 
ton, N.  Y.,  and  two  years  in  Seattle,  Wash.  Mr.  Myers  was  educated  in 
Southern  Academy,  Glasgow,  and  Hamilton  Academy,  Hamilton,  Scot- 
land. Both  are  members  of  the  Presbyterian  Church.  Mr.  Myers  is  a 
Republican,  and  a  banker  at  1504  36th  Ave.,  Seattle,  Wash. 

Children,  b.  at  Seattle: 

20X0.    Margaret  Myers,  b.  Nov.  28,  1892. 

2081.  Alexander  Douglas,  b.  Feb.  26,  1895. 

2082.  Dorothy,  b.  July  2,  iSq-j. 

2083.  Donald  Pope,  b.  Sept.  2,  1:898. 

2084.  David,  b.  Apr.  10,  1000;  d.,  at  Seattle,  Apr.  9,  1906. 

2085.  Walter  Dow,  b.  Jan.  20,  1003. 

2086.  Harold   Brown  I        .        ,      T 

TT  ,        T     ,  >  twins,  b.  June  [3,  1004. 

2087.  Helen  Jackson  \  J  ° 

20SS.    Kenneth  Cordon,  b.  June  24,  1908. 
2089.    Malcolm  Duane,  b.  Aug.  29,  ion. 

Sidney  Pope  Brown  (2073).  son  of  Hiram  (2062)  and  Rotilla  Angeline 
(Pope)  Brown  [Lemuel  (20551,  Benjamin  (2016),  Elder  Eleazer  (200,', 
Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (11),  Thomas],  b.,  at  New  Berlin,  N.  Y.,  June  12, 
[870;  m.,  at  Hammond,  \.  Y.,  June  25,  1896,  Ruby  A.  Welch,  b.,  at 


Hiram  Brown  (2062) 




3     c 

oo     C3 







Hammond,  Feb.  17,  1S76;  dau.  of  David  and  Alice  (Zollar)  Welch.  Both 
are  church-members.  Mr.  Brown  is  a  physician  at  Potsdam,  N.  Y.  Dr. 
Sidney  P.  Brown  graduated  from  the  Potsdam  State  Normal  School  in 
1S91,  and  from  the  University  of  Pennsylvania,  Medical  Department, 
May,  1S94.  He  practised  medicine  in  Potsdam  from  1894  till  the  present 
time  [1914].  Village  trustee,  1904  to  191 2.  Local  health  officer  since  191 2. 

2090.  Alice  Welch  Brown,  b.,  at  Potsdam,  Mar.  29,  1898. 

Lemuel  Ransom  Brown  (2074),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  West 
Edmeston,  N.  Y.,  July  4,  1874;  m.,  at  Weybridge,  Vt.,  July  8,  1903, 
Grace  Elizabeth  James,  b.,  at  Weybridge,  June  2,  1878;  dau.  of  John 
Angel  and  Orpha  Landon  (Jewett)  James,  of  Weybridge.  Both  are  mem- 
bers of  the  Congregational  Church.  Mr.  Brown  is  a  graduate  of  Middle- 
bury  College,  with  degree  of  A.B.;  of  Harvard,  with  degree  of  A.M.; 
teacher  of  English  in  Olivet  College,  Middlebury  College,  and  Cleveland 
Normal  Training-school.  Mrs.  Brown  graduated  from  Middlebury  Col- 
lege, with  degree  of  A.B.    Res.,  Cleveland,  O. 

Children : 

2091.  John  James  Brown,  b.,  at  Olivet,  Mich.,  Apr.  24,  1904. 

2092.  Charles  Edward,  b.,  at  Meadville,  Penn.,  Sept.  3,  1906. 

2093.  Orpha  Lucile,  b.,  at  Cleveland,  Mar.  7,  1910. 

2094.  Jewett  Pope,  b.,  at  Cleveland,  July  23,  1912. 
2094a.  Bertha  Angeline,  b.  Dec,  1913. 

Duane  Brown  (2027),  son  of  Prentice  (2021)  and  Lucinda  (Olive) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  in  1805;  d.,  at  Morrisville,  N.  Y., 
Feb.,  1857;  m.  Ruth  Thurston.  Mr.  Brown  was  one  of  the  most  promi- 
nent lawyers  of  Madison  County.  He  was  a  partner  of  the  son  of  Garrett 

Children,  b.  at  Morrisville: 

2095.  Thurston   D.   Brown,  b.   Sept.    15,   1845;   m.   Harriette  L. 

Bailey  (2096a-2096i). 

2096.  Rosamond,  b.  July  25,  1848;  d.,  at  Bridgewater,  Apr.,  1901; 

m.  Herbert  E.  Palmer.  Dau.:  Ruth  Loraine  Palmer,  b., 
at  Bridgewater,  Apr.  3,  1885.  She  is  a  graduate  of  Elmira 
College,  with  the  degrees  of  B.A.  and  M.A.,  and  is  a 
teacher  of  history.    Res.,  Bridgewater,  N.  Y. 

Thurston  D.  Brown  (2095),  b.  Sept.  15,  1845;  d.,  at  Bridgewater, 
N.  Y.,  May  7,  1899,  of  apoplexy;  m.,  at  Morrisville,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  io, 



1875,  Harriette  L.  Bailey,  b.,  at  Nelson,  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y.,  July  31, 
1S54;  dau.  of  Lyman  D.  and  Lucinda  (Morse)  Bailey.  Mr.  Bailey  d. 
Nov.  9,  1863.  Mrs.  Bailey  is  still  [1914]  living.  Mr.  Brown  was  a  farmer. 
He  began  married  life  at  Morrisville,  and  later  removed  to  Bridge- 
water.  Mrs.  Brown,  before  marriage,  was  a  school-teacher.  Her  res., 
Deerfield,  N.Y. 

Children,  first  three  b.  at  Morrisville;  six  at  Bridgewater: 

2096a.  Lyman  Duane  Brown,  b.  July  3,  1877;  m.,  at  Utica,  N.  Y., 
Feb.  9,  1909,  Henrietta  I.  Jones,  b.,  at  Waterville,  N.  Y., 
Feb.  17,  1877.    Mr.  Brown  is  a  farmer  at  New  Hartford, 
N.  Y.    Dau.:  Irene  Henrietta  Brown,  b.,  at  Bridgewater, 
Nov.  3,  191 1. 
2096b.  Clarence  Bailey,  b.  June  27,  1879. 
2096c.  Herbert  Loren,  b.  1881;  m.  Olinda  Howmiller. 
2096d.  Lillian  Irene,  b.  Oct.  14,  1883;  m.  Charles  McCoy. 
2096c  Erwin  Thurston,  b.  July  29,  1884. 
2096f.  Lyman  Freeman,  b.  Jan.  3,  1886. 
2096g.  Grace  Emily,  b.  Mar.  31,  1891. 
2096I1.  Helen  Marie,  b.  Jan.  8,  1893. 
20961.  Charles  Darrow,  b.  Sept.  25,  1895. 

Herbert  L.  Brown  (2096c),  son  of  Thurston  D.  (2095)  an<l  Harriette  L. 
(Bailey)  Brown,  b.,  at  Morrisville,  N.  Y.,  Feb.,  1881;  m.,  at  St.  Louis, 
Mo.,  June  7,  1910,  Olinda  Howmiller,  dau.  of  Henry  and  Louise  (Kuntz) 
Howmiller,  of  St.  Louis.  Mr.  Brown  is  agent  of  Galveston,  Houston  & 
Topeka  R.  R.  Res.,  Galveston,  Tex.  He  was  educated  at  West  Eaton 
High  School,  and  began  railroading  in  Utica,  N.  Y.,  but  left  there  to 
accept  agency  of  the  World's  Fair  Terminal,  at  St.  Louis,  during  the 
World's  Fair.  In  1909  he  went  to  Texas  to  accept  the  agency  for  largest 
export  station  in  the  United  States.  Mrs.  Brown  was  a  graduate  of  St. 
Louis  High  School,  and  took  a  special  library  course,  after  which  she 
was  librarian  for  Cabarane  Branch  Library,  in  St.  Louis,  until  her  mar- 
riage. She  was  also  a  graduate  of  the  St.  Louis  Conservatory  of  Music, 
taking  high  honors  in  special  course  of  music.  Dau.:  Ruth  Anne  Brown, 
b.,  at  Galveston,  191 2. 

Lillian  Irene  brown  (2og6d),  dau.  of  Thurston  I).  (2095)  and  Har- 
riette L.  (Bailey)  Brown,  b.,  at  bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  14,  1883;  m., 
July  20,  1904,  Charles  McCoy,  b.,  at  Utica,  N.  Y.,  in  1882.  Mr.  McCoy 
is  a  machinist  at  Deer  field,  N.  Y.  Children:  (1)  Charles  S.  McCoy,  b., 
at  Utica,  Apr.  25,  1905;  (2)  Helen  Marie,  b.,  at  Utica,  Nov.  26,  1908; 



(3)  Walter  Francis,  b.,  at  Deerfield,  Oct.  14,  1911;  (4)  Stuart  Wilson, 
b.,  at  Deerfield,  Jan.  25,  1914- 

Alonzo  Wood  Brown  (2098),  son  of  William  L.  (2028)  and  Angeline 
(Wood)  Brown  [Prentice  (2021),  Eleazer  (2012),  Eleazer  (2003),  Eleazer 
(39),  Eleazer  (n),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  20,  1844;  m. 
(1),  at  Unadilla  Forks,  N.  Y.,  Nov.,  1873,  Ella  Janette  Perkins,  b.,  at 
So.  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  28,  1851;  d.,  at  Unadilla  Forks,  Aug.  25, 
1881.  He  m.  (2),  at  La  Grangeville,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  22,  1886,  Lizzie  W. 
Dorland,  b.,  at  Beekman,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  22,  1858.  Mr.  Brown  is  a  farmer 
at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y.  Both  are  members  of  the  Baptist  Church. 
Children  by  first  m.,  b.  at  Unadilla  Forks: 

2096J.  Walter  M.  Brown,  b.  Feb.  10,  1876;  m.  Grace  E.  Casler. 
2096k.  Claud  E.,  b.  June  3,  1881;  m.  Lillian  Flora  Wing. 
Son  by  second  m.,  b.  at  Unadilla  Forks: 

2096I.  William   Dorland,   b.   Dec.    10,    1887;   m.   Florence   Emily 

Walter  M.  Brown  (2096J),  son  of  Alonzo  W.  (2098)  and  Ella  J.  (Per- 
kins) Brown,  b.  Feb.  10,  1876;  m.,  at  Miller's  Mills,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  29, 
1910,  Grace  E.  Casler,  b.,  at  Miller's  Mills,  Feb.  13,  1886.  Mr.  Brown  is 
a  farmer,  and  both  are  members  of  the  Baptist  Church  at  Unadilla 
Forks.  Dau.:  Ella  Allicia  Brown,  b.  Feb.  1,  1913.  Res.,  West  Winfield, 
N.  Y.,  R.  D.  No.  3. 

Claud  E.  Brown  (2096k),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  June  3,  1881; 
m.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  1,  1906,  Lillian  Flora  Wing,  b.,  at  Bridge- 
water,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  16,  1881.  Son:  Russell  Wing  Brown,  b.,  at  Plainfield, 
Feb.  3,  1909. 

William  Dorland  Brown  (2096I),  son  of  Alonzo  W.  (2098)  and  Lizzie 
Wanzer  (Dorland)  Brown,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  10,  1887;  m.,  at 
Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  11,  191 1,  Florence  Emily  Howard,  b.,  at  Brook- 
field,  N.  Y.,  July  1,  1888.  Mr.  Brown  is  a  farmer  at  West  Winfield, 
N.  Y.,  and  both  are  members  of  the  Baptist  Church.  Son:  Howard 
Dorland  Brown,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  Mar.  8,  1913. 

William  Leroy  Brown  (2028),  son  of  Prentice  (2021)  and  Lucinda 
(Oliver)  Brown,  b.,  at  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  14,  1817;  d.,  at  Plain- 
field,  N.  Y.,  1898,  aged  eight-one  years;  m.,  at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y., 
Angeline  Wood,  b.  Nov.  15,  182 1;  d.,  at  Plainfield,  Mar.  2,  1898;  dau. 
of  David  WTood. 



Children,  b.  at  Plainfield: 

2097.  William  Henry  Brown,  b.  Dec.  10,  1842;  m.  Hannah  Amanda 

Penny  (2100-2103). 

2098.  Alonzo  Wood,  b.  Aug.  20,  1844  (2096J-2096I). 

2099.  Mary  Angeline,  b.  May  20,  1851;  d.,  at  West  Winfield,  Apr., 

1875;  m.  Frank  Wright.     His  res.,   1914,  West  Winfield, 

n.  y. 

William  Henry  Brown  (2097),  son  of  William  Leroy  (2028)  and 
Angeline  (Wood)  Brown,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  10,  1842;  m.,  at 
Unadilla  Forks,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  28,  1864,  Hannah  Amanda  Penny,  b.,  at 
(Jnadilla  Forks;  dau.  of  Alva  Penny.   Res.,  Bridgewater,  N.  Y. 

Children,  b.  at  Bridgewater: 

2100.  Charles  Henry  Brown,  b.  Oct.  26,  1865;  m.  Emily  S.  Rich 

(2104,  2105). 

2101.  Myron  Penny  (twin),  b.  Sept.  8,  1868;  unm.;  lives  on  the 

farm  with  his  parents. 

2102.  Mary  Eliza  (twin),  b.  Sept.  8,  1868;  unm.;  teaching,  Brook- 

lyn, N.  Y. 

2103.  Grace  Elizabeth,  b.  Mar.  9,  1875;  unm.;  lives  with  her  parents, 

at  Bridgewater. 

Dr.  Charles  Henry  Brown  (2100),  son  of  William  Henry  (2097)  and 
Hannah  Amanda  (Penny)  Brown,  b.,  at  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  26, 
[865;  m.,  at  Mt.  Vernon,  N.  Y.,  July  17,  1894,  Emily  S.  Rich,  b.,  at  Mt. 
Vernon,  Jan.  12,  1869;  dau.  of  James  N.  and  Eleanor  (Miller)  Rich,  of 
Mt.  Vernon.  Dr.  Brown  and  wife  are  members  of  the  Congregational 
Church.  Dr.  Brown  graduated  from  the  New  York  College  of  Pharmacy 
in  1890,  and  from  the  Medical  Department  of  the  University  of  New 
York  in  1803.  He  has  practised  since  in  Wraterbury,  Conn.,  serving  as 
surgeon  to  the  Waterbury  Hospital  for  eleven  years,  and  then  securing 
the  appointment  of  gynaecologist  to  the  same  hospital.  East  year  [1913] 
he  was  also  appointed  radiographist.  He  is  a  member  of  the  City,  County, 
and  State  Medical  Societies,  also  of  the  American  Medical  Association 
and  of  the  Medical  Association  of  Greater  New  York.  Res.,  57  No. 
Main  St.,  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Children,  b.  at  Waterbury: 

2104.  C.  Alfred  Brown,  b.  Mar.  23,  [895. 

2105.  Eleanor,  b.  Oct.  16,  1898. 

"There  be  of  them  that  have  left  a  name  behind  them,  that  their  praises 
mi glit  be  reported." 



Peleg  Brown  (2010),  son  of  Eleazer  (39)  [Eleazer  (11),  son  of  Thomas 
Browne  (1),  who  m.  Mary  Newhall,  of  Lynn,  Mass.],  b.,  at  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Sept.  26,  1744;  d.  Jan.  26,  1814;  m.  Experience  Morgan,  b.,  at 
Groton,  Conn.,  July  22,  1749;  dau.  of  Timothy  Morgan  and  Deborah, 
his  wife.  Experience  d.,  at  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  in  1845,  and  is  buried 
beside  her  husband,  in  West  Winfield,  Herkimer  Co.,  N.  Y. 


2106.  Experience  Brown,  b.  ;  d.  in  Oswego  Co.,  N.  Y.;  m. 

Cyrus  Greene. 

2107.  Peleg,  b. 

2108.  John,  b.,  at  Groton,  1770;  m.  Sally  Beardsley  (2116-2126). 

2109.  Timothy,  b.,  at  Leyden,  Mass.,  Feb.  29,  1776;  m.  (1)  Deborah 

Morse;  m.  (2)  Sally  Smith  (2130-2142). 

2110.  Eleazer,  b.,  at  Leyden,  Nov.  17,  1779;  twice  m.  (2200-2212). 

2111.  Leborah,b. 

2112.  Jesse,  b.,  at  Leyden,  Aug.   19,   1783;  m.  Hannah  Colwell 


21 13.  Samuel,   b.   ;    settled   in   Westfield,    Chautauqua    Co., 

N.  Y.,  where  he  died.    He  lived  also  in  Portland,  N.  Y., 
an  adjoining  town  on  Lake  Erie.    He  was  twice  m.    His 

first  wife  was  Rosanna .    There  were  six  children,  all 

by  the  first  m.;   viz.,  Waldo,  Rosanna,  Samuel,   Mary, 
James,  and  Flora. 

21 14.  Franklin,  b. 

2.1 1 5.    Adolphus,  b. 


Timothy  Morgan,  b.  about  1723,  was  the  son  of  Samuel,  and  m. 

Deborah ;  they  settled  in  Groton,  Conn.   He  d.  Oct.  13,  1795,  aged 

seventy-three  years. 
Children : 

2115a.    Experience  Morgan,  b.  July   22,   1749;    m.   Peleg   Brown 

2115b.   Deborah,  b.   Mar.    1,    1751;    m.    Nathaniel    Brown    (35). 

[Their  records  in  second  part  of  this  book  (38-46a).] 
2115c.    Timothy,  b.  Feb.  8,  1753;  removed  West;  probably  d.  unm. 

2ii5d.    Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  8,  1754;  m. Williams. 

2115c    Daniel,  b.  Aug.  2,  1756;  d.,  unm.,  probably  before  his  father. 
2115L    Jesse  (twin),  b.  Jan.  27,  175S;  m.,  Mar.  6,  1783,  Matilda 



2115^.    David  (twin),  I).  Jan.  27,  1758;  removed  West. 

2115I1.   Theophilus,  1>.  Oct.    12,    1759;   m.,    May    ic,    1795,   Mary 

2ii5i.     Samuel,  b.  May  12,  170,^;  m.,  Oct.  14,  1786,  Mary  Holmes. 
2115J.    Aaron,  b.  May  27,  1765;  cl.  Apr.,  17S6,  aged  twenty  years. 
2115k.    Hannah,  b.  July  26,  1767;  m.  Daniel  Parker. 

Timothy  Morgan's  Will. 

In  the  name  of  God,  Amen.  Know  all  men  by  these  Presents,  that  I,  Timothy 
Morgan  of  (Proton  in  the  County  of  New  London,  State  of  Connecticut,  being  far 
advanced  in  age  but  at  present  of  a  sound  disposing  mind  and  memory  and  calling 
to  mind  the  mortality  of  my  body,  knowing  that  it  is  appointed  for  all  men  once  to 
die  do  make  this  my  last  will  and  testament  and  first  of  all  I  do  commit  my  soul  into 
the  hands  of  God  who  gave  it  hoping  for  pardon  and  acceptance  through  the  rightious- 
ness  of  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord  and  my  body  to  the  earth  to  be  buried  in  a  decent  Chris- 
tian burial  by  my  Executors  hereinafter  mentioned. 

Imprimis;  and  as  touching  my  temporal  interest  wherewith  it  hath  pleased  God  to 
bless  me  with  I  do  give  and  dispose  of  the  same  in  manner  and  form  as  follows,  viz: 

First  of  all  my  will  is  that  all  my  just  debts  and  funeral  charges  be  paid  out  of  my 
estate  by  my  Executors  hereinafter  mentioned. 

Item:  I  do  give  and  bequeath  unto  my  loving  wife,  Deborah  Morgan  the  improve- 
ment of  one  half  of  all  my  real  estate  during  her  natural  life  and  eight  cows,  one  yoke 
of  oxen  and  one  horse,  twenty  sheep  and  three  hogs,  and  all  my  household  furniture 
to  be  at  her  disposal  forever. 

Item:  I  do  give  unto  my  dutiful  son  Timothy  Morgan,  twenty-six  pounds  lawful 
money  to  be  paid  to  him  by  my  two  sons  Theophilus  and  Samuel  in  one  year  after 
my  decease  to  him,  his  heirs  and  assigns  forever. 

Item:  I  do  give  unto  my  dutiful  son  Jesse  Morgan  to  him  his  heirs  and  assigns 
forever  thirty-two  pounds  lawful  money  to  be  paid  to  him  by  my  two  sons  Theophilus 
and  Samuel  in  one  year  after  my  decease. 

Item:  I  do  give  to  my  dutiful  son  David  Morgan,  to  him  his  heirs  and  assigns  for- 
ever thirty-two  pounds  lawful  money  to  be  paid  to  him  by  my  two  sons  namely, 
Theophilus  and  Samuel  in  one  year  after  my  decease. 

Item:  I  do  give  unto  my  dutiful  daughter  Experience  Brown  fifteen  shillings  lawful 
money  to  be  paid  to  her  by  my  two  sons  Theophilus  and  Samuel  in  one  year  after  my 

Item:  1  do  give  unto  my  dutiful  daughter  Deborah  Brown  fifteen  shillings  lawful 
money  to  be  paid  to  her  by  my  two  sons  namely,  Theophilus  and  Samuel  in  one  year 
after  my  de<  ease. 

Item:  I  do  give  unto  my  dutiful  daughter  Elizabeth  Williams,  two  pounds  lawful 
money  to  be  paid  to  her  by  my  two  sons  namely,  Theophilus  and  Samuel  in  one  year 
after  my  decease. 

Item:  I  do  give  unto  my  dutiful  daughter  Hannah  Packer  ten  shillings  lawful  money 
to  tie  paid  to  her  by  my  two  nms  namely,  Theophilus  and  Samuel  in  one  year  after  my 

Item    I  do  give  unto  my  dutiful  sons  Theophilus  Morgan  and  Samuel  Morgan,  all 



my  estate  both  real  and  personal  heretofore  not  mentioned  to  be  equally  divided  be- 
tween them,  to  them  their  heirs  and  assigns  forever. 

Finally  and  lastly  of  all,  I  do  hereby  appoint  my  two  dutiful  and  trusty  sons  namely, 
Theophilus  Morgan  and  Samuel  Morgan  to  be  my  Executors  to  this  my  last  will  and 
testament  revoking  and  disallowing  all  other  wills  heretofore  by  me  made  ratifying 
and  confirming  this  and  this  only  to  be  my  last  will  and  testament. 

In  witness  whereof,  I  have  hereunto  set  my  hand  and  seal  this  6th  day  of  January 
A.  D.  1794.  Timothy  Morgan  [seal] 

Signed,  sealed  and  published,  pronounced  and  declared  by  the  testator  in  presence 
of  us.  George  Denison, 

Nathan  Morgan, 
Caleb  Avery. 

Eben  Ledyard,  Justice  of  Peace. 
Groton,  Conn.  November  2d  1795. 

John  Brown  (2108),  son  of  Peleg  (2010)  and  Experience  (Morgan) 
Brown  [Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (11),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Groton,  Conn.,  1770; 
d.,  at  Richfield,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  13,  1855;  m.,  at  Richfield,  1801,  Sally  Beards- 
ley,  b.  at  Saratoga,  N.  Y.;  d.,  at  Richfield,  Dec,  1864;  dau.  of  John 
Beardsley,  of  Richfield,  and  Rebecca  Scott.  Mr.  Brown  was  a  farmer, 
and  in  politics  a  Whig.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Baptist,  and  his  wife  a 
member  of  the  Episcopal,  Church. 

Children,  all  b.  at  Richfield,  in  the  house  built  in  1800  by  John  Brown, 
and  still  in  the  possession  of  John  Brown,  son  of  Judson  C.  Brown 

21 16.  Harriet  Brown,  b.  Oct.  23,  1801;  d.  at  Richfield  Spa,  N.  Y. 

21 17.  Sally,  b.  Jan.  17,  1803;  d.  at  Liverpool,  N.  Y. 

21 18.  Susan,  b.  Dec.  13,  1805;  d.,  in  Illinois,  Nov.  24,  1874. 

2119.  John  Beardsley,  b.  July  16,  1807;  d.  at  Washington,  D.  C. 

2120.  Sophronia,  b.  Mar.  28,  1809;  d.,  at  Richfield,  about  1836. 

2121.  Selina,  b.  May  11,  1811;  d.,  at  Toledo,  O.,  about  1894. 

2122.  Morgan  Lewis,  b.  May  4,  1813;  m.  Nancy  M.  Allen  (2127- 


2123.  Betsey,  b.  Feb.  24,  1815;  d.,  at  Richfield  Spa,  in  1884. 

2124.  Sylvia,  b.  Mar.  10,  1817;  d.,  at  Kankakee,  111.,  Feb.  21,  1907. 

2125.  Rosamond,  b.  Sept.  4,  1822;  d.,  at  Richfield,  1835. 

2126.  Judson  Calkins,  b.  Mar.  26,  1826;  d.,  at  Richfield,  Dec.  15, 


Morgan  Lewis  Brown  (2122),  son  of  John  (2108)  and  Sally  (Beardsley) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Richfield,  N.  Y.,  May  4,  1813;  d.,  at  Richfield,  July  10, 
1875;  m.,  at  Utica,  N.  Y.,  May  5,  1840,  Nancy  M.  Allen,  b.,  at  Richfield, 
May  s,  181 1;  d.,  at  Richfield,  Dec.  21,  1901;  dau.  of  Joseph  Allen,  of 



Richfield,  and  Mary  Clement.    Mr.  Brown  was  a  farmer  and  a  Repub- 

Children,  b.  at  Richfield: 

2127.  Lewis  Henry  Brown,  b.  and  d.  July  25,  1845. 

2128.  Emma  Miranda,  b.  Aug.  7,  1847.    In  June,  1900,  Emma  M. 

Brown  adopted,  from  the  P.  H.  O.  Asylum,  Manhattan 
Ave.,  New  York  City,  a  nine-year-old  boy  named  John 
McKnight,  who  took  her  name  in  addition  to  his  own.  He 
was  son  of  John  McKnight  and  Anna  Parr,  and  grandson 
of  John  McKnight  and  Elizabeth  Douglas.  On  June  10, 
1914,  John  McKnight  Brown  graduated  from  New  York 
University  with  the  degree  of  B.C.S.,  remaining  in  the  city 
to  work,  while  Miss  Brown  is  at  her  old  home  in  Richfield 
for  the  summer  [19 14]. 

2129.  Thomas  Corwin,  b.  Nov.  21,  1850;  d.,  at  Richfield,  Oct.  11, 


Timothy  Brown  (2109),  son  of  Peleg  (2010)  and  Experience  (Morgan) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Leyden,  Mass.,  Feb.  29,  1776;  m.  (1),  at  Homer,  N.  Y.. 
Nov.  20,  1S04,  Deborah  Morse,  b.,  in  Connecticut,  Aug.  15,  1786;  d.. 
at  Scott,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  25,  1824;  m.  (2),  at  Scott,  Sept.  26,  1824,  Sally 
Smith,  b.,  at  Dighton,  Bristol  Co.,  Mass.,  Mar.  6,  1794;  d.,  at  Scott, 
Nov.  19,  1859;  dau.  of  Asa  and  Sybil  (Anthony)  Smith.  Mr.  Brown 
moved  to  Homer  about  1S00;  was  a  pioneer  of  Cortland  County.  In  the 
early  days  of  Timothy  Brown  this  country  was  new  and  wild,  and 
abounded  in  many  kinds  of  game  and  wild  animals.  Timothy  Brown  is 
said  to  have  been  a  noted  hunter,  having  killed  over  fort)-  bears. 

Children  by  first  m.,  b.  at  Scott: 

2130.  Isaac  Brown,  b.  Juh-  28,  1807;  m.  Artimesia  Stiles  (2143- 


2131.  Deborah,  b.  Dec.  28,  1808;  d.,  at  Scott,  July  24,  1874. 

2132.  Miner  M.,  b.  Sept.   12,  1810;  d.,  at  Otisco,  Mich.,  Oct.  16, 


2133.  Nancy  A.,  b.  Feb.  21,  1813;  d.,  at  Scott,  Jan.  12,  1892;  m., 

at  Sempronius,  N.  Y.,  George  Colwell,  1>.  Mar.  27,  1812; 
d.  June  27,  1891. 

2134.  Emeline  H.,  b.  Oct.  11,  1814;  d.  in  1906;  m.  Eri  Hardy. 

2135.  John  M.,  b.  July  11,  1816;  m.  Marilda  Skidmore  (2147-2151). 

2136.  Samuel,  b.  Mar.  n,  1818;  d.  at  Hadley,  Mich. 

2137.  Charity,  b.  Dec.  11,  1S19;  d.,  at  Scott,  Mar.  8,  1S21. 



2138.  Timothy,  Jr.,  b.  Sept.  1,  1821;  m.  Clarissa  Severance  (2152- 


2139.  Alfred  B.,  b.  Apr.  23,  1823;  m.  Sarah  Mosier  (2158-2160). 

Children  by  second  m.,  b.  at  Scott: 

2140.  Asa  Brown,  b.  July  4,  1825;  d.  in  infancy. 

2141.  Stephen  S.,  b.  Mar.  22,  1827;  m.  Nancy  M.  Alexander  (2161- 


2142.  Almira  C,  b.  Nov.  14,  1833;  m.  Andrew  J.  Mowry  (2164- 


Isaac  Brown  (2130),  son  of  Timothy  (2109)  and  Deborah  (Morse) 
Brown  [Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (n),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Scott, 
N.  Y.,  July  28,  1807;  d.,  at  Oxford,  Mich.,  1888;  m.,  at  Scott,  Feb.  4, 
1831,  Artimesia  Stiles,  b.,  at  Scott,  Dec.  22,  1808;  d.,  at  Oxford,  Mar.  8, 


2143.  Waldo  Brown,  b.  Nov.  15,  1832;  d.,  at  Hadley,  Mich.,  Mar.  9, 

1S61;  m.,  Nov.  10,  1854,  Mary  Wolf. 

2144.  Olivia,  b.  June  14,  1834;  d.,  at  Hadley,  Nov.,  1877;  m.,  Feb., 

1852,  Alonzo  Hix. 

2145.  Lois,  b.  Apr.  27,  1836;  m.,  Aug.  15,  1858,  Harvey  Townsend. 

Res.,  1907,  Oxford,  Mich. 

2146.  Marcus,  b.,  Oakland,  Mich.,  Feb.  17,  1838;  d.  Nov.,  1838. 

John  M.  Brown  (2135),  son  of  Timothy  (2109)  and  Deborah  (Morse) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Scott,  N.  Y.,  July  11,  1816;  d.,  at  Otisco,  Mich.,  Jan.  11, 
1894;  m.,  at  Washington,  Mich.,  Mar.  5,  1848,  Marilda  Skidmore, 
b. ;  d.  May  5,  1894. 

Children : 

2147.  Frank  E.  Brown,  b.  May  15,  1849. 

2148.  Mark  H.,  b.  Dec.  19,  1852;  d.  Apr.  1,  1853. 

2149.  Francis  E.,  b.  Nov.  2,  1857;  d.  in  Jan.,  1858. 

2150.  Mark  H.,  b.,  at  Otisco,  June  10,  1861;  m.,  at  Keene,  Mich., 

Dec.  30,  1890,  Nellie  A.  Daniels,  b.,  at  Lowell,  Mich.,  Apr. 
23,  1862;  dau.  of  Thomas  Daniels,  of  Keene,  and  Elizabeth 
Lewin.    Mr.  Brown  is  a  farmer.    Res.,  Belding,  Mich. 

2151.  Mary  E.,  b.  Aug.  14,  1863. 

Timothy  Brown,  Jr.  (2138),  son  of  Timothy  (2109)  and  Deborah 
(Morse)  Brown  [Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (n),  Thomas],  b., 
at  Scott,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  1,  182 1;  d.,  at  Wathena,  Kan.,  Aug.  30,  1866;  m., 



at  Truxton,  N.  Y.,  July  i,  1852,  Clarissa  Severance,  b.,  at  Truxton, 
Nov.  1,  1829;  d.,  at  Wathena,  Sept.  1,  1866;  chu.  of  John  and  Sabrina 
(Smith)  Severance,  of  Truxton.     He  was  Commissary  Sergeant  in  the 
14th  Ran.  Vol.  Regt.,  War  of  the  Rebellion. 
Children,  last  four  b.  at  Wathena: 

2152.  Charles  Stewart  Brown,  b.,  at  Truxton,  Apr.  25,  1853;  m. 

(1)  Margaret  Moran;  m.  (2)  Anna  Tabon  (2191,  2192). 

2153.  Alfred  Franklin,  b.,  at  Truxton,  Mar.  20,  1855;  m.  Mary  A. 

Richardson  (2193,  2I94)- 

2154.  Emily  Jane,  b.  Oct.  18,  1858;  d.,  at  Homer,  N.  Y.,  July  16, 

1890;  unm. 

2155.  Allen  Smith,  b.  Oct.  13,  i860;  d.  in  infancy. 

2156.  Hattie  Tirzah,  b.  July  28,  1862;  unm.    Res.,  1907,  Homer, 

N.  Y. 

2157.  Clara  Octavia,  b.  Jan.  6,  1865;  d.  Aug.  30,  1866. 

Alfred  Bennett  Brown  (2139),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  Scott, 
N.  Y.,  Apr.  2^,  1823;  d.,  at  Corning,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  9,  1857;  m.,  at  Catlin, 
N.  Y.,  June  1,  1854,  Sarah  Mosier,  b.  -  -;  d.,  at  Greenville,  Mich., 
June  17,  1891;  adopted  dau.  of  James  and  Susanna  Knight. 


2158.  James  Henry  Brown,  b.,  at  Catlin,  Mar.  29,  1S56. 

2159.  Nancy  Adella,  b.,  at  Corning,  Aug.  5,  1857;  d.,  at  Corning, 

Aug.  31,  1857. 

2160.  Alfreda  Ann.,  b.,  at  Sempronius,  N.  Y.,  July  23,  1858;  m., 

Jan.  1,  1879,  James  Henry  Johnson,  d.  Apr.  24,  1904. 
Son:  Alfred  Harris,  b.  Nov.  4,  1879.  She  m.  (2),  Nov.  29, 
1906,  William  Fries.    Res.,  1907,  Greenville,  Mich. 

Stephen  Smith  Brown  (2141),  son  of  Timothy  (2109)  and  Sally  (Smith) 
Brown  [Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (n),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Scott, 
N.  Y.,  Mar.  22,  1827;  d.,  at  Scott,  Mar.  19,  1893;  m.,  at  Brattleboro, 
Vt.,  Jan.  (>,  1853,  Nancy  M.  Alexander,  b.,  at  Leyden,  Mass.,  Aug.  16, 
JS26;  d.,  at  Syracuse,  N.  Y,  Jan.  26,  1907;  dau.  of  Flisha  B.  and  Mary 
(Brown)  Alexander,  of  Leyden.  He  received  a  common  and  private 
school  education.  He  was  a  farmer.  At  the  time  of  his  death  he  owned 
the  Timothy  Brown  homestead,  and  always  lived  there.  He  was  a  Re- 
publican, active  in  politics,  but  never  desired  to  hold  office. 

Children,  b.  at  Scott: 

2161.  Alexander  Timothy  Brown,  b.  Nov.  21,  1854;  m.  Mary  L. 

Seamans  (2195,  2196). 





i— i 








c  !? 

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Mary  Lillian  (Seamans)  Brown 
Wife  of  Alex.  Timothy  Brown  (2161) 


2162.  William  H.,  b.  July  15,  1857;  m.  Anna  Frisbie  (2197-2199). 

2163.  Charles  E.,  b.  Aug.  16,  i860;  d.,  at  Scott,  May  12,  1881.   He 

was   a   court   stenographer   and  law  student  of   marked 

Almira  C.  Brown  (2142),  dau.  of  Timothy  (2109)  and  Sally  (Smith) 
Brown  [Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (11),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Scott, 
N.  Y.,  Nov.  14,  1833;  d.  Mar.  31,  1911;  m.,  at  Scott,  Nov.  14,  1855, 
Andrew  J.  Mowry,  b.,  at  Scott,  Jan.  22,  1833.  In  1S56  they  removed 
to  Minnesota;  again,  to  Kansas,  in  1858.  He  was  an  active  Free-State 
man,  using  all  his  influence  to  make  Kansas  a  free  State.  He  enlisted  in 
the  Civil  War,  June  23,  1863,  as  a  private  in  Co.  C,  14th  Kan.  Vols., 
and  was  mustered  out  of  the  service  as  2d  Lieutenant.  He  took  an  active 
interest  in  the  political  affairs  of  the  State,  as  a  Republican,  and  has 
represented  the  State  in  the  State  Legislature.  He  was  Commissioner 
and  Notary  Public;  admitted  to  the  bar  in  1889;  Judge  in  the  Thirty- 
fourth  Judicial  District  of  the  State,  practising  in  the  State  courts  and 
the  Interior  Department  at  Washington,  D.  C.  He  has  been  a  member 
of  the  I.  O.  0.  F.  for  nearly  fifty  years,  and  is  a  Free  Mason.  Judge 
Mowry,  since  the  death  of  his  wife,  makes  his  home  with  his  oldest  son, 
Eugene  L.,  at  Lucerne,  Kan. 

Children,  the  first  three  b.  at  Wathena,  Doniphan  Co.,  Kan.: 

2164.  Eugene  Linton  Mowry,  b.  Jan.  17,  1862;  m.  Cora  M.  Gilmore 


2165.  Willis  Laselle,  b.  July  26,  1866;  m.,  at  Lucerne,  Aug.  19, 

1888,  Alice  Belle  Warner,  b.,  at  Fredericksburg,  la., 
July  n,  1869;  dau.  of  Albert  J.  and  Jane  (Morgan)  War- 
ner, of  Fredericksburg.  He  is  a  farmer  and  a  Republican. 
Children:  (1)  Elmer  Leroy;  (2)  Floyd  Albert;  (3)  Media 
Belle;  (4)  Edith;  (5)  Wesley  Merritt.  Res.,  1907,  Morland, 

2166.  Lester  Lisle,  b.  Oct.  18,  1868;  m.  Emma  J.  Brewster  (2178- 


2167.  Aubert  Lamar,  b.,   at  Palermo,  Kan.,  May  13,   1874;  m. 

Maud  E.  Jeffery  (2188-2190). 

2168.  Edna  Lora,  b.,  at  Palermo,  Jan.  14,  1876;  m.,  at  Lucerne, 

Aug.  19,  1897,  Harry  W.  Jeffery,  b.,  at  Chicago,  111.,  Jan. 
24,  1870;  son  of  George  and  Elizabeth  (Taylor)  Jeffery. 
He  is  a  farmer.  Son:  Edwin  H.  Jeffery,  b.,  at  Gradan, 
Kan.,  Sept.  16,  1902.    Res.,  1907,  Gradan,  Kan. 



Eugene  L.  Mowry  (2164),  son  of  Andrew  J.  and  Almira  C.  (Brown) 
(2142)  Mowry  [Timothy  (2109),  Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (11), 
Thomas],  b.,  at  Wathena,  Kan.,  Jan.  17,  1S62;  m.,  at  Severance,  Kan., 
July  31,  1882,  Cora  M.  Gilmore,  b.,  at  Severance,  Mar.  16,  1861;  dau.  of 
S.  D.  and  Elizabeth  B.  (Whitson)  Gilmore,  of  Lucerne.  He  is  a  farmer 
and  a  Republican.    Res.,  1914,  Lucerne,  Kan. 

NOTE. —  The  .Mowry  family  is  very  numerous.    At  Thanksgiving,  iou,  at  a  birth- 
day dinner,  one  hundred  Mowry  relatives  were  present. 

Children,  b.  at  Severance: 

2169.  Adrian  Leroy  Mowry,  b.  May  3,  1884;  m.,  at  Lucerne,  Nov. 

12,  1905,  Bertha  Olive  Barnes,  b.,  at  Rosendale,  Mo.,  Oct. 
12,  1883;  dau.  of  John  M.  and  Alice  (Kennedy)  Barnes, 
of  Lucerne.  He  is  a  farmer.  Dau.:  Alice  M.,  b.  Jan.  6, 
1907.   Res.,  1907,  Lucerne,  Kan. 

2170.  Ida  Blanche,  b.  Jan.  4,  1886;  m.,  at  Lucerne,  Sept.  28,  1903, 

Leroy  Charles,  b.  in  Illinois;  son  of  Eli  F.  and  Barbara 
(Rankle)  Charles.   He  is  a  farmer  in  Lucerne. 

Carrie  Edna,  b.  Oct.  8,  1887. 

Mattison  Aubert,  b.  July  27,  1890. 

Lawrence  Vivian,  b.  May  5,  1S92. 

Nina  Almira,  b.  May  19,  1804. 

Vera  Elizabeth,  b.  May  13,  1896. 

Glen  Milford,  b.  Oct.  12,  1000. 

Lelia  Frances,  b.  Nov.  23,  1903. 





Lester  Lisle  Mowry  (2166),  brother  of  the  preceding,  d.,  at  Wathena, 
Kan.,  Oct.  18,  1S0S;  m.,  at  Lucerne,  Kan.,  Aug.  31,  1891,  Emma  J. 
Brewster,  b.,  in  Nebraska,  Aug.  24,  1873;  dau.  of  Robert  and  Emma 
(Owston)  Brewster,  of  Lucerne.  He  is  a  farmer.  Res.,  1907,  Lucerne, 

Children,  b.  at  Gradan,  Kan.: 

2178.    Nellie  A.  Mowry,  b.  Nov.  2S,  1892. 
217c).    Walter  J.,  b.  Feb.  2,  1894. 
Edna  E.,  b.  June  6,  1895. 
Nettie  M.,  1).  July  23,  1896. 

2  1  So 
2  1  83 
2  1  84 

Lester  F..  Jr..  I>.  Aug.  23,  1S97. 

Ethel,  1).  Nov.  13,  1898. 
Cora  B.,  b.  Feb.  6,  1900. 
2  [85.    George,  l>.  Oct.  6,  1001. 

2186.  Willie,  1).  Mar.  10,  11*03. 

2187.  Arthur,  b.  Aug.  20,  1905. 


Aubert  L.  Mowry  (2167),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  Palermo, 
Kan.,  May  13,  1874;  m.,  at  Morland,  Kan.,  Jan.  27,  1892,  Maud  E. 
Jeffery,  b.,  at  Chicago,  111.,  Sept.  1,  1873;  dau.  of  George  and  Elizabeth 
(Taylor)  Jeffery,  of  Chicago.   He  is  a  farmer.   Res.,  1907,  Lucerne,  Kan. 

Children : 

2188.  Aubert  J.  Mowry,  b.,  at  Goshen,  Kan.,  Sept.  n,  1893. 

2189.  Ruth  E.,  b.,  at  Morland,  Sept.  9,  1900. 

2190.  Lloyd  W.,  b.,  at  Lucerne,  May  16,  1906. 

Charles  Stewart  Brown  (2152),  son  of  Timothy,  Jr.  (2138)  and  Clarissa 
(Severance)  Brown  [Timothy  (2109),  Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39),  Eieazer 
(n),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Truxton,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  25,  1853;  m.  (1),  at  Ludlow- 
ville,  N.  V.,  June  15,  1880,  Margaret  Moran,  b.,  at  No.  Lansing,  N.  Y., 
Jan.  20,  1855;  d.,  at  Albany,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  26,  1904;  dau.  of  Frank  Moran, 
of  No.  Lansing;  m.  (2),  Nov.  8,  1905,  Anna  Tabon,  b.,  at  Milton,  N.  Y., 
Apr.  5,  1S71;  dau.  of  Fred  and  Minnie  (Strala)  Tabon,  of  Milton.  Mr. 
Brown  was  educated  in  the  public  schools,  and  in  Cortland  Normal 
School,  of  New  York.  He  taught  four  years  in  the  Highland  School, 
two  years  in  the  Monroe  Public  School,  four  years  in  the  So.  Milton 
Public  School,  and  other  schools  in  New  York  for  several  years.  His 
first  wife  attended  the  Ithaca  High  School  and  Cortland  Normal.  She 
taught  in  Ithaca  several  years,  for  five  years  in  the  Highland  School, 
and  other  schools  for  several  years.  He  is  a  fruit-grower  and  school- 
teacher, a  Republican,  and  a  member  of  the  Presbyterian  Church. 
Res.,  1907,  Milton,  N.  Y. 

Children,  by  first  m. : 

2191.  Edwin  S.  Brown,  b.,  at  Monroe,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  27,  1883. 

2192.  Mabel  G.,  b.,  at  Milton,  July  17,  1890;  d.,  at  Milton,  Jan.  6, 


Alfred  Franklin  Brown  (2153),  son  of  Timothy,  Jr.  (2138),  and  brother 
of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  Truxton,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  20,  1855;  m.,  at  Robinson, 
Kan.,  Dec.  23,  1885,  Mary  A.  Richardson,  b.,  in  Bruce  Co.,  Ont.;  dau. 
of  William  and  Margaret  (McDonald)  Richardson,  of  Toronto,  Ont. 
He  was  an  agent  for  publishing  companies  in  New  York  and  Philadelphia 
from  1876  to  1906.   Res.,  1907,  International  Falls,  Minn. 

Children : 

2193.  Clara  Maude  Brown,  b.,  at  Grand  Island,  Neb.,  June  19, 

1888.  She  graduated  from  the  Topeka  (Kan.)  High  School 
in  1906,  and  is  now  a  teacher  at  International  Falls. 

2194.  Lucile  Mary,  b.  at  Abilene,  Kan. 



Alexande  r  Timothy  Brown  (2161),  son  of  Stephen  S.  (2141)  and  Nancy 
M.  (Alexander)  Brown  [Timothy  (2109),  Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39), 
Eleazer  (11),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Scott,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  21,  1854;  m.,  at  Syra- 
cuse, N.  Y.,  Apr.  2,  1883,  Mary  Lillian  Seamans,  b.,  at  Virgil,  N.  Y., 
Aug.  3,  1S63;  dau.  of  Julian  C.  and  Matilda  (Lack!)  Seamans,  of  Virgil. 
Mr.  Brown  is  a  manufacturer  and  inventor.  He  has  patents  issued  and 
pending  for  more  than  one  hundred  inventions.  He  is  inventor  of  the 
Smith  Premier  Typewriter.  He  is  president  of  the  following  companies: 
the  Smith  Premier  Typewriter  Co.,  the  Brown-Lipe  Gear  Co.  He  is 
one  of  the  founders  and  past  president  of  the  H.  H.  Franklin  Manu- 
facturing Co.;  stockholder  and  director  of  the  Smith  Premier  Type- 
writer Co.,  the  H.  H.  Franklin  Manufacturing  Co.,  the  Brown-Lipe 
Gear  Co.,  the  Syracuse  Aluminum  and  Bronze  Co.,  the  Globe  Malleable 
Iron  Works,  and  the  Pneumelectric  Co.;  director  of  the  Third  National 
Bank,  also  of  the  Journal  Printing  and  Publishing  Co.;  trustee  of  Syra- 
cuse University  and  the  Hospital  of  the  Good  Shepherd;  life  member  of 
the  American  Society  of  Mechanical  Engineers  and  of  the  National 
Geographic  Society;  member  of  Citizens'  Club  of  Syracuse,  also  of  Cen- 
tury Club,  Transportation  Club  of  New  York  City,  Automobile  Club  of 
Syracuse,  and  other  organizations.  He  is  a  thirty-second  degree  Mason, 
and  a  member  of  Mystic  Shrine.  He  was  educated  in  common  and  select 
schools  at  Scott,  N.  Y.,  and  at  Homer  Academy.  He  rendered  financial 
aid  in  the  publication  of  this  genealogy,  and  also  of  B.  G.,  Vol.  I.  Res., 
1915,  Syracuse,  N.  Y.  At  his  suggestion  Vol.  II,  in  July,  1910,  was 
commenced.  Without  his  hearty  co-operation,  the  compiler  could  never 
have  undertaken  this  arduous  task.  This  genealogy  is  therefore  dedi- 
cated to  Alexander  T.  Brown. 

Children,  b.  at  Syracuse: 

2195.  Charles  Seamans  Brown,  b.  Apr.  20,  1885. 

2196.  Julian  Stephen,  b.  Mar.  20,  1887;  m.,  at  Syracuse,  Oct.  25, 

191 1,  Ethel  Listman,  b.,  at  Syracuse,  Nov.  12,  1891;  dau. 
of  Charles  Listman,  of  Syracuse,  and  Katherine  Warner. 
Mr.  Hrown  is  a  mechanical  engineer,  and  in  politics  a 
Republican.    Res.,  277  Holland  St.,  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

William  H.  brown  (2162),  son  of  Stephen  S.  (2141)  and  Nancy  M. 
(Alexander)  Brown  [Timothy  (2109),  Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer 
(n),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Scott,  N.  Y.,  July  15,  1S57;  m.,  at  Scott,  Sept.  4, 
[894,  Anna  Frisbie,  b.,  at  Scott,  Nov.  3,  [871;  dau.  of  Mills  G.  and  Martha 
(Crandall)  Frisbie.    Res.,  [907,  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 


Charles  Seamans  Brown  (2195) 
Graduate  of  Cornell  University,  iqoq 

Julian  Stephen  Brown 



Children : 

2197.  Alex  Mills  Brown,  b.,  at  Scott,  Aug.  2,  1898. 

2198.  Ruth  Corinne,  b.,  at  Syracuse,  Mar.  3,  1901. 

2199.  Mary  Lillian,  b.,  at  Syracuse,  Dec.  31,  1902. 

Eleazer  Brown  (21 10),  son  of  Peleg  (2010)  and  Experience  (Morgan) 
Brown  [Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (n),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Leyden,  Mass.,  Nov. 
17,  1779;  d.,  at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y.,  June  8,  1866;  m.  (1)  Martha 
(called  Patty)  Clark,  b.  Feb.  8,  1777;  she  d.  Feb.  8,  1S25.  They  eloped 
when  married.  Mr.  Brown,  after  the  death  of  his  wife,  moved  to  Litch- 
field, and  later  to  Lisle,  N.  Y.,  finally  settling  at  Binghamton,  N.  Y., 
on  a  farm  that  now  joins  land  where  the  State  Hospital  stands.  Mr. 
Brown  m.  (2)  Affa  Wilcox,  who  d.  about  1861.  In  1864  Mr.  Brown  sold 
his  farm  and  went  to  live  with  his  oldest  son,  Hiram,  at  West  Winfield, 
Herkimer  Co.,  N.  Y.  He  was  a  Baptist  in  his  early  years,  but  took  ex- 
ceptions to  two  of  the  ministers,  and  justly  so,  and  left  the  church.  It 
was  said  he  was  a  good  student  of  the  Bible,  but  he  measured  the  whole 
church  by  the  peculiar  ideas  of  the  two  ministers.  He  is  buried  on  the 
old  farm  at  West  Winfield,  with  his  father  and  mother. 

Children,  probably  all  b.  at  West  Winfield: 

2200.  Nancy  Brown,  b.  1800;  d.,  at  Herkimer,  N.  Y.,  about  1874 

or  1875;  buried  at  Winfield,  N.  Y. ;  m.  James  Rice,  of  Her- 
kimer. One  dau.,  Eunice,  m.,  at  the  age  of  fourteen,  Elisha 
Washburn.  They  lived  at  Herkimer  and  had  two  children, 
Clark  and  Lodema.  Lodema  m.  Dr.  Devendorf  and  lived 
at  Herkimer. 

2201.  Alvira,  b.  Sept.  5,  1803;  m.  Josiah  Crumb  (2213-2222). 

2202.  Sabrina,  b.  ;  d.  at  Columbus,  Penn.;  m.  Henry  Day, 

and  had  a  large  family. 

2203.  Hiram,  b.  May  5,  1805;  m.  Susan  Gorton  (2223,  2224). 

2204.  Soflora,  b.  1806;  d.,  at  West  Winfield,  1898;  buried  at  Win- 

field; m.,  at  East  Winfield,  Harry  Thomas,  who  d.  at  West 
Winfield.  They  lived  at  Exeter,  Herkimer  Co.,  N.  Y.  No 

2205.  Chauncey,  b. ;  d.,  at  Lisle,  N.  Y.,  1853;  m.,  at  Lisle, 

Fannie  Seymour.    Sons:  (1)  Jerome  Bonaparte,  b.  , 

d. ;  m.  Carrie  Parks,  of  Binghamton;  no  issue;  (2) 

James,  b.  1845,  possibly  living  on  the  old  homestead  at 

2206.  Climena,  b.  ;  d.,  at  Herkimer,  about  1874;  buried  at 



Winfield;  m.  John  Walworth.  They  lived  at  East  Winfield, 
and  he  d.  there.  There  were  three  children:  two  daus., 
who  d.  in  infancy,  and  one  son,  Clark,  who.  m.,  and  was  a 

2207.  Ursula,  1).  -     -;  d.,  at  Flemingville,  Tioga  Co.,  N.  Y.,  1880; 

m.  Lyman  Pritchard.  Children:  (1)  Marvin,  b.  — , 
d.  -  — ;  m.  (1)  Fidelia  Prentiss,  divorced;  m.  (2)  Tine 
Fleming,  of  Flemingville,  deceased;  (2)  Sylvia,  b.  — , 
d.—  -;  m.  a  Mr.  Upson,  and  had  one  child;  Mr.  Upson's 
res.,  Oswego,  N.  Y.;  (3)  Stedman,  b.  -  — ,  d.  -  — ;  unm.; 
(4)  Frances,  b. ,  d.  when  about  eighteen;  unm. 

2208.  Martha  Frances,  b.  -     — ;  d.  young,  at  Binghamton. 

2209.  German,  b.  -    — ;  d.,  at  Binghamton,  about  i860;  m.  Caroline 

Wood,  of  Groton,  Conn.;  she  is  deceased.  Children:  (1) 
Georgiana  Adelaide,  b.  1845,  d.  aged  about  sixteen;  (2) 

William  Wellington,  b.  1847,  m. Gorman,  went  West, 

at  one  time  living  in  Oklahoma,  and  had  thirteen  children; 
(3)  Frederick  Vincent,  b.  1850,  went  to  Manhattan,  Kan., 
with  his  mother  and  youngest  brother;  (4)  Charles  German, 
b.  1852. 

2210.  Peleg  Morgan,  b.  1814;  twice  m.  (2233-2238). 

221 1.  Jerome  Bonaparte,  b.  -     — ;  d.  at  Baltimore,  Md.;  m.  (1), 

at  Winfield,  Delia  Harrington,  and  settled  in  Binghamton. 
Three  sons:  (1)  Hiram,  b.  1845;  (2)  Herman,  b.  1847;  (3) 
Burr,  b.  1850;  all  deceased.  Jerome  B.  Brown  m.  (2),  at 
Baltimore,  a  widow  with  two  daus. 

2212.  Eleazer,  b.  Feb.  14,  1820;  m.  Rachael  Cafferty  (2242-2246). 

Alvira  Brown  (2201),  b.  Sept.  5,  1803;  d.,  at  Cherry  Creek,  N.  Y., 
Apr.  24,  1887;  m.,  Mar.  6,  1S23,  Josiah  Crumb,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y., 
Aug.  28,  1803;  d.  Aug.,  1865.  Mr.  Crumb  was  held  in  the  highest  esteem 
by  his  entire  family.  They  had  several  children  who  d.  in  infancy,  after 
which  they  adopted  an  orphan  baby. 

Children,  first  two  b.  at  Cherry  Creek: 

2213.  Delos  P.  Crumb  (adopted),  b.  July  n,  1S27;  deceased. 

2214.  Josiah  Clark,  b.  Dec.  31,  182S;  d.,  at  Cherry  Creek,  in  1S53, 

when  a  young  man;  unm. 

2215.  Cynthia  Alvira,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  Now  7,  1830;  d.  at  the  home 

of  her  >i>trr  Ancelia,  at  Conewango  Valley;  m.  Mr.  Hale, 

a  widower  with  several  children.    He  d.  at  Cherry  Creek. 

No  issue. 



2216.  Patty  Climena,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  Feb.  9,  1832;  d.  ;  m. 

Erastus  Brown,  deceased;  lived  at  Cherry  Creek.  They 
had  one  child,  which  d.  when  two  years  old. 

2217.  Betsey  Ancelia,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  May  12,  1833;  m.  Chiles 

Hidecker,  b.,  in  Green  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  29,  1830;  d.,  at 
Conewango  Valley,  Dec.  10,  1903.  He  made  his  home  in 
Chautauqua  County  for  nearly  fifty  years,  where  he 
established  a  large  lumber-plant  at  Conewango  Valley, 
which  he  conducted  until  his  death.  He  was  an  ardent 
Republican,  which  party  he  frequently  represented  in 
County,  District,  and  State  conventions.  Her  res.,  1914, 
Conewango  Valley,  N.  Y. 

2217a.  Carver  Hidecker,  b.,  at  Sheffield,  Penn.,  Oct.  3,  i860;  m., 
at  Cherry  Creek,  Oct.  7,  1885,  Effie  A.  Campbell,  b.,  at 
Cattaraugus,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  8,  1S60.  Mr.  Hidecker  was 
associated  with  his  father  for  a  long  time  in  their  extensive 
lumber  business.  Carver  Hidecker  is  now  [1914]  president 
of  the  lone  Fire  Brick  Co.,  San  Francisco,  Cal.  Son: 
Gerald  Hidecker,  b.,  at  Conewango  Valley,  Oct.  20,  1889; 
m.,  Sept.  8,  1910,  Zetha  M.  McNobb.  Dau.:  Esther  May, 
b.,  at  Oakland,  Cal.,  Apr.  1,  1912. 

2218.  Hiram  B.,  b.  Jan.  24,  1835;  d. ;  m.  Emily ,  and  lived 

at  Conewango  Valley.  Sons:  (1)  Chiles,  m.,  had  two  chil- 
dren, who  d.  in  infancy,  and  lives  at  Conewango  Valley; 
(2)  Kingsley,  m.  and  moved  away. 

2219.  Charles,  b.  Aug.  24,  1S37;  d.  at  Conewango;  made  an  un- 

happy marriage.   He  was  a  musician.  No  issue. 

2220.  Susan  Almira,  b.  May  9,  1839;  m.  Joseph  Boys;  both  de- 

ceased. They  lived  at  Cherry  Creek.  Two  daus.:  (1) 
Ellen,  m.  Mr.  Baker,  a  minister;  (2)  Susan.  These  two 
sisters  presumably  both  live  [1914]  at  their  old  home  in 
Cherry  Creek. 

2221.  Rebecca  Jane,  b.  Mar.  4,  1S41 ;  m.,  at  Cherry  Creek,  Nov.  17, 

1864,  Martin  L.  Lawrence,  b.,  at  Ellington,  N.  Y.,  May  16, 
1839;  d.,  at  Poland,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  n,  1905;  son  of  Alva  and 
Saloma   (Green)   Lawrence.      Mr.  Lawrence  has  been  a 
teacher  and  farmer.    Res.,  Kennedy,  N.  Y. 
Children,  b.  at  Poland: 

2221a.  Chauncy  M.  Lawrence,  b.  May  5,  1867;  rn.,  at  Randolph, 



N.  V.,  June  8,  1893,  Annette  M.  Beemer.    Dau.:  Marine 

Annette,  b.,  at  Salamanca,.  N.  V.,  Feb.  24,  1S96.    Res., 

Holdenville,  Okla. 

2221b.  Dau.,  b.  ;  unnamed;  d.  Oct.  6,  1873. 

2221c.  Ernest  Crumb,  b.  Jan.   28,   1879;  m.,  at  Fredonia,  N.  Y., 

Sept.  28,  1901,  Minna  Blanchard,  of  Tiona,  Penn. 

2222.  Chauncy,  b.  Mar.  1,  1845;  m.,  and  had  three  children.    Res., 

Niobe,  Chautauqua  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Hiram  Brown  (2203),  son  of  Eleazer  (21 10)  and  Martha  (Clark) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Leyden,  Mass.,  May  5,  1805;  d.,  at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y., 
Apr.  13,  1878;  m.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  30,  1826,  Susan  Gorton,  b., 
at  Plainfield,  Dec.  29,  1807;  d.,  at  West  Winfield,  May,  1Q02;  dau.  of 
Joseph  L.  Gorton  and  Cynthia,  his  wife,  of  Plainfield. 

Children,  b.  at  West  Winfield: 

2223.  Hiram  Clark  Brown,  b.  Apr.  20,  1S28;  m.  Alice  A.  Stuart 

[222 ^—2227). 

2224.  Lodema,  b.  1830;  d.,  at  West  Winfield,  in  1881;  m.  Noadiah 

Taylor,  who  d.  at  West  Winfield.    No  issue. 

Hiram  Clark  Brown  (2222.),  son  of  Hiram  (2203 )  and  Susan  (Gorton) 
Brown,  b.,  at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  20,  1828;  m.,  at  Winfield, 
N.  Y.,  Nov.  11,  1855,  Alice  A.  Stuart,  b..  at  Winfield,  Apr.  26,  1833;  d., 
at  West  Winfield,  Apr.  1,  1896;  dau.  of  William  Stuart,  of  Winfield,  and 
Delia  A.,  his  wife.    Res.,  1914,  West  Winfield,  N.  Y. 

Children,  all  b.  at  West  Winfield: 

2225.  Alice  L.  Brown,  b.  Oct.  5,  1856;  m.,  at  West  Winfield,  May 

10,  1881,  John  A.  Rafter.     Dau.:  Lodema,  b.,  at  Holton, 
Kan.,  July  10,  [888.    Res.,  No.  Tonawanda,  N.  Y. 

2226.  Charles  H.,  b.  July  20,  1858;  m.  Alice  C.  Smith  (2228,  2229). 

2227.  Sherman  \\\,  b.  June  18,  1866;  m.  Clara  von  Beyer  (2230- 


CharUs  H.  Brown  (2226),  son  of  Hiram  C.  ^222^  and  Alice  A.  (Stuart) 
brown,  b.,  at  Wot  Winfield,  N.  Y.,  July  20,  1858;  m.,  at  Adams,  X.  Y., 
Nov.  10,  1SS1,  Alice-  C.  Smith,  b.,  at  Honesville,  N.  Y.,  June  30,  i860; 
d.,  at  Belmont,  X.  Y.,  Dec.  18,  1005;  dau.  of  Andrew  Smith  and  Esther 
\\  .  Collins,  of  Honesville.  Mr.  Brown  i>  a  lawyer.  He  was  District 
Attorney  of  Allegany  Co.,  X.  Y.,  three  terms,  [889  [898;  United  States 
Attorney  for  the   Western    District  of  New  York,   1898-1906;  elected 



Justice,  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  the  State  of  New  York  in  1906  for 
fourteen  years.    Res.,  Belmont,  N.  Y. 

222S.  Charles  H.  Brown,  Jr.,  b.,  at  Richburg,  N.  Y.,  July  8,  1883; 
m.,  at  Marblehead,  Mass.,  Sept.  7,  1907,  Edith  Warner 
Brown.  Son:  Stuart  G.,  b.,  at  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  13, 

2229.  Harold  Stuart,  b.,  at  Bolivar,  N.  Y.,  June  14,  1886.    Res., 

1914,  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

Sherman  W.  Brown  (2227),  son  of  Hiram  C.  (2223)  and  Alice  A. 
(Stuart)  Brown,  b.,  at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y.,  June  18, 1866;  d.,  at  Spencer, 
Mass.,  Mar.  1,  1901;  m.,  at  Berlin,  Germany,  July  15,  1895,  Clara  von 
Beyer.  Mr.  Brown  graduated  from  Hamilton  College  in  1887,  and  from 
Andover  Theological  Seminary  in  1890;  he  attended  Berlin  University 
three  years;  was  pastor  of  the  First  Congregational  Church,  Spencer, 
from  1893  to  1901.    Mrs.  Brown's  res.,  Belmont,  N.  Y. 

Children,  all  b.  at  Spencer: 

2230.  Clara  Frieda  Brown,  b.  Aug.  3,  1897. 

2231.  Stuart  von  Beyer,  b.  Aug.  31,  1898. 

2232.  Sherman  W.,  b.  Apr.  3,  1901. 

Peleg  Morgan  Brown  (2210),  son  of  Eleazer  (2 no)  and  Martha 
(Clark)  Brown,  son  of  Peleg  (2010)  and  Experience  (Morgan)  Brown, 
b.,  at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y.,  1814;  d.,  at  Binghamton,  N.  Y.,  Apr.,  1884; 
m.  (1)  Nancy  Ann  Lee,  of  Castle  Creek,  Broome  Co.,  N.  Y.,  who  d.,  at 
Binghamton,  in  1848.  Peleg  M.  Brown  m.  (2),  in  1849,  Lury  Fish,  of 

Children  by  first  m.,  b.  at  Binghamton: 

2233.  Son,  b. ;  d.  in  infancy. 

2234.  Frances  Brown,  b.  1843;  d.  1845. 

2235.  Ellen  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  26,  1846;  m.,  at  Binghamton,  Mar. 

9,  1899,  Marcus  D wight  Frisbee,  of  Binghamton,  b.  1850. 
No  issue.   Res.,  90  Henry  St.,  Binghamton,  N.  Y. 
Children  by  second  m. : 

2236.  Frank  Watson  Brown,  b.,  at  Binghamton,  Jan.   22,   1857; 

m.  Lury  D.  Carter  (2239-2241). 

2237.  Clara  Ida,  b.  Feb.  21,  1861;  d.,  at  Susquehanna,  Penn.,  Dec. 

12,  1887;  m.  a  Mr.  Dodson. 

2238.  Louis  Alfred,  b.,  at  Binghamton,  Jan.  22,  1864;  d.,  at  Bing- 

hamton, Aug.  3,  1883;  unm. 



Frank  Watson  Brown  (2236),  son  of  Peleg  Morgan  (2210)  and  Lury 
(Fish)  Brown,  b.,  at  Binghamton,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  22,  1857;  m.,  in  1881, 
Lury  D.  Carter,  who  d.,  at  Anoka,  Broome  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in  1912. 


2239.  Harry  Morgan  Brown,  b.  Dec.   11,   18S2;  m.   Maud  Fair- 

childs,  of  Boston,  Mass.    Res.,  1914,  Union,  N.  Y. 

2240.  Charles  Louis,  b.  May  15,  1884;  m.  a  lady  from  Brooklyn, 

N.  Y.    Children:  (1)  Ersell  Charles,  b.  June  4,  1910;  (2) 
Herman  Louis,  b.  June,  191 2.   Res.,  Binghamton,  N.  Y. 

2241.  Marcus  Dwight,  b.  June  30,  1890;  unm.    Res.,  Binghamton, 

N.  Y. 

Eleazer  Brown  (2212),  son  of  Eleazer  (21 10)  and  Martha  (Clark) 
Brown  [Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (11),  Thomas  who  m.  Mary 
Newhall,  of  Lynn,  Mass.],  b.,  at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  14,  1820; 
d.,  at  Waverly,  N.  Y.,  Jan.,  1897;  m.  Rachael  Cafferty. 

Children,  the  first  three  b.  at  Binghamton,  N.  Y.: 

2242.  Affie  Adelaide  Wilcox  Brown,  b.  July  13,  1845;  unm. 

2243.  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  1,  1847;  twice  m.  (2247-2250). 

2244.  Sophia  Crane,  b.  June  22,   1850;  m.  Asa  Truesdell   (2251, 


2245.  John  Henry,  b.,  at  Canandaigua,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  28,  1852;  d. 

1873;  unm. 

2246.  Albert  Thur,  b.,  at  Union,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  14,  1854;  d.  i860. 

Affie  A.  W.  Brown  (2242),  the  preceding,  furnished  the  records  of  all 
her  father's  family,  and  the  thirteen  children  of  her  grandfather  Eleazer 
Brown  (2110).  Her  memory  of  her  people  is  perfectly  wonderful.  The 
compiler  was  appalled  at  the  vast  amount  of  data  she  carries  in  her 
brain,  but  was  exceedingly  fortunate  to  get  so  many  family  records  and 
historical  events  before  they  were  consigned  to  oblivion.  He  was  cau- 
tioned not  to  say  a  word  about  her,  but  had  it  not  been  for  her  the 
Brown  family  herewith  connected  would  have  been  unhonored  and  un- 
sung.   Res.,  1014,  Court  St.,  binghamton,  N.  Y. 

Mary  Elizabeth  brown  (2243),  dan.  of  Eleazer  (2212)  and  Rachael 
(CafTert}  I  brown,  b.,  at  binghamton,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  1,  1S47;  m.  (1),  May 
5,  1866,  Peter  Bonnell,  of  Kirkwood,  N.  Y.  Hed.  May,  1883.  He  became 
a  Christian  at  his  mother's,  in  Kirkwood,  a  few  weeks  before  he 
passed  away.  He  was  a  railroad  conductor  all  his  life.  Mrs.  bonnell  m. 
1  2  ',  at  Hornell,  N.  Y.,  Ira  Hagadorn,  who  was  a  wheelwright,  both  were 
Methodists.   No  is>ue  by  second  m. 


Affie  A.  W.  Brown  (2242) 

Margaret  E.  La  Mont  (2205) 


Children,  by  first  m.: 

2247.  Willie  Bonnell,  b.,  at  Binghamton,  Oct.,  1870;  d.  Aug.,  1871. 

2248.  Seddie  Mildred,  b.,  at  Hornell,  May  4,  1872;  m.  Harmon  J. 

Kneeland  (2253,  2254). 

2249.  George  Thur,  b.,  at  Hornell,  Aug.  21,  1884;  m.,  Sept.  7,  1904, 

Minnie  Carpenter,  of  Addison,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Bonnell  is  clerk 
in  Erie  freight-office.   No  issue.   Res.,  Oswego,  N.  Y. 

2250.  Asa  L.,  b.,  at  Hornell,  Feb.  1,  1887;  m.  Edna  Stratton  (2255- 


Sophia  Crane  Brown  (2244),  dau.  of  Eleazer  (2212)  and  Rachael 
(Cafferty)  Brown  [Eleazer  (2 no),  Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer 
(n),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Binghamton,  N.  Y.,  June  22,  1850;  m.,  at  Hornell, 
N.  Y.,  Apr.  14,  1876,  Asa  Truesdell;  he  d.,  at  Bradshaw,  Neb.,  in  1895. 
Shortly  after  m.  they  removed  to  Nebraska,  but  soon  returned  to  Bing- 
hamton; then  they  went  back  to  Nebraska,  making  a  more  permanent 
home.  Mrs.  Truesdell,  after  the  death  of  her  husband,  removed  to 
Lincoln,  Neb.,  to  educate  her  daus.,  and  after  their  graduation  they 
returned  to  Binghamton,  where  they  now  reside.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Truesdell 
are  Methodists. 


2251.  Rachael  Chloe  Truesdell,  b.,  at  Binghamton,  Dec.  3,  1879; 

m.,  at  Binghamton,  Nov.  24,  1910,  Harmon  J.  Kneeland. 
They  are  members  of  the  Presbyterian  Church.  Dau.: 
Mary  Antoinette  Kneeland,  b.  June  14,  1913. 

2252.  Myeta  Aileen,  b.,  at  Bradshaw,  Jan.  9,  1882;  m.,  at  Bing- 

hamton, Sept.  16,  1908,  Isaac  Miner  Ball,  of  Binghamton. 
Children:  (1)  Rachael  Ball,  b.  June  3,  1912;  (2)  John 
Truesdell,  b.  Feb.  28,  1914. 

Seddie  Mildred  Bonnell  (2248),  dau.  of  Peter  and  Mary  Elizabeth 
(Brown)  (2243)  Bonnell,  b.,  at  Hornell,  N.  Y.,  May  4,  1S72;  d.  Aug.  24, 
1905;  m.,  at  Binghamton,  N.  Y.,  June  14,  1892,  Harmon  J.  Kneeland, 
a  lawyer,  of  Binghamton.  Seddie  Mildred  lived  at  Hornell  until  her 
father  died,  and  then,  from  the  time  she  was  eleven  years  old  until  her 
marriage,  lived  with  her  Aunt  Affie  (2242). 

Children,  b.  at  Binghamton: 

2253.  Harmon  Bonnell  Kneeland,  b.  Aug.  24,  1898;  he  is  a  fine 


2254.  Marjorie  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.   14,   1901;  she  was  burned  to 

death  in  Feb.,  1903. 



Asa  L.  Bunnell  (2250),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  Hornell,  N.  Y., 
Feb.  1.  [887;  1!..  at  Big  Moose  Lake,  N.  Y.,  May  14,  igia;  m.,  at  Bing- 
hamton, N.  Y.,  Jan.  3,  iqo2,  Edna  Stratton,  of  Binghamton.  Mr. 
Bonnell  was  in  the  Spanish  War,  and  later  studied  law.  He  was  Clerk 
of  the  Court  a  few  years;  was  elected  Clerk  of  the  County  Board  of 
Supervisors,  which  office  he  held  at  the  time  of  his  death.  His  talent  and 
abilities  were  highly  appreciated. 

Children,  b.  at  Binghamton: 

2255.  Lewis  Asa  Bonnell,  b.  Apr.  20,  1903. 

2256.  Asa  Lewis,  b.  Aug.  25,  1907. 

2257.  Edna  Marian,  b.  Jan.  S,  1914. 

Jesse  Brown  (21 12),  son  of  Peleg  (2010)  and  Experience  (Morgan) 
Brown  [Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (11),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Leyden,  Mass.,  Aug. 
19,  1783;  d.,  at  Howard,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  24,  1857;  m.,  1814,  Hannah  Cohvell, 
b.,  at  Brimfield,  Mass.,  July  11,  1793;  d.,  at  Howard,  July  6,  1845. 

Children,  b.,  except  the  last,  at  Sempronius,  N.  Y.: 

2258.  Betsey  Brown,  b.  June   18,   1816;  m.  Andrew  John  Smith 


2259.  Jesse,  Jr.,  b.  Dec.  14,  1818;  m.  Almira  Banks  (2272,  2273). 

2260.  Hannah  E.,  b.  Sept.  17,  1820;  d.,  at  Canisteo,  N.  Y.,  July  13, 

1847;  m.  James  Baker,  and  had  one  son,  who  d.  in  infancy. 

2261.  Mercy  Parmilla,  b.  Mar.  16,  [823;  d.,  at  Jasper,  N.  Y.,  Feb. 

27,  1910;  m.,  at  Fremont,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  1,  1869,  Jacob  H. 
Peterson,  who  d.  Sept.,  [896.    No  issue. 

2262.  Malvina,  b.  July  3,  1825;  d..  at  Howard,  July  26,  [848;  was 

a  teacher;  unm. 

2263.  Julius  S.,  b.  Sept.  22,  1827;  lost  track  of  in  Civil  War  time. 

He  m.  Loomis,  and  had  one  son,  Andrew  Loomis 

Brown.  Nothing  has  been  known  of  this  son  since  he  was 
a  little  fellow.  He  was  with  his  Grandmother  Loomis,  in 

2264.  Arvilla  A.,  b.  Feb.  1,  1833;  m.  George  Albert  Adams  (2274- 

22(15.    Rhoda  Clarinda,  b.  Mar.  iX,  [835;  m.  Adrian  Hardy  (2277). 
2266.    Joel  Monroe,  b.,  at  Howard,  Nov.  4,   1836;  d.,  at  Howard, 

Sept.  8,  1  S 5 7  ;  unm.    He  studied  medicine. 
Of  these  nine  children,  six  wen'  school-teachers. 

Betsey  Brown  (2  58),  dau.  of  Jesse  Brown  (21 12)  and  Hannah  Colwell, 
of  Peleg  (2010)  and  Experience  (Morgan!  Brown  [Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer 



(n),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Sempronius,  N.  Y.,  June  18,  1816;  d.,  at  Howard, 
N.  Y.,  Feb.  17,  1874;  m.,  Mar.  25,  1844,  Andrew  John  Smith,  b.,  at  Sara- 
toga, N.  Y.,  Apr.  22,  1816;  d.,  at  Howard,  Apr.  12,  1903.  Mrs.  Smith  was 
a  teacher.  She  taught  nine  terms  in  the  same  district,  and  was  married 
in  her  schoolhouse,  at  Howard.  All  her  married  life  was  spent  in  the 
school  district  where  she  had  taught  prior  to  her  marriage,  and  all  but 
six  months  of  her  married  life  on  the  same  farm. 
Children,  b.  at  Howard: 

2267.  Ira  Smith,  b.  Jan.  5,  1845;  m.  Jennett  Lander  (2285-2287). 

2268.  Orrin,  b.  Feb.,  1846;  d.  Oct.,  1846. 

2269.  Charles  Brown,  b.  May  10,  1849;  twice  m.  (2292-2294). 

2270.  Anna,  b.  Sept.  18,  1852.    She  was  a  pupil  at  Hornell  High 

School,  at  the  Normal  School  at  Geneseo,  N.  Y.,  and  at 
Albany  (N.  Y.)  Normal  College.  She  taught  several  years 
at  Hornell  and  other  places,  with  rare  ability  and  success. 
With  this  inherited  and  acquired  talent  and  culture,  Miss 
Smith  possessed  the  graces  of  a  refined  and  beautiful 
character,  which  has  won  the  admiration  and  love  of  all 
who  know  her.  During  her  long  vacations  her  home  is 
with  her  sister,  Mrs.  LaMont,  of  Alfred,  N.  Y.  She  is  a 
member  of  the  Presbyterian  Church  of  Hornell.  She  is 
now  [1914]  teaching  at  Hicksville,  Long  Island,  N.  Y. 

2271.  Hannah,  b.  June  5,  1854;  m.  Edward  E.  LaMont  (2295). 

Jesse  Brown,  Jr.  (2259),  son  of  Jesse  (21 12)  and  Hannah  (Colwell) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Sempronius,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  14,  1818;  d.,  at  Burns,  Wis., 
Nov.  25,  1865;  m.,  at  Jasper,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  8,  1850,  Almira  Banks,  b.,  at 
Caroline,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  20,  1827;  d.,  at  Canisteo,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  4,  191 2; 
dau.  of  Ezra  Banks,  of  Caroline,  and  Aurilla  Howe.  Mr.  Brown  was  a 
farmer  at  Jasper.  He  was  a  Republican,  and  both  he  and  his  wife  were 
members  of  the  Christian  Church. 

Jesse  Brown,  Jr.,  taught  school  several  terms  in  Jasper  before  he  was 
married.  After  his  marriage  he  lived  in  Jasper,  till  he  went  to  Burns, 
Wis.,  in  1862,  to  take  up  a  claim.  He  lived  there  three  years,  till  his 
health  failed  him.  He  was  sick  fourteen  months  and  four  days,  dying 
Nov.  25,  1865,  and  was  buried  at  Burns.  Almira  (Banks)  Brown  taught 
school  ten  years  in  Jasper,  commencing  to  teach  when  sixteen  years  of 
age.   After  marriage  she  lived  in  Jasper  and  in  Canisteo,  N.  Y. 

Children,  b.  at  Jasper: 

2272.  Emma  M.  Brown,  b.  Nov.  6,  1853;  twice  m.  (2296). 

2273.  Elliot  P.,  b.  Sept.  1,  1857;  d.,  at  Bordell,  Penn.,  Nov.  10,  1880. 


The  following  lines  were  written  by  Jesse  Brown,  Jr.,  on  his  death-bed: 

Farewell,  my  dear  wife,  I  leave  to  your  care 
Two  jewels  more  precious  than  diamonds  rare. 
Oh,  train  them  for  Heaven  to  meet  me  on  high, 
And  come  with  them,  too,  for  sure  you  must  die! 
Farewell,  my  dear  children,  how  hard  thus  to  part; 
To  have  met  you  again  would  bring  joy  to  my  heart. 
Oh,  meet  me  in  Heaven!    We  '11  part  nevermore, 
As  we  roam  the  fair  fields  of  eternity's  shore. 

Arvilla  A.  Brown  (2264),  dau.  of  Jesse  (2112)  and  Hannah  (Colwell) 
Brown  [Peleg  (2010),  Eleazer  (39),  Eleazer  (11),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Sem- 
pronius,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  1,  1833;  m.,  at  Homer,  N.  Y.,  May  20,  1862,  George 
Albert  Adams,  b.,  at  Rindge,  N.  H.,  June  6,  1836;  d.,  at  Homer,  July  25, 
1863;  son  of  Albert  and  Mary  Adams,  of  Rindge.  He  was  a  lawyer  and  a 
Republican.  He  enlisted  in  the  Union  Army,  in  the  157th  Regt.,  N.  Y. 
Vols.,  as  2d  Lieutenant,  Aug.  31,  1862;  was  promoted  to  Captain  Feb. 
24,  1863.  He  received  his  death  wound  in  the  Battle  of  Gettysburg. 
Her  res.,  1914,  Hutchinson,  Kan. 

2274.    David  H.  Adams  (stepson),  b.,  at  Marathon,  N.  Y.,  May  20, 

1 861. 
2273.    George  Albert,  Jr.,  b.,  at  Homer,  June  3,  1863;  d.,  at  Homer, 
Mar.  20,  1865. 

2276.  Sophia  L.  (adopted  dau.),  b.,  at  East  Homer,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  12, 

1865:  mini.    Since  completing  her  education  she  has  been 
a  teacher,  and  is  still  [191 5]  at  Hutchinson,  Kan. 

Rhoda  Clarinda  Brown  (2265),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  Sem- 
pronius,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  18,  1835;  d.,  at  Jasper,  N.  Y.,  Nov.,  1S88;  m. 
Adrian  Hardy,  a  Civil  War  soldier.  Mr.  Hardy  enlisted  in  July,  1861, 
as  a  private,  and  fought  one  battle;  but  the  heat  was  too  much  for  him. 
He  went  to  the  hospital,  and  when  he  recovered  they  gave  him  a  posi- 
tion as  night  nurse.  lie  served  until  the  end  of  the  war,  being  promoted 
meanwhile  to  the  rank  of  Sergeant.  Mrs.  Hardy  was  a  school-teacher 
before  marriage. 


2277.  Josie  May  Hardy,  b.,  at  Jasper,  May  28,  1 S 7 4 ;  m.  James  E. 

Margeson  (2278-2284). 

Josie  May  Hardy  (2277),  the  preceding,  111.,  at   Hedgesville,  in  the 

town  of  Woodhull,   N.   Y.,  Now    18,    1894,  James  E.  Margeson,  1).,  at. 
Angelica,  Allegany  Co.,  X.  Y.,  Feb.  27,  1S69;  son  of  John  Margeson,  of 


Mrs.  Betsey  (Brown)  Smith  (2258) 
Picture  taken  in  187 1 

Mrs.  Hawaii  (Smith)  La  Mont  (2271) 
And  daughter,  aged  nine  years 


Jasper,  N.  Y.,  and  Sarah,  his  wife.    Mr.  Margeson  is  a  farmer  and  in- 
ventor, and  in  politics  a  Republican.    Res.,  Jasper,  N.  Y. 
Children,  b.  at  Jasper: 

2278.  Arrena  Arville  Margeson,  b.  Jan.  29,  1896. 

2279.  Clifford  Eugene,  b.  July  15,  1897. 

2280.  Ernest  Leo,  b.  Jan.  20,  1899. 

2281.  Osmer  Francis,  b.  June  23,  1900. 

2282.  Idonia  Beatrice,  b.  Mar.  15,  1905. 

2283.  Clarinda  Lucille,  b.  June  1,  1907. 

2284.  Thelma  Ruth,  b.  June  3,  1913. 

Ira  Smith  (2267),  son  of  Andrew  John  and  Betsey  (Brown)  (2258) 
Smith,  b.,  at  Howard,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  5,  1845;  m.,  Mar.  25,  1869,  Jennett 
Lander,  b.,  in  Scotland,  Jan.  16,  1845;  dau.  of  John  and  Georgina  (Kile) 
Lander,  of  Howard.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Smith,  until  1904,  lived  on  the  farm 
in  Howard,  Steuben  Co.,  where  he  and  all  of  their  children  were  born, 
and  they  still  spend  much  time  on  the  old  farm.  Both  were  educated  in 
public  schools.  Mrs.  Smith  attended  the  State  Normal  School  at  Albany. 
Res.,  47  Bennett  St.,  Hornell,  N.  Y. 

Children,  b.  at  Howard: 

2285.  Eugene  R.  Smith,  b.  Sept.  7,  1870;  m.  Nettie  Brasted  (2288). 

2286.  Howard  Lander,  b.  Oct.  16,  1872;  m.  Sarah  Burns  (2289). 

2287.  Ernest   Charles,  b.  Jan.   4,    1881;  m.   Mary  Oatley   (2290, 


Eugene  R.  Smith  (2285),  the  preceding,  m.,  at  Hornell,  N.  Y.,  in 
1893,  Nettie  Brasted,  b.,  at  Howard,  N.  Y.,  1866;  dau.  of  M.  C.  and 
Emma  (Saxton)  Brasted,  of  Howard.  Res.,  56  East  Washington  St., 
Hornell,  N.  Y. 


2288.  Harold  Eugene  Smith,  b.  Oct.  23,  1S97. 

Howard  Lander  Smith  (2286),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  Howard, 
N.  Y.,  Oct.  16,  1872;  m.,  at  Fremont,  N.  Y.,  Mar.,  1895,  Sarah  Burns, 
b.  at  Fremont;  dau.  of  John  and  Alma  Burns.  Mr.  Smith  is  a  farmer, 
and  both  are  members  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church.  Res.,  Hor- 
nell, N.  Y. 


2289.  Earl  F.  Smith,  b.  May  24,  1896. 



Ernest  Charles  Smith  (2287),  son  of  Tra  (2267)  and  Jennett  (Lander) 
Smith,  b.,  at  Howard,  N.  V.,  Jan.  4,  1881;  in.,  at  Burns,  N.  Y.,  June  21, 
Kief),  Mary  Oatley,  b.,  at  Howard,  Dec,  1S85;  dau.  of  Ward  Oatley 
and  Anna,  his  wife.  Mr.  Smith  was  a  railroad  postal  clerk  until  1914. 
He  has  now  purchased  the  old  homestead  farm  at  Howard.  Both  are 
members  of  the  Presbyterian  Church.    Res.,  Howard,  N.  Y. 


2290.  Gordon  Oatley  Smith,  b.,  at  Hornell,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  19,  1007. 

2291.  Marion  Isabel,  b.,  at  New  York  City,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  21,  ic;i2. 

Charles  Brown  Smith  (2269),  son  of  Andrew  John  and  Betsey  (Brown) 
(2258)  Smith,  b.,  at  Howard,  N.  Y.,  May  10,  1849;  d.,  at  Redlands, 
Cal.,  Jan.  23,  1904;  m.  (1),  at  Almond,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  10,  1882,  Mary  E. 
Johnson,  b.,  at  Almond,  Nov.  26,  1S51;  d.,  at  Harrison  Valley,  Penn., 
Jan.  10,  1S89;  m.  (2),  at  Canandaigua,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  9,  1890,  Sadie  Depew, 
b.,  at  Canandaigua,  Feb.  26,  1863;  dau.  of  John  Depew.  Her  res.,  Los 
Angeles,  Cal. 

Children  by  first  m.: 

2292.  Leon  Smith,  b.,  at  Andover,  N.  Y.,July  12,  1S83;  d.,  at  Har- 

rison Valley,  Jan.  27,  1S85. 

2293.  Grace  J.,  b.,  at  Harrison  Valley,  Mar.  26,  1886.    She  studied 

in  the  Binghamton  High  School  and  the  Los  Angeles 
Normal  School,  and  is  now  [1914]  one  of  the  head  book- 
keepers in  the  Broadway  Department  Store,  Los  Angeles. 
Res.,  510  Astoria  Hotel,  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

2294.  Son  by  second  m.,  d.  in  infancy. 

Hannah  Smith  (2271),  dau.  of  Andrew  John  and  Betsey  (Brown* 
(2258)  Smith,  b.,  at  Howard,  N.  Y.,  June  5,  1854;  m.,  at  Nunda,  N.  Y., 
Aug.  26,  1889,  Edward  E.  LaMont,  1>.,  at  Troy,  Penn.,  Sept.  3,  1854; 
probably  deceased;  son  of  Hiram  H.  LaMont  and  Evelina  Rumsey. 
Mr.  LaMont  graduated  from  Troy  High  School  June  2S,  1872.  He  was 
an  Odd  Fellow.  He  was  at.  one  time  a  druggist;  later  edited  the  Whites- 
ville  Herald  and  the  Nunda  Times.  He  was  very  proficient  in  his  busi- 
ness. Mrs.  LaMont  is  a  member  of  the  First  Baptist  Church  of  Nunda, 
but  attends  the  First  Alfred  Seventh-Day  Baptist  Church.  She  was  a 
teacher,  and  also  studied  medicine,  but  did  not  finish  a  course.  Res., 
Alfred.  X.  Y. 

I  );iu.: 

2295.  Margaret   E.  LaMont,  b.  Jan.  (>.  1891.    She  is  a  graduate  of 

Hornell  High  School,  1909,  and  of  Alfred  University,  1914. 




By  Margaret  E.  LaMont,  Alfred,  N.  Y. 

I  heard  the  twittering  of  happy  birds. 

The  lapping  of  the  wavelets  on  the  shore; 
I  heard  the  singing  of  the  summer  wind, 

The  swaying  of  the  pine  trees  —  and  no  more. 

And  yet  't  was  not  alone  the  song  of  bird; 

Nor  yet  of  wave,  nor  wind,  nor  swaying  pine; 
But  something  in  them,  through  them,  that  I  heard, — 

A  breathing  echo  of  a  song  divine. 

Emma  M.  Brown  (2272),  dau.  of  Jesse,  Jr.  (2259),  and  Almira  (Banks) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Jasper,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  6,  1853;  m.  (1),  at  Greenwood,  N.  Y., 
June  18,  1890,  Addison  N.  Dean,  b.,  at  La  Fayette,  N.  Y.,  May  10, 
1841;  d.,  at  Collingwood,  N.  Y.,  May  13,  1894;  son  of  Jesse  Dean,  of 
La  Fayette,  and  Beulah  Sherman.  Mr.  Dean  lived  at  New  York  City 
before  marriage,  working  in  an  iron  foundry;  also  owned  and  ran  a  jewelry 
store  at  Niagara  Falls  for  several  years;  then  resided  in  California,  and 
Syracuse,  N.  Y.    He  was  married  twice  before. 

Emma  M.  Brown  taught  school  three  terms,  then  clerked  ten  years  in 
stores  in  Greenwood  and  Jasper,  N.  Y.  Mrs.  Dean,  nee  Brown,  m.  (2), 
July  31,  1899,  Rev.  James  L.  Box,  Canisteo,  N.  Y.  He  was  b.,  in  England, 
May  25,  1833.  No  issue  by  this  m.  Mrs.  Box  is  a  member  of  the  Metho- 
dist Church.    Res.,  Canisteo,  N.  Y. 

Dau.,  by  first  m.: 

2296.    Myra  Beulah  Dean,  b.,  at  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  June  8,  1893. 

Life's  Mirror. 

"There  are  loyal  hearts,  there  are  spirits  brave, 
There  are  souls  that  are  pure  and  true; 
Then  give  to  the  world  the  best  you  have, 
And  the  best  will  come  back  to  you." 



2297.  Fanny  Crumb  (1784-1832),  of  Westerly,  R.  I.,  dau.  of  Simeon 
Crumb  (i76o?-i835),  a  Revolutionary  soldier,  and  Harriet  Pendleton 
(No.  92)  (1 762-1827),  b.,  at  Westerly,  lived  in  Canaan,  N.  Y.,  and  d. 
in  Richmond,  Mass.  She  m.,  1802,  Amos  Talcott  (b.  177S?  d.  1817?), 
son  of  Israel  Talcott  (1731-1813)  and  Abigail  —  (1738-1798),  of 
New  Lebanon,  Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y.  Israel  Talcott,  with  three  brothers 
and  his  children,  except  youngest  son,  Amos,  joined  the  Society  of 
Shakers  at  New  Lebanon.     His  daughter  Sylvia  (1 776-1855)  became 



the  head  of  the  female  section  of  that  Shaker  Community.  Mrs.  Fanny 
(Crumb)  Talcott  m.  (2),  at  Richmond,  Mass.,  i8i8(?),  Reuben  Preble 
(b.  1778,  d.  May  22,  1830),  said  to  have  been  a  soldier  of  the  War  of 
1812;  son  of  Lieut. -Col.  John  Preble  (1742-1787)  and  -  —  (17     - 

1779?),  of  Portland,  Me. 

Note. —  For  Fanny  Crumb's  ancestry  turn  back  to  No.  92,  p.  30. 

Children  by  first  m.: 

2298.  Israel  Francis  Talcott,  b.  1803  (?);  d.  18 — ;  m.,  1826,  

Barrett.      He  had   five  or  more  children.      Removed  to 
Rochester,  N.  V. 

2299.  William,  b.  1806(F);  d.  1824,  at  eighteen  years  of  age. 

2300.  Harriet,  b.  i8o8(?);  d.  18 — ;  m.,  1839,  Jeremiah  Bolton. 

2301.  Albert,  b.  i8io(?);  d.  18 — ;  m.,  183-,  Rhoda  Daniels.     He 

removed  to  Barre,  111. 

2302.  Alanson,  b.  1812(F);  d.  iS — ;  m.,  183-,  Elizabeth  Goodrich. 

2303.  Diadema,  b.  1814;  d.  1815,  at  age  of  eleven  months. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

2304.  Lucinda  Rich  Preble,  b.  June  10,  1819;  d.  Mar.  9,  1855;  m., 

Oct.  28,  1841,  Edward  Cadwell. 

2305.  Mary  Anna,  b.  Mar.  15,  1821;  m.,  Oct.  28,  1843,  by  Rev. 

Isaac  Gifford,  to  Stillman  Moore. 

Lucinda  Rich  Preble  (2304),  dau.  of  Mrs.  Fanny  (Crumb)  Talcott 
(1 784-1832)  and  Reuben  Preble  (1778-1830),  b.  at  Canaan,  N.  Y.;  d. 
at  Newark,  N.  J.,  and  was  buried  in  the  Old  Cemetery,  Springfield,  Mass. 
She  m.,  at  Berlin,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  28,  1841,  Edward  Cadwell  (b.  1816?- 
d.  1896?,  at  Chicago,  111.),  son  of  -  -  Cadwell  (17  -18  )  and  Mary 
Hurlburt  (17     -18     ),  of  Wilbraham,  Mass. 


2306.  Mary  Rich  Cadwell,  b.  Nov.  3,  1842;  d.  Nov.  14,  i8qo;  m., 

Dec,  1863,  Major  Warren  Shepard. 

Mary  Rich  Cadwell  (2306),  dau.  of  Lucinda  Preble  (2304)  and  Edward 
Cadwell  i  i S i c > ?  [896?),  was  b.  at  Pittsfield,  Mass.,  and  d.  at  Branford, 
Conn.   She  m.,  at  New  Haven,  Conn.,  Dec,  1863,  Major  Warren  Shepard 

(1).   1840),  son  of  Baldwin  Shepard  (  [8        [89   )  and  Smith  (18 

iS     ),  of  Branford. 

Son : 

2307.  Edward  Baldwin  Shepard,  b.  Nov.  3,  1865;  m..  Aug.,  1893, 

Mrs.  Nellie  (Mulcahy)  Sherman. 



Edward  Baldwin  Shepard  (2307),  son  of  Mary  Rich  Cadwell  (230O) 
and  Major  Warren  Shepard  (1840-),  b.  at  New  Haven;  lives  [1914]  at 
Branford,  Conn.  He  is  a  locomotive  engineer  on  the  New  York  and 
New  Haven  R.  R.     He  m.,  at  New  Haven,  Conn.,  Aug.,  1893,  Mrs. 

Nellie  (Mulcahy)  Sherman  (b.  186-),  dau.  of Mulcahy  (18     -19     ) 

and . 


2308.  Mabel  Shepard,  b.  1895. 

Mary  Anna  Preble  (2305),  dau.  of  Mrs.  Fanny  (Crumb)  Talcott 
(2297)  and  Reuben  Preble  (1 778-1830),  b.  at  Canaan,  N.  Y.,  is  now 
[1914]  living  in  Washington,  D.  C.  She  was  m.,  at  Berlin,  N.  Y.,  by  the 
Rev.  Isaac  Gifford,  on  Oct.  28,  1843,  to  Stillman  Moore  (b.  Mar.  19, 
1821),  son  of  Levi  Moore  (1 785-1836)  and  Sarah  Fisk  (1 790-1 840),  of 
Leverett,  Mass.  Mr.  Moore  is  a  machinist  and  inventor,  and  resided  at 
or  near  New  Haven,  Conn.,  from  1852  to  1894.  Since  then  he  has  re- 
sided in  Washington,  D.  C. 


2309.  Anna  Fiske  Moore,  b.   Dec.   5,   1851;  m.,  Aug.   29,   1883, 

Robert  Atwater  Smith.    No  issue. 

Anna  Fiske  Moore  (2309),  dau.  of  Mary  Anna  Preble  (2305)  and  Still- 
man  Moore  (1821),  b.  at  Springfield,  Mass.,  has  lived  in  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  and  since  1892  in  Washington,  D.  C.  She  m.,  at  New  Haven, 
Aug.  29,  1883,  Robert  Atwater  Smith  (b.  July  2,  1849),  son  of  Elmore 
Smith  (1819-1903)  and  Lucy  Bassett  (181 7-1902),  of  New  Haven.  A 
brief  biographical  sketch  of  Mr.  Smith  is  printed  in  the  Atwater  Family 
History  (1902),  pp.  196,  197. 

LISHED, IN  1907.     [SEE  B.  G.,  P.  7,7,.] 

Ichabod  Brown,  son  of  Ichabod  and  Thankful  (Baldwin)  Brown 
[Ichabod  (32),  John  (8),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Stonington,  Conn.,  Dec.  10, 
1764;  d.  Dec.  24,  1825;  m.,  June  8,  1788,  Lucy  Palmer,  b.  Sept.  7,  1761. 
Ichabod  Brown  (32),  son  of  John  (8),  built  his  house  central  on  the  lands 
of  the  three  Brown  brothers,  the  original  settlers.  But  here  are  three 
Ichabod  Browns, —  father,  son,  and  grandson.  The  latter  is  here  taken 
up  especially.  The  burying-ground  for  this  family  is  at  the  Cedar  Swamp, 
one  mile  from  the  homestead.  Later  this  farm  was  known  as  the  Nelson 
Brown  farm. 



Children  of   Ichabod   and  Lucy    (Palmer)   Brown   [from   Stonington 
Town  Records]: 

2310.  Ichabod  Brown,  b.,  at  Stonington,  Sept.  4,  1789;  m.  Eunice 

Randall  Wheeler  (2324,  2325). 

2311.  Lucy,  b.  Jan.  19,  1791;  m.  Prentice  Grant  (2329-2334). 

2312.  Palmer,  b.  Oct.  4,  1792;  d.  Uec.  20,  1836,  aged  forty-four 

years;  unm. 

2313.  Mary,  b.  Apr.  15,  1794;  d.  Jan.  23,  1827;  unm. 

2314.  Sally,  b.  Sept.  17,  1795;  m.  Edward  Green  (2335-2340). 

2315.  Martha,  b.  May  30,  1797;  m.  Gilbert  Green  (2359-2363). 

2316.  Nelson,  b.  Feb.  13,  1799;  m.  Anna  York,  b.,  No.  Stonington, 

Conn.,  June  14,  1817;  d.  Sept.  7,  1875;  dau.  of  Wm.  York 
and  Naomi  Ray  [see  B.  G.,  p.  175,  York  family].  [For  the 
records  of  Nelson  Brown  and  his  descendants,  see  B.  G., 

P-  33-1 

2317.  Prudence,  b.  Oct.  9,  1800;  d.  Sept.  26,  1S27;  unm. 

2318.  Stiles,  b.  Sept.   13,  1802;  d.  Sept.   27,  1824,  and  buried  in 

Tolland,  Conn. 

2319.  Edward,  b.  May  17,  1804;  d.  Aug.  20,  1827. 

2320.  Smith,  b.  Nov.  25,  1S05;  d.  June  29,  1828. 

2321.  Erastus,  b.  Apr.  2^,  1807;  d.  Nov.  14,  1828. 

2322.  Francis,  b.  Nov.  28,  1810;  d.  July  27,  1828. 

2323.  Almira  E.,  b.  Mar.  8,  181 2;  d.  Mar.  20,  1839,  and  buried  at 

River  Bend,  Westerly;  m.,  at  No.  Stonington,  Nov.  20, 
1833,  John  A.  Morgan,  b.  Mar.  15,  1809.  Mr.  Morgan  was 
a  man  of  high  integrity  of  character,  cashier  of  the  Paw- 
catuck  National  Bank  of  Westerly  from  its  organization, 
in  1849.  Children:  (1)  Mary  Almira  Morgan,  b.  Feb.  11, 
1835,  d.  Apr.  22,  1839;  (2)  Frances  Ellen,  b.  May  20,  1837, 
d.  Apr.  29,  1838. 

Ichabod  Brown  (2310),  the  oldest  son  of  Ichabod  and  Lucy  (Palmer) 
Brown,  b.,  ;it  Stonington,  Conn.,  Sept.  4,  1780;  d.,  at  Norwich,  N.  Y., 
Aug.  21,  1850;  m.,  at  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Nov.  18,  1818,  Eunice 
Randall  Wheeler,  b.,  at  Stonington,  Jan.  17,  1794;  dau.  of  Perez  and 
Desire  (Randall)  Wheeler;  she  d.,  at  Norwich,  Mar.  iS,  1862. 

Children,  1>.  at  Stonington: 

2324.  Eunice    Caroline    Brown,    b.    Nov.    27,    1819;    m.    Denison 

Randall  Champlin  (2326,  2327). 

2325.  Ichabod  Horace,  b.  Sept.  18,  1824;  unm. 



Eunice  Caroline  Brown  (2324),  dau.  of  the  preceding,  m.  Denison 
Randall  Champlin,  b.,  at  Norwich,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  16,  1843;  she  d.  Nov. 
22,  1849. 

Children,  b.  at  Norwich: 

2326.  Eunice  Amelia  Champlin,  b.  Mar.  27,  1844. 

2327.  William  Denison,  b.  May  24,  1849;  d.  in  infancy. 

Eunice  Amelia  Champlin  (2326),  the  preceding,  m.,  at  Norwich, 
N.  Y.,  Oct.  23,  1866,  William  Henry  Stuart.  Res.,  1711  No.  Second  St., 
Harrisburg,  Penn.: 

Dau.,  b.  at  Norwich: 

2328.  Eunice  Brown   Stuart,  b.  June  28,   1S73;  m.,  at  Norwich, 

Sept.  25,  1901,  Charles  Rentlinger,  of  Baltimore,  Md.,  b., 
at  Philadelphia,  Penn.,  Dec.  17,  1871.    No  issue. 

Lucy  Brown  (23 11),  dau.  of  Ichabod  and  Lucy  (Palmer)  Brown,  son 
of  Ichabod  and  Thankful  (Baldwin)  Brown,  son  of  Ichabod  (32)  and  Sarah 
(Chapman)  Brown,  son  of  John  (8)  and  Elizabeth  (Miner)  Brown,  son 
of  Thomas,  who  m.  Mary  Newhall,  of  Lynn,  Mass.,  b.,  at  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Jan.  19,  1791;  m.,  at  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Dec.  18,  1808, 
Prentice  Grant. 

Children,  first  five  b.  at  No.  Stonington: 

2329.  Prentice  Grant,  b.  Jan.  27,  1810;  d.  1811. 

2330.  Erastus,  b.  Oct.  27,  181 1;  d.  aged  fourteen  years. 

2331.  Charles  Prentice,  b.  Oct.  12,  1813;  d.  in  infancy. 

2332.  Francis  Nelson,  b.  Sept.  4,  1815;  m.  Lydia  Davis.   [See  B.  G., 

P-  53°-] 

2333.  Frederick,  b.  — ;  d.  aged  nine  years. 

2334.  Lucy  Angeline,  b.,  at  Stonington,  Apr.  23,  1823;  m.  Frederick 

B.  Hopkins.     [For  their  descendants,  see  B.  G.,  pp.  530, 
Sally  Brown  (2314),  dau.  of  Ichabod  and  Lucy  (Palmer)  Brown,  b., 
at  Stonington,  Conn.,  Sept.  17,  1795;  m.,  June  13,  1819,  Edward  Green, 
b.  May  3,  1787;  d.  Sept.  7,  1863. 

2335.  Sally  Ann  Green,  b.  Mar.  31,  1822;  d.  Sept.  29,  1850. 

2336.  Lucy  Finette,  b.  Oct.  1,  1824;  m.  Perry  W.  Eldred  (2341- 


2337.  Prudence  Mary,  b.  Mar.  27,  1829;  m.  (1),  Aug.  20,  1856, 

Edward  Moore,  d.  June  3,  1857;  she  m.  (2),  Aug.  20,  1872, 
A.  L.  Phillips,  d.  1893.    No  issue. 



2338.  Lucius  Edward,  b.  Jan.  30,  1830;  m.  Jane  Carpenter  (2349, 

235°  >• 

2339.  Frances  Harriet,  b.  June  13,  1833;  she  is  [1914]  living  (2351). 

2340.  Horace  [chabod,  1).  Mar.  4,   [837;  d.  Jan.  9,  1909;  m.  (1) 

Kate  Reynolds,  deceased;  he  m.  (2)  Myra  Gardner;  she  is 
[1914]  living.    No  issue  by  either  m. 

Lucy  Finette  Green  (2336),  dau.  of  Edward  and  Sally  (Brown)  (2314) 
Green,  b.  Oct.  1,  1S24;  d.  Apr.  16,  1885;  m.,  Oct.,  1S42,  Perry  W. 
Eldred,  b.,  at  Hoosick  Falls,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  2,  1821. 

Children : 

2341.  Sarah  Eldred,  b.  ;  m.  Willis  Webber. 

2342.  Frances,  b. ;  unm. 

2343.  Perry,  b. ;  m.  Miss  Percy. 

2344.  Stella,  b.  -     — ;  m.  Edward  Le  Bates,  b.  Jan.  24,  1859.   He  is 

a  lawyer  at  Bennington,  Yt.  Children:  (1)  Beulah  Belle 
Le  Bates,  unm.;  (2)  William  Leroy. 

2345.  Belle,  b.  -     — ;  m.  Fred  O.  Graves  (2354-2358). 

2346.  Marion,  b.  -     — ;  m.  George  O.  Babcock.    Children:  (1)  Avis, 

b.  -    — ,  is  in  High  School  at  Hoosick  Falls;  (2)  Legrand. 

2347.  Avis,  b.  -     — ;  m.  Dr.  Burton,  of  Pittsfield,  Mass. 

2348.  Edward,  b.  -     — ;  m.  Miss  Wilcox,  deceased.    They  had  five 


Lucius  Edward  Green  (2338),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Jan.  30, 
1830;  d.  Dec.  25,  1903;  m.,  Oct.  4,  187 1,  Jane  Carpenter. 

2349.  Hannah  Green,  b.        — ;  m.  Edgar  Hull,  a  member  of  the 

Massachusetts  Legislature,  and  an  ice-dealer  in  Methuen, 

2350.  Harry,  b.  -     — ;  is  a  graduate  of  Cornell;  unm. 

Frances  Harriet  Green  (2339),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.  June  13, 
[833;  m.,  May  26,  1858,  Solomon  Safford  Pratt,  b.  Jan.  24,  1813;  d.  Apr., 


2351.  Francis   Pratt,  b.  •        ;  educated  at  Williams  College  and 

Columbia  College  of  Physicians  and  Surgeons.  Mr.  Pratt 
m.,  Nov.  30,  [887,  Martha  Rockwood,  d.  Mar.  27,  [892. 
Mr.  Pratt,  since  1SS9,  has  been  engaged  in  the  manu- 
facture of  knit  goods,  at   Bennington,  Yt. 




2352.  Hilda  Frances  Pratt,  b.  Jan.  24,  1889. 

2353.  Martha  Rockwood,  b.  Aug.  29,  1890. 

Belle  Eldred  (2345),  dau.  of  Perry  W.  Eldred  and  Lucy  Finette  Green 
(2336),  of  Sally  Brown  (2314)  and  Edward  Green,  m.  Fred  O.  Graves. 
Res.,  Capitol  Hill,  Bennington,  Vt. 


2354.  Mabel  Graves,  b.  - — — ;  m.  Calbraith  Rogers,  who  flew  across 

the  continent,  and  afterward  fell  from  his  aeroplane  into 
the  Pacific,  at  Long  Beach,  Cal.    No  issue. 

2355.  Bessie,  b.  ;  m.  Frank  Whiting.    He  is  a  sofa  manufac- 

turer.   Son:  George  Whiting. 

2356.  Irene,  b. ;  m.  Paul  Jepson,  and  has  one  dau. 

2357.  Sally,  b. ;  unm. 

2358.  Fred,  b. ;  in  school  at  Saxton  River,  Vt. 

Martha  Brown  (2315),  dau.  of  Ichabod  and  Lucy  (Palmer)  Brown, 
b.,  at  Stonington,  Conn.,  May  30,  1797;  d.  Mar.  17,  1880;  m.,  at  No. 
Stonington,  Conn.,  May  1,  1823,  Gilbert  Green,  b.  Aug.  28,  1798;  d. 
Mar.  22,  1858.  Gilbert  Green  and  wife  lived  in  Greenfield,  Mass.,  all 
their  married  life.    They  are  buried  at  Halifax,  Vt. 

Children,  b.  at  Greenfield: 

2359.  Gilbert  Palmer  Green,  b.  Feb.  5,   1824;  d.,  at  Brookfield, 

Mass.,  Jan.  19,  1912,  and  is  buried  in  Greenfield;  unm. 

2360.  Levi  L.,  b.  June  1,  1826;  m.,  at  Greenfield,  Dec.  15,  1858, 

Harriet  Snow.    He  is  [1914]  living  at  Amherst,  Mass.    No 

2361.  Almira  Martha,  b.  Nov.  10,  1828;  m.  Wm.  T.  Gunn  (2364, 


2362.  Erastus,  b.  Sept.  15,  1832;  d.  Dec.  18,  1898;  m.,  July  20, 

1881,  Clara  Park.    Both  deceased.    Buried  in  Greenfield. 
No  issue. 

2363.  Andrew,  b.  Sept.  7,  1836;  d.  Jan.  7,  1864;  m.,  May  3,  1850, 

Mary  Tuers.  Both  deceased.  One  dau.,  living  in  Brooklyn, 
N.  Y.,  in  1914. 

Almira  Martha   Green   (2361),   the  preceding,  m.,   Sept.    29,    1849, 
Wm.  T.  Gunn,  b.  at  Amherst,  Mass. 

2364.  Mary  Gunn,  b. ;  d.  in  1897. 



2365.  Lyman,  b.  -     — ;  d.  June  15,  1900;  m.  Emma  Tyler.    They 

left  two  sons:  (1)  Fred  Gunn,  who  m.,  in  1906,  Mignon 
Fuller;  no  issue;  res.,  Lodi,  N.  J.;  (2)  Charles  T.,  m.,  Jan. 
7,  1901.  Helen  St.  John.  Air.  Gunn  has  a  large  milk  farm 
at  Brookfield,  Mass.,  in  1914.   No  issue. 

Among  the  many  things  for  which  these  pages  are  written  are  to  ever  keep 
in  sweet  and  affectionate  remembrance  the  memories  of  their  own  homes, 
and  that  sweetest  and  most  sacred  of  all  memories, —  a  mother's  fostering 
care  and  love. 

Arabella  N.  Brown,  dau.  of  Daniel  Brown  (B.  and  M.  G.  1961,  p.  228) 
and  his  wife,  Jerusha  A.  Brown,  dau.  of  Dea.  Josiah  Brown,  all  of  No. 
Stonington,  Conn.,  b.,  at  No.  Stonington,  1845;  d.  Aug.  2,  1877;  m.,  at 
Stonington,  Conn.,  Oct.  24,  1867,  William  H.  Tucker,  b.,  at  New  Lon- 
don, Conn.,  1841;  d.,  at  Stonington,  Feb.  5,  1879. 

Children,  b.  at  Stonington: 

2366.  Carry  Beers  Tucker,  b.  Feb.  24,  1869;  m.  Chas.  W.  Frazier 

(2370,  2371). 

2367.  Jerusha  Ann,   b.   July  4,    1872;   m.   Jerry  D.   Coon   (2372, 


2368.  Josephine,  b.  -     — ;  d.  July  20,  1876,  aged  seven  months. 

2369.  Frank  A.,  b.  -     -;  d.  Mar.  23,  1877,  aged  eight  months. 

Carry  Beers  Tucker  (2366),  dau.  of  Wm.  H.  Tucker  and  Arabella  N. 
Brown,  m.,  at  Stonington,  Conn.,  Dec.  15,  1S87,  Charles  W.  Frazier,  b., 
at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Oct.  24,  1859;  d.,  at  Westerly,  June  8,  1896.  Mrs. 
Frazier's  res.,  Westerly,  R.  I. 

Children,  b.  at  Stonington: 

2370.  John  Robinson  Frazier,  b.  July  20,  1889;  m.,  at  the  old  Roger 

Williams  Baptist  Church,  Providence,  R.  I.,  Sept  9,  1913, 
Eunice  1).  Ffussey,  l>.,  at  Milford,  Mass.,  Sept.  27,  1886; 
dau.  of  Albertus  and  Viola  Hussey,  of  Providence.  Both 
arc  graduates  of  the  School  of  Design.  Mr.  Frazier  made 
an  extended  visit  to  Europe  in  191 1,  visiting  many  of  the 
principal  cities.  He  is  I1Q14I  a  free-hand  drawing  instructor 
in  Bradley's  Polytechnical  Institute,  Peoria,  111. 

2371.  Clarie  Hell,  b.  July  22,  [891.    She  is  a  milliner  in  New  York, 

and  makes  extended  visits,  in  connection  with  her  busi- 
ness, to  different  parts  of  the  country. 



Jerusha  Ann  Tucker  (2367),  sister  of  the  preceding,  m.  (1),  at  Stoning- 
ton,  Conn.,  Sept.  1,  1888,  Jerry  D.  Coon,  deceased.  She  m.  (2)  Eugene 
Marshall  Woods,  b.,  at  Hyde  Park,  Vt.,  Jan.  17,  1S74.  Mr.  Woods  is  a 
farmer  and  dairyman.    Res.,  Stonington,  Conn. 

Children,  by  first  m.,  b.  at  Stonington: 

2372.  Willie  F.  Coon,  b.  Apr.  1,  1890;  d.  Aug.  3,  1890. 

2373.  Elizabeth  A.,  b.  Mar.  23,  1892;  m.  Melvin  Aaron  Henson, 

b.,  in  New  Hampshire,  July  14,  1867.  Children:  (1)  Ruth 
Annie  Henson,  b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Jan.  20,  191 1;  (2) 
Hugh,  b.  Feb.  10,  191 2;  (3)  Daniel  Brown,  b.,  at  Stoning- 
ton, May  24,  1913;  (4)  Robert  Allen,  b.,  at  Stonington, 
Sept.  19,  1914. 

Ephraim  Brown  (B.  G.,  p.  20),  son  of  Jedediah  Brown,  Jr.,  and  Mrs. 
Annah  (Holmes)  Holmes,  son  of  Jedediah  Brown  (34)  and  Abigail 
Holmes,  son  of  John  Brown  (8)  and  Elizabeth  Miner,  son  of  Thomas 
Brown  and  Mary  Newhall,  of  Lynn,  Mass.  Ephraim  Brown,  b.,  at 
Stonington,  Conn.,  Aug.  28,  1770;  m.  (1),  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Nov.  10, 
1793,  by  Joseph  Clark,  Justice  of  the  Peace,  his  cousin,  Deborah  Brown, 
b.,  at  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  Aug.  14,  1773;  dau.  of  Nathan  and  Lydia 
(Dewey)  Brown,  of  Stonington.  [See  B.  G.,  p.  23.]  Ephraim  d.  Feb.  26, 
1830.  Tombstone  says  aged  fifty- two,  which  is  an  error,  as  from  date  of 
his  birth  he  must  have  been  sixty  years  old.  Ephraim  m.  (2)  Hannah  H. 
Holmes,  at  Columbia,  Conn.,  where  he  moved  in  1826-27,  and  is  buried 
there;  but  he  spent  nearly  his  whole  life  in  No.  Stonington,  where  his 
two  wives  are  buried.  His  will  was  dated  Feb.  10,  1831,  and  estate  was 
settled  in  1832.  The  executor  was  his  son-in-law,  Girard  Bascom,  of 

Children  by  wife  Deborah  [see  707a-707i  for  the  order  in  her  father's 

2374.  Ephraim  Brown,  b. ;  m. ;  d.  in  early  manhood. 

2375.  Deborah,  b.  1799;  d.  Nov.  4,  1828,  aged  twenty-nine  years. 

2376.  Eliza,  b.  1800;  m.  Orrin  Flint  (2385-2389). 

2377.  Lydia,  b. ;   m.   her  cousin,  Shepherd  Brown;    she    d. 

young,  leaving  a  son  and  dau.,  and  both  d.  before  1896. 

2378.  Charles,  b. ;  d.  in  early  manhood. 

Children  by  second  m. : 

2379.  Martha,  b. ;  m.  Orrin  Flint,  2d. 

2380.  Susan,  b. ;  d.  aged  twenty  years. 

2381.  Olive,  b.  ;  m.  (1)  Samuel  Clark  Flint,  son  of  Samuel 



Flint  and  Eunice  Clark;  she  m.  (2)  -  -  Buckingham,  of 
No.  Windham,  Conn.  She  had  only  one  son,  who  d.  the 
winter  of  1895.  She  bought  at  auction,  in  1S42,  much  of 
the  furniture  of  the  late  Governor  Buckingham,  of  Con- 
necticut, and  later  also  furniture  of  Gov.  Edward  Cleve- 
2^2.    Mary  Ann,  b. ;  d.  unm. 

2383.  Horace,  b.  -     — ;  m.  Eunice  Flint.     He  owned  a  farm  near 

Willimantic,  Conn.,  but  shortly  before  his  death  he  went 
to  live  with  his  sister,  Eunice  (Brown)  Bascom,  at  Colum- 
bia, where  he  d.    He  left  quite  an  estate. 

2384.  Eunice,  b.    1808;  m.  Girard   Bascom;  she  d.,  at  Columbia, 

Nov.  12,  1890.  She  had  two  daus.:  one,  Mrs.  Fanny  W. 
(Bascom)  Brown,  of  Columbia;  and  has  one  son,  b.  in 
1S70.  He  was,  in  1896,  a  telegraph  operator  for  the  New 
York  and  New  Haven  Railroad.  Mrs.  Brown  says  her 
husband  was  not  related  to  her  mother's  family. 

Eliza  Brown  (2376),  dau.  of  Ephraim  and  Deborah  (Brown)  Brown 
[Jedediah,  Jr.,  Jedediah  (34),  John  (8),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Stonington, 
Conn.,  1800;  m..  at  No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  by  Elder  Asher  Miner,  Jan. 
14,  1821,  Orrin  Flint,  b.  Aug.  29,  1794;  youngest  son  of  John  and  Sarah 
(Tilden)  Flint,  of  Windham,  Conn.  Mr.  Flint  had  purchased  the  James 
Lincoln  farm,  at  Hampton,  Conn.,  and  took  his  bride  there  to  live.  After 
three  years,  he  sold  his  farm  and  removed  to  Robbins  Island,  near  River 
Head,  Long  Island,  N.  Y.;  from  there  he  moved  to  Greenport,  Long 
Island,  and  built  a  house,  in  1S33-34,  on  a  five-acre  tract  of  land,  where 
he  lived  until  his  death,  Aug.  23,  1869.  He  was  extensively  engaged  in 
the  manufacture  of  bricks.  Eliza,  his  wife,  d.,  of  hemorrhage  of  the  lungs, 
Dec.  24,  1847.  aged  forty-seven  years.  Both  are  buried  in  the  family 
plot,  west  of  Greenport. 


A  child  unnamed,  b.  -     — ;  d.,  at  Hampton,  1823. 

2385.  Charles  Billings  Flint,  b.  1824;  d.  1827. 

238O.  Ann  Maria,  b.,  on  Robbins  Island,  Oct.  15,  1827;  d.,  at 
Greenport,  Sept.  28,  [906;  unm.  She  was  much  beloved 
and  lamented.  She  was  for  more  than  thirty-five  years 
identified  with  the  educational  interests  of  Greenport, 
having  been  a  teacher  in  private  and  public  schools  from 

[845   to    1S83. 



2387.  William  Henry,  b.,  on  Robbins  Island,  Mar.   13,  1820;  m. 

(1)  Aclelia  Amanda  Youngs;  m.  (2)  Catherine  Flynn 

2388.  Lydia  Jane,  b.,   at   Greenport,   Mar.   9,    1834;  d.,  at  New 

York  City,  Mar.  19,  1914;  unm.  She  was  a  dealer  in  law 
books  and  stationery,  and  was  in  active  business  up  to 
within  a  short  time  of  her  death.  She  is  buried  in  the 
family  plot,  west  of  Greenport. 

2389.  Samuel  Clark,  b.  Aug.  16,  1837;  m.  (1)  Ernestine  Duthig; 

m.  (2)  Mary  E.  Graber  (2396). 

William  Henry  Flint  (2387),  son  of  Orrin  and  Eliza  (Brown)  Flint, 
the  preceding,  m.  (1),  Jan.  15,  1849,'Adelia  Amanda  Youngs,  b.,  at 
Greenport,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  10,  1831;  dau.  of  Thomas  Hull  Youngs,  who  m. 
his  fourth  cousin,  Harriet  Levan  Youngs,  of  Greenport.  This  was  an 
unhappy  m.,  and  at  the  expiration  of  five  years  they  divorced.  She, 
Adelia,  m.  (2)  Robert  Stevens,  of  New  Haven,  Conn.,  by  whom  she  had 
ten  children.  William  Henry  Flint  m.  (2),  at  Westbrook,  Conn.,  June 
30,  1857,  Catherine  Flynn;  she  d.  Sept.  8,  1866,  aged  twenty-nine  years. 
They  lived  at  Lyme,  Conn.  He  was  in  the  Civil  War,  Sergeant  in  Co.  C, 
26th  Conn.  Vols.  He  d.,  at  the  home  of  his  dau.,  Helen  M.  (Flint)  Wil- 
bank,  Mar.  29,  1913,  and  is  buried  in  Lyme. 

Children  by  first  m.: 

2390.  Emma  Adelia  Flint,  b.,  at  Southold,  Long  Island,  N.  Y., 

Nov.  14,  1S49;  m.,  at  New  Haven,  Jan.  20,  1875, 
George  Wilson  Smith,  b.,  at  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  7,  1842, 
son  of  Phineas  and  Susan  Hamilton  (White)  Smith.  No 
issue.  Mrs.  Smith  is  author  and  compiler  of  the  History 
of  Washington's  Headquarters,  New  York  City,  and  also 
the  Tilden  Genealogy,  now  in  preparation;  a  very  active 
member  and  officer  of  the  Washington  Headquarters 
Association;  a  member  of  the  Mary  Washington  Colonial 
Chapter,  D.  A.  R.;  member  of  the  Society  of  Scions  of 
Colonial  Cavaliers ;  and  a  candidate  for  membership  to  the 
Society  of  Patriots  and  Founders,  and  also  Daughters  of 
the  Union.  For  many  years  an  active  member  of  the  New 
York  Genealogical  and  Biographical  Society;  also  a  man- 
ager of  the  New  York  Home  for  Convalescents.  Mr.  Smith 
was  for  twenty  years  the  private  secretary  of  the  late 
Governor  Samuel  J.  Tilden,  and  an  executor  and  trustee 



of  his  estate  under  his  will.  He  is  also  a  trustee  of  the  New 
York  Public  Library,  and  has  held  other  important  posi- 
tions of  trust. 

2391.  William  Henry,  b.  in  1851,  and  d.  same  day. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

2392.  Lydia  Jane  Flint,  b.  Apr.  12,  1858;  m.  Leander  P.  Sawyer, 

and  has  three  children. 

2393.  William  Henry,  Jr.,  b.  Dec.  18,  1861;  d.  July,  1882. 

2394.  Emma  I'rilla,  b.  Aug.  18,  1864;  m.  George  Parker  Hill.    No 

issue.    Res.,  Niantic,  Conn. 

2395.  Helen  Maria,  b.  Jan.   10,   1866;  m.  John  F.  Wilbank.     No 

issue.    Res.,  New  London,  Conn. 

Samuel  Clark  Flint  (2389),  son  of  Orrin  and  Fliza  (Brown)  (2376) 
Flint,  b.,  at  Greenport,  Long  Island,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  16,  1837;  d.,  at  his 
father's  home,  in  Greenport,  of  consumption,  Nov.  12,  1868.  Samuel 
was  a  mariner,  sailing  between  New  York  and  seaport  towns  of  New 
England.  He  m.  (1),  in  New  York  City,  at  the  Allen  Street  Dutch 
Reformed  Church,  Ernestine  Duthig,  a  native  of  Germany;  dau.  of  a 
linen-merchant.  She  was  an  organist  and  musician  of  merit.  She  d. 
during  her  husband's  absence  on  a  sea  voyage,  the  funeral  was  held  at 
the  Allen  Street  Lutheran  Church,  and  she  was  buried  in  the  Lutheran 
Cemetery  on  Long  Island.  He  m.  (2),  Mar.  q,  1867,  Mary  E.  Graber,  of 
Greenport.    No  issue  by  this  marriage. 

Son,  by  first  m.: 

2396.  Charles  Clark  Flint,  b.,  at  New  York  City,  Nov.  15,  1858, 

m.  (1),  -  — ,  who  d.  at  Southampton,  Long  Island,  where 
he  lived  after  the  death  of  his  parents.  He  m.  (2), 
June  1,  1882,  Emma  B.  Ruggles,  of  Genesee,  111.  They 
lived  some  years  in  Lafayette,  Ind.,  subsequently  remov- 
ing to  Esconaba,  Mich.,  with  his  family.  Mr.  Flint  is  a 
broker,  and  writer  on  finance,  and  in  1013,  on  account  of 
his  wife's  health,  moved  to  Texas. 
Children : 

2397.  Burnett  A.  Flint,  l>.  Feb.  S,  1883;  m.  Marion  Henson,  dau. 

of  Peter  C,  and  has  several  children. 

2398.  Charles  Henry,  b.   Dec.  30,   1884;  m.   Maud  C.  Masse,  of 

Green  Bay,  Mich.,  and  has  several  children. 



The  notation  of  Alpheus  Brown's  children  is  here  given  to  correct  the 
error  that  follows  the  oldest  child  (13 14),  Clark  Brown,  on  p.  177. 

1314.    Clark  Brown,  b.,  at  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Feb.   23,  1796;  m. 

Julia  Babcock  (1315-1323). 
1314a.  Hannah,  b.  Oct.  15,  1798;  m.  Ezra  Babcock  (2399-2409). 
1314b.  Reuben,  b.  May  16,   1801;  m.   (1)  Delight  Palmer  (2426- 

2428);  m.  (2)  Almira  Chappell  (2429-2434). 
1314c.  John,  b.  Dec.  9,  1803;  m.  Priscilla  Lewis  (2456-2461). 
i3i4d.  Eliza,  b.  Apr.   18,   1809;  m.   (1)  Orville  W.  Crumb  (2487, 

2488);  m.  (2)  Job  Dye. 
1314c  Robert,  b.  May  6,  1812;  m.  Eunice  Hubbard  (2514-2521). 
i3i4f.  Roxy,  b.  July  24,  1815;  d.  Feb.  10,  1817. 


In  my  first  genealogy  I  had  only  the  name  of  Alpheus  Brown  and  the 
fact  that  he  went  West. 

In  191 1  I  saw  the  name  of  Edwin  J.  Brown,  Oneida,  N.  Y.,  where  he 
had  been  chosen  president  of  the  historical  society.  As  his  name  was  not 
in  my  first  genealogy,  when  I  had  so  many  Browns  in  Madison  County, 
I  at  once  wrote  Mr.  Brown,  to  get  his  ancestry.  He  wrote  me  that  his 
great-grandfather  was  Alpheus  Brown,  and  that  he  lived  at  a  place  in 
Stonington,  Conn.,  called  Pawcatuck  Bridge  [which  is  Westerly,  R.  I.]. 
He  said  he  never  could  connect  himself  with  the  numerous  Browns  in 
Madison  County.  He  said  also  that  his  grandfather's  name  was  Clark. 
I  went  to  the  Westerly  Town  Records  and  found  that  Alpheus  Brown, 
late  of  Stonington,  m.  Hannah  Burdick,  of  Hopkinton,  R.  I.  The  records 
from  Hopkinton  revealed  the  birth  of  Clark  Brown,  his  grandfather. 

I  wrote  Mr.  Brown  of  Oneida  that  the  reason  he  could  not  connect 
himself  with  the  numerous  Browns  of  Madison  County  was  that  he  had 
lost  the  key.  I  sent  him  the  connecting  links  by  which  he  was  related 
to  them.  He  then  gave  me  the  records  of  Clark  Brown,  after  his  birth 
was  found  in  Hopkinton,  down  to  the  present  time  [191 2]. 

It  was  then  supposed  that  Clark  was  an  only  child;  but  in  1914  six 
other  children  were  found,  whose  records  will  follow  in  regular  order. 

Deed  to  Alpheus  Brown. 

Know  all  by  these  Presents  that  I  Thomas  Lewis  of  Hopkinton  in  the  County  of 
Washington  in  the  State  of  Rhode  Island  and  Providence  Plantations  —  yoeman,  for 
and  in  Consideration  of  the  sum  of  three  hundred  Dollars  to  me  in  hand  well  and 



truly  paid  by  Alpheus  Brown  of  Stonington,  but  now  Residing  in  Hopkinton  in  the 
County  and  State  of  Rhode  Island  —  Shoe-maker,  the  Receipt  whereof  is  to  my  full 
Satisfaction  and  Content.  Have  given,  granted,  bargained  and  sold  and  by  these 
presents  Do  give  grant  bargain  Sell  freely  and  absolutely  convey  and  confirm 
unto  him  the  said  Alpheus  Brown  his  Heirs  and  Assigns  forever  one  certain  tract  of 
Lot  of  land  situate  lying  and  being  in  the  Town  of  Hopkinton  aforesd  containing 
just  half  an  Acre  precise  measure  and  is  Hutted  and  Bounded  as  follows  (Viz)  Begin- 
ning at  Southwest  Corner  by  the  Highway  near  said  Walter  Whites  Barn  thence 
running  North  twenty  one  Degrees  East  three  Chains  and  twenty  five  links  to  a  Stub 
Set  in  the  ( 1  round  from  thence  South  Sixty  nine  Degrees  East  one  chain  and  fifty  Links 
to  Stub  set  in  the  Ground  from  thence  South  twenty  one  Degrees  West  three  Chains 
and  twenty  five  Links  to  a  Stub  Set  in  the  Ground  from  thence  North  Sixty  nine 
Degrees  West  one  Chain  and  fifty  five  Links  to  the  first  mentioned  Bounds.  Bounding 
Westerly  by  the  Highway,  Northerly,  Easterly  and  Southerly  by  Walter  Whites 
band  to  the  first  mentioned  Bounds  by  sd  Highway. 

To  Have  and  to  Hold  the  above  granted  and  bargained  Premises  together  with  all 
the  appurtenances  free  from  all  Incumbrances  whatsoever  unto  him  the  said  Alpheus 
Brown  his  Heirs  and  Assigns  as  an  absolute  Estate  of  Inheritance  in  Fee  Simple  for- 
ever, and  I  the  said  Thomas  Lewis  for  my  Self  my  Heirs  Executors  and  Administrators 
Do  Covenant  and  Engage  the  above  demised  Premises  unto  him  the  said  Alpheus 
Brown  his  Heirs  and  Assigns  forever  hereafter  to  Warrant  Secure  and  Defend  by 
these  Presents.  And  Lydia  Lewis  Wife  to  the  said  Thomas  Lewis  doth  for  the  consid- 
eration aforesd  give  yield  up  and  Surrender  all  her  Right  of  Dower  and  Power  of 
Thirds  of  in  and  unto  the  above  Demised  Premises  unto  him  the  said  Alpheus  Brown 
his  Heirs  and  Assigns  forever.  In  Witness  whereof  we  have  hereunto  set  our  Hands 
and  Seals  this  first  Day  of  September  in  the  21  year  of  American  Independence  A.I). 

Signed  Sealed  and  Delivered 
in  the  presence  of 

N.  B.  it  is  mutually  jointly  and  Severally  agreed  between  the  said  Thomas  Lewis 
and  the  said  Alpheus  Brown  that  the  said  Brown  is  to  make  and  maintain  all  the 
Line  Fence  between  the  said  above  described  Lot  and  the  said  Walter  White  Land 
for  him  Self  his  Heirs  and  Assigns  forever,  done  before  Signing  and  Sealing  in  Witness 
a-  above  written. 

Robert  Berdick         Thomas  Lewis    [seal] 
Josiah  Witter  Lydia  Lewis       [seal] 

Washington  Co.  Hopkinton  the  Day  and  Date  aforesaid  Personally  appeared  the 
within  Subscriber  Thomas  Lewis  and  acknowledged  the  within  written  Instrument 
to  be  his  voluntary  Act  and  Deed  with  his  Hand  and  Seal  thereto  affixed. 

Before  Josiah  Witter,  Justice  of  ye  peace. 

The  foregoing  is  a  true  Copy  of  the  Original 
Deed  and  Entered  on  Record  the  14th  Day  of 
September  A.I).  1797. 


Caleb  Potter,  Town  Clerk. 

Land  Evidence  of  Hopkinton,  R.  I.    Hook  No.  5,  Page  250. 




Grantors:  Elnathan  Wells  and  Jonathan  Wells  both  of  Hopkinton. 

Consideration:       Nine  Dollars  and  Forty-five  Cents. 
Grantee:  Alpheus  Brown  of  same  town. 

Lot  of  land  in  said  Hopkinton  containing  by  estimation  on  Quarter 
of  an  acre  and  thirteen  Rods  Precise  measure. 
Date  of  Deed:        ioth  Day  of  March  in  the  25th  year  of  the  Independence  of  America 

A.D.  1801. 
Signed:  •       Elnathan  Wells 

Jonathan  Wells 
Annie  Wells 
Acknowledged  by:  Capt.  Elnathan  Wells,  Mr.  Jonathan  Wells,  Mis  Annie  Wells. 
Recorded:  April  15,  1801.   Book  No.  5,  Page  399. 

Hannah  Brown  (1314a),  the  second  child  of  Alpheus  (1286)  and 
Hannah  (Burdick)  Brown  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas 
(2),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Oct.  15,  1798;  m.,  at  Hopkinton, 
in  1813,  Ezra  Babcock,  b.,  at  Hopkinton,  Oct.  18,  1794;  d.,  at  Brookfield, 
N.  Y.,  Nov.  9,  1879;  son  of  Oliver,  3d,  and  Tracy  (Maxson)  Babcock. 
When  Ezra  became  of  age  he  sold  the  farm  in  Leyden,  Mass.,  for  $4,000. 
He  was  a  good  scholar,  a  beautiful  writer,  a  school-teacher,  a  musician, 
and  played  the  violin  after  he  was  seventy-five  years  of  age,  for  the 
amusement  of  the  family.  Some  time  in  18 15  they  removed  to  Hcmer, 
N.  Y.,  and  he,  with  his  brother  Nathan,  kept  a  dry-goods  store.  He  then 
went  to  Utica,  N.  Y.,  and  learned  the  carpenter's  trade  and  became  a 
boss  workman.  He  built  the  first  Methodist  Church  in  Brookfield,  also 
the  Academy,  where  Lodowick  C.  York  was  principal.  Mrs.  Jennings 
(2407),  in  her  girlhood,  attended  this  Academy  until  she  began  to  teach 
as  assistant  for  L.  C.  York  [see  B.  G.,  p.  1S8].  Mr.  Babcock  then  bought 
a  beautiful  farm  of  over  two  hundred  acres,  where  he  settled  for  the 
rest  of  his  life.  Their  dau.  Cynthia  had  the  care  of  her  parents  for  many 
years,  at  their  home  in  Brookfield,  until  their  death.  From  the  Babcock 
Genealogy  (p.  97)  is  given  the  following  record: 

"Oliver  Babcock,  3d,  son  of  Oliver,  Jr.,  and  Patience  (Pendleton)  Bab- 
cock, b.,  at  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  June  28,  1746;  d.,  at  Leyden,  Mass.,  Sept. 
11,  1806  or  1809;  m.,  July  18,  1767,  Tracy,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Ruth 
(Rogers)  Maxson,  b.  Feb.  13,  1754;  d.  at  Leonardsville,  N.  Y. 


"The  will  of  Oliver  Babcock,  3d,  dated  at  Leyden,  Mass.,  Sept.  5, 
1806,  mentions  his  wife,  Tracy,  and  his  seven  sons  and  three  daughters, 



the  names  given  in  order  of  ages.  His  homestead  farm  at  Leyden,  con- 
taining one  hundred  and  sixty  acres,  he  gave  to  his  wife  during  her  life, 
and  at  her  death  to  his  youngest  son,  Ezra.  His  sons  Ethan,  Oliver,  and 
Joseph  had  each  previously  received  their  shares.  On  the  same  day  the 
will  was  signed,  he  deeded  to  each  of  his  sons  Phineas  and  Nathan  a 
tract  of  land.  To  his  son  Hezekiah  he  gave  a  farm  of  two  hundred  acres 
lying  in  Brookfield,  N.  V.  To  each  of  his  three  daughters,  Lois,  Patty 
or  Martha,  and  Susan,  he  gave  $200." 

Children  of  Hannah  Brown  and  Ezra  Babcock: 

2399.  Laura  T.  Babcock,  b.,  at  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  1S15;  m.  Benja- 

min Gorton,  who  d.  Apr.,  1S45;  she  d.  in  1845,  aged  thirty 
years.  They  had  one  dau.,  Laura  Plasentia  Gorton.  In 
earh'  womanhood  she  m.  Jerome  Murphy,  of  Rochester, 
N.  Y.  They  continued  to  reside  here  for  a  number  of 
years,  or  until  Mr.  Murphy  entered  the  ministry,  when 
they  took  up  their  residence  in  the  western  part  of  the 
State.  Mr.  Murphy  d.  in  1878.  They  had  one  dau.,  Mrs. 
C.H.  Paine,  with  whom  Mrs.  Murphy  resided  at  the  time  of 
her  death.  Laura  T.  (Babcock)  Gorton  had  serious  trouble 
with  one  of  her  eyes,  which  finally,  after  an  operation, 
caused  her  death.  This  cast  deep  gloom  over  the  parental 
home,  and  made  a  profound  impression  on  her  younger 
sister,  Cynthia,  as  she  recalls  her  death.  Mr.  Gorton  was 
certainly  one  of  the  best  of  men  and  a  pillar  in  the  Metho- 
dist Church. 

2400.  Roxie  B.,  b.  Dec.  21,  1816;  m.  Albert  W.  Hills  (2410-2414). 

2401.  Mary  Ann,  b.,  at  Homer,  N.  Y.,  d.,  at  Homer,  in  infancy. 

2402.  Henry  Webb,  b.  at  Homer;  d.,  at  Homer,  in  infancy. 

2403.  Henry  Walker,  b.,  at  Homer,  in  1822  (2590-2590). 

2404.  Alpheus  Gilbert,  b.,  at  Homer,  Dec.  9,  1824;  m.  Deborah  S. 

Durfee  (2420-2424). 

2405.  John   Keep,  b.,  at  Brookfield,  Aug.   1,   1829;  m.  Mary  Ann 

Downing  (2405a,  2405b). 

2406.  Sophronia  Adelia,  b.,  at   Brookfield,  Nov.  28,  1831;  d.  Nov. 

10,  1902,  aged  seventy-one  years;  m.,  in  1852,  John  W. 
Mathewson.  He  was  an  expert  blacksmith,  and  was  very 
prosperous  in  his  business.  He  soon  won  the  favor  of  the 
entire  village.  He  owned  a  farm  of  over  two  hundred 
acres,  on  which  he  built  a  house,  and  soon  after  d.,  Apr.  10, 
1866,  at  the  age  of  thirty-seven  years.    John  K.  Babcock 



(2405)  and  family  occupied  this  new  house.  Children: 
(1)  Child  d.  in  infancy,  unnamed;  (2)  William  Ezra 
Mathewson,  b.  1855,  d.,  Lisle,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  10,  1914,  and 
is  buried  by  the  side  of  his  parents,  in  New  Berlin,  N.  Y. 
W.  E.  Mathewson  m.  a  lady  in  Syracuse,  N.  Y.  She  d. 
about  the  time  of  her  husband,  and  at  her  request  was 
buried  with  her  people,  at  Syracuse. 

2407.  Cynthia  Ophelia,  b.,  at  Brookfield,  Mar.  16,  1834;  twice  m. 


2408.  Hannah  Amelia,  b.,  at  Brookfield,  Aug.  15, 1836;  m.,  at  Brook- 

field,  1872,  Giles  Alexander  Waterman. 

2409.  Robert  Ezra,  b.,  at  Brookfield,  1838;  d.  aged  four  years. 

Roxie  Babcock  (2400),  dau.  of  Ezra  and  Hannah  (Brown)  (1314a) 
Babcock,  b.,  at  Homer,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  21,  1816;  d.,  at  New  Berlin,  N.  Y., 
June  20,  1S79;  m.,  at  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  1,  1840,  Albert  W.  Hills, 
b.,  at  Ira,  Vt.,  Oct.  17,  1810;  d.,  at  New  Berlin,  Mar.  10,  1894;  son  of 
Daniel  Hills,  of  New  Berlin,  and  Sally  Hutchins.  Mr.  Hills  was  a  car- 
penter and  farmer.  He  was  a  strong  Republican,  and  a  good  citizen, 
and  was  greatly  missed  when  he  died.  He  never  professed  religion,  but 
always  gave  to  the  church  just  the  same  as  he  would  if  he  had  been  a 
member.  He  had  the  old  farm  homestead,  and  it  is  the  home  of  his  old- 
est son,  Herbert.  Roxie  was  an  active  member  of  the  Baptist  Church,  a 
teacher  of  the  Bible-class  for  fifteen  consecutive  years,  and  every  one  of 
the  class  were  Christians.  She  used  to  live,  when  young,  with  her  Grand- 
mother Brown,  and  kept  the  seventh  day.  Both  grandfathers  kept  the 
seventh  day.  Many  of  the  people  in  Hopkinton,  R.  L,  at  that  time,  as 
now,  keep  the  seventh  day.  The  mother  church  of  the  Seventh  Day 
people  is  located  here,  and  in  1902  celebrated  the  two-hundredth  anni- 
versary of  their  organization.  The  names  of  the  two  grandfathers  here 
mentioned  were  Alpheus  Brown  and  Oliver  Babcock.  Roxie  kept  Sunday 
after  her  marriage,  for  there  was  no  Seventh-Day  Church  in  that  place. 

Children,  all  b.  at  New  Berlin: 

2410.  Herbert  Walker  Hills,  b.  Aug.  11,  1841  (2415-2417). 

2411.  Horace  Babcock,  b.  Mar.  27,  1S46  (2418,  2419). 

2412.  James  K.,  b.  Apr.  13,  1850;  d.,  at  New  Berlin,  Nov.  2,  1861. 

2413.  Osmer  A.,  b.  May  23,  1852;  d.,  at  Brookfield,  Feb.  20,  1873. 

2414.  Laura  Adell,  b.  May  30,  1854;  unm.   She  remained  at  home 

to  care  for  her  father  and  mother  in  their  declining  years. 
Res.,  New  Berlin,  N.  Y. 



Herbert  Walker  Hills  (2410),  son  of  Albert  W.  Hills  and  Roxie  Bab- 
cock  (2400),  b.,  at  New  Berlin,  N.  V.,  Aug.  11,  1S41;  d.  Mar.  22,  1915; 
m.,  Feb.  20,  1S68,  Caroline  Augusta  Cole. 

Children : 

2415.  James  Arthur  Hills,  b.   May   15,   1871;  m.,  Jan.   23,   1901, 

Katharine  Hunter.    Children:  (1)  Marion  Gertrude  Hills, 
b.  Feb.  2,  1903;  (2)  Frances  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  10,  1908. 

2416.  Florence   Caroline,   b.   Aug.    29,    1S76;   m.,   Mar.    16,    1903, 

Henry   Fdelmann.      Children:    (1)    Louise   Edelmann,   b. 
1906;  (2)  Herbert,  b.  1909. 

2417.  Clarence  Albert,  b.  Oct.  6,   1882;  m.,  May  2,   1906,  Pearl 

Harrington.    Son:  Harold  Hills,  b.  Nov.  2,  1907. 

Horace  Babcock  Hills  (241 1),  son  of  Albert  W.  and  Roxie  Babcock 
(2400),  b.,  at  New  Berlin,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  27,  1846;  m.  (1),  Aug.  2,  1872. 
Fannie  Ganett,  who  d.  Oct.,  1884.  He  m.  (2),  in  1886,  Mrs.  Nellie  Knapp. 

Children,  by  first  m.: 

2418.  Horace  B.  Hills,  Jr.,  b.  May  5,  1874;  m. .    Son:  Horace 

B.  Hills,  3d,  b.  Feb.  2,  1905. 

2419.  Alice  Ganett,  b.  May  7,  1877;  m.,  Mar.   14,   1904,  Walter 

Ingerson.    Children:  (1)  Helen  S.  Ingerson,  b.  Jan.,  1005, 
d.  May  30,  1905;  (2)  Gordon,  b.  Dec.  26,  1909. 

Alpheus  Gilbert  Babcock  (2404),  b.,  at  Homer,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  9,  1824; 
d.  1891;  m.  Deborah  S.  Durfee,  b.  Mar.  10,  1826.  When  Alpheus  Gilbert 
was  eleven  years  old,  he  worked  out  for  three  dollars  per  month;  but 
after  his  marriage  he  was  able  to  buy  a  farm  for  which  he  paid  six  thou- 
sand  dollars.  His  farm  lands  increased  in  value  until  he  was  offered 
twenty  thousand  dollars.  He  went  into  the  raising  and  selling  of  hops, 
and  was  very  prosperous  in  his  business. 


2420.  William  G.  Babcock.  b.  Sept.  n,  1848;  d.  Sept.  13,  1862. 

2421.  Adelia  Durfee,  b.  Apr.  12,  1851. 

2422.  Albert  Ezra,  b.  June  8,  [858;  d.  aged  four  years. 

2423.  Franklin  A.,  b.  Sept.  0,  1862;  he  is  m.,  and  has  three  children. 

[Did  not  answer  queries.]    Res.,  Erie,  Penn. 

2424.  Charles  Finn,  b.  Feb.  0,   [867. 

John  Keep  Babcock  (2405),  son  of  Ezra  and  Hannah  (Brown)  (1314a) 
Babcock  (Alpheus  (1286),  Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas 
(2),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Brooklield,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  1,  1829;  d.,  at  Burlington 



Flats,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  12,  1S85;  m.,  Mar.  1,  1851,  Mary  Ann  Downing,  b. 
Sept.  17,  1S34;  d.  Mar.  22,  1915. 
Children,  b.  at  Brookfield: 

2405a.  Robert  Henry  Babcock,  b.   Sept.   24,   1853;  m.   Margaret 

2405b.  Ellen  Downing,  b.  June  3,  1856;  d.  Mar.  8,  1901 ;  m.  Byron  J. 
Murray  (2405g,  2405I1). 

Robert  Henry  Babcock   (2405a),  the  preceding,  m.,  Jan.  25,   1877, 
Margaret  Castler,  b.,  at  Minden,  N.  Y.,  July  2,  i860. 
Children : 

2405c.  Clayton  Babcock,  b.  June  14,  1878;  m.    No  issue. 
2405d.  Jessie  Minerva,  b.  Nov.  25,  1879;  m.  Benjamin  Cutler. 
2405c  Ella  May,  b.  Apr.  n,  1S87;  m.  Thane  Tinker. 
2405L  Leonard,  b.  Sept.  25,  188S;  m.  Leona  Carpenter. 

Ellen   Downing   Babcock    (2405b),   dau.   of  John   K.   Babcock  and 
Mary  A.  Downing,  his  wife;  m.  Byron  J.  Murray. 
Children,  b.  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.: 

2405g.  Minnie  Murray,  b.  June  3,  1882. 

2405I1.  James,  b.  Aug.  1,  1883;  m.  Mar.  28,  1908. 

Jessie  Minerva  Babcock  (2405d),  dau.  of  Robert  Henry  and  Mar- 
garet (Castler)  Babcock,  b.  Nov.  25,  1879;  d.,  at  Columbus,  N.  Y., 
Apr.  30,  1906;  m.  Benjamin  Cutler.  Children,  b.  at  Columbus:  (1)  Earl 
Cutler,  b.  June  11,  1903;  (2)  Robert,  b.  May  17,  1904. 

Ella  May  Babcock  (2405c),  sister  of  the  preceding,  m.  Thane  Tinker. 
Children,  b.  at  New  Berlin,  N.  Y.:  (1)  Allen  Tinker,  b.  Jan.  8,  1909; 
(2)  Lee  R.,  b.  Sept.  27,  191 1. 

Cynthia  Ophelia  Babcock  (2407),  dau.  of  Ezra  and  Hannah  (Brown) 
Babcock,  b.,  at  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  16,  1834;  m.  (1),  at  New  Berlin, 
N.  Y.,  Aug.  31,  1854,  Russell  Todd;  m.  (2),  at  Brookfield,  Dec.  31, 
1885,  John  W.  Jennings;  he  d.,  at  Brookfield,  Apr.  27,  1892.  Mr.  Jen- 
nings's father  and  mother  were  born  in  England.  He  was  a  farmer,  and 
he  and  his  wife  were  members  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church.  Mrs. 
Jennings  lived  with  her  parents  many  years,  taking  special  care  of 
them  until  their  death.  Then  she  came  to  live  with  her  widowed  sister 
Hannah  (2408),  where  she  still  lives  [1914].  Mrs.  Jennings  was  untiring 
in  her  efforts  in  having  her  father's,  mother's,  brothers',  and  sisters' 
records  brought  to  completeness  and  placed  on  the  pages  of  history.  Her 



excellent  memory  of  all  the  families  enabled  the  compiler  to  obtain 
records  which  in  a  short  time  would  have  been  wholly  lost.  If  any  mem- 
bers of  this  family  do  not  have  a  place  in  these  records  it  will  not  be  the 
fault  of  Mrs.  Jennings.  In  her  girlhood  she  had  the  advantages  of  an 
academic  education,  and  afterwards  she  became  a  proficient  teacher. 
Her  Utters  written  to  the  compiler  were  in  good  language,  evincing  a 
well-trained  mind.  It  was  very  difficult  to  locate  any  one  that  could 
tell  what  had  become  of  Hannah  Brown  (1314a),  the  oldest  dau.  of 
Alpheus  and  Hannah  (Burdick)  Brown,  until  Mrs.  Jennings  was  located. 
Mrs.  Jennings  d.  Dec.  5,  1914,  when  these  records  were  being  placed. 
Her  late  res.,  New  Berlin,  N.  Y. 
Dau.,  by  first  m.: 

2425.  Ella  A.  Todd,  b.,  at  Brookfield,  July  14,  1855;  d.  Apr.  19, 
1875;  m.,  Oct.  23,  1873,  Willard  M.  Clark.  Mrs.  Clark 
was  a  real  Christian,  of  a  sunny,  cheerful  kind,  mirrored 
by  every  feature  of  her  lovely  and  loving  nature.  She  was 
called  early,  as  life  was  unfolding,  to  her  celestial  home. 
Son:  Louis  T.  Clark,  b.  Apr.  16,  1875,  and  lived  with  his 
grandmother  until  his  death,  Jan.  22,  1891.  He  was 
buried  in  Brookfield. 

Hannah  Amelia  Babcock  (2408),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  Brook- 
field, X.  Y.,  Aug.  15,  1836;  m.,  at  Brookfield,  in  Oct.,  1871,  Giles  Alex- 
ander Waterman.  He  was  a  farmer  in  New  Berlin,  N.  Y.,  where 
he  lived  until  his  death.  He  was  a  much-respected  citizen,  a  good 
husband,  and  very  kind  and  helpful  to  everybody.  He  was  buried 
in  New  Berlin.  His  father  and  mother  lived  and  died  in  Sherburne, 
X.  Y.  Mrs.  Waterman  had  the  advantages  of  an  academic  education, 
and  was  a  good  scholar.  She  taught  school  in  Brookfield,  where  she 
was  educated.  She  is  a  member  of  the  Methodist  Church.  She  now 
[1914I  is  in  very  feeble  health  and  nearly  blind.  Her  older  sister,  Mrs. 
Cynthia  ().  Jennings,  has  lived  with  her  since  the  death  of  her  husband, 
and  is  lovingly  earing  for  her.    No  issue.    Res.,  New  Berlin,  N.  Y. 

Reuben  Brown  (1314b),  son  of  Alpheus  Brown  (1286)  and  Hannah 
Burdick  1  Brown  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  in  Rhode  Island,  May  it"),  1801;  d.,  at  Eagle,  Wis.,  in  Mar.,  1866; 
m.  (1)  Delight  Palmer;  m.  (2),  at  Oswego,  N.  Y.,  Almira  Chappell,  b., 
.11  Madrid,  St.  Lawrence  Co.,  N.  Y.,  June  28,  1S14;  d.,  at  Oakland,  Cak, 
Aug.  22,  1899.  Reuben  Brown  lived  in  Jefferson  and  Oswego  Counties, 
New   York,  from  early  manhood  until  about   1S57,  when  he  moved  to 



Illinois,  where  he  resided  for  about  three  years;  he  then  went  to  Waukesha 
Co.,  Wis.,  where  he  remained  until  his  death. 
Children  by  first  m.: 

2426.  Mary  Ann  Brown,  b.  about  1823;  m.  William  Hawes  (2435, 

2427.  Henry,  b.  1824;  m.  Adelia  M.  Spencer  (2437). 

2428.  Ophelia,  b.  1829;  m.  Albert  Partridge  (2438,  2439). 
Children  by  second  m.: 

2429.  Alida  Jane,  b.  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

2430.  Charles  Wesley,  b.  July  8,  1839;  m. (2440). 

2431.  Helen  Maria,  b.  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

2432.  Eliza  Delight,  b. ;  d.  in  infancy. 

2433.  Josephine  Adelia,  b.,  at  Oswego,  Sept.  18,  1844;  m.  James 

Velsir  (2441,  2442). 

2434.  William   Alpheus,   b.,  at   Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  14,  1846; 

m.  Ada  J.  Brown  (2443-2446). 

Mary  Ann  Brown  (2426),  dau.  of  Reuben  (1314b)  and  Delight 
(Palmer)  Brown,  b.  about  1823;  d.,  at  Woodford,  Va.,  1905;  m.  William 
Hawes,  b.  in  1814;  he  d.,  at  Clayton,  N.  Y.,  in  1874.  Mr.  Hawes  was  a 
bright  man,  of  fine  educational  attainments.  A  half  sister  of  Mrs.  Hawes 
pays  her  this  tribute:  "She  was  a  lovely  character,  of  a  bright  mind, 
proud  spirit,  and  was  a  devoted  mother." 


2435.  Herbert  James  Hawes,  b.  1846;  he  was  a  travelling  sales- 

man in  the  hardware  line  until  his  last  illness,  and  the 
encomiums  passed  to  his  memory  forty  years  following 
his  death  denote  his  sterling  qualities. 

2436.  William,  b.  — — ;  m.  Katharine  Beadle  (2447-2449). 

Henry  Brown  (2427),  son  of  Reuben  Brown  (1314b)  and  Delight 
(Palmer)  Brown,  b.  1S24;  d.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  May  17,  1854;  m. 
Adelia  M.  Spencer,  b.  1825;  she  d.  after  1846. 


2437.  Mary  D.  Brown,  b.  1846;  m.  Isaac  P.  Wodell,  son  of  William 

Wodell  and  Sallie  (Wood)  Woodell,  of  Ellisburg.  They 
had  one  dau.,  who  d.  in  infancy. 

Ophelia  Brown  (2428),  dau.  of  Reuben  Brown  and  Delight  Palmer, 
b.  1829;  m.  Albert  Partridge,  who  d.  in  Nov.,  1882.  She  is  living  with 
her  son,  Charles  A.  Partridge,  of  Peoria,  111.,  and  has  great-grandchildren, 
for  which  we  were  unable  to  get  data  before  going  to  press. 




2438.  Charles  A.  Partridge,  b.  ;  m.  -     — ,  and  has  one  son, 

Eugene  Partridge,  who  lives  at  Peoria,  111. 

2439.  N.  Eugene,  b. 

Charles  Wesley  Brown  (2430),  son  of  Reuben  and  Almira  (Chappell) 
Brown,  b.  July  8,  [839;  d.,  at  Mexico,  Mo.,  1895;  m.  -  — ,  who  d. 
soon  after.  Mr.  Brown  served  during  the  Civil  War;  enlisted  in  the 
2d  Wisconsin  Regt.,  and  held  the  rank  of  Lieutenant  during  his  service. 
At  the  close  of  the  war,  he  returned  to  Wisconsin,  where  he  remained 
one  year;  then  went  to  Mexico,  Mo.,  and  was  a  conductor  in  the  rail- 
way service  until  he  lost  his  life  in  a  railroad  accident. 


2440.  Charles  Brown,  b. 

Josephine  Adelia  Brown  (2433),  dau.  of  Reuben  and  Almira  (Chap- 
pell) Brown,  b.,  at  Oswego,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  18,  1844;  m.,  at  Eagle,  Wis., 
Apr.  12,  1868,  James  Velsir,  b.,  at  New  York  City,  Oct.  4,  1836;  son  of 
Amos  and  Sarah  Jane  (Hodson)  Yelsir.  Mr.  Yelsir  is  a  master  mechanic, 
and  a  Republican  in  politics.  Mrs.  Yelsir  attends  the  Unitarian  Church. 
She  is  a  bright  woman,  of  literary  instincts,  and  has  been  a  valuable 
assistant  in  furnishing  data  for  this  work. 

Children : 

2441.  Walter  Yelsir,  b.,  at  Jonesville,  Wis.,  June  3,  1871;  m.,  at 

Oakland,  CaL,  Bessie  May  Holloway  (2450,  2451). 

2442.  Guy  Allen,  b.,  at  Los  Angeles,  Cal.,  Sept.  1,  1878;  m.,  at 

Clifton.    Ariz.,   Jan.    15,    iqoi,    Vera   E.    Rickard    (2452, 


William  Alpheus  Brown  (2434),  son  of  Reuben  and  Almira  (Chappell) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  14,  1846;  m.,  at  Fond  du  Lac, 
Wis.,  Apr.  18,  1873,  Ada  J.  Brown,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  Feb.  2,  1S51;  dau. 
of  Robert  Brown  and  Emma  Hubbard.  Mr.  Brown  was  a  contractor 
in  Fond  du  Lac,  has  farmed  in  No.  Dakota,  then  went  to  Verndale,  Minn.. 
to  engage  in  livery  business  until  [913.  He  is  now  engaged  in  farming, 
at  Verndale. 


2443.  Franklyn  Brown,  1).  i s 7 4 ;  d.  in  infancy. 

2444.  Edna,  b.,  at  Fond  du  Lac,  May  30,  1881;  m.  (1),  at  Vern- 

dale, June  6.  1899,  Lewellyn  Osborn  (2454);  she  m.  (2), 
at  Granville,  No.  Dak.,  George  Palmer  (2455). 



2445.  Inez,  b.  at  Ellendale,  No.  Dak.;  d.,  at  Verndale,  June  16, 


2446.  Mildren,  b.,  at  Ellendale,  July  18,  1891. 

William  Hawes  (2436),  son  of  William  Hawes  and  Mary  Ann  Brown 

(2426),  b.  ;  m.  Katharine  Beadle. 

Children : 

2447.  Ruth  Hawes,  b. ;  deceased. 

2448.  Sherman,  b. 

2449.  Ned,  b. 

Walter  Velsir  (2441),  son  of  James  Velsir  and  Josephine  Adelia  Brown 
(2433),  b.,  at  Jonesville,  Wis.,  June  3,  1871;  m.,  at  Oakland,  Cal.,  Bessie 
May  Holloway,  b.,  at  Los  Angeles,  Cal.,  Feb.  5,  1878;  dau.  of  William 
H.  Holloway  and  Julia  Ann  Lewis.  Mr.  Velsir  wras  in  the  Spanish  War, 
doing  duty  in  the  Philippine  Islands.  He  is  nowT  a  railroad  engineer, 
living  at  Los  Angeles,  Cal.  Attends  the  Christian  Church,  and  is  a 


2450.  Nina  Josephine  Velsir,  b.,  at  Sunny  Vale,  Cal.,  Nov.  20,  1908. 

2451.  Florence  Lilian,  b.,  at  Los  Angeles,  Oct.  20,  191 2. 

Guy  Allen  Velsir  (2442),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  Los  Angeles, 
Cal.,  Sept.  1,  1878;  m.,  at  Clifton,  Ariz.,  Jan.  15,  1901,  Vera  E.  Rickard, 
b.,  at  Cedar  Falls,  la.,  Oct.  3,  1882;  dau.  of  Willis  Rickard  and  Jennie 
(Scott)  Rickard.  Mr.  Velsir  is  a  route  agent  for  the  Wells-Fargo  Express 
Co.,  having  now  been  in  their  employ  for  upwards  of  eighteen  years. 
Mrs.  Velsir  is  a  member  of  the  Christian  Science  Church.  They  reside 
at  Dunsmir,  Cal. 


2452.  Vera  Adelia  Velsir,  b.,  at  Phoenix,  Ariz.,  Dec.  12,  1902. 

2453.  Irving  Leonard,  b.,  at  Oakland,  Cal.,  July  9,  1905. 

Edna  Brown  (2444),  dau.  of  William  Alpheus  (2434)  and  Ada  J. 
(Brown)  Brown,  b.,  at  Fond  du  Lac,  Wis.,  May  30,  1881;  m.  (1),  at 
Verndale,  Minn.,  June  6,  1899,  Lewellyn  Osborn,  son  of  Merritt  Osborn. 
She  m.  (2),  at  Granville,  No.  Dak.,  George  Palmer.  She  graduated  from 
the  Verndale  High  School  in  1899,  and  now  resides  at  Kelvinhurst,  Sas- 
katchewan, Canada. 

Child  by  first  m. : 

2454.  Kenneth  Osborn,  b.,  at  Verndale,  Feb.  16,  1904. 
Child  by  second  m.: 

2455.  William    Brown    Palmer,    b.,    at    Medicine    Hat,    Canada, 

Sept.,  1913. 




(  [286),   AND   Dl  SCENDANTS. 
By  Ed  M.  Brown. 

K.NOXVILLE,  TeNN.,  May,  1914. 

To  Tin   ( .i\i  ux>GiST. 
Dear  Mr.  Broun:  — 

Your  ultimatum  that  we  should  compile  the  data  for  the  genealogical  record  of  our 
grandfather,  John  Brown,  and  descendants,  was  as  gratefully  received  as  our  knowl- 
edge of  our  own  unworthiness  is  recognized.  We  also  are  aware  of  the  fact  that  a 
work  of  the  character  in  which  you  have  been  so  many  years  engaged  and  upon  which 
you  bave  spent  so  much  time  and  expended  so  much  money  must  be  almost  in  its 
entirety  a  work  of  love  of  kindred.  We  realize  we  must  refrain  from  approaching  the 
semblance  of  bipgraphy,  and  less  of  autobiography,  and  in  as  concise  manner  as  pos- 
sible give  you  a  brief  epitome  of  the  milestones  on  the  journey  of  each  figure  in  this 
drama  called  life.  We  have  gone  back  in  thought  to  those  days  of  youth  when  and 
where  life  first  appeared  to  be  real.  Where  the  "old  trout  brook,"  commencing  in  a 
tiny  spring,  grew  in  volume  by  distance  to  nourish  resources  for  the  home  of  the 
little  speckled  beauty  whose  attainment  by  strategy  was  our  acme  of  triumph.  Then 
home,  past  grandfather's,  in  the  expectant  halo  of  "See  the  conquering  hero  comes!" 

Then  comes  the  picture  of  grandfather  and  his  five  sons,  in  the  zenith  of  manhood, 
with  their  affinities,  sitting  down  to  a  feast  prepared  by  our  dear  old  grandmother  in 
recognition  of  some  anniversary  of  an  epoch  in  our  lives. 

These  royal  dinners  continued  as  the  years  sped  by,  with  additional  chairs  around 
that  festal  board  for  the  grandchildren,  who  were  never  consigned  to  the  "second 
table"  by  a  grandmother  like  ours. 

Then  after  the  feast,  whilst  grandmother  was  directing  the  usual  after-dinner 
ceremonies,  assisted  by  the  daughters  she  had  acquired  by  a  treaty  of  annexation 
through  the  fidelity  of  her  sons,  the  sons  would  assume  to  engage  in  a  wrestling-match 
with  our  grandfather,  who  would  grasp  each  with  the  fervor  of  undiminished  manhood, 
and  assert  that  whenever  he  had  a  boy  who  could  put  his  back  to  the  floor  he  was  ready 
to  pass  away.  We  have  related  the  above  as  construing  the  spirit  of  filial  devotion 
which  reigned  at  the  time  we  take  up  our  branch  of  the  family  tree.  If  we  grow  apart. 
the  spirit  is  not  of  him  or  her  with  whom  we  commence  our  data. 

A  brief  synopsis  of  the  lives  of  those  who  followed  will  be  found  appended  herewith, 
to  accord  with  the  information  transmitted  to  us  in  spirit  of  fraternity  and  affection 
by  those  who  appreciate  your  work. 

Craving  the  indulgence  of  those  of  whom  we  have  related,  in  spirit  of  loyalty  and 
affection,  and  for  yourself,  in  the  language  of  Rip  Van  Winkle,  who  slept  for  twenty 
years,  to  awaken  with  as  dim  a  vision  of  genealogy  as  ourselves,  if  il  were  not  for  you, 
'•  May  you  live  long  ami  prosper."  Sincerely  yours, 

E.  M.  B. 

John  Brown  (1314c),  son  of  Alpheus  (1286)  and  Hannah  (Burdick) 
Brown  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at 
Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  in  1804;  d.,  at  Kllisburg,  X.  V.,  1S74;  m.  Priscilla 
Lewis,  b.,  at  Petersburg,  X.  Y.,  1805;  d.,  at  Ellisburg,  1891;  dau.  of 




- ^  *-< 

ffi     PC 



3  Ǥ 







!1V\!'\  Ul 




GAPT.iM  nl^ 

i  >  i  i  ■  i  > 

.liinr    -!•     I  *    «   ' 

Tombstones  of  Alpheus  Brown  vnd  Wife 
and  ('mm  \i.\  James  Lewis  and  Wife 


Capt.  James  Lewis  and  Phebe,  his  wife.  The  writer  is  credibly  informed 
that  the  female  descendants  of  Capt.  James  Lewis,  who  d.  May  18, 
1823,  aged  sixty-nine  years,  and  is  buried  with  his  wife,  who  d.  June  26, 
1853,  aged  ninety-one  years,  in  the  cemetery  at  Ellisburg,  are  eligible 
for  membership  in  the  D.  A.  R.  Mr.  Brown  became  a  prominent  local 
figure  by  the  impressions  he  created  by  his  sturdy  manhood,  sterling 
good  sense,  and  loyalty  in  his  friendships.  Always  genial,  his  utter- 
ances were  terse  and  practical,  coupled  with  good  humor.  His  mental 
world  was  radiant  with  affection  for  all  his  kindred,  who  confided  in 
him  for  sympathy  or  comradeship.  The  affection  between  himself  and 
his  wife  was  the  embodiment  of  love  in  its  fullest  fruition.  He  was  at 
one  time  in  the  hotel  business,  but  this  lacking  his  conception  of  a 
home,  he  retired  to  a  farm,  where  he  spent  the  remainder  of  his  days  in 
an  enjoyment  which  was  more  congenial  to  his  nature.  He  was  an 
unswerving  Democrat  of  the  old  school,  and  connected  with  the  United 
States  Customs  Service  during  President  Buchanan's  administration. 
Children,  all  b.  at  Ellisburg: 

2456.    Julia  Brown,  b.  1825;  m.  John  P.  Houghton  (2462,  2463). 

2457-    Jonn  James,  b.  1829;  m.  Eliza  Edwards  (2464). 

2458.  Horace   Alpheus,   b.   Dec.    26,    1831;   m.   Ruth   Ann   Scott 

(2465,  2466). 

2459.  Randolph  Howe,  b.  June  12,  1835;  m.  Adaline  Segur  (2467, 


2460.  George  E.,  b.  Aug.  8,  1837;  m.  Mary  Abbey  Taylor  (2469, 


2461.  De   Elbert,   b.   Jan.    13,    1844;   m.   Jennie   Palmiter   (2471, 


Julia  Brown  (2456),  dau.  of  John  (1314c)  and  Priscilla  (Lewis)  Brown, 
b.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  1825;  d.,  at  Ellisburg,  1858;  m.  John  P.  Houghton, 
b.,  at  Adams,  N.  Y.,  1826;  d.,  at  Belmond,  la.,  1908;  son  of  Dr.  Sidney 
Houghton,  of  Belleville,  N.  Y.  Julia  (Brown)  Houghton  d.  at  her  father's 
home,  while  on  a  visit  from  her  home  in  the  West.  Her  husband  was 
a  college  graduate,  and  was  at  one  time  principal  of  Union  Academy, 
Belleville.  He  was  afterward  in  the  public  service  as  an  attache  of  the 
United  States  Customs  House  for  his  collection  district,  then  a  travelling 
salesman,  after  which  he  purchased  a  ranch  at  Belmond,  where  he  died. 
Politically  he  was  a  Democrat,  and  religiously  a  zealous  worker  in  pro- 
moting the  Episcopal  Church. 




2462.  John  Sidney  Houghton,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  in  1852.    Engaged 

with  his  father,  until  his  father's  death,  in  conducting  a 
ranch  at  Belmond,  to  which  he  succeeded  as  sole  legatee, 
and  where  he  now  resides. 

2463.  Julia,  b.  185S;  d.  in  infancy. 

John  James  Brown  (2457),  son  of  John  Brown  (1314c)  and  Priscilla 
Lewis,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  1829;  d.,  at  Ellisburg,  1885;  m.,  at  Ellis- 
burg, in  1850,  Eliza  Edwards,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  1831;  d.,  at  the  home  of 
her  son,  in  Fountain  City,  Tenn.,  May  12,  1914;  dau.  of  Jonathan 
Edwards  and  Lodica  Studevant.  He  was  engaged  in  farming  and  dealing 
in  live  stock  during  his  whole  business  career.  He  was  quiet  and  unpre- 
tentious by  nature,  yet,  withal,  possessed  of  the  courage  and  ability  to 
maintain  all  of  his  ideals  of  right  under  all  circumstances,  thereby  em- 
bodying all  the  graces  of  a  stern  demeanor  without  apparent  stubborn- 
ness. He  was  always  active  in  Democratic  politics,  and  he  and  his  wife 
were  members  of  the  Episcopal  Church  at  Ellisburg,  to  which  he  con- 
tributed from  his  home  place  the  lot  upon  which  the  church  was  built 
at  the  time  of  its  organization.  The  husband  and  wife  were  both  buried, 
from  this  church,  in  the  cemetery  at  Ellisburg. 


2464.  Ed  M.  Brown,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  1851;  m.  Lida  H.  Persons 


Horace  Alpheus  Brown  (2458),  son  of  John  (1314c)  and  Priscilla 
(Lewis)  Brown,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  26,  1831;  m.,  at  Ellisburg, 
Oct.  3,  1853,  Ruth  Ann  Scott,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  July  14,  1832;  dau.  of 
Andrew  Scott,  of  Ellisburg.  Mr.  Brown  was  one  of  the  pioneers  of 
Rochester,  Minn.,  where  he  was  engaged  in  the  hardware  business  until 
1872.  Then  he  went  into  the  millinery  business  at  Rochester,  with  a 
branch  store  at  Waseca,  Minn. 

Children,  b.  at  Rochester: 

2465.  Randolph  Willis  Brown,  b.  Nov.   2,   1858;  three  times  m. 


2466.  Walter  Scott,  b.  May  10,  1870;  twice  m.  (2478-2481). 

Randolph  Howe  Brown  (2459),  son  of  John  (1314c)  and  Priscilla 
(Lewis)  Brown,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  June  12,  1835;  d.,  at  Ellisburg, 
I  >ec.  2,  1900;  m.,  at  Adams,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  2,  1S57,  Adaline  Segur,  b.,  at 
Adams,   May   12,   1834;  dau.  of  John  Segur,  of  Adams.       Mr.  Brown 



attended  Union  Academy,  Belleville,  N.  Y.,  and  later  was  graduated 
from  Cincinnati  (O.)  Mercantile  College.  Taught  school  for  a  number 
of  years,  and  afterwards  entered  the  mercantile  business,  at  Adams, 
N.  Y.  He  then  went  "back  to  the  soil,"  to  renew  his  association  with  a 
group  of  happy  brothers  in  the  care  and  management  of  his  father's 
farm,  which  he  finally  purchased  in  connection  with  other  land.  He 
was  elected  supervisor  of  his  native  township  in  face  of  a  largely  adverse 
party  majority,  and  six  years  previous  to  his  death  he  had  attained  suffi- 
cient prestige  in  Democratic  councils  to  be  offered  a  prominent  position 
in  connection  with  the  port  of  New  York,  United  States  Customs  Col- 
lection office,  which  he  accepted  and  retained  until  stricken  beyond 
recovery.  Mrs.  Brown  is  a  member  of  the  Presbyterian  Church. 
Children,  b.  at  Ellisburg: 

2467.  Julia  Brown,  b.  Dec.  6,   1864;  always  somewhat  frail,  but 

possessed  of  the  traditional  Brown  humor  and  cheerful- 
ness. Her  character  has  become  one  of  the  gems  of  a  happy 
home  life. 

2468.  Lena,  b.  Nov.   6,    1867;  m.,  at  Ellisburg,   Feb.    16,    1904, 

Thomas  O'Brien,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  May  7,  1873;  son  of 
M.  O'Brien,  of  Woodville,  N.  Y.  Mrs.  O'Brien  finished 
her  education  at  Adams  (N.  Y.)  Collegiate  Institute.  The 
family,  sole  survivors  of  the  marriage  and  lineage  of 
R.  H.  Brown  (2459),  all  reside  together  on  the  old  home 
farm,  in  charge  of  Mr.  O'Brien,  who  is  engaged  in  farming 
and  stock  growing.  Mr.  O'Brien  is  a  Democrat,  and  he  and 
his  wife  are  members  of  the  Episcopal  Church.  Dau. : 
Katherine  Lord  O'Brien,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  Oct.  22,  1908. 

George  E.  Brown  (2460),  son  of  John  (1314c)  and  Priscilla  (Lewis) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  8,  1837;  d.,  at  Oswego,  N.  Y., 
Apr.  27,  191 1 ;  m.,  at  New  Haven,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  13,  1866,  Mary  Abbey 
Taylor,  b.,  at  New  Haven,  Apr.  27,  1841;  d.,  at  Ogdensburg,  N.  Y., 
Oct.  23,  1906;  dau.  of  Albert  Taylor  and  Harriet  (Edwards)  Salisbury, 
of  New  Haven.  Mr.  Brown  graduated  from  Union  Academy  of  Belle- 
ville, N.  Y.,  and  Mrs.  Brown  took  a  special  course  at  Falley  Seminary, 
at  Fulton,  N.  Y.,  after  which  she  taught  school  until  her  marriage. 
Soon  after  marriage  they  went  to  Rochester,  Minn.,  where  Mr.  Brown 
was  associated  in  the  hardware  business  with  his  brother,  Horace  A. 
Brown.  Afterwards  he  located  at  Oswego,  N.  Y.,  in  the  grocery  business, 
for  a  time,  finally  engaging  in  the  business  of  buying  and  selling  cattle, 



which  he  pursued  until  his  death.    He  was  a  Democrat,  and  a  member 
of  the   Episcopal  Church.     Mrs.   Brown  was  a  Congregationalist,  and 
deeply  engaged  in  church  work. 
Children,  b.  at  Rochester: 

2400.    Arthur  Taylor  Brown,  b.  Oct.  8,  1868;  m.  Dora  Aurilla  Irish 

2470.  Allen  John,  b.  Apr.  28,  1871;  d.,  at  sea,  Apr.  7,  1903.  Mr. 
Brown  was  graduated  from  the  Oswego  (N.  Y.)  High 
School  in  1888,  then  took  a  special  course  in  mathematics 
at  the  State  Normal  School.  In  1892  he  won  a  scholar- 
ship in  Cornell  University  in  a  competitive  examination, 
ranking  first  in  a  large  class  of  applicants.  By  virtue  of  his 
appointment  he  then  attended  the  Cornell  University,  at 
Ithaca,  N.  Y.,  graduating  from  the  civil  engineer's  course 
in  1896.  In  iqoi  he  enlisted  in  the  regular  army,  and 
went  with  Company  A,  5th  Infantry,  to  Manila,  P.  I., 
where  he  was  detailed  for  special  duty  in  the  Adjutant - 
Cienerahs  office.  In  1903  he  contracted  the  dread  mala- 
rial fever  so  common  to  that  clime,  and  was  placed  upon 
the  United  States  transport  Logan,  with  visions  of  home, 
and  hope  for  restoration  to  health;  but  the  frail  body 
failed  to  accompany  his  strong  love  for  home  and  kindred 
across  the  sea  to  meet  the  loved  ones  waiting  his  coming, 
and  his  life  passed  away  when   four  days  out  of  Manila. 

De  Elbert  Brown  (2461),  son  of  John  (1314c)  and  Priscilla  (Lewis) 
Brown,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  13,  1844;  m.,  at  Walworth,  Wis., 
May  14,  1865,  Jennie  Palmiter,  b.,  at  West  Edmeston,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  19, 
1844;  dau.  of  Oliver  Palmiter  and  Margaret  Lawson,  of  Shopiere,  Wis. 
Mr.  Brown  and  his  wife  were  educated  at  Union  Academy,  Belleville, 
N.  Y.  The  year  following  their  marriage  they  resided  at  Rochester, 
Minn.,  where  he  was  associated  in  the  hardware  business  with  his  brother, 
Horace  A.  Brm\n.  After  this  he  returned  to  his  native  State  and  the 
associations  of  the  old  home,  engaging  in  agricultural  pursuits,  which 
vocation  hi'  continued,  living  at  the  homestead  of  his  father  until  death 
severed  all  those  ties  and  happy  days  of  fatherhood  and  brotherhood, 
when  he  went  to  Brewerton,  N.  Y.,  and  afterward  to  Liverpool,  N.  Y., 
to  re-engage  in  a  like  vocation  in  company  with  his  son,  Frank.  Mr. 
brown  is  a  Democrat,  and  he  and  his  wife  attend  the  Episcopal  Church, 
of  which,  his  wife  is  a  member. 


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Children,  b.  at  Ellisburg: 

2471.  Addie  Brown,  b.  Apr.  27,  1867;  twice  m.  (2483,  2484). 

2472.  Frank  E.,  b.  Jan.  7,   1871;  m.,  at  Miami,  Fla.,  June    27, 

1908,  Alice  M.  Deverell,  b.,  at  Waseca,  Minn.,  Sept.  19, 
1876;  dau.  of  William  Deverell  and  Eliza  A.  Pierce,  of 
Waseca  and  Mankato,  Minn.  Mr.  Brown  was  educated 
at  Ellisburg  and  Mrs.  Brown  at  Waseca.  Mr.  Brown  has 
been  somewhat  of  a  nomad.  It  is  related  that  once  he  went 
into  a  ticket-scalper's  office  in  Minnesota  and  inquired 
for  a  scalper's  ticket  for  Florida,  and  being  informed  that 
they  had  only  one,  and  that  for  the  Northwest,  he  took 
that.  His  varied  experiences  cover  cattle-ranging  in  the 
Northwest,  a  sojourn  in  Wisconsin  and  Iowa,  postmaster 
at  Otisco,  Minn.,  for  one  year,  then  afterward  in  Florida, 
truck-growing  and  merchandising.  He  is  now  married 
and  settled  down  as  an  "agriculturist,"  engaged  with  his 
father,  at  Liverpool,  N.  Y.  He  is  a  Democrat,  and  he  and 
his  wife  are  members  of  the  Episcopal  Church. 

Ed  M.  Brown  (2464),  son  of  John  James  (2457)  and  Eliza  (Edwards) 
Brown  [John  (1314c),  Alpheus  (1286),  Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26), 
Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  1851;  m.,  at  Ellisburg, 
1874,  Lida  H.  Persons,  dau.  of  H.  Austin  and  Juliette  (Persons)  Per- 
sonsj  not  akin,  of  Ellisburg.  Mr.  Brown  was  engaged  in  the  produce, 
shipping,  and  seed-growing  business  at  Ellisburg  until  1885.  Then  he 
became  United  States  Internal  Revenue  Agent,  reporting  to  the  New 
York  City  office,  after  which  he  was  assigned  to  charge  of  divisions  at 
Philadelphia,  Penn.,  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  and  Louisville,  Ky.  Then 
back  to  Philadelphia,  from  where  he  resigned  from  the  public  service, 
and  afterwards  went  into  the  furniture  business  at  Knoxville,  Tenn. 
He  is  Independent  in  politics  with  Democratic  proclivities.  He  and  his 
wife  completed  their  educations  at  Union  Academy,  Belleville,  N.  Y., 
and  Mrs.  Brown  is  a  member  of  the  Universalist  Church.  They  have  a 
pleasant  home  at  Fountain  City,  a  beautiful  suburb  of  Knoxville,  where 
Mrs.  Brown  divides  devotion  with  her  family,  her  music,  and  her  flowers. 


2473.  Edna  Lida  Brown,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  1875;  attended  schools 

in  Ellisburg,  Watertown,  New  York  City,  and  Adams, 
N.  Y.  Is  a  prominent  worker  in  the  Young  Women's 
Christian  Association,  and  a  member  of  St.  John's  Epis- 
copal Church,  Knoxville. 



Randolph  Willis  Brown  (2465),  son  of  Horace  Alpheus  (2458)  and  Ruth 
Ann  (Scott)  Brown,  of  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.  [John  (1314c),  Alpheus  (1286), 
Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Rochester, 
Minn.,  Nov.  2,  1858;  m.  (1)  Mary  Bonham,  d.,  at  Rochester,  July  21, 
[884;  m.  (2),  at  Waseca,  Minn.,  Winnie  A.  Swain,  b.,'at  Baldwins- 
ville,  Mass.,  Apr.  12,  1863;  d.,  at  Waseca,  Sept.  30,  1001;  adopted  dau. 
of  0.  D.  Swain,  of  Waseca.  She  was  a  graduate  from  a  Massachusetts 
high  school,  also  School  of  Elocution  at  Detroit,  Mich.  Mr.  Brown  m. 
(3),  at  Rochester,  Minn.,  June  15,  1903,  Carrie  M.  Bratager,  b.,  at 
Rock  Dell,  Minn.,  Dec.  27,  1863;  dau.  of  K.  S.  Bratager,  of  Rochester. 
Mr.  Brown  graduated  from  the  Rochester  (Minn.)  High  School,  and 
University  of  Michigan  in  1881,  with  degree  C.  E.;  from  18S1  to  1SS3  he 
was  engaged  with  engineering  department,  Cincinnati  Southern  Rail- 
road; entered  the  dry -goods  business  at  Rochester,  1883,  and  from  1896 
to  1 901  was  in  the  cattle  business  in  Montana,  since  which  time  he  has 
been  a  vegetable  shipper  and  grower  at  Larkins,  Fla.,  with  his  home  at 
Miami,  Fla. 

Son  by  first  m.: 

2474.  Herbert  Horace  Brown,  b.,  at  Rochester,  July   21,    1884; 

twice  m.  (2485). 
Children  by  second  m.: 

2475.  Cecelia  Mae  Brown,  b.,  at  Rochester,  Oct.   21,   1891;   m. 

William  B.  Young  (2486). 

2476.  Ralph  0.,  b.,  at  Waseca,  June  2^,  1893. 

2477.  Winfred  Willis,  b.,  at  Waseca,  Sept.  30,  1901. 

Walter  Scott  Brown  (2466),  son  of  Horace  Alpheus  (2458)  and  Ruth 
Ann  (Scott)  Brown  [John  (1314c),  Alpheus  (1286),  Reuben  (1258), 
Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Rochester,  Minn.,  May 
10,  1S70;  m.  (1),  at  Rochester,  Nov.  3,  1889,  Maude  A.  Torgood,  b.,  at 
Rochester,  Now  17,  1871;  d.,  at  Waseca,  Minn.,  Sep*.  2^,  1896;  dau.  of 
Wm.  Frank  Torgood  and  Alzina  L.  Williams,  of  Rochester;  m.  (2),  Oct. 
31,  1  goo,  Margaret  Mary  Kurowski,  b.  Feb.  2,  1877;  dau.  of  Andrew 
and  Mary  (Eckert)  Kurowski.  Mr.  Brown  has  been  associated  in  the 
dry-goods  and  millinery  business  with  his  father,  Horace  A.  Brown,  of 
Rochester,  at  Waseca,  since  1883.  He  is  a  successful  business  man,  and 
has  been  honored  by  the  citizens  of  Waseca  by  his  election  to  the  Board 
of  Aldermen  and  selection  as  President  of  the  Water  and  Light  Board. 
He  is  a  Democrat,  and  his  wife  attends  the  Episcopal  Church. 

Son  by  first  m.: 

2478.  Ned  Walter  Brown,  b.,  at  Rochester,  Sept.  26,  1890. 



Children  by  second  in.: 

2479.    Horace  Torgood  Brown,  b.,  at  Manterville,  Minn.,  Jan.  20, 

1902;  d.,  at  Miami,  Fla.,  Feb.  20,  1904. 
248c.    Rodney  George,  b.,  at  Waseca,  Oct.  21,  1904. 

2481.  Ruth  Marion,  b.,  at  Waseca,  May  9,  191 1. 

Arthur  Taylor  Brown  (2469),  son  of  George  E.  (2460)  and  Mary 
Abbey  (Taylor)  Brown  [John  (1314c),  Alpheus  (1286),  Reuben  (1258), 
Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Rochester,  Minn.,  Oct.  8, 
1868;  m.,  at  So.  Butler,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  9,  1894,  Dora  Aurilla  Irish,  b.,  at 
Eaton  Rapids,  Mich.,  Oct.  10,  1871;  dau.  of  Chester  Sylvester  and 
Imogene  (Wade)  Irish,  of  So.  Butler.  Mr.  Brown  was  graduated  from  the 
Oswego  High  School.  Then,  after  completing  a  four-year  course  in  the 
State  Normal  and  Training  School  at  Oswego,  N.  Y.,  in  1892,  he  accepted 
a  position  in  the  Oswego  post-office,  where  he  remains,  having  by  merit 
attained  the  position  of  chief  clerk.  He  is  a  Democrat.  Mrs.  Brown 
attended  the  State  Normal  and  Training  School  in  the  years  coincident 
with  her  husband.   Is  a  church-member  and  attends  the  Baptist  Church. 


2482.  Monica  Lorena  Brown,  b.,  at  Oswego,  July  15,  1895. 

Addie  Brown  (2471),  dau.  of  De  Elbert  (2461)  and  Jennie  (Palmiter) 
Brown  [John  (1314c),  Alpheus  (1286),  Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26), 
Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  27,  1867;  m.  (1),  at 
Ellisburg,  June  15,  1887,  Calvin  G.  Stevens,  b.,  at  Syracuse,  N.  Y., 
Mar.  3,  1862.  Dr.  Stevens  was  graduated  from  a  medical  college  at  Syra- 
cuse, also  from  a  school  abroad.  She  m.  (2),  at  Syracuse,  in  1902,  Thomas 
W.  Humphrey,  b.  at  Toronto,  Canada.  Mrs.  Humphrey,  nee  Brown, 
was  educated  in  the  schools  at  Rochester,  Minn.,  and  Ellisburg.  Mr. 
Humphrey  is  a  printer  and  journalist,  and  in  politics  a  Democrat.  He 
and  his  wife  attend  the  Episcopal  Church. 

Children,  by  first  m.: 

2483.  Aubrey  B.  Stevens,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  Apr.  n,  1888. 

2484.  Marjorie  H.,  b.,  at  Watertown,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  21,  1890. 

Herbert  Horace  Brown  (2474),  son  of  Randolph  Willis  (2465)  and 
Mary  (Bonham)  Brown  [Horace  A.  (2458),  John  (1314c),  Alpheus 
(1286),  Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at 
Rochester,  Minn.,  July  21,  1884;  m.  (1),  at  St.  Paul,  Minn.,  June  24, 
1908,  Grace  Kennedy,  b.,  at  St.  Paul,  June  6,  1888;  d.,  at  St.  Paul,  Nov. 
16,  1910;  m.  (2),  at  St.  Paul,  Sept.  20,  1911,  Alice  Kennedy,  b.,  at  St. 
Paul,  Jan.  9,  1887.   Both  wives  were  daus.  of  Daniel  Kennedy  and  Anna 



Tonet,  of  St.  Paul.    Mr.  Brown  is  engaged  as  railway  clerk  at  St.  Paul. 
He  is  non-partisan  politically,  and  he  and  his  wife  attend  the  Catholic 
Church.    He  is  a  high-school  graduate,  and  attended  the  Hamlin  Uni- 
versity for  one  year. 
Son,  by  first  m.: 

2485.  Arthur  Herbert  Brown,  b.,  at  St.  Paul,  June  6,  1909. 

Cecelia  Mae  Brown  (2475),  dau.  °f  Randolph  Willis  (2465)  and  Winnie 
Abbie  (Swain)  Brown,  b.,  at  Rochester,  Minn.,  Oct.  21,  1S91;  m.,  at 
Miami,  Fla.,  May  1,  1908,  William  Boogber  Young,  b.,  at  Lexington, 
Va.,  June  2,  1885;  son  of  T.  R.  Young  and  Emily  R.  Boogher,  of  Luray, 
\  a.  Mr.  Young  was  formerly  a  travelling  salesman,  but  at  present  is 
engaged  as  contractor  at  his  home  in  Thomson,  Ga.  He  is  a  Democrat, 
and  he  and  his  wife  are  both  church-members,  attending  the  Methodist 
Church.  Mr.  Young  completed  his  education  at  the  University  of 
Georgia,  at  Athens,  and  Mrs.  Young  attended  schools  at  Waseca,  Minn., 
and  completed  her  education  at  the  high  school  of  Miami,  Fla. 


2486.  George  Winford  Young,  b.,  at  La  Grange,  Ga.,  Nov.  30,  1909. 

Eliza  Brown  (i3i4d),  dau.  of  Alpheus  (1286)  and  Hannah  (Burdick) 
Brown  [Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at 
Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  18,  1809;  d.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  1,  1875; 
m.  (1)  Orville  W.  Crumb,  M.D.,  b.  in  1804;  d.,  at  Edmeston,  N.  Y.,  in 
1833.    She  m.  (2)  Job  Dye. 

Children,  by  first  m.,  b.  at  Belleville,  Jefferson  Co.,  N.  Y.: 

2487.  Joseph   O.   Crumb,  b.   May   15,    1830;   m.   Chariot ta   Ann 

Brown  (2489-2493). 

2488.  Hannah  L.,  b.  July  23,  1833;  m.  Delos  Crumb  (2512,  2513). 

Joseph  O.  Crumb  (2487),  the  preceding,  b.  May  15,  1830;  d.,  at 
Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  21,  1895;  m.,  at  No.  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  21, 
1859,  Charlotta  A.  Brown,  b.,  at  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  June  10,  1835;  dau. 
of  Alexander  Brown,  of  Norwich,  Conn.,  and  Rubie  A.  Whipple;  son  of 
Pardon  Brown  and  Dorothy  Culver,  of  Stonington,  Conn. 

Children,  b.  at  Plainfield: 

2489.  Henry  E.  Crumb,  b.  Mar.  4,  1S61;  in.  Lena  R.  Dye  (2494- 


2490.  Charles  \\\,  b.  Feb.  6,  1S65;  m.  Myra  A.  Spurr  (2498,  2499). 

2491.  Fred  H.,  b.  July  21,  1870;  m.  Ellen  0.  Collins  (2500-2507). 

2492.  Robert  Alexander  (twin),  b.  June  27,  1875;  m.  L.  Alzora  T. 

Talbert  (2508-251 1). 



2493.  Reubie  A.  (twin),  b.  June  27,  1875;  m.,  at  Plainfield,  July  3, 

1907,  Lucius  D.  Walker,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  May  25,  1857. 
No  issue.    Res.,  Leonardsville,  N.  Y. 

Henry  E.  Crumb  (2489),  son  of  Joseph  O.  Crumb  (2487)  and  Char- 
lotta  A.  (Brown)  Crumb,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  4,  1861;  m.,  at 
Leonardsville,  N.  Y.,  June  16,  1886,  Lena  Rivers  Dye,  b.,  at  Brookfield, 
N.  Y.,  Jan.  10,  1861;  dau.  of  Henry  B.  and  Celinda  (Meeker)  Dye,  of 
Brookfield.    Mr.  Crumb  is  a  farmer  at  Leonardsville. 

Children,  b.  at  Leonardsville: 

2494.  Mabel  Dye  Crumb,  b.  Apr.  24,  1887. 

2495.  Damond  Henry,  b.  Oct.  6,  1889. 

2496.  Lu  Ralph,  b.  June  3,  1892. 

2497.  Edwin  Delos,  b.  July  9,  1899. 

Charles  W.  Crumb,  M.D.  (2490),  son  of  Joseph  O.  and  Charlotta  A. 
(Brown)  Crumb,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  6,  1865;  m.,  at  Columbus, 
N.  Y.,  Myra  A.  Spurr.    Res.,  Utica,  N.  Y. 


2498.  Charles  Homer  Crumb,  b.,  at  Sherburne,  N.  Y.,  Oct.   8, 

1891;  m.,  at  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  18,  1913,  Myrtle 
Newcomb,  b.,  at  Fine,  St.  Lawrence  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  31, 
1890;  dau.  of  John  Newcomb  and  Ella  Fenton.  Mr. 
Crumb  is  an  optician  at  190  Genesee  St.,  Utica,  N.  Y. 

2499.  Milton  Spurr,  b.  July  24,  1898. 

Fred  B.  Crumb  (2491),  son  of  Joseph  0.  Crumb  (2487)  and  Char- 
lotta A.  Brown,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  July  21,  1870;  m.,  at  Leonards- 
ville, N.  Y.,  Feb.  3,  1892,  Ellen  O.  Collins,  b.,  at  Leonardsville,  Aug.  21, 
1873;  dau.  of  Stephen  H.  and  B.  Louisa  (Keith)  Collins,  of  Leonards- 
ville. Mr.  Crumb  is  in  the  livery  and  agricultural  business  at  Bridge- 
water,  N.  Y. 

Children,  b.  at  Plainfield: 

2500.  Floran  J.  Crumb,  b.  May  27,  1896. 

2501.  C.  Louisa,  b.  Nov.  15,  1897;  d.,  at  Plainfield,  Feb.,  1901. 

2502.  Bessie  E.,  b.  Aug.  15,  1899. 
■2503.    Charlotte  E.,  b.  Apr.  15,  1901. 

2504.  Lois  Arden,  b.  Feb.  10,  1903;  d.,  at  Plainfield,  Apr.,  1904. 

2505.  Margaret  E.,  b.  Sept.  1,  1908. 

2506.  S.  Eloise,  b.  Aug.  20,  1910. 

2507.  Frederick  S.,  b.  June  16,  191 2. 



Robert  Alexander  Crumb  (2492),  son  of  Joseph  O.  Crumb  (2487)  and 
Charlotta  A.  Brown,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  June  27,  1875;  m.,  at  West 
Winfield,  N.  V.,  June  8,  1897,  L.  Alzora  T.  Talbert,  b.,  at  Brookfield, 
N.  Y.,  Aug.  11,  1872;  dau.  of  F.  T.  Talbert  and  L.  Drucilla  Gates,  of 
West  Winfield.  Mr.  Crumb  has  always  resided  on  the  same  farm,  "Crumb 
Homestead."  He  was  educated  at  Sherburne  (N.  Y.)  High  School.  He 
gave  up  a  professional  career  as  an  M.D.  at  the  death  of  his  father, 
Joseph  O.  Crumb,  and  assumed  the  management  of  the  farm  where  he 
now  resides.  His  wife  is  a  graduate  of  West  Winfield  High  School,  class 
of  1890,  and  a  pupil  in  vocal  music  at  the  Utica  School  of  Music.  For 
several  years  prior  to  her  marriage  she  was  a  school-teacher.  Descendant 
on  the  Talbert  side  of  a  very  musical  family,  Lord  Shrewsbury,  John 
Talbot,  of  England,  and  the  Rev.  Stephen  Taylor,  and  on  the  mother's 
side  from  two  of  the  oldest  families  of  the  town  of  Brookfield,  the 
Gateses  and  the  Yorks.  The  Rev.  Stephen  Taylor  referred  to  in  these 
records  was  the  first  pastor  of  the  First  Baptist  Church  at  Taylor  Hill, 
Edmeston,  N.  Y.,  organized  Mar.  8,  1794.  The  meeting-house  was  built 
in  1810  and  is  still  standing.  Mrs.  Crumb  is  a  member  of  the  Unadilla 
Forks  Baptist  Church,  N.  Y.  Res.,  Leonard sville,  N.  Y. 

Children,  b.  at  Plainfield: 

2508.  Franklin  Alexander  Crumb,  b.  Nov.  23,  1898. 

2509.  Lucy  Roberta,  b.  Aug.  20,  1902. 

2510.  Minnie  Ann,  b.  Feb.  27,  1905. 

251 1.  Emily  Alzora,  b.  Mar.  10,  1908. 

Hannah  L.  Crumb  (2488),  dau.  of  Orvill  W.  Crumb,  M.D.,  and 
Eliza  Brown  (i3i4d),  dau.  of  Alpheus  (1286)  and  Hannah  (Burdick) 
Brown  |Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at 
Belleville,  Jefferson  Co.,  N.  Y.,  July  23,  1833;  m.,  at  Brookfield,  N.  Y., 
Jan.  10,  1859,  Delos  Crumb,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  20,  1830;  d., 
at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  20,  1910;  son  of  Samuel  Crumb  and 
Esther  Brown,  of  Plainfield.  Both  members  of  the  Baptist  Church. 
Her  res.,  1914,  West  Winfield,  N.  Y. 

Children,  b.  at  Leonardsville,  N.  Y.: 

2512.  Myra  Eliza  Crumb,  b.  Oct.  7,  1861;  unm. 

2513.  Flora  Esther,  b.  Apr.  13,  1867;  unm. 

Robert  Brown  (i3i4e),  son  of  Alpheus  (1286)  and  Hannah  (Burdick) 
Brown  I  Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.  May 
6,  1812;  d.,  at.  Geneva,  Minn.,  1897;  m.,  at  Henderson,  N.  Y.,  Eunice 
Hubbard,   b.,   at   Henderson,  July   14,    1817;   d.,   at   Geneva,   Sept.   27, 



1902;  dau.  of  Cyrus  and  Sarah  Sophia  (Field)  Hubbard,  of  Henderson. 
Mr.  Brown  was  a  man  of  gentle  disposition,  full  of  love  for  his  family. 
Deciding  that  the  best  place  for  a  young  man  with  a  growing  family  was 
in  the  new  West,  he  left  his  home  in  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  and  was  on  the 
first  boat  that  attempted  to  go  through  the  Welland  Canal.  The  canal 
was  too  narrow,  and  the  boat  stuck  fast.  The  captain  was  so  chagrined 
at  the  failure  of  his  trip  that  he  committed  suicide,  and  Robert  and  his 
family  returned  to  their  home  in  Ellisburg,  staying  until  1857,  when  he 
migrated  to  that  long-cherished  haven,  Wisconsin,  which  State  and 
Minnesota  were  his  home  until  his  death. 
Children : 

2514.  Sara  Sophia  Brown,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  Apr.  7,  1S40;  m.  John 

James  Tallmadge  (2522). 

2515.  George  Hubbard,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  Mar.  27,  1841;  unm.    He 

is  a  farmer  at  Blooming  Prairie,  Minn. 

2516.  Eugene  H.,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  July  2,  1844;  d.,  at  Jonesville, 

Wis.,  Aug.  5,  1864.  Mr.  Brown  was  killed  in  a  wreck  while 
in  the  performance  of  his  duties  as  a  railroad  man. 

2517.  Mary  E.,  b.,  at  Woodville,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  9,  1847;  m.  Andrew 

Pogue  (2523,  2524). 

2518.  Edwin  L.,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  July,  1848;  d.  in  infancy. 

2519.  Ada  J.,  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  Feb.  2,  1851;  m.  William  Alpheus 

Brown  (2434),  son  of  Reuben  H.  (1314b)  and  Almira 
(Chappell)  Brown.  [For  further  records,  see  Reuben  H. 
Brown  (1314b).] 

2520.  Fred,  b.,  at  Rosendale,  Wis.,  Apr.  20,  1858;  unm.  Mr.  Brown 

is  a  Democrat  in  politics.    Res.,  Williston,  N.  D. 

2521.  Nina  P.,  b.,  at  Fond  du  Lac,  Wis.,  Jan.  4,  1862;  m.  Charles 

Brooks  Wheeler  (2525-2530). 

Sara  Sophia  Brown  (2514),  dau.  of  Robert  (1314c)  and  Eunice  (Hub- 
bard) Brown  [Alpheus  (1286),  Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas 
(2),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Ellisburg,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  7,  1840;  m.,  at  Fond  du  Lac, 
Wis.,  Oct.  23,  1863,  John  James  Tallmadge,  b.,  at  Poughkeepsie,  N.  Y., 
Apr.  4,  1833;  d.,  at  Chicago,  111.,  Apr.,  1897;  son  of  ex-Governor  and 
Senator  Nathaniel  Tallmadge  and  Abigail  Smith.  Mrs.  Tallmadge  now 
resides  at  Oshkosh,  Wis.  She  is  a  member  of  the  Episcopal  Church,  and 
a  very  bright,  intelligent  woman,  with  a  keen  sense  of  humor,  and  a  love 
for  her  kindred,  her  friends,  and  her  church,  and  a  determination  to 
make  this  life  a  happy  one. 



1  >au.: 

2522.  Julia  Tallmadge,  b.,  at  Empire,  Wis.,  Aug.  26,  1S64;  edu- 

cated in  Oshkosh  Normal,  and  afterward  graduated  at 
Pratt  Institute,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.  Was  a  teacher  at  Oak 
Park,  111.,  for  years,  and  is  now  a  teacher  of  art  in  Chicago, 
111.    Is  a  member  of  the  Episcopal  Church. 

.Mary  E.  Brown  (2517),  dau.  of  Robert  (1314c)  and  Eunice  (Hubbard) 
Brown,  b..  at  Woodville,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  9,  1S47;  d.  at  Fond  du  Lac,  Wis.; 
m..  Aug.  5.  1S64,  Andrew  Pogue. 


2523.  Mary  Eugenia  Pogue,  b.,  at  Fond  du  Lac,  Sept.   7,   1867. 

Miss  Pogue  is  a  physician,  a  brain  specialist,  treats  nerv- 
ous and  mental  diseases  of  children  of  the  adolescent  age, 
and  is  the  proprietor  of  Oak  Leigh,  an  educational  sanita- 
rium at  Lake  Geneva,  Wis. 

2524.  Jessie  Brown,  b.,  at  Fond  du  Lac,  Aug.   16,   1872;  m.,  at 

Fond  du  Lac,  Jan.  1,  iqoo,  Guy  Percy  Heathcote,  b.,  at 
Fond  du  Lac,  Apr.  2,  1871;  son  of  William  A.  and  Jane 
(Wherry)  Heathcote.  Mr.  Heathcote  is  an  expert  public 
accountant,  and  he  and  his  wife  attend  the  Episcopal 
Church.  Dau.:  Jane  Wherry  Heathcote,  b.,  at  Fond  du 
Lac,  Feb.  17,  1902. 

Nina  P.  Brown  (2521),  sister  of  the  preceding,  b.,  at  Fond  du  Lac, 
Wis.,  Jan.  4,  1862;  m.,  Jan.  21,  18S5,  at  Owantomea,  Minn.,  Charles 
Brooks  Wheeler,  b.,  at  Blooming  Prairie,  Minn.,  Feb.  13,  1863;  son  of 
Edwin  Wheeler  and  Harriet  Brooks.  Mr.  Wheeler  is  a  Republican,  and 
he  and  his  wife  attend  the  Methodist  Church. 


2525.  Floyd  Robert  Wheeler,  b.  Mar.  20,  1886;  d.  June  10,  191 1. 

2526.  Florence  Mildred,  b.,  at  Geneva.  Minn.,  June  23,  188S;  m., 

at  Williston,  N.  D.,  Apr.  ,2^,  1914,  Ruel  E.  Paissell.  Mr. 
and  Mrs.  Russell  are  members  of  the  Methodist  Church. 

2527.  Harry  Eugene,  b.,  at  Geneva,  Apr.  30,  1891;  m.,  at  Minne- 

apolis, Minn.,  Jan.  10,  1914,  Pear]  Godfrey,  dau.  of  Charles 
and  Stella  Augusta  (Wakefield)  Godfrey.  Mr.  Wheeler 
is  a  Republican,  and  he  and  his  wife  attend  the  Presby- 
terian Church. 

2528.  Ethel  Marguerite.',  b.  Apr.  23,  1897. 

2529.  Berenice  Mabel,  b.  Feb.  4,  1900. 

2530.  Charles  Robert,  b.  Apr.  7,  1902. 


PQ     p 


u    -S 






M  \uv  E.  Brown  Pogue  (2517) 

Daughter  of  Roberl  Brown  (13140 

Placed  by  Mary  E.  Pogue,  Lake  Geneva,  Wis. 


Most  of  all  the  other  beautiful  things  in  life  come  by  twos  and  threes,  by 
dozens  and  hundreds.  Plenty  of  roses,  stars,  sunsets,  rainbows,  brothers 
and  sisters,  aunts  and  cousins,  but  only  " one  mother"  in  all  the  wide 
world.  —  Kate  Douglas  Wiggin. 

Phebe  Brown  (1113),  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Phebe  (Wilbur)  Brown,  of 
Little  Compton,  R.  I.  [Daniel  (24),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Stoning- 
ton,  Conn.,  Jan.  16,  1751;  d.  Sept.  9,  17S1;  m.,  at  Stonington,  Oct.  5, 
1775,  Amos  Palmer,  of  Stonington. 

Children,  b.  at  Stonington: 

2531.  Fanny  Palmer,  b.  July  9,  1776;  m.  (1)  Thomas  Swan;  m.  (2) 

Rev.  John  Noyes  (2533). 

2532.  Elizabeth,  or  Betsey,  b.  Aug.  16,  1778;  m.  Nathan  Fellows 

Dixon  (2544-2551). 

Fanny  Palmer  (2531),  the  preceding,  m.  (1),  at  Stonington,  Conn., 
Apr.  22,  1798,  Thomas  Swan,  Jr.,  b.,  at  Stonington,  Oct.  17,  1767;  son 
of  Thomas  and  Amy  (Denison)  Swan,  of  Stonington. 

Dau.,  b.  at  Stonington: 

2533.  Sarah  Ann  Swan,  b.  Feb.  23,  1799;  m.,  at  Stonington,  May  1, 

181 7,  Gurdon  Trumbull,  b.  Jan.  21,  1790;  son  of  John  and 
Lucy  (Springer)  Trumbull. 
Children,  b.  at  Stonington: 

2534.  Gurdon  Swan  Trumbull,  b. ;  d.  young. 

2535.  Frances,  b.  Feb.  6,  1820;  d.  young. 

2536.  James  Hammond,  b.  Dec.  20,  1821;  m.  Sarah  A.  Robinson. 

2537.  William  Palmer,  b.  May  3,  1825;  d.  young. 

2538.  Mary,  b.  Aug.  5,  1827;  m.  William  C.  Prune. 

2539.  Henry  Clay,  b.  June  8,  1S30;  m.  Alice  C.  Gallaudet. 

2540.  Charles  Edward,  b.  Oct.  31,  1832;  d.  Mar.  17,  1856. 

2541.  Thomas  Swan,  b.  Feb.  15,  1835;  d.  Mar.  30,  1865. 

2542.  Anna,  b.  May  iS,  1S38;  m.  Edward  Slossom. 

2543.  Gurdon,  Jr.,  b.  May  5,  1841;  m.  Anna  F.  Niles. 

Elizabeth  Palmer  (2532),  b.,  at  Stonington,  Conn.,  Aug.  16,  1778;  d., 

at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Mar.  30,  1859,  and  is  buried  there;  m.,  at  Stonington, 

Jan.  14,  1S04,  Nathan  Fellows  Dixon,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  Windham  Co., 

Conn.,  Dec.  13,  1774;  d.,  at  Washington,  D.  C,  Jan.  29,  1842;  son  of 

William  and  Mary  (Field)  Dixon. 

Note. —  William  Dixon,  b.,  at  So.  Killingly,  Windham  Co.,  Conn.,  in  1780.  He 
was  educated  at  the  Plainfield  Academy,  which  was  opened  during  the  Revolutionary 
War,  and  was  incorporated  in  1784  by  the  General  Assembly  of  Connecticut,  being 



the  third  school  to  be  incorporated  in  the  State.  This  academy  held  a  high  position, 
and  was  in  popular  favor  for  many  years,  iis  students  numbering  upwards  of  one 
hundred  fmm  abroad,  together  with  a  large  number  from  Plainfield,  at  the  time 
William  Dixon  was  a  sludent   there. 

About  1700  or  1S00  .Mr.  Dixon  went  to  Enfield,  Conn.,  where  he  taught  school, 
but  gave  up  teaching  and  studied  law.  He  represented  Enfield  in  the  General  As- 
sembly for  nine  terms.  He  was  Town  Clerk  from  1832  to  1839  inclusive.  Wm.  Dixon 
was  married,  at  Enfield,  Oct.  1  ^,  iSor,  to  Mary,  dau.  of  Simeon  Field,  M.D.,  of  En- 
field.— Extract  from  the  "Harvey  Book,"  by  Oscar  Jewell  Hariey,  pp.  ^5.9,  454. 

Mr.  Dixon  was  fitted  for  college  at  the  Plainfield  Academy,  the  same 
as  his  father,  and  in  the  autumn  of  1795,  shortly  before  his  twenty-first 
birthday,  entered  the  Rhode  Island  College  [since  1802,  Brown  Uni- 
versity], Providence.  He  was  graduated  with  honors  in  1799,  receiving 
the  degree  of  A.B.  Soon  after,  he  became  a  student  of  law  at  Norwich, 
Conn.  In  1S01  he  wras  admitted  to  the  bar,  and  immediately  entered 
upon  the  practice  of  his  profession  in  New  London  Co.,  Conn. 

In  1S02  he  removed  to  the  village  of  Westerly,  Washington  Co., 
R.  I.,  where  he  located,  and  was  admitted  to  the  bar.  He  continued  to 
pursue  his  professional  labors  in  Connecticut  as  well  as  in  Rhode  Island, 
and  in  the  course  of  a  few  years  had  an  extensive  and  remunerative 
practice  in  both  States. 

In  1813,  and  also  for  several  successive  years,  he  wras  chosen  to  repre- 
sent Westerly  in  the  General  Assembly.  In  1800  the  Washington  Bank 
of  Westerly  was  established,  and  in  1829  Mr.  Dixon,  who  for  several 
years  was  a  member  of  the  Board  of  Directors  of  the  bank,  was  elected 
its  president.  He  was  continued  in  this  office  until  his  death.  During  a 
number  of  years  he  held  the  rank  of  Colonel  in  the  militia  of  Rhode 

In  Oct.,  1838,  without  any  solicitation  or  effort  on  his  part,  Colonel 
Dixon  was  elected,  by  the  Rhode  Island  Legislature,  to  represent  the 
State  as  one  of  its  Senators  in  the  Congress  of  the  United  States,  for  a 
term  of  six  years,  beginning  Mar.  4,  1839.  During  his  service  in  tin'  Sen- 
ate the  following  named  were  some  of  the  eminent  and  able  men  who 
were  members  of  that  body:  John  C.  Calhoun,  of  So.  Carolina,  Rufus 
Choate,  of  Massachusetts,  Richard  H.  Bayard,  of  Delaware,  Henry 
Clay,  of  Kentucky,  James  Buchanan,  of  Pennsylvania,  Thomas  H. 
Benton,  of  Missouri,  Silas  Wright,  of  New  York,  and  Daniel  Webster, 
of  Massachusetts. 

Mr.  Dixon  passed  away,  as  before  stated,  during  the  second  session  of 
the  Twenty-seventh  Congress.  Many  eloquent  tributes  of  respect  to  his 
..  emory  were  given  by  members  of  the  Senate. 



Children,  b.  at  Westerly: 

2544.  William  Palmer  Dixon,  b.  Nov.  7,  1804;  d.,  at  New  York 

City,  N.  Y.,  in  Jan.,  1S79.  He  m.  Sophia  Smith;  she  d., 
at  New  York,  Aug.  27,  1898. 

2545.  Dau.  unnamed,  b.  Apr.  5,  and  d.  Apr.  10,  1807. 

2546.  Eliza  Palmer,  b.  Apr.  18,  180S;  m.  Rev.  Mark  Tucker  (2552- 


2547.  Frances  Swan,  b.  Feb.   20,   1810;  m.  Jesse  Lathrop  Moss 

254S.    Nathan  Fellows,  b.  May  1,  1812;  m.  Harriet  Palmer  Swan 


2549.  Priscilla  Denison,  b.  June   17,   1815;  m.  Alexander  Smith 


2550.  Courtlandt  Palmer,  b.  June  23,  181 7;  m.  Hannah  Elizabeth 

Denison  (2572-2581). 

2551.  Sarah  Rhodes,  b.  Oct.  12,  1S19;  m.,  June  8,  1853,  as  his  (2) 

wife,  Jesse  L.  Moss;  she  d.  Mar.  26,  1873  (2560,  2561). 

Eliza  Palmer  Dixon  (2546),  b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Apr.  18,  1808;  d., 
at  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  Aug.  31,  1867;  m.,  at  Westerly,  Apr.,  1841, 
Rev.  Mark  Tucker,  D.D.,  b.,  at  Whitestown,  N.  Y.,  June  4,  1795;  d., 
at  Wethersfield,  Mar.  26,  1875.  He  was  graduated  from  Union  Col- 
lege and  then  from  the  Theological  Seminary  at  Schenectady,  N.  Y. 
Having  been  ordained  a  Presbyterian  minister,  he  served  as  pastor  in  the 
following  named  towns  during  his  active  ministry:  Stillwater,  N.  Y., 
Northampton,  Mass.,  Troy,  N.  Y.,  Providence,  R.  I.,  Wethersfield, 
Conn.,  and  Vernon,  Conn. 


2552.  Dixon  Tucker,  b.  in  Feb.,  1843;  d.,  in  England,  in  Oct.,  1893. 

2553.  Fanny  Moss,  b.  Nov.    23,   1846;  m.    (1),  at  Wethersfield, 

Nov.  2,  1876,  Anthony  A.  Barclay,  who  d.  in  1887;  she 
m.  (2),  Aug.  9,  1893,  Giuseppe  Domenici.  She  and  her 
husband  resided  in  Rome,  Italy. 

2554.  Mark,  b.  Nov.  4,  1848.   Res.,  in  1900,  Corning,  N.  Y. 

Frances  Swan  Dixon  (2547),  b..  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Feb.  20,  1810;  d., 
at  Westerly,  Dec.  n,  1850;  m.  Jesse  L.  Moss,  b.  Oct.  25,  1805;  d.,  at 
Westerly,  July  22,  1884;  son  of  Rev.  Reuben  and  Esther  (Cheseborough) 
Moss,  of  Weare,  N.  H.  He  m.  (2)  Sarah  R.  Dixon  (2551),  sister  of  first 
wife.    Jesse  L.  Moss  was  for  forty-five  years  a  member  of  the  firm  of 



Babcock  &  Moss,  in   Westerly,  manufacturers  of  cotton  and  woollen 
goods,  and  held  other  responsible  positions. 
Children : 

2555.  William  Dixon  Moss,  b.  Aug.  25,  1830;  d.  Feb.  26,  1915;  m., 

in  Oct.,  1S50,  Elizabeth  Hazard.  No  issue.   Res.,  Westerly, 
R.  I. 

2556.  Esther  Cheseborough,  1).  Mar.  22,  1833;  d.  Sept.  27,  1834. 

2557.  Courtland  Dixon,  1).  June  0,  1835;  m.,  in  Dec,  1867,  Camilla 

Woodward,  of  New  York  City,  N.  Y.    They  have  six  chil- 
dren, and  res.  in  New  York  City 

2558.  Nathan  Fellows,  b.  Sept.  16,  1838;  d.  Jan  20,  187Q. 

2559.  Jesse  Lathrop,  b.  Nov.  12,  1847;  m.  (1),  in  Oct.,  1876,  Fanny 

Greene  Larned,  of  Chicago,  111.     She  d.  in  June,   1887, 
leaving  one  dau.    Jesse  L.  Moss,  Jr.,  m.  (2)  Harriet  Cal- 
houn, of  Chicago.    One  child.    Res.,  Lake  Forest,  111. 
Children  of  Jesse  L.  Moss  by  second  m.: 

2560.  Fanny  Dixon,  b.,  at  Westerly,  Feb.  6,   1857;  m.  Louis  J. 

Frankenstein,  of  Westerly  (2587-2589). 

2561.  R.  Babcock,  b.  Oct.  15,  1862;  unm.   Res.,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Nathan  Fellows  Dixon,  Jr.  (2548),  son  of  Nathan  Fellows  and  Eliza- 
beth (Palmer)  (2532)  Dixon,  son  of  William  Dixon,  of  Enfield,  Conn., 
b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  L,  May  1,  1812;  d.,  at  Westerly,  Apr.  n,  1881;  m., 
at  Stonington,  Conn.,  June  28,  1843,  his  cousin,  Harriet  Palmer  Swan, 
b.,  at  Norwalk,  Conn.,  Mar.  20,  1816;  dau.  of  Rev.  Roswell  Randall 
Swan  and  his  wife,  Harriet  Palmer.  Mr.  Dixon  was  fitted  for  college  at 
the  Plainfield  (Conn.)  Academy,  the  same  school  attended  by  his  father 
and  grandfather,  and  shortly  after  his  seventeenth  birthday  entered 
Brown  University,  Providence,  R.  1.,  and  was  graduated  with  the  de- 
gree of  A.B.  in  1833.  He  then  attended  the  law  schools  at  New  Haven, 
Conn.,  and  Cambridge,  Mass.,  and  in  1837  was  admitted  to  the  bar  in 
New  London,  Conn.,  and  at  about  the  same  time  to  the  bar  of  Washing- 
ton Co.,  R.  I.  He  located  in  his  native  town,  and  began  the  practice 
of  law  in  Rhode  Island  and  Connecticut.  He  was  a  Representative  from 
Westerly,  R.  I.,  to  the  General  Assembly  for  a  number  of  years.  Mr. 
Dixon,  in  1849,  was  elected  a  Representative  from  Rhode  Island,  on  the 
Whig  ticket,  to  the  Thirty-first  Congress  (Dec,  [849,  to  Mar.,  1:851); 
also  to  the  Thirty-eighth  Congress  (Dec,  1863,  to  Mar.,  1865).  He  was 
re-elei  ted  to  Congress  until  1N70,  when  he  declined  a  re-election.  Upon 
the  death  of  his   father,   in    [842,   Mr.   Dixon,  who  had   been  upon  the 



Board  of  Directors  of  Washington  Bank,  in  Westerly,  was  elected  presi- 
dent of  the  bank,  to  succeed  his  father,  and  this  office  he  held  until  his 
death, —  a  period  of  thirty-nine  years.  For  more  than  thirty  years, 
Nathan  F.  Dixon  was  the  leading  lawyer  in  this  part  of  the  State,  and 
during  the  same  period  was  a  power  in  the  political  affairs  and  social  life 
of  Rhode  Island. 

Children,  b.  at  Westerly: 

2562.  Nathan  Fellows  Dixon,  b.  June  10,  1845;  d.  in  infancy. 

2563.  Nathan  Fellows,  b.  Aug.  28,  1S47;  m.  Grace  McClure. 

2564.  Edward  Hazard,  b.  Oct.  4,  1849;  m.  Antonia  Draper. 

2565.  Phebe  Anne,  b.  Feb.  18,  1852;  m.  James  G.  K.  McClure 


2566.  Walter  Palmer,  b.  Dec.  8,  1S55;  m.  Frances  Lee. 

2567.  Harriet  Swan,  b.  Feb.  24,  1859. 

Priscilla  Denison  Dixon  (2549),  dau.  of  Nathan  Fellows  and  Elizabeth 
(Palmer)  (2532)  Dixon,  b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  L,  June  17,  1815;  d.,  at 
Stonington,  Conn.,  Jan.  12,  1851;  m.,  at  Stonington,  June  19,  1S37, 
Alexander  Smith  Palmer,  b.,  at  Stonington,  Jan.  26,  1806;  d.,  at  Ston- 
ington, Oct.  22,  1894;  son  of  Nathaniel  Palmer,  3d,  and  his  wife,  Mercy 
Brown;  m.,  at  Stonington,  Mar.  iS,  1798.  Alexander  S.  Palmer,  while 
he  was  very  young,  removed  with  his  parents  to  the  village  of  Stoning- 
ton. After  leaving  school  he  was  placed  in  a  lawyer's  office,  but  as  the 
confinement  was  irksome  he  chose  the  life  of  a  sailor.  In  1847  he  sailed 
his  last  voyage,  which  was  from  New  York  to  Liverpool  and  return,  in 
command  of  the  Southerner.  He  then  settled  down  with  his  family  at 
Stonington.  He  was  First  Selectman  of  Stonington,  Representative  to 
the  General  Assembly  of  Connecticut,  and  also  was  chosen  State  Senator. 
The  burial-place  is  on  the  farm,  west  of  Stonington.  The  grounds,  once 
beautiful,  are  now  [1914]  overgrown  with  trees  and  bushes. 

Children,  b.  at  Stonington: 

2568.  Nathaniel  Brown  Palmer,  b.  Nov.   16,   1S40;  m.,  Oct.   10, 

1872,  Harriet  Wilder,  of  Lancaster,  Mass.  He  d.  May  16, 
1877,  on  board  the  City  of  Pekiil,  one  day  out  from  Hong 
Kong,  China.  His  remains  were  brought  to  Stonington 
and  interred  there.  His  widow  m.  B.  F.  Noyes,  of 

2569.  Alexander  Smith,  b.  May  29,  1842;  d.  Aug.  9,  1891;  unm. 

2570.  Louis  Lambert,  b.  July  21,  1845;  d.  May  31,  1887;  unm. 

2571.  Elizabeth  Dixon,  b.  June  6,  1848;  m.,  Sept.  3,  1873,  Richard 



Fanning  Loper,  Jr.,  of  Philadelphia,  Penn.  Res.,  Stoning- 
ton,  Conn.  Children:  (i)  Alexander  Palmer  Loper,  b. 
June  iS,  1874;  (2)  Richard  Fanning,  b.  June  30,  1876; 
(3)  Priscilla  Dixon,  b.  Jan.  15,  1S87;  (4)  Elizabeth  Palmer, 
1).  Mar.  26,  1889. 

Courtlandt  Palmer  Dixon  (2550),  son  of  Nathan  F.  and  Elizabeth 
(Palmer)  (2532)  Dixon;  b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  June  23,  181 7;  d.,  at  New 
York  City,  N.  Y.,  June  5,  1883,  and  interment  was  made  at  Stonington, 
Conn.;  m.,  at  Stonington,  Sept.  g,  1841,  Hannah  Elizabeth  Williams, 
b.,  at  Stonington,  Nov.  16,  181 7;  dau.  of  Ephraim  and  Hannah  Elizabeth 
(Denison)  Williams,  of  Stonington;  she  d.,  at  New  York  City,  Nov.  30, 
1888.  Courtlandt  P.  Dixon  was  connected,  in  New  York  City,  for  a 
number  of  years,  in  the  hardware  business  with  his  uncle,  then  with 
William  R.  Babcock,  in  Yicksburg,  Miss.  He  became  identified  with 
the  Dix  Island  Granite  Co.,  and  furnished  the  granite  for  the  construc- 
tion of  the  newer  parts  of  the  United  States  Treasury  building,  at  Wash- 
ington, 1).  C,  the  Custom  House,  at  Charleston,  S.  C,  and  the  Post- 
office  buildings  in  New  York  and  Philadelphia. 

Children : 

2572.  Nathan  Fellows  Dixon,  b.  Aug.  24,  1S42;  d.  July  2^,  1S43. 

2573.  Courtlandt  Palmer,  b.  May  10,  1845;  d.  July  31,  1S47. 

2574.  William  Palmer,  b.  Mar.  10,  1847;  m.  Evelena  F.  Babcock. 

2575.  Hannah  Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  i(>,  [849;  m.  Henry  Burr. 

2576.  Priscilla  Palmer,  b.  Feb.  25,  1851;  m.  Thomas  Chalmers. 

2577.  Courtlandt  Palmer,  b.  July  8,  1853;  m.  Maria  L.  Polhemus. 

2578.  Ephraim  Williams,  b.  Feb.  18,  1855;  d.  Jan.  7,  1S57. 

2579.  George-  Arthur,  b.  May  0,  1857;  m.  Sarah  Dunton. 

2580.  Ephraim  Williams,  b.  Apr.  14,  1850;  m.  (1)  Pauline  Denison; 

m.  (2)  Mary  Babcock. 

2581.  Pauline  Williams,  1>.  Jan.  4,  1862;  m.  Louis  Lee  Stanton. 

Nathan  fellows  Dixon,  3d  (2563),  b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Aug.  28,  1847; 
d.,  at  Westerly,  Now  S,  1N07;  m.,  at  Albany,  N.  Y.,  June  5,  1873,  Grace 
McClure,  b.  May  15,  1852;  dau.  of  Archibald  and  Susan  Tracy  (Rice) 
Mi  ('lure,  of  Albany.    No  issue.    Mrs.  Dixon's  res.,  1014,  Albany,  N.  Y. 

Mr.  Dixon  passed  through  the  schools  of  Westerly,  fitted  for  college 
at  Phillips  Academy,  Andover,  Ma--.,  and  entered  Brown  University  — 
the  Alma  Mater  of  his  father  and  grandfather.     He  was  graduated  in 

69  with  the  degree  of  A.B.  He  studied  law  at  Westerly  with  his  father 
for  a  year,  and  then  continued  his  studies  at  the  Albany  (N.  Y.)  Law 



School,  where  he  graduated  with  the  degree  of  LL.B.  in  1871.  Having 
been  admitted  the  same  year  to  practise  law  in  the  courts  of  New  York, 
Connecticut,  and  Rhode  Island,  he  located  in  his  native  town,  which 
continued  ever  after  to  be  his  place  of  residence. 

Early  in  1S77  Mr.  Dixon  was  appointed,  by  President  Grant,  United 
States  District  Attorney  for  the  District  of  Rhode  Island,  and  in  1S81 
was  re-appointed,  by  President  Garfield,  for  a  second  term.  He  held  this 
office  until  January,  18S5,  when  he  was  elected  Representative  from  the 
Second  District  of  Rhode  Island  to  the  Forty-eighth  Congress,  to  fill  the 
unexpired  term  of  Hon.  Jonathan  Chace.  From  May,  1885,  to  Apr., 
1889,  Mr.  Dixon  represented  the  town  of  Westerly  in  the  Rhode  Island 
Senate.  The  General  Assembly  of  Rhode  Island,  on  Apr.  10,  1889, 
elected  him,  as  a  Republican,  to  the  United  States  Senate,  and  he  took 
his  seat  as  Senator  in  Dec,  18S9. 

Mr.  Dixon  was  a  man  of  resolute  character,  and  of  views  which  he 
expressed  with  vigor  and  lucidity  whenever  occasion  demanded.  He  is 
buried  in  River  Bend  Cemetery,  with  his  father  and  grandfather,  side 
by  side. 

Edward  Hazard  Dixon  (2564),  son  of  Nathan  Fellows  Dixon,  Jr. 
(2548),  and  Harriet  Palmer  Swan,  b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Oct.  4,  1849; 
d.,  at  Westerly,  July  23,  1S91;  m.,  July  16,  1879,  Antonia  Draper,  dau. 
of  John  W.  Draper,  a  native  of  St.  Helens,  England.  Mr.  Dixon  received 
preliminary  education  in  the  schools  of  Westerly,  and  then  pursued  a 
scientific  course  at  New  York  University,  where  he  was  graduated,  with 
the  degree  of  B.S.,  in  1S71.  The  same  year  he  entered  the  Law  School  of 
Columbia  College,  New  York,  and  was  graduated  in  1873  with  the 
degree  of  LL.B.  Having  been  admitted  to  the  bar,  he  located  in  New 
York  City,  where  he  practised  his  profession  until  a  short  time  before 
his  death.    He  was  buried  in  Westerly.   He  left  no  children. 

Phebe  Anne  Dixon  (2565),  b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Feb.  18,  1852;  m., 
at  Westerly,  Nov.  19,  1879,  Rev.  James  Gore  King  McClure,  b.,  at 
Albany,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  24,  1848;  son  of  Archibald,  Sr.,  and  his  wife,  Susan 
Tracy  (Rice)  McClure.  Mr.  McClure  graduated  from  the  Albany  Boys' 
Academy  in  1865;  he  entered  Phillips  Academy,  Andover,  Mass.,  and 
graduated  in  1866.  The  same  year  he  entered  Yale  College,  and  four 
years  later  graduated  with  the  degree  of  A.B.  After  leaving  Yale  he 
pursued  a  course  in  theology  at  Princeton  (N.  J.)  Theological  Seminary, 
and  graduated  in  1873.  He  was  ordained  a  Presbyterian  minister,  and 
in  1874  was  installed  pastor  of  the  church  at  New  Scotland,  N.  Y.,  where 



he  continued  until  his  marriage.     After  that  went  abroad  for  eighteen 
months,    travelling    through    Europe,    Egypt,    Greece,    and    Palestine. 
Returning  to  this  country  in  1S81,  Mr.  McClure  was  called  to  the  pulpit 
of  the  Presbyterian  Church  in  Lake  Forest,  111. 
Children : 

2582.  Annie  Dixon  McClure,  b.  Nov.  19,  1S81. 

2583.  James  Gore  King,  b.  Oct.  28,  1884. 

2584.  Harriet,  b.  July  27,  1S87. 

2585.  Archibald,  b.  Dec.  30,  1890. 

2586.  Nathan  Dixon,  b.  Aug.  12,  1S97. 

Walter  Palmer  Dixon  (2566),  son  of  Nathan  Fellows  Dixon,  Jr.  (2548), 
and  Harriet  Palmer  Swan,  his  wife,  b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Dec.  8,  1855; 
d.,  at  Westerly,  Aug.  21,  1913;  m.,  at  Waterford,  Conn.,  May  30,  1879, 
Frances  Lee,  b.  May  28,  185S;  dau.  of  Russell  Lee,  b.,  at  Ledyard, 
Conn..  Sept.  19,  1S27,  and  wife,  Harriet  Gilbert,  b.,  at  Lyme,  Conn., 
June  6,  1832.  Mr.  Dixon  was  educated  in  the  schools  of  Westerly,  took 
up  the  profession  of  law,  and  practised  the  same  in  his  home  town  until 
his  death.  Mrs.  Dixon  is  a  member  of  Calvary  Baptist  Church.  No 
issue.    Res.,  Westerly,  R.  I. 

Fanny  Dixon  Moss  (2560),  dau.  of  Jesse  L.  and  Sarah  R.  (Dixon) 

2551  )  Moss,  sister   >f  first  wife,  b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  I.,  Feb.  6,  1S57;  m., 

at    Westerly,  in  the  Congregational  Church,  July   n,   1883,  Louis  J. 

Frankenstein,  who  d.  Nov.  10,  1903.    Mr.  Frankenstein  was  a  successful 

merchant  of  Westerly.    Mrs.  Frankenstein's  res..  Westerly,  R.  1. 


2587.  Katharine   Dixon    Frankenstein,    b..    at   Westerly,    May   4, 

[885.  She  graduated  from  the  Westerly  High  School  in 
[903;  entered  Smith  College  the  following  September,  and 
graduated  in  1007.  The  following  year  was  spent  in  travel 
and  study  in  Europe.  She  went  to  Northfield,  Mass.,  in 
the  fall  of  K)0(),  and  spent  four  years  there,  teaching 
French,  German,  and  English. 

25SS.  Sully  Moss,  b.,  at  Stonington  (Pawcatuck),  Conn.,  Jan.  10, 
[889.  She  graduated  from  the  Westerly  High  School  in 
1908.  She.  with  the  family,  spent  a  year  abroad,  and  stud- 
ied German  and  art.  She  entered  Smith  College  in  1908, 
and  graduated  in  June,  1912. 

25S9.  Elizabeth,  b.,  at  Stonington  (Pawcatuck),  Nov.  3,  1892. 
She  attended  the  Westerly  High  School,  and  then  went 
t<>  Wheaton  College,  at  Norton,  Mass. 



Henry  Walker  Babcock  (2403),  son  of  Ezra  and  Hannah  (Brown) 
(1314a)  Babcock,  of  Alpheus  (1286)  and  Hannah  (Burdick)  Brown 
[Reuben  (1258),  Humphrey  (26),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas],  b.,  at  Homer, 
N.  Y.,  1822;  d.,  at  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  12,  1874;  m.  (1),  at  Bridge- 
water,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  14,  1852,  Angeline  Kellogg,  who  d.  without  issue. 
He  m.  (2)  Hannah  Elizabeth  Palmeter.  Mr.  Babcock  was  a  shoemaker 
and  mason.  He  built  his  home,  where  he  died,  and  all  but  two  of  his 
children  were  born.  He  was  a  Democrat,- and  both  he  and  his  wife  were 
members  of  the  Free  Methodist  Church. 

Children,  b.  at  Brookfield: 

2590.  Dora  Oselba  Babcock,  b.  Aug.  10,  1853;  d.,  at  Columbus, 

N.  Y.,  Nov.  18,  1S94. 

2591.  May  Loverne,  b.  Nov.  30,  1854;  m.  Eugene  Wallace  Crumb 


2592.  Stella,  b.  Aug.  26,  1S56;  d.,  at  Brookfield,  July,  1861. 

2593.  Fannie  Elizabeth,  b.  Nov.  7,  1858;  d.,  at  New  Berlin,  N.  Y., 

Sept.  11,  1899. 

2594.  George  Ambrose,  b.  Dec.  1,  i860;  d.,  at  New  Berlin,  July  2, 


2595.  Jay  Warren,  b.  June  17,  1S63. 

2596.  Charles  Henry,  b.  Mar.  22,  1865. 

2597.  Jennie  Estelle,  b.  May  2,  1867. 

2598.  Fairie  Belle,  b.  Apr.  29,  1870;  m.  James  H.  Adams  (2601, 


2599.  Olive  Emogene,  b.  Nov.  2,  1872;  d.,  at  New  Berlin,  Dec.  18, 


May  Loverne  Babcock  (2591),  dau.  of  Henry  Walker  Babcock  (2403) 
and  Hannah  Elizabeth  Palmeter,  of  Ezra  and  Hannah  (Brown)  (1314a) 
Babcock,  b.,  at  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  30,  1854;  m.,  at  New  Berlin, 
N.  Y.,  June  17,  1871,  Eugene  Wallace  Crumb,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  Conn., 
Apr.  7,  1849.  Mr.  Crumb  has  been  engaged  in  buying  and  shipping  live 
stock  to  Chicago  and  other  points  for  over  forty  years.  His  wife  is  a 
member  of  the  Seventh-Day  Baptist  Church.   Res.,  Walworth,  Wis. 


2600.  Mary  Estella  Crumb,  b.,  at  Walworth,  Mar.  31,  1876;  m., 

Dec.  12,  1900,  Oliver  Lewis  Putnam,  b.,  at  Canajoharie, 
N.  Y.,  May  18,  1873.  Children:  (1)  Russell  Eugene,  b.,  at 
Walworth,  Apr.  16,  1904;  (2)  Monroe  L.,  b.,  at  Harvard, 
111.,  Dec.  19,  1908. 



Fairie  Belle  Babcock  (2508),  dau.  of  Henry  Walker  (2403)  and  Hannah 
E.  1  Palmeter)  Babcock,  of  Brookfield,  N.  Y.,  b.,  at  Brooklield,  Apr.  29, 
1S70;  m.,  at  New  Berlin,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  n,  1887,  James  H.  Adams,  b.,  at 
New  Berlin,  July  4,  1867.  He  is  a  merchant,  keeping  a  general  store  of 
the  first  class.  He  is  as>i>ted  by  his  dau.  and  son,  and  is  doing  a  pros- 
perous business.    Res.,  New  Berlin,  N.  Y. 

Children,  b.  at  New  Berlin: 

2601.  Mildred  Mae  Adams,  b.  Jan.  27,  1893. 

2602.  James  Harry,  b.  Sept.  16,  1896. 

FROM   \\  KSTERLY  TOWN  RECORDS   (BOOK  4,   1779-1819,  p.  459). 

It  is  not  certainly  known  who  Rhoda  Brown  was,  but  she  lived  in 
No.  Stonington,  Conn.,  as  did  some  of  the  Bliven  families  afterwards, 
and  belongs  in  these  Brown  families. 

Joshua  Bliven,  of  Westerly,  R.  L,  and  Rhoda  Brown,  of  Stonington, 
Conn.,  m.,  at  Stonington,  July  30,  1796. 

Children,  b.  at  Stonington: 

2603.  Joshua  Bliven,  b.  June  2,  1797. 

2604.  Ledyard,  b.  Mar.  S,  179S. 

2605.  Ira,  b.  Nov.  2,  1799;  m.  Sally  Brown. 

2606.  Rhoda,  b.  Sept.  20,  1801. 

2607.  Russell,  b.  Mar.  20,  1803.     He  m.  in  No.  Stonington,  Conn., 

and  had  a  family  of  children,  and  he  probably  lived 
in  No.  Stonington  all  his  life.  The  compiler  remembers 
him  in  his  boyhood  as  a  man  who  went  about  hewing 
ship  timber  and  timber  for  houses.  The  last  of  his  life  he 
built  a  house  west  of  the  Christopher  Brown  house,  in  No. 
Stonington,  where  he  d.  The  land  where  his  house  stood 
was  purchased,  in  1014,  by  Dr.  C.  Wesley  Hale,  of  Spring- 
field, Mass.,  whose  summer  home  is  in  No.  Stonington. 

Ira  Bliven  (2605),  of  Stonington,  Conn.,  and  Sally  brown,  of  Hop- 
kinton,  k.  I.,  m.,  at  Stonington,  Jan.  n,  1827,  "by  me  -  Asher 
.Miner,  Elder." 

Virtue,  not  ancestry,  makes  wen  truly  noble. 

Emma  (Bartletl  I  Torrance's  records  are  partially  written  and  printed 
on  p.  123;  but  getting,  later,  more  complete  records  of  her  family,  they 
are  continued  hen-. 

Emma  Bartletl  (0541,  dau.  of  Gideon  and  Lydia  (Brown)  (808) 
Bartlett  [Robert  (80]  I,  Samuel  (52),  Thomas  (22),  Thomas  (2),  Thomas], 
b.,  at  Enfield,  Mass.,  Sept.  8,  [819;  d.,  at  Gales  Creek,  Ore.,  Jan.  9,  1908, 


Emma  (Bartlett)  Torrance  (954) 
Taken  at  age  of  87  years 







W      c/5 

fe<      S3 



and  was  buried  at  Yamhill,  Ore.;  m.,  at  Enfield,  July  10,  1839,  Jeduthan 
Torrance,  Jr.,  b.,  near  Enfield,  May  19,  1S17;  he  d.,  at  Yamhill,  Sept. 
20,  1S96.  Mr.  Torrance  in  his  early  days  made  shoes,  but  spent  the 
greater  part  of  his  life  in  farming  and  stock-raising.  They  lived  in  and 
near  Enfield  until  about  1S50,  then  moved  to  Cook  Co.,  111.;  and  in 
1854,  after  a  brief  visit  to  their  old  home  in  Massachusetts,  they  moved 
to  Oregon,  where  they  lived  until  death. 

2608.  Emma  Willmina  Torrance,  b.,  near  Enfield,  Feb.  27,  1842; 

m.  Thomas  Cox  (2617-2620). 

2609.  Orianna  Isadore,  b.,  near  Enfield,  Jan.  2,  1844;  m.  Thomas  W. 

Perry  (2621-2631). 

2610.  Henry  Jeduthan,  b.,  at  Enfield,  Nov.  17,  1845;  m.  Sarah  E. 


2611.  Elena  M.,  b.,  at  Enfield,  Jan.  29,  1848;  d.  there  Nov.  30, 


2612.  Sarah  Jane,  b.,  in  Cook  Co.,  111.,  Dec.  19,  1852;  d.,  in  Mult- 

nomah Co.,  Ore.,  July  20,  1855. 

2613.  Almira  Elizabeth,  b.,  in  Multnomah  Co.,  Jan.  1,  1855;  d., 

at  Yamhill,  June  13,  i860. 

2614.  Charles  Frederic,  b.,  at  Yamhill,  Dec.  7,  1856;  unm.     Mr. 

Torrance  sent,  although  very  sick  at  the  time,  Feb.  1, 
191 5,  very  excellent  records  of  his  father's  and  mother's 
families.   Res.,  1915,  Forest  Grove,  Ore. 

2615.  Corrie  Adelade,  b.,  at  Yamhill,  Jan.   27,   1859;  m.  David 

Crockett  Richardson  (2632-2634). 

2616.  Lydia  Eunice,  b.,  at  Yamhill,  Nov.  27,  i860;  m.,  about  1879, 

Thomas  G.  Stevenson.  There  were  five  children,  three  of 
whom  are  now  living.  Divorced.  M.  (2),  about  1896, 
Howard  Miles,  since  deceased.  No  issue.  Address,  Mrs. 
L.  E.  Miles,  27 1£  Morrison  St.,  Portland,  Ore. 

Emma  Willmina  Torrance  (2608),  dau.  of  Emma  Bartlett  (954)  and 
Jeduthan  Torrance,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  27,  1842;  m.,  at  Yamhill  Co.,  Ore.,  Mar. 
6,  1861,  Thomas  Cox,  b.,  in  Brook  Co.,  W.  Va.,  Mar.  19,  1825. 

Children : 

2617.  Effie  Willmina  Cox,  b.,  in   Tillamook  Co.,  Ore.,   Feb.   23, 

1862;  d.,  in  Washington  Co.,  Ore.,  Jan.  25,  1897. 

2618.  Mark  Torrance,  b.,  in  Tillamook  Co.,  Ore.,  Mar.  22,  1868; 

unm.   He  was  a  teacher  and  now  lives  on  the  home  farm,  in 



Washington  Co.,  near  Forest  Grove,  Ore.,  and  cares  for 
his  aged  parents  there. 

2619.  Emma  Isabel,  b.,  in  Yamhill  Co.,  Oct.  10,  1869;  d.,  at  Gales 

Creek,  Washington  Co.,  Jan.  16,  1888. 

2620.  Ada  May,  b.,  in  Tillamook  Co.,  July  27,  1S74;  d.,  at  Forest 

Grove,  July  16,  1896;  m.,  at  Gales  Creek,  June  19,  1S95, 
Savil  Wilson  Her,  b.,  at  Gales  Creek,  Dec.  8,  1868.  Dau.: 
Edna  May  Her,  b.,  at  Forest  Grove,  May  27,  1896.  Res., 
Forest  Grove,  Ore. 

Orianna  Isadore  Torrance  (2609),  dau.  of  Jeduthan  Torrance,  Jr.,  and 
Emma  Bartlett  (954),  b.,  near  Enfield,  Mass.,  Jan.  2,  1S44;  m.,  at  Yam- 
hill, Ore.,  Nov.  18,  1866,  Thomas  W.  Perry,  b.,  at  Wooster,  O.,  Nov.  26, 
1839;  d.,  at  Yamhill,  May  29,  iqi2.    Her  res.,  Yamhill,  Ore. 

Children,  b.  at  Yamhill: 

2621.  Martha  Emma  Perry,  b.  Nov.  4,  1867;  m.  Joseph  Arnold. 

2622.  Elsie  Mary,  b.  Feb.  25,  1869;  m.  Philips  Withycombe. 
2023.    Robert  Allen,  b.  Jan.  18,  1871;  unm. 

2624.  Bessie  V.,  b.  Apr.  3,  1S73;  m.  Ivan  M.  Daniel. 

2625.  Zella  Mabel,  b.  May  24,  1875;  d.  June  7,  1885. 

2626.  Richard  Elbert,  b.  July  30,  1877;  d.,  at  Manila,  P.  I.,  Aug. 

20,  1898;  unm.  He  was  a  soldier  in  Co.  A,  2d  Oregon 

2627.  Mina  Alice,  b.  May  12,  1878;  m.  Frank  S.  Johnson. 

2628.  Thomas  Torrance,  b.  Sept.  12,  1881;  m.  Janet  McFaul. 

2629.  Hope  Evelyn,  b.  Apr.  1,  1884;  unm. 

2630.  Rosseter  Bartlett,  b.  Jan.  4,  1887;  unm. 

2631.  Darsa   Elizabeth,   b.    Feb.  24,  1800;  m.  Clarence  C.  Eccle- 


Corrie  Adelaide  Torrance  (2615),  dau.  of  Jeduthan,  Jr.,  and  Emma 
(Bartlett)  (954)  Torrance,  b.,  at  Yamhill,  Ore.,  Jan.  27,  1859;  d.,  al 
Yamhill,  Dee.  13,  iSSS;  m.  there,  Nov.  3,  187S,  David  Crockett  Rich- 
ardson,  b.,  at  Cumberland  Institute,  White  Co.,  Tenn.,  Dec.  20,  1853. 
His  res.,  Portland,  Ore. 

Children,  b.  at  Yamhill: 

2632.  Corrie    Emma    Richardson,   b.    Dec.    12,    1S79;    m.    William 

Haukins  (2635    2638). 

2633.  William  David,  1>.  Aug.  16,  1881;  m.  Mollie  Johnson  (2639, 


2634.  Roy  Ralph.,  b.   Dec.  13,  1888;  m.  Alice  Marie  McCann,  b. 

Sept.  22,  1890.     No  issue.     Res.,  1915,  Forest  Grove,  Ore. 



Corrie  Emma  Richardson  (2632),  dau.  of  Corrie  Adelaide  Torrance 
(2615)  and  David  C.  Richardson,  b.,  at  Yamhill,  Ore.,  Dec.  12,  1S79; 
m.,  Dec.  20,  1S99,  William  Haukins,  b.,  near  Alton,  Osborne  Co.,  Kan., 
May  9,  1874. 

Children,  b.  at  Yamhill: 

2635.  Doris  Emma  Haukins,  b.  Oct.  7,  1900. 

2636.  Lela  Ethel,  b.  Oct.  1,  1902. 

2637.  Bessie  Lucile,  b.  Sept.  18,  1904. 

2638.  Herschel  William,  b.  June  4,  1913. 

William  David  Richardson  (2633),  b.  Aug.  16,  1881;  m.,  at  Spokane, 
Wash.,  Aug.  10,  1905,  Mollie  Johnson,  b.  June  24,  1886.  Res.,  Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 


2639.  Ruth  Olive  Richardson,  b.,  at  Spokane,  Apr.  5,  1906. 

2640.  Helen  Elizabeth,  b.,  at  Minneapolis,  Jan.  27,  191 1. 

Jerusha  Brown  (20),  dau.  of  Thomas  (2)  and  Hannah  (Collins) 
Brown  [for  the  order  in  her  father's  family,  see  p.  17],  b.,  at  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Dec.  25,  168S;  m.  Thomas  Edwards,  b.  Nov.  28,  1687;  son  of 
Thomas  and  Maria  (Burch)  Edwards. 

"  Thomas  Edwards  and  Jerusha  Brown,  both  of  Stonington  were 
married  in  ye  year  of  171 2  by  Nathaniel  Cheesborough,  Justice  of  the 

In  presence  of  us 

Thomas  Brown 

Sarah  Edwards." 

This  Thomas  Brown  and  Sarah  Edwards  who  were  witnesses  to  the 
ceremony  were  probably  her  younger  brother  Thomas  (22)  and  her 
younger  sister  Sarah  (21).  This  union  explains  where  the  Edwards  and 
Maine  ancestors  of  the  Jabish  Main  family  found  the  name  Collins  for 
a  first  name.  [See  B.  and  M.  G.  555,  p.  130.]  Dr.  C.  Wesley  Hale  [B.  and 
M.  G.,  p.  135]  has  the  statement  in  the  handwriting  of  his  great-grand- 
mother Freelove  (Edwards)  Maine,  that  Jerusha  Brown  (20)  was  the 
dau.  of  Thomas  Brown  (2).  In  view  of  the  above  facts  and  many  others, 
there  seems  to  be  no  doubt  of  the  identity  of  the  particular  parties  to 
this  union. 

Children  of  Thomas  and  Jerusha  (Brown)  (20)  Edwards: 

2641.  Thomas  Edwards,  b.  Aug.  7,  1713.    [Stonington  Rec] 

2642.  Christopher,  b.  Mar.  30,  1715.    [Stonington  Rec] 

2643.  Jerusha,  b.  Sept.  10,  1718.    [Stonington  Rec] 



2644.  Sarah,  1).  Jan.  24,  1720-21.    [Westerly,  R.  I.,  Rec] 

2645.  Daniel,  b.  Mar.  15,  1722-23.    [Westerly,  R.  I..  Rec] 

Christopher  Edwards  (2642)  m.  (1)  Phebe  Wells  (or  Welles),  and  had 
children.  He  m.  (2)  Amy,  dau.  of  Thomas  Hall,  of  Rhode  Island,  and 
had  children.  His  dan.  Freelove  Edwards,  b.,  at  No.  Stonington,  Conn., 
Sept.  6,  177(1.  m.  Jabish  B.  Maine,  of  No.  Stonington.    [See  B.  and  M.  G. 

4>SS-  P-  79-1 

11  All  yesterday  is  gone; 
To-morrow  's  not  our  own." 

The  following  is  an  addition  to  Rebecca  Miner  (1557),  on  p.  209. 

Rebecca  Miner  (1557),  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Elizabeth  (Brown)  (29) 
Miner,  of  John  (8)  and  Elizabeth  (Miner)  Brown,  of  Thomas  Brown  who 
m.  Mary  Newhall,  of  Lynn,  Mass.  Rebecca  Miner,  b.,  at  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Aug.  iS,  1720;  m.,  at  Stonington,  Feb.  20,  1742,  Elisha  Avery, 
b.  Mar.  13,  1718;  d.  July  13,  1776;  son  of  Elisha,  Sr.,  and  Elizabeth 
(Babcock)  Avery. 

Children : 

2646.  Joseph  Avery,  b.  Apr.   13,  1743;  m.  Deborah  King  (2650- 


2647.  Elisha,  b.  Feb.  7,  1747. 

2648.  Rebecca,  b.  Sept.  20,  1752. 

2649.  Samuel,  b.  Mar.  20,  1755. 

Joseph  Avery  (2646),  son  of  Elisha  Avery  and  Rebecca  Miner,  b.  Apr. 
13,  1743;  d.,  at  Tyringham,  Mass.,  Mar.  3,  1814;  m.,  May  31,  1772, 
Deborah  King,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Rebecca  (Mead)  King;  she  d.,  at 
Bergen,  N.  Y.,  June  30,  1830.  Mr.  Avery  was  a  Presbyterian  minister 
and  missionary  under  the  auspices  of  the  Berkshire  County  Missionary 
Society,  during  which  service  he  made  many  missionary  journeys  through 
New  York  State.  He  was  the  first  minister  to  preach  to  the  white  settlers 
of  the  Niagara  Frontier.  He  preached  the  first  sermon  in  the  town  of 
Verona,  Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y. 


2650.  Samuel   Avery,    b.,    at    Sag   Harbor,  L.   I..  N.   Y.,   Mar.  30, 

1773;  m.  Rebecca  Langdon  I  2655C-2655J). 

2651.  Elisha.  I).,  at  New  London,  Conn.,  July  29,  1775;  d.  Dec.  17, 


2652.  Rebecca,  l>.,  at  New  London,  Apr.  14,  1779. 

653.     Betsey   (or  Elizabeth),  b.,  at  Alford,  Conn.,  May  10,   1782; 



d.,  at  Clarendon,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  30,  1863;  m.,  June  1,  1807, 
Seth  Langdon. 

2654.  Sally,  b.,  at  Alford,  Sept.  13,  1784. 

2655.  Ancy,  b.,  at  Alford,  Oct.  16,  1788;  d.,  at  Barre,  N.  Y.,  Mar., 

2655a.  Joseph  Babcock,  b.,  at  Tyringham,  Sept.  4,  1791;  d.  Nov.  17, 

1881;  m.,  Mar.  29,  1831,  Armena  Churchill,  b.  June  22, 

1S01;  d.  Jan.  27,  1886. 
2655b.  Polly,  b.,  at  Tyringham,  July  20,  1794;  d.,  at  Holly,  N.  Y., 

Aug.  4,  1857;  m. Hood. 

Samuel  Avery   (2650),   son  of  Joseph   (2646)   and  Deborah   (King) 
Avery,  b.  Mar.  30,  1773;  d.,  at  Lisbon,  111.,  Apr.  25,  1S49;  m.,  Feb.  11, 
1796,  Rebecca  Langdon,  b.  Aug.  28,  1773;  d.,  at  Lisbon,  Oct.  12,  1850; 
dau.  of  Noah  and  Anna  (Porter)  Langdon. 

2655c.  Elisha  Denison  Avery,  b.,  at  Westmoreland,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  14, 

1796;  m.  x\moret  Gridley  (2655k,  2655I). 
2655d.  Laura,  b.,  at  Westmoreland,  Oct.  5,  1798;  d.  Dec.  8,  1872; 

m.,  Feb.,  18 19,  James  Whitney,  son  of  Aaron  and  Sarah 

2655c  John  Porter,  b.,  at  Westmoreland,  Sept.   22,   1800;  d.,  at 

Verona,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  26,  181S. 
2655L  Milicent,  b.,  at  Verona,  Feb.  18,  1802;  d.,  at  Morris,  111., 

Nov.  2,  1887;  m.,  Nov.  25,  1829,  Nathaniel  Smith,  son  of 

James  and  Mary  Smith,  of  Sharon,  N.  Y.;  he  d.  July  14, 

2655g.  Mira,  b.,  at  Verona,  Nov.  28,  1805;  d.,  at  Verona,  Dec.  2, 

2655b.  Elmina,  b.,  at  Verona,  Oct.  17,  1807;  d.,  at  Ottawa,  111.,  Feb. 

21,  1882;  m.,  June  1,  1842,  Rockwell  Combs,  son  of  John 

Combs,  of  Boonville,  N.  Y.;  he  d.  Apr.  3,  1844.    Elmina 

Combs  m.   (2)  Laurentius  Snow,  son  of  Dr.  and  Sarah 

Snow,  of  Boonville;  he  d.,  at  Morris,  July  28,  1875. 
2655L  Samuel  King,  b.,  at  Verona,  June  9,   1810;  m.,  June  30, 

1836,  Asenath  Wilder,  dau.  of  Abel  and  Asenath  Wilder; 

she  d.,  at  Lisbon,  Nov.  24,  1874;  he  m.  (2)  Tirza  Wilder. 
2655J.  Mira  Maloma,  b.,  at  Verona,  Nov.   23,  1812;  d.  Jan.  24, 

1899;  m.,  June  19,  1832,  John  L.  Fretcher,  son  of  John  and 

Elizabeth  Fretcher,  of  Verona. 



Elisha  Denison  Avery  (2655c),  son  of  Samuel  Avery  (2650)  and  Re- 
becca Langdon,  b.  Dec.  14.  1796;  d.,  at  Bergen,  X.  V.,  July  20,  1S32; 
in.,  May  6,  1827,  Amoret  Gridley,  1).,  at  Farmington,  Conn.,  Dec.  11, 
1803;  d.,  at  Wheatland,  X.  Y.,  Mar.  7,  1880;  dau.  of  Judah  and  Sarah 
Bea<  h  1  ( rridley. 

2655k.  Sarah    Rebecca  Avery,  b.,  at  Bergen,   Mar.    18,   1828;    m. 

Volney  Paine  brown  (2655111-2655 
2655I.    Chauncy  Porter,  b.  Nov.  [3,  1830;  d.,  at  New  York  City, 
X.  Y.,  Mar.  11,  [888;  m.,  Jan.  10,  1866,  Lucy  Maria  Ely, 
dau.  of  Calom  Noyes  and  Martha    (Grinnell)    Ely.    No 

Sarah  Rebecca  Avery  (2655k),  the  preceding,  b.  Mar.  18,  1828;  d., 
at  Rochester.  X.  Y.,  Jan.  16,  1899;  111.,  at  Boonville,  X.  Y.,  Sept.  2, 
[848,  Volney  Paine  brown,  b.  Oct.  23,  1823;  d.,  at  Rochester,  July  4, 
1906;  son  of  Gen.  Theron  and  Clarissa  (Harmon)  Brown.  He  was  a 
prominent  and  very  extensive  agriculturist,  held  many  town  offices,  and 
was  a  member  of  the  Xew  York  State  Assembly. 

:m.  Carrie  Louise  Brown,  b.  1849;  d.  young. 
265511.  Harriet  Elmina,  b.  Jan.   14,   [852;  in.   Frank  Fowler  Dow 

(2(>55r  26551). 
26550.  Ruth  Ann,  b.   [854;  d.  young. 

2655]).  Florence  Maria,  b.  Apr.  27,  1856;  m.  -  — .  She  has  been 
General  Secretary  of  the  Young  Women's  Christian  Asso- 
ciation  in  Rochester,  Lancaster,  and  Pittsburgh,  Penn.,  and 
now  Washington,  D.  C. 
2655q.  Elisha  Frank,  l>.  May  [3,  [864;  d.  1  >ec.  20,  1909;  m.,  Apr.  12, 
[898,  Nelle  Edna  Williams,  dau.  i>\  Elliott  W.  and — 
(Bailey)  Williams,  of  Clarksburg.  W.  \'a.;  she  d.  Feb.  7, 
1007.    Dau.:  Margaret  Amoret  Brown,  b.  [898. 

Harriet  Elmina  Brown  (265511),  dau.  of  Sarah  Avery  and  Volney 
Paine  brown,  b.  Jan.  14,  [852;  111.,  at  Wheatland,  X.  Y.,  Sept .  10,  1N77, 
Frank  Fowler  Dow,  A.B.,  M.A.,  M.D.  (Amherst  College,  [874),  b.,  at 
Fowlerville,  X.  Y.,  Apr.  10,  1851;  son  of  B.  F.  and  Caroline  (Capron) 
Dow.  He  is  a  graduate  of  the  buffalo  Medical  School,  and  Student  at 
Vienna  and  London.  He  i-  a  practising  physician  in  Rochester,  X.  Y.; 
author  of  the  '•Dow  Law,"  which  governs  the  educational  system  of 
Rochester;  and  is  actively  interested  in  medical  societies.     Harriet  B. 


Dow  has  been  Recording  Secretary  of  the  Woman's  Educational  and 
Industrial  Union  since  its  formation,  in  1893.  She  is  a  member  of  the 
Mayflower  Society,  Colonial  Dames,  officer  of  the  Irondequoit  Chapter,. 
D.  A.  R.,  since  1903,  regent  since  1908,  and  is  interested  in  reading  and 
study  clubs.  Res.,  429  Park  Ave.,  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

2655r.  Leland  Brown  Dow,  b.,  at  Wheatland,  Mar.  2,  1880;  m.  Edith 

Longfellow  Vaughn  (2655U). 
2655s.  Fayette  Brown,  b.,  at  Peru,  Ind.,  Aug.  25,  1881;  m.  Annie 

Lloyd  Thomas  (2655V). 
2655!.  Amoret  Brown,  b.,  at   Rochester,   May   1,   1889;   d.   there 
Feb.  10,  1892. 

Leland  Brown  Dow  (2655O,  son  of  Frank  F.  and  Harriet  E.  (Brown) 
(265511)  Dow,  b.  Mar.  2,  1880;  m.,  at  Rochester,  N.  Y.,  May  18,  1907, 
Edith  Longfellow  Vaughn,  dau.  of  Richard  Fairfax  and  Mary  (Long- 
fellow) Vaughn.  Mr.  Dow  graduated  from  Amherst  College  in  1904 
with  the  degree  of  A.B.    He  is  a  business  man  in  Kansas  City,  Mo. 


2655U.  Leland  B.  Dow,  Jr.,  b.,  at  Rochester,  Apr.  13,  190S. 

Fayette  Brown  Dow  (2655s),  brother  of  the  preceding,  b.  Aug.  25, 
1 881;  m.,  at  Denver,  Col.,  June  18,  1913,  Annie  Lloyd  Thomas,  dau.  of 
Lloyd  and  Annie  (Schley)  Thomas.  Mr.  Dow  is  a  graduate  of  Amherst, 
class  of  1904,  with  the  degree  of  A.B.  He  is  now  Examining  Attorney  of 
the  Interstate  Commerce  Commission,  Washington,  D.  C. 


2655V.  Anne  Thomas  Dow,  b.  Aug.  2,  1914. 


Nicholas1  Utter,  the  immigrant,  was  b.  about  1637.  From  1630  to 
1640  there  was  a  large  influx  of  people  from  England  to  New  England, 
landing  at  Lynn,  Salem,  and  Newbury,  Mass.  Doubtless  the  parents  of 
Nicholas  Utter  were  among  these  immigrants.  Nicholas  Utter  was  b. 
about  1637.  The  precise  time  and  place  is  not  of  record.  There  are  tra- 
ditions that  che  native  country  of  the  Utter  family  was  Sweden;  one, 
that  they  came  from  Holland;  another  claims  the  name  should  be  Von 
Utter.  But  what  is  correct  is  not  yet  ascertained.  It  is  found  that  he 
lived  in  Westerly,  R.  I.,  and  Stonington,  Conn.    He  was  twice  m.    The 

name  of  his  first  wife  was  Deborah;  the  second  wife  was  Elizabeth , 

a  widow,  who  d.  after  1722.  He  d.  before  1723. 



Children : 

2656.   Jabez2  Utter,  b.  -     -;  m.  Mary 

2657.  Thomas,  b.  about  1670;  m. Cottrell;  d.  before  Nov.  14, 

1726.  He  was  made  freeman  of  the  town  of  Westerly,  R.  I., 
Oct.  29,  1707. 

2658.  Nicholas,  Jr.,  b. ;  m.  Margaret 

2659.  Millicent,  b.  ;  m.  John  Yeomans. 

2660.  William,  b. 

2661.  Sarah,  b. ;  m. Forman. 

"A  list  of  all  ye  freemen  of  Westerly  Town  from  the  first  Settlement 
thereof."  The  number  recorded  about  170  men.  Among  these  are  Nich- 
olas Utter  and  Thomas  Utter.   No  date  of  this  record  is  given. 

The  Land  Evidence  Books  of  the  Town  of  Westerly,  R-  I.,  show, 
by  the  several  deeds  of  record,  and  transfers  to  several  people,  that 
Nicholas  Utter  and  his  four  sons  were  landholders  in  Westerly.  Deeds 
in  some  instances  were  signed  by  their  marks,  by  which  it  must  not  be 
inferred  they  could  not  write,  but  that  sickness,  infirmity,  and  old  age 
were  the  cause.  For  earlier  transactions  their  signatures  are  given.  In 
Book  3,  p.  20,  Nicholas  Utter  is  mentioned  as  owning  land  in  Westerly, 
R.  I.,  in  July  "ye  13  day  1719-"  Also,  Nicholas  Utter,  in  Book  3,  Land 
Evidence,  and  his  son  Nicholas  Utter,  Jr.,  were  mentioned  in  a  transac- 
tion in  February,  "ye  S  day  1720/21  per  John  Babcock  Town  Clerk." 


[Book  2,  p.  112.) 

Nicholas  Utter  sold  lands  in  Westerly,  R.  L,  to  his  son  Nicholas  Utter, 
Jr.   The  deed  is  dated  the  ninth  day  of  May,  1711. 

Nicholas  Utter  [seal] 
[Book  3,  p.SS.] 

A  certain  parcel  of  land  bounded  and  belonging  to  Nicholas  Utter 
deceased dated  March  ye  10  day  1722/3. 

Hence  Nicholas  Utter  died  previous  to  1722-23. 

[Book  3,  p.  Q2.} 

I  Jabez  Utter  of  the  town  of  Killingly  count)-  of  New  London  and  Col- 
ony of  Connecticut       Labourer       for  and   in   consideration  of  Forty 
eight  pounds  Current   money  New   England,  in  hand  paid  by  James 
Kenyon  of  the  town  of  South  Kingstown  in  the  Colony  of  Rhode  Island 
,and  Providence  Plantations  in  New  England-    Yeomans.    Bargain  sell 



unto  said  James  Kenyon  aforesaid  a  certain  tract  of  land  in  said  town 

Jabez  Utter  [seal] 
Signed  Sealed  and  Delivered 
in  presence  of 
Joseph  Babcock 
Thomas  Utter 

May  ye  iSth  a.d.  1723. 

[Book  3,  p.  92.] 

To  all  People  to  whom  these  presents  may  or  shall  hereafter  come 

Know  ye  that  I  Thomas  Utter  of  the  town  of  Stonington  in  the  County 
of  New  London  and  Colony  of  Connecticut:  Laborer,  for  and  in  consider- 
ation of  Forty  Eight  pounds  current  money  of  New  England,  To  me  in 
hand  paid,  Receipt  whereof  I  do  hereby  acknowledge  is  truly  paid  by 
James  Kenyon  of  the  Town  of  South  Kingstown  in  the  Colony  of  Rhode 
Island  and  Providence  Plantations  in   New  England,   Yeoman,   The 

receipt  of  which  I  do  hereby  acknowledge I  give  grant  bargain 

sell  Convey  and  Consign  unto  him  the  sd.  James  Kenyon  his  heirs  and 
assigns  forever  two  tracts  of  land  and  being  situated  in  the  Town  of 
Westerly  one  of  said  tracts  of  land  which  contains  twenty  nine  acres 
more  or  less,  bounded  as  followeth  on  the  west  bounded  by  land  be- 
longing to  Jabez  Utter 

The  other  tract  of  land  which  contains  twenty  one  acres  and  half, 
bounded  on  the  east  by  land  belonging  unto  William  Utter 

Witness  my  hand  and  seal  this  18th  day  of  May  anno  Domini  one 
thousand  seven  hundred  and  twenty-three  and  in  the  ninth  of  King 
George's  Reign  etc. 

Thomas  Utter  [seal] 
Signed  sealed  and  delivered 
in  presence  of 

Joseph  Babcock 

Jabez  Utter 

Enter  May  the  18  Day 
1723  by  John  Babcock 
Town  Clerk. 

[Book  2,  p.  233.} 

Nicholas  Utter  Jr.  and  Wife  Margaret  both  of  the  Town  of  Westerly 
Rhode  Island  and  Providence  Plantations  in  New  England  —  Yeoman. 



For  and  in  consideration  of  ye  sum  of  thirty  pounds  of  current  silver 
money  of  New  England,  by  George  Babcock,  Kings  Town -- Yeoman 

ye  Receipt  whereof  we  do  hereby  acknowledge 

Signed  and  sealed  this  second  day  of  January  in  the  year  of  our  Lord 
ijoq/io.  Nicholas  Utter  [seal] 

Nicholas  ^  Utter  [seal] 



I  William  Utter  of  Warwick  in  ye  Colony  of  Rhode  Island  and  Provi- 
dence Plantations  in  New  England  -  -  Yeoman.  For  and  in  consideration 
of  the  full  and  just  sum  of  Thirty  pounds  of  current  money  of  New 
England  to  me  in  hand  and  truly  paid  by  George  Babcock  Tun.  of  the 
town  of  Westerly  and  Colony  aforesaid  --  Yeoman  --  ye  receipt  whereof 

I  do  acknowledge  etc certain  tract  of  land  being  in  the  town  of 

Westerly  and  Colony  aforesaid,  bounded  in  part  by  land  of  James  Ken- 
yon,  containing  by  estimation  twenty  nine  acres  be  ye  same  more  or 
less.  Butted  and  bounded  on  land  by  James  Kenyon,  on  the  west 

In  witness  whereof  I  have  hereunto  set  my  hand  and  seal  the  5  day  (''i 
February  in  ye  year  of  our  Lord  one  Thousand  Seven  Hundred  and 
twenty  eight  or  nine.  In  ye  Second  Year  of  his  Majesty's  Reign  George 
ye  Second  by  ye  Grace  of  God  King  of  Great  Britain  etc. 

William  Utter  [seal] 
Signed  sealed  and  Delivered 
in  the  presence  of  us 

zorababel  westcote 

John  Warner  Jin. 

Jabez2  Utter  (2656),  son  of  Nicholas  Utter  the  immigrant,  b.  about 
1668;  m.  Mary  -  — .  Jabez  Utter  lived  at  one  time  in  the  town  of  Kil- 
lingly,  Conn.,  as  shown  by  sale  of  land  in  Westerly  to  James  Kenyon. 
The  records  of  the  town  of  Killingly  show  that  Samuel  and  Johannah 
liter  lived  in  Killingly  and  had  the  following  children  --  not  numbered, 
as  they  are  carried  no  further. 
(  liildren: 

Unnamed  child,  b.  May  18,  1722. 

Samuel  Utter,  b.  July  13,  1723. 

Mary,  b.  Mar.  30,   1  725. 

Johannah,  b.  Sept.  1  7,  1  727. 



Zerviah,  b.  July  6,  1729. 

Lydia,  b.  Mar.  19,  1732. 

Bethsheba,  b.  Dec.  iS,  1733. 

Ruth,  b.  Nov.  17,  1735. 
Probably  Samuel  Utter,  son  of  Jabez  and  Mary,  m.  Susanna. 
Children : 

Jemima,  b.  May  18,  1754. 

Jacob,  b.  Aug.  29,  1759. 

Note. —  These  records  are  given  as  found  recorded  in  the  town  records  of  Kil- 
lingly,  Conn. 

Thomas2  Utter  (2657),  son  of  Nicholas,  b.  about  1670,  and  lived  in 

Westerly,  R.  I.;  m. Cottrell.  He  was  made  a  freeman  of  the  town  of 

Westerly,  Oct.  29,  1707.    He  d.  before  Nov.  14,  1726. 


2662.  John3  Utter,  b.,  at  Westerly,  Jan.   29,   1703;  m.  Elizabeth 

Pooler,  b.  171 7;  she  d.  after  1768. 
Children,  b.  at  Westerly: 

2663.  Abram4  Utter,  b.  Nov.  18,  1732;  m.  (1)  Hannah  White;  m. 

(2)  Hannah  Burdick.    In  the  town  records  of  Westerly  his 
name  is  written  Abraham. 

2664.  Eleanor,  b.  Feb.  10,  1733;  m.  Nathaniel  Kenyon. 

2665.  Isaac,  b.  Jan.  4,  1736-37. 

2666.  Jemima,  b.  Jan.  24,  1738. 

2667.  Thankful,  b.  Nov.  8,  1741;  m.  Thomas  Weeks. 

Abram4  Utter  (2663),  son  of  John3  Utter  (2662),  b.,  at  Westerly,  R.  I., 
Nov.  18,  1732;  d.,  at  Hopkinton,  R.  I.,  Jan.  5,  1819,  according  to  an 
entry  in  an  old  family  Bible  printed  in  London  in  1716,  which,  in  191 5, 
was  in  the  possession  of  George  B.  Utter,  2d,  of  Westerly.  Abram  Utter 
m.  (1),  Nov.  23,  1759,  Hannah  White,  dau.  of  Roger  White.  She  d.,  and 
he  m.  (2),  Oct.  14,  1769,  Hannah  Burdick,  dau.  of  Hubbard  Burdick. 
Among  his  children  were  John  and  William.  Abram  Utter  lived  in  Hop- 
kinton, and  according  to  the  census  of  1770  he  lived  in  Westerly  or 
Hopkinton.  According  to  that  census  there  were  two  boys  over  sixteen 
years  of  age  and  one  under.  In  the  census  of  1790  are  found  the  follow- 
ing names:  Isaac,  John,  Joseph,  Josiah,  Samuel,  Solomon,  William,  and 
James.  The  names  of  girls  were  not  given.  Two  children  were  of  special 
record, —  John  and  William.  John  Utter's  records  are  plainly  written 
in  his  family  Bible,  now  in  possession  of  his  granddau.,  Mrs.  Emma 
Albertine  (Utter)  Maxson,  of  Westerly. 



Children,  probably  1).  at  Hopkinton: 

2668.  John5  Utter,  b.  Oct.  18,   1 770:  m.  (1)  Esther  Saunders;  m. 

(2)  Prudence  Lewis  (2670-2676). 

2669.  William5,  b.  June  21,  1783;  m.  Dolly  Wilcox  (2677-2686). 

John5  Utter  (2668),  son  of  Abram  and  Hannah  (White)  Utter,  d.  Mar. 

ji,  [863;  m.  (1),  Sept.  5,  1 801,  Esther  Saunders,  b.  Apr.  26,  1770:  d.,  at 

Westerly,  R.  I.,  May  15,  1810;  m.  (2),  Apr.  22,  1811,  Prudence  Lewis, 

b.  Feb.  5.  1789;  she  <1.,  at  Adams,  Jefferson  Co.,  N.  Y.,  of  apoplexy, 

Feb.  23,  [863.    In  her  early  life  she  made  a  profession  of  religion,  and  to 

the  time  of  her  death  was  of  the  number  who  "keep  the  commandments 

of  God  in  the  faith  of  Jesus  Christ." 

Note. —  John  Utter  is  buried  in  Adams  Center,  X.  V.,  also  his  second  wife,  Pru- 
dence Lewis;  his  first  wife,  Esther  (Saunders)  Utter,  in  Hopkinton,  R.  I. 

Children  by  first  m.,  b.  at  Hopkinton: 

2670.  James6  Noyes  Utter,  b.  Oct.   10,   1S02;  m.   (1)   Maty  Ann 

Ailman;  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Celina  Chace  (2705,  2706). 

2671.  Esther,  b.  June  2,  1804;  d.  Sept.  25,  1875;  m.  Charles  West. 

Son:    Charles    West.     He   lived,    several    years    ago,   in 
Shiloh,  N.  Y. 

2672.  John,  Jr.,  b.  Sept.  20,  1S06;  m.  Anna  Colgrove  Bloodgood 


2673.  Abram,  b.  May  6,  1810. 
Children  by  second  m.: 

2674.  Edwin6,  b.  Mar.  30,  1815;  d.  Dec.  3,  1815. 

2075.    Albert,  b.  Nov.   25,   1818;  m.,   May  4,   1847,  Julia   Emma 

Westeote  (  2720,  2721). 
2670.     benjamin.  Courtland,   b.   Sept.    16,    1826;  d.   Mar.   6,    1847; 


Col.  William5  Qtter  (2669),  son  of  Abram  (2663)  and  Hannah  (Bur- 
dick)  Utter,  b.,  at  Hopkinton,  K.  [.,  June  21,  1783;  d.,  at  Unadilla  Forks, 
X.  Y.,  Sept.  1,  e868,  aged  eighty-five  years,  two  and  one-half  months. 
This  record  is  in  the  old  Bible  of  Abram  Utter.  William  Utter  was  es- 
ially  known  as  Deacon  Utter  at  Brookfield,  N.  Y.  His  name  is  found 
in  the  minutes  of  the  Seventh-Day  Kaptist  (ieneral  Conference  of  that 
denomination  as  deacon  of  the  first  Brookfield  Church,  of  New  York, 
from  1.S14  to  [867.  He  was  one  who  "used  the  office  of  deacon  well  and 
got  to  himself  a  good  report,"  and  held  that  office  fifty-three  years. 
When  a  young  man  he  removed  from  Hopkinton  to  Whitesborough, 
N.  Y.,  and  m.,  Mar.  5,  [810,  Dolly  Wilcox,  of  Whitesborough,  b.  Mar. 


y  a 

























■ — 







z  a 

7     - 

H      u 
x     5 







24,  1792;  d.  Aug.  28,  1873.   They  moved  to  Plainfield,  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y. 
To  them  were  born  ten  children.    These  records  were  left  in  the  hand- 
writing of  their  son  George  Benjamin  Utter. 
Children,  b.  at  Plainfield: 

2677.  Francis  A.6  Utter,  b.  Mar.  5,  1S13;  m.  Eliza  Ann  Babcock 

(2687,  2688). 

2678.  Reuben  Wilcox,  b.  July  n,   1S14;  m.  Mary  Esther  Clark 

(2689,  2690). 

2679.  William  Morris,  b.  Oct.  21,  1S15.    [Children  did  not  answer 


2680.  Jacob  Sherrill,  b.  July  17,  1817;  m.  Catherine  Thomas  Moore 


2681.  George  Benjamin,  b.  Feb.  4,  1819;  three  times  m.  (2700). 

2682.  Dolly  Maria,  b.  Sept.  22, 1821 ;  unm.  Dolly  Maria  Utter  made 

her  home  with  her  brother  George  B.  Utter,  in  Westerly, 
and  after  his  death  and  the  death  of  his  wife,  she  came  into 
the  family  of  her  nephew,  George  Ff.  Utter,  where  she  had 
a  pleasant  home  until  her  death,  May  19,  1905.  She  was 
a  woman  of  fine  abilities  and  good  understanding;  a  mem- 
ber  of   the    Seventh-Day   Baptist    Church   of   Westerly. 

2683.  Peter  R.  Livingston,  b.  Sept.  3,  1823;  d.  Mar.  22,  1831. 

2684.  Ira  Wilcox,  b.  Oct.  31,  1825;  d.  Mar.  12,  1875. 

2685.  Hannah  Eliza,  b.  Sept.,  1829;  d.  July,  1830. 

2686.  John  Herbert,  b.  Sept.  1,  1831;  m.  Caroline  Melissa  Murray. 

Francis  Abram6  Utter  (2677),  son  of  Dea.  William  (2669)  and  Dolly 
(Wilcox)  Utter,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  5,  1813;  d.,  at  Whites- 
borough,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  4,  1891;  m.,  Aug.  2,  1842,  Eliza  x\nn  Babcock, 
b.  Oct.  8,  1817;  d.,  at  Whitesborough,  Aug.  8,  1882;  dau.  of  Charles  and 
Martha  (Gardner)  Babcock.  Mrs.  Utter  had  been  an  invalid  for  periods 
lasting  two  or  three  years.  Mr.  Utter  attended  what  is  known  as  the 
"Old  Red  Schoolhouse,"  at  Unadilla  Forks,  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.  After 
graduating  from  this  school  he  went  to  Utica,  N.  Y.,  for  a  time.  At  the 
age  of  nineteen  he  went  to  Cazenovia,  N.  Y.,  and  attended  school  there 
for  a  time.  He  then  went  to  Norwich,  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  clerked 
for  Chapman  &  Thorp,  general  merchants.  Mr.  Thorp's  daughter  was 
the  wife  of  Ole  Bull,  the  celebrated  violinist.  Mr.  Utter,  for  a  while, 
conducted  a  store  of  general  merchandise  on  his  own  account  at  Unadilla 
Forks,  and  later  at  So.  Brookfield,  N.  Y.  He  soon  tired  of  this  and  took 
up  civil  engineering,  for  which  he  had  a  great  liking  and  with  which  he 



had  in  a  degree  familiarized  himself.  He  associated  himself  with  Nelson 
J.  Beach  in  the  construction  of  the  Black  River  Canal.  Mr.  Beach  was 
subsequently  made  vice-president  of  the  Hudson  River  R.  R.  Co.,  and 
he  took  Mr.  Utter  with  him,  securing  for  him  the  position  of  chief  engi- 
neer, with  headquarters  at  New  York  City.  When  the  New  York  Cen- 
tral Railroad  was  consolidated  with  the  Hudson  River  Road,  Mr.  Utter 
was  continued  in  the  employ  of  the  Vanderbilts,  and  placed  in  charge  of 
the  maps  of  the  entire  system.  This  collection  of  maps,  as  arranged  by 
Mr.  Utter,  was  perfect.  He  knew  every  piece  of  property  owned  by  the 
Central  Company,  and  could  give  the  location,  extent,  etc.,  without 
reference  to  maps.  He  was  a  valuable  assistant  to  counsel  in  actions  in 
which  the  company  was  involved.  He  was  recognized  as  the  best-posted 
man  in  that  particular  in  the  employ  of  the  road.  Mr.  Utter  was  con- 
tinued in  this  capacity  until  1886,  when  his  health  became  impaired,  he 
being  attacked  with  nervous  prostration.  The  Central  Company  con- 
tinued his  name  on  the  pay-roll  during  his  entire  illness. 
Children,  b.  at  Unadilla  Forks: 

2657.  Ann  Eliza  Utter,  b.  May  31,  1S44;  d.,  at  Bridgewater,  N.  Y., 

July  28,  1902.  Miss  Utter's  early  life  was  spent  at  Pough- 
keepsie,  N.  Y.,  and  in  1867  the  family  removed  to  Bridge- 
water.  She  leaves  many  friends,  who  will  remember  her 
for  her  most  beautiful  Christian  submission.  She  is  buried 
at  Whitesborough. 

2658.  Frances  Amelia,   b.   Sept.    27,    1856;  m.    (1)   Nathaniel   D. 

Dodge;  m.  (2)  Giles  Pelton  (2734). 

Reuben  Wilcox  Utter  (2678),  son  of  Dea.  William  (2669)  and  Dolly 
1  Wilcox  1  Utter,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  July  11,  1814;  d.,  at  Nile,  Alle- 
gheny Co.,  N.  Y.,  May  9,  [853.  His  death  was  felt  to  be  a  great  loss  to 
the  community  in  general  as  well  as  to  the  church  in  Friendship,  N.Y.,  of 
which  he  was  a  member,  lie  m.  Mary  Esther  Clark,  b.,  at  Waterbury, 
Conn.,  Aug.  28,  [814;  dau.  of  Dea.  Wait  Clark.  Mrs.  Utter,  nee  Clark, 
m.  (2),  in  [861,  John  Avery  Langworthy,  of  Little  Genesee,  N.  Y., 
where  she  ever  after  resided.  She  d.  Apr.  21,  [897,  in  the  eighty-third 
year  of  her  age. 

2<>S().    George    Livingston   Utter,   b.,   at    Hounstield,   Jefferson   Co., 

X.  Y.,  Mar.  26,  1840;  m.  (2601  1. 
2690.    Emma,  b.,  at  Nile,  Apr.  15.  1847;  d..  at  Alfred,  X.  Y.,  Apr. 
27,  1859. 



George  L.  Utter  (2689),  the  preceding,  was  in  the  Civil  War,  enlisting 
at  Angelica,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  21,  1861,  and  was  accepted  in  Co.  I,  27th 
N.  Y.  Vol.  Inf.  He  was  discharged  at  Elmira,  N.  Y.,  May  23,  1863, 
by  reason  of  expiration  of  term  of  service.  His  regiment  took  part  in 
thirteen  battles,  the  first  being  Bull  Run  and  the  last  Fredericksburg 
Heights.   He  was  wounded  in  the  right  arm  at  the  battle  of  Antietam. 


2691.  Charles  Reuben  Utter,  b.,  at  Cincinnati,  0.,  June  29,  1S67; 

d.,  at  Portland,  Ore.,  Sept.  27,  191 2.    He  was  killed  in  the 
railway  service. 

Jacob  Sherrill  Utter  (2680),  son  of  Dea.  William  (2669)  and  Dolly 
(Wilcox)  Utter,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  July  17,  1S17;  d.,  at  Utica,  N.  Y., 
Mar.  23,  1885;  m.  Catherine  Thomas  Moore,  b.,  at  Albany,  N.  Y.,  May 
19,  1818;  d.  in  1872;  dau.  of  Israel  Moore  and  Catherine  Van  Wie. 
When  a  young  man  Jacob  Utter  obtained  employment  with  a  party  of 
civil  engineers  engaged  in  the  construction  of  the  Black  River  Canal. 
He  was  stationed  for  a  while  at  Trenton,  N.  Y.,  in  connection  with  an 
extensive  filling  there.  For  several  years  he  was  employed  in  engineering 
and  kindred  work  on  the  Hudson  River  R.  R.  in  connection  with  his 
brother  Francis  A.  Utter,  who  was  for  a  long  time  chief  engineer  of  that 
road.  When  the  work  of  constructing  the  New  Haven,  Middletown, 
Willimantic,  and  Boston  Air-Line  R.  R.  was  in  progress,  he  was  ap- 
pointed inspector  of  masonry,  and  afterwards  held  a  similar  position  in 
the  building  of  the  Providence  Water-works.  Mr.  Utter's  wife  d.  at 
Trenton  several  years  before.  He  left  a  family  of  eight  children,  five  of 
whom  are  m. 


2692.  Nellie  M.  Utter,  b.,  at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  22,  1844; 

m.  John  B liven  (2735,  2736). 

2693.  Sarah  B.,  b.  Feb.  21,  1S45;  unm.   Res.,  Utica,  N.  Y. 

2694.  DeWitt  M.,  b.  Oct.  23,  1847.    Res.,  Vernon,  N.  Y. 

2695.  Frank  Herbert,  b.  Jan.  22,  1849;  m.  Sarah  J.  Topper  (2740a, 


2696.  Julia  B.,  b.  Apr.  22,  1850;  m.  W.  D.  Jones  (2741-2755). 

2697.  Ida  M.,  b.  June,  1852;  d.  Feb.  21,  1915;  unm. 

2698.  Flora  Addison,  b.,  at  Trenton,  Oct.  16,  1S54;  m.  Seymour 

H.  Dopp  (2756,  2757). 

2699.  Edgar  Buckingham,  b.  Feb.  25,  1859;  m.  Lillian  Jane  Foote 




George  Benjamin'  Utter  (2681),  son  of  Den.  William  (2669)  and  Dolly 
Wilcox  Utter,  1)..  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  4,  1819;  d.,  at  Westerly, 
R.  I.,  Aug.  28,  1892;  m.  (i),  at  New  York  City,  N.  Y.,  May  27,  1S45, 
Catherine  Clark  Stillman,  b.,  at  Unadilla  Forks,  N.  Y.;  d.  Jan.,  1846; 
dau.  of  Abel  and  Content  (Maxson)  Stillman.  He  m.  (2),  at  De  Ruyter, 
N.  V..  .Mar.  24,  1S47,  Mary  Starr  Maxson,  b.,  at  Homer,  N.  Y., 
Nov.  25,  [825;  (1.,  at  Westerly,  .Mar.  24,  1868;  dau.  of  John  and  Mary 
(Starr  1  Maxson.  Both  are  buried  at  River  Bend,  Westerly.  George  B. 
Utter  m.  (3  .  at  Westerly,  Aug.  16,  1871,  Harriet  Wells  Stillman,  widow 
of  Welcome  Stillman.  Flder  George  B.  Utter,  in  1844,  joined  with  others 
in  establishing  a  religious  newspaper  called  the  Sabbath  Recorder,  which 
soon  became  the  leading  recognized  organ  of  the  Seventh-Day  Baptist 
denomination.  For  more  than  twenty-five  years  he  edited  and  published 
that  paper,  and  had  the  oversight  of  the  monthly  and  quarterly  period- 
icals and  books  and  reports  of  various  kinds  published  by  that  denomina- 
tion. In  1859  he  became  interested  in  the  Narragansett  Weekly,  a  paper 
published  in  Westerly,  and  removed  with  his  family,  in  January,  1862, 
to  Westerly.  He  and  his  brother  John  Herbert  Utter  joined  in  the  pub- 
lication of  that  paper.  On  the  death  of  J.  Herbert  Utter,  in  1SS6,  Mr. 
George  B.  Utter  assumed  the  whole  responsibility  of  that  paper.  He  was  a 
man  of  rare  abilities,  unassuming,  and  far-sighted;  his  counsel  was  sought 
by  people  both  far  and  near  for  his  judgment  in  financial  and  other 
matter-.  He  had  prepared  for  the  ministry  and  was  ordained,  but  im- 
portant duties  with  which  he  was  connected  prevented  his  becoming 
pastor  of  a  church. 

Son  and  only  child,  by  second  m.: 

2700.  George  Herbert  Utter,  b.,  at  Plainfield,  X.  J.,  July  24, 
[854;  d..  at  Westerly,  Now  3,  1912;  m.  Elizabeth  Lovina 
brown  (2701  -2704  1. 

George  Herbert  Utter  (2700),  the  preceding,  m.,  at  Boston,  Mass., 
May  [(),  [880,  Elizabeth  Lovina  Brown,  b.,  at  Brighton  [now  Boston], 
Mass.,  June  15,  1858;  dau.  of  Cyrus  H.  and  Sarah  Catherine  (Maxson) 
Brown.  Both  were  members  of  the  Pawcatuck  Seventh-Day  Baptist 
Church,  at  Westerly.  Mr.  Utter  received  his  early  education  in  West- 
erly, where  he  came  with  his  parents  in  [861,  after  which  he  spent  two 
years  in  Alfred  Academy,  Alfred.  N.  Y.  He  then  returned  to  Westerly, 
and  two  more  years  were  devoted  to  the  pursuance  of  his  course  of  in- 
struction in  the  Westerly  High  School.  He  then  entered  Amherst  Col- 
lege, Amherst,   Mass.,  from  which  he  was  graduated  with  the  class  of 



1877.  Before  his  collegiate  career  Mr.  Utter  learned  the  printer's  trade, 
and  after  his  graduation  he  became  associated  with  his  father,  George  B., 
and  his  uncle,  J.  Herbert,  Utter  in  publishing  the  Narragansett  Weekly. 
On  the  death  of  his  uncle,  in  1SS6,  he  was  taken  into  the  firm;  and  on 
the  death  of  his  father,  in  1S92,  he  became  sole  proprietor  of  the  paper. 
Through  his  efforts  the  Westerly  Daily  Sun  was  started,  the  first  issue 
appearing  on  Aug.  7,  1893.  Mr.  Utter  was  engaged  in  public  life  for  more 
than  thirty  years,  first  serving  on  the  School  Board  of  the  town  of  West- 
erly, with  which  he  was  long  identified.  His  public  career  was  com- 
menced in  1883,  and  for  two  years  he  was  on  the  staff  of  Gov.  Augustus 
O.  Bourn.  Unassuming  to  an  unusual  degree,  he  was  nevertheless  a 
capable  public  officer  in  all  the  important  public  places  he  was  called 
upon  to  fill.  He  was  Secretary  of  State  from  1891  to  1894,  being  com- 
pelled to  retire  because  of  increasing  business  demands  upon  him.  He 
served  in  succession  as  a  member  of  both  branches  of  the  Legislature, 
as  Speaker  of  the  House,  Lieutenant-Governor,  and  Governor,  and 
finally  as  Representative  to  Congress.  He  received  the  unanimous  nom- 
ination of  his  party  for  a  second  term  in  Congress,  and  would  undoubt- 
edly have  been  re-elected  had  his  life  been  spared  —  his  death  occur- 
ring only  two  days  before  the  election,  Nov.  5,  191 2.  If  he  had  sur- 
vived, it  is  probable  that  the  doors  of  the  United  States  Senate  would 
have  opened  to  him. 

He  was  always  an  active  church  worker,  and  devoted  a  considerable 
portion  of  his  time  to  the  Young  Men's  Christian  Associations  through- 
out the  Eastern  States,  being  a  member  of  the  Y.  M.  C.  A.  Executive 
Committee  for  Massachusetts  and  Rhode  Island.  He  was  made  a 
deacon  of  the  Seventh-Day  Baptist  Church  of  Westerly  in  1894,  and 
for  twenty  years  acted  as  superintendent  of  the  Sabbath-school.  For 
fifteen  years  he  was  treasurer  of  the  Missionary  Society  of  the  Seventh- 
Day  Baptist  denomination. 

A  striking  proof  of  the  impression  he  made  at  Washington  in  the 
short  period  that  was  vouchsafed  to  him  there  may  be  found  in  the 
Congressional  Record  of  June  17,  191 2.  Mr.  Richardson,  of  Alabama, 
the  Democratic  Chairman  of  the  Committee  on  Pensions,  paid  the  fol- 
lowing exceptional  tribute  to  him  in  an  address  before  the  House: 

"Mr.  Speaker,  I  regret  very  much  indeed  that  a  very  distinguished 
member  of  this  House,  a  member  of  the  Pension  Committee,  and, 
in  my  opinion,  justly  and  worthily  classed  among  the  ablest  lawyers  on 
the  floor  of  this  House,  from  the  State  of  Rhode  Island,  Mr.  Utter,  is 
not  present." 



This  is  the  tribute  of  an  experienced  Democratic  legislator  to  a  Re- 
publican serving  his  first  term,  and  it  is  rendered  the  more  striking 
by  the  fact  that  Air.  Utter  was  not  a  member  of  the  bar.  iff.  Utter 
was  more  than  a  politician  --he  was  a  statesman.  He  spoke  through- 
out this  part  of  the  country  in  behalf  of  high  causes,  and  was  gaining  a 
continually  wider  reputation  as  a  master  of  the  art  of  easy  and  effect- 
ive address. 

The  State  is  poorer  for  his  death.  It  is  no  exaggeration  to  say  that 
Rhode  Island  mourns  for  George  Utter,  as  he  was  familiarly  and  affec- 
tionately known.  It  saw  in  him  the  best  type  of  public  servant, —  effi- 
cient, modest,  and  industrious;  a  man  of  high  ideals,  blameless  private 
life,  instinctive  friendliness,  and  stout  convictions. 

"'Though  modest,  on  his  unembarrassed  brow, 
Nature  had  written  'gentleman.'  " 

The  following  is  an  extract  from  the  Memorial  Address  of  Senator 
Wetmore,   of  Rhode  Island,  at  Washington,   Feb.    22,    1913: 

"My  acquaintance  with  Mr.  Utter  extended  over  a  period  of  many 
years,   and   I   held  him  in  the  greatest   esteem. 

*'He  had  a  high  standard  of  political  and  civic  conduct,  which  he  ex- 
emplified in  his  life. 

"He  was  an  orator  of  ability,  always  ready  to  give  this  gift  of  his  to 
the  Nation  and  his  State;  and  it  may  be  truly  said  his  life  was  short- 
ened by  complying  with  the  many  demands  of  this  nature  made  upon 

"His  personality  was  attractive  and  his  disposition  lovable. 

"The  world  is  better  for  his  life." 

Children,  b.  at  Westerly: 

2701.  George  Benjamin8  Utter,  b.  Apr.   11,   1881.     He  was  edu- 

cated in  the  schools  of  Westerly,  and  graduated  from  the 
Riverview  Military  Academy  at  Poughkeepsie,  N.  Y., 
and  from  Amherst  College  in  1905.  Immediately  after 
lii^  graduation  he  went  upon  the  editorial  staff  of  the 
paper  with  his  father,  and  now,  in  1915,  is  editor  and 
manager  of  the  Westerly  Daily  Sun. 

2702.  Henry  Edwin,  b.  Apr.  0,  1883;  m.,  at  West  Hickory,  Forest 

Co.,  Penn.,  June  23,  1915,  Josephine  Siggins,  b.,  at  West 
Hickory,  Oct.  17,  1889;  dau.  of  Orion  Siggins,  b.,  at  West 
Hickory,  June  3,  [848,  and  Mary  Alice  (Hall)  Siggins,  b., 
at  Wintcrsville,  O.,  June  29,  1859.  Henry  Edwin  received 
his  education  in  the  schools  of  Westerly,  and  was  two  years 


















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Cyrus  Williams  Brown  Family 

Rei  ords  in  Volume  I 

Picture  taken  Nov.  30,  [863,  the  last  time  the  family  was  all  together 


at  the  Rivervisw  Military  Academy.  He  graduated  from 
Amherst  College  in  1906;  entered  Columbia  University, 
New  York  City,  in  Sept.,  1906,  and  graduated  from  the 
College  of  Physicians  and  Surgeons,  class  of  1910